Saturday, 3 October 2015

Slipknot Custer

On BBC The One Show. Subtitles are getting it wrong. 'skerry ferry' aka Scary Ferry. It is an annoying show. Good seeing Craig Charles. Alex Jones is attractive but don't need to hear her speak. Saying funk almost sounding like fuck. All Star Mr & Mrs had some pretty women on the 1st episode. Same for next week. Martina Natarilova's wife Julia, Sean Fletchers wife Luned and Flavia Capace Mistry. Catherine Tylsley next week.

I ring Berry up telling them of days that I am available/free. Eg Saturday. A few days later I get a text asking if I am free on Saturday. Lack of initiative from the recruitment consultants.

In last night's dream I went to primary school to relive my days there. I eventually am being hunted by the police. A grown man in a school.

In Savers this week is Calvin Klein Obsession 125ml and Beauty 100ml for £24.99. Olay Complete Day Cream with compact mirror £4.99

Bliss Muse

"Common sense with only three people would be to get the delivery done faster" like we weren't doing that already. So I get added to do a Friday shift. Text me in the evening. I had a doctors appointment booked. Irony that Kira who is underaged gets drinks bought for her. But in the work place just like the pubs she visit have a Challenge 25 policy. Still behaving like a till supervisor. I may have not asked for SAS in the past but I do now. Why the fuck am I the only one gathering info or thinking of buying knives for opening the delivery boxes? That is going to stop. Cracking tits but annoying as fuck. Not keen on how she talks to me. The security manager was hot. She has an Irish accent too. Brown hair, tanned and wearing glasses.

That guy from Corby "hey check this guy out" clearly wants my ass. Tuesday 10pm Chewing Gum on E4 is a new show which might be a hit. YourTv has just launched on ch73. Rubbish programmes like the rest. Road Rage on PickTv, interesting. Nice to see some tits on the nude bike ride through London. Winds the feminists up I reckon. Why do you think the blokes had their cameras out? Manpower contact me again months after they'd ditched me. Some work in Ashby. I regret working for Berry and Savers. I had been looking up travel times. As Tigers were only going to have a maximum of 25 agency staff, the shift had been cancelled. The Silverstone shift was a meet at 6am in Leicester. Vodafone 2345 is such a hassle to use. The woman just rambles on. Another knobhead shoots up a public place. This guy was originally from England. People will probably be making his ethnicity an issue as some white Americans do. Not sure why the Breaking Yawn book doesn't sell. I may just have to donate it to charity. The pretty brunette teen with an accent was back in the store again. Jailbait I guess.