Wednesday, 18 August 2021

Play God - Sam Fender Morgan Freeman apparently against defunding the police. Rightwingers are gleeful. They misquoted him on this and Racism. It is kinda sus. These people are antiblack. Antivaxxer idiot. This guy is a nazi sympathiser These folk were antipoc Possibly be called a coon... The white folk praise her and Jordan. Fits their agenda. Being woke is wanting equality. The antiwoke people are just antiblack. Is there another Candace Owens emerging? White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism by DiAngelo, Robin I suggest that you read this thread regarding Dave Chapelle. There are tonedeaf people further on in the replies. A lot of people will be wondering the same thing... Best to refer to the Republicans as Republicunts. Tonedeaf guy saw it this way. Some people just needed an excuse to let their antiblackness show.
Talk about being anti lgbt and the idiot heteros agreeing with him. The Klan meeting is in session The other woman will be a permanent replacement. Riley is somehow still relevant after the fake antisemitism smear of Jeremy Corbyn. This Karen will have to figure it out. Tucker is lying. Eugene being ableist Something wrong with Louisa A song would be made by Africans for the UK. #brexit

This woman follows Lawrence Fox and James Melville that's all that you need to know. The rightwingers create division and hatred. White Fragility. 

Of all the dumb takes... Gillian just doesn't get it.
Jill Murphy went there...
This woman just gets worse. What does being vaccinated have to do with being assaulted on the subway? Wanker is asking to speak to the manager.
I will upload the video and will have some right-wing cuck leaving a comment. You should see the replies to the original news post. Bunch of morons
This guy getting owned. White supremacist that follows Ben Shapiro accusing a black woman of being racist. And one who uses the race baiting phrase is a racist themselves. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp are down but it is not the end of the world. They must be bellends. I wondered where I had heard of Jay Cutler before. His gym videos on YouTube. This guy is a football quarterback. Different guy. So Sage is a coon then... The person behind the account is a prick.
This Karen made a video urging people to go to the "protest" at Capitol Hill on 6th January. Covidiot. Many have theories on why he is leaving. Making excuses for the rapist or just need to blame Covid. A few people in the thread are #bluelivesmatter it seems. Tonedeaf white people come to the defence of the white policeman.
It is true, just look at his timeline. People taking a tiktok video seriously. The student with the psych degree is right. Rightwingers are bellends. Tom Macdonald, Lauren Chen, Lauren Southern are a few of the worst things to come out of Canada. They hadn't learned from the inquiry into how the press behaved before. The Terfs and transphobes are in the comments. I just posted links to various books. White Fragility
This arsewipe probably doesn't know what Marxism is. White Fragility Though this woman deserves slating. What does her race have to do with anything?
Rightwingers are bellends. Tom Macdonald, Lauren Chen, Lauren Southern are a few of the worst things to come out of Canada. They hadn't learned from the inquiry into how the press behaved before. The Terfs and transphobes are in the comments. I just posted links to various books. White Fragility
This arsewipe probably doesn't know what Marxism is. White Fragility Though this woman deserves slating. What does her race have to do with anything?
After seeing some clips and I follow the CW DC universe. I have started watching Superman And Lois. On It is quite dark and emotional. Like with Nolan or Snyder films. It is post crisis Earth. Lois and Clark work at the Daily Planet. The two teenagers Jonathan and Jordan are off to college. I like how the characters are fleshed out. There will be people who can relate to Jordan. A great soundtrack. There is a new antagonist. I won't write about future episodes as it would contain spoilers. I am hoping that Stargirl makes a return. I last watched Justice League. Still tuning in for The Flash, Legends Of Tomorrow. I wasn't a fan of Tyler Hoechlin. But he will grow on you. It is like when there is a new Doctor or 007. You are used to older versions. WB are involved in the making of the this show. I am going to see some reaction channels. I enjoyed Bitsie Tulloch in Grimm. 
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Tom Macdonald, Lauren Chen, Lauren Southern are a few of the worst things to come out of Canada. They hadn't learned from the inquiry into how the press behaved before. The Terfs and transphobes are in the comments. I just posted links to various books. White Fragility
This arsewipe probably doesn't know what Marxism is. White Fragility Though this woman deserves slating. What does her race have to do with anything?

For some reason the original blog post was looping. I have had to cut and paste onto a new post.

This happened in Loughborough.
I received a call from 01133904530. Someone named Ali from Drivetime with a competition to win a six night stay in Orlando. Apparently I was live. I hung up. I live in the UK. How did they get my number? I think it's a scam. The woman had an American accent. Also you get results for India. It could have been an audio clip. If I were to call back the person might be different. I had an ant infestation. Some were flies. I dealt with it. So my comment was deleted and I was first. For that I down voted the video. A white woman putting her hands on a black man and then will play the victim.

Though it is strange to have him in the game. These white supremacists are fragile. I have started watching The Walking Dead season 11 on Disneyplus. I originally watched season 1 on Channel 5. It then moved to Skyone so I would not get to watch it. I would hear about various scenes and characters that would follow. You had the Bad Lip Reading parodies. Episode 1 starts off with Maggie, Darryl, Negan and others at a military base. I didn't think that the Walkers would rest. They are after supplies. In another place you have these characters that I am unaware of. The soldiers are dressed like Stormtroopers. This organisation called The Commonwealth interrogates the detainees. I am interested to see how it ends. I do wonder if an explanation is given how to it all started and why. I may look at odd episodes but not go through a full season. I had this dream where a British woman that was an Olympic cyclist had killed herself. She spent time at Loughborough University. I also watched a premiere of Doctor Who which had Jodi Whittaker. They bought in a new version of K-9. She follows Lawrence Fox and James Melville that's all you need to know.
I get a spoof PayPal email from Reported it. Time to teach this person a lesson. The button they want you to click is

Another legend has passed The white woman is a clown. Charlie Watts of The Rolling Stones has passed away.

It was a surprise to see Blaire Erskine in Stargirl. The grift that keeps on giving. No one should be denied a test. Antiblack, homophobic rightwinger with dumb takes. Not understanding woke.

I rewatched CW Crisis On Infinite Earths. After having seen later seasons of The Flash, Arrow, Legends Of Tomorrow and the new Superman And Lois. I view it differently. Still a great crossover. Packed full of cameos. An antimatter wave is sweeping across the multiverse destroying everything in it's path. The Monitor must assemble a team of superheroes to save the day. So both these women are committing fraud. Jasmine is a Thot. Chloe whether she had the virus or not put the indigenous people at risk.

Sarah Harding of Girls Aloud has passed away. Bret Weinstein is a weird guy. Definitely a fascist.

Michael K Williams has passed away. White supremacist rightwingers definitely are behind these Taliban accounts. Come September 11th see how the Conservatives behave. Indecent exposure. What women really try to get away from. These guys will be the next Weinstein, Cosby.

Discussion about Shang Chi. Looking at Jowey's profile, he is subscribed to Daily Wire, Canace Owens and others on the right.

This Justin Is Lost youtuber truly is as he makes up negative info about films. The caucasity of this dumb cunt. They'll do this to any poc, female, Lgbt lead film. Making up false information about ratings. See that Yellowflash2 and Justin Is Lost. White Fragility from Geeks And Gamers. #StopAsianHate
YouTube removed my channel. I had all the videos on it.
I now have two channels running simultaneously. Other videos have disappeared. I have stuff on Dailymotion and Google Drive. They have reinstated my channel but the videos are gone.
The message when I click a video link says that the account is still closed and video is unavailable. Wayback Machine and Archive sites don't work. I was 19 when the first film was released. As Matrix Resurrections is released I am now 42. I received a call from 02382560017. Providing training for children. Metro something. Foreign accent. Busy call centre. Back in the day on MySpace. Got chatting to this nurse that lived in New York. After she finds out I am Indian the racial slurs come out. Because of 9/11. I have nothing to do with it. Karen being a cunt. Then the white girl in Loughborough calling me an Afghani bastard. Which I am neither. That was a few years ago. I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one. Copyright claims on a video featuring songs from a copyright free music library. I had to file a dispute for each one. I ended up resubscribing as that covers me then. 

I could not be bothered to get up at 1:30am. I had set the alarm for gym. I would wake up a few hours later and see how much time had passed. I could go now. It isn't busy as yet. It would be quiet earlier. I seem to feel that I would regret it at work if I didn't train. I have to work Monday. Off Tuesday then work the next few days. I could have got up and left at other times but went back to sleep. I will have to do basic stuff. Make my way there now.

I went to Blackpool in the 90s.

People discussing Aoc's dress. Nicki Minaj has a cousin with swollen testicles. Her music is still shit. I got a call from 01332981252. Enquires whether I had the vaccine, any side effects and about a hard copy certificate be sent to me. Asked about life insurance. Indian accent in a call centre. Checked the post code. Looking at other comments regarding this number. I doubt that I would receive anything. Should have hung up or just not answered. Didn't want to be rude. I am waiting for a call from the doctor. I did lose WiFi connection. Might be due to the weather. The Doctor surgery just rang me now. I tried ringing but it is now closed. I was expecting a call all day. I get one today. The doctor seem to offer these services where I could go talk to these people. I may not have been entirely honest. But wasn't going to give the medication. White Fragility
Norm Macdonald the comedian has passed away.

Interesting comment made by someone on the Seth Meyers - John Mulaney interview. A white celebrity hasn't been charged over his drug use. People just being sympathetic towards him. Olivia Munn has low standards.

Ben needs to understand that facts don't care about your feelings.

I donated some money to indigenous people. I left links to my sites.

I get weird comments on YouTube. This guy is a terrorist clown.

This guy was making it a race issue when it had nothing to do with it. This guy is subscribed to GB News and Nerdrotic so that tells you something.
My comment is removed but his isn't. Can't even recommend the White Fragility book. On the Netflix promoted tweet. Some girl has hearts emoji to Emily In Paris. But a devil/angry emoji to On My Block. Typical white girl.

I had no idea.....
You guys in the comments complain, yet here you are. Plus blame the uploader as the people in the video have nothing to do with the shorts. 

 She seems to be an idiot. She is a bigot.

These rightwingers were never #AllLivesMatter

"Burmese looking bitches" Really? 

Feminism  Ladykillers Check out Prostitution: Sex Work, Policy & Politics by Pitcher, Jane

I seem to have lost a subscriber on my Fangina channel. I have one on Solitarymaninblack.

It was never funny in the first place. 

Britain First really are a bunch of retarded bellends The caucasity

In the replies I suggesting my Bandcamp for decent music. 

These two faggots need their throats slitting 

Brexit went well then.... 

There will probably be some racist comments. 

A fuel crisis clearly caused by Brexit. 

Josh Payne is definitely a white supremacist.
Amazon closes my affiliate account. That bit of commission earnt is mine. They can't get out of paying me. I had sent three purchases within six months. 

She would like to speak to the manager. Looking at the thread trying to see what Peter is on about. It was White Fragility from Peter and Michelle. This coming from a right-winger antivaxxer Karen on Kendi's intelligence. Peter works for Vanity Fair. That says it all. I replied with a link to the white fragility book. He said his part. But he was a police officer. There are still people with prejudices working in the force. Sky has limited the replies. That's not it.... The neighbours seem to be burning something as I could smell it. Brian Laudrie's remains have been found. Some will blame the parents or continue to blame him. Armchair detectives No more tweets or screenshots from YouTube etc. I get a call from 01202 159511 and the man speaks about loft insulation. Having surveyors come take a look. As fibreglass and other materials causes mould and condensation. A discount is offered. As my mum wasn't on the phone he pretty much ends the call. On Chaturbate a trans model is talking about some weird fantasies suggested to her. I mentioned that it sounds like something JK Rowling would write about.

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