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Telepathic Teddy Bear - Where Is My Mind?

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Suicide Squad Hell To Pay cert 15. An animated comic book film from DC/WB. Borrowed it from the library. It was skipping as someone had left fingerprints underneath the disc. It should play now that I have wiped it. Gotham Under Gaslight is another film worth checking out. From the offset the action is brutal. Waller has sent the squad to retrieve some files from a gangster on board a train. They eventually will be after a mystical object and there is a hefty price. Cast including Christian Slater, Vanessa Williams, Billy Brown. Special features is a trailer for upcoming film The Death Of Superman. A variety of characters. Deadshot is white, usually in the comics. Killer Frost aka Crystal Snow not Caitlin as in the Flash TV series. There is a Zoom character that I thought was Reverse-Flash. My brother wanted to use the iron so the film is put on hold. He asks me to view these amateur filmmakers trailers. Then wants me to see something on Facebook. I am not interested. I fell alseep as I had been at the gym early in the morning. I am to watch the rest of it now.

Rewatching Batman Begins. Brilliant cast. Dark thriller based on the comic book. Music by Hans Zimmer. An origin story, a reboot of the film series. Christopher Nolan would go onto produce more gems. See the ads on this page. 

I used to borrow this series on vhs in the 90s. 

Looks like Ellen Page.

Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle starring Karen Gillan, Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart. A remake of the classic which starred Robin Williams. Cert 12. SciFi fantasy comedy. A few special features are included. Four teens have discovered an old school videogames console. They are transported into the game. The avatars are played by the adult cast. See how they have updated it for the millennial generation. Pays homage to the original. The blonde Bethany is nice. Karen looks hot as always. Nick Jonas plays one of the teens. See the trivia at IMDb. They are in detention. Great acting all round. Teens and adults playing the same characters. It makes it interesting. Humorous dialogue. A band of villains are after the jewel which the players must return in order to get home. Soundtrack

Two found dead in Loughborough

Really nice pussy and ass Just read the profile

Order your copy of Marvel Avengers: Infinity War today Marvel films at CD Universe Amazon India
My brother doesn't do the laundry. I'm just going to leave the basket. Amazon USA just closed my Associates account yet again. I am just wasting time with them.
I have watched this film again after several years. Written, produced and directed by M. Night Shayamalan.
The Village has an all star cast. A big twist as expected. Bryce Dallas Howard, William Hurt, Sigourney Weaver, Joaquin Phoenix, Adrien Brody, Brendan Gleeson, Judy Greer. Set centuries ago in America. A small village similar to the Amish lifestyle. A thriller drama cert 15. A close knit community that fears the outside world. There is a love story. Scary creatures lurk in the woods. As people are falling I'll. Some are willing to go to the nearest town to fetch medicine. I like he soundtrack. Bryce and Judy would again play sisters in Jurassic World. 

Loughborough Leisure Centre reviews, well some of them. #firstworldproblems

Nicole law
9 months ago-

The only reason this got 1 star was because the little boy I took with me had such fun in the soft play. The customer service before hand was APPAULING! We have never been to Loughborough leisure centre before so we're unaware of where abouts to go. I had bought tickets to the soft play online and went to the front desk to show my email (as it stated). The woman st the front desk seemed to have no clue what I was on about so another lady came over who was one of the rudest people I have ever met. She literally pointed to the ceiling and said 'upstairs' with a face like a smacked arse!! I told her I had never been before and had no clue how to get 'upstairs' and she just gave me an irritated look. The other lady then stepped in thankfully and told me how to get to the soft play area! Which was ok, a little smelly but the children enjoyed it after all!! Notice how she spelt "appalling".

Stephen Ellis
4 months ago-

Poor website and reception are bad at sharing information with paying customers such as pool session timing so me and the kids got kicked out after only half an hour. Try explaining that to a 4yr old.
Sam Thorne
4 months ago-

Badly organised. Car park ticket machine is incredibly confusing. Told us over the phone a child's swimming session was on. Got the kids ready and drove down there to be told it was a private party session...

Ffs Sam and Stephen, I have used the timetable online and I get it right.

I did pass this athletic tall blonde on her black bike. She was posh and telling her Asian friend about some supplements. Near the Rushes, where Poundworld is. Wednesday afternoon. At the gym there is the tall brunette in crimson/purple vest. Nice tits. The brunette with glasses in light purple has a nice body. I did see that blonde that usually has the headphones. Nice are on the brunette in light blue leggings. Her friend ain't bad either.

I had been asleep and I am awoken to hear my mum talking to herself. It is in the twilight hours. Downstairs and loud. Again sometime later it is the same thing. A third time later on. Fucks me off that I can't get a decent nights sleep.

I had a dream where I spent time with the Avengers cast. I seem to attract attention from women. I was side by side with Robert Downey Jr when entering a party. I was going to talk to him about the movie Chaplin which he starred in. In another scene I enter a warehouse. It is dark and I see people on the scaffolding above sliding across. I am on the phone to Batman who joins me in fighting these people. There was this device that twists and turns. Sparks fly off it. If is very hot and it cuts through things like acid. It did that to a creature.

My mum at 23:39 has left my door open. She is making the usual noise. I close the door. She then opens, puts the light on and gives me two Bollywood vhs tapes and tells me to watch them. I have to tell her to take them and close the door. She comes back at 1:35am. Hovering there taking the tapes or bringing other ones. I have to repeatedly tell her to go. I swear she was about to do it again. She is talking to herself again. She had done the same at 2am. Back at home in the afternoon and she is still talking to herself. I should kick her out the house and sent her to my aunt's house. I could end up becoming violent.
I got 99 problems...

I see these tweets from xenophobes moaning about immigrants and about them overhearing someone speaking in a foreign language. These idiots are being nosey. Remember that if you are living in America, UK or any other country. Feel free to speak in whatever language you want. Most people are bilingual. You're just having a private conversation. These fascist pricks don't get that. Free country after all. Ignore the #maga #mbga turds. They aren't relevant.

The delivery took longer. Why was I having to jump on the till? The distribution centre sent us everything. My sleep pattern fucked up because of that asshole. The middle till wasn't fixed by the engineer and he was sorting the end one.

He did come back to fix the middle one. Then a guy came with cables for the till but weren't needed. Today a man came with a new reciept printer but it wasn't needed. Wasted journey. Why weren't these gents informed by anyone? Some woman wanted to buy this Rimmel polish thinking it was £1.50. But it is £4.98 and you save £1.50. So she didn't want it. It happened a few weeks ago too. So that adds as a void. One black guy with the water bottle wanting serving straight away. I had to finish with the current one. Not sure what the blonde student thought was stupid. Offering SAS, a bag or just something else that that didn't have anything to do with me. So fuck it.
Not many offering SAS and that includes me. I don't do it as used to but must do it as it is part of the job. Two people have asked to swap change. It isn't allowed and you just cause confusion. A guy wanted a pounds worth of 20p and another a tenner of coins. I had told them. Two is the limit on paracetamol how do you not know this? 99 problems but a bitch ain't one.

My cousin was Djing alongside Tim Westwood.

Eminem-Superman Nice smile, too bad that she is only looking for Caucasians.

I was at the gym as usual saw the hot blonde in black kit with Adidas running down her leg. Nice bum on a brunette in purple leggings. Did see another girl with a nice body. Quite a few.

I was on my way home when this Indian man that I know from saying hi to him. He used to come to the club that I used to work for. He may know some older generations. He was talking and so being the polite person I am I went over and ended up standing and listening to whatever he was talking about. I speak Gujarati but not so much so didn't understand quite a bit. He wasted 10 minutes of my time. Whoever would pass whether in person or car he would wave and talk about them. Something about not drinking alcohol, jail, racists, Africa, Muslims, benefits, job, white people etc. I just wanted to go. I need to avoid that road.

  • This pretty tanned brunette with a mole wasn't smiling and seemed miserable. Then there was the brunette with her mum that didn't answer when I offered SAS. A guy that could have been a potential shoplifter was in the queue and buying showergel. Testing the items on the fragrance table. I was watching him. Someone else should have been doing so. The barrier went off as he took his bike. Now the CCTV hasn't been looked at. Duality-Slipknot
Lauren my colleague mistakenly thought that I was still working the deodrants bit sure if she said "it wouldn't surprise me" Actually I finished all that a while ago. It is a pain trying to get stock out as there are cages and totes blocking the way. I had birth cages. Others had bulky cages so I worked more pieces. She was on about someone when she said "he is useless" well it wasn't about me as I am far from useless. I am the most reliable and hardworking their is. Fast, efficient, trustworthy, responsible. There is a reason why I am on the team. I don't care for the opinions of others. I am not going to assume anything. The company needs me more than I need them. I have no doubts, nothing to apologise for or to dwell on. I don't have to explain myself to anyone. I am Kishore aMehta and I am a fucking legend. Fuck it it don't bother me, dirt of my shoulder. I got 99 problems and a bitch ain't one.

God there seems to be a lot of chatter during the Royal Wedding broadcast on Itv1.
 This is the talented cellist that played at the Royal Wedding Sheku Kanneh Mason

My mum is talking to herself loudly. Just annoying.

 That young man that comes intothe shop doesn't smile or speak. Fml I saw a woman just put a Lenor bottle on a random shelf and walk out. Can't customers at least put items back? Morons.

Smashed the delivery. I hope to keep at it. I shan't be writing about work or family ever again. I did see this pretty girl in denim shorts in Savers and a redhead in a skirt which the bus driver was checking out. This was in McDonalds. This blonde had a nice ass on her. Funnily enough she reminds me of an old friend of mine. Could she be related? Is it really her or just someone else entirely. I served this hot blonde with pink hair and later a hot brunette with equally hot friend. Slim build. Rose this pensioner goes just this as she hands me an item. You have the short mature brunette just grunting. Smile and speak up. My mother was talking to herself. I am owed money from before. I had insufficient funds. A lady's card didn't work so I didn't get that SAS. A gentleman wanted the Fusion Power packs and as we didn't have the refill heads for the Scholl pedi a woman didn't buy the item. An Indian pensioner went to the dumpbin which had the foldaway bags in it. Two women were queued up by it. I would have waited.
I am not adding anymore about family, work or gym.

I did have a dream where I was at work. The delivery was being finished off. There were a handful of customers in a small room and it was crowded. We were closing down and the manager was on two walking sticks. She had aged a few decades. We were allowed to take home two items from a cage that we had worked. My list had alcohol and Gillette sets. I picked the Fusion sets. We took chocolates.

Friday, 27 April 2018

Twilight Of The Gods - Mark Mothersbaugh

Mortal Kombat

I am watching Ghost Month. It is an independent horror. Labelled as The Grudge meets Haunting In Connecticut. Wide screen ratio and there is a line of weird shit up top. You might like Seventh Moon. This American teen has gone to the home of a Chinese woman and her aunt who does nothing but stare. It is that time of the month where the spirits of the dead roam amongst the living. Cert 15. This DVD was amongst a whole bunch that were bought from the market I believe. Mixed reviews on Amazon. The acting, dialogue and special effects are of the standard expected with indie films. The ex boyfriend leaves a message "you're just a fucking whore like my mother." This Blake character is odd. He probably wants to hump the housekeeper. If there is a reaction video on YouTube then check it out. The landlady seems odd. Always showing up at odd times. Nice one minute, rude the next. Not scary. I'm glad that I didn't pay for it. Not paying much attention. My mum talking in the next room. This film is boring me. Abysmal.

To catch the Predator

If you watched the Eurovision Song Contest. The music is available now.

I did have this dream where I showed a videoclip of an Avengers parody to Robert Downey Jr and Chris Pratt.
In a scene I had moved to another town. Shardlow was far off. The room I was staying in had been rearranged.

Spotted this pretty teen brunette in purple vest and black shorts, nice arse and tits. I did take a pic but weren't using the zoom function. Deleted them and she had gone. Saw some other ones. This attractive tanned brunette was sat on the Powerplate using her phone and stuff was around it but she wasn't actually using the fucking thing. I had to ask her friend who was near it. McDonalds only had the normal McMuffin and one hash brown left when I ordered. It is possible that they were coming to the cut off time for breakfast or genuinely run out of stock. #firstworldproblems
99 problems but a bitch ain't one.

My brother telling my mum to go to sleep at 5:15pm. He thumps the table. She is talking to herself. It is 19:11. She might continue like this. I am to sleep as I have to wake up early. Again at 1:37am then more later on. Thanks for doing that.

 I went to Cineworld Loughborough to see Avengers Infinity War. It was showing at 7pm. Obviously there would be ads and trailers. If was busy. The ticket machines were occupied. £6.50 for an adult. £7 for regular salty popcorn and Pepsi Max. It was busy. I was in Screen 4. There wasn't much choice in seating as most were booked up. I had an awkward one C6. Near to the screen and at an angle. Strain on my neck and eyes. A long film. Over 2 hours I estimated. Carries on from where Ragnarok left off. Plenty of action, swearing, violence, humour and special effects. It is darker than the previous films. Blows Justice League out of the water. Thanos is after the remaining Infinity Stones. Each controls an element. There are many characters from the Marvel universe. Lots of locations. The Guardians and Avengers want to stop Thanos and save the world. Not everyone will make it out alive. Surprised at how it pans out. I recommend that you go see it. I will watch it again on DVD sometime. The post credit scene is short. See my Coheed And Cambria - Welcome Home post for other comic book films. Excellent cast: Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Anthony Mackie, Tom Holland, Chadwick Boseman, Sebastian Stan, Benedict Cumberbatch, Josh Brolin, Karen Gillan, Samuel L Jackson, Don't Cheadle, Chris Pratt, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Zoe Saldana, Vin Diesel, Dave Bautista, Benedict Wong, Pom Klementieff, Bradley Cooper. Amazon Asia

 I rented Thor Ragnarok. Starring Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Cate Blanchett, Karl Urban, Anthony Hopkins, Idris Elba, Jeff Goldblum, Mark Ruffalo, Tessa Thompson, Benedict Cumberbatch. I was impressed with the trailer. Nice soundtrack and a different theme to previous Marvel films. Impressive special effects. A funny film from the off set. There is a character made of rock that has really good dialogue. See more of Hulk. Great banter between characters. Take a look the reaction videos once you have seen the film. Hela hath no fury like a woman scorned. Asgard is in mortal danger. On another realm The Grandmaster is holding a tournament. I like this the best out of the trilogy. This film leads onto Infinity War. I recommend that you see this.
 I am watching Thor which I had seen before. Just revisiting it as I had seen Ragnarok and Infinity War.

Well the delivery was a shit show. I knew it would be worse. Could have done better to be honest. The general manager had labelled it a joke. Well she wasn't even in so why call up? Fuck apologising. She may have been right but the cages had so much shite and needed four people on them. It arrived late too. A customer who I spoke to about the Ted Baker fragrance on Saturday wanted to buy one but there wasn't one available so he asked to buy the tester which we could not sell anyway. I told him that already. I didn't have much change in the till, it was the copper coins that I needed. I asked the lady if she had a few pennys which I could give her something I return. It was 27p and she didn't have it but tells me to round it up to 30p and give her that. Thing is I didn't get anything from her. My till would be down. Supervisor suggests the charity collection box, take the penny's from there and put silver coins in from the till. It would look weird and wrong with me doing that. 99 Problems - Jay-Z

I had served this tanned blonde with nice tits the day before. Spotted other ones too.

 Why ask me to put on the washing machine when my brother who went to the kitchen could have done it himself.  Slipknot-Duality

I dreamt that I was Black Panther/Spiderman. I was on these bars swinging across and leap onto a wall. The costume would attach itself to me like what happens with Tony Stark. I am working in a bar. There are people who would be in rehab sat around the place. Some lady wanted a drink which I had forgotten how to make. So I went looking for help. She didn't want it anymore. Some black lady was washing dishes in the back. A woman came to inspect something in the kitchen. I had been watching Doctor Who and my brother was missing. I was at an assembly hall at a school, a performance was going on below.

My mum wakes up again talking loud. No consideration for others.

My colleagues Toni and Maisie looked good. At the leisure centre there was the tanned blonde called Yasmine. A nice blonde lifeguard at the pool. There were people stopping quarter of the way to chat and I have to wait for people to finish their laps.

 At the gym now and a brunette in grey leggings and sports bra with pink on it. Nice body. Some hot ones out in town. I forget to mention the redhead with nice are that I passed the other day. That blonde in white top and black Adidas leggings has a fine body. Did see nice big tits on a black girl. The Asian girl in the vest and shorts has an athletic body. Lily Q looked good, those leggings are see through at the side. That gorgeous blonde lady that comes to my work trains here. Wearing a skirt on her way out.

A man had left his card on the machine. I lady after him was paying by card and I pressed the card function. She only noticed the card. The contactless beep happened and the payment went onto his. I told the supervisor and she said she'd put it in the office as no one had come back to claim it instead of refunding the money straight away. She does the customer upon his return and there is a queue and they could have overheard this. The pretty tanned brunette/redhead with blue eyes was in the store. Not much or any eye contact with me. I was talking to her partner. Everyone seems to be an expert on the Royal wedding. So much overkill. Slow news day.

The Kooks Cd Universe

  Margot Kidder has passed away. See her films. Rip Margot Kidder

 A Marvel superhero film which triggered the right wingers. Snowflakes. Good special effects and acting. The end credits music is weird. SciFi and supernatural elements to it. Interesting to see the back story of Wakanda. The technology that they use. How it is hidden from the rest of the world like the island that Wonder Woman grew up on. Michael B Jordan did great as Killmonger. Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa. Forrest Whittaker, Angela Bassett, Lupita Nyong'o, Martin Freeman, Letitia Wright, Andy Serkis are some of the cast members. They would pick a soundtrack to suit the theme of the character. Black Panther and his team want to capture a villain intent on selling the vibranium to the highest bidder. With being a king our hero faces many problems. Infinity War would follow.
Wakanda Forever

Saturday, 21 April 2018

1998 - Jordan Suckley remix

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Hot blonde reactor on YouTube.

Verne Troyer was great in the Austin Powers films. He sadly passed away aged 49.
This lady comes to my shop. Milf. Cameron Sheedy is a model and professional trainer. Attractive too.
Gaby is hot. Following her on Twitter. I dreamt that we were on a space station. Some villains were trying to sabotage it. A woman was carried to an exit door. The man says a few words and then throws her into space. I had been watching the London Marathon but fell asleep. I was in the gym in the morning. An interview at the halfway mark was stopped and rewound and forgotten about. Help me WIN by joining PureGym with my code 125P6554. There's loads of great prizes up for grabs! 


 J2 - We Will Rock You I should be going to the gym and the neighbours are waiting for a parcel. My brother asks if I would be at home for it. Here is the thing. It isn't my problem.

Nice seeing the tanned blonde's cleavage and her brunette tanned friend is always nice. Two nice blondes that were near me doing bench press. Black and white leggings on one. Nice are on the blonde with cropped hair. There us a teen blonde in black shorts. Passed a nice girl in pink that smiled as I was doing lunges so I made room for her. A dark haired girl with nice eyes, purple leggings. Of course there is Ryan's blonde girlfriend in the red leggings and white vest.
I have mentioned these people before.  So I laid out the isometric ladders and would do press ups across it. One end to the other. Two Indian guys are stood at the other end meaning I can't go all the way across. There is enough shit left on the floors as it is. Duality-Slipknot

I did have a dream that old colleagues had come back to the company. Some other shit went on. Had one last night where I was dating a redhead. She rated me a 6. I was at a party and I could have slept with this other redhead. But I didn't.
I would get this letter written by a fascist because of comments I had made online. I was sent some toiletries too.

I had a few dreams in one night. I was what I thought in Bedfordshire but in reality I know it is Plumstead, London. In the old flat that my relatives owned and they had the newsagents underneath. It was pretty empty. I pointed the direction of the library to the left of the high street. I was with two colleagues and there were these bikes with alcohol in the sacks. A suspicious looking woman that was under the influence took a bottle and I mentioned that she should pay for it but she says no. I took the bike as did my colleagues. She goes to knock on a stranger's door. She leaves eventually. The police weren't called. I am at the shop and facing up. Putting out new lines of products. Shaving foam. I am serving customers. I seem to be in a panic. Management is there.

Other companies mat have viewed my blog. Potential employers and maybe taken offence. There are various employees that come up with far worse. The two tanned blondes that I served were hot. One last said no in a weird way but then bought a fragrance as she noticed it. I'm not sure what a customer found amusing as I offered someone else SAS. Maybe I'm being paranoid and it was fuck all.

It is market day. I hope that the change order is sorted early. Can't be fucking around with staff shortages. 15 people are employed at this store. It was quieter than last week. The regional and area managers had been in on Wednesday and they were pleased. A pensioner man was in the queue behind this lady and she was putting her money and items away. He pretends to elbow her as she moves. He found it amusing. It wasn't. Some other pensioner was talking about she had lots of bags or about putting her shopping away and didn't care what people thought. Doesn't make sense. A guy almost crashed into the loud Italian lady. An item needed handing back to rescan. A colleague does talk about a customer but other ones are in earshot. I put it online.

I see a variety of things on This Morning Itv1. The man who can't orgasm. A mother that doesn't call her daughter beautiful, wedding speeches, royal baby news again. #Thismorning

Avengers Infinity War I had this dream where I spent time amongst the deceased. Some blonde lady I was with. She was watching the scenes unfold. She saw herself as a girl witness a death. It was like going into the Further. Spotted my uncle. I did have to find a bed to sleep in. So young men were in a room. Something homoerotic about it. Samantha Chaplin is hot.

Woman assaulted at The Kelso club.

I did served this pretty tanned blonde. Midriff was showing. She may have had collagen in her lips which was off putting. A former colleague came to see the manager. I wonder if she's going to ask for her job back. I dropped the plate. Well it slid off the sink and smashed. Just watched Tenable and the contestants had to name 10 US states which where in alphabetical order. Georgia was the 10th and the pretty blonde Laura/Siobhan I think, named Kansas. The team captain said Dallas. See twitter for the comments from viewers.
I don't know what this cunt is on.

I bought this Elderflower water bottle but the lid doesn't come off. I am owed a lot more money which I still haven't been paid back for. I have just been asked if I'm alright at 2am. Why make all the noise. I was watching a dvd. My brother wanted to use the iron so the film is put on hold. He asks me to view these amateur filmmakers trailers. Then wants me to see something on Facebook. I am not interested. Why waste my time with this stocky build Spiderman? Just pissing me off now. You don't have to tell me everything. I want to get back to watching the film. Watching it from the start. Left the plug out of the socket. Go write the email in your own time. The delivery has been cancelled for tomorrow and I have been asked to work Tuesday where it will turn up instead. Why the fuck for? My brother does the email and then is in two minds about sending it. Why waste 10 mins or more of my time? Then wants me to check the sent and inbox folders. Talks a lot too, ask stupid questions. Pisses me off. One Step Closer- Linkin Park

Hot Darwin Award Winner
 Harry And Meghan Abba 7th Element

Michelle Wolf did remind me of Sigourney Weaver and Janice from Friends. I thought the previous speakers were great. Hasan Minhaj, Cecily Strong, Craig Ferguson. I agree with some of the comments posted previously. The right do moan about political correctness, freedom of speech but then are unable to take a joke. Always playing the victim.