Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Play God - Sam Fender

Giftcards4travel - Animated banner Last Minute Deals Womens Sportswear, Swimwear, Yoga Wear, Gym Wear - TLC Sport Cheap Sex Toys I had a phone call from 07733303201. Automated message from "national insurance contributions" Scammers. 07733303204 from yesterday. Blocked. I had this text and I know that it's for that Mo guy. From outofeden. Your parcel has been delivered. To be entered in our prize draw please rate our service at 

 I used to watch Big Brother back when it was on Ch4. Nikki was entertaining. Shame to see that she has died. 

  I find that I am unable to post a video or like something on Instagram. I searched this: Why does my instagram say we restrict certain activity to protect our community? Many Instagram users have reported receiving an error message that says “we restrict certain activities to protect our community”. ... If you try and like a post and this message appears it means that you are action blocked.23 Dec 2020

I was just browsing Facebook when this got my attention. Trying to work out what is happening with her arm.

I have no idea who Kyrie is. A DMX song will be played at Prince Philip's funeral.
I just had a call from Utah. It is 23:50 in the uk. Did you not check the time? Something to do with get rich quick scheme. I assume that it was to do with the company training that I signed up for. +13852223991 I will just get a refund. They rang again today at 1:27am. I was asleep. 
It was this: My name is Geanna and I just gave you a call on behalf of your ENTRE business advisor, Ashley. I would like to set up a time for you and Ashley to have a welcome call so you can get to know each other and make sure you have everything you need to complete the training in the next 7 days!
It seems a lot to go through. What was the point? 

As the gyms are now open.
 Use my code 125P6554 when you join PureGym.  
I got up early to go to the gym. However I couldn't be bothered. Should have gone to sleep early and not used the poppers. It would be busy as it opens at 6am. Other businesses are now opening up.

I tried using Bookbolt and it is awkward on the mobile phone. Try adjusting things on Amazon Kdp and that is difficult. I found this site called Lulu. Now when uploading, there is something about fonts being embedded. Pointless. Use blog poker and it takes a while to process but then it stops as I ran out of time. Had to pay to redo it.The process has gone on for too long. I closed it down. Just a waste of time and money.  

I was up again. Planning to go to the gym. But it wasn't going to bother as it would be busy when I got there. 
I was tempted to use poppers. They might not work properly. I am getting frustrated with people.

Manisha is definitely an Aunt Jemima and that the fact that she follows Peterson, Rowling, Shapiro is all that you need to know. Clearly antiblack

Escape accountability and keep your pension. 
Tonedeaf Caucasians in the comments.

I am not sure about the five star reviews. There is a fee to be paid. The guy goes into more detail.
If interested then click this link. K-os has a new song out. I tried posting amazon links where people can purchase the song but my comment gets deleted. It happened on another video.

I have no idea who James O'Keefe is. Probably not that important.

This "tension" between Adil Ray and Kate Garroway is just nonsense from the media.

K-Os Just what I needed.
Also see his other albums.

I uninstalled Instagram. It restricted me from posting videos or liking a picture.

I get up early for the gym. I rested after turning off the alarm. Still awake. Thinking maybe 10 mins had passed but an hour had flown by. Again I don't end up going. I went to sleep far too late. Being indecisive just wastes more time. I don't need to share what people are saying on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter as it is irrelevant. Stopping updating old posts too.
Looking at the recent reviews for PureGym Loughborough. What seems to be mostly students, people aren't wearing a mask, social distancing or cleaning the equipment. 
I keep taking a look at the app. It isn't busy. Time going slow. I could have got my stuff together and gone there. Still could.


I get this text:

[Ericdress] 24 Hrs Only, Members' Week 15% off $69,code:Mem04(Women's&Men's& Acc).$20 Off $159,code:We20(Wedding&Events).More:

I get these rightwinger videos related to Jordan Peterson. Time to delete the history. Tre and Tasha speaking facts here. Those rightwingers on YouTube with antiwoke anti sjw rhetoric are just antiblack. White Fragility.

Entre over in Utah rang me again. I was sleeping. 1:07am. I am definitely getting a refund. Blocking the number. I saw the video and it mentions getting a refund but then see this on the site. However they did give me a refund and link to the training. 

Some important dialogue about being Black in America was cut out of the reaction.

Karen wants to speak to the manager. 

Next level bullshit.

I signed up for a white label directory site. Some affiliate program. They actually rang me. I did not want a phone call. +13104006211
Hi Kishore, this is Dennis giving you a call from Brilliant Directories. Please give me a call back at when you have the chance at +1(310)400-6211 or on Skype at: BD.Dennis.Tinerino, Thank you!
I saw the prices for running the site. It is expensive so I will pass on it. Brexit fans are pissed off about the European Football Super League. Makes you think...
Have to look into why she was given the money and what was the plan. Had she been white it would be paid. Some assume that she set up this as a scam. I did think it could be legitimate. It might not be so. Why not just report the page? I am getting a refund. People donate and roast her or leave spam. Have to say black people are owed reparations. My comment gets removed.

This Green Gun guy is fragile. He follows ignorant racists.

Easywp and Namecheap are useless. I could create a website that I did before only for it to dissappear. I tried to create a new one and it takes me to a price list when I have already been paying. I am getting a refund and closing the account.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode 6 was a good one. Liking the dialogue. The white supremacists will be butthurt. 

This Manchester number rang but I can't find any information about it. 01612650357

Patricia Lio is the ignorant one. 

This guy really is reaching. Nothing wrong with wokeness. Same with some idiot in the comments saying the show fell victim to the woke. What bollocks. I have just watched Mortal Kombat 2021
Based on best selling video-game which I used to play in the 90s. I watched the other films. The film is currently on Hbo Max. What I find daft is the restrictions. It costs something for a Vpn. You have the subscription fee. Whether the app is compatible and a Virtual Card which would cost you. It just isn't worth it going to all that hassle. I had found two websites where I watch it for free.
You will have pop up ads, the quality might not be good in some videos. Some weird text on the screen, buffering. It is violent like the game. Plus I was hoping that they would not have a tournament like in the old films. The protagonist is Cole, an MMA fighter with a destiny. Nice backstory for Sub Zero and Scorpion. I did feel that some characters were miscast. Take Lui Kang for example, his build and the way he acted. The residents of Outworld have been winning so far. They are determined to conquer Earth. Raiden must get a bunch of warriors to stop them. You might like the soundtrack. Great actors and special effects.

Actor: Lewis Tan , Jessica McNamee , Josh Lawson , Tadanobu Asano , Mehcad Brooks , Ludi Lin , Ng Chin Han , Joe Taslim , Hiroyuki Sanada , Max Huang

Director: Simon McQuoid

I have just purchased this...

Watched the odd video on Skid Row. Hollywood isn't far away neither is the business district. 
In the last video by a German guy. A person in the comments mentioned that they should be sent to Salton Sea. First World nation. Homelessness.

Dove Paige Anthony is an artist but also a gun enthuast. In the video this black guy with a gun is interviewed. He is protecting the neighbourhood businesses. When he said them it might be in reference to Black lives matter protesters. Against gun control.

There was a promoted tweet using Rachel Riley. The replies were amusing. Joe Rogan telling people not to get the vaccine. Sarah Vine being a cunt as usual. This guy might have a problem with Blm. But did call out Demi Lovato for being a Karen.

I may have caused myself some injury. I did the exercise where you are doing squats with the Trap bar and then leap up. I tried other Isometric exercises. I have those ladders off Amazon which I will use.

At PureGym, two white students were working out in the same box which is not allowed. The black muscular guy that looks like a miserable Danny John Jules dumps his dumbbells onto the ground without putting it on the racking. I don't think he sanitised it either. He does clean down other equipment but leaves the paper towel on the floor.

I check the statistics on Dailymotion and some views came from a Video Download app site. So is my content being stolen? Will I lose revenue?

I had this dream, well two actually. I was at a home which also combined with work. There was a section that needed clearing. Behind the till. Boxes of junk. A rug which had insects crawling over it. There were perfumes on the shelves. A lady wanted one. I grabbed a box to find a broken bottle so I get another. Outside a ufo is in the sky, I have two phones which I try to use to record the event. But it is difficult. There was a DJ guy that had trained his dog to speak English, use a mixing desk. It almost looked and acted human. In a scene you have the Reverse Flash played by some actor. Barry Allen had become him. He was a crime boss. Someone had dissapointed him. He was throwing cherries at guy's throats, trying to make them choke. One guy challenged him. RF goes forward and has a spray can which he forces down the guy's throat. It then starts leaking so the guy convulsed and fell. He got up bloated and is deflated by RF. Then is dead. In the next one there is an event in a theatre. For the Back Lives Matter and other advocacy groups. There were probably some people there that didn't agree to this. A Woman in a leotard is on stage. Showing a lot of skin. A fat man walking through the audience is wearing similar. A presenter, mature blonde woman is interviewing this man that is sat with his family. People were to make umm and ahh noises when something triggered them on the screen. They either get put in a prize draw or a donation is made. Something could be won. The presenter will give the £5000 to charity. Says that it isn't really her money. Some older woman at the back gets a phone call. Another who is a journalist is talking to the editor. I and others leave. The journalist has a few things to say to me. The outside of the venue is a castle. We walk on passing a dog and other people. I mentioned that I could have gone to the gym. We are far away in Leicester. A black woman and some white folk are with me. I was near a barbers with my mum at one point. I spoke of some rnb video. We enter this gym/garage. See a racist sign. Say hi to the two stocky built men that walk in.
Another dream... I was with this guy not sure what we were working on. Anyhow I see a Muslim father with his two tiny kids. He was going off somewhere. There is a chip shop down the road. He goes to it and I look after the kids. They keep heading onto the road so I would carry them back to safety. We would have a conversation. The mother returns. The chips are there. The other fella is given some but I don't get any.

It is obvious why she would not support the Blm. She is a white supremacist playing the victim.

People in the comments liking a white supremacist that pushes false narratives.

See the comments. Common sense is being used. Legends Of Tomorrow Season 6. It is on the US Amazon website. But not for other locations. I used a Surfshark Vpn to watch it on the CW site. Sara having been abducted by aliens is still on board the ship. The other members are suffering from a hangover from the party in 1977 London. They are determined to get her back. The cast are looking good. This is post quarantine.

I get this text from Webuyanycar when I have never done business with them. Your valuation for HK56EXM is £300. To book an appointment click here - Shop for your new car at Cinch - 

 Derek Chauvin wanting a retrial shows that these people don't acknowledge responsibility or accountability. Lawrence Fox is a celebrity who is devisive. Not a politician. So why vote for him? Some headteacher in the US is being investigated for paddling. Corporate Punishment is legal in some states. Roland Martin has a video about it. Might be a non story. You clowns wanting to #BoycottFacebook #banfacebook #CancelFacebook because of Trump breaking the rules and getting banned. You lot were whining over #CancelCulture You don't seem to believe in taking accountability or being held responsible. How very White of you. Snl cast members have said that they aren't upset about Elon Musk presenting. Just rightwingers spreading rumours yet again. Everyone from the presenter to the comments section are missing the point. Latino police officer has a bodycam to protect himself. Karen may be black and is recording as we know how the police treat black folks. Fox News only show it because of the woman's ethnicity. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.


These white people are missing the point... From Tulsa to Capitol Hill. White people have to give up that victim mentality. #karens #whitefragility I am going to post some NSFW content on Twitter. It is my timeline. Fragile people can unfollow or block. I am surprised at those mods that are available.

More importantly who are Helen Wood and Sam Walker?

Reform UK leader Richard Tice is opening a pub with actor Laurence Fox.

"It will be the home of free speech and right-wing comedy. It'll only be British food, no vaccine passports, no masks".

Free speech exists. Calvin Robinson will be working in the toilet offering fragrances to customers. Lawrence will be sucking some guy off in the cubicle. He and Fransen lost the election. She needs a slap just for being ugly. Campaigning in Scotland when she doesn't live there.

The responses from some of the men is tragic.
I never did the guttering when I ought to have. It would rain for a week or more. The water leaked through into the bathroom. I am finding out more about who might be causing the mess in the car park. There is a flat above the kebab shop. Evidence has been taken and complaints made. You get these people raiding the bins too. It is private property. Someone has to be prosecuted. Someone in the house being lectured on how to bathe and wash hands. I would have beaten you if we weren't related. Customers trying to buy two laxatives. The other lady with her buys one. Only if it is for yourself. Some people just being ignorant. I thought that I had lost my door key. It was in my joggers from the gym. Nice tits on some customers. Pretty students. I had this dream where a black girl was going to college. Some clips of her in a dress. My former boss was given the message that she to pick up this girl from Melton Mowbray to take her to college. Meet her at the bus station. There was some difficulty. There was a social worker meeting the parents. I joined them in the town the father spoke off how someone tried to stab him. I would hear Idris Elba's voice. There was scene with royalty. Prince Charles amongst these youths. It was like Bake Off or Masterchef. A Black French guy was describing his experience as a food runner. The way he pronounced some words and I thought that his accent was off. A scene were a black teen enters a building. The neighbours are questioning him. He is to do the painting. He is blind. Several Police are outside. Immediately thought of Breonna Taylor. What happened to "Stand your ground"? Seems like hunting season.

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