Saturday, 4 July 2020

Slipknot - Duality

"I push my fingers into my eyes..." My brother paid for a membership for a dating site. Changes his mind and cancelled. Comes to talk to me about it more than once. Don't just reply to spam or marketing emails. Are you stupid? I don't care what the fuck you do regarding the dating thing. The charger that was bought on eBay doesn't fit the phone, he wanted that ordering. My phone is taking a long time to charge.
They seem to be concerned over the gender than the crime.
I had gone to the Vodafone store not knowing that is click and collect. I was shown a few phones which are pricey. I saw this shoplifter standing by the door. I had warned the staff at Superdrug however I believe I hadn't communicated as clearly as I should have. I told my manager. But it should have been called out on the radio. I walked past another one and called the store to let them know. My phone didn't charge as I left it. A USB cord in a packet that I left on the side is missing. I returned the charger to Tesco and was refunded £12. I am sure I paid £15. I am done updating this post.

I remember when the far right used this phrase "anti racism is codeword for anti white" Well those same people would after Nick Cannon, Ilhan Omar, Kaepernick etc accusing them of being racist. Just to fuck with them start calling the right wingers anti white.

Thanks to Sam Seder and team for pointing out the bullshit. Blake Neff and Tucker Carlson are clowns. Trying to make him look a victim.

The Quartering nobjockey going on about maximum woke. Why is his videos appearing in the recommendations? Being pro black is a good thing. 
If you follow this thread it'll prove how much of a trash person Bari Weiss is.
The charger that I got from Tesco and the Poundland USB cord do not help to charge my phone. I will get a new phone.
The white fragility in the comments. Those replying showing that they don't understand racism and are being racist too.

I know that this had been shared before...
And there was the one white man making the racist a victim.
She was on probation over theft and assault and it leads to this...

A friend of hers who will most likely hide her account. I guess it's guilt by association via trial by Twitter.

I guess Maya Angelique and Talib Kweli need to meet up and fuck. Just get it out of their system. The tweets are boring me as is this Jada August bollocks. Plot twist: Maya is the side baby mama.

That Valkyrae streamer is attractive but annoying. Sykkuno seems to be starting to grate.
People are strange

Marcie is a liberal too.
I looked at the profiles of some that have blocked me. Not much interesting content. @tariqnasheed @notcpnamerica @jahaantweets @iwriteallday_ @avaduvernay There are others that I have forgotten.
Respect to the mother, daughter, the policeman and locals that came to help. With the neighbour's daughter yelling like that you can see where she gets it from. Playing the victim too.
 I have never been a fan of The Streets. Having listened to the new album. I can see why. His earlier stuff is better. Was he using autotune?

Smoke misgendered a dead transwoman to her mother. He wanted attention and got it.

These idiots really are ignorant.

Fragile Republicans probably replied to this winning tweet.

Anita had the name first. The caucasity...

Interesting replies...

Donald Trump is a bellend

Narrator's voice: And after that revelation many of the people quickly put on their masks"
False accusations of antisemitism. Ilhan Omar and Jeremy Corbyn were smeared too.

Karen does not have a black husband. She played the victim like Amy Cooper did before. 

Abella Danger protecting suspected abusers. Being tonedeaf. Arguing with Jenny Blighe and now Mia Khalifa.

FML some people. This woman with dyed red hair, black tee, shorts, backpack and carrying a Tesco bag. She was reaching for something. I was busy serving customers. She had up the aisle and placed the items in her bag and left. The Assistant Manager had seen her do it. Looked at the CCTV for proof. I get this fella moaning as his card wasn't working. It was the machine playing up. This Asian guy with mask and orange T-shirt wasn't social distancing, neither was this Muslim woman. Also had to ask to black student in Loughborough Uni shorts to step back. Don't hand me the item whilst the customer before hasn't left. Others saying "just this" well I am going to wind up on purpose by asking anyway. Some of you don't say please or thankyou. Rude cunts. This hot brunette was getting impatient. The customer that I was serving was looking at fragrances. I had to ring more than once for someone to help this pensioner. Twice there was a couple that would turn up with four packs of paracetamol. The sign says that there is a limit of two. The same person paid for both which isn't allowed. I should not have let it go through. I get the odd customer interrupt me as I am talking and ones that don't answer when I ask them something. This black student was eating a pasty from Greggs. Crumbs fell into the dumpbin. Can people just wait? Though it is the Manager's week off she will come in to do the delivery. We really need to hire more staff. Ones that won't be a let down. Some customers ignore the one way system and others queue jump. I served this attractive young blonde with glasses. Short skirt and vest. Short in height. There was a hot black girl that reminded me of a former staff member. This blonde woman with glasses bought this alcoholic can and poured it into this slushie of hers.

I don't think the new versions of Unintended are any good. My mum asking if everyone is alright at 2:45am. Yesterday she comes to my room at night and asks. I was asleep.

I will be updating this post. Keep checking back. Don't forget to share.

The irony of the discussion on FOX.

Gabriel Castillo threw a firework at a BLM protest.

I have plenty of images for sale
My site
I don't understand these people that get tattoos.
He was living freely for 30 years. All kkk members are degenerates. Kaylee Ann
Helman's Mayonnaise and Aunt Jemima's Pancake Syrup

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It's just white fragility. These Karens and Chads love to play the victim.

People really are buffoons.
Bluelivesmatter can go suck on it. The white folk only come to the aide of the white person. I don't look at notifications or direct messages on Twitter. Joe Hennessey is a vile animal.
Follow these people on Twitter @tariqnasheed @rolandsmartin @Freeyourmindkid #BlackLivesMatter #firstthem @cthagod @Nclarke30 @TheQueenSpeaks_ @candicepatton @AdrianCJax @JohnBoyega @AngryBlackLady @Karnythia @activeeally @TheGrapevineTV @GodfreyComedian @kelechnekoff @YourAnonCentral
Shane is a deviant. So fake accounts follow the lady that I quoted yesterday. The one that works in Cambridge. You also have racists interrupting a peaceful protest.

She gave a wink and was joking when she mentioned the ally cookie.
The lady interviewing her is wearing black gloves for some reason. It is the first time that I have heard of Caroline Calloway and the Ziwe interviewer. She has a Baited Live where she trolls the people that she interviews. Or you could say asks hard hitting questions. Also spoke to Alison Roman. People are strange

Some say how this is performative, distracts from the movement. The celebrities and companies should contribute towards reparations.

I have watched Cold Skin on Netflix. It is an indie horror drama. Set on a remote island. A young handsome man has been appointed the job of weather official. There is lighthouse keeper not too far away. He seems rather grumpy and antisocial. Meanwhile out in the water there are these creatures that only come out at night. Good acting and soundtrack. You might have seen these other films advertised. The previous Weather Official had gone missing. I recommend that you see this film. Aura Garrido, Ray Stevenson, David Oakes.

All You Fascists Are Bound To Lose
Black Lives Matter @HeronChe · 3m This tweet is laced in anti-semitism even I can admit it... it makes me uncomfortable.
But it isn't antisemitic. Che must have deleted the tweet as I tried to embed it.
Karen throws the toys out of the pram. Someone pointed out what would happen if it were a black man.
Ken Dippel is a combination of Myka Stauffer and Shane Dawson. His kids will be taken off him.

Denise Defelice and Timothy Jarosak are racist pieces of shit.
These influencers/internet personalities are self involved attention seekers.
These two are lawyers? Absolutely laughable.
My brother had raised his voice and it was quite late getting my mum to brush her teeth. I was asleep. She is now talking bollocks. He raises his voice again. Why don't you go outside. Stop putting a new toilet roll on the holder when the new one hasn't been finished. I did not take a break which I deserved to. Customers not following the one way system. This fucknugget follows Tucker Carlson. Just a white supremacist.
Gaetz is a buttfuck.
They were peaceful protesters. The right wing media favours white supremacists.
Paedophile with his young lover at a Klan rally.

The people that thought that being pro Palestine and criticising Israel was antisemitic were absolute idiots. Gil Heron's daughter uses nepotism. Just like Meghan McCain.
The caucasity of Karen and Ken.
Well you were lying so that doesn't make you look good.
Irresponsible, they will take it out of your wages.
To Kevin and Derick. You do it to yourself you do and that's why it really hurts.
This guy looks like he is making an excuse for the police. People should not be standing in front of a car with it's flashing lights. The driver should not be running people over.

Emily Rinaudo is hot. Her brother Mizkif uses her as clickbait. Not sure why he was wearing a Maga hat in one clip. She has an Onlyfans

Angela Stanton King is a Republican, a Trump supporter. She is apparently a niece of Martin Luther King. She probably likes those butter biscuits that they were serving in prison. She thought "zaddy!" when she saw Donald. Discrediting his legacy. Though some interesting things are being said. The rightwing will throw black folk under the bus. The people in the comments are deluded. She was interviewed by Roland Martin and The Breakfast Club. No one was destroyed. This is just an interview. Antifa are anti fascists. 

Terry is still bringing up Black Supremacy and antiblack Ian Cheong agrees with him.


These people are idiots.
All buildings matter. Bars don't have lives. The education system has failed these people.

As someone pointed out that the names of these black people should be trending instead of youtubers.
These customers should not be served. Susan G Schulz
She even calls the police when she can't get her own way.
You have the DoubleToasted video about Jk Rowling and Stephen King. Some moron named Bill Wright in the comments going on about Marxists and these protesters being anti American. He really is antiblack. So with work. A colleague of mine had the symptoms of Covid19. She spoke about it with the manager. Was reluctant to go. Didnt wear a mask. Fucks saje customers were noticing. She haf gone to the seaside. Really her own fault. I know have to work three full days in a row. Another colleague was worried about her. She should not have come into work. A former colleague that quit unexpectedly had popped in to buy stuff. She is actually barred. She makes a comment about the manager coming in on her day off. She was there to drop something off. It is no longer her concern. There have been shoplifters coming in. They must be desperate. The chap had been watched. He was in before. I radioed Tango Victor. They should have been keeping an eye on him. I might as well have said something further. As the guy went into Superdrug and stole something. I found the odd tag. There was an empty package on the shelf. These two teens set the alarm off. They may have been carrying items from another store. There were these hot blondes, twins or just best friends. People go up the wrong way when it is a one way system. Again I told a customer that it was a limit of two on the paracetamol. He paid for him and his wife. Do you not understand? A lady was telling me to expect people from Leicester. As it is on shutdown because of the riots. Twice not today but a few days ago did a customer want to scan an item without touching it. Someone that I knew from school was in the store with a lady with black hair. Now they left without purchasing anything. Have to watch them. My brother asking me to put the bin out when he is dressed and could go outside. Then goes to ask which ones I have moved. How about you do it.

As I was walking home. On Meadows Lane. Belton Rd crossing. An Asian woman on a bike I believe is holding up the traffic. The white man in checkered shirt in a white van honks the horn. It is a green light. She mentioned that her breaks were on. He tells her to move. Next thing is he had got out and moved her on her bike to the pavement. Road rage is uncalled for. Someone should have stepped up. At work I saw that the blonde Irish pensioner was looking at the alcohol. Now I should have asked my colleague to move. The customer didn't say anything but get close and reach for a bottle. My colleague was shocked and annoyed. Spoke about social distancing. At the till the customer said that she should have moved. My colleague argued with her which was unprofessional. No need to swear in front of customers. Some twat in red hair had nicked a Nexium product. She was with her kids. The black haired Polish woman had picked up a bottle of alcohol. May have put it back. She went round the store and left. I should have asked the supervisor if he noticed anything. Some people come off rude or just ignorant. If they aren't social distancing then they are going up the wrong way. An Asian teen was ready to hand his cans of coke over but the previous customer hadn't left. FML. I served this twentysomething brunette. Tanned with tattoos on her legs. Slim build. Collagen filled lips. The previous day this blonde tanned woman was almost inside the till area. She should be standing outside. The door ought to be closed. A tall woman either didn't hear me or just walked in anyway as these people are supposed to queue and wait to be let in. These teenage girls buying condoms were giggling. This tall man getting annoying with his jokes. Something being insulting to the English. The Scotsman was offered the Gillette sets and he labelled it a con. So I hear the former assistant manager did something wrong and dragged the former sales assistant with her. 01133900218 just called but I ignored it. My brother asks me to get the milk in. You got up to tell me that when you could do it yourself. It was already bought in.
Rather have Omars than Ingrahams. Kids Magazine - Storytime is the worlds best story magazine for kids
Belle lingerie
I get told about the fence having fallen down. My brother should just put it up then. I served this couple. The blonde was rather hot, covered in fake tan. Wanted to pay half cash and half card. However gave me £20 note I put that on the screen but then had to void. She wanted half. I tried 10 but it wasn't good enough. Chose £13. I wasn't going to work it out just like that and she was being vague. I had to redo one display as the supervisor hadn't read the email properly. It defeats logic that the nicotine products are closer to the door which they can be nicked. I had to change these promo tickets. They were written and sorted before but put out last minute. A shoplifter was stoned and was made to pay for his drink by a pcso. People not following the one way system. An Indian man claimed to bought two air fresheners. Did not have a receipt and it was half empty. The Assistant Manager told him that we don't sell that specific item. There is a zero count and says discontinued on the gun. A large black woman going "no no no" instead of "no thankyou" Also as my colleague had been to Mablethorpe on Friday. Worked with me on Monday. Showed symptoms on Tuesday. If she were to test positive for Covid19 then we all need to be tested. This Asian child had an accent. He was moaning and it got annoying. The other day there was the Polish child in McDonalds yelling. This customer was holding a few items and the Bold liquigel spilt down her top.

American Kittens
I'm waiting for you! I got this fraudulent email: On Wednesday, 1 July 2020, 15:18:22 GMT+1, wrote: Dear contributor This is the second attempt to let you know about the possibility of a potential reimbursment for your contributions in a total amount of £595.90. The compensation form must be filled by the 2 July, 2020. Please take time to fill the form at our official page here: http:/ Any delayed forms will not be taken into consideration. This e-mail was sent automatically to , please do not reply. Sincerely, The HM Revenue & Customs Tax Team The laundry that I had put in the machine. It was to dry. Still abit damp. It was taken out by my brother and left on the sides of the sofa. It isn't going to dry that way. Then other laundry was mixed in with mine. Takes the piss. Want to see more?
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Always a white male in the comments making excuses.

Before I Wake is a horror drama. I am watching it on Netflix. Thomas Jane, Kate Bosworth, Jacob Tremblay. Kate looks hot. The Hobsons had lost their son to an accident. They have adopted a child named Cody. He has special gifts. Good special effects. Jacob is cute. Things happen when he is sleeping. He is a great actor, you need to see his other films.

Funds can be sent via PayPal and Cashapp PayPal: Cashapp: M08029
I am not sure why I was subscribed to Elle Bradford. There is no mention of BlackLivesMatter on Elise or Eden Ecklund's channel. Why do people follow Jefree Star for make up advice?

On my site there are 500 spam comments

The trash that is the shoplifters have got themselves arrested. Sex Trafficker Thomas Jefferson and other slave owners were the Jeffrey Epstein of their day. This murad merali seems annoying how he claps his hands together with each word in a video. Comes off like Dan Wooton. But anyway.... She said it herself.

Some people have an agenda of what the driver looks like. If won't be too hard to find Jonathan. He clearly doesn't know much about the USA.
He must have got it from his dad. Karma Police - Radiohead He or his friend must be stupid.
Best comeback...
A Karen moment...
There was this woman with her husband. I tried offering a Gillette set and she is like "aye?" Another woman "I'm sorry buy I can't hear you" Again people go the wrong way. Apparently the neighbour was going to tell me about the wall. I downloaded this track after looking at the sample used in another song.

Trump is a symbol of hate not BlackLivesMatter.

So it was years ago and you were or weren't 15. This is a fake account messaging you. White fragility in action.
Jamie Atlig

Subjected to racist abuse then run over in Measham
This Brendan Straka really is a racist twat. Anyhow Halle Berry should have continued with the role of a transman in an upcoming film. Hilary Swank, Felicity Huffman did it. Scarlet Johansson will do it. The numpties in the replies that won't watch a Marvel film with a trans actor. Some stupid ewhite woman putting race and lgbt in the same group. Both are different.

I had bought three packs of antibacterial wipes. My brother had used them up in 2 days. I bought more. One pack was used up in a day.

At work. This tall guy started drinking fr his Ribena before it was scanned. I offered SAS and he gives no answer. He was tall, white, cropped hair, stubble, wearing a Hugo Boss bag. Maybe abit special. Then the girl with nan and mum comes to the till. Needing three transactions. I offer SAS. No one answers but the girl. A lady was looking for glycerine. She asked me. I had just arrived at work. I knocked on the office door but they busy. My colleague seemed chatty and chirpy. I asked the GM to text me the FBI for tomorrow's promo. So I had to get it from the former manager. This mature woman had 4 packs of paracetamol. I told her about the limit.  She spoke about a holiday or some shit. I served those when I should have denied her. I am not losing my job or getting in trouble because of these people.  The fat bald bloke that buys the ecig refills was coughing. This pensioner was too. I don't think that they covered their mouth. I had to sanitise everything. A few days ago a young blonde with glasses couldn't hear what I was saying behind the plastic sheeting at the till. A customer possibly joking tells me that I am going the wrong way. I didn't have time for that. This black woman with her siblings couldn't make up her mind on whether she wanted an umbrella, a carrier bag and she had picked up an expensive mascara.
My brother has to borrow my charger at 2:45am. I was asleep. The one that I bought him doesn't work. I don't have the receipt and he tells me now. That's money down the drain. My mum is up. I have to get back to sleep.

Apparently it is meant to be a joke. Seems a retarded one. I think this woman is a right winger. Anyway she has her facts mixed up.
Dan Maples is a fragile white male.
The word affair is used. As the criminal is female. Now playing Mama - MCR
I had gone onto Lau Music's Patreon page. Picked the $2 dollar tier which let's you download the songs and you get a mentione on YouTube. I had looked to download a specific song. But you have to pay $10 to unlock the songs and become a Patron. Did I not just pay already? For a cover too? I enter the key to access a song only for the wrong one to show up but that was my mistake. I get to the correct one and try downloading for the page to crash twice. I would have just used the converter sites. Like Onlyfans you don't get what you paid for.

This blonde woman that works at Clarins. As she had got a product I had to handle it to scan and detag it. She spoke about a mask and how in Boots they'll scan an item without holding it and it'd need 72 hours quarantine. I told her to get another one. You are being a twat. Who do you think puts the stock out. The chap that looked dodgy set the alarm off. He showed his pockets. He clearly had something in his top. Now I had not been vigilant so he slipped through the net. I could have done with the fucking radio. The pensioner lady says that he had a small red item on him. Why didn't you informe the staff? I served two attractive sisters. Both tanned brunettes. There was a lady with nice eyes and tits as the top showed off cleavage. The preacher was outside. It is the same Muslim woman that doesn't social distance. The man from Rentokil was being a little rude to my colleague. The assistant manager was talking about attending disciplinary hearings, mentioned gross misconduct and a former colleague. That curly haired blonde woman in her 40s always has a miserable look on her face. The ginger haired tosser with the shopping trolley with mixed raced girlfriend that wears a bandana. Shoplifters that were arrested before. Were out again. Loughborough. I hope that these criminals catch Covid19.

The phone adapter or my phone plays up.
Attractive. Is Chris buckbroken? Chris will probably be giving Amy Cooper a hug and a copy of the bible. Maybe it was a dogging hookup gone wrong.

Mendel seems to be right wing. It could be to befriend the bigots and educate them into changing their ways. A business with a black ceo and they won't let the employees wear BlackLivesMatter apparel. You would think that they would. Mind you it's their company.
A bot account created by a white male. I can imagine the fragility from some men.

So that's the background that they went with for a poc.

Karma Police-Radiohead My brother wants a new phone. Why all this fuss over a phone. The size of a screen is just irritating me. Whether it's 5.0 or 5.5 doesn't make a difference. Stop going on about what you should have done. I already said what to pick Now he wants the Alcatel contact number. I am not having him keep entering my room again. Another long winded conversation. Annoying people is what gets others killed. Comes in again. Might order it tomorrow. Well it is today and I get him to order the phone so I can get on with my day. He was still being indecisive. This shit about the screen. He rang my other brother. Then a decision is made. I ordered the phone. He starts to questionng whether he should have got the warranty option. It is too late. He asks to look at Idealworld site for a similar deal or with warranty. What is the point? He comes back later and wants to look at the Idealworld site. He goes onto Google results. 54 more pages visited which included Carphone Warehouse and YouTube. Why not do the research before buying? It was sat there for half an hour. Kept saying he would be a few minutes. The phone ran out power. I could just go and get a haircut. This is beyond a joke.

It is true what his trans partner, parents, employees say about him. Michael Lofthouse is a douchbag. Wasn't this video shown a month or so before? TYT covering it now.

No means no.
Calling the police over a Tiktok? Even though she was in blackface in her video? White fragility from Karen Gianna Addie is retarded
So she must get it from her mother. Her boyfriend is just as bad.

She was attractive. Would be interesting to see what she was like as a before transitioning. Tariq Nasheed and JK Rowling would be especially touched by this.

Karen spits on a black woman and Ken goes to attack a woman.

A book that Laura Ingraham highly recommends. Cruz doesn't know shit.
Aside from being a trans rights activist, Tariqnasheed gives a mean blowjob. I'm guessing JK needs a slap to stop her being hysterical.
Fragile racists in that constituency.
Happy birthday Molly. I'm interested in seeing what she looks like.

Craig is a clown. He doesn't have any friends.
A nice video from a gay couple with their kids doing a dance and this clown tweets this.

Calling cps over what? A bunch of Karens. Tommy and Slimey will adopt a child together.

The Vikings wizard world zoom chat. Lucy Martin the blonde lady at the bottom is hot.
My mum talking o herself, laughing and repeating "jewra". Amber Heard is wrongun. If you're having girl problems I feel bad for you son. I've got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one.
I tried to work out what was going on with this story. The grammar is failing.
I can assume that friend met the Instagram hairdresser and ate her pussy. Trump can go further by fucking Cruz's wife.
Narrator: "Pink Hulk went on to crash his car. The semen in his asshole which he had collected from his encounters on the highway, started to dribble out."
I am waiting for a text from the manager and I had to clear storage space to receive texts. I get this: Good news Mrs Karin, we have new delivery slots! Before we open up our new slots to new customers, we wanted to offer you regular deliveries. We ve updated your account to give you access to a delivery every seven days, and 21 days of slot visibility - meaning you can plan your deliveries in advance and never have to queue. Log In:

 Fragile white males in the comments section It is her channel she can delete those hate comments which you are clearly leaving.

The white gays will come screaming into the mentions.
This Philmil or whoever needs to stay off drugs.
The Quartering like Tucker Carlson remains a whiny little bitch.
I have watched a scifi action film called The Old Guard. Stars Charlize Theron amongst others. A great cast of actors. Saw the trailer as I browsed Netflix. I likes the concept and I have to say that some of the soundtrack is weird. Andy and a small group of mercenaries are sent on various missions. The interesting thing is that they are immortal. Along the way they cross paths with a CIA agent, a billionaire scientist and a marine that has only just learnt of her gift. You can imagine Zero Dark Thirty meets Highlander. Many characters wanted different things. I could see it from their point of view. Good special effects and fight scenes. Only released this month. Based on a book. I will look at trivia and discussions. There may be more films.
  Cast: Charlize Theron- Andy, KiKi Layne- Nile, Matthias Schoenaerts- Booker,  Marwan Kenzari- Joe,  Luca Marinelli- Nicky, Chiwetel Ejiofor- Copley, Harry Melling- Merrick Van Veronica Ngo- Quynh.

I got this message from cousin: 
"Hey, my mum gave me your number.  
Hope you are all well. I'm trying to get some 50th wedding wishes for my parents." 
She is putting the video together tomorrow. Video messages from family members. It is short notice and I don't want to do it. It is useless trying to get my mum to say anything on camera . My brother will most likely fanny around. I can't be be arsed. He irritated me, having to record the message several times. Got saying things right, too quickly, not being in frame. He kept wanting to check and rerecord it. Wasting my time. I have work later. Comes to my room again to discuss it. 

Some tonedeaf people in the comments.

The fools replying to this tweet fail to see the irony. These Trump supporters have been caught on video kicking off.
Also the person with a Trump face mask would complaign over a blm sign
She was racist.
He deserved to be punched.

I had bought a USB cord but it didn't help with charging the phone. Need the plug too.
This right winger showing where they stand. Many false statements being made and in the replies.
This guy had alllivesmatter in his bio and hates Labour. He tweeted that he lost his job after tweeting the following. It's called Gross Misconduct. He is rightwing. Biracial and antiblack.

His bio: Check out Big Andy. ‘Pussy Magnet’ ๐Ÿ˜ธ๐Ÿงฒ on Twitter.
๐ŸงฒBig Blue nose. KRO. STH Tilton. Dominos Driver. SOTV. BREXIT. CORONA 0 - 1 BIG ANDY. EDL. Love pussy. All Lives Matter. Hate Labour scum.๐Ÿงฒ Not a nonce

 Is that a white power sign in one scene? 

I do wonder why people donate to Twitch streamers. But they aren't in favour of reparations.

I received this email. Another scam:

On Saturday, 11 July 2020, 11:20:50 GMT+1, wrote: 
 Your account has been suspended (Ref - 96855444519)

???????? ????????????????,

???????? ???????????? ?????????????? ?????? ???????? ?????????????????????? ????????????????????.mRnoZb1 ???? ???????? ?????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????? ???? ???????????? ?????????? ???????????? ???? ???????? ???????????? ??????????????. ?????? ???????? ?????????????? ???????? ???????????????? ???? ?????????????? ???????? ?????? ?????? ?????? ???????????? ????????.
UVfPiuvJm ???? ???????????????? ?????????????? ????????????????, ???????????? ?????????????? ?????????????????? ???????? ?????????????? ???????? ????????????????.
?????? ???? ???? ????????????
The button link leads to

I have had three of these emails. Reported them. 

Many ridiculous spam comments on my WordPress blog.

This is an impressive product.

My Google Music stopped playing the song a few times.

Impressive commercial

 A Spanish horror film. I am watching on Netflix. Interesting filming location. There was the civil war in the beginning. Eight years later. A poor village. Through the forest is a Blacksmith. He is an outcast. Rumours are about him having made a pact with the Devil. Other villagers are featured. One being a little girl. Lost her mother years ago. She spends time playing alone. These trailers do reveal too much. A government official has come to investigate. I saw one review on IMDb and it almost tainted my view of the movie. Good cast of actors, dialogue and special effects. Special mention to the actor playing the demon.


Kandido Uranga


The other day I served this Asian woman in her twenties, dark skin. wavy hair, nice tits. Her white boyfriend was outside and the son was being impatient. The fat butch black woman with cap and headphones still doesn't wear headphones. I found this empty box of Clearzal near the front. I was trying to work out who the suspect was. This mature couple set the barrier off as did a small child. I should really stop them. A European woman did tell me about how I'd really need a rich customer to sell the Jimmy Choo perfumes to. An Indian mature jokingly asks "do we look like we need suntan lotion?" Fuck my life it is sun protection and I do have to ask. I had to explain. Today five people were ignoring the one way system. A NYC goth youtuber spoke about following people on social media that she disagreed with. A few people in the comments do that. That's their white privilege. I would not follow a white supremacist. I an sure that my brother may have opened my bedroom door to ask something late at night but then left. I was awoken by that. The one way system not being followed in Tesco or that they stopped it. I told my other brother that I wasn't going to lend him any money yet he asks anyway. I haven't been paid back. I will have to sell the TV and streaming box if this keeps going on. The ginger haired shoplifter has been arrested and his mixed raced girlfriend with the glasses almost was. I knew that she was a cunt. My mother was talking to herself annoying everyone. She took a while to open the door. Maybe using the toilet. I've got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one.
Regarding this post, in the words of The 12th Doctor: "I let you go."

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