Sunday, 26 February 2017

Marion Hill - Down

So at work today I have an Arabic couple that don't speak English. They bought a baby milk powder. The price was £10.49. I included the bag and he'd given the tenner. They were talking to me in their language even though I don't speak or understand it. I took the bag off but I still needed the extra coins. I got my manager to check the price and it was correct. He finally paid. There was a queue forming. Yet again a customer with headphones doesn't say pardon. @keastaggs Jan 28 @hungryhouse your customer service on the phone needs some desirable input, aswell as your adverts.... we will not order from you again. View details · @hungryhouse Jan 28 @keastaggs HI Stewart, really sorry to hear this! We definitely wouldn't hang up on purpose but if you could send us on a DM with your.. View conversation · stewart page @keastaggs Jan 28 @hungryhouse there is no order number, it is a complaint over your current TV advertising, its wrong, not all people snigger at "pork balls" View conversation · stewart page @keastaggs @keastaggs @hungryhouse not all people are gay either, i find it utterly offensive and inappropriate at time it is being shown to my kids 2:33 PM - 28 Jan 2017 @hungryhouse Jan 28 @keastaggs Sorry you are not entertained by our adverts Stewart, thanks for the feedback. #whataknob So this Bowlinggreenmassacre and SwedenIncident aren't real. Fuck off with your fake news. I don't care if some people are annoyed at me offering add-on sales at the till as I'm just doing my job. So I have finally found people on Facebook from 13 years ago and so much has changed. I saw one guy that was hovering around the alcohol. I should have three belled. No hesitation, no mercy. A few nice girls in the shop. One with nice eyes. Saw two teenage lads about to fight outside. A police car that went through town had a funny siren. A woman came to the till and her baby was eating the product which I would need to scan. It started crying but I passed it straight back. How about paying for the items first before opening them?

My mother leaves the house without telling me. The doctor's appointment is 30 mins later. Some women were walking side by side on the pavement and I had to walk onto the road. No courtesy. Now 20 minutes to wait for it to open. She left the paperwork and is getting in people's way. Well I see that the there is a queue. She then just goes ahead and not knowing what she is doing. Embarrassing. Goes to the loo and the nurse is ready. She seemed shaky. Just her normal body language or a condition. The girls on reception are nice.

Of course I am at the gym. Blonde in blue vest and black leggings with a nice ass. Another blonde in a light blue vest and colourful leggings with a nice ass. Not bad cleavage. Shame my Sd Card is full. There was a strawberry blonde/redhead in black vest and blue leggings with a nice body especially the buttocks. Also a blonde in white vest, black strappy sports bra doing some boxing practice. Some blonde by the squats machine, nice ass and hearing her pant I can imagine her during sex. A brunette doing squats and bending over. Not a bad arse. In black T-shirt and shorts. Wearing white beats by dre headphones. Another brunette in white T-shirt and black leggings.

Fucking Rightio have sent the engineer without booking a day. I was in the gym. My mum is not at home. A cheque has been a problem even though they accept it. I am not in the mood for games. I have to have a bath. May need to shower at the gym. It got done later and cost more. The council need to update their system. Still asking for an invoice which I was told not to pay and the direct debit wasn't set up. Itv This Morning fashion segment with hot blonde model Lisa wearing a Ck tee and silver dress with small bag. It was the Athleisure show. The shoplifter with the cap was back acting weird. I alerted management. He will be stopped. A brunette with a nose piercing like some other customers was abit miserable. I have the odd person talking on their phone or with headphones in their ears. Don't these cunt's have any manners. I am just doing my job. I don't give a shit about your feelings. I served a girl the day before in tight grey leggings and saw the shape of her crotch. My mum had said not to call for a taxi. I did just that. Apparently it was to be arranged from Derby. That didn't happen. Crossed wires, her fault.

Ronald Fiddler aka Abu-Zakariya al-Britani from Manchester who converted to Islam had been detained at Guantanamo many years ago. Living back in the UK and later went to Iraq and committed a terrorist attack. A suicidal woman Fahima Begum sent a text to her friend. He calls 999. The police are informed. The officers went to McDonalds and 24 mins later contacted the friend by then it was too late. Tony Stephenson, Gavin Bateman. Another Tube Strike. A heterosexual couple wanted a civil partnership but don't want to get married. It is bizarre. Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan. Keith Lowe and Joshua Hack assaulted Brendan Mason a man with learning difficulties. Callous. It was filmed.

I had a dream where I was in the library. It was 0:20. A young Asian guy was moaning about the magazine with on the cover. I was opening a box of panflets. I would write stuff on my phone. A guy told me that was risky. There was this contraption. Well a package of items for use in the kitchen. According to this 60something man with glasses it was to capture chickens with. He opened up the packaging and one item extended it was like a ring handcuff and he placed it around the Chinese 60 year old man as a joke. There was a chef who decided to do the same and came to the blonde young man and handcuffed him. He placed a can into his mouth and tried to get him to deep throat a bottle of coke. He did spit out the can. Had a tear running down his face and said being front of house staff he was more important than the chef.

Seeing this add for the Vibroshaper. A good workout in the gym and a balanced diet is the answer. Can't rely on these vibration machines. Infomercials just making a quick buck. Some nice bodies to look at though.

A twat of a shoplifter that was barred had stolen from the shop and returned later on. Drunk or high. She got aggressive. I felt it could have been dealt differently. She turned violent. Giving verbal abuse to management. I was serving these customers. I should have gone over. It looked like management were dealing with it as they are supposed to. The customers were distracted. The silly bitch got herself arrested. Statements were taken. There was a teen blonde with her mum. She had a piercing and didn't have any manners neither did her mum. Though I was asking for ID and offering Sas some thought it amusing. A lady had given me a £10 note which was proved right after the till was counted and CCTV checked. She had said that she gave me £20. Others getting smarmy over the smallest thing. Remaining silent when I am talking to them, just nodding. Some woman in a blue fleece buying antibacterial soap thought I would offer her chocolate. Where do you see chocolate? I can't be fucked with these people. Fuckwits. Points Of Authority/99 Problems/One Step Closer/Duality/Hyper Music/Karma Police

The One Show Angela Scanlon and Helen George looking hot. On Movies4Men some Western called War Paint where a dying man sounds like he is ejaculating.
The doctors surgery rang and were to speak to my mum. It was the results team. They would need me to translate. Ian Stewart murdered Helen Bailey for her money. His first wife died and that is to be investigated. Kanye West - Goldigger Illegal mining in India. Using child employees. The make up industry benefits from the materials. Cressida Dick, the first female commissioner of the police. Naomi Hefter, Pagan Phillips attractive women subject to harassment. Itv News. A special show is on 7:30pm Itv1 tomorrow. Nicky Deany a "Carer" is in prison. Some twat left a dog in poor condition. I am surprised that the fat man sacked for eating a party during the game is a reserve goalkeeper for Sutton FC.

GPs Behind Closed Doors ch5 patient Hans Libby talking about his toilet habits. It is quite graphic.

Storm Doris is out and about causing havoc outside in the UK. I need to go back to the gym and redo and complete my training session. I am still reading Reign Of Blood which seems to be turning into Twilight and "do I not like that". My brother was expecting the fence to stay up. Can't do much as of strong winds. Storm Doris is a bitch. Now he wants to move it again as it draws attention. My mother can't stop talking about it. It got moved to the side and then back on the ground. Probably looking like idiots fannying about. More annoyance over filling in this return form for the iron. It is not an essay. You should know what was wrong with it. He disturbs from trying to sleep by going on about the form and packing again. Leaves the door open. Expects me to be at home for when it is collected. It is being left outside.

A fatality in Wolverhampton due to the weather. Gita Pensai in Nottingham railway station and there is an announcement over the tannoy whilst she reports live. Sam De Paz a commuter between London and Loughborough. Is this a regular thing? A new smoke alarm. Cannabis farm in Wiltshire. I thought of Wiltshire Farm Foods. A gangster shot by his own gun. #twat Stephen Akunyemi. Rory McWhirter registered names of fake babies to claim benefits.
A day to remember Jo Cox where people have street parties. Elton John - Candle In The Wind

Anna Williamson looks good on Ch5 News. Stupid Santander ad. Now Itv Tonight About Sexual Harassment. See Twitter. Naomi Hefter a comedian and writer. The cameraman was foreign.
It could be a compliment if the guy is attractive and harassment if he is not. Some might use the phrase Snowflake. Why blur out the faces of the men? Pagan Lilly was run over by a Twat. Pathetic boy not a gentleman. Jessica Brady stalked by a creep on the Tube. Ilias Fiera. Autocorrect doesn't do well with ethnic names. I took pics at the gym. I knew I was doing wrong. Me making comments on social media got me in trouble.
Grown men approaching schoolgirls. Emily Cooke made some complaint about me regarding her pictures. Rachel Hughes the Snowflake thought it was highly inappropriate that I shared and commented on her picture. All I said was that she had nice eyes. A genuine compliment. JayZ - 99 Problems

Dinner Date this blonde Sam has nice tits. In a black T-shirt. Rob from Essex is the picker. Bbc2 Born Too White is about albinos in East Africa. Witchcraft is fake and for the deluded. Idiots in Tanzania attacking albino folk as it is believed their body parts contain minerals which make the African rich. Great documentary and presentation skills of this man. Racism has gone full circle. Ch4 #pcgonemad Trevor Philips was the leader of the race and equality committion. His comments nowadays are right wing.
More far right nobheads of different ethnicities at a Pegida protest. Faces being shown. Someone will recognise them. You have Christine a transgender woman. It is less to do with Islam and more to do with race. Peter Nunn making excuses. Freedom of speech is mentioned. BBC Question Time Isabel Oakshot is nice. As is this redhead Labour Mp.

Hi Mo, (who the fuck is that?)
Testers Keepers needs YOU! Test and KEEP an iPhone 7 Plus and the new AirPods


STOP to 07860020472

Adam Purinton a US terrorist will face punishment. Marine La Penn was disrupted by a topless protester. I wonder what her tits are like.
Michael Jackson - Black Or White, Roll Deep - Racist People

Three people called in sick and so I had to come in. Some brunette was abrupt and rude "no I don't need a bag" dark hair. Wearing black. Twat. That shoplifter came in and walked out.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Beethoven - Fur Elise

If I behave in real life how I have done on social media for the past 8 years. Then I could really do some damage. Put rude customers, colleagues and criminals in their place. amusing tweets during BBC Question Time.

People do turn into Keyboard Warriors. Comments on The Great British Benefits Handout on ch5.
My mum talking to herself at 23:30. It is an hour later and she is rabbiting on.

Saw Shaz n Tony's profile and expected the following:
Sorry, (not) seeking
Facial hair,
Hotel meets,
Stuck up people (the irony)
Christian Grey wannabes.

Chavslut from Coalville wants black cocks only. I tell you that these hos sure are picky. no to black or Asian.

I need to train in the gym but have to wait for the fucking repair man again. Comes next week and it is a further £90.

I saw the blonde on the stepper in a white top and grey pattern leggings. Really nice arse. Also this brunette in orange with fab tits. There was a short blonde in pink vest with nice big tits. Of course there is the slim red head and two older blondes. This blonde in a green t-shirt also with nice tits. Good seeing that cleavage as she is bent over.

this man keeps staring at me and making it very obvious I feel so uncomfortable 😂
10:45 AM - 6 Jun 2016

This is what she looks like

More fannying about the Khloe Kardashian Protein World ad. Why would you use a reality TV personality? Anyway bitches save the moaning for the bedroom.

A man has been found dead in the park in Loughborough.

So Redwigwam have some useful jobs coming up. Staff for Leicester Tigers. I did meet Barbara who was the assistant manager at the café in Snibston Musuem. Hadn't spoken to her since 2015. One colleague is designing snowboarding gear.

I just looked on Facebook and spotted this beauty

Her friend is hot too!/photo.php?fbid=1263400530396311&id=100001791287128&set=p.1263400530396311&source=48&refid=17&_ft_=top_level_post_id.1263400517062979%3Atl_objid.1263400517062979%3Athrowback_story_fbid.1263400517062979%3Athid.100001791287128%3A306061129499414%3A82%3A0%3A1488355199%3A7953872777528445304&__tn__=E

Sian Rae John and Lauren Esders

The odd shoplifter or suspect was in. Some woman on her phone moaned about being behind a lady with a wheelie basket. I am typing this bit again as the app crashed. The lady in front makes a tsk sound. She puts her stuff in the basket by the till leaving the wheelie sat there. My customer could have fallen. She said something to blonde on the phone to which she says "I'm having a private conversation" "Good for you" is the reply. She was hoping to get served as my colleague came to the till. But she got served by me. "They're trying to get rid of me quickly".
Another lady on the phone with was next and so a woman behind her went to the till instead as she hadn't noticed.
A redhead that I served. Possibly Rachel Hughes. Was saying something to her boyfriend about me or the fact that I offered her Sas. I had short changed a customer but it was rectified.
I found a security tag, a lid off a baby drink and an empty blusher package. I had crossed the small road into the estate. Off Meadow Lane and I had reached the other side, the car horn beeps. A lady with a nice arse that I had passed was about to cross I believe. Natasha Louise Wright and Daniel Alex Allan Jones are two names worth seeing.

Ninja Warrior Uk Rochelle has nice tits judging by her open cleavage dress 18/2/17. The Voice Uk this fit blonde with a guitar on now. Did acting in Hollyoaks. Kelly the young Irish girl is pretty and apparently they had subtitles for her. This brunette with glasses was nice as is redhead Ruth Lockwood.

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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Peaches - Fuck the pain away

The Manager was apparently annoyed over the lack of sas sales. This company expects too much. People just want to buy anything. Some pretty blonde thought it amusing when I asked the customers. Namely her friends. I am doing my job. The shoplifter Danny Jones stopped by the store saw me and winked and says something like "guess what, they didn't charge me" apparently he is supposed to be in custody. So someone is lying. The prick got a suspended sentence and a rehabilitation order. Nob came by the store and spoke of not being charged. He laughs like Nelson Muntz. More Sas was sold today than normal. Sam the pretty strawberry blonde girl that used to work at the sex shop was in getting something for her boyfriend.

That pretty blonde was tanned and wearing a blue t-shirt. She has a nice smile. I did look at her cleavage but she doesn't have large breasts. Some slim blonde with glasses with a lovely arse. There is Fran who is the girlfriend of the personal trainer. The fit redhead from Browns was back as was Chey the former assistant manager. It had snowed briefly. I did not get a chance to use the powerplate as some guy was on it and would take a while.

This girl in red had nice tits. The Voice Uk. A pretty 18 year old sang opera and was good. The judges didn't turn for her. The one guy that lives in a caravan wasn't very good and they built him up to fail as you see his back story before the audition.

I was awoken by the sound of my mother talking to herself.

I knew that shoplifters would be in today. I had explained that to a colleague and had a description written down. One bell was rang and I had to put stuff away before heading to the till. I saw the dodgy boyfriend and the woman was near the front moaning again. She is going to get a slap. Her name is Natalie/Natasha Clarke. I am not to blame for this incident. Two ladies had left a bank card. I'm sure that one paid cash and contactless was used with the other. I discovered human poo near the cages in the carpark. Got a voicemail too late as I had been working. My brother could have got the items as he was at home. A teenage girl was having a drama. Crying over her boyfriend dumping her or something. I did get a telling off over the actions of a criminal. Manager was a barrel of laughs. Some people are either deaf, ignorant or lazy as they get in other customers way. Some can be rude and miserable. Fuck them all. Yet again another lecture but I was unable to explain myself. A man with crutches going down the wrong aisle. Denied nicking anything and I reassured him that I wasn't accusing him at all.
The Trick To Life - The Hoosiers

The Baftas 2017. Some cleavage on display. One director of From Under The Shadows kept saying "um" throughout his speech. Subtitles are shit as always.

Stephen King's It. A movie based on the best selling novel. Supernatural drama. A great cast. Some recognisable faces. Pennywise the clown has been tormenting the children of Derry. Imagine Freddie Krueger. Many other adaptations of the novels are out now. Secret Window, Stand By Me, 1408, The Langoliers, Christine, Rose Red, Carrie. I recommend Cell. Tim Curry gave the ultimate performance.

‭01252 592348‬ Aldershot called. First Assist. Block and ignore.

Day0717 09068786060

Harry Hill's Alien Fun Capsule itv1 March.
Rachel from Bournemouth on The Chase is nice. 14/2/17
The rugby women player was going on about going to Boston and tasting Clam Chowder. It sounds like a lesbian euphemism.

Unlikely Hero starring Jeff Daniels as a writer that has moved into a new town. His partner is a doctor played by Lisa Kudrow. Ryan Reynolds is imaginary friend Captain Excellent. Emma Stone is Abi a nice teen that befriends the writer. Kieran Culkin is her stalker. This is an indie film. You might like The Voices, Irrational Man. My mum is talking and now I hear noise from next door. She woke me up by shouting "'godari". I can still here her even though I am wearing ear plugs.
My brother was asking me to phone up the repair man about the boiler though he is paying. Just laziness on his part. I am only watching it for Emma Stone. Quite scenic. Interesting soundtrack.

Three lads are looking into gardens etc possibly to rob. Wearing hoodies. Could this be linked to the Twat that knocked on the door and hid? Neighbourhood Watch and the police need to be informed.

Papa Johns keep texting me. I got less back than I lent my brother. Transferring abit to him.

Kaden Riddick injured himself on furniture in Topshop. I didn't know that they sold that. What were his parents doing? He died from his injuries. The tv disconnects the picture.

Rightio would be sending someone to come repair the boiler. Between 9-12. I could have gone gym. Something that I haven't done for the past few days. No one here yet. Not too much done but money taken for a part.

This Gigi Hadid on The Ellen Show is hot and legal. BBC Pointless, blonde Ellie from Stafford is pretty. Her voice is off-putting.

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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Now you see me- Brian Tyler

I received this email which I have never donated to.
Cara the dentist of Toothfairies on BBC Eggheads and Charmain on ITV The Chase have nice tits. Tues 7th Feb 2017.

Some fascinating and humbling news story about Elizabeth's Footprints. A charity walk done by her mother Natalia across Britain. The One Show the person that sold the lady a car had passed on the debt to her which she had no idea about. Loans2Go own the car. There is this amazing artist that interviews the subject whilst drawing them. Sergeant Blackman is clearly guilty. Danny Cipriani - If you're having girl problems I feel bad for you son. I got 99 problems and a bitch ain't one. mariamills- I ain't saying she a goldigga, but she ain't messing with no broke nigga.

Fucking clip shows with comments from unfunny comedians and other weirdos.

2Awesome is some entertainment show. The mixed raced girl on it is hot.

A former colleague of mine is on a sex offender database. It was a surprise. People overreacting and not checking the facts.
My manager when asked by me to describe a customer who dropped a bottle of Gaviscon. She used the phrase "coloured".

This blonde tanned lady in a white dress on Ch4 First Dates Hotel. She is pretty.

I am taking my mother to the hospital again as I find out last minute. What is with the noise? Adt Taxis automated system is fucked.

I dreamt that I was on a job with the agency. Gone over to a college. I would work at the wedding after. A few racists sat at the back. I asked why they were picking on me.

Text Hope to 84555. Sponsor a Guide Dog.

I served that pretty Texan blonde again.

Ch4 News this debate was getting out of control. Jack Buckby seemed abhorrent. I remember him being interviewed on a segment of some programme a few years ago when he was with Liberty GB. The Alt-Right are just immature. Many more racist fuckups around. Roll Deep - Racist People. All You Fascists Are Bound To Lose - Billy Bragg

These teenage lads were in McDonalds. One bought his bike in which isn't allowed. The lady that suffered a stroke had been talking to a friend and passed the group. One guy imitates her. Not on.

Fucking hell I thought as I read that a transgender girl aged 11 was shot with a BB gun. Manchester UK. I get a message cheekycheeky1
Man (22) from Corby
Heeey xx... That is all and he doesn't have a public photo. Stop wasting my time.

Rihanna's new Kiss perfume is on at Savers for £24.99. A floral fragrance.
100ml. Launched Jan 2017. Free clutch bag with purchase. Save £11.

Valentino Acqua 80ml £24.99 save £42. Citrus and floral.

Sarah Jessica Parker Giftset 100ml £19.99. Contains perfume, travel spray, mirror and purse. Floral woody.

Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra 75ml £32.99 save £10. Aromatic. Great items for Valentines day.

Maybelline Push Up Angel Mascara £4.98.

Fairy 55 pack dishwasher tablets £5.99

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Sunday, 5 February 2017

Elle King - What good girls don't do

I had rented some films, one of them being Ghostbusters the reboot starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Chris Hemsworth. There are cameos from the original cast. There were lots of Snowflakes offended at this being a female version. Great effects. Good soundtrack. Directed by Paul Fieg. You might have seen Spy Movie, Men In Black, RIPD, Pixels, Ghostbusters, Evil Dead. Special features included. A sinister man is planning on opening a portal to unleash hell. A group of scientists have come together to help the citizens of New York.

There were that group of teens throwing things at cars and an object went through a taxi window. See them outside court behaving like chavs. Newsnight presenter accused of a CIA torturer. Kenneth Roth the nob. Josh Thacker is the scrote that vandalised the ambulance.
I wondered why Harriet Harman was on Graham Norton Show.

Fuck knows what the Manager expects. If I am in the middle of serving a customer why should I deal with a shoplifter and by the way some people don't buy fragrances, are allergic to it or just can't afford it. Savers is pathetic. There was lad with his mates walking by and on his phone yelling "are you fucking deaf?" I've been called into work. A woman starting swearing as the guy in the wheelchair that was with her annoyed her. He knocked over a few items. Some of the women respond as if I have asked them for anal.

The Fake News Show ch4.

Weird shit in McDonald's. A bunch of students. One is possibly drunk or stoned. Got asked if I was Irish. Strange. The one guy talking about shoving "trays up your arse" However I am not offended, bothered. They are someone else's problem. I forgive and forget.

The Voice Uk that woman doing dancehall. 'Freak of the week' I thought that she was shit. She did have a cute daughter but the judges should not have to turn. This youth worker was off key. Back to the day job. This redhead that is part of a duo us nice. The blonde backstage is alright. Looked like her dress was open even further. Scarlett a 22 yr old from Wales. See the tweets.
0906 878 8333 or text win to 68333, Kong Skull Island competition.

My mum complains about her throat burning but she constantly talks to herself which she is doing now as I am watching Now You See Me 2. Nice effects. Good disguises from Atlas. Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Lizzie Caplin, Dave Franco, Woody Harrelson, Morgan Freeman, Daniel Radcliffe. Good trailer. Impressive scenes. Good music. Silly bitch is still talking to herself.
I watched Independence Day Resurgence. Set 20 years after the first film. I was 17 when I saw ID4 in the cinema. It was in August for my cousin's birthday. I am now 37. A few characters have returned. Some recognisable faces. The alien invaders are back to finish what the first lot started. Humans have made advances in technology. Good special effects. Something new. Jeff Goldblum, Liam Hemsworth, Bill Pullman star.
As my brother is too lazy to get the laundry out of the machine I will just leave it in there.

Beyonce should have photos of her in labour posted to Instagram. Especially as the baby's head pops out of her vag.

Another lawyer being an arsehole and his name is Alexander MacKinnon. A 5 year old boy choked to death at school. Weren't any of the staff trained in CPR? A woman was hit by two cars. A father of the machete attacker says that his son is not a terrorist. "Denial isn't a river in Egypt, honey".

This brunette I saw has a pert firm ass. The hot blonde arrived as I was leaving. There was that tall brunette in blue with the fab tits. Also a dark haired girl with a nice ass. BBCTBQ was interesting. A few hotties on the netball game between Eng and Aus. See Benefits Britain series 2 ep 3. Immigrants claiming benefits. The previous one has a man with 26 kids. See the responses on Twitter. This gypsy chap who speaks a little English says Yeah alot. A woman that lived in the UK for 20 odd years. Living in hotels. Receiving no benefits. This show is made for right wingers.

My brother did ask to borrow money again. Telephone banking was fidgety.

This blonde haired guy with glasses is singing to himself, he might not even have headphones on. 'Jesus is the truth, sick and tired of this system' the guy opposite might be annoyed. Loughborough Library 6/2/17 15:30.

I wasn't sure if the shoplifter had been in or not. They had circled the store. I should have rung three bells anyway. There was this woman that took a few items, a Beckham fragrance being one of them. The stupid bitch even told the sales assistant to fuck off.

I was just rung by 01509 358119.

That new Rihanna fragrance is out now.