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The New Mutants is a scifi horror which had delayed for a long while. You have the protagonist Danni living on a Native American reservation. When something attacks. Forward to this facility where she is being held. A few young people with powers also live here. You have one scientist keeping a watchful eye over them. I wasn't too bothered about the blossoming relationship between her and another character. Just found it tiresome. I didn't like one of the characters. Good music and special effects. You may want to look into the Mutants. I am interested in the filming location. I will look at trivia. Blu Hunt, Anya Taylor Joy, Maisie Williams, Charlie Heaton, Henry Zaga, Alice Braga. Marilyn Manson was used for this film. Mark Snow is the composer. You may have seen Glass. Tenet is a film that I watched at Cineworld. Starring John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Kenneth Branagh. Directed by Christopher Nolan. Scifi thriller. There is a lot to unpack. You try and figure out what is going on. I like the concept. I will look at theories and discussions. Expect twists. Clever filmmaking. Great actors, effects and editing. Usually loud in the cinema. Some guy was on his phone in the beginning and a, lady asked him to switch it off. If you enjoyed Bourne or Bond films then you should see this. The Protagonist is a special agent. He is on a mission. They want to prevent WW3. A weapons dealer had got hold of something valuable. He teams up with Neil to see what he can find. The dealer's wife is an art dealer. She is in this unhappy relationship. Some experiments had been run and they discovered a way to manipulate time. I am interested in this type of thing. I have noticed how handsome Robert is. The music does overwhelm the dialogue at some point. Anyhow make sure that you watch it. I watched Ready Or Not. A horror comedy. Gory violence. Good special effects and a great cast of actors. I only saw a minute of the trailer and decided that I wanted to see this. Pretty women. Samara does remind me of Margot Robbie. Interesting filming location. I have worked in venues like that. Imagine it like Downton Abbey meets The Purge. Grace has just married Alex. His family are very rich. On the wedding night there is a family custom where the newcomer must play a game. Unfortunately it is Hide And Seek. Grace must survive the night. Nice soundtrack. You should see this.

Samara Weaving as Grace Le Domas, Alex's young bride and wife
Adam Brody as Daniel Le Domas, Emilie and Alex's alcoholic brother, Charity's husband, Tony and Becky's son, and Helene and Charles' nephew
Etienne Kellici as young Daniel Le Domas
Mark O'Brien as Alex Le Domas, Grace's husband, Daniel and Emilie's brother, Helene and Charles' nephew, and Tony and Becky's son
Chase Churchill as young Alex Le Domas
Henry Czerny as Tony Le Domas, Daniel, Emilie and Alex's father, and Becky's husband
Andie MacDowell as Becky Le Domas, Daniel, Emilie and Alex's mother, and Tony's wife
Kate Ziegler as young Becky Le Domas
Melanie Scrofano as Emilie Le Domas-Bradley, Daniel and Alex's cocaine-addicted sister, Fitch's wife, Georgie and Gabe's mother, Tony and Becky's daughter, and Helene and Charles' niece
Kristian Bruun as Fitch Bradley, Emilie's husband, and Georgie's and Gabe's father
Elyse Levesque as Charity Le Domas, Daniel's wife
Nicky Guadagni as Helene Le Domas, Daniel, Emile and Alex's aunt, and Charles' wife
Elana Dunkelman as young Helene Le Domas
John Ralston as Stevens, the Le Domas family butler

The Hunt is a satirical horror movie by Blumhouse Productions. Was to be released last year but there was controversy. A handle of strangers have been taken a venue and they will be hunted by their captors. The protagonist has a particular set of skills. If you like Ready Or Not, The Purge, Hostel, Saw, John Wick, Antebellum, Get Out then this is for you. I have met one of the cast back in 2011. Betty Gilpin, Emma Roberts, Ethan Suplee, Hilary Swank. Looking at the actors I was trying to figure out who the protagonist was. Liberals, conservatives, elite or working class. This film may trigger some and entertain others. I was trying to figure out the mannerisms and facial expressions of one actress. The soundtrack is good. 

Bill and Ted face the music
It is the third and final instalment. Bringing some of the old cast together. There are cringeworthy moments. Whether the cast are trying too hard, some of the well known musicians from history or the two daughters. It is an entertaining film. I recommend that you see the old ones. Present day San Dimas. Bill and Ted are middle aged family men. They hadn't written the song that would unite mankind. All of reality is at stake. The guys will try and find a solution with use of the booth. I see some recasts. The princesses would be the same age but they are played by younger actors. Good special effects. Nice location. The daughters are pretty. The film is on streaming services but should get a cinema release later. Cast
I have just watched Coma. A Russian film with English dub. Scifi. If you like The Matrix and Inception then this is for you. A young architect is in a coma after being in a car accident. He awakes in a strange new world. Stunning visual effects. There he meets a handful of survivors. There a these monsters called Reapers. There is a nice twist. He wants to try to get back to the real world. Worth checking out. I watched a scifi horror named Shifter. For some reason I felt that I had seen it before. Released early this year. Theresa is single woman living on a farm. She works at the local factory. She is awkward, annoying when with her cat. Plenty of vomit scenes which I could have done without. She had built a time machine. Uses to travel to the past. But things have gone wrong. She desperately tries to figure out a solution. The effects aren't bad. Minimal cast in this indie flick. Director: Jacob Burns Screenplay: Jacob Burns Cast: Paul T. Taylor, Nicole Fancher, Katy Atkinson, Jacob Snovel, Leesa Neidel, more Producers: Zach Burns, Vinnie Hogan. I recognised the actress playing the friendly neighbour. She was the con artist in season one of Friends. You also might like Primer. Get the title track I have just watched Boss Level A scifi film starring Frank Grillo, Mel Gibson, Naomi Watts, Michelle Yeoh, Ken Jeong, Annabelle Wallis. A fair few hot women. Nice action and comedic scenes. I like the scifi element especially. A special ops officer is stuck in a time loop on the day of his death. So he is going to try to survive the onslaught of assassins headed his way. If you like Happy Death Day and John Wick then this is for you. Frank is in great shape. This is now showing on Hulu.

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