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Speak Softly Love - Andy Williams


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What right wing numpty created this? Looks like Gillian Anderson This woman is an arsewipe. White supremacist Karen So much for being Pro Life. bunch of clowns Gal Gadot to play Cleopatra. Some interesting info. Whilst others like the rightwingers want to behave like twats. People might try to cancel Bill. He was speaking facts. I did have some weird dreams. One was of a former assistant manager. She had two children. I was attracted to her. Also a Avengers Endgame but these were deleted scenes which were live action later animated. A few of my brother's friends were dead in various circumstances. People discovered my blog. I mistakenly called a creature Swamp Thing as this was this MCU. I had an anthology on Saturday. People are strange
Tinder is nonsense to be honest. I am sharing links on there. I don't expect to be matched. I was awoken after 3am as my mother was talking to herself. Nice tits Some people are pathetic. Tone deaf Trump supporters are such Karens Proving Bill's point. Tim is a cunt Arsewipes in the replies being homophobic And God apparently is? You're all subscribed to transgender porn. She blocked me on my other account as I tagged her for tweets that she should see. Some people stop and have a chat whilst I happen to be coming down the street. Also got told that the Tesco trollies were unlocked by a staff member. But they weren't.
Maybe because I had taken a screenshot. I did put #blacklivesmatter on my profile. Links to my sites or my photos.


Name and shame. Contact people that know them.
Someone must have reported my account. So I used this site that was recommended to create a new one. I've got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one. Xenophobia and racism in the comments. White nationalists behave in the same way. Wonder how much hate will be posted in response to this? Sort of stuff the woman is retweeting. There is a woman on Tinder called Hannah that I have served at work and seen at the gym. She is hot, blonde, 39. She must get lots of attention.Seeing this article on Tinder and Black lives matter answers a few questions I have stated that I am not interested in becoming a parent. It's not my fault that your marriage didn't work out. Your kids are your problem. Some woman named Tomy is offering escorting services. 

Check out Caroline Ost on Twitter.

Slave of 2 floofs. Zero tolerance of antisemites, antivaxxers, racists, homophobes, islamophobes and other haters



I was following her for a short while and then look at her timeline. She follows this person. Check out Rivkah #FreeRabbiZvi ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง❤️๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ❤️๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡ช❤️๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ญ๐Ÿ•Š on Twitter.

#Zionist #Bibi #Trump #NRA #BanFarrakhan #BackTheBlue #CancelArielGold #NavidAfkari #StopExectionsInIran #IsraelUAEPeace ๐Ÿ•Š❤️#NotWoke #KingdomWithPavlavi ๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน 

I knocked at the neighbours as it was after 6pm. I wanted to ask to borrow the ladder in advance. People were home but no one answered the door. 

There is hardly any communication between me and relatives on Facebook. Even former colleagues and friends. I really am an outcast. 

Non natives are tonedeaf White supremacist

Twilight fans are tonedeaf  

Weird Another one of those "it's gay for men to..." dumbass tweets. Always Americans coming up with those. Donald Trump, Lawrence Fox, Tommy Robinson if Cancer, Covid19, Aids was a person. Looking through the quoted tweets and I had found a clown. Antiblackness comes screaming out Casual racism in the comments Makes you wonder what these people are on.... A white supremacist runs that account as does this one. The guy claimed to be about inclusion but then posts antiblackness on his timeline. More nonsense Arseholes in the thread. Stupid people can't be faithful.

The irony of the colonisers talking about the great replacement. 

a gay white man in America is still a white man in America 

America already has had four years of FEAR under Trump. Most of the people in the crowd are antiblack. 

Matt is gay. Daisy is stupid. People are bringing up this old tweet. I followed him for a few minutes. Bizarre. My brother slamming the door makes noise. Mum doing something annoying. You flushed the toilet. Did you go wash yourhands? "fill kurr" "dimme dimme brush kurr" Both should shut up or move out. These white supremacists are trash. Like black feminists and recently as Bill Burr said. These white women support white supremacy. The guy just proved their point by retweeting this. Dragging black women for no reason. Check out Biggie Longs on Twitter. New to this Twitter Thing. UnProblematic. Pro-Black & Black 1st. #FBA #WPS ๐Ÿ— R.I.P Nipsey ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฟ R.I.P Kobe & GiGi Interesting choice of username. As someone pointed out that the guy came to the US in 2002. The white people agreeing with Erroll in the quoted tweets. I was trying to fix the toilet. Certain tools are missing. My mum keeps asking same old phrase. It has started raining. More bull. Trump supporters will be fine rioting by themselves. The fascists in the comments are buying into this bullshit. Bunch of white supremacists.

Try him in court as a black man 
Yet again my mum was talking to herself. Has to be some antiblack Karens reporting my account. I am thinking that she is a Terf. She is getting rationed. Anyhow I matched with someone on Tinder. It is kind of racist where you would not date an entire race. White women pull this type of shit. Also the sense of entitlement. Like the incels that can't take rejection. There are people who only date within their own race who get upset over anyone in interracial relationships. Plenty of Karens. More xenophobia retweeted by two people that I follow. The other seems to hate black women. 

I unfollowed them. 

Again with the stupidity. Americans really are oversensitive. Why the fuck is he on the show? See the tweet from Julia which is also a lie. Heterosexuals in the replies and quotes are feeling threatened.

Using the Twitch app and in one video you are watching paint dry.

I hope that someone tags the original creators. More things that men aren't supposed to do... These fragile males are the weakest links. Getting offended over this tweet. These people have no self control o understand what consent is.

A few of the replies to that gym tweet. Potential rapists in the making. 


Not you making the racist a victim... 86 likes on my Tinder account. You have to purchase the Gold subscription. So those likes may disappear.

Green Lantern video and these whiny bitches are moaning about the race of a character  Some Nerdette Newstand mentioned the term sjw in a video. I wasn't going to watch it. Probably another white supremacist. 
The arsewipes in the replies.

A fair few attractive women in the gym. The brunette in all grey kit with a nice body. 

He needs to stop being an arsehole with his plantation shit. Barrett is just another Karen whitesplaining.

For a better understanding of the supreme courts


I am sure that he lives in India but anyway a daft tweet. Aunt Jemima A fragile fascist It's what the white supremacists do. These guys are definitely antiblack and islamophobic.

Another right winger  Are people really expecting reparations from Trump? 

Seriously some people... A bit of a reach. Constant smear campaign against Biden and Harris. Looks like those folks doing will vote for Trump. They'll go into Karen mode when things don't go their way. Looking at all the tweets and seeing the many videos that get posted on YouTube it's just a rumour. So it isn't happening. "Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield may join Tom Holland in next Spider-Man" Woman keeps talking to herself. Neighbour won't probably answer the door. The weather is sunny. White supremacist making stuff up again. What a fucking moron. Looking at the thread and other tweets appearing on my timeline. Best of luck America.

I remember this dream where a woman that I worked for years ago. We were hanging out and she was rimming me and I had to go. Tall pretty slim brunette in her thirtees. 

I have Streamlabs on my phone. I am trying to play Sims Build City. I am not getting far. Nothing is streaming on Twitch. May just uninstall. Looking at Gta 5 and there is some bizarre role playing going on. This Destiny streamer is a white supremacist The women do seem to have their tits out. So if Trump wins the election. He'll pull the plug on this deal with Ice Cube. Police will continue their brutality. Maga cunts will act up especially if Biden wins. The coons voting for Trump will moan about white supremacy. Well you voted for him. The term nonblack is retarded. Stop saying black people can't be racist when everyone can. 

Weren't you all just praising Ice Cube for working with Trump and others are going to vote for him. Fragile rightwingers flooding the replies. Here are some other imbeciles.

 Alot of the ados folk seem to be xenophobic. 

She should hate those specific people and not an entire race. I guess that as a white woman she believed her experience outweigh those of the black students. She is educating people and I see the body shaming happening here. Like Bill Burr said. White woman invades a space, doesn't get what she wants and plays the victim. I'm sure that I had seen this tweet before. If you're having girl problems I feel bad for you son I got ninety-nine problems but a bitch ain't one #Alexa play Cry Me A River by Justin Timberlake

I remember you telling me that you felt sick as you were looking at me. We were on the bus during the 90s. 

I tried DJ Studio 5. It crashed twice so I uninstalled it. Done with Real Drum app. It was pretty good. There is the music creator one which seems to have a glitch. It's called Song Maker. I tried 64 In 1. It comes to weird screen and that's it. Useless. 

Drug usage, forcing someone to do what they don't want to do and domestic abuse. Some women will make excuses for her or blame the boyfriend. 

Looks like he has some people triggered. He meant some of the men shitting on black women. Really though? It's the rightwingers that do that. I was at Tesco. This attractive black girl was talking to me. She works there. I had my earphones in which I should have removed earlier. I did. She did have her arms crossed as she is leant up against the rail. Not very professional. A blonde that I recognised let me exit the aisle. A tall blonde at the gym seems to be smiling when I look over. Not sure what it's about. I walked by a guy with a large dog. A van was passing and I was under a tree. I felt something on my gloves and bag. I don't know if something was thrown at me or rain water just fell. The guy was looking in my direction. The leaves or whatever coming off the tree. I tried other apps which were useless. A friend of Isaacs? Misogynior and xenophobia in the comments. One of the things was of convicted sex offenders living in their own city. This is one woman wanting to resort to violence. Karen may have replied to the tweet. But I don't read notifications. Someone pointed out this gem. This isn't helpful. People keep going on about her identity. Her dad is black and mum is Asian. So someone biracial isn't allowed to belong to any community? People are such clowns. It is a play date. Drixxy seems to be sexualising children. I ordered pizza online. Paid via PayPal. The guy had the receipt and was asking for money. My mum was getting the money. I had to show him my PayPal transaction to prove that it was paid for. This was Maxin. Someone hadn't communicated to the driver. The transaction was taking a while.

Strange tweet. Also Alison Clifford let her fragility show. Stupid tweets like this mostly from African American women.

A man struggling with his mental health and the various responses that followed. This is what social media should be about.  

Found what I was looking for

The guy's onlyfans  

He seems to be getting alot of love. White supremacist glorifying criminals. The borderline homophobia in this thread. Definitely Trump supporters. He could always make his own food. I could see where he was going with this. He did block me on my old account. Time to unfollow him. Ignorant replies too. Tariq and his followers always showing xenophobia and homophobia. Lack of empathy. Alison Clifford behaving like the people against interracial relationships that throw out names like bedwench and swirlers. Hopefully someone murders these shoplifters. A pensioner is dancing. It's his Twitch channel. In the chat section. Saw the ageist comments from that Juzzy fella. All he had to do was move onto the next stream. People are free to have fun. The rap event would have been shut down even before the pandemic. People turning up without tickets. Aren't folks adhering to Covid19 restrictions? Midwest Direct That smile. America says Cheers to Kirstie I was curious as a few accounts use the word Spoonie. A “spoonie” is a term used by people with chronic illnesses. It stems from lupus blogger Christine Miserandino who explained her lack of energy using spoons. Endometriosis is a chronic illness that often causes chronic pain and fatigue. Native American girl. 9 posts so far, all lingerie. Not worth the £12.99 Hopefully she will have nudes. She does customs.
Digital Blackface and aave Tomi will always be full of shit. Seeing who Marla follows.... widgets.js" charset="utf-8"> Might be playful but still colourist. Julie Nolke is attractive but some of her content is hit n miss. A second thread and she posts this. Report her for spam. She has done it several times. I'm using her tweet to share my links. White women.... See some of the qt and replies. White supremacists are in agreement. Ignorant comments from these weak links White supremacist loves Paedophiles Subscribe to this website for great music. This woman is attractive. Doing stretches and other things. I personally wouldn't watch an entire stream. Look at Zachary's timeline Anyhow you can check out my channel Terrorist enablers Gretchen does look like Alyson Milano. This could have been done for clout. Some women suggesting what they would do to a spouse. Men claimed attempted murder. I have just got Ace Live Stream which I had a black screen. So nothing is being recorded. Bigo Live has a load of games however I selected two which weren't available. I seem to have these women following me. Fake or genuine? I posted a photo which was deleted and my account restricted. Attractive Australian woman. The chat is weird. Monday 19th October 2020 I really should have Challenge 25 two customers. One bought a lighter and another a box of matches. I just thought little of it. I gifted subs on Twitch. Hachubby actually thanked me. It is weird hearing my username. A woman was paying by card but needed some change. Could not do it. I was in the middle of serving and a Muslim woman asks loudly if we have batteries. Someone that I know who lives down the street. She wanted some leaflets. I was still serving. I gave her some and went to get more. The stack was were I was serving. More of these morons saying "just this". Tuesday 20th October 2020 This guy with cropped brown hair. He was paying by card but needed change for the launderette. He became frustrated. Well you should have sorted something before. I get invited into different chat rooms. Imagine a zoom call type situation. One it was African Americans and some guy wanted beat another up. Then in another a few Black British folk. A guy working in B&q. He just imitated the woman making the announcement over the tannoy. Is he working or on his break? I knew what accent it was. "no disrespect to my Indian people" others found his imitation funny. It was racist.
This guy...
As soon as a Pakistani guy enters. The accent is imitated and they seem to bully the guy. Casual racism. One is a graphic designer. I reported the people involved. Think they would know better. That Bipoc solidarity right there. Livingin North and West London. What I was worried about when joining social media platforms is the racism. These individuals are irrelevant. #NOWPLAYING️ Karma Police by Radiohead Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk. John Cole in the comments being an idiot Now people will come for interracial relationships. Terrorist activity Seems you can't post any pics of your choice. Bigo is acting like Onlyfans. Why is a teenager messaging me? Watch extralivia with me on Twitch! gifted a sub and was mentioned in two streams. Someone gifted me a sub so I am subscribed. I should stop now. I did one final one and it took the lady by surprise. She was talking about my username. Wednesday 21st October 2020 A black guy in his twenties. He was in store. He needed advice on working up the career ladder. I did tell him a few things but I am not the best at this. He is hoping to speak to me again. He had mental health issues which I can relate to. That loud guy named Bashir was with his mum. He had his umbrella open indoors. His mum was still looking and a young lady was waiting in the line. Two Asian girls asking me for a carrier bag near the end of the transaction. A woman that wanted to return the batteries and asx she did not have the receipt the assistant manager would not allow it. The Asian lady claimed that this makeup item was in the bargain box at a £1. It scanned at £2.49. A goodwill gesture was done. She did come back and hoped to get another item reduced. Another member of management dealt with her and explained the price. The lady lost interest. According to the manager the lady may have moved the price point. Again some customer would want me to scan the item without touching it. Explain the logic. I did not go gym as I was tired. I plan to do it though. Some fella waiting for his friend seemed to be against masks. Something about breathing in carbon dioxide. Rachel the shoplifter came in. But was deterred. She hates black people. Vile idiots in the quoted tweets. Hate and misinformation. She should not have spat on him. Especially during a pandemic. He should have not pushed her off. A white woman went to help her. The Asian man is asked what is wrong with him. This was a racist crime too. People in the quoted tweets blame her. She might be Asian herself. Dumb take Thursday 22nd October 2020 Served a tall black guy, a student. Asked if he wanted the receipt but he was on his way out without answering. A mature Muslim woman had cut in line as I expected as she was looking at disposable gloves. Another customer handed them to her. She didn't have the money. The other customer said that she lacked manners. A white elderly lady had cut in line and the younger pensioner told her their was a queue. A mature woman asked why the signs had been removed. People don't social distance or follow the one way system. Friday 23rd October 2020 The middle class blonde mature woman came in. She is quite abrupt. Tells me how kind I am but will shout someone over with no hesitation. Needed someone to fetch neutral shoe polish. I rang for a staff member to help. No one answered. One person in the toilet. Two in the office sorting rotas. So the customer went over and bought back black polish. She thought it ridiculous that we didn't have any and if I could ask them to get some in. She demands. I look to find something with all colours written on it. She didn't want anything else as sas promo offers. I was OK until having to deal with her. I got 99 problems and a bitch is one. I had spilt my poppers. Also try streaming on Bigo Love. I don't chat. It might be useless. I will uninstall. I don't like the Trumps but I believe this could be lies from an ex mistress. Weird take... Interesting to see the response to this Though it was an interesting letter. He probably would have stayed quiet had it been about a vote for Trump. It gave off the "shut up and dribble" vibe. He is the ceo. More of his background says alot. Karen would like to speak to the manager. Police working with white supremacists. Killing in the name. Too many fools posting videos and blogs about Tobey Maguire in the Mcu with Andrew and Tom. I knew it weren't gonna happen. #Youcanrestnow At Puregym I noticed the blonde woman with glasses putting the 10kg dumbells back on the rack without sanitising them. She did go onto using them again. The Adult Time videos on Pornhub are catered towards women. You just lose your erection and the poppers not giving a high. The irony being the ones complaining about cancel culture and going after Chris Pratt were the same ones attacking Brie Larsson. 50Cent might leave the country if Trump loses. He won't leave. They say it for attention. Pokimane is attractive if a little annoying. White terrorists trying to hijack and sabotage a movement. Jinnytty brought it on herself. Regarding the scooter incident. Racist should have been filmed. He is free to put whatever he wants on his dating profile. I am done.