Monday, 23 November 2020

Solitarymaninblack - Knowing Me Knowing You


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Fri 20th November I have had this strange dream. I am at some guys home. He is a really nice guy. In work uniform. Looks like a skilled trade worker. I notice this tabloid newspaper. On the front page it tells of a woman damaging her anus as she had given birth. I had been viewing a house that featured in a classic Disney film. Sat 21st November This dream I was going to visit a gay sauna in Loughborough. I featured in a few dreams. It doesn't exist. I had visits from relatives. This cousin that is quite arrogant. Someone was on the phone to me and I was on the toilet. He opens the door twice though it was occupied. We argue. Eventually the people leave. I am in public chatting with people and they speak of school trips. I find myself crawling to the town centre at night. I have a towl on my head. I am moving like a wolf. I almost bump into a Polish guy. He deliberately drops his drink and accused me of doing it. I escape yet can still hear him. I pass a few cars hoping that I can get into a taxi. I am on a bicycle. Crossing this busy road too soon before the red light shows. I come to a lane. A redheaded woman is jogging. There is an orange horse leaping all over. I managed to follow it onto the railway track. I had leapt over a large fence like it did. I managed to get through the fence to go back. There was a dog.

I have donated to small streamers. That is all now. This guy I admire. Protowatari

Please read the following and donate:

UPDATED Hi everyone i don’t seem to be getting anywhere with this GoFundMe. Has anyone got any tips as it seems I have no angels looking over me :( I’m fundraising for a new shoulder . I’ve been told this can take up to 6 -8 years on waiting list . I cannot be out of work for this long as I’m the main provider and I just want to get back to work . Im currently surviving on the savings I had for degree . If anyone can help or advise please do as now I’m Stressing about rent I don’t have . Hasn’t been paid for 3 months landlord ok atm but he has a mortgage to pay . Sometimes I think maybe better off not here . It’s so much easier to talk to strangers then people who know me .This is really something I wouldn’t usually do as said but I have no option anything would help. I will keep everyone updated on my situation. I’m taking way to many pills to ease the pain ( do yet knows this ) I just need to get back to work im A grafter it’s the only thing that makes me feel alive . I’m self employed. I couldn’t take a very good photo but as you can see my left shoulder is quite higher than my right making sleep/work impossible. Diagnosed as arthritic shoulder . Kind regards. Cc

Namecheap and it's associated sites are pissing me off. Have trouble logging in. Can't build a site without it fucking up. 
I finally got back onto it and published the site. I will wait and see. This Cash app is trash. Two spam texts: 07957 420197 PayPaI: Due to unusuaI payment attempts we have Iimited your account. PIease verify your identity. CIick here to begin: HALIFAX DATA: Hello Kishore. Unconfirmed access reported. You must update your client details at to avoid limitations. 07835 064529

Something up with my Google AdSense. Some violation and Amazon have closed my US associate account within two days. I knew that I should not have bothered. 

Got a few items which I am donating to charity. #BlackFriday #Christmas #CyberMonday 

Adult Colouring Books - Set of 2 - Anti-Stress - Colour Therapy Patterns - Complete Perfect Gift Set! by Martello UK 

Doctor Who: Adventures in Lockdown by Wilkinson, Joy

 Staedtler 185 C24 Noris Colour Colouring Pencil 

changping Harry Styles Pillowcase Classic Printing Cushion Cover Soft Cotton Polyester Square Decorative Throw Pillow Covers for Gifts Bed Sofa Home Dรฉcor Gift (18'' x 18'')(STYLE 8) 

There are folks doing a giveaway. Then you have people bulk buying the consoles. Raising the price then selling them on. Really is pathetic

The responses to the this are surprising. No compassion.  I had been following her and now I'll unfollow. Homelessness. See the youtube channel Invisible People.
Nice to see people in America are compassionate towards the homeless. I think that it's daft that a person would not give money to a homeless person based on race. "fumbled the bag" what kind of twatty phrase is that? Jenna Ellis seems to be a nob

Is Kim Klack an Aunt Jemima? A sore loser though. White Trump supporter gets owned by a 10 year old She is antiblack. Not smarter than a 10 year old. 

Clearly are white fascists. No more ignorant comments being shared. Tired of these people. 

I created a song on this music app. The sample used was a voice tweet. Signed up with Tunecore. Try to put it on Amazon. 

Those poppers just about started to burn. There was a portion of it left but wasn't having the effect. I looked at this BRF training not that I would do it myself.

I was using Tunecore and Bandlab. The first site helps you sell your music and the second lets you create a song. I took a tweet voice sample and mixed it with a track. I am not that good. Buy this song here

Narrator: It was at this point that Karen crashed her car.  You know this woman is definitely antiblack. The votes were legal. People weren't going to be stupid and vote for Trump again. White women throwing Poc under the bus. 

 The inspiration was Massive Attack - Teardrop 
Looking at this Brad Upton guy and this video is in the recommendations

I put this together. 

It is true that these people are not worth my time or it's not worth tagging others.

I have given myself a slight sinus headache after using the poppers. Tried using the fleshlight. I will give the doll another go.

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Go this from Tunecore, didn't I pay you £7.99 for your services? Thank you for choosing TuneCore to distribute: 

Knowing Me Knowing You
Solitarymaninblack Beccaccore

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We have unfinalized your release so that you can upload your corrected audio. Please use the Replace File option on each track. Make sure you do not delete, or rearrange any tracks. Once you have made the proper updates, please respond to this email and we will finalize your release and send it out to stores.
I have started using Bandcamp. Check out my songs

“Everyday Racism: Over 95% of BAME Brits have experienced racism.” by @5_News The rightwingers will be triggered. They like to silence the victim. Just like a paedophile would. Male Karen wasn't wearing a mask. There is free advertising for Boots.

Creased Cards - a refreshing greeting cards and gifts retailer bringing you quirky cards, unusual gifts and lots of laughs!

That local radio station playing at work. There is this twat of a woman that does a competition that involves people making puns of two combined subjects. Puts on an American and even does a dodgy rap. I had no idea who these two people were. Thought the one in stripes was a gay male. It's just you

Two people that were following me for some time have unfollowed me. Was it something I said? 

Rip David Prowse May the force be with you

Thursday, 19 November 2020

Knight's Templar - Adriel Fair


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I used my poppers. It was a daft idea. A day before the delivery. The effects weren't helping. I started heaving. Threw up twice. I had only ordered them recently. Still some left. I poured it away. I have to quit. 

Some bizarre videos that I am finding on YouTube. 

She is attractive. This fingerboard thing is new to me. 

The Hunt is a satirical horror movie by Blumhouse Productions. Was to be released last year but there was controversy. A handle of strangers have been taken a venue and they will be hunted by their captors. The protagonist has a particular set of skills. If you like Ready Or Not, The Purge, Hostel, Saw, John Wick, Antebellum, Get Out then this is for you. I have met one of the cast back in 2011. Betty Gilpin, Emma Roberts, Ethan Suplee, Hilary Swank. Looking at the actors I was trying to figure out who the protagonist was. Liberals, conservatives, elite or working class. This film may trigger some and entertain others. I was trying to figure out the mannerisms and facial expressions of one actress. The soundtrack is good. 

Julius in the comments clearly a white supremacist. People did try to cancel Dave Chapelle

This incident took place Monday 9th November 2020 I only heard about it today (10th). That degenerate shoplifter Jolene Lang came into the store. She had two guys with her. She started to fill her bag. The doors were closed. The men would try to prevent staff getting to Jolene to retrieve the stock. They put their hands on the staff members. My manager tussles with them. A pensioner colleague was also attacked. The bag had items from Tesco too. There were maybe 10 people in the queue stood there watching. Really is pathetic. 99 problems. 

The poppers that I was using was having the reverse effects. These ones start to leave burns. 

Shemale Laura Loomer is definitely throwing a hissyfit. Wants to speak to the manager. 

White supremacists agreeing with her. Fascists think alike HeronChe is easily triggered by Jameela Jamil. White woman is strange I should have blocked my brother's phone number as he asks for some money towards his daughters Christmas gifts on behalf of the rest of the family. I still haven't been paid back.

Pokey said what he said. He may be right. Michelle and Jill are classier. What Eva Longoria said should be taken into context. Dean is a fascist. Gotta love a cum shot. As someone pointed out that she is using her phone and posted on an app that knows her location. Interesting way to put it. More fake news from Fox Wednesday 11th November 2020 These two middle Eastern guys were shopping. One fella had two ibuprofen and two paracetamol. I told him about the limit. His friend offered to buy two. The guy was going abroad. I should not have allowed it. The friend was being served but the first guy uses his card again and I could have stopped him. There was this chap with red bag that I was unsure of. I should have got the manager to follow him. Other guys would come in and were being watched. Assistant Manager trying to get a response from Tango Victor. I just would have given my message. This Asian guy did not want me to put the carrier bag into the basket. I had no idea what he was saying. He enquired about the price of his shopping. I was giving him the receipt anyway. I found a few security tags which had been removed from items. Most belonging to Nicotine products. There was this attractive blonde European lady that I served. Also this curvy tanned woman wasn't wearing a mask. Was saying that the masks should have been free if the government required you to wear them. Just refused pay £2 for them. Karen. The second poppers weren't having much of an effect. I have poured them away. Should have tased him. What a twat. History has been whitewashed. Time to tell the truth. Ben can go and ask to speak to the manager. Proud Boys are anti American and definitely inferior. Racist moron. That woman just glazed over that and kept mentioning drug use.

Mississippi Goddam Nina Simone  

Did he just Alllivesmatter this?

So it's gay to order desert, say hey to another man, drink lemon with water and now owning a PlayStation? 

The woman did it deliberately.

Not much content for $15

I have just looked up the name Joof the soldier. My resistance band kit had arrived. The fleshlight did today. It isn't a vibrating one.  White Christians

 Riley Steele fleshlight  Black dildo with suction cup  Butt plug training set  Strap on dildo Sasha Grey pussy Sale Click here for free trial! Cbd Vape Daisy Baby Shop - Baby Slings and Parenting Essentials NAZZCOLLECTION MASSIVE BLACK FRIDAY SALE 90% OFF LaBante London - Vegan Designer Womens Handbags and Fashion Jewellery Online Shopping Ruby Shoo Willow Black White Exclusive Socks In A Box is a monthly sock subscription box service. Musical Instrument Shop - Tiger Music Distribution 3 Bras For £50 Kids Magazine - Storytime is the worlds best story magazine for kids TheVeganKind Subscription Boxes My mum ramblings on again loudly. She was talking close to midnight which woke me up. The women Bill Burr spoke about.

Skyline Direct - Cash Loans, Home Collected Credit, Belfast, Bangor, Ayrshire, Lanarkshire

Duncans Toy Chest Sex Toys, Fetish, Club Wear, Underwear, Lube, Fashion and more. The UKs Largest Gay Lifestyle Superstore. Doxy Wand MassagersNice n naughty adult online shop We post our letters worldwide, Order Your Personalised Santa Letter Now Creased Cards - a refreshing greeting cards and gifts retailer bringing you quirky cards, unusual gifts and lots of laughs! Little Ratbag Baby Childrens Clothing Always the vague and stupid questions. Twink rides the BBC. Why is this guy concerned? The tweet divided opinion. Karen with her delusional tweets. Talk to the manager. The far right are the real terrorists. The clowns posting negatively about charity are showing their true colours.

If you are in the US and want a sex doll you should check this out.  

I think they do ship internationally. It would be awkward for me to have one delivered to my home in the UK.

Another site selling sex dolls. They also have an affiliate program.

Shemale sex doll 

Terf who happens to be a Trump supporter. 

Joslin loves to play the victim. Crawl is a good film. It is over. No one will be paying attention to you. These maga turds upset at all the black people coming out to vote. Which is why they keep screaming fraud like an npc. White fragility at it's finest. Speak to the manager. Biden Harris have won fair and square. Karma Police by Radiohead This maybe sexist but just comes off another Karen going wild situation. No doubt the men are going to buy the items for the females. She asked to speak to the manager. I don't bother with notifications. If you are a racist or a shoplifter. Whether male or female then I do condone violence against you. Best Price fitness equipment from Click here for more! There is this antinatalism thing. A hatred of babies. This woman has just started following me. Nice tits.
May seem cringe with the music. Seems some of these people are Trump supporters. Unnecessary name calling of the woman. There wasn't a mention of Arab people either. Friday 13th November 2020 There were more cages in the delivery than previously expected. Starting at 6am wasn't much help. Missed call from this number. A few racist comments. The people that posted them deserve to be scammed. Of course he wasn't. She asked to speak to the manager. It's just a book. They can do whatever they want. Sell it on Amazon. Quit whining like a little bitch. Ashlea Simon is the ultimate Karen. Anyone was in the rooms. Didn't need disturbing. All you fascists - Billy Bragg There is nothing to stop. These wankers trying to start a coup would that also not be classed as trying to steal the election? White women have always been corrupt. If you don't like what I write then speak to my manager, Karen. Twat and his followers Nick always setting them straight. Two very bad people. These people holding the march are stupid. So fuck all your protests, put them to bed. People can change. Someone I have never heard of made false allegations against her ex husband. Then when I searched the name on Twitter I find this anti vaxxer Trump supporter. A major Karen. He rightfully blocked you. Timeline full of shit. But these rightwingers are always full of vitriol. Just look at one of the dumb tweets that was retweeted. You have a scammer that Michelle has called out.
People making assumptions about another person's sexuality when it isn't any of their business. Has some decent products. Annoying gif on a loop of Lil Kim in the background. Some of html is invalid. If I switch to Compose mode I will lose some of it. The resistance bands are OK. I do prefer weights. The fleshlight was put to use. I had bought a separate vibrating bullet and it took a long time to cum. Without poppers. I ordered another poppers bottle and a sex doll. Black folk would jump on this tweet. As it is her opinion. Lives in Alaska and is Native American. Ask to speak to the manager Karen. There is no diversity quota. He doesn't mean it really. I did have a dream where Lawrence was working with me. I knew of his political views. He is offended over how his idol is being portrayed. Look to see his bio and it is obvious. As usual on YouTube these rightwingers make a video about Gina Carano. She herself is right wing. People can just boycott anything that she is in. She is disappointed that Trump lost. Voter suppression and intimidation caused by the rightwingers. Maga March in a nutshell. Fml. Doing exercise to own the libs. There are gyms open. This woman is just crazy. These racists will use any excuse to spread misinformation. Like this moron. Time to stop tagging people. Anyhow one way you can make a promo tweet viral is if you added a slur to it. You'd be reported many times. Lots of replies and quotes. My mum going on about my other brother calling. The youngest one wants me to ring my cousin about my uncle that's just come out of hospital. He is up and could do that. I am trying to watch a film. He comes in three times about shit that could be dealt with later. Appointments with doctors etc. My other brother just rang me. Wants to borrow money. The New Mutants is a scifi horror which had delayed for a long while. You have the protagonist Danni living on a Native American reservation. When something attacks. Forward to this facility where she is being held. A few young people with powers also live here. You have one scientist keeping a watchful eye over them. I wasn't too bothered about the blossoming relationship between her and another character. Just found it tiresome. I didn't like one of the characters. Good music and special effects. You may want to look into the Mutants. I am interested in the filming location. I will look at trivia. Blu Hunt, Anya Taylor Joy, Maisie Williams, Charlie Heaton, Henry Zaga, Alice Braga. Marilyn Manson was used for this film. Mark Snow is the composer. You may have seen Glass. Wear this whilst you unload onto a Proud Boy's face. If you are against Antifa then you are for fascism. An ados recommended bestseller. White liberals being tonedeaf Maga klan are white supremacists So many racist clowns in the replies. It is a British family. Nothing wrong with being woke. Showing a black family is not racist. Tesco won't want you. Karen go speak to the manager. Come see what the Proud Boys are up to. A racist magazine smearing Meghan. Anyhow the little girl is adorable. Homophobic racist Ahmed can't spell. As Kimberly Foster asked if white women were going to fuck it up for America. The answer is yes. kelly loeffler and her sense of entitlement Jizzing on the face of a Terf. Dan and his followers just not getting it. The irony. The way these cunts go after Meghan Markle. They do love to play the victim. Fascist hates Antifa shocker No that's just the right wing militias. The clowns moaning about #Antifa #blacklivesmatter are the same idiots that went on the #MillionMAGAMarch are apparently #AllLivesMatter but want to commit hateful acts towards bipoc. Praising #ProudBoys Voter suppression and now false allegations of fraud. They see a murderer Kyle Rittenhouse as a hero. #BidenHarris2020 These are just crisis actors. It was all a set up by the far right. This idiot makes no sense. Not the same. But she is up in men's business. This is below the belt. This is bodyshaming. She looks great. White thug attacks woman. Other men come to the rescue. He plays the victim. The rightwingers edited the video. Nothing to do with #blacklivesmatter or #Antifa. It's like he hadn't been paying attention to the thread. She was called lame by a friend for not going to his party. He is a Jeffree fan. My mum must be messing about as my brother raises his voice at 2:53am. She'll keep cooning. Antisemitic and supports Trump. Many racist people in the replies to Angela's tweet. Pandering to them. I'll tag people one last time. Then that's it. I was going to avoid twitter. Andy Ngo enjoys being the centre of a Bukkake with the Proud Boys. Pro Muslim, trans ally. Corbyn Labour. Leftwing and proud. Biden Harris make America great again. Black lives matter. Antifa are legendary.
Was recording some Twitch streamers. Justaminx is annoying. She didn't like one character's accent even though she has a fairly strong one of her own. These arseholes will try to smear Marcus. He doesn't have to explain himself. There are comparisons on how the Daily Mail treats black celebrities to the white ones. Any excuse to abuse a black woman. Aleesha has it on point. These people don't deserve forgiveness. The white folk wanting praise for doing the bare minimum. Ain't he weird. Just change the channel. Why is that offensive Suzy? Trump's Wall was a lie. I was just reading up on the Senate. Us politics can be confusing. That ain't it. Retard. White supremacists Karens gone wild. They never cared about black lives neither do some of the ones in quote tweets and replies. This fool has her picture hidden. Microagressions on the timeline as Sir Mo Farah had been knighted but they want to put him in his place. Lying to steal the election. Not the first time a white woman made a false accusation against a black man. I downloaded some songs from Amazon: Mon 16th - Tuesday 17th November 2020 My assistant manager sometimes jumping in when I was dealing with a customer. Other times points out things that I already knew. I have been working for the company for over 5 years. I had to stay behind the till. I was going through the draws. A customer gave his £5 note but it fell down this gap and I had to fish it out. The Limehurst Academy pupil comes in without a mask. Ignores me when I greet her. A few customers did. The shoplifter Rachel Spivy came in. I told the manager and she bought something. A lady that she was speaking to outside was in the store earlier. Now the barrier had gone off I should have gone up to investigate. I had this voicemail from Safra Ali or something asking for Mo. This man in glasses was wiping down items that he bought with antibacterial wipes. He had the virus before and didn't want to get it again. I was the last person to handle them. He left the wipes behind and Ass Man wanted them throwing away. He probably would have come back. The attractive lady from Lloyd's Bank was asking for donations for a mental health charity. I mistakenly thought the Fcuk giftsets were £9.99 when they were £7.99 as stated in the window. Someone else hadn't changed the price labels. I had to void a item because a customer changed their mind. Some weren't even social distancing or observing who else was in the queue. Gem 106 it's Fleur East or some annoying twat rapping ans doing an American accent. These are the resistance bands that I have been using. I had purchased this controller to use with my phone. However it doesn't sync up via Bluetooth. There is an attachment that holds the phone and should clip onto the controller which doesn't. The USB cable has one end which would have fit onto a USB port on a console or pc. I may have to return it. Not sure where you are going with this. She tweets similar to alot of people. A bit of a reach. Well it should be like that. She is fine. As is this woman. Great product. Get it here... Twitch and Omlet I have gifted subs and made a charity donation. That will stop now. One streamer had a disobedient dog and another had a toddler that was annoying her. Play video games whilst fundraising for a children's hospital. Some Patry guy brings up diversity as he has an issue. White supremacists like Ben Shapiro will go into Karen mode. I was looking in the spam folder and saw this dodgy email. Re: FROM THE FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION (FBI). Agent David Bowdich Show less To me 16 Nov at 19:03 Federal Bureau of Investigation Field Intelligence Groups J. Edgar Hoover Building 935 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, Washington, DC 20535 Attention: Beneficiary, I am the Deputy Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation Agent David Bowdich. We have intercepted and seized a sealed envelope at John F Kennedy International Airport in Jamaica New York, NY 11430 coming from a foreign country. We checked the content of the sealed envelope and found it contained a total sum of 3.6 million dollars value certified payment bond. Also, the sealed envelope had documents with your name on it as the receiver of the package. We progress in our investigations the sender address that accompanied the sealed envelope into the United States, we learned that it was to deliver this sealed envelope to your residence as payment of an inheritance / winning prize payment due and owed to you. Further, checks on the sealed envelope show that the sealed envelope paperwork lacked the PROOF OF OWNERSHIP CERTIFICATE AND LEGAL DELIVERY PERMIT CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE form. We then confiscated the sealed envelope and released the Diplomat. The sealed envelope according to section 229 subsection 31 of the International Commerce Regulators Code Enforcement Guidelines, your sealed envelope lacks PROOF OF OWNERSHIP CERTIFICATE AND LEGAL DELIVERY PERMIT CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE since the content is valued financial material of such amount, from the joint team of the Federal Bureau Of Investigation and Homeland Security, therefore, you're replying for direction on how to procure the sealed envelope, so you can be relieved of the charges of evading tax which is a jail-able offense under section 12 subsection 441 of the taxes code. We will also be asking the IRS to launch an investigation of money laundering if you do not follow our instructions. You are therefore required to reply within 72 hours at that point I will walk you through the process of clearing and claiming the money. Failure to comply may lead to your arrest, interrogated and,/or you being prosecuted in the Court of Law for tax evasion and/or money laundering. You are also advised not to contact any bank in Africa, Europe or banking institutions for security reasons. Yours in service, David Bowdich Deputy Director Federal Bureau of Investigation. I will forward it to the FBI. Spam the email. Sign them up for somethings. Reported to Godaddy. My brother asking for money. I am blocking him. The right hate Obama. The left have disliked him due to some of his policies. The videos appearing in recommendations recently. This is the fleshlight that I ordered. I would have got this one had I seen it. Here's something for the Karens Another scam: From: Sent: Wednesday, 18 November 2020, 11:59:21 GMT Subject: Your account has been locked De61038746354ar CliNkasWQAJsDent, We bel3oaz6ieve th6103at an unau3oaz67LYthorNkasWQAJsDxPized pNkasWQAJsDxarty mNkasWQAJsDay ha610387463ve accNkasWQesse3oaz67LYAPG7d youNkasWQAJr acco3oaz67LYAunt. To pro3oaz67LYAPG7tect yoNkasWQAJsDur inf3oaz67LYAormati3oaz67LYAPG7on, we ha610387ve: -- DisaNkasWQbled th61038746e pasFFzCKsword to yo610387ur ac6103count. -- RevFFzCersed anFFzCKVmlly modif3oaz67LYAPG7icatioRRJOZ5rqphKns mad3oaz67LYAe by th3oaz6is par3oaz67LYty. -- CancNkasWQAJsDxeled anRRJOZ5ry pendFFzCKing or3oaz67LYders. PleNkasWQAJsDxase go to to ver554568221044ify yo610387ur ac5545682210count infoNkasWQAJsDxrmatiNkasWQAJsDxons. Afte5545682r we reNkasWQAJsDceive y55456our resFFzCKVmponse, pl3oaz67LYease alNkasWQAJlow up tRRJOZ5o 24 hou5545682210rs to pr61038746ocess yNkasWQAJsDxour acRRJOZ5rcount veRRJOZ5rificNkasWQAJsDxation. Sin6103cFFzCKVme5545682rRRJOZ5rqpheFFzClFFzCKVmy, AcRRJOZ5rqphKcount SpecNkasWQAJsDxialist There is an idiot in the comments asking why everything is about colour. They must have been triggered by a Black lives matter sign.
I had purchased a new domain got hosting and a site. However upon changing the DNS so I could use the chosen domain the content seems to have gone. Surfacing by Slipknot Those that complaining about the #sainsburysadvert are the biggest snowflakes on the planet. There are more important things going on in the world. Covid19 should be the gift that you racist would receive. I have had the same number ring me and I believe they are after Mo. This guy lives in Fareham and he seems to be giving my number or they keep making an error. Now a tracked delivery is on it's way I could easily change it. There is more to the thread. Caitlin is trash just like her boss. So the site stripe has disappeared. The PlayStation has become unavailable. Delays in the launch. Some have got one. Me sharing the links probably worked against me. It is now back. This woman is mad about the dick sucking tweet and shames a disabled sex worker. This is daft. I did start following the woman but unfollowed. I will report her. Timeline is toxic. I tried ringing the doctors and it is a phone consultation and just maybe they will ask the patient to visit the clinic. She is behaving like a clown in some tweets. Why are her followers so against the Blm movement? Some stupid shit about not voting. Then there is this tiktok that people say is colourist. This Joanne Lopes woman will explain. See the quoted tweets and replies. Just another Karen. Well of course she should apologise to Colin and donate money to Blm. Just retarded. My brother asking me when I'm going to arrange an appointment for my mum. At this rate I won't be. Also a relative's father passed away and so my brother asks me to ring their house. Why don't you do it? He lowered setting on the boiler even switched it to summer mode. No wonder it was cold at night. Friday 20th November 2020 I tried using the sex doll that I ordered. I tried using the poppers which I should have avoided. Either it was difficult to penetrate and I was going soft. Waste of money. At work this couple came in and neither were wearing a mask. The woman even coughs. Ffs. I am trying to sort out a new site. I get logged out. Also on blogger trying to highlight and copy everything is trouble. My mum walks around late at night maybe talking to herself. My youngest brother raises his voice. Both need to stfu. It is midnight. She left the landing light on. A bunch of terrorists these Covid deniers. This becoming a fascist state. Claudia is a twat. Take a look at my Amazon store. New Mutants Amazon France You have Argos stores within Sainsburys. Selling consoles and games. The snowflakes that were triggered by the Xmas ad will still be shopping there. Whether it be food or gifts. You're welcome America.
Kyle Rittenhouse is out on bail. This is America after all. This white supremacist is clueless. No more posts where I mention work, family or these tweets. Black twitter and feminists will be triggered. There is colorism and race issues at play. See the comments. Sia faces backlash after casting Maddie Ziegler as an autistic teen in upcoming movie Music Following the release of the trailer for Sia's upcoming movie Music, which she says is based on a close friend, many actors and activists were critical of the singer's decision to cast Maddie Ziegler, a non-disabled actor, to play a disabled character. Sia responded to the criticism, but some found her responses disappointing. It is getting stupid now. People getting worked up over minor issues. Fake news froma white supremacist. A comedian made a joke on a TV show. I remember when people wanted to cancel Frankie Boyle over what he said about the Queen. #mocktheweek They'll try and push the boundaries. Final tweet embed. Hopefully some people help her. I will tag people one final time. Some cunts in the replies are really taking the piss. She will have called the police. Also it's not a joke just because the man took the PlayStation. Her links Done tagging. Just saw this on Amazon: You are The Weakest Link Board Game by Hasbro White supremacists are trash She is a coloniser. Disgusting human being. Reported the account. Also the trash takes itself out. Some arsewipe leaves a comment like this. Under this tweet, I was expecting something as these unintelligent racists never give up. Happy Birthday to Adnan. Sometimes I don't look at the replies to Ilhan's tweets as these racists replying don't seem to have anything better to do than bother an intelligent black woman. They are jealous. The caller was telling on himself ID the fucker. Was she high? Monday 23rd November 2020 The Ass manager was being a cunt. Point out the obvious. I knew alot, I wasn't born yesterday. Ignoring me or when there is a queue. Wednesday 25th November 2020 My brother asking me to check the house phone and call them back whoever rung. He could have rung them. It was a bank that he is with. Some absolute fuckery at work. Not enough change in the tills. People paying with large notes for small items. I was going to collect the change order and preperation was being done. Meanwhile this white male, 6ft tall in black coat with his hood up. White mask. Grey joggers, black trainers. He had a black and white carrier bag. He is a shoplifter. I could have have hung back. This twat took some Ambipur refills. Walked out. This old lady was right behind a customer that was paying. You had two people stood close behind this other customer. People not social distancing. A woman cut in front of another customer that was distracted by the drinks. I served two black students and I hear this sound made by the guy. It could have been the girl. It's what Jamaicans make. There is the short, sharp kiss from the front teeth on either side. Usually this denotes minor irritation or mild disapproval. It may be deployed with a shake of the head and perhaps the glimmer of a smile, recognising the absurdity of what has transpired. I really could not give a shit. Just doing my job. Friday 27th November 2020 At 2:15am I am awoken as my brother is shouting to my mum to put the milk in the fridge. Just go down and do it yourself. At work there was more cages than expected. Some were half filled. I was stood behind the till longer than I should have, It was freezing. This Indian pensioner decided to get this packet of chewing gun as I was about to serve the next customer. At 11:30pm I am awoken to the sound of my neighbour screaming and crying. They are having another argument. Can you at least keep it down or wait till the morning? Saturday 28th November 2020 My brother starts rambling on. Someone dropped some money off. So he keeps asking me questions about where about the person lives so he can return the money. Next it is about this shit with collecting some recordings from a dance group. Which they will have deleted by now. Then it is reaching out to former colleagues. I was playing gta. In town some guy was telling people queuing at a store that they were sheep for wearing masks. Tango Victor or the person that reported it assume the guy has a mental health issue. I was serving an NHS worker, a white woman with glasses and she was interested in the Paco edt. She proceeds to open the packaging which you are not supposed to do. She did buy the one she looked at. I had rang the bell and no one would answer. Someone had put the wrong Coolwater out which was £29.99, the ones on offer are £7.99. The other day my mum asks who I am ringing all I did was close the door so I could do some exercise. She then thinks that my younger brother is coming to visit even ringing him up. For some reason she thinks he was going to be coming over today. That is why she was stood at the door. OK I will stop now. This is how the post ends.... 18-year-old Sincere “Spud” Pierce born April 02, 2002 was a bright and lively individual. He was a son, nephew, brother, cousin, confidant and friend to many. Sincere had a passion for music and he let it be known through his recordings and frequent visits to the recording studio to put his voice out there. Sincere left his home in Cocoa Friday, November 13, 2020 at approximately 10:31a with friends and no one expected what would happen next. Sincere along with the other passengers of the vehicle would be the next victims of an officer shooting minutes later. Sincere was a victim of gun violence at the hands of Brevard County Sheriff Deputies in pursuit of a vehicle. This vehicle traveling on Stetson Dr. in Cocoa Florida, with Sincere as a passenger was not the vehicle the officers were pursuing. Sheriff deputies opened fire on the vehicle as his mother stood by, pleading “Please don’t shoot! My baby is in the car. He just got in the car. Please?!”. This was clearly a case of mistaken identity and negligence upon BCSO deputies. Cynthia Green, a long-time resident of Brevard County and mother and guardian of Sincere watched as deputies yelled for the occupants of the vehicle, accompanied by Sincere to stop the vehicle and then immediately began firing rounds into windows of the car in what would seem to disable the occupants. This is beyond their training measures provided by FDLE prior to becoming road deputies. These shots all appeared to be kill shots as multiple shots were fired into the windows of the vehicle. Firing at the vehicle immediately disabled the driver and with inability to control the vehicle it veered off and was stopped by a wall in a neighboring resident’s home on Stetson Dr. Mrs. Green stood by as deputies, spewed profanities at her positioned themselves on foot in what already appeared to be a stand-off and murdered her son and his friend. This was a direct negligent act at the hands of Brevard County Deputies law enforcement. These are deputies that are sworn to “Protect and Serve”. In this, what BCSO deputies are calling an “isolated incident” clearly was not. Now, Sincere along with friend, a 16-year-old passenger met their demises that morning going to visit other friends. No other information is being released on the status of the officers or investigation for this heinous act. It should be known to the public that no weapons or illicit drugs were found in this vehicle. All occupants of the vehicle were unarmed and therefore by law not considered “armed and dangerous”. We the family are pleading for help and we want justice. We do not want our children afraid of law enforcement. This has made an immediate impact on our family both young and old. Burial services are extremely expensive. To have Sincere a son, brother, nephew, cousin and friend buried in the most respectful manner possible we are asking for donations. This will help aid Christopher and Cynthia Green in any way possible. It will not change what has happened to their son but will however give them hope for a positive outlook for things to come. Thank you for the read and in advance for any donations received. God Bless.