Saturday, 28 March 2020

Breed - Nirvana


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Under the replies this American Idiot denies it happened. Doesn't like the word Muslim being used.

See the thread. There is no giveaway.
Animal Crossing New Horizon available on Amazon

I had listened to this album back in the day. Recently downloaded a few tracks.  

Attractive family especially the mother and daughters.
Either the brother Brandon does it for content or he really is controlling. 

Anyway this is a good video.

Download the song here

James McAvoy on Amazon

I like that Jyoti has always been independent.

Stallone has hot daughters

Racial tones of the tweet and replies.
The irony of using the Anti Asian Racism tag when you are retweeting hateful tweets. The followers will buy into it.
Karma Police/All You Fascists/Racist People/Cavemanic

I saw some longwinded video about Ryan Reynolds and then found his actual message which is short.

I had this dream where there was a school/college. Think of X-men. There were spells being done and this eight foot robot was bought to life. It was possessed by a demon. It took charge. Had the face of Anne Hathaway at a point. The cast of the Inbetweeners were in a car with friends. They would go to the house but were trapped. I was there too. Some teens were hurt by the beast.

My colleague had been feeling sick and would not be able to come in. He was told that he would need to come in. The supervisor was coming via train, with the current situation he was running late. A brunette woman was asking me about the lockdown and it something I didn't know. She came back later asking if we sold shopping trolleys or where to get one. 

Amazon: arts and crafts via @amazon #BOYCOTTHOBBYLOBBY #hobbylobby

Rightwingers being hypothetical. Irony of the replies. Muppets.

Xenophobic moron Neil Russell needs to choke on a bag of dicks.

The Grudge 2020. A horror remake. I believe that it acknowledged the older films. Sam Raimi was also involved in the making of this. I had not recognised Andrea Riseborough. I kept thinking that it was Anne Heche. Lin Shaye, John Cho also star. It does a few flashbacks. Tells the stories of victims of this curse. How they are all connected. I like the end credits song. Nice how there is silence during the credits. Good effects and jump scares. I was hoping for more graphic violence. You have a business woman that visited the haunted house in Japan. She needed to get back to the US. There is the young couple expecting a baby. Married pensioners getting a visit from a support worker. The main protagonist is a police woman. She has a son. They have only moved to the area. She partners up with the local detective. There is the haunted house which she decides to investigate. I wasn't sure what to expect with remakes. I am a horror fan. I will look at trivia and discussions. Feel free to see the rest of my blog.

Copied part of a tweet and changed it: An elderly man from Turkey under quarantine couldn't leave his home to get food so he called the local police. When they arrived, they shot him.
Nadia really is a fucking idiot.
Right wingers always send hate comments.

This homeless/beggar man was asking people for money. I told him that I didn't have any. I should have said no. Asks if I could get some. So I went to the cash machine. Gave him a note. Should have just walked in the other direction. Spending night on the streets. It wasn't for drink or drugs. He did head off in another direction. I won't give any money to him if I seer him again. I end up having to work tomorrow as my colleague has an exam. These customers really ignore the notice telling them of a limit. A woman at Wilko did ask me to observe the 2 metre social distance rule. The guy in front moved forward so I did but then it seems he went back. Must be consistent and strict. 
This non binary thing is stupid.
Read the thread.
This is stupid. Must be fake news. BBC likes to smear Labour.

Again people don't read the signs. This slim blonde woman had two. Says that one would not be enough. She has five kids. How the fuck is it my problem? A  stocky blonde woman got three handwashes, says "oh no" and goea to put two back. Others seem like they beg, ask for a favour or want in two transactions. One sent her daughter to get another toilet wipe. I knew though. My supervisor should have kept himself busy. He says that he is bored. Should not be leaving the till area. The two shoplifter couple come in and I am told to keep an eye on them. Management are meant to act. Twice in Wilko customers are queuing to the side and I am in a straight line. I let them go before me. The auditor would visit and they check security footage. There was a lack of professionalism shown by management. Assistant manager shows her bottom lip tattoo as the lady has her back turned. The woman was disappointed over the items we did not have. A gentleman needed two Calpol for children of different ages. He mentioned it to the supervisor. He was friendly and understanding. He was leaving. The supervisor flips the bird. Imagine if another customer saw this? Also you are not supposed to touch your face. She did say fuck off loudly when we closed for break. A customer rattled the door. I was finishing off the delivery. What should have happened was other staff come out onto the shop floor. My colleague could go home on time. I did serve this interracial couple. The white girl has a nice ass. This tall black female student paid by card and then asks if she can have change from her note. I could not open the till. She needs to go to the bank.

I had a dream where I had been working at Lemyngton. I went back to Loughborough. They had moved. Many new staff members. Lots of delivery stock not worked. I then find I am in a school.I wanted to get out. I am walking like an old man down the street. Pennywise the clown is headed in my direction. Another clown next to him spins, as if doing cartwheels. Pennywi se as played by Tim Curry. I wasn't going to fall for his tricks. 

This video shows up in my recommendations. Diversity is not toxic. Some buffoon named Travis Hammer thinks it is code word for anti white which it isn't. American Idiot - Greenday The MeToo movement is brought up in the comments.

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Joe Exotic is a clown. The moment that says the N word, he gets mauled by a tiger.

Asians have nothing to do with it. This guy is a dumbass. Fails to see the irony in calling out racism.

Strange tweet from two straight women.
She is pretty.

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Just test in it France.
My mum asks if I am alright. I am in bed. The door is closed. It is 7:30am. So she opens the door. People are sleeping. Stop disturbing everything.

Rip to Bill Withers
The neighbours are arguing. Is she possessed? Calm the fuck down. I had to google what Rip Chris and Kev was about.

People are remembering Kurt Cobain
A beautiful baby. Some people are questioning her parenting. Plenty of neck floats for babies on Amazon.

Sunday, 22 March 2020

Children Of The Grave - Black Sabbath


You should see the comments under the video

Buy Music CDs at CD Universe. Audio Samples and Reviews Available on Music New Releases

New Releases Top Sellers Future Releases
Blu-ray TV on DVD Top Box Office

Browse Categories: Action/Adventure, Box Sets, Childrens, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Romance, Science Fiction, UMD Video
Amazon : gym exercise equipment via @amazon #coronavirus With the gyms being closed, if you are training at home.

Tyler Oakley and other celebrities don't owe the public anything. The general public don't owe the celebrities anything either. Especially the ones making those corona virus videos.
Why is there a poop challenge?

This brunette woman had bought two handwashes and I noticed that her daughter had two. I should have said something. The limit is two. She is taking the piss. The manager had come in to help with the delivery even though it is her paid holiday. Apparently her partner wasn't letting her go early. What the hell is wrong with him. The delivery was large and would take long. Some of the customers clearly don't read the sign and stand there and try the door. 

The council tax was backdated to 2011. It is a large amount. My youngest brother and I will pay our share. The younger brother that asks for money needs to pay back what he owes and not ask for anything else. I will have to work as many hours as I can get. 

Davit Arubuli or something associated with this video.
The poppers I was using which was mixed was wearing off. Not much in the bottle. Leaves burn marks around the nostrils. The caucasity of the replies dismissive of racism.

The models don't always get the type of attention that they were looking for. The response that she posted had people missing the point. It can be amusing. Though it'll come down to slutshaming.

Coronavirus: Those men with boundary issues are now going to have to be social distancing from women. Mind you they will still be sending messages on social media.

Club Classique in Loughborough

Things have now changed. My work rota. The opening hours are different. Limit on people entering the store.

Jodie Carney and Morgan Findlay think this is acceptable. The caucasity. Uses the nword and wears fake tan

The council office is closed to the public. Which means that I could not get through on the phone.
According to comments they went on holiday during the pandemic. They are quarantined there. See the replies.
My nose does leak. It's because of dry burnt skin from using poppers. It will heal if I don't pick at it.
Read the entire thread. Sale
Head office and the government see us as an essential store, so... Why the fuck do you continue to talk to yourself. Do you not know there is a lockdown? Means no going outside. I mopped the floor and told you not to go into the kitchen but you do it anyway. Now another family member raising his voice. Going to repeat some shit. 
My mum did go for a bath early. My brother us shouting through the door to fill the bowl and moaning. Keeping me up. Do you not use logic or consideration?

I had this dream featuring Matt Ryan and Keanu Reeves. Both played John Constantine. There was an angel present. Some guy was possessed by a demon. Ends up shooting himself.

Message from Boots.

It was pointless being open. One colleague asked these young students to wait outside as there was a max limit of people within the store. I heard the girl say to her friend "that was rude" A pensioner coughed and a blonde woman walking past made a comment. The OAP asked her not to be rude. I was serving a lady and the elderly gentleman stood close to her. She stepped away from him making some comments. My other colleague was hoping some people outside would get the coronavirus. A customer was being served. Some people are buying over the limit. A pensioner thought it ridiculous that he had to wait outside. Well there is the virus and socially distancing. A man tried to get 4 paracetamol and there is a sign saying 1 only.

There at work on Friday. There are signs that say 1 per customer. This ginger haired man gets two. I tell him and like a twat he gestures at the shelf that there is so many there. I ended up serving him. It was beside the point he was making. Some had two handwash which I had already put through and a lady got two baby wipes. Do people not read?  The door could be locked with a sign saying 10am opening time and people can't read. A sign for the paracetamol had gone up from 25p to 29p. I rang for management. My colleague asks "did you just ring for management because of a void?" No one asked you and I don't need to explain myself. Her gay friend seems a nob. "Felt like I waited a lifetime" further comments about social distancing. Well there was a max limit of customers. So there are rules now due to the coronavirus. She was meant to be working the delivery. Car did not work. Couldn't get hold of an uber or taxi. Would take 45 mins to walk here in the dark. She could be on her own. We would finish anyway. The assistant manager was having some joke and would take her time when I needed things to be done as did some customers and workmen. Someone should have been watching the door as I had customers to serve. So would have swept and mopped the store but didn't. A guy bought two Lemsip and a Beecham's after I had limited him to 1 pack of paracetamol. I should have been consistent. FML. We were heading for the door. We were closed. Signed out. Colleague unlocked the door as the alarm would be set and we had two people there asking if we were open. I've got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one.

Moron suggesting the victim of racism is to blame for racism.
This twat is not a poc.

Pokimane, Valkyrie and Sweet Anita are attractive internet personalities. You can see why they have a large following.
Kennedy Walsh and her mother are attractive. Only interesting thing about the video.

Sunday, 15 March 2020

Ann Peebles - I Can't Stand The Rain

I have just watched Stephen King's Doctor Sleep. It is the sequel to The Shining. Ewan McGregor, Rebecca Ferguson and other fine actors. Nice special effects, cinematography, soundtrack and acting. A creepy horror. Mr King would be proud. Danny is now a grown man. Still carrying his special gift. Homeless and has a drink problem. In another part of the country are a group of individuals. Also gifted. They have had long lives. They feed on children. Stealing their essence. References are made to the first film. They wanted to do it in Kubrick's style. It is a long film, over 2 hours. I recommend that you see this movie. I enjoyed many of Stephen King's books. One girl named Abra has powers and Danny must get to her before the villains do. I am going to look at the trivia and discussions. Rebecca is hot as always. Cast. Ewan McGregor. as Danny Torrance. Rebecca Ferguson. as Rose the Hat. Kyliegh Curran. as Abra. Carl Lumbly. as Dick Hallorann. Zahn McClarnon. as Crow Daddy. Emily Alyn Lind. as Snakebite Andi. Bruce Greenwood. as Dr. John. Jocelin Donahue. as Lucy.


Weird how there wasn't much change and customers paying with notes when coins or card are easier for small purchases. Lots of people turned up to get toilet roll, soap and if there were any hand sanitiser. Panic buying is stupid. One pensioner was offered a bag but she didn't want one if she had to pay for one. She throws her reciept back into the basket and doesn't take it. FML it is the law now. One man didn't say anything to me when he came to the till. Not my fault the queue was long. The delivery was 3 hours behind schedule. I did not get to take a break. My colleague was coughing. She did go to the toilet. Needed to sanitise her hands. I am definitely quitting this job. Some people took their time. I ought to be consistent when limiting paracetamol based products. Some people take the piss. Offer SAS as normal even if working a delivery.

Advocating for theft. See the replies. Just use a food bank. Had to unfollow.

I don’t know who needs to hear this but if you don’t have money for food, steal.
9:25 PM · Mar 15, 2020
I recently bought these books from Amazon

Tariq and his followers sure are supportive of Andrew. Though he is pro black. There seems to be xenophobia, racism towards other ethnicities and homophobia.  
One seems to blame Sadiq Khan and another dislikes Aoc. Idris Elba like Tom Hanks has Covid19. Celebrities are more important it seems. You will get some inappropriate comments. Africa is free of the virus. Corona is racist. It doesn't like black people. Joke BTW.

Hudgens was ill informed. She apologized. Hailey is just trolling. It was not misogynistic.

Replying to
I try not to take advice from people with a high “like” to word ratio

Approved by the CDC

The delivery was big. It was late too. The driver had a problem with the platform lift at the back of the lorry. A sign was put up saying that we were opening at 11am. People would come to the door. Ask when we open. Even rattle it as it was actually locked. Some of the staff were shouting and swearing about and at the customers. I am sure that they would have heard it. Maybe they will have contacted head office. At 6.30am whilst we were having the cages bought in. Three different people had entered the store to ask if we had hand sanitisers. We weren't even open for business. A large queue had formed. They even barged at the door.  All the toilet roll was sold out. Some customers wanting to buy more than two paracetamol for family members. However it is the law. So there. I didn't take a break. Had the new supervisor been working she would have made a complaint or handed in her notice. My young colleague was being miserable. All I said was bye and that I would see her next time. She was late for her shift on Tuesday. A work experience lad had come in and he was being shown around. He had seen the level of stock to be worked. He had told the assistant manager that his mum and sister had symptoms of the corona virus. He was coughing too. So he Now he could be lying. Why turn up and put others at risk? I would hope to see more professionalism in future.

So much for compassion from this numbnuts. See how dismissive these people are of racism.
The manager let out a large moan as she was supposedly on conference call. I wasn't told. I had to get management as a customer decided not to get the cough mixture which was £5.99. A tag for it hadn't been put out. Another forgot her purse. Then someone dropped her micellar water causing a spillage. Not my fault. Many people asking about hand sanitiser, toilet roll, handwash and paracetamol when it was obvious that we didn't have any. Colleague was moaning in front of customers. Some have noticed. People saying "just this" but I should offer SAS anyway. This supposed shoplifter with a beanie hat, he overheard his description on the security radio. He corrected everyone. I found a few tags which had been torn off the product and items were stolen. Some people have an attitude. I should limit the laxatives sold.

There are precautions being at Puregym. Social distancing. Classes cancelled. Maximum 100 people capacity. Sanitiser gel and sprays with paper towels. Some equipment is further apart or one at a time usage. A person had left a Samsung pen which is for the mobile phone. All staff were busy. I left it by the office door.

I got a call from this number. I didn't bother answering it.
I still get asked for money. The delivery was cancelled. I am asked to work tomorrow as staff will go to Leicester with what is happening at their store. Stacy Drogo could be a troll account or just a white supremacist.

Peaches has a nice pussy. However it is not acceptable to flash at someone especially a minor. She has done it before. If she were a man they would arrest her.
My mum has been talking to herself. It is late at night.Starts up again. Laura Ingrown-Toenail needs to shut up and dribble over a black cock. Karen wants to speak to the manager. White supremacists sure are idiots.
I served someone at work that looked like Rick Grimes. I may have worked with this guy. Some staff swearing when there are customers about. Weird singing shit going on. I get asked the same question by a customer about sanitiser and wipes. The new supervisor has quit already. Didn't even work a notice. Sent a text to the manager on the day she was supposed to be working. The manager had to come in on her day off. Also working the delivery on her paid holiday. She still acted a twat. Telling the assistant manager how to do her job. Thanks alot Faye. Colleague is supposes to be working the delivery. Another had gone back home as the University is in shutdown due to the corona virus. The same chap came to the store twice asking about face masks. I had already told him. A blonde woman that wore gloves was covering her face, there were two Chinese people wearing masks being served by me. She did uncover her face once they had gone. Some Chinese woman was asking about a bin or something to do with eating. She was wearing a mask so it was hard to make out. A European woman with a scarf around her face suggested that we limit the sales of sanitary towels. It is up to head office. Other places could be on lockdown. My place of work could shut and I would be working elsewhere. It isn't the first time this has happened to me. Earlier in the week. A European woman petted a guide dog. You must not do that.

I see some recommended video about woke Marvel characters. Just another whiney individual. This black American just being casually racist to Asians because the Kpop fans are after him.

They are blaming the Chinese government but others wrongly will blame the race.
This Gareth John Edwards is a muppet as is the racist in the van filming and commenting.
Some clout chaser probably put this note up on a shelf to sabotage a business.
At PureGym we remain committed to doing everything we can to continue supporting our members, colleagues and self-employed personal trainers during these challenging times. Following Government instruction, we have closed our gyms temporarily. YOU WON'T PAY WHILE YOUR GYM IS CLOSED We have automatically stopped your payments so there is nothing for you to do. When your gym is back open, we will credit your first payment by any outstanding amount from your current monthly subscription.