Monday, 30 November 2015

Passive- A Perfect Circle

Maggie: A horror starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Abigail Breslin. A father is in turmoil as his daughter had been bitten by a zombie and is infected. She will change and Wade wants to spend as much time with her as he can. You might like The Walking Dead, The Stranger, The New Daughter, Z Nation, Extinction, World War Z. Cert 15, 5053083037697 Universal Pictures 2014. It is more a drama. Slow moving. Something different for Arnie to be involved in. Normalises the horror genre. See how the people deal with living in a post apocalyptic world. The change from human to monster. How the infection is just like any other disease eg ebola, cancer etc. The music may be worth downloading.

Passive Always one staff member that is annoying. From talking too much to not using their initiative. One being rude and others helping themselves to food. The blonde with glasses seemed to put herself in charge. Why the unproffessionalism I don't know. Makes the other agency workers look bad. The fucking gates were locked on the way here and we could have been told about gate 4. There were sensors that open up the gate, again no one explained that. One car was on the pavement outside the office. It did annoy a few pedestrians. Not having a time sheet didn't help. Lack of communication from Berry. Kenneth Clarke was at the venue that I was working at. Shoplifters are despicable. One guy clearly off his head eating and wandering around. Another guy in a hoody that I should follow my hunch and there bell. Twat comes back in about having a security tag stuck to his foot, clearly he had nicked something. The police came as they had been in Barratts. Some teens were messing about. Why be nobs? There were four hot blondes that came into Savers at different times. One pretty brunette that was quite bohemian. The Christmas lights were turned on by Gem 106. Ringing up the automated Lloyds phone line is irritating. I did have a dream where shoplifters and skinheads with guests run amok. I seem to be possessed or the human incarnation of Lucifer.
‭+44 7734 038269‬ Text about free spins etc. I reckon as it is the middle of the night I should give them a call. Text them some of my links. Yet again the BBC subtitles have been going haywire. This segment about the Brits rowing across the atlantic are being interviewed from the airport. 'Tell us what is install' 'James Comey you did this challenge' some other things that I have forgotten. Often a delay in words appearing. I remember the other day a lady singing in the street that sounded like Karen Carpenter. As I passed the town hall there was a pretty, blonde busker.

I have just dreamt that I am in Loughborough, my home town. I come to the edge and I am at a fence. I look over it to see fields and to the right are train tracks. I climb over and find I am floating. I take some pictures using my phone. There are other people all of a sudden. I have taken pictures of them accidentally. A woman approaches me, a staff member of a store/police/security. As I have taken pictures of children I am in trouble. I end up killing her and I have an accomplice. Later on people especially her sister are wondering what happened to her as she hasn't been in contact. Her IPhone contains evidence. She was making a call at the time. I do watch a video near the end and she, her sister and grandmother all dead. They are singing a song and forgive me. I later am at what may be a job centre. Sat on a bench. I get into conversations with the people beside me. Asking about future plans. The Devil In I ‭020 3634 9722‬ is some automated number.