Sunday, 23 July 2017

Baccara - Yes sir I can boogie

It is 2:30am and I was awoken to the sound of my brother raising his voice more than once. My mum is having a bath and he doesn't seem to give a shit. Should have recorded him and post it on SoundCloud.

I just saw a shooting star at 3:50am That hairdye thief had been in and no one had recognized him. I got a lecture on slagging staff members off on social media. I think that is bollocks and hypocritical. A Perfect Circle - Passive

I am having to give advice on privacy of Facebook. I throught that the chap sat across would say something but in response he was told to do one. Talking abit much. Got to get going. Been on delivery far too long. No money to spend. 

Is Love Racist? The Dating Game Ch4. The presenter Emma Dabiri is attractive. So is Precious the model. Picking names the blonde says Oliver would be blonde blue eyed, pretty much the average. Mohammed and Cheung were the least popular.
A white male has a thing for Asian girls as they're submissive. That will go down well on Twitter. Stereotypes and casual racism won't make the participants look good. There are many mixed race, black and asian folk that will find the comments offensive and would avoid the participants on the street. Some right wingers are possibly in agreement abd will post ludicrous comments. On Fabswingers your ethnicity is either a fetish or a fad that they're not into. Colonialism and the western world. The Thomas Bailey blogger is a bellend. The lesbian has weird painted eyebrows and fake tan. An interesting documentary. See this twat comments 
#Isloveracist Hitler demanded blonde haired, blue-eyed babies. This generation's Nazis demand mixed race ones.
Racist People-Roll Deep/Fuck You-Lily Allen

Go 8Bit has Kerry Howard just as annoying as her brother Russell. 

GMB interview about parking fines at hospitals. Piers Morgan being obnoxious. Susanna Reid is embarrassed. The people interviewed were annoyed. 
He did not see a problem with the sexist ads. But they could call him up on the earlier topic. They seem to delay this discussion even when it seemed it was in straight after the break. 
The actress from the Yorkie ad was hot. 

This brunette asian is in tight grey leggings. Lovely ass. At Puregym Loughborough. On the running machine. There is the blonde in white top doing starjumps. Nice boobs. 

At the Tesco Rushes a chinese woman with her shopping trolley left through the fire exit. Setting the alarm off. An alcoholic shoplifter is back out of prison. Someone in the library stinks. Foot smell is unbearable.

Two And Half Men, Kandi looks hot. Nice tits. When Football Banned Women. Women played the game up until 1921. Clare Balding is saying Dick Kerr. 

Laura Hamilton looking hot on The Wright Stuff. 19/7/17

01618145559 Brazier Consulting. Director Edward James Brazier in Leeds. Using an autodialer. No staff. PPI coldcalls.

Caitlin Lydia Huddleston
Skye Olivia Mitchell were attractive.
Shane Bryant a suspected robber died and people pay tribute to him. ???
Dagmara Przybysz 
Police helicopter sickie
Sarah Payne's sister is hot.

Naked Attraction, blue had a pretty face, tall and blonde. Episode 3 of series 2. Tits aren't bad on red, pretty face too as has orange. Yellow reminds me Miranda Hart. The bottoms are a turn off. Kim red and Becca orange are friends. Jack should have a threesome with Becca and Kim. A new episode and the beauty therapist is a pretty redhead. I just want to see her tits. A guy has appeared. Not sure why. He might have been the one in yellow box or a mate. Good coupling. The next one had a bi woman picking from the women. Not appealing. Debs the music teacher. Imagine what her pupils will say. Stereotypical hairstyles. 

I did offer SAS to this pretty girl and she may have said "not unless you're buying then that'll be great" or something about paying the rent. Old hat. Same shit different day. So the cumguzzler Natasha Wright had stolen three items or at three different times from Savers on my week off. How the fuck did they let it happen? JML Spinscrubber ad with the loud guy in glasses. Jeremy Kyle Show where a child is described as brave and inspirational. The last one was annoying. Kyle is patronizing. It is raining heavily outside. 

Charlie Webster is attractive. So I am just wasting time with Blue Arrow yet again. I gave them my name and no 3 times. 

Chester Bennington has died. I am surprised to hear. Linkin Park - Crawling/In The End/Given Up/One Step Closer/Numb

I did think that two black girls on the new McDonald's ad might be from the Amazon ad. Nintendo Switch ad with the movements for Soda Shake look like vigorous masturbation. Celebability Sassy Boos with their retarded pose. Stupid too it seems. 

One brother asks for more money and the other is discussing some course whilst I want to watch Logan. Noises from outside. Fucking hell I could kill someone. 

Logan is set in the distant future. Things went differently since DOFP. James is looking after Charles and is accompanied by a mutant Galiban played by Stephen Merchant. They are joined by Laura. Great cast. Superb acting from the young girl. There is a band of villains after the girl. So different from previous X-Men films. It is violent, has lots of swearing. Good music. There is a New Mutants film being made. Good scenes. Funny dialogue too. Plenty of action. Breaking the fourth wall by featuring the comic books. 
Bonus features are included. Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Eric LeSalle, Richard E Grant. The Justice League film is yet to be released. Catch up with Spider-Man Homecoming, Wonder Woman, Thor: Ragnarok. Crawling-Linkin Park

A pathetic Ukip AM Michelle Brown using derogatory language. Expect nothing less. Something's wrong with Marvyn Iheanacho. He might have been on drugs. Murdered his partner's son. 
Ashleigh Butler doesn't have much of a career now that Pudsey is dead. Linkin Park tour has been cancelled. That's a loss of business thanks to Chester. Imagine the people that bought tickets from touts, they won't get a refund. Justine Diamond a white Australian woman was shot by police. It will be compared to the shootings of African Americans. Salvador Dali's body was exhumed to settle a paternity case. Charlie Gard's parents have been given a visa for the medical procedure in America. Some will complain about how difficult it is to get one or the price of medical bills. Abbigail Smith's want to attend her funeral and need a visa. She was an 11 year old murdered by her neighbour. I'm not interested in what Prince George and Princess Charlotte are up to. Slow news day. 

That same woman that moaned about SAS did not want the Scottish £5 that she was given even though it was legal. "So you're fobbing me off with this one?" A woman I saw at the gym had been in the store three times. Not sure if she took owt. Mystery shop report gave us 100% and I got a mention. A woman that was clearly behind the lady from Shoezone in the queue jumped it and came to my till when I asked "who is next please?"

I am now watching The Great Wall starring Matt Damon. I can barely read the foreword. The subtitles are too small when they speak Chinese. Majestic scenes. You might like 47 Ronin, Game Of Thrones, Lord Of The Rings. These mythical monsters are out to attack. Interesting soundtrack.

My mum talking to herself, "duro detata jewra" repeatedly. That John Timpson is a bellend and I hope he is given an acid enema. Again my email app is not synchronized. 

Shane Bryant was a suspect that is innocent until proven guilty. It could have been mistaken identity when hr was assaulted or perhaps caught in the act. A crowd funding page was set up for his kids. People are upset as the tributes being made to him. There are people who loved him like all humans have.

Date: 14 Jul 2017 3:44 p.m


Thursday, 13 July 2017

Bilderbuch - Spliff

I have been trying to send this email a fee times.

01618145213 Manchester PPI Team. 01925320360 Warrington PPI yet again.

 Rachel Fenton is attractive. First time I have seen her. Is a nurse and had been on Love Island. You have Jemma Forte who is a mild. Not sure what she does. AS Watson are opening more stores. 45 Savers, 17 Perfume Shop and 30 Superdrug. You'd think that they would get the air conditioning sorted for their existing stores. I'm ringing up Heads Recruitment 11 days later. The vacancy has been filled. Not having been given the email address meant I couldn't apply. So in theory I had been fobbed off. 

I did get a call from my manager telling me the snowflakes from head office complained about my comment about air conditioning. They don't look after their staff and what I said was in jest and true. Muse-Panic Station/Psycho/Hyper Music

I dreamt that I was with Loughborough College on a trip. We went to this awkward shaped shallow swimming pool. There were the Oral B electric brushes for sale. Another scene had Nina Simone. 

There is chatter going outside in a different language. Car being revved and a motorcycle came down the street as I tried to listen to the debate on the TV. 

I don't get the use of ball boys and extra staff. Standing at each end. It makes the tennis players look lazy and the game seems pretentious. Many customers that I have dealt with have the attitude of Coco V. Arguing with the Umpire will get you nowhere. Calling 'Out' and other things can be distracting. Bad sportsmanship from Coco, should be given a penalty. Magda did much better. 
I rang up various companies about boiler repair. Costs too much and an engineer hasn't called me. The PPI team from Manchester called me yet again. If I ring them back it'll be to ask them to remove my details from their database. 

Oh fuck off with your text 
Hey Kishore I just thought I'd send you a quick message just to say please don't take it personally about the Facebook status, it was not intended to cause any upset like I'm sure when you put the comment on but I'm sure you can imagine how things can escalate. I have heard about your recent posts only off a friend not from head office and I just wanted you to know it was not intended any other way than we just didn't want any backlash re air con. We all know how hot the stores are and I know finishing people's totes from delivery isn't ideal but we are one team and trying to work together to combat it. 
I'm sorry if we caused any offence or upset as that's not what was intended :( 
See u after my hols
History seems to be repeating itself. Gross misconduct for the last job after several warnings. Don't let it happen again. 

Louisa Johnson looked good in the denim shorts on BBC Breakfast playing a tennis challenge with Olly Murs. The blonde presenter was hot. See the camera men focus on her. See the tweets. Just had a call on the landline about a technical issue on my computer but we don't have one. Withheld number. Indian guy on the other end. Scam. The boiler repair man from Righthio is here. Hope he knows what he is doing.
Earth cable with no where to connect to. Blue Arrow the company that installed it have a lot to answer for. It was a government grant so a shit job may have been done. A low quality boiler installed for free. The cost must not be too much. More moaning from people. 

I did go out of the house to use WiFi. At the gym. It is busy here. I went training yesterday and so could have done it again. Some attractive girls at this time. Like for instance the tall tanned brunette, slim with nice tits. A pretty blonde in red. One brunette in black t-shirt and shorts on the bike. Saw this blonde possibly European. In black. A blonde in pink with a nice body turned up, big tits. I did pass this blonde in a white T-shirt on Toothill Rd with huge tits. Mind you I am free to do what the fuck I like. Bodies-Drowning Pool

This pretty, slim brunette with fake eyelashes and make up. Nice tits. Today in the gym. Spotted a blonde in red sports bra. There is a nice blonde in luminous orange t-shirt. One blonde in pink top and black leggings. There was a tall brunette in multicolour kit. Some tanned Asian girl turned up. Two tall girls, one white the other Asian with a deep voice with nice asses. One fit brunette on the running machine. This dark haired girl in grey is nice. A brunette in camouflage leggings is pretty. So is her friend in turquoise top with a nice arse. A open part in the back. The one with eyelashes was back as is the tall brunette.

Twice a withheld number calls me to confirm my details. An Indian man. Just a dodgy scam. On BBC Saturday Kitchen a camera man from the outdoor segment came in front of the camera in the studio just realising what he'd done and exits.

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Sunday, 9 July 2017

West Dylan Thordson - Kevin Wendell Crumb

Some woman wanting to buy more than two paracetamol Beecham  packets. On two separate transactions. Seemed miserable to be honest. Not allowed. I should have told her. Fucking cunt.

Why is it that the delivery team worked on eight cages but could not stay to work the totes as they should have done and which I stay behind for. Pathetic shoplifters got items. Ones that came in but exited as soon as management were alerted. Arseholes. Some Indian woman had jumped the queue. Did she not see it? 

Another with an expired voucher for hair dye. No one was available so I used it anyway. Customers deciding to grab one more thing thus holding up the queue. No one answering the bell. People informing me about how hot it is in store and the chiller not working. 

My boss's 5 year old daughter likes #loveisland Questionable parenting skills. Camilla Thurlow went to Loughborough Uni and some spunk stains are tweeting about it. Fucking irrelevant.

Royal Mail will attempt to deliver your item JK504323243GB from STONE BRIDGE UNITED LTD. today. For tracking please visit I hadn't ordered anything and the reviews for the company are bad. 

My brother could have gone and answered the phone but tells my mum to do it. Then would ask me to call them back. Talk about lazy. 

01516392446 Liverpool. Invalid number. Missed call. Another scam.
My brother did not pay me back when he said he would. 

I dreamt that I was at home or some other house. The family was dealing with criminals. There was this tall shaven headed bloke in his twenties. Stubborn, lacking in manners and violent. I just did not want to be around him. There was a room full of children and they were scurrying along. racist and homophobic moron overreacts to lgbt Blind Date episode. Fuck You - Lily Allen

At work there was this hormonal chavvy pregnant woman talking about putting something through another lady. Moaned about the queue when there really wasn't one. Just that my colleague would take ages. Bit of a cunt. Sometimes people shout at their kids in Savers. The whole town hears it. Embarrassing and amusing. I was asked to share this page and it might just be a waste of my time. They are smiling as the air conditioning has been installed. Nelsan Ellis has died. See his work and memorabilia here.

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Subject: New Privatecash promotools

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Dear Kishore,
Here you can get our most recent galleries, from the Private scenes to our Classic content and our most recent Private Castings:
Free Hosted Galleries
Pick up your favorite galleries from the most recent scenes published at Private. com:
Private Classics Galleries:
Private Castings Galleries:
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We are also providing our best teasers of the week in downloadable, hosted and embedded format!
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Friday, 7 July 2017

Hannah And Volmer - Benjamin Wallfisch

I dreamt that I was on an island in the Pacific. These rich Americans had a place here. They ate whales. The mature man went swimming and was hit by these poisonous darts. He swam under the black whales infecting them. In another scene it was the gladiatorial part of Thor Ragnorok. 

I am watching Passengers starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. Brilliant special effects. A ship carrying a colony is on it's way to a new world. Auto piloted. The AI is operating everything. Good humour. Especially with Jim dealing with customer service. Michael Sheen and Lawrence Fishburne also star. You might also like Swiss Army Man, Solaris, The Martian, Castaway, Air, The Divide. His other companion is Aurora. Drama SciFi. Nice music. Interesting bonus features included.

I had a call from London. See the details here.

I called ABC Taxis for a taxi in the next ten minutes. It took longer than that to get here. Some truck is parked there and so the driver parks near the middle. It is 9:43 at the hospital and the practitioner should have been out. The ADT ap was fidgety to use. Wolverhampton called 01902902869. All comments from today. Most colleagues are going out for a birthday. I haven't been invited. A customers thought that they would come back with the 5p that they owe for a deodorant. But I am not allowed to do that. Nat  Wright was walking by the shop giving this evil look as she carried a box. Her boyfriend was close by. Danny Jones had been rifling through the bins. Police had a word with him. 
Either way I have forgotten and forgiven my colleagues, the shoplifters, scammers and rude customers as well as the knobs that I went to school with, worked with, met on the street or online. As I am far greater than them. The negativity will not undo all my good work. They need me more than I need them. What's done is done. Learn from mistakes. Not dwell on the matter or imagine scenarios. Man up. Move on. Let It Go/99 Problems/Hyper Music/Still I Rise/Just/Karma Police/Pop Ya Collar/One Step Closer/Dirt Off Your Shoulder/What Doesn't Kill You/Racist People/The Man Comes Around/I Won't Back Down/Ain't No Grave/Solitary Man

A millennial couple looking to enhance their social media profile. Monalisa Perez shot at the book which her boyfriend Pedro Ruiz was holding. He died. Their child saw it happen. It has done the trick. The video will go viral. Recipient of a Darwin Award. American Idiot - Green Day 
She is getting trolled on social media.

I'm meant to get a text with an email address. Fuck knows if it will actually happen. I'm no longer dwelling on trivial matters. If I annoy people then good. I will stay. I should really cut my losses. The dead weight needs to go. 
The guy by his van just staring at me on Bottle acre Lane probably wants my dick. There is this olive skinned athletic brunette in grey and green with a nice ass. Bending over. I missed an opportunity to take a picture. There is this slim, pretty teen brunette with long hair. 
I got a call from 02036870220 Road traffic accident claims. Scammers as usual. This is getting ridiculous. A few jobs here and there. Might be difficult to get. 

I am watching Split starring James McAvoy. Directed by M Night Shyamalan. A man with split personalities goes on to abduct women. You might also like American Psycho, Maniac, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Don't Breath, Irrational Man, The Divide, The Voices, Swiss Army Man, Side Effects, Room. It focuses on other characters too such as Casey and her friends, the psychiatrist. Blumhouse 2017. Creepy. Brilliant acting. Nice theme music. I hope this wins awards. What a film. Worth checking out.

Some arsehole had stolen a few items from Savers. No one had seen or suspected him. A customer witnessed him but they should have got hold of a staff member. They always tell you too late. Nat Wright came in and was rude apparently she knows where we all life "you talk shite hen" Wilkos sorted her out. £400 on SAS. One till fucks up. People are moody. A lady buying painkillers which is limited. Her partner also bought the same. The twat then goes back and gets another set. Which is not allowed. Some preteen wanted to fist bump and then said thankyou sir. A teen was waving at me. Not sure if I recognised her.
 I missed half the episode of Doctor Who. Good ending. 99 Problems. 

Zamzam Ibrahim is probably just trolling. Jeremy Meeks and Chloe Green slow news day. He'll dump her cum filled body into the water.

The delivery went better. This lady that I knew to be a shoplifter was in the store and may have put something in her pocket. Possibly torn the tag off. I mentioned it to management and I was told to keep an eye on her. Fuck I would have rung three bells. At McDonald's Loughborough in the town centre. A young guy comes out with his girlfriend and child. The chap sat on the outdoor tables with his family was saying something about "come see me" "I see you now" I went in and look back to see it is getting aggressive. The bigger guy grabs a chair to hit the other guy with. A lady stops him. Almost became Jerry Springer/Jeremy Kyle. I have been asked to work tomorrow afternoon as the Regional Manager will visit the store. The Area Manager was to visit today. I have had 5 missed calls. One being from 02036870220. 01944370050 West Heslerton. Fuck knows. Invalid number.

I served a lady that likes her wine. Not sure if she has a drink problem. She picked up the washing up liquid and the lid came open and it spewed all over the place. I had to clean it up and get her two replacement items. She had thrown the bag over the till. 
I got asked to work early and left quite late. Added onto a shift on Friday without being told. Why fib about how much SAS we have done? You only have yourself to blame.
On ITV This Morning they had a segment on guide ponies. The presenters cracked up as one pony had shit on the floor. 

I watched The Space Between Us. A SciFi romance for teens. A good cast but somehow felt it was wasted on me. I just wasn't concerned about the love story. It is set in the far future. A child was born on Mars and life for him is difficult on Earth. He comes to look for his father whilst hanging out with his penpal. It is predictable. Asa Butterfield, Gary Goldman star. Gary did sound like Bill Oddie in his opening scene.

Just read of the passing of Carol Lee Scott. From my childhood I remember her playing Grotbags.

Clean Bandit, Chainsmokers, Zara Larsson, Anne Marie, Katy Perry producing annoying songs since 2015.

I saw this pretty brunette with a nice arse. Some other young lady with nice buttocks planking. One in grey sweats and a lady on the bike in shorts. 

Luke from Heads Recruitment never did send me that email. I might just ring up and hope someone else answers. Well done dickhead.

Rented Resident Evil The Final Chapter. Nice beginning. The DVD is skipping. Some arsehole that borrowed it before clearly doesn't know how to look after a disc. Milla Jovovich stars. Alice must make her way to Raccoon City stop the Umbrella Corporation winning. Nice twists. Brings something new to the franchise. Good soundtrack. Special features included. 
Directed by Paul WS Anderson. 2017.

A fat woman with glasses started dancing to Beyonce's Single Ladies. I offer her SAS and she goes "nooo". What about thankyou? A guy going to Aldi for an interview wanted directions. You'd think that he'd have done some research. Rookie error.

A Cure For Wellness Stars Dane Dehaan. Reminds me of Shutter Island starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Which funnily enough is who Dane looks like. A young executive goes to visit his CEO from a wellness centre. People have been diagnosed with a mysterious illness. From the makers of The Ring. Cert 18. Twentieth Century Fox 2017. Special features included. Creepy, fascinating scenery and cinematography. Haunting theme. The place that our hero visits is like a hospital/health spa. Also see The Prisoner, Misery, Split, Population 365, The Wicker Man. 

01890540055 called about a competition to win £10k or an iPad. 

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: 27 Jun 2017 10:28
Subject: Raised By Wolves Slides - ONLINE NOW - Assets attached.

Good morning,
We have some new footwear from Raised By Wolves available in the form of their seasonal slides. At just under £50 a pop these are good quality and more importantly the first night of sales are proving they are very popular. We have adequate stock and it would be great if we could get some focus on this item and have a quick sell through.
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