Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Girls Aloud- No good advice icon beautiful brunette with her boyfriend. Amazing oral technique. A girl shahs her boyfriend with a strap on. another lady that sucks Sometimes nothing ever hapoens some attractive women on this site. A naked girl with a guitar. The blonde looks like Melissa Joan Hart. A lesbian couple. There seem to be lots of members from Colombia.

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Dmx - Party Up

I did the shift at Tigers. I was in the Final Whistle. I kind of wish that I hadn't. So much shit to put up with. Rugby fans can be arseholes too. If you don't have owt nice to say then don't say anything at all. I got asked to nip over to the other side of the bar which I did. Finished later than expected. I am doing a delivery at 6am. Still in Leicester and time is dragging. Sarah who has good things to say about me was going off on another rant. Swearing loudly. I believe she would draw attention to herself. I am an experienced barman. So fuck what the customers say. Some pretty girls and annoying people. Not getting much done when I am busy. Standing until I asked her to do something. Service may not go well but you will still be pricks. A band perform. The Elvis impersonator either was drunk or had suffered a stroke. Walking through Gallowtree Gate. Someone shouts after Glenn the man on the bike. A bearded bloke runs at him and knocks him over. Something was about to kick off. The bus driver I'd clearly not in the mood. I had this dream where the dp chey was nude and getting dressed. I took pics. I went to one Selective warehouse and did not do much work. 12 hours had slipped by. Today in the shop there was this blonde toddler girl crying for ten minutes. She was loud and annoying. The mother didn't seem to be doing much. Yet again my brother asks to borrow money to help with rent. £500. Yesterday I finished the delivery yet had to stay an hoe and half. Less staff it seems. Pretty brunette arrived in the gym. Tall blonde too. There is a short brunette doing squats with her tall boyfriend and she has superb cleavage. The hot blonde is back on the treadmill.My mother is talking to herself, repeating the word 'buchkum' or something. Annoying me now. ‭07950 323265‬ called me, look it up. I saw this Asian girl in the gym. Skimpy clothing. A short sports bra or top. She was doing stretches and she was flexible. The text I just got was from some guy I must have met at Splash or Fab. Not interested. How dare the asylum seeker/migrant woman have the ordasity to ask me for change. I hope that someone gives her the kicking of her life. The father of these kids should be looking after them. Fake ass beggars. I do not like criminals.

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Ludovico Einaudi - Nightbook

Carli and Nicole are back at Devonshire Place. Maybe they had never gone away. According to Carli service was a disaster and someone was going around aimlessly. I hope that she didn't mean me. I know what I am doing and I am a great worker. Some singing and chatted going on whilst I used my initiative and help with other tasks. Thanks Google for the directions and times. How did I end up with 17:31 when the train left as I arrived. The towel slipped and I was burning. Silver serving fishcakes and sea bass is a bitch. The blonde KP that is the daughter of the lady in charge is attractive with big tits. A woman was late getting off the train to Leicester and the door closed on her. I held it open and pressed the button to release it. That is the second incident that happened. Javon Prince show isn't really funny. Some original stuff though. So some money that is owed to me is to be used for Xmas presents. I did well in the store. I went to go to McDonald's and was put off by the beggar asking me for change. He may not even be homeless. I don't owe him anything.

Closer - Dj Fresh vs Dj Shadow My friend texts me in the early morning then cancels. What is up with this guy? I got a lynx gift set and a gift card. If you like men then you should visit this link

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Radiohead - Reckoner (Paul Keeley Remix)


Jurassic 5- Work it out

I did dream about how I complained about the night out. I prefer the people when they're sober. Something about having feelings for an invidual and disliking her taste in music which I later had to apologise for. A new Lidl store was being set up. Slight bitchiness just didn't sit well with me. I tolerated them anyways. The Guiness and Magners drinks tasted vile. I barely finished the JD And Coke before we moved on. At Revs there was a guy on stilts and it seemed dangerous inside the club. Pretty crowded. Some vulgar things were said. I thought I was bad. Alcohol does bring out the arsehole in you. I'm glad that they're my work colleagues and nothing more.

In my next dream I had found some fragrances and creams which had been left to the side. I took them with me. There was a short pretty brunette in the gym today. Nice arse on her. Stuart Hutko bellend of Vanquis sends another letter. Life After Beth and Tusk sold after the price was reduced. What a fucking surprise.

PMI-Savings <> spam email.

Maroon 5- Harder To Breathe

Im Debs recently single an need a man 4sum wild sweaty fun!

Call me 07937947240 or Txt DEB

+18only optout03301241401 NorthFleet
From ‭+44 7765 364129‬. Maybe Debs you were being an absolute bellends and that's why your husband left you.

Have you received your Vanquis Visa Card? Call 08007819660 Mon-Fri 9am to 8pm More text from the twats at Vanquis.
I can always post the card back. I seem to get more spam emails since being forced to sign up with them.
Head office cocked up and sent the delivery today instead of tomorrow. I have to work Monday now. Not sure what my brother was on about. Money for Christmas presents? Not happening. I have already lent money.
My eBay items were relisted at a lower price. Next time it will be placed on Amazon or just given to charity. I would end up thinking about whether I should have used that 90 on Club Classique. It was to treat myself and it is my money after all. I need to get paid back soon. More shifts are needed. Allah Akbhar.
Out on the staff do. Amber Rooms, not much of a conversation happening. Finding some staff abit loud. Unexpected I guess. Wonder if I made the right decision. A few pretty girls out. A lady on the table in the corner. Boobs are nice. Can't help but glance across. There was this nice young brunette in a red dress. It is now 10.05pm. Chey's brunette friend looked nice in that black dress. Nice boobs. People bumping into me. Some blonde girl in a white top and black skirt. Either she was talking to me or her friend behind her about 'mum waiting for you over there' anyhow she did get served before me. The WiFi here is shit.
£5 to get in Revs. Toilet is far too small. 7.50 for a cocktail. The girl that served me was pretty. I feel for the staff at these establishments as I know what it's like. It was a waste of time and money. I could have done with better company. I'm sure that I recognised a girl from the gym. Just not a good experience for me. Losing people. What was with the calls made back and forth between Hannah and that guy? Annoying twats in this town.

Friday, 18 December 2015

For Whom The Bell Tolls- Metallica

I was at The Platinum Suite in Leicester. Fucking Google Maps got me lost. Haramead Business Park was where I needed to be that detail should have been shared with me. Many thanks to the gentleman that helped me. Why were half the temps loafing about? I however uses my initiative. As some of us were new we were to carry the Chinese dragon around in front of the crowds. The girls in their costumes and face paint seemed ok. My name was not on the list but was added. I slightly messed up. We really needed to know what table order to go in. I seemed to be the only red team member at first. There was a casino upstairs and dodgems outside. I kept getting help to carry the plates and put them down which I am able to do by myself thanks. Upstairs you could look down on the crowd and they could see you. I lifted this heavy bin by myself. Some scraping needed to be done whilst orderly placing the stuff onto my tray. I had stains on my shirt and trousers. The Blue-Yellow team had table 51 but not placed a butter dish there. Whoever had the mobile did not have the paperwork with them. So I could have not turned up and no one would have noticed. I have done well on SAS at the shop. Ted Baker has been popular. The button is firmly attached to the phone now.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Chris Cornell - Seasons

Lovely as I thought Soph was she did begin to annoy me. Again someone fucked up. Not all the cheese platter were put out. Mine was still in the fridge. One was being done up when the original was found. There was a hit young blonde girl on table 6. "We need to have a word with your parents" of something along those lines, Rosa jokingly said. A few pretty girls came into the shop. A blonde in a beige jacket. At the gym an athletic brunette in lime green t-shirt and blue shorts has a nice arse.
My brother talks too much, going over the bullshit of the fillings that he had. Questions everything. Annoying me everyday. If it is irrelevant then why discuss it. When he his mouth was numb from the injection he still was talking. Just asking me to top up his phone when he can use the landline. I am not making a trip out he should fucking do it himself. Got through to Vanquis after 5 mins or more. Cancelled the account. Next time I see one of their reps I will turn violent. Next door Jawad is doing Diy at 8.20pm. Why the fuck my mum just comes into my room asking the same stupid question. Reggie Yates Extreme UK episode 1 looks at gay black and Asian people, next week it's to do with feminists. See the Russian series. Bbciplayer Bbc3 9pm Mondays. The picture is of an off duty police officer and she is hot.

Monday, 30 November 2015

Passive- A Perfect Circle

Maggie: A horror starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Abigail Breslin. A father is in turmoil as his daughter had been bitten by a zombie and is infected. She will change and Wade wants to spend as much time with her as he can. You might like The Walking Dead, The Stranger, The New Daughter, Z Nation, Extinction, World War Z. Cert 15, 5053083037697 Universal Pictures 2014. It is more a drama. Slow moving. Something different for Arnie to be involved in. Normalises the horror genre. See how the people deal with living in a post apocalyptic world. The change from human to monster. How the infection is just like any other disease eg ebola, cancer etc. The music may be worth downloading.

Passive Always one staff member that is annoying. From talking too much to not using their initiative. One being rude and others helping themselves to food. The blonde with glasses seemed to put herself in charge. Why the unproffessionalism I don't know. Makes the other agency workers look bad. The fucking gates were locked on the way here and we could have been told about gate 4. There were sensors that open up the gate, again no one explained that. One car was on the pavement outside the office. It did annoy a few pedestrians. Not having a time sheet didn't help. Lack of communication from Berry. Kenneth Clarke was at the venue that I was working at. Shoplifters are despicable. One guy clearly off his head eating and wandering around. Another guy in a hoody that I should follow my hunch and there bell. Twat comes back in about having a security tag stuck to his foot, clearly he had nicked something. The police came as they had been in Barratts. Some teens were messing about. Why be nobs? There were four hot blondes that came into Savers at different times. One pretty brunette that was quite bohemian. The Christmas lights were turned on by Gem 106. Ringing up the automated Lloyds phone line is irritating. I did have a dream where shoplifters and skinheads with guests run amok. I seem to be possessed or the human incarnation of Lucifer.
‭+44 7734 038269‬ Text about free spins etc. I reckon as it is the middle of the night I should give them a call. Text them some of my links. Yet again the BBC subtitles have been going haywire. This segment about the Brits rowing across the atlantic are being interviewed from the airport. 'Tell us what is install' 'James Comey you did this challenge' some other things that I have forgotten. Often a delay in words appearing. I remember the other day a lady singing in the street that sounded like Karen Carpenter. As I passed the town hall there was a pretty, blonde busker.

I have just dreamt that I am in Loughborough, my home town. I come to the edge and I am at a fence. I look over it to see fields and to the right are train tracks. I climb over and find I am floating. I take some pictures using my phone. There are other people all of a sudden. I have taken pictures of them accidentally. A woman approaches me, a staff member of a store/police/security. As I have taken pictures of children I am in trouble. I end up killing her and I have an accomplice. Later on people especially her sister are wondering what happened to her as she hasn't been in contact. Her IPhone contains evidence. She was making a call at the time. I do watch a video near the end and she, her sister and grandmother all dead. They are singing a song and forgive me. I later am at what may be a job centre. Sat on a bench. I get into conversations with the people beside me. Asking about future plans. The Devil In I ‭020 3634 9722‬ is some automated number.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Slipknot Custer

On BBC The One Show. Subtitles are getting it wrong. 'skerry ferry' aka Scary Ferry. It is an annoying show. Good seeing Craig Charles. Alex Jones is attractive but don't need to hear her speak. Saying funk almost sounding like fuck. All Star Mr & Mrs had some pretty women on the 1st episode. Same for next week. Martina Natarilova's wife Julia, Sean Fletchers wife Luned and Flavia Capace Mistry. Catherine Tylsley next week.

I ring Berry up telling them of days that I am available/free. Eg Saturday. A few days later I get a text asking if I am free on Saturday. Lack of initiative from the recruitment consultants.

In last night's dream I went to primary school to relive my days there. I eventually am being hunted by the police. A grown man in a school.

In Savers this week is Calvin Klein Obsession 125ml and Beauty 100ml for £24.99. Olay Complete Day Cream with compact mirror £4.99

Bliss Muse

"Common sense with only three people would be to get the delivery done faster" like we weren't doing that already. So I get added to do a Friday shift. Text me in the evening. I had a doctors appointment booked. Irony that Kira who is underaged gets drinks bought for her. But in the work place just like the pubs she visit have a Challenge 25 policy. Still behaving like a till supervisor. I may have not asked for SAS in the past but I do now. Why the fuck am I the only one gathering info or thinking of buying knives for opening the delivery boxes? That is going to stop. Cracking tits but annoying as fuck. Not keen on how she talks to me. The security manager was hot. She has an Irish accent too. Brown hair, tanned and wearing glasses.

That guy from Corby "hey check this guy out" clearly wants my ass. Tuesday 10pm Chewing Gum on E4 is a new show which might be a hit. YourTv has just launched on ch73. Rubbish programmes like the rest. Road Rage on PickTv, interesting. Nice to see some tits on the nude bike ride through London. Winds the feminists up I reckon. Why do you think the blokes had their cameras out? Manpower contact me again months after they'd ditched me. Some work in Ashby. I regret working for Berry and Savers. I had been looking up travel times. As Tigers were only going to have a maximum of 25 agency staff, the shift had been cancelled. The Silverstone shift was a meet at 6am in Leicester. Vodafone 2345 is such a hassle to use. The woman just rambles on. Another knobhead shoots up a public place. This guy was originally from England. People will probably be making his ethnicity an issue as some white Americans do. Not sure why the Breaking Yawn book doesn't sell. I may just have to donate it to charity. The pretty brunette teen with an accent was back in the store again. Jailbait I guess.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Kennedy Centre Performance - The Barden Bellas

Comedy musical DVD. Starring Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Elizabeth Banks, Brittany Snow, Skylar Astin. Cert 12, 5053083037628, Universal Studios 2014. It's the final year at Barden. To retain their title they must win this final competition. Some of the girls are looking hot. Nice work from Das Sound Machine - Uprising (Muse covers). Some interesting tunes. Snoop Dogg has a cameo. Surprising scenes. Not sure why the Chinese girl is still silent. I listened to the soundtrack on Amazon before seeing the film and wasn't keen on it. No bonus features on this disc. Some changes in cast members. Possibly getting some stereotypes. See the blogs, forum discussion and Amazon customer reviews. Many apacella groups on YouTube. Jokes are near the knuckle. Worth checking out. Directed by Elizabeth Banks. Search for Pitch Perfect 2

Sunday, 8 March 2015

The Alan Parsons Project - Sirius (Disco Demolition Remix)

Aston Villa vs West Brom an old blog post
The shift had been arranged by the Stafford office. I did text the agency for info on who and how many were going from Lboro. As I was a spare I was to wait 10 mins to be allocated a shift. I was sent to Doug Ellis suite but as they were full of staff. I went back to check in. I was sent back up as food staff. I had missed the briefing because of the delay. It seemed like I didn't know what I was doing. To the fat black girl maybe. There were plenty of fit women working there. I kept myself busy. I spotted Alan Shearer stroll past. The BBC were in one room. Some guest had almost choked on a herb. I was required to carry a large tray at all times but there weren't enough trays, so that was annoying. I was signed out at 6.30. I did need the blasted card to scan. Then at checkout where I'd collect my stuff. The brunette sat on the chair hadn't signed me out. Lauren was gabbering away. I had to wait until 10 to go home. My bag and coat were in Dave's car. Had I had my belongings, I would've got the train back.
I noticed some other hot girls in Lboro. Mainly students. One bald man crossed the road at Ashby Sq. A car approaching honks the horn and the man sticks his middle finger up at the driver. Reverse Bukkake 6 dvd for sale. Walking from the Rushes onto Bridge St, was this girl in a short skirt with great legs. She was with her boyfriend. Further along I saw some more pretty girls. I didn't take any pictures.