Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Bishop Briggs - River

Turning Point are trash.

Ben Shapiro destroyed by BBC. Someone needs to songify that News night interview.

My brother talks to me about his email account and the feedback form. I was taking a shit.

Alanah is attractive.
This mature woman possibly with a learning disability asks if anyone else is jumping on the till as she was in a hurry. She thanks me when I ring the bell. The student guy does ask his friend if he is interested in the Ted Baker as I had asked him as he was being served. A short Asian girl clearly wasn't listening. A pensioner with dementia I think, had come to the till. Popped the stuff in her bag and upon coming to pay finds she didn't have the money. She hadn't collected it. She was apologising. I nicely got the items back. Someone should be with her. You have to be understanding and patient.
This snowflake can't handle the truth
A woman on her work shift is seen eating by a customer. Nothing to worry about.
Lee Hickling a brexiteer.

I was at the store at 4am. Other people were going to and fro. A woman asks if I had any change as she wants to get some food. Something about going to the hospital. I thought that I didn't have anything so she was about to leave. But I found a £2 coin and gave it to her. I won't be doing that again. I don't like being asked. I have customers listening to their music while I try to communicate with them. The lady that came and got a bottle of coke goes in front of this other lady. Whether she let her I'm not sure. I didn't take a break as I was working fast. It didn't matter as I was there till midday almost. I will still work even faster. Take a break.

Racist white man takes BBC for the first time. A Pornhub production starring Dave Rubin and Tommy Sotomayor. Hypocrisy, antisemitism.

Born This Way-Lady Gaga
Some person likens diversity to sjw in the comments section. They are just ignorant. Only want to see white faces.
American Idiot by Greenday

Election results from my town. Loughborough Ashby Julie Bradsaw - LAB - 411 Kat Goddard - LAB - 375 Trevor Ranson - CON - 104 Loughborough Dishley and Hathern Keith Harris - LAB - 893 Debbie Houstom - CON - 636 Salim Miah - CON - 475 Howard Toon - UKIP - 328 Emma Ward - LAB - 842 Loughborough Garendon Paul Boldrin - LAB - 616 Roy Campsall - IND - 1,016 Chris McGurk - UKIP - 289 Christopher Price - LAB - 571 Graham Waller - CON - 576 Loughborough Hastings Mary Draycott - LAB - 807 Sue Gerrard - CON - 240 Colin Hamilton - LAB - 696 Janet Harrod - UKIP - 176 Pam Stewart - CON - 217 Sue Ward - GREEN - 235 Loughborough Lemyngton Chris Cooper - UKIP - 234 Christine Harris - LAB - 825 William Hunt - CON - 245 Jewel Miah - LAB - 817 Loughborough Outwoods Richard Bailey - CON - 785 Gregory Bates-Lay - LAB - 477 Jim Foxall - UKIP - 257 Paul Goodman - GREEN - 468 Wesley Hall - LAB - 404 Jonathan Morgan - CON - 853 David Walker - LIB DEM - 351 Loughborough Nanpantan Lewis Ashurst - LAB - 331 John Barton - GREEN - 292 Geoffrey Parsons - CON - 643 Margaret Smidowicz - CON - 721 Marion Smith - LAB - 421 Loughborough Shelthorpe Rachel Baker - GREEN - 329 Gill Bolton - LAB - 771 Alice Brennan - LAB - 669 Alex Guererro - LIB DEM - 217 Martin Moreland - UKIP - 304 Kevan Stafford - British Democrat - 121 Chris Stewart - CON - 520 Ian Williams - CON - 419 Loughborough Southfields Sarah Goode - LAB - 614 Arthur Gould - LAB - 610 Melissa Hadfeild - GREEN - 276 Paul Mercer - CON - 696 Ted Parton - CON - 804 Loughborough Storer Sandie Forrest - LAB - 464 Judy Shields - CON - 218 Jenni Tillotson - LAB - 410 Wesley Walton - GREEN - 274 Raising awareness of MS. She lives in my town. She is hot.

Keith Cox is a dumbass.

People cancelling Michael B Jordan like they ever had a chance with him. Sense of entitlement.

A girl is the victim of abit and run and people focus on her eyebrows.

If the Infinity Gauntlet were real. Bill would be dust.
He wants to silence poc.

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Commenter Ian McLachlan lacking in a sense of humour.

We're In The Endgame Now

I dreamt that I was part of Avengers Endgame. Spent time with Tony Stark. We were as I thought on another planet or perhaps in the future. Bad guys were in certain areas. I was behind the till. I started to float and drifting around. It got the attention of people. In a scene a lady gave two tablets to give to Tony or someone. They were handed over in the town square. Once combined they revealed an image of an explosion. We ran away and the thing went off. There was this plant life all around the planet and it was ferocious. It did keep regenerating as it had been partly destroyed. Armed gunmen were on the prowl. I was at the same time watching the film. I remember a swimming pool with many compartments. People were in them. A scene involved time travel. A mention of Titan coming to the planet. Thanos arrived and he looks nothing like in the films. I am putting down what I can remember. A few students wanted to watch rugby. Watching the film reminded me of The Room. There are other incidents which I am beginning to forget. I was at a house. Some party was happening. There was a Stan Lee cameo. His face is plastered on a bus. I then look to the passengers to see him sat there. 

I am at Cineworld Loughborough. A lovely girl named Emily served me behind the kiosk. This is a film worth watching at the cinema. It has a different mood to it. New soundtrack. Great ensemble cast, new and old. Great acting and effects. Stark, Flint, Banner and Thor offer some surprises. I would have liked to have seen more Carol Danvers. Imagine the audience reactions. Quite abit of swearing and violence. They have upped the ante. Years after Infinity War. The remaining Avengers want to find Thanos and get their loved ones back. I like the time travel element. Good end credits. No mid or post credit scenes. I was trying to remember if they included all the names of main characters.

In the town centre, Loughborough 30/4/19 just after 4am. This African/Caribbean mature man says to these students that he was in pain. A few different people. A Brummie white girl with nice legs, a tall black guy, a white guy and the other one. She was on the phone. Eventually he would go on a rant about how he came to this town in the 60s. Something about Africans and showing respect to elders. She had said that he can't be in much pain if he is shouting. She may have called him racist, to have a nice life or die something like that. I did here her call him a cunt. They were with him for 20 minutes trying to help. Whether this guy is homeless I don't know.

I don't care for Game Of Thrones, though I haven't watched it, I sound like those anti sjw snowflakes when talking about Captain Marvel. It looks boring. The songify thing is good and I am attracted to Emilia Clarke.
A customer was asking if we had any Steradent. We only had the mega pack where you get 100 tablets. She asks if we could take some out of there. No because that would fuck up the packaging and someone would not be getting the entire product. FML I did serve this gorgeous blonde with her equally pretty brunette friend. This other brunette wore a grey T-shirt showing off nice big tits. Nice girls at the gym as usual. I have ordered a replacement washer dryer they better ring me first about arranging a delivery date.

Some dumb conservative white people will be triggered by Shang Chi like they were with Black Panther. Also that sequel will have them squirming.
Yes, you guessed it. He is white.

Ben Shapiro, Meghan McCain, Jacob Wohl are cunts. They wouldn't know facts even if it hit them in the face like a pair of testicles. A hobby which they regularly partake in.

What kind of fuckery is this?

I get a missed call from Domestic And General. The number plays a message telling that they tried to call you. Pointless. I rang them to find they were telling me what the engineer had said.  I have already booked a delivery date and replacement. I was making the earlier call in my shop and didn't want to casually discuss my details as customers were browsing. Always ring me at the wrong time.
Someone claiming to be Hmrc talking of tax fraud 0300 202 0089 just called me. Can't connect the call when ringing back. Feedback for D&G 020 3318 2788. Stop calling me if it is not important.

This right winger making excuses for racism  A troll retweeting dumbass comments
Predictable what the suspect looked like.
A pathetic stalker. Hopefully arrested.

 So many hot bodies at the gym.  The tall blonde that I have checked out. Looks good. Another tanned blonde with a lovely ass. Spotted nice buns on a brunette in pink leggings.

I had nipped into work. A young lady had a dispute. She had given a £20 note and the sales assistant thought she gave £10. The manager had to sort it out. Later outside she was having a rant. Swearing in front of her child.

That box of 12 tissue packs wasn't collected. The customer never left their number just a name. The manager assumed it had been in a while and had to put them out onto the shelves due to lost sales. Well I am not getting the blame.

I didn't know about the local election until it was too late

At work Tango Victor warned me of a dark wavy haired white woman with a large bag. Entering the store with a man. Apparently a well known shoplifter. My colleague's had just arrived moments before. This mature couple paid at the till. I looked around to see who on Earth this
woman was on about.

He has the same name of someone I was at school with. He is a Ukip mp. Best to avoid.

The hot girl that works at Glebe House wanted to know if we had anymore of the Bondi Tanning Lotion. We did not. It was the last one. She mentioned how manky it looked. Seemed some content was missing. I thought I might see what the manager could do with it. Whether they could reduce the price. Nothing happened as it wasn't sold. She said something about me being a bloke. Like I wouldn't know. Waste of time.

Some weird white men in high vid sat in a white van. Stopped in traffic. I am crossing the small road nearby. The driver honks his horn. I look over. Both stick their arms in the air. What was the point? Loughborough, sometime after 12:30pm Meadow Lane. 3/5/19 Hyper Music - Muse

I don't agree with his political views or like the guy. But it is stupid egging or pouring milkshake over Yaxley. Don't be like the far right. 
My colleague tells me to keep an eye on this woman with a dog.  Ring three bells. I don't care for people's attitudes. Something was leaking. Trying to get the assistant manager's attention was frustrating. Two items fell from the shelf, difusee things. Regardless of how fast I wîorked, I end up staying. The overs basket was over filled. I was with a customer so could not answer the till. 
I hadn't read the label of the totes when I opened them. I was hoping to find a roll of security tags. It got put behind the till at the beginning. As the other cages were being bought it. I understand what the manager was saying. A few fragrances are missing from the high value tote.

I watched Jigsaw. A sequel/film based on the Saw series. I was surprised that this film was made. I wanted to see more gore and violence. The tension is there. A new game has begun. A detective has been called over to a situation. A man holds a trigger to a possible bomb. He doesn't have much time left. Meanwhile in an undisclosed location. Five people are in a trap, one of Jigsaw's games. There is always a twist in these films. There are clues about John Kramer's involvement. Good remake of the music. There will be more films. Good actors and effects. The coroner and his hot assistant are kept busy. His old friend from the war is also investigating. Tobin Bell, Laura Vandervoort.
Karma Police/Just by Radiohead Read the thread.
white fragility and tears. Laura Loomer needs to be put out of her misery. Stop begging for donations you whore and get a proper job.

The delivery was late. Items had to be dropped. Two cages in the back. At one point the banking is being done which I understand. Someone else should have been available to answer the bell. A queue formed. Some woman got the price wrong and so didn't want the item. Some guy doesn't say no thanks. Why do I only get a 15 minute break when I was here from 5am till much later?

My brother is messing around with the flush handle. One of them broke it. I could have fixed it in a quicker time. I have to use hygiene wipes on the tools.  Leave things lying about. Stop talking about it. Fishes out the screw from the bin. Goes into the bag to get something. Wash your hands. Wear gloves. Mum talking about getting someone to help. I wanted to view a Pornhub video but I get disturbed twice. Went back to adjusting the flush a few times. My former neighbour asked me if I had found a girl. Tells me that I should. Mind your own business. 

Danny Baker is a disappointment. Meghan McCain acts  a spoilt brat and her husband is a twat.

At Savers Health And Beauty: Ted Baker £9.99
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Thursday, 25 April 2019

A Dark March - Danger Mouse

There are these reviews, reactions, ending explanations and spoilers regarding #AvengersEndgame Many haven't watched it yet.

I want to go see the film. I could book the seats. If some arsehole sits in my seat which I have booked then I won't be pleased.
Waiting for the washing machine to be repaired.
We estimate our engineer will arrive between 11:43 and 14:43 on 29.04.2019 .
So I can't book a seat until I am free. The film is three hours long. I have to be up early for work tomorrow.
I asked for an engineer to come in the morning.
He had arrived. I mentioned this other fault on the phone and the advisor woman told me to tell the engineer when he arrives. He looks at his report and says that it doesn't say anything on the report. He would need to order parts. In future I should tell the advisor everything that is wrong with the product. I did do that. The advisor was at fault. It isn't my fault the machine is dirty. Now the machine can no longer be used. I will have to have a new one. He may have had a look of disdain on his face. It was a waste of time. I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one.
#AllLivesMatter for hair.

A load of bollocks Gerrard is a cunt like the people replying to his tweet. 
Some cunt named Joe retweets Blaze TV calling Obama devisive. Trump is though.
The entitlement and boundary issues of white people.
Someone suggests moving the university. Here is one of the idiots.

With the emergence of the new IRA. Do you think that every Irish Catholic will be blamed and expected to condemn the terrorist attacks? Like what happens with Muslims.

See her video 
Alan of Everyday damn fitness secretly has a bbw fetish. Would love to "top" Vshred and loves the sound of his own voice. 

I just watched Annihilation starring Natalie Portman and Oscar Isaac. A SciFi drama by Alex Garland. I was drifting off to sleep at some point. It is quite strange. A meteor or some strange thing crashed into a lighthouse. A weird phenomenon called The Shimmer exists. People that enter it never return. The biologist is trying to find out what happened to her husband. She goes as part of a team into the dangerzone. If you like Arrival, Lost, Solaris, Event Horizon, Cloverfield Paradox, Monsters then this is for you. You get this acoustic guitar song playing in certain scenes. Great special effects. Reality has been altered. Expect monsters. I will look at trivia and discussions.

My assistant manager joked don't you want to go home? Well there was a fucking queue and the tote needed finishing. Both former colleagues are working at a pharmacy. One was meant to do animal care and the other was law. Sharon that did work at at out store worked at Shoezone. She heard of a job going on at another business and told work she was on the sick and wasn't coming back. Noe maybe it was the Clinton Cards employee that mentioned that.

The romcom we have all been waiting for. You think that she'd get a proper job. Don't have kids if you can't afford them.
Universal Credit left me so poor I had sex with married man on Christmas Day for £20.” Charlotte, 27, says she now sleeps with 15 men a week for £150 a week because Universal Credit means she and her son would have just £1.64 a day to live on

Assassination Nation is a horror movie. If you have seen The Purge, Mom & Dad, The Crazies, Unfriended, Nerve, It Follows, Carrie, From Within, Springbreakers, The Bling Ring then this is for you. Unique soundtrack and cinematography. Sam Levinson created this. In the quiet town of Salem. An anonymous individual has hacked people's phones and computers. Releasing their darkest secrets. It causes chaos. A lot of finger pointing. Reminded of the witch trials. Lily is the protagonist. She narrates too. Becks is transgender. I hadn't been expecting that. A few other girls are part of the group. The worst of America thrown into a movie. Lots of violence. Nice end credits. 

Cast (64)

Ralph Breaks The Internet
Sarah Silverman, John C Reilly. So many references and in jokes. Plenty of attention to detail. Great getting some former Disney cast members back. Things have changed since the last film. There is an incident where the steering wheel for the Candy Race game is broken. The manager pulls the plug. Venellope and her colleagues are homeless. A WiFi hub has been set up. Ralph wants to help and a replacement is available on eBay. The two friends enter the internet. Challenges are ahead. Gal Gadot, Bill Hader, Jane Lynch, Alan Tudyk and more feature. Good soundtrack. 

My brother was asking me to make an appointment with the doctors for my mum. I should go with her. Or my other brother might take her. Thing is I am at work. You have to ring on the day. I asked why he can't do it. He says that he goes everywhere with her. That is not true and a cop out. You are off work so buck up your ideas and sort it out yourself.

 SciFi horror British film. David Bradley stars. It is Christmas day and Nick and Angie go to his parent's house. Angie is the only likeable character. There is some hostility towards her as she is Indian. There issues between grandpa, dad and son. They awake to find that the house is boarded up by some material. The TV screen is on and it displays instructions on what it wants people to do. Nice cinematography at the beginning. Good acting and special effects. You may have seen Demon Seed, Truth Or Dare, It Comes At Night, Saw, Dark Skies.

Twice I had to tell a customer about the paracetamol limit. You should know by now. One was telling me her sob story which I don't give a shit about. Management were talking about penis.
I served this hot brunette yesterday. That rude old man with the glasses goes "you what" no it's pardon. One young boy was throwing a tantrum. A customer was buying some items. She needed to get the money from her husband. He was being a dick. So she may have had to use her kid's money. It didn't have to happen.

This recruitment agency called the home phone and didn't say who they were looking for. I think they were just looking for commission. Cold calling.

Mortal Engines. Stars Hugo Weaving, Colin Salmon amongst others. The Irish actor Robert Sheehan playing Tom is handsome. Interesting concept. Good special effects. So far into the future. The people of the 21st century are referred to as the ancient ones. References to pop culture and tech from this era. Steampunk. Industrial meets Digital age. Cities on wheels. The villain Valentine oversees what happens in London. The continents have changed. Resources are scarce. Post apocalyptic drama. Hester is after revenge. I am fascinated by the character Strike. Ms Fan looks like she stepped out of The Matrix. Valentine's daughter is attractive. I will look at trivia, back stories and discussion about this film. Worth a look. You may have seen The Dark Tower, Mad Max.

I had this dream where I was floating across the pavement like Iron Man. A girl ran beside me like XS. Another scene there is a hole in the roof and it is raining. I was doing catering work for the agency and I was sent to a restaurant. There was a lady in charge. I had to get to the ground below by jumping to it. I served a table.

I have had a few texts from Royal Mail regarding items that I have not ordered.
Royal Mail estimates your item BM000632360GB from ELITE SUPERSTORES LIMITED will be delivered on 24-04-2019 between 10:52 and 14:52, unless we have alternative arrangements with you. For latest information visit https://ryml.me/?BM000632360GB&d8oSLKGSzNo
 The mayonnaise is strong. The snowflakes want to make it about themselves. They are the #alllivesmatter folk. Happy to ignore black excellence.
Join Puregym and use the code below.
Refer a friend using this code for a chance to win a prizedraw: 125P6554

My brother had disturbed me about four times. Makes some stupid mistake on an unimportant feedback form so he wanted to get a new one, Had the ordasity to ask me to get one from Nottingham. No thanks. I am wondering if someone has looked at my adult DVDs as the blue bag cover was on my bed. We were short staffed. The Supervisor thought the Assistant Manager had bought it on herself as she works long hours without taking a break. She fell I'll so an ambulance was called. Change was running low. Someone was shouting in town. The weather has been funny. I thought my D&G plan was ended but it wasn't. So I am being rotaed in for 6am on Saturday but am able to come in around 5. I want to get paid for that time. The delivery wasn't so late and I had to fuck around looking for a tote which was already in the cage. I end up moving the cage to one of the aisles when the delivery drivers should be doing it. Someone hadn't faced up and so a customer mistook the price of the item. Another customer wanted this nail gadget shown in the leaflet. We had a similar one. I was to scan it on the gun/ECG. The customer seemed impatient. Asked if I could check it on the till. If she didn't want it then it counts as a void. I was going to speak to the manager but she decides to buy it. People are just pissing me off. 

Someone Carl Benjamin would rape. She needed shooting.

White entitlement and fragility of this woman.
I instantly get asked to send money on payday. The answer is no. I was unfriended on Facebook. I didn't say anything wrong.

The change order that I handed in yesterday at the bank has been lost. They say that they don't have it at the bank. It should have been handed in before when collecting the money.

I got locked out of my Argos account when I entered the correct info. Try using the automated phoneline and got put through to an advisor.

Info found online as some customers ask about the difference between cetirizine and loratadine hayfever tablets.
One major difference between the two medications is their onset of action.Cetirizine relieves allergy symptoms in as little as one hour while loratadine may take up to three hours to be effective. The other difference is that cetirizine (blue) is more sedating than loratadine (green) and is more likely to cause drowsiness.
An unsavoury individual

Amazon Associate sent me a gift card. They had closed my account. So now they expect me to buy some shit. Just give me the cash you bellends.
See the replies. Candice will end up on Ghetto Gaggers.

So many of these dumb ass cunts leaving hate comments on The Young Turks videos.

If you are leaving death threats for Ilhan Omar then you are no better than the terroriss. You need executing.

Another mass shooting from a white terrorist. Ukip can not be taken seriously.
Robert E Lee was a child molester.

This guy is racebaiting and being dismissive.

The NRA has a power struggle. Maybe just have a shoot out at your convention. Just-Radiohead

Jim is a piece of shit that sends a message to a father who lost his daughter to a school shooting

White privilege and double standards when it comes to deportation

Some white middle aged woman with glasses bringing her basket forward when the black student wasn't finished. A young middle class blonde seemed miserable. A few more are like that. I served this hot blonde yummy mummy. Other customers are quiet. Don't give me that attitude. Are you cunts right wing? Do you think that you are superior?
A few Chinese students not saying No Thankyou. Well this one guy this time. Some hot brunette in the white sweatshirt I served.

More disturbances over a fucking email and feedback form. Google this and that. Linger around. I am eating.
Anna Paulina is a cunt. Harassing Kamala Harris. Attention seeker.