Monday, 18 January 2021

WAP - Cardi B ft Megan Thee Stallion


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Sunday, 17 January 2021

Shea Diamond - I Am Her


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Friday, 8 January 2021

Talia Mar - Jack


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Go Outdoors sent me this message "Great news Mohamed, your order 679772953 is working its way through our warehouse."
It wasn't meant for me. I sent them an email to cancel the order. Serves him right for using my number. I kept getting people text and call me and this guy is based in Fareham. Mohamed is a company director
The item was dispatched and I get an updated text. 

Some guy in the USA died after eating these edible brownies and people in the replies are a medical expert all of a sudden. Another national lockdown caused by the antivaxxer antimask antilockdown #kbf Karens and Gammons. Some gym equipment is unavailable and others have become more expensive. 

Finn is a straight male. Does cross dressing. Looks good too. Spotted some hate comments

Get your own website with! Your Site. Your Style. Your Business!

So wanting a strong woman is gay. Hitman is a women's rights activist. Kevin's voice does go to an annoying high pitch.

I ordered this special meal deal from PapaJohns. The Jackfruit Pepperoni pizza was kind of vile. It had this vegan cheese. I didn't like the smell. The buffalo wings sides were good though.  I had this dream which features myself watching TV. One stage show has a few clowns in a room. At a psychiatric hospital. One was in a bin and refused to come out. Another was in a box in the corner. One was posing as a doctor. There was another just sat down. A show that was Inspector Morse: two Asian men. Chinese or Korean. One with glasses is a scientist. He developed some liquid from cat blood or oil. And this cat was refusing to let go of the bottle. Some weird shit. The other chap was a rich business man. Offers him lots of money and tells him what is possible. Eventually there is a disagreement. Businessman talks too much. Scientist using his robotic hand to place on the business man's mouth to shut him up. Eventually it gets worse and I realise that the business man is a bad actor. The science starts attacking him and the other guy does sod all. Uses a knife then a meat cleaver on the chest, the left side. I am with customers and a blonde woman with another have a few quantities of a product and I am getting the subtotal. Well trying to work it out on a weird calculator. I wake up with a hand around my penis. The blonde customer was next to me. Eventually she turned into a large bloke who was naked. I was trying not to get caught.

My youtube videos are getting copyright striked. Blocked or removed. WMG Umg Square One Studios are the ones doing it. Fuck I should use copyright free music. Something that I created or got from a specialist site. Blocked in Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea which doesn't bother me. Some AdSense violation. My own songs created on Bandlab too. A video of Sarah Torabi Crockett has been removed. The Karen that spit in her roommate's milk. My new Twitter account which I tried to use is locked. I used a burner email to access it.

So this J Schlatt is a problematic Republican.

  Your shipment 31469850010870 is estimated for delivery by DHL Parcel UK between 16:37 - 17:37. I got two text. Check the tracking number and it had been delivered last year. That Mo guy again. Amouranth has an Onlyfans. I went on this site with leaked nudes. Looks like she doesn't show nipples. Chrome did stop working and you can embed videos which was allowing me to do.

01782211100 have rung me twice yesterday and once today. 

I posted my song in a chat room on Discord. Without context. I believe this was about that "That's not suspect at all"
Of course it is not suspect. It is a song. Now I have some people in Hachubby's room annoying me as they are after the song that I have made. 

So you removed the links. You won't see it then. Besides that is the point of the song. 

Absolute cunts on that app. 

I feel that I am being pressured to find out about the government boiler scheme. Whether I can remember the exact info. It may just be a waste of time. How do people know that it isn't a scam? It seems a waste of a phone call.  

 This Twomad seems disrespectful as he invades these zoom calls. Most are classes in session. From his previous videos it shows that he is anti Asian. I am now on Discord
It is some weird role play. She would be in the wrong for cheating. If you're having girl problems I feel bad for you son... She is qualified and got the job. It is just a magazine. Top votes are one stars. Fragile people. I laughed and thought wtf This author must be fictional. People really are weird.

A Karen is what she is. She should put more effort into caring about Bipoc. Just getting weird now. 
Getting that annoying Tiktok ad where this curvy woman jumps and instantly is wearing new clothes and her friend on the sofa doesn't approve.

I had this dream where I travel to some part of town. I am wearing my black duffle coat or what is similar to it. I actually fly in the air. I spot an old male friend. Tried to sync up with him in order to communicate. I find that he is leaving to go abroad. I then move to a female friend that is at home. She tells me that she is also leaving with others. So most of the the group that I used to work with and hung out with were going. I was left behind. 

She is beautiful. Some people in the comments leaving islamophobic statements.

These two are hot.
He may have been talking about the the screen. I assumed he meant the song. It works. Anyhow.... Something a little cringeworthy about this stream. 4 judges and it is a Fuser competition. Transphobes in the comments. Probably looking to smash. The first guy with a Trump sign. He was hiding something. Straight guys triggered. I hate the background music.

Wandavision I watched episode 1. I will definitely watch the rest of the season. It is available on Disney Plus. Great acting, effects, design and dialogue. Pays homage to the 50s sitcoms. Wanda and Vision are a husband and wife living in the suburbs. You get to see their home and work life. Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, Katherine Hahn and other actors. I like the music. The ost should be available soon. Further items on Amazon

I did use a bit of money to buy points for Chaturbate. What do hate is if the models stop what they are doing and chat or just sit there. I tipped them and one streamer Abby69sexy wanted to chat in private. 50 points was Oral. But that wasn't happening. I later find that they have gone into a private session and it costs 12 points per minute. The action there was good and was going to cum. I have been using the fleshlight. There were other lesbian couples that I found. The tip triggered the ohmibod vibrator. Best looking at xvideo and Pornhub for the highlights. 

Streamers keep referencing the racist Bobs and vagene meme like it's normal.

I had used the Dulcolax tablets. It gives relief from constipation. Took over 6 hours to take effect. I did use the toilet, felt weird in my stomach and as if I would be sick. I calmed my stomach down. As with it aching it would have been at PH level 1 and I convinced it to lower to 5 Neutral. Drinking milk which is an alkaline helps. I am like the reverse hypochondriac. 

Phil Spector has passed.

The next door neighbour has the phone on vibrate. So the alarm goes off for 2 mind. I can hear it through the wall. Annoying me.

I managed to post my link with a donation to two Twitch streamers. 

White fragility in the comments Clearly Trump supporters. It is not racist to feature Poc. Philip Defranco is upset at Trump losing. The Quartering turd monkey thinks that Wandavision is getting poor ratings. 

The youtuber Destiny went from being a Conservative to a Liberal. How these people are out to get him. 
Interesting thread. Got her own back. Would have been less effort if she hadn't paid the money in the first place.

This is some stupid Karen nonsense. 

If Biden erases women then he must have used this. Decent people voted for him. The replies are a mess. Does she want to put these voters on a list? Jack Posobiec is racist and fragile. #istandwithKrystina The only people getting mad at what she actually said are antiblack and looking to send hate her way. Don't listen to rightwingers like Jack Posobiec. They lack intelligence. Clown getting involved with a married man. Just as guilty as he is.

Not only is Tariq homophobic, xenophobic and transphobic. He is a a retard. 

I can assume that this curly haired teen was with the the two girls. The blonde was not social distancing. Neither were these students in Tesco. Also an Asian lady with her kids should have been doing so. I needed my bag verified at the self service checkout. The sales assistant was dealing with a customer. The amount of times a customer would not say anything when greeted by me. Even when offered Sas or a bag. They hadn't heard me and some are ignorant. Assistant manage letting out a huff when I had a void. On the delivery had me just dump the household items anywhere. It would be easier to place them in the correct section. I am not going back and forth. Didn't allow me to use baskets when emptying a cage. Says it is quicker to carry the items over. We'll I was having to make many trips. I could have done less by using the baskets. Use your common sense. My brother continues to ask for money. The supervisor was bored but didn't make an effort to find something to do. Whilst I kept myself busy. There was a Eastern European family that had a basket of shopping but no money to pay for it. So they were being monitored by cctv. A slight misunderstanding from the short brunette from B&Q about the paracetamol and Gaviscon. They cleared the air. A few hot women came to the store. It had been snowing. A lady did ask if we were hiring but we weren't. This dark haired mature woman wanted to buy the Jimmy Choo perfume. It came up at £34.99. She didn't want it. It was reduced as a goodwill gesture as whoever put it out hadn't done a tag request for it or moved the tickets around. That is the fault of management. This mixed raced lad wasn't wearing a mask. Why start drinking from the bottle when you hadn't paid for it yet? Someone tested the deodorant spray when they are not supposed to. People not using their manners. Please or thank you should be used. No one else used the initiative to clean out the back. I started clearing away a lot of mess which isn't even mine. Rubbish from the German Doner Kebab and McDonalds as well as from the British Heart Foundation. It may have been windy. Some rubbish was ours. Other times people go through the bins. The council need to be informed. The landlord sees this and will blame us. The retarded radio station playing the same shit songs. Especially Prisoner by Miley Cyrus and another one by her. The dj is a bellend. It snowed heavily so I have to cover the Assistant Manager's shift. 
I've got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one. 
She wants to speak to the manager. Right-wing white women being petty. Absolute fuckery. Sounds about white. Trumptards are ignorant. Just delete and repost. Releasing terrorists back into public.

Getting the wrong director. 

Black women weren't being protected but assaulted.

Covidiots at the illegal rave in Hackney 

Threatening to murder your kids to own the libs. He is worse than Bean Dad.  

A pathetic man

She blocked me because I was right. This clown is a terf
I can assume that this is an old pic? Would the people have been tested for covid before? It was taken this year. She had to ask. These retards using other words than Pandemic really should stop.
William Logan Roundy is an imbecile.
Tucker is a terrorist sympathiser. The manager had tested positive for Covid19. Did isolate. But now back at work and still coughing. Wearing a mask but instinct is to use her hand. I didn't see her use the sanitiser unless she has been doing that. A black woman making the kissing teeth sound when I mentioned the price of a perfume. People saying "just this" like it matters. Jason Derulo is overrated. That Fluer East is annoying. My brother continues to waste toilet paper by putting a new roll up before the old one has finished.
Tried making sense of the tweet. Riley is a criminal. Give her the chair. She would probably prefer living in Russia. Send her there. Never let her enter the US again. She may have been a spy all along. Targeting poc. Making voter suppression legal.

He was clearly going after Obama. 

Then posted this. It starts with Tiktok. No it doesn't. That woman jumping and changing clothes instantly. Didn't matter as her friend on the sofa gave her a good fisting. As I thought could happen. I had a call from the assistant manager. Her car would not shift off the ice. So would need someone to cover. I have to work an afternoon shift. It has snowed again overnight. The area in town were being cleared. This blonde haired white woman was buying a pack of laxitives. She was wanting to buy another pack on a different transaction. I had to explain to her that it was limited to one per customer. She said that they would not know it was her. She intended to return to the store and buy another one. She would not be coming into town again. Well Karen they are the rules and what you do is not my problem. Near the end there was a Nigerian woman and her mother. Talking loud. I was about to serve another customer when she asks a question. Then as I am serving asks something else. Don't you have any manners? They came back. The way the mother was talking to me, directing me what to do like I was an idiot. They were rude and demanding. Their belongings were blocking customers. No self awareness. Duality - Slipknot

Kelly leaking her daughter's nudes. Republicans lacking morals. She is worse than Bean Dad. The people that complained are a bunch of cockwombles.