Thursday, 6 August 2020

Three Days Grace - Animal I Have Become


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Yorkshire Live writer clearly had an agenda and the Facebook commentors are tonedeaf.

White supremacists want to make things up. Just to demonise black people.

 08818212541 called and it was an automated message. Some shit about cutting of the Internet connection because of illegal usage. It was a scam.

Kevin is a clown. Austin Addison deserves Covid19.

The Navy are cutting ties with the museum over that viral video. We'll you can leave a review or follow them.
Dewon Sawa responded to me. Mind you Pink will see the funny side.

I never really liked those makeup videos. This parody is good. 
Someone in the comments not liking woke culture. How is that relevant?

I had a dream where I was on Earth. It was going to be destroyed. At the cinema was this movie trailer which is relevant to the disaster. People were making an exodus. One scene the planet had been moved and the solar system imploded. The planet orbited behind another one. The other scene was that it was too late and we were in purgatory.

I was having trouble with the poppers. I started heaving.

I had bought two albums.

Because of white fragility a black artist is being silenced.

The antiblackness from Karen's tweet is screeching out.
People really are tonedeaf in the tweets about Oprah Winfrey. Again they are trying to silence someone from speaking up about racism. They hate a successful black woman.

My poppers bottle still has liquid in them but wasn't getting a high. 

Dumb comment from Irene

How very lady like...

The entire human race. I had woken maybe after 4am. I was tired and went back to bed. The 5am alarm went off and I had set for the gym. I was tired and couldn't be bothered so went to sleep. Now it is 9:15am. I will go tomorrow. I had a strange dream, I had been at the gym. A bit of equipment I was to use I find that a guy approaching me. I thought that he was not finished. He just hadn't wiped it down. I was popular with women. I had a zoom call with a young guy. I had been feeding this animal that resembles a cow and was really long. A powder in a bowl, milk was added and I had a spoon to mix it with. There was thst scene wuth the 12th Doctor and another one. A shadow being. Some pretend fight for the audience. This other Doctor jumped on a motorbike and a young blonde man in red got on the back but was told to get off. The Shadow got on. The 12th also managed to transfer himself onto the Shadow. They were speeding through a forest. Eventually crashing. I was in the role of Matt Smith aka 11. I got to this house and I would leave a package for these children, it needed posting. I met the woman of the house. She invited me to her bedroom. Not long after her husband arrived. I had to get out. I ran into a homeless man, gave him change and this other man with him who was probably a scammer. A group of people were near this wall. Dodgy types. A bald guy with glasses who is the leader. The blonde haired woman that I possibly dealt with at the library. They did help me get down.

This video and the people in the comments are missing the point Pegasus is salty because racists are being named and shamed
White people cannot mind their own business. But the woman was too loud. I blame the parents. Well if she has changed.
The only ones offended that she apologised for being racially insensitive wish to continue being racist. Karens and Kens keep telling on themselves.

Jesus Walks - Kanye West Cooning
He is the British Terry Crews. He was the Terfs best friend. Did that deadlift to break the women's record.
Regarding those gym fails videos.
I'm sure that it is against the rules to be filming people.

Someone mentioned that the guy looked like Chester Bennington. One Step Closer - Linkin Park

 The worst enemies of poppers are heat and humidity and once you’ve opened your bottle of magical liquid, air will automatically be in contact with it. Air is naturally made of water in a gaseous state, what we call water vapour – the same that comes out of a saucepan of boiling water. So when air enters your bottle, it tends to degrade your poppers not to mention specks of dust that enter the bottle too. The result of this natural and unavoidable process is that your poppers lose their quality and get old. That’s the reason why, we – at Poppers Aromas – advise you to keep your poppers up to 4 weeks after opening. More info at
Who is this idiot behind this account?
They then respond with this.
As someone had said that if you have an anime profile picture then your opinion does not really matter. White supremacist fag thinks he is important. A coward.

Should have beaten her.

Tragic story of Ben Brown
Got to respect the hustle.
Surprised by this tweet. See the point he is making about supporting black owned businesses.
Now this is odd.
Racism? Well this woman compared being Iranian worse than being white.
I guess she wants Iran bombed.
What kind of assumption is that?
Well the comment was unnecessary. He may have just reported the tweet. I can understand where he is coming from.
All he said was cool? Oversensitive people took it the wrong way. Well that's America for you. White People Magazine....

He grew up to become a clown

She is attractive and has great art on her page...

A post shared by Aisha عائشہ (@aixshk) on
I saw Gwen on YouTube doing Asmr but I didn't know that she had an onlyfans.

I haven't heard the song. This woman is a Republican.

This guy was on a few Asmr videos. In the comments section. They attract all sorts. He is a right winger. Scamming the resellers

The bags on the official website are half the price of what the reseller is offering.

In order for these resellers to get the stock they need to pay the original site. They seem to be trolling people. He is showing his true colours. Why is a black man having to apologise for calling out racism?

Alexandra Botez could be good for Asmr.

Carter Cruise is multi talented
It is wop,you fucking clown.
They are getting all the right people riled up.

Why is she linking to a porn site? She is antiblack.

Why do people follow this wanker?
Janelle is a twat
These rightwingers are terrorists
She probably does it too
The new poppers bottle which I had only started using put me off. The way I had my head on the pillow. My neck was in a weird position so it seemed blocked and I was heaving. I keep getting the update on an iframe not being closed. I accidentally spilt some of the poppers. I emptied the rest into the bin and threw the lubricant away as well. I should have held onto it. Could have sealed up the bottle properly. The effect wasn't happening. I tried again in the afternoon. Just updating. It is my last ever bottle. I have to stop myself from using them again.

I purchased something from an amazon wishlist. First time. It goes to the other person's address. Interesting. Hope that she enyoys the book.

Much respect to Anthony. 

My music was playing on my phone. I was in the bathroom. Just finished up. My brother asks me to keep the noise down or turn the music down. The irony being he is the one making a lot of noise. From dancing downstairs with the song playing over. Him clearing his throat at night or telling my mum how to brush and bath with his repetitive nonsense. He wasn't on the phone but watching TV. Just turn the volume up. 

I really can't be arsed with the SaversLE11 promo page and site. Just takes the piss having to do it in my own time. There is a glitch that I found. My music stops playing and I am logged out of websites at the same time. 

I don't have passwords or usernames remembered for affiliate sites. Though it is all pointless. 
Pornhub Square

I remember when Sandra Bernhard used to be on Roseanne. This happened years ago and was dealt with.
This guy is a right winger.
This guy is fucked up.

As Blaire Erskine said "white men get mad when you call them white men" Man is a tonedeaf Christian. I still get spam on my WordPress site. My mum was up early talking to herself. Jewra nonsense.

 I have seen this guy spam comments section before with this:
      humbllbug "Jesus was born to a virgin, turned water to wine, taught, healed the sick, raised the dead, casted out demons, walked on water, and calmed the storm, among many other things. He was killed, and three days later He rose from the dead. Forty days later He ascended into heaven where He sits at the right hand of the Father. He is returning very soon, but before He does, Satan, the devil, is coming to pretend to be Jesus. Satan is an angel, and he will have certain supernatural powers with which to try to fool everyone. He will, for example, be able to make fire come down from heaven in the sight of men. He will only be on earth a short time before the real King of Kings, Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, returns. When the real Jesus comes we will all be transformed into our spiritual bodies at the same moment. Jesus came to offer forgiveness of sins and eternal life to anyone who believes and calls on His precious name. For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; - Romans 3:23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. - Romans 6:23 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. - John 3:16-18 For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses. - Matthew 6:14-15"

 Jesus actually said to go visit these sites: Drawings and photos for sale
Shop online
My site

I remixed his speal....

"Jesus was born a virgin, turned water to mayonnaise, taught, healed the sick, raised the walking dead, casted out demons, walked on water, and calmed the storm, among many other things. He was killed by enema and three days later He rose from the dead. Forty days later He ascended into heaven where He sits at the right hand of the Father. He is returning very soon, but before He does, Trump , the devil, is coming to pretend to be Jesus. Trump is an angel, and he will have certain supernatural powers with which to try to fool everyone. He will, for example, be able to make fire come down from heaven in the sight of men. He will only be on earth a short time before the real King of Kings, Ahmed Bushra, God in the flesh, returns. When the real mvp comes we will all be transformed into our spiritual bodies at the same moment. Jesus came to offer weed.

For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; - Alison Roman 3:23

For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal domination through Jacquindey Cinderford our Lord. - Romans 6:23

For God so loved the booty, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should be able to eat that ass like Alex Jones. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world could enjoy a good bukkake session at Ted Cruz's house.- John 3:16-18

For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will not forgive you. It's a load of bollocks. Who doesn't like anal? - Matthew 6:14-15"

At work there was this couple with their baby. The man in his 20s with beard asked if the masks would snap. He would come back in and wasn't social distancing. He goes to give the money and tells me to keep the change. However I needed to scan the item and he says "fucking hell, I told you to keep the change" Nobhead you can't take the item unless it is scanned. No need to be rude. There was this older couple. The guy with short grey hair and beard and the woman was slim, blonde hair with tattoos. They had a pink trolley. The supervisor and sales assistant were on the other side. Looks like they may have filled the trolley. As the supervisor would enquire about some missing deodorants. I should have gone with my instincts and pressed a bell for someone. That brunette, tanned, big lips with tattoos running up her legs. A hot woman in her 20s. She was in store. I noticed this blonde in black walk by. In the early afternoon a blonde in a white dress was walking in front of me.  
Read the thread and see one ill informed reply.

This guy is deliberately derailing the thread. Just look at his timeline.

It isn't cheating. She explains more in the following tweets. The replies make this thread a mess.

Misogynior. Irony being these guys will be all #blacklivesmatter

I was blocked by @MamaDoctorJones  because of this tweet?
 Wow, people really are fragile blocking you because you tagged them in a tweet.

#sackdawnbutler Nope. She hasn't done anything wrong. Whoever started this tag is fragile.
I watched a scifi horror named Shifter. For some reason I felt that I had seen it before. Released early this year. Theresa is single woman living on a farm. She works at the local factory. She is awkward, annoying when with her cat. Plenty of vomit scenes which I could have done without. She had built a time machine. Uses to travel to the past. But things have gone wrong. She desperately tries to figure out a solution. The effects aren't bad. Minimal cast in this indie flick. Director: Jacob Burns
Screenplay: Jacob Burns
Cast: Paul T. Taylor, Nicole Fancher, Katy Atkinson, Jacob Snovel, Leesa Neidel, more
Producers: Zach Burns, Vinnie Hogan. 
I recognised the actress playing the friendly neighbour. She was the con artist in season one of Friends. You also might like Primer.

Name and shame the people taking part in the challenge.

In the comments of this video one guy says "not a pretty girl" like that is the point. Another idiot couldn't watch the video because of a Stacey Abrams ad? YouTube selects these ads.

This person puts a statement like this and then mutes it.

At work this thief with a crooked arm. Blue cap, white t-shirt, black shorts, white shoes and Tesco bag went to the skin aisle and then comes to the fragrance display. I immediately rang four bells. The staff took their time getting here. The cunt took two Coolwater fragrances. Prick. I radioed in a description but he had disappeared. Fucker will get Covid19 if he isn't arrested. A colleague had to ask if it was for sas. Here is the confusion. Two members of management saying that it was four bells for security and three for sas. But other stores still have the old system. This young man in black gym kit and black mask had a look of disdain on his face. He had to queue. Didn't say anything but thanks at the end. Same with this teen lad. Don't people have manners. People really piss me off. A young colleague is quitting. We had to have a deep clean of the shop as the Regional Manager is visiting. Don't expect it to be done quickly if I get sent to do it last minute. I am the reason your future suffers. I am the hatred you won't embrace. 
These white supremacists really are cunts.

I watched this webinar from this former doctor on becoming an Amazon seller. Watched the viewer count go down. His book/training course is expensive. Always is a catch. It was a waste of an hour and quarter.
So it is all about the Benjamins. I wonder why that is?
These racists are jealous of Hasan.

This woman has an issue with race

People are fragile in the comments There is no virtue signalling or segregation. This is not about white lives. Lil Carrot is not black. The guy mentioned General Lee knew what he was doing. 

I have just watched Coma. A Russian film with English dub. Scifi. If you like The Matrix and Inception then this is for you. A young architect is in a coma after being in a car accident. He awakes in a strange new world. Stunning visual effects. There he meets a handful of survivors. There a these monsters called Reapers. There is a nice twist. He wants to try to get back to the real world. Worth checking out.

Cast (15)

She tweets weird stuff and retweeted this woman.

Someone tell him about colonialism. His grandpa was more than likely sucking off the enemy and Dan would be doing the same for neo nazis. Colonisers are such faggots.

I got a call from this number

I have ordered more poppers but they are awaiting payment when I had already paid via transfer.

Donald Trump is a cunt. Doing the same birther shit for Harris as he did with Obama.

She doesn't have to prove shit, you retard.
I like the tweets that follow.

Isaac also follows Tim Poole, Candace Owens, Boris, Steven Crowder.

Check out The Very Best Of Dolly Parton

This white male invading a black space.

He isn't able to mind his own business.

Spectacular tits
Getting annoying ads. Eg Little Mix compare the market or the fulfilled by Amazon, get rich quick schemes. 
A story about nothing Michael B Jordan's former house assistant must be a buffoon. Some idiot in the comments assuming this is why straight men don't want to be around gays. Bordering on homophobia. 
This guy is definitely white.

 Get Jawzersize from Amazon
I saw the caption. Saw nothing but a wrist. Disrespectful.

As someone pointed out that white folk were OK with the college admissions scandal.

In the comments there is a racist idiot called Nordbruh.

Read the thread. Some people are weird, others offensive.
My mum not brushing her teeth or washing her hands properly and my brother raises his voice. It is the night time. Do you twats not have any decency? Some people are buffoons going about what hashtag they can and can't use. The only thing black that he likes is his Guinness.
Why do these people make excuses or deny racism exists?
This guy then hijacks the thread to silence the real victim of racism.

Ray/Harry is a twat. He is with a black guy in the profile pic. His boyfriend perhaps.

He does have weirdo on his profile.
Definitely a white supremacist.

Whether the twat is a femboy. It is OK to misgender him as he is a racist. They benefited from white supremacy and slavery. The thread is a mess. The people that he follows post vulgar things like he does. They do like to make up facts. Those people against reparations are just antiblack. Kuze doesn't know what he is talking about. Cafebeef should know that they are owed that money.

My brother wants to borrow £40. Well I have said that the last time I sent money would be final. I won't send anything or reply back. I haven't been paid back. He tried ringing but I just ended the call. He rang again. Even popped round to the house. I ended up lending something.

The education system is failing. Whitesplaining. He is a rightwinger.
Morgan could not handle the attention and so blocked the other lady.

The clown deserves much worse.

I was surprised to see my name on the description section. I have unsubscribed/cancelled payment for two sites. I had received the poppers. Taiwan Blue is in a 15ml plastic bottle. No effect. 
The following guy needs his throat slit.
Excuses excuses
So he previous...

Google play app stops the music.

This dumb cunt is a white supremacist
Quit the job. Stop tweeting about work.

I ain't saying she's a gold digger

Kurt Spinchter is projecting.
You're right the content does suck.
Racism within this thread

My mum is awake before 5am. Talking to herself. Left the landing light on.

The couple have posted an apology.
I'm sure that she meant well. Studied music theory. 

My life for the past two years....

That poppers still wasn't having an effect. I poured it away. Might not be able to return the others.

Anyone that makes these Nightcore videos deserves to be shot.
I keep getting these Tiktok ads featuring some guy named Shem.
That's because she did not take the picture. The PT is giving your wife a WAP. Some say the tweet is fake.
You can call him a coloniser too.

He is biracial. Bought up by his mother. His father is an Uncle Tom so that's where he gets it from.
Another sad case.
The guy's twitter feed is a mess. Some that I follow also follow him and his father. The people that seem to agree with him...

This is romantic.
I did eventually cum. I used the second poppers bottle. Took a while. I was heaving. Turned off at a point. No effect like the last one. People in the replies being dicks.
It has been raining heavily. I do not want to have to sort the guttering again. It is supposed to be like this all week. I feel that you can be vocal about multiple issues. A few people will attack the op. She has been racist in the past. Her friend called her out.

Lara Trump is a #Karen Why the fuck would you be insulted dipshit?

 The woman who started the thread. She blocked me straight away. @mvtchatea All I did was try to follow her.
Now she really is a Karen...
The guys in the replies can meet together for a circle jerk.

The police were looking for an excuse. Where was the homeless man? 

Body shaming in a way. Make it make sense

 07745652145 rang me but I didn't answer.
Yet again in the replies
It is better to expose them.
Judging by the accent Karen might be foreign.

A lot of the people that I follow also follow Rick. Could be for various reasons.

Katie Mchugh is a fascist. Obviously she worked for Breitbart.
The caucasity of these people following an islamophobic republican.

I had bought Gta Vice City from Google Play. Pretty good on Android.
This woman is attractive and has an Onlyfans. But it is disrespectful of how she talks about kids.  The thread is midly amusing. Some replies are shocking. I may have been blocked by someone that I followed for a while.
He doesn't really care about Poc.

Some people in the replies telling her to take it as a compliment, don't get him fired. He should have known better. There is that client confidentiality. They haven't heard of the Data Protection Act. What were they doing during MeToo?

Checked out her Instagram. She is attractive. Someone posted this under her holiday pic...
"carter_nibbz Hey would you be interested in adult content only body shown no face your paid between 8-12k let me know thanks you can also do
Lingerie only
Body shown for 1200
Always only body shown no face thanks"

A post shared by Anna♥ (@annaturnerr) on

A post shared by Anna♥ (@annaturnerr) on
Quite a few in the thread have committed theft. Why go to a buffet if you can't afford it? Costing the business. No consideration for the staff.

Stuart Baker is a bit of a cunt.

Got blocked by mommysama. I don't look at notifications. Must have tagged her in a tweet. Guessing she is fragile.


With the Taiwan Blue poppers, I have burn marks. It barely works and the nose leaks.

The guy replies with hateful comments to people.
Then there is this guy
Some guys make excuses. This white supremacist should not be allowed to win.

A racially mixed family. I'm sure Karen runs the account. Most of people invited have been caught in a racist incident. What the Qanon people are like... I'll end this post with words from this legend.

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