Tuesday, 2 February 2021

Our Day Will Come - The Supremes


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I knew what she was trying to say but the Karens in the mentions are triggered There is that sense of entitlement from both people. The topic of diversity was bought up. It is a film award ceremony. It is not that important. The people in the replies need this... I wonder if these muppets were usually preaching body positivity then went on to trash Chloe. Misogynoir. Such compassion Impressive artwork. He had to have been looking at her several times whilst painting. She may have noticed. Had he been taking photos it would have been treated differently. Funny that.... Would this not be considered a Karen moment? This is fucked up. There is always that one guy This is a bit much. This tweet is not relevant. My brother bothering me twice. One about the leaking pipe and then again with the cracked ceiling. Why don't you sort it then. Why tell me at night? My mother was talking to herself for quite a while. In the morning approximately 4:30. She is repeating jewra. Before 6:45 and she repeats geetara. Or some shit. As soon as I have got in from B&Q I have bought items. My brother mentions the crack in the ceiling. Asks "do you reckon you will get it done?" I don't take orders from you. He did ask if I wanted him to do it. I had a call from this number 01312048722. I look it up to see info about car accident claims. Spam. I sometimes wonder why I followed these people. No one is being erased. Looking more into who she is seems to be a Tory. Quite a few people I follow, follow her. I unfollowed. I remember seeing a similar tweet. Essentially asking people to leave braids to black people. Shit posting and trolling. Clowns encouraging daft behaviour. I doubt that there will be anyone stupid enough to put this in their hair.... Well white women do enjoy playing the victim. Victim blaming Just looking at the thread is a mess She is the one that liked this tweet... This guy is tonedeaf and makes no sense. Even though it was about Lee Rigby's killer. You broke the rules. Chris is a paedophile. Patriotic Alternative are a terrorist organisation. Get a free space laser with every purchase.

The caucasity of Timothy Wilks. Darwin Award winner. David the victim is a black man. Unfortunately they will try to jail him. He stood his ground as the Conservatives keep preaching about. 

Gorilla Glue put out a statement regarding that silly woman. Some in the comments thinks that they owe her money which they don't. Practical Intelligence: The Art and Science of Common Sense by Albrecht https://amzn.to/3tH8v6j via @amazon

Tom Brady not wearing a mask. Is he exempt? People were asking questions. This Covidiot replied with this. Wtf is she wearing? Rehabilitation does work. This is her only concern. Never mind the victim. A racist clown. The country will be in worse shape than the Trump era. He was homophobic I wasn't expecting this. People do realise that the films were based off a classic TV series? Snowflakes will be triggered. Cancel Culture mob in the comments. Running Karen needs to know that their is no such thing as the great replacement or white genocide. Cunt undermining what poc did for Britain. That would be sexist. Karen. Mary Wilson of The Supremes has passed away.


Over a covid vaccination? She has been triggered and is going into Terf mode Wtf is this shit? The person is stupid This guy..... Bhm is not offensive or unfair Weirdos in the comments don't have a problem with this. Whoever made this was trying to get a point across. Vanilla Isis are fragile.

In the comments section this guy is spamming.  Well it is obviously inappropriate to be flirting with the judge. 

Tried looking up the name of the rapper. But there is fat shaming going on in the thread. People are going into Karen mode asking to speak to the manager. 

As Mike asked do you think Andy realises? 

Saw this woman's video and took a look at her twitter. Not surprised. This is vile. ุณุนูŠุฏุฉ @lifeguardsai · 21h Replying to @_SJPeace_ My mom & sister took care of people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. A lot of the people wouldn’t remember their children or their names but remembered they hated Black people. Stuff like what happened with this lady happened to my family when caring for them a lot. @MarleyK20 · 21h Replying to @_SJPeace_ I don't care how desperate I am for work, I'm never subjecting myself to that shit. Ever. If White people know their parents are racist, pay White folk prices and get ya parents a White racist housekeeper to keep them happy. We not ready to have the cheap labor conversation... @ErinNeelyLopez Replying to @replacementbus and @_SJPeace_ It's probably recorded b/c she has tried to tell her employers It's best someone else takes this ladies case. Or the ladies case worker. She gets the lady os reverting to what's comfortable for her...but maybe we can get a white girl on this. Is there one? Where r her kids? Enby Ginger ๐Ÿณ️‍๐ŸŒˆ @FeralDanvers Replying to @_SJPeace_ She's recording because it's happened often enough she knows it'll happen today, too. Someone who should be protecting her isn't, so she has to record this herself. Sickening. @Weeeeeeee60 Replying to @FeralDanvers and @_SJPeace_ I think recording it was probably for the benefit of her boss or supervisor. No one should have to put up with that at work. They need some PPE to work with that crazy old woman!

Charisma Carpenter's statement about Joss Whedon 

A mutual @shysteee2018 retweeted this. Turns out to be a right winger. Karen is apparently a doctor or cosplays as one.
An interesting "This You?" thread People defending the rioters. You have to follow the thread. A YouTube travels the world sampling food. He was respectful. The American here is triggered. He seems entitled to how black women should behave. The caucasity Congratulations Jealousy from these two. A Republican with a criminal record. The family is rich. They need to step up. Thoughts are with the young family. A legend speaks facts. At work the other day the chubby Black woman in her 20s goes "ayyy" instead of pardon. A blonde white student thought it amusing that I offered her perfumes. I'm just doing my job. My mum almost embarrassing me. Not removing the scarf in order to hear what the nurse is saying. The people doing the guiding were having an open conversation at the vaccination clinic. The taxi place was closed. I could have called the number. It took a while to walk home. The bank was closed too. I couldn't get the poppers to work properly. Why is this clown still here? Gina Karen-o Another day for a white supremacist This guy is a fascist. Covidiot Karen having a meltdown. She knows nothing of human rights abuses. She has to be trolling or is off on one. Didn't expect this tweet from her... I see where he is going with this. But will trigger many. Just weird. It is probably a white man behind the account but it has been said that a black woman is running it. These people blame Antifa and Blm for a lot of nonsense last year. See what these people do. Anyone can be a white supremacist. They're lapdog. This you?
This guy makes quality content On the Clarise trailer some guy left an idiotic comment
She truly is a Karen Being against trans people, the #BlackLivesMatter movement and posting something antisemitic of course Carano was going to get fired. There is no cancel culture. She was called out on her behaviour. The right always try to "cancel" something. Like with #CancelDisneyPlus Hypocrisy I noticed these shoplifters coming towards our store. They were asking about Fixodent. The woman had been caught stealing in Boots. The guy wasn't wearing a mask. The audacity. She a blonde, 40s, wore a white coat. He was white too. Blue hoodie and cap carrying a large bag. There was a female/male in a jacket with the hood up. They entered the store as Tango Victor mentioned Shannon Taylor. Left as soon as the manager asked. Some people going up the wrong on a one way system. To be fair I should have told them at the door. That's no way for Ducklo to behave but why is Karen asking about his private life? The Trump administration were much worse. White woman in black people's business. So why are my rulers going missing? I see that the green one has been snapped in half to hold down the carpet. My brother could have just used glue or nailed it down. He had just thrown the bin bag down expecting someone else to pick it up. He is the one that borrows it and says that he hasn't seen it. It isn't in my room. I expect money or he won't be using any of my stationary. Karen is a lazy cunt. The delivery guy should not have eaten the food. A few idiots are victim blaming. Why are just some of them laughing and staring?
This doesn't make sense. Is he talking from experience then? Interesting.... fragile Snowflakes throwing a hissyfit. He has to make excuses. Fed isn't a medical expert.
I finished Season 2 and currently on Season 3 of Marvel's Runaways. Annie Wersching and Liz Hurley showing off the cleavage. Ginny Gardner has nice beasts too. They do have a lot of milf on the show. Was this child not born in the UK? These people are imbeciles. He is a showbiz columnist. Talks about rich people all the time. He is antiblack. Maybe her friends could help her. Why ask a stranger. Women on Twitter often have disparaging remarks about men with little money. See how they respond to this tweet. Openly admits to committing fraud. She blocked me too. Criminals don't like to take accountability for their actions.
The covering supervisor was asking if I could sell more sas. I had been asking. It is post valentines day so not everyone wants fragrances. Some people not wearing masks. Some Karen had told her yesterday that this pandemic wasn't real. Bellend. Some people couldn't hear what I was saying. My brother wanting advice over opticians. When he should book an appointment. Why the fuck are you asking me? My mum is repeating that "aye jewra". The poppers weren't having the desired effect. A bunch of clowns
The caucasity of the Karens
Playing the victim right on cue. False accusations of antisemitism. This is weird. She should not be wearing that head dress. She has been drinking the coolaid. white Feminists can't be trusted. This guy really is a hateful individual. The mayor of Colorado City. Grammatical error in the statement.
Victim blaming from this Gammon People really are strange. I was awoken early in the morning to nonsense chatter. I had this dream where I had arrived at a relative's house. Going up the narrow stairs was a challenge. I was floating later on in the street. Leaning forward. I would eventually fly. Seeing groups of people and hoped that they would notice me. Thought that she would have spoken to the manager. Anyway she was a teenager.
Mark whitewashing again. Milo is a white supremacist faggot. He wanted immigrants murdered. You hate her as she is a woc. Sit down and shut up.
It definitely is about colour. I was blocked by her for stating the truth.
I was watching a Chris Turner video. He mentioned Black history month in his rap. So. E nob in the comments says All lives matter. I reported it. Conservatives are white supremacists. Looking at his Wikipedia page. The comments he made about various groups. See why he was hated. Is he was Alex Jones hopes to become? The right-wing will try to cancel the left for talking about Rush Limbaugh. They must be triggered. His books whitewashing history. Probably had a crush on Chelsea Clinton as he doesn't believe in age of consent. These idiots on the right blaming the green deal, wanting to be environmentally friendly for the snowstorm in Texas. The one Rep that idolised Hitler was one of them. With Boris Johnson talking about freedom of speech. How it will be protected. Tracey Ann, Rachel Riley, Emma Kennedy and their ilk will be unhappy as they won't be able to silence people with their false claims of antisemitism. These Lgbt youtubers. The one's that do reactions or ship people are embarrassing as fuck. The neighbour had started drilling at 19:23. The only people showing sympathy for the white supremacist are white people. Now there's a surprise. Let these rightwingers be remembered like this. See the rest of the thread. Follow the thread The hate for Lgbt coming out. Scamming people is wrong. Maybe he made it up for clout. The quoted and replies are abhorrent. I dreamt that I was in a relationship with a tall young blonde woman. It seemed to go nicely. Eventually she looked different. Older. Not as attractive. Became demonic and I had to get out. She did attack people. I was in another one where it was a videogame. A scifi action. Someone controlled the movements and I used the gun to fire on enemies. Are they not in lock down? Boebart is a terrorist. Won't be long till on of the children uses a gun on another family member. From last year...
Getting ratioed This guy is a right-winger People really do go into Karen mode....
"you can be real old or a lady or black" Set up as a joke by this guy...
People not observing the one way rule. Some go up the aisle even when they've been informed. I better not have to deal with any other bullshit otherwise I will start beating people to death. 99 problems. Farage had a problem with Marcus Rashford and Blm. Lyle has no idea what Marxism is. A weird take.... I can understand what you are trying to say. This person is overweight, a non gym user. There is fat shaming in the quote tweets. She is right. Rightwingers are weird Definitely need to unfollow this woman. Not sure where she gets that idea. Anyway she has an Onlyfans Always some people muting their tweets as they can't handle being called out. Karens are gonna Karen. Threatened by a woc. The idiots moaning about Sasha Calle playing Supergirl need to get laid. Did it happen? People making a joke out of it. I am sick of my brother putting a new toilet roll on the holder when the other one hasn't finished. Why some people shouldn't have kids What a spanner.
Unfollowed when I saw the pictures. People defending her... The guy that lives down Toothill Rd was on his way to get the Covid vaccine. He wanted me to pick up some soap for him. He could have just got it when he stopped by the shop. I went to his house and he wasn't there. Just wasting my time. Some people don't observe the one way system. I happened to be walking behind two shoplifters on my way to work. My manager was wearing makeup and lipstick. She doesn't usually. It is her week off and she was meeting the covering manager. A Jamaican man complaining about the masks. How my poppers weren't working as I still had a lot left and only used it twice. I have a feeling that the people that were accusing @kelechnekoff @IlhanMN @jeremycorbyn of antisemitism will be trying to defend Gina Carano. Meghan Mccain is literally speaking to the manager as she wants Dr Fauci replaced with someone that understands science. The dumb cunt should be fired. A right-winger accuses Shystee of hating white people. But says that she is decent looking. She is attractive. Karen is reaching A clown. In a Gary Owen stand up clip he talks about Blm and someone in the comments leaves the word "brainwashed" some fragile person. Victim blaming This is a great song Actors: David Giuntoli, Russell Hornsby, Bitsie Tulloch Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery Country: USA Release Year: 2011 Synopsis: A homicide detective discovers he is a descendant of hunters who fight supernatural forces. I have just started watching season 1 of Grimm. If you liked Constantine, Buffy, Angel, Bright, The X-Files, Supernatural then you should see this. A horror drama series. You have the protagonist that is a homicide detective. Interesting concept. Not sure how much was spent on special effects. Good cast of actors. You might like the music. The detective has a gift. As Willie D said "No more talk"