Saturday, 7 November 2020

Start A Riot - Beginners And Night Panda


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These Trump supporters don't give a shit about poor people especially Poc. But they are complaining about this tweet. Two wst. tweet made no sense neither did John's video. Anyway ask to speak to the manager. Making it seem like it's an achievement or necessity. Loomer as a politician will be like when she was a journalist. Absolutely useless. This thread is surprising. Sunday 25th October 2020 Jolene Lang the alcoholic shoplifter came into the store. I was told to keep an eye out. She came rushing in. I rang three bells. What I should have done was approach her. The other staff didn't get there on time. The manager was disappointed in me. Said not to ring or something along those lines. I thought that we weren't meant to try to stop them. Deter them yes. My reaction time needed to be better. I apologisedbut didn'tneed to as I am not the thief. This Arabic or Asian woman was in the store. The manager watched her. She picked up hairdye. I felt something was off. The lady was confronted and gave the rest of the product back and offered to pay. But why steal in the first place? I had met the new staff member. A student, pretty, athletic tall blonde. From Essex. These shoplifters will get Covid19. This European pensioner after a mask cut in the queue as the dump in was in front of the tills. I heard a trumpet in the morning. Then a gospel was being sung. The man was later preaching. Then a busker arrived. He sang Light Up by Snow Patrol three times dragging out the chorus. Karen is fragile and lacks compassion. A male Karen. Expected some moron to type this. She follows Lawrence Fox I have no idea who this woman is but she is a Karen. This astrology thing isn't real. I have seen some stupid and interesting reviews about Puregym Loughborough. I have every right to be at the gym as others. I get in early to make use of the equipment. I had woken up early. Went back to sleep. Endless chatter and laughter from the other family member at different times in the night. Disturbing my sleep. More bullshit chatter in the morning. I should have just got up and gone to the gym. I could still go. Still more repetitive nonsense. It is now raining. I decided to huff on poppers and that didn't work. 

She was back on Twitch. The amount of subscriptions she was getting. The taxi driver was probably thinking wtf. Does she not have a life outside of the Internet? Another is it gay tweet She just doesn't get it regarding poverty. The irony of the tweet. Rightwingers blame everyone but shy away from the hate crimes that they have committed. As I had poured the poppers away. There was still some left. I do have a minor headache. I dreamt that I was hearing children playing next door. In reality some kids are running around screaming. Looking at what Jared said in another tweet. It's still antiblack. His father in law continues to uphold white supremacy. Nick Cannon and Wiley were right. Strange tweet. I did wonder if it was satire.

Looks like Tariq is a Trump supporter. 

As she said there is more than the nuclear family. Quite a few men are upset over the tweet. She blocked me when I hadn't done anything wrong.
More talking to herself. She needs to shut up. I have to move out. White South African coloniser endorsed right wing coup. This woman was getting mentioned so I found out White feminists will try to cancel this woman. I am now following her.

 Trump supporters are mad at 50 Cent that he won't be voting for the white supremacist in the White House. Chelsea ought to have just let him choose for himself. Black folk will be mad at what she said.

This is like saying "shut up and dribble"

So Abdul here doesn't believe there is poverty in the UK. People are strange. 

These white folk don't like being dictated to by a black person. Uno reverse card. The sort of bollocks Jared Kushner was saying. Just white women. White women agreeing with the tweet.

So many fragile Karens and Kens  

Like it would matter. You people moaning about the Cyberpunk 2077 delay really need to shut the fuck up. The Alllivesmatter and bekind folk are quiet. Trump supporters are terrorists. Some see this as tone deaf. Others might see it as a nice gesture. Some might feel sympathy but this was cold blooded. Tell Ivanka to shut up and sit the fuck down. No context, filming and laughing whilst not helping. A terrorist enabler? Seems that the ados clowns don't want anyone to vote.

This is supposed news. These people always going after black women. White supremacists being fragile. What a moron. Laura would be asking to speak to the manager. There is nothing wrong with multiculturalism. You whiny coloniser. She isn't a real journalist. Worst president ever. My mum is talking to herself. Raising her voice repeating phrases. Laura will catch Covid19. A terrorist organisation. The type of woman that Bill Burr was talking about. We need less @thisislaurat in the world and more Khaleel Seivwright. Only for racists. She does the shit over social media and is worried about getting caught. Dawkins has become a clown. As he should. The mother is in the wrong. Why the fuck did she have kids in the first place? Making excuses for murder and abuse. Some person going door to door with gas and electricity comparison. Told him to come back another time. My brother was asking me to talk to him. I am not interested. He just opened the door to the guy again. I knew it would be him at 8pm. This is stupid. Nothing to do with blm just white nationalists sabotaging the protests. Not that this guy would understand. The meme is racist. Looting is wrong. Theft is not a victimless crime. It isn't going to happen. The indigenous should take the land back. Will they do the same for white immigrants? I see some random racist leaving a hate comment on Ilhan Omar's page. There were no documents about Hunter Biden as he hasn't done anything wrong. Right wingers continue to smear innocent people.

Seems that Bipoc aren't allowed to have nice things. The hypocrisy.

This number rang me today.  I did not recognise this number

Thursday 29th October 2020 

This pensioner couple were paying for their shopping. The lady paid for two packs of paracetamol and the husband was going to pay for two ibuprofen and the manager overheard this. She said not to but I did it anyway. The man thought it a stupid law. I should have listened to the manager and denied it. It is a supplier issue and illegal and had to sign paperwork before. I had asked her about the time if a husband and wife were paying with separate cards could do this and she said they could. So which is it? I had to explain to this Muslim mother that there was a limit. She asked about getting the paracetamol on a separate transaction as the two Calpol weren't for her. The customers do ignore the sign on the shelf. The shoplifter Jolene Laing had been coming into the store everyday and was kicked out. The Karen from Clarins actually let me touch the products that she was buying. The difference was that I was wearing a mask. A black woman with her headphones in had to be asked a question twice. 

Friday 30th October 2020 This Limehurst Academy pupil, a teenage girl was with her friends and wasn't using her manners. "what?" she may have been answering her friend. She gave me the money in an awkward way. Then seemed like her hand was infected when coming into contact with mine. Karens start young. Though there is a pandemic this is no excuse. The door wedge that I had bought for the store has gone missing. I get this text: Your driver Catalin will deliver your parcel today between 09:45-10:45, you do have options if you're not going to be in

I did overhear this white people discussing Farage and Trump and one being a wonderful man. It could be a private conversation taken out of context. The proximity to power I get but seems like you are making excuses. Others agree with him.

TV show had a contestant with 88 tattooed on his face.  

With Jeremy Corbyn being removed from the Labour Party, the smear campaign is complete. 


Cheers CNN islamophobic To the rappers supporting Trump... As Anne Robinson would say "You are the weakest link, goodbye" Not only did the buyer receive the item, she is selling it. Someone reckons it could be a hoax. "blacks" was used. Only antiblack folk use that. Jussie Smollett. On Twitter- Muted zodiac signs and topics on astrology as the people that post them are trash. 99 Problems by Jay-Z She looks hot here but is having a Karen moment. People in the thread having a Karen moment. Saturday 31st October 2020 This lesbian couple were buying two packs of paracetamol each. The same lady paid twice using cash. I should not have allowed it. I see this guy at the gym. He does leave alot of reviews. Definitely being a Karen here. I remember that he once told me that the protein shake would not do anything unless I had drunk it first before training. Mabs Yumang Local Guide · 124 reviews · 228 photos 4 weeks ago I've been using this pharmacy for a long time for my repeat prescriptions. Today is the sad day for customer service from one of their rudest staff (02Oct2020). Most of the staff are polite and friendly but not today. One of their staff do not know how to say "Please". I will be moving my repeat prescriptions to nearby pharmacy that has so much space to queue with roof above your head if it's rainy day. Bye bye! Lloyd Bridge Street It is about consent. This is dumb. This from a Trump supporter Some people are easily offended. He has blue lives matter in his bio. At Puregym there was the blonde lady. In her twenties. Grey t-shirt, black shorts, nice legs. Three black students training together none were wearing a mask. Not supposed to spotting each other. A blonde white woman with weird eyebrows either hadn't wiped her bench or did but left the antibac wipe on the floor. I didn't get a chance to take a picture but I saw this pumpkin with "fuck Boris" carved into it. This was early this morning. #LOUGHBOROUGH A terrorist. The Central Park Five would like to know your location.

UK lockdown  The gym will close for a month. I can't even order some gym equipment. The gta app from this site seems to be infected. I tried using the poppers but the effects were not working. I have poured it away and will longer use these things. Some people in the comments section are weird

Women are supposed to vote however they like. Voter fraud. He is voting for Trump. Christian women are oppressed. He should have complied then he would not be in so much trouble. He has to be trolling. They'd end up getting harmed. Voter intimidation. This woman is wrong on many levels. A fantasy drama and not historical yet these folk are fragile. I had a dream where I was at first at a warehouse and this was my place of work. It also was an army base. I had been doing one task but then was asked to do another. Take these cans over to the room at the far end. I got lost and wound up outside and I eventually found an entrance and was embarrassed but sneaky. The fire alarm went off and we were evacuating and I didn't have a mask on. Then the next dream I am at home and it's different. A flat. I am talking to my brother. Other people are about. I have these VHS tapes in my bag. He was going to get copies. There are other tapes in the cabinet. The youngest sibling is playing videogames with this black friend. This blasian woman is talking about slavery and a brewery with a recipe for a beverage and how they are still in operation. On the screen were individual Star Trek episodes all paying homage to TNG. The woman acted as a guide showing this white mature male the way to go. She sat with a white lady in an arm sling. She was having a wardrobe malfunction. Some woman was heard talking about immigrants creating the seat belt. There were people riding Giraffes. I thought to have a go. I was on an adult one. The belt was placed higher up. I was gentle with the animals. We had an understanding. It went to the front going over the wall, circling around and back in to the garden. It shunk in size. It would slightly change form and asked if I would forget it. I said that I would not. It was going to stay in the shed. I signaled to my nephew and niece to play with the giraffe. In another scene I am at my work. A retail store. An empty cage sits in one aisle which got used by a customer. Lots of cardboard rubbish in the back which cleared out. Facing needed to be done. A colleague told me that was cage was being used as a ladder.
A white supremacist wrote this tweet. The Brexit Party being relaunched. Antilockdown white people. Reform UK, a party of Karens Belton Rd West, Loughborough and I am about to cross the road. Waiting for the green man. This white man in his 50s with glasses. Passes me and sticks his thumb. Something about having a good day. He comes over to tell me about this app that's worth looking into. Jesus, our Lord and saviour. The green man showed. Now this was random. I went to Lloyd's Pharmacy and should have gone to the doctors surgery first about the repeat prescription. I should have given it a week before coming to collect as the assistant told me. I checked with the surgery and the slip had been put in the wrong place. I got to go to the one up the road and they had the one I wanted. Charrise is a Conservative Trump supporter. Always someone spoiling the fun. This guy comes up with this... The hypocrisy of the right. First Omaha then Rome, GA. These Trumptards are clueless. Killing in the name rage against the machine This woman doesn't get it. The irony. There was no violence. The rightwingers are though. OK Karen I used to follow this woman on twitter. Her producer is rightwing as someone pointed out. As Bill Burr said on SNL. You'd think that Donald had more respect for the American people. The irony and double standards. Stupid people agreeing with him.

Looked up Jaguar White because of a video and there are multiple videos where she is making false accusations against a celebrity.

Strange and shallow, unfollowed. It is a work of fiction and they aren't going to be getting the money. LeBron building schools, 45 building walls The weakest links. Tuesday 3rd November 2020 The obnoxious Karen had her dog with her in Tesco and wasn't even wearing a mask. A guy came in wanting to buy a bag but was made to queue. As he should. The delivery was large. The cages were down the skin aisle. The deodorant cage should have been worked last. Alot of the stock was rammed in one corner and not where the product is located. It took some of my time just to reorganise it. They deserve to lose. For the love of Allah. Yaxley has converted to Islam. So Lawrence Fox reckons that John Sessions rang him up the other day. With all the bollocks that you spout. What was this guy expecting? Sense of entitlement. See the replies. I did dream that I was able to fly like Superman. Some were running across the water. My mum talking to herself loudly woke me up. Like the good old days... No respect for women. Steven Clamchowder has always been trash. She is attractive yet has her nipples covered in her pics. White fragility in the replies White passing Latinas. White women will fuck it up. I don't even have to listen to the guy. Judging by his mannerisms he is a pain in the arse. Wednesday 4th November 2020 Customers were panic buying again. Often people ask if we would be open. Some people ignore when being told to wait outside. A guy walks in whilst a lady is queuing to come in. A woman accused the Asian woman of cutting in when she had gone to get the products for an exchange. Manager having an attitude in front of customers. Half the time a customer doesn't respond. A customer is faffing about or not making sense about what they want. A couple in their 20s comes in not wearing a mask. The blonde, glasses with nice tits smells the Missguided perfume and says that it smells fake which it isn't. How white suspects are talked about compared to Poc. I see what she is saying but it is a strange tweet. Someone in the replies talking about fake Native Americans. Is he on about Warren? Looking at the timeline and it's more strange stuff. I ought have got a final training session out in the morning. My mum was talking loudly to herself which is why I have woken up.
He had a Karen moment. This is a dumb tweet. I wasn't sure what I was looking at here. These trumpers have been trying to intimidate people from voting and now they pull this stunt. White supremacists. The bipoc have a right to vote. Thursday 5th November 2020 These shoplifters came into the store just as I was going to sign out. I thought they looked dodgy. I should have stopped and made sure the supervisor stayed on the shopfloor. My colleagues were watching them. The man in the blue hoody was a blonde slim female. Neither wearing a mask. He grabbed a fragrance and Gillette set off the display and ran. The staff had shut the door keeping the woman in. She denied knowing him. This needs to be reported. The fucking security radio hasn't been replaced. An Asian man argued with the supervisor over the paracetamol limit. He was told that it was 2 per customer. The teenager from Charnwood Academy does have a snobby attitude. The blonde lady from the post office said again that she needed a bag. Also came back with a 2p coin which was in her change as it wasn't worth having. It was worn down. The wrong tester may have been put in front of another perfume which was sold but I hope not. As Melody Cooper asked where is the teargas and rubber bullets. They are anti American. American Idiot by Green Day Paula White calling on African angels to help Donald Trump. Fascists are bound to lose. No issues here.
The whiny people in the comments. Straight to HR. This is a microagression. A bit of a reach. White supremacists say this type of nonsense.

Looking at his fucked up timeline. He follows Ann Coulter, Richard Spencer, Mitch McConnell  

If Brandon is continuing to post nonsense onto my feed then it's best to unfollow him.

Jesus Fucking Christ these white supremacists.

Are morons really upset over a hood?  

After 9pm and the fireworks are going off. Bonfire Night. I have things on my mind and trying to get some sleep. I have to be up early. 

A centrist calling out Aoc. Facts don't care about your feelings. In other news Kevin Sorbo is still a cunt. Lauren Southern the child of immigrants is anti immigration. Make it make sense. All you fascists are bound to lose - Woody Guthrie Billy Bragg Legend Last one and I go to sleep... White supremacists are always going to be fragile. They have a sense of entitlement. #NowPlaying️ You can't always get what you want - The Rolling Stones Why on Earth are these Trumptards moaning? Fuck, every vote counts. You bellends were trying to intimidate people at the polls. Now that it isn't going your way you cry about it. Doing what your ancestors were doing to bipoc. If you don't like it then leave. No stealing here. @GoEatBurger is his new name. She really doesn't like the socialists, left wing. Why on Earth was I following her? Really though? Self own Facts don't care about your feelings. The right are only claiming voter fraud as they're afraid of losing. That's white fragility for you.

My uncle is in hospital having an operation. My brother asks me to ring up the relatives to see what is happening. Why don't you do it. 
Blue lives matter Amen to that brother. Really? Diane Abbott might have something to say about it. He was the victim yet is forced out. Double standards. She asked to speak to the manager and he gave her those injuries. They want to be oppressed so bad. Bill Burr was right. Tiktok is a shit app. See the comments. Video is also reported.

If this election cycle has revealed one ugly truth about white people, it's that they will try to change the rules in middle of the game just to get what they want.
Hearing some good things about the governed and his wife. I recommend that you follow this lovely couple. @giselefetterman @JohnFetterman #FF Gisele is stunning. There is this trash tweet from a Trump supporter. Cassandra is a pathetic individual. For what exactly, Karen? What would he be impeached for when he hasn't done anything wrong. Also what would these new election rules be Karen? White women wanting to fuck the country up.
Trump #maga folk need to accept that you have lost. Just because it didn't go your way doesn't make it fraud. You can always leave the country. Facts don't care about your feelings. A few people upset over this may have not read the article. Casual racism over a toy. This woman is reaching. She shares the same beliefs. Saturday 7th November 2020 At work- There was the woman in red hoody and long black puffa jacket. She had picked up a can of alcohol. Whether she put it back I'm not sure. A young girl wasn't wearing a mask. Neither was this black girl and her friends were. She had food with her. This Asian couple came to return a mask. Apparently not been opened or used. But it was in the packaging differently. All because it had the logo on it. There is a sign about the masks. Health and safety reasons. Still thought he could change it when I was going to charge him for the new mask. The manager had already told them. 

This guy took it as literally. She is a woc. Jamaican Indian heritage. Didn’t need to know that this Bellend existed.

White people might try cancelling Dave Chapelle 

Someone mentioned that the individual is a member of the far right and deliberately walked into them. #BlueLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatter The people in the replies and quotes were probably making hateful remarks about black people protesting. White supremacist stick together like shit. Tonedeaf white woman is talking. Track the culprit A Chinese messaging website. Anyhow I am done adding tweets to this blog. No more mention of family and work. I did order poppers again which must stop. End this post with the legend that is Drew. What the fuck does Marxism have to do with it?

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