Wednesday, 29 November 2017

DJ Luck & Mc Neat - Master Blaster

I dreamt that I was watching this Ellen show episode. A young man was a guest 15 years ago and he did a skit with a girl his age. He has long blonde hair, abit of a surfer dude. Like a young Owen Wilson. He thanks Ellen for giving him his 15 minutes. He had a brief appearances in an indie film. I had the title in my head. His major film is similar to Olympus Has Fallen and White House Down. Set in the 80s. The President is giving a speech at some town hall. Bush Snr or Reagen. Terrorists arrive. Panic ensues. There is smoke everywhere. Our hero gets the President to his under a table near the end of the hall. The people rise up from the ground as they had been lying on the floor. The shooting commences. Back to the studio. A slim brunette in her 30s is approaching the studio to surprise the guest as she was the one to star in skit with him when they were 15. Think of Aubrey Plaza. I see a tweet or some mention of an Indian OAP that died. He was in army. Lest we forget. I get to do work experience in the hairdressers. 

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That woman at Head Office needs to get a new hobby. ID'd this pretty woman and after her and her friend seem to imitate "can I interest you" which is what I say when offering SAS. The Prodigy-Smack my bitch up

Hardly surprising that Trump would retweet a bunch of bellends like Britain First. So now the cunt Ann Coulter (aka Katie Hopkins's sister from another mister) has gone and done something stupid. The far and alt right are just delusional and not worth dwelling about. Spread fake news, need a real job. 
American Idiot - Green Day. Racist People - Roll Deep. Alt-Right: Are Racists Mentally Ill? Some Psychiatrists Say Yes Ann Coulter Britain First. Have a Merry Christmas. #ff I got 99 problems and being a bitch ain't one. I don't want you and I never will. Irrelevant people that don't have an impact on my life. Got more important things to deal with. Hope note hate. 

Heart breaking scenes in Yemen. I wonder if some of these governments just don't have the resources, man power or money available to help victims of disasters. Sometimes they might not consider it their problem. Map of the problematic/Take A Bow/Apocalypse please - Muse

Fucked off with the boiler stopping every so often. Cold draft in this house. I got asked to work today. I expect to train at the gym. Work gets in the way. That Marie Morgan was in the shop briefly. The late evening this couple came into the store. Had bags and a bunch of flours. She placed lynx sets inside her coat. I served one blonde who wasn't really interested in SAS but had nice blowjob lips. Kelly Foster has been sent to prison. 

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Monday, 27 November 2017

Big Boi - All night

The song featured in the Apple ad.
Infinity War trailer is out soon. Buy the merchandise.

I post something about a person on a show and this keyboard warrior tweets me. Got your wires crossed bellend.

So the preexisting problem isn't covered by Corgi Home care Plan. Because there was a fault with the boiler and taps I decided to join up with them. Waste of time and money.

I dreamt that I was a superhero. At one point I had been on the toilet. People passing by. A blonde woman was a teacher/step mother type. Got evil. I did argue with her. In a spectacular scene. We are in free fall. She keeps changing to Donald Trump. I aim to crash her into the ground. Some other dream that followed I was looking at these parked cars. I ran for one and jumped in. I was to use it as a weapon. It all turns into GTA. I am floating over the skies getting fired at and I retaliate by firing back. Briefly avoiding fireballs which bounce across the screen like Space Invaders. Sigrid-Everybody Knows is playing. I am quite drowsy as I was working from 4am till about 12 yesterday. Woke up at 2:30am for that shift. And so it is Sunday. Would do to gym to do upper body work. For the delivery truck found it hard to manoeuvre as the Christmas market was set up. A van driver wanted to get through and argued with the delivery men. Loughborough. Outside Savers. Nice blonde in the grey gym kit. Perfect opportunity to take a pic. Bending over. Lovely ass. A blonde with glasses in a white vest, black leggings. Nice bodies. The gorgeous tanned blonde is here as usual. Black kit. Purple sports bra. Nice tits from the view that I got. That's odd that people are complaining that £12 million is not enough for Manchester. I think it is. Irony of an Irish immigrant lesbian forming a right wing party taking shots at another minority. Assalam alaikum to the Trump supporters and I dedicate this song to you. Katie Hopkins has no talent.

So there is a royal wedding next year. Anyhow checkout the Meghan Markle merchandise. Prince Harry

At the shop I was shown Cctv footage. It had the two Big Issue sellers. One came to the till and paid for an item. According to a customer one of them had been putting items in her bag. Though the manager couldn't prove it. There were visable items in the bag. She also used the ecg to scan the stock quantity. A little girl named Miracle was being disobedient. Lying on the floor. Screaming "let me out" when she was in her pram. She chipped a small scented candle by bashing two together. FML. Why does a silly little child have to imitate what I had said to her mother at the till but with an accent. Casual racism? Ffs. Annoying anyhow. A guy in a hoodie lingering about smelt of weed. Supervisor tells me to keep an eye on him. She didn't ring three bells as he didn't take anything. You ring three bells anyway. 

I dreamt that I had been stuck in a room with a bunch of semi famous people. Some I went to school with. At one point I am in a bar. Pouring a drink that I hadn't made before. The customer guiding me and he was behind the bar. 

This snowflake doesn't get satire.
No mention of Prince Harry's lifelong diplomatic career. A career he didn't ask for and can't leave but has excelled in, both abroad and at home. Unemployed he is not. If you think so, you should check out his schedule of diplomatic and campaigning engagements.

Nara missed the point.
What on earth do future mother-in-law’s colour and hair style have to do with two young people falling in love with each other? How is this significant? Why does it matter? We are in the 21st century.

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Saturday, 25 November 2017

Don't kill my vibe - Sigrid


Wow it is like the Daily Mail comments section. I bet a lot of the bigots are on Pornhub searching for lesbian vids.
Congratulations to the happy couple. Why bother commenting at all?

Had my suspicion of this ginger haired guy with crutches. He had a red bag that he was holding. I had gone past him. He definetly took something. No one spotted him at the till. I should have stayed with him. At least said something to the supervisor. Lee Duty is his name. #prick

Someone at head office complained again about me sharing SAS info. Snowflakes. Some fat guy rode past on a bike. His ass crack was on show. 

What people tweet @SaversHB
 "I was in one of your stores and a woman had a Halloween costume on with bandages and fake blood on her arms. So disrespectful". "my 2 year old is potty training. Bursting for a wee your staff refused use of toilet.. I'll let her wet herself then???" 

The delivery was pretty much done. The totes were left. However the general manager called in sick and a sales assistant had something going on at uni. Kept having to jump on the till. One was faulty. Long queues. It's that time of year again. 
The new girls at work are attractive.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

James Blunt - Three Wise Men I did see this petite blonde. All in black. Leggings and sports bra. Pretty. 0248961231 called and asked for my youngest brother. See what others are saying. 02048095878 rang. Again it's scammers. Comical comments on Ruben De Maid's video. Why the fuck are these nobs watching it anyway if they don't agree with boys with makeup and homosexuals. Erol Demirkoparan wtf kind parents! that's parents not deserve this children! Governments must do job! 1 week ago•3 Ayano Chan Erol Demirkoparan just by applying makeup applying makeup is not illegal 1 week ago•1 Michelle Stella Erol Demirkoparan we don't need people like you! 6 days ago•1 Tyboy right Erol Demirkoparan that is so right what you are saying 4 days ago•1 Erol Demirkoparan do you think everything is normal in this photo? if you think it is normal you are not normal! FCk! What is happening to the world! 4 days ago•1 Minte Nightcore first of all, learn some English. second of all, applying make up isn't exactly illegal. 4 days ago•1 Kiwiz CC Boys shouldn’t were make up when this kid decided to start wearing make up they should’ve said no and his life could’ve been normal still but no his parents let him go out in public with make up on I 100% agree with Erik Demirkkoparan Gay was barely a thing until about 2000 what is wrong with our world that we live in. God made us and didn’t want this to happen. Sorry to say but this kid is going to hell :( 3 days ago• (I need to interject, the twat was born yesterday). Minte Nightcore Kiwiz CC dude, it's the twenty first century, stop being so narrow minded. his sexuality is completely up to him, as is whether or not he wears makeup. It has literally nothing to do with you.

This bellend tweets this:
Oh dear looks like a member of the audience on question time has died and they have had to cut short the program. Shame it was not Diane we could have had a By Election. And best of all it would not have been a human being who died
11:29 pm · 23 Nov 2017

My mother was talking to herself earlier and now doing it again. Get to sleep ffs. I was woken by my brother raising his voice and now whilst I am trying to concentrate. My mum repeatedly says jewra. I am going to have to throw them both over the balcony.

Karma Police - Radiohead Shoplifter got her comeuppance.

BBC Breakfast Helen Undy is an attractive redhead interviewed at the Amazon warehouse. There is this hot blonde Holly Bosiger, crew member from Blue Planet 2.
There were technical difficulties as the screen goes blank, shows an ad then a frozen weather report. Back to an ad and showing the next show. The interview hadn't finished.