Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Muse - Megalomania (XX Anniversary Remix)

Plenty of replies and quotes to this tweet. I have sent her links. Colonizer energy  

Rightwingers are weird. Always throwing a hissyfit over nothing. You have to make sure the dj, photographer, band are fed. It was petty of him to delete the photos. The nazi needs reporting. Ginger haired shoplifter Matthew Iveil needs to be beaten. What the fuck is this faggot's problem? Misogynoir Coming from a Claudia Tenney seems to be a cunt. It is just weird with this whattaboutism. Comparing how people treat the police after the Sarah Everard murder. Bluelivesmatter supporters...
Brilliantly done. Not sure how he did it. But I made adjustments. There are a few skippable songs, there's so much raw emotion pouted out into every single one. Lil Nas X is making history. He is going to be the biggest legend of our time. Industry Baby and Life After Salem are good. #Montero https://amzn.to/3hRSPJ7
Quality entertainment Congratulations to the parents. They won't be getting the abuse from the media and rightwingers. People on this app are weird....
She is attractive. Has an Onlyfans. My other post being under review. To the #JusticeforJ6 rioters and #kbf antivaxxers, facts don't care about your feelings.

A former member of the far right group is now going to expose them

 Kemi was recorded saying some bigoted things. Looking through tweets. Some are outraged and others support her. She is now the Equalities Minister. She is similar to Candace Owens.

The revolution will be televised People apparently were talking about this actor before this came out. Understand that people are upset. Some want to cancel #ReservationDogs and making comments about Native Americans in general. Having seen the quoted tweets. White violence labelled as mental illness. The caucasity. White Fragility. Tulsi showing her true colours He was so different back then. Paul Goulding or whoever was behind the camera is a pillock. He calls not being a rapist "woke". Definitely has spiked a few drinks in his time. Pick me/not all men The sense of entitlement. It was a Pro terrorist rally. Vanilla Isis. White People playing the victim. Both valid points
Graham is an antivaxxer covidiot.
Nob Minaj is a bellend It is good that it is being brought to attention. But some of the replies derail the thread.
Adam definitely isn't #Alllivesmatter Terrorist Karen wants to speak to the manager The irony of what it says on her profile.
She doesn't seem to care or know about other human rights abuses. The Justice For J6 crowd don't believe in accountability. As she said "Even Colonizers are colonizing my tweet." Someone brought up the fact that it were black bears and a drug deal is being suggested.
"You do it to yourself you do and that's why it really hurts" The guy must be a Taliban member I bet these Karens are #ProLife and #AllLivesMatter
Another Karen on Covid-19 Her tiktok Karen spreading misinformation.
The white folk want to speak to the manager. In fact you cunts should do just that.
Covid-19 really should get them.
Ceo of Tripwire See what people say regarding his employees. That Mel Terf is a moron.
Tell me you're a misogynist without telling me you're a misogynist. Though she killed herself. She seemed to align herself with White supremacists. Looking through her account.
Follows White nationalists and Conservatives. Xenophobic and tonedeaf. See for yourselfOne of her fans is following me.
She won't be missed.

 This thread reveals these people to be ignorant.
Casual Racism and xenophobia. Followers of White Jesus. Me and White Supremacy: How to Recognise Your Privilege, Combat Racism and Change the World by Layla Saad https://amzn.to/3tKC1Yg White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism by DiAngelo, Robin https://amzn.to/2Pf5EBY The host doesn't understand the history of Rock n roll. Barack doesn't have to with this nonsense. Fine as hell. You will find a few feminine and attractive Transwomen. Transwomen are Transwomen. Just a fetish. Looked up someone that was working at Morrisson bakery and had harassed my brother. One closely matches but you do wonder. I may have linked the wrong people or have located someone. The person will get their karma. It is in the past. Dealt with in some manner. When you are a grown man you deal with it yourself. The caucasity of these people either harass or turn a blind eye. The Proud Boys have been distributing child porn.
White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism by DiAngelo, Robin https://amzn.to/2Pf5EBY The people sending the messages would never even have made it past the first round. Name and shame them. I stand with Sloane Stephens. Legend All non binary people are insufferable These Snowflakes trying to cancel the school principle in Texas. Irony being that fans were booing #takeaknee and were abusing the football team. Rightwingers now are concerned. Jack Psobiec being a child molesting Nazi. Candace Owens being the crackwhore that she is needs to stop playing the racecard.
This is a lie. It was probably a while since Ava Nidal had blocked me. She always was a miserable cunt. @thetwerkinggirl LGBAlliance are clutching at straws as one of their transphobic members was kicked out of a Pride event. Playing the victim.

 This is terrorism. Brendan and Tom are bellends
This guy too... I don't agree with their politics but seems unnecessary to be slagging them off just having a drink and making comments about their appearance. The caucasity of this man telling him how to do his job. Another terrorist attack by Vanilla Isis thwarted by Police. #BlueLivesMatter #COVIDIOTS That Selina Wiggins on Facebook is pretty hot. Sherimani and her mates being terrorists The only ones spreading hate are these patriots.
Making it out to be a bad thing. Headline is misleading. Same Karens and Gammons will moan. Yashar Ali, Joy Reid follow this guy. Medhi Hasan pointed out this guy's racism and islamaphobia. I have seen his tonedeaf tweets before. I received a call from 01133904530. Someone named Ali from Drivetime with a competition to win a six night stay in Orlando. Apparently I was live. I hung up. I live in the UK. How did they get my number? I think it's a scam. The woman had an American accent. India codes come up in results. If you rang the number the response on their end won't be the same. Maybe an audio clip was used. White islamaphobe with a fake account. Reported. Alex Berenson spreads misinformation and is suspended from Twitter. Not sure what he does.
It was proven that Caleb is not the father. He went out on his own terms. Doing what he loved, noshing on another man's cock. No wonder it says "ex husband" She was a bad wife and parent. Antivaxxers/antimask/covid deniers are literally retarded. A whiny little bitch. Karen has a meltdown. Karen needs to stop being over dramatic. The dumbass in the original tiktok video needs to understand that the world needs Feminism. Even idiots are allowed to get verified. I was surprised to find that Jeremy Corbyn is following their account. These guys are musicians apparently. Probably making something similar to Backstreet Boys. She never gratuated. Sucked alot of dick to get where she is. So this Karen voted for Brexit and now is moving to Spain. She will need to learn Spanish. She is an antivaxxer too. Probably xenophobic looking at the timeline. @ShelleyWilson30
Shared by Bad Science Takes. Lawrence is a prick. Alot to unpack here.
Dealing with a shoplifter. Ableism in the comments. Lawrence Fox joins Isis and comes out as Trans. Tommy Robinson wants to start his own Paedophile ring after being inspired by Mark Collett. Some of you Karens would get the same treatment as the Jaffa thief in Poundland. Dumb bitch This fucked up... I had an ant infestation which I have dealt with. Why are these white supremacists following and replying?
Some of these beta males have been triggered by Arnold Schwarzenegger telling them to take the vaccine. People are idiots taking part in a crate challenge. Also West is probably a Republican and pro Police. Antivaxxers are terrorists Idiots tweet shit like this. He is getting replies and some are just as daft. As someone asked "how did you find out about cells?" These Karens truly have gone wild. People misusing the word woke Maybe they were aiming for his butthole. White Fragility. April gained a new follower Libelous tweet Proud Boys are terrorists Kevin Samuels predicted what would happen to Onlyfans. Some see him as a colourist coon. Not sure what he does for a living. Raymond is a bellend. Asking a question that has nothing to do with Onlyfans.
Now that Onlyfans is banning porn you should visit The creators are moving to Fansly For subscribers, go to That is excellent news American Christian extremists love the Taliban. Soulja Boy doesn't own Atari. What a clown Proud Boys and Maga are the new Taliban. George Galloway retweets this. The people in the replies are misinformed. Unfollowed. Some woman blames Obama whilst misspelling his name when Trump was responsible. The right-wing were islamaphobic for 20+ years. Now they are in agreement with the Taliban. These people complain about sharia law in America. Muslim immigration etc. Luke and Nic are Tories This cunt Lauren has been a member of the altright. Anti Feminist and antiblack. The white privilege and tonedeafness of the people having her on. She was an influence on Jake Davison. She was on that boat aiming projectiles at Refugee boats.
These two clowns...
Destiny is the young Jimmy Dore. Lauren Southern is a white supremacist clown. Destiny is not your ally. Brittany Sellner Pettibone is another dumb Nazi cunt alongside her cuckold husband Martin. The far right Afrikaaners aka Colonisers should leave Africa. White farmers in South Africa are fine. Nothing is happening.
Derek is making false accusations. Jinay and Anne need to have a word with themselves.
Crisis actors/grifters Colonisers gonna colonise and get away with it. Remembering back to the chubby teenage white girl calling me an "Afghani bastard" and her brother and friends would label me a Paedophile and paki. I'm neither of those phrases and existed in this country longer than those two have. Happened back in 2013. Greenclose Lane, Loughborough. It was Saturday evening. I had worked a wedding at Snibston that day. I hope those cunts got covid or some terminal illness. Better yet are raped and beaten. Also remember the cunt named Felicity that works in the town centre she was with her friends. I was sat on the bench waiting for my colleagues for the early morning delivery. She labelled me a Paedophile. Her bearded friend makes a comment. Maybe three years ago. Micro aggressions from these fascists. Hopefully things did not go well for her. Loughborough. Every little helps... Seems to be a Karen moment. In the video and the comments. White supremacists were using the bible to subdue slaves. The caucasity and entitlement of these women.
White South African is jealous She is from Amsterdam and separated He did not pick the wrong colour or race He is so good that he recommended Check out The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins These antivaxxers are not normal.
Some in the comments are making excuses and also blaming women. Sweet Anita follows Count Dankula. Rachel Riley and David Baddiel have defended him in the past. Ben Shapiro's worst nightmare is an intelligent black man. Ben like other alright numpties are just racist, homophobic, misogynistic. They should be ignored. Can't stand his voice. Right-Wing male will try to silence the black person. Disregard his qualifications. Accuse him of lying. White Fragility Logan is right. Candace is wrong. Someone mentioned me on Gab. I don't know what they said. The post about Dolezal being blacker than Candace has triggered them. White Fragility in the comments An issue of hygiene? Jake Davison was a terrorist just like Ashli Babbitt. He was a right-winger.
Bellend is doing exactly what he accused Ash of doing.
Islam has nothing to do with the Plymouth attack. The right-wing are bellends. They must be making excuses for a white terrorist. The right-wingers that influenced Jake Davison will be playing the victim. I was right.
Paul is a moron. He hates poc. Paul Joseph Watson is a dipshit and no one should be listening to him. His wife (who has Stage 4 breast cancer) was discharged early from hospital bc so many unvaccinated Covid patients & not enough room: “If you don’t trust the medical field to prevent you from getting it, why do you trust them to cure you from it? Why do you run to the hospital?” Antivaxxers are terrorists. Candace Karen Owens
What a retard A bunch of Gammons. Fucking morons. Vaush seems to be making excuses for not giving reparations. It needs to be Race based. His other suggestion is tonedeaf. Chen is a clown This woman is begging for money yet blocks a guy for posting something similar. Then you have a guy in the replies posting something racist.
This guy just has to disregard the achievement of Black women.
Ashli Babbitt was a crackwhore. The white people in the thread trying to make the white woman a victim and blaming it on the black man.
Proud Boys will be holding a bukkake party. Amy Cooper will be the guest of honour. She was looking for dogging action that day. Sainsburys made the right decision. Bari Weiss is not an exceptional woman.
At work this pensioner hears about the migrants coming to the UK on the radio. She says "how many? And who is housing them?" Still get people ignoring me when ai offer sas. A known shoplifter had been in. But she and her partner bought stuff. A woman didn't want her receipt so I threw it in the bin. Then she needed to check the price. I had trouble getting it. Another customer dumps her unwanted item in a basket of reduced stock. Some people still saying just this. My colleague did open this aftershave package for a customer as he was after an edt but didn't want an aftershave but she could have opened it neater or not at all which the we aren't supposed to do. A Black police officer facing a longer sentence than any white officer would. Her colleagues was telling her to shoot the suspect. As the victim was a White man, justice is served quickly. What a bunch of Karens I find that my toilet pipes are still leaking. The poppers were working for a short while. Then I can't get turned on again. This is a tragedy. Some right-wingers in the thread are making daft assumptions. Misogynoir from Marcin who is a twat. Eileen and the white supremacists are clowns.
Bari and Amy are antiblack. Both deserved to be beaten with a cycling helmet.
There seems to be some white fragility here. She should have complied. The family will not get shit. They are playing the victim. Blaming it on a black man. With the statement and people agreeing with it shows them to be retarded. This woman must be suffering from something. People cooning for Trump A morbid thread. Many had their opinions on Amanda Knox. People just forget about Meredith a woc. She seems to have alot of fans. There is the framing of a Black man that doesn't sit right with me. Did they get all the evidence together? Justice has to have been served. Is Amanda upset that she won't get a portion of the earnings?
She doesn't seem to do any work and these rightwing clowns in the quoted tweets support her. Why was I following this guy as he followed me? But is retweeting an antivaxxer
It was a smear campaign after a woc. I post the video of Paul Goulding acting a bellend. The Johnny guy in the comments shows himself to be a prick.
Maybe he is being hypocritical. Some might say he is talking from experience and wants younger folk to understand. People will be commenting without knowing the facts....
He is a prick. Brie was far too intelligent for the right-wing. They behaved like Karens. She doesn't have to explain herself. The racist is pathetic. They are full of hate even aiming it at a baby. Isn't this cancel culture? I thought that you were against that.
This guy is fragile The idiots in the quotes and replies agreeing with him. There is no tyranny. Taking the knee is not cowardly. Ashli was a terrorist. The stupid bitch did ask to speak to the manager.
Most of the Republicans are responsible for the insurrection. The #maga crowd should have complied. #BlueLivesMatter David Hogg got the last laugh. Saw the description and pinned post. Not sure where he was going with this. Had to down vote. You would have thought that the old hag was in support of #BlueLivesMatter She should shut up and dribble on Trump's cock. Maybe Darren Grimes could be taken to the English Channel, thrown in the water and then see how long it takes for him to survive. It was a race hate crime
Clown... Of course Karen is a Tory and Brexiter. Doesn't understood English. White Fragility in the comments.
These rightwingers are retarded. What in the fuckery is this?
Some shit regarding Kutcher and Kunis not bathing their kids too much. They are celebrities and would be keeping clean. It has triggered Black Twitter.
This woman's video pops up in my recommendations. Not only is she transphobic she is antiblack. Right-Wing in the comments are idiots. No understanding of Marxism. Just a Karen. Pick Me energy. Critical Race Theory is needed. Fellow Cubans would probably label Nadia a coon.
These people should be tracked down.
Reported jevans7504@aol.com spell1234@aol.com to AOL. Might send them something. Which was the White Fragility book. Signed them up to They can come to the US if they want. Can understand that they ought to fight.
Laura Loomer is looking rough. The jokes that are being written... Tami should shut up and dribble on Tuckers cock. Dumb take from Midlov
These idiots do not know what segregation is.
You White supremacist rightwingers must stop trying to legalise paedophilia. It isn't going to happen. Beta males. Racism and misogynoir.
Misleading and so wrong. He wants to brush it under the carpet. The guy that was owned by Marc Lamont Hill now goes after Jones. White Fragility in the quotes. Clearly a white supremacist as he is against Critical Race Theory and attacks black people. Not really an expert in anything. Must have sucked a lot of dick to get where he is.
This guy is in Canada. Timeline is a mess. Narrator: "Victoria was very wrong" Misogynoir. Clearly letting their racism show. The real clowns. They are not worth the time. James Lindsay is a beta male. He will no doubt be playing the victim. He is just like Abigail Elphick aka #victoriassecretkaren
Whatever James Lindsay's grandparents/parents did. Whatever his children do and whatever he does will never amount to much. Never reaching Nikole Hannah Jones's level. Same goes for his minions. Ever since the Black Tiktok strike happened. This is what they are doing now. It is an old video from last year. So it looks like this guy is a coon That could be said about the people that bash Meghan Markle. Like your friend Camilla. You can see why she was struck off. The people there should not be allowed near an NHS building. The same thugs will be wanting help from the Rnli.
KbfKaren is a clown. This Nicholas Flyer is an uncle Tom. Definitely been sucking White dick. Racism and Pick Me energy. Conservative women can't think for themselves. Why we need #feminism. Master of puppets Lauren Chen would support that. These antivaxxers want to be oppressed and they must stop playing the victim. White Fragility. Fake scenarios and whataboutism in the comments. The Muslim woman would have helped the black lady. Are those people siding with Karen? Just being complicit.
The silly cunt was supporting the terrorists attacking Capitol Hill. Greene is anti American. Hopefully this guy has been reported. A lot more info in the thread. My comment gets deleted. Coons and White supremacists in the comments section. Apparently Vaya has more ignorant tweets on her timeline.
Claims to be married to a black man. America is a brown country. A Conservative porn star that has done interracial porn. Eric Clapton being a nob as is this woman. She doesn't get what segregation is. Posts antivaxxer stuff. He has been racist in the past. My man speaking facts. Dean Cain with the white fragility. There are more important things in the world. Schmitt is fragile.
I wondered what the fighting style was being used by those two gents. Idiots not understanding the use of the vaccine. Or what freedom of speech is. Sean Hannity now pleading to people to take covid seriously. Richard Fairbrass comparing lockdown to being taken to war. These arseholes are fragile. Bezos and Branson flying their rockets into space. In the replies Men are missing the point. Take Brian for example.
The Maga cult are morons. To the right-wing clowns: Buy Music CDs at CD Universe. Audio Samples and Reviews Available on Music New Releases Got ya Chen, Shapiro, Cruz, Nerdrotic, That Star Wars Girl,Mecharandom42 etc. Would you just look at that. You've been found out. Why is this news? Are they trying to vilify a black man? Didn't think this would happen.... Whatcha talkin about Willis? White Fragility from James...
Clearly not an intellectual. Fragile white men always resort to insults. While White women will play the victim. #conservatives OK Karen Got in in one. Marc said no. This woman was on The Grapevine discussion about CRT. Candace 2.0.
Jesse you dumbass it is still stealing land. Gave it another name. For example white people are expats but brown/black folk are immigrants. The Capitol Hill rioters are protesters not terrorists. White supremacist is tonedeaf. This libertarian's ancestors were slave owners and he benefits from it. Justifying a human rights abuse should be a big red flag for anyone dealing with this guy. Why we need Critical Race Theory. This channel is definitely for the maga Karens Karen has it all wrong How is it divisive? We know that Inez is antiblack. Fuck the invalid html. Read this thread
This is daft. Clearly a white person making this comment. They aren't teaching the nword. Cracker isn't racist. Rip to the girl. Condolences to the family. Justice has to be served.
So my blog post unpublished. Something about community guidelines. I may just transfer it to another site. The Karens that reported it can go fuck themselves. The way this guy speaks to a black woman is very telling...
White women get mad when they don't get what they want.
Weird comments. Fraud This whole account is weird. What is Daltrey or Wooton on? This idiot follows Charlie Kirk and other imbeciles so their opinion doesn't mean anything. It really isn't White women interfering as usual Found another one of these rightwing clowns This man behaves like a child. Walmart Wally is a twat. Some fragile white people in the comments section. So the white students kept it. White Fragility from the parents. This clown is a troll Apparently a woc. With that antiwoke nonsense.

These two are stupid. 

Why she is a singer and not a Doctor. This person is a right-wing extremist.
Harrassing a woc. Follows all these white supremacists.

An absolute clown.

A crazy Karen for sure. Linked to Judy Gatiss? Kate is clearly jealous of Shytstee2018. Playing the victim. White woman not getting what she wants. White Fragility. This guy is clearly a tosser. Anyway I'm over it. Leave all the clowns to argue amongst themselves. They should log off. When Rachel Dolezal is blacker than Candace Owens. The Anti Blm lady definitely is an Aunt Jemima. why Critical Race Theory needs to be taught. Someone tweeted how Seb Gorka harassed a strange for wearing a mask. I made the comment which is true and now I get suspended and have to remove the tweet.
White Fragility yet again. Looking at her profile and some of the tweets, this gaynor is a bellend. I call bullshit on those money making schemes eg reuploading videos and getting plenty of views then money. Dailymotion blacklisted and removed my videos. Two I believe. So an antivaxxer Gammon doxxed himself. Then you have this guy who is clearly lying. The book nor the author is racist. But he is. He doesn't have any kids. My nephew might just be a covid denier too. Embarrassing.
White Fragility and ignorance. Missing the plate of butter biscuits in the corner.

The cunt does not know the difference between there and their. He has been on his knees in front a white supremacist for far too long. 

That was over skin colour you dumbass. She is an Anti-masker. Daughter is hot though. 

You didn't get the joke. Yet you call it pushing an agenda/making issues out of non issues says a lot about you. 

Hate To Say I Told You So by The Hives


Why is this clown still here? Charlie doesn't believe in accountability or taking responsibility over your own finances. The idiots that think of her as a martyr are wrong. Like them, she will always be known as a terrorist. This guy is making excuses for her. #Qwhite interesting.

  Fransen isn't a British name. Why is she such a Karen? Are people really this retarded? Making tiktok dances. To a sensible tweet this guy makes a dumb statement.

Trying to figure out what she did to be blocked by Roland. The woman in the photos is hot. Body shaming double standard further in the thread. 

This guy has a thread full of nonsense. This is a white supremacist He follows this guy. Sure that guy has an Asian wife but doesn't make him any less racist. So Kirsty Gallagher works for GB News. This Inaya person is antiblack alongside Kirsty. Probably everyone there is.
Taryn Manning is a Qanon supporter and is starring in a film called Karen.

A strange gesture. 

Marks & Spencer expands its collection of neutral-coloured underwear to include five different shades following ‘the global conversation on racial inequality’ after the death of George Floyd

The antiblackness comes out:

The white supremacists are triggered even at the mention of George Floyd. Victim blaming a black man even after his death. Don't believe the fake news. White women will play the victim. I call bs. A right-winger did this.

This happens on my birthday.  

This is a brilliant thread.

Also I am done sharing tweets and stuff that isn't promoting me. Those people against taketheknee and crt need to read Me and White Supremacy: How to Recognise Your Privilege, Combat Racism and Change the World by DiAngelo, Robin https://amzn.to/3tKC1Yg 

 White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism by DiAngelo, Robin https://amzn.to/2Pf5EBY

 Why some people aren't wearing a mask if they have nothing to say they are exempt. Like the guy with a bag, bought his bottled water. Just had to keep an eye on him. 

My colleague had wrongly assumed that I was off from next week which got me thinking that I was. I did get the guttering done. My brother talking about these dusty towels that need a wash. If they have already been through the machine then leave it.

Some people in the comments well two so far. Missing the point of the video. Are they really triggered by black people? 
I am working on the day that I was supposed to have off because of my mum's doctor appointment. Confirmation of appointment on 22 Jun 2021 10:30 at Bridge Street Medical Practice. Booked a month ago. I told the manager around that time. My brother is supposed to be taking her. I get my other account suspended for calling a coon a cunt.

I had pointed out before that this woman is a little sus. Probably tonedeaf, white or Asian. Looking up what they say about Brie Larsson and Gina Carano I was right. I find that these youtube channels that review comics, TV shows and films tend to be antiblack. My mum has rambling on for hours. No one is listening. Shut the fuck up. My brother got my text. Asks for some money. I have you blocked for a reason you know. 
I tried joining Parler but there were issues there. I joined Gab. There really are whiny White supremacists on that site.

Too many black people are worried about what white people are doing on Tiktok. There are more important things happening.

So this one person that joined a week ago leaves a daft comment. Great video. 

Coldfeet Crowder being a racist asshat. He was talking about after the Christchurch shooting that we should not blame all conservatives. Hypocrisy. 
Also Shapiro being against Juneteenth because he is a white supremacist. 

Some people seem to have a problem with being woke. It says alot about them.

What kind of message is that to send someone? All you have to do is "fork" a track or buy the song from bandcamp or amazon and do what you like with it. He follows me now and messaged 
"Ight follow back" To quote Steve Rogers "No, I don't think I will". I am not obligated to do so. 

Also how else am I to promote it?
I checked out one of his songs. The instrumental was good as was the lady singing. His rapping ruined it. Two of his other songs weren't that good. It is his flow that's the problem.

Interview with the director of Loki. I find two daft comments. 

Star Wars Girl whining about some customer then this Karen has another channel where she keeps being antiblack. Her dad is featured in one video. See where she gets it from. Why would you sue? https://youtube.com/channel/UCzF829G7xrc-NlzcmL0P99AI can guarantee that if Lauren Chen's dad was being racially abused she would look the other way. She doesn't want to piss off her white supremacist friends and fans. #BlackLivesMatter #StopAsianHate #whitefragility Blaire White like the rest of the right-wing are tonedeaf. Threatened by "woke" They definitely use derogatory phrases in private. You could say that Lauren Chen is the chink in the armour of white supremacy. At work there was a mature traveller woman with her mask down and coughing. The young brunette with a motor scooter wasn't wearing a mask. Wipes her nose on her hand. This mature guy thought that he gave me a £10 note. I believe it was £5. Cctv was checked and the till counted. He went home as he had food shopping. I was right. He never returned. The assistant manager had quit. She did not seem to like the other management. Her daughter tried to commit suicide. The one previous to that had said a few things about the general manager and me that we weren't social distancing or wearing masks on a Sunday the GM contracted the Coronavirus. Looking back at the cctv it proved her wrong. She didn't even work on the Sunday. The clown would call her up on the days off about stupid things. Some people still think "just this/these" is acceptable. Not wearing masks or social distancing. Ignore me when I greet them. I just didn't trust these two guys with croaking voices like they would have been getting high. Not sure if anyone was watching them after I rang the bell. These three teen/students that came in possibly before. Two black girls on scooters with no masks. The blonde girl behind seemed to be giving them a dirty look. This brunette looked like she had work done. Collagen filled lips. Not sure of the nose. Off putting. One student after reusable masks. I did mention the ones in front that are reusable. A guy might have been watching me or just waiting as I served his girlfriend. A woman was trying to get two ibuprofen from the shelf. As it has been over stacked it began to fall. It toppled. She took two from another area instead. I had to tidy it up. Some item which isn't ours and was broken was in a customer's basket. Why was it here? These two women come in for masks but hadn't gone to the back of the queue. Gone in front of these two fit blondes waiting in line. The manager got the money and masks for a customer waiting at the door. I was already serving people waiting in line. They can come in or I should have made her wait. Those old photos from the 50s/60s of white women screaming at black people. You know that their grandkids are definitely making youtube videos complaining about everything being woke. Looks like @racheljoyaaa did that #loveisland tweet for clout. She has deleted it now. gets racist abuse from fragile white men. gets death threats. She was cool to start with then goes on some antivaxxer nonsense. Unfollowed her. Those shippers are weirdos. Great comment.
Anthony Mackie is right. The people in the replies are just tragic. As someone pointed out that men will get hit with that #ToxicMasculinity shite and then they are labelled gay just for showing their feelings. Seems to be people telling a black man how to think. I get the feeling Misha Macks isn't a woc. This guy is most definitely a coon https://youtube.com/user/pernch A great business looking after black creators OAN are a fascist terrorist network. America always judges people for their differences. White Fragility. These clowns will keep acting up. I like the "No" from @A_@a_leesha1. Doubt the majority of the thread understands what a threesome or bisexuality is. Mind you they would not be complaining if the wife and another woman got together. My mum has just started rambling. It is 00:55. For the past half hour I'm sure my brother is on his phone downstairs. I can still hear him. My other brother rings up about doing something for my birthday which I have no interest in. I am sure that you said this before. Like I said Newsmax are fucktards Nothing has changed. Bollocks as people have pointed out. Clearly not understanding for Defund The Police. Tonedeaf. White Fragility. To quote Medhi Hasan "Imagine if the Squad said this" Tucker pushing his White nationalist nonsense. That is not systemic Racism. See some of the quote tweets agreeing with Charlie
White Fragility from the tonedeaf. Karen is triggered. She is trash like Crowder. Also what is with the dumbass intro? Numbnuts in the comments and video. The Conservatives in the US are anti American. Cassandra Fairbanks is a fascist moron. The guy being spoken about is a bellend as is this woman... White Fragility The racists lack compassion. She did raise Derek to behave this way. Trying to use her white privilege to get her son's sentence reduced. She like most of the Caucasians make it about them. I was facing the shelves and some woman wasn't social distancing. The caucasity. I find that it's that Rachel Masquwicz or Karen as I call her. Wasn't wearing a mask or giving eye contact. She had been rude to me years ago. Micro aggressions. I bet that she is a white supremacist. These travellers come in without a mask. Some were stealing from other stores. Racially abuse the staff at Bonkers. The PT at PureGym was in the store. He was listening to his music. I had to ask a few times if he needed a bag before getting an answer.
Sean Parnell and Tucker Carlson are clowns. Tariq is a clown. The Karens in this thread will be asking to speak to the manager of Burberry. Really is reaching. Karen wanted to speak to the manager. The homophobic nonsense in the thread. The clown equates paedophilia with homosexuality. The Karen does have bullshit on her timeline. It's the morons that follow Tariq. A copyright and community guidelines strike on my channel.
I understand with the music. But also used Marvel footage. Weird though. I will need to recreate a video.
Really though? Looks like I will be using Dailymotion.
Filmed in Nottingham.
Marjorie is a bellend much like her followers. A racist Karen.
This twat is definitely an anti vaxxers. The people in the replies and quotes cheering him on. This Karen needs to speak to the manager.
Someone left this on my wall
Spam mail. Mylife is a company known for scamming people.
This guy and his followers are easily triggered. They'll have a meltdown over Critical Race Theory. JD vance is a dick. The Crowder fan boys in the comments. White Fragility. These people that replied are clowns. The water was leaking through the guttering. I am looking at these window companies to get a quote. The absolute spastic that threw the stones needs to pay. In more ways than one.
The right-wing are making stuff up about Batley and Spen as they are full of shit. She lies about everything in her articles. The death threat was false too. What copyright issues? I created the song.
Shutterstock would not accept my music and Songtradr is glitch. This clown sends me an unwanted message. So I will throw a load of links back at them.
I have a few digital products for sale. For the white supremacists in the replies I recommend the White Fragility book. This music thing isn't worth it. I get fed up with those showbiz channels with clickbait thumbnails and those with fan made trailers. Having to do this Edge Training for work. It is my paid holiday. Can't even log on. After having watched WandaVision, Loki, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier I revisited a few Marvel films. Scenes which I had forgotten about. Adds context to what happened in later films and the TV shows. Reminded of how attractive some of the women are. My mum came in my room and dropp off money which I didn't ask for. I was watching the film. I was asleep when she decided to come into my room at 1:57am to check on it. Does she not understand privacy? I haven't had any friends for two years. No texts, calls or socialising. It is clearly them and not me that has a problem. I moved on. She meant @tonyposnanski She blocked me for tagging him. What a coward.
When you make the white supremacist mad. Charlie Kirk is quiet when it comes to the insurrectionists using the flag as a weapon. He needs to stop being such an asshole.
Piers Morgan has something to say about Gwen Berry. Always attacking woc. Meghan Markle, Naomi Osaka, Gwen Berry. I am noticing a patten but can't qwhite put my finger on it. If you are offended over Gwen Berry's actions then I recommend that you read this... I stand with Gwen Berry. What a fucking Karen. She has this as her pinned tweet. Comes off as antisemitic. She is a former Congresswoman. Lots of people calling her out. A bit of hate and conspiracy theorieson her timeline.
This person is a bigot. The issues of digital blackface and making jokes out of black suffering. Something wrong with you. See if I have had any response from the window company. Water leaking from another part. A bunch of clowns. This is assault. They would have sucked him off.
My password took a long time to set. Then it denies me entry. AsWatson. All this bullshit on my holiday. I thought that I would start using a gig on Fiverr. Hired a DJ from ST. Lucia for music promotion. Worth checking out the site. Gammons and Karens assemble. Police are nowhere to be seen. I ring up one company and I am asked all these questions. Takes the piss. The guy in the blue jacket was out begging again. He asked me but I said no. The manager from Paper Kisses is annoyed every time he shows up. Discrimination against Asians is still Racism. The clowns in the comments are just antiblack. channel for White supremacists it seems. Kaitlin Bennett the weird gun owning Karen. There is no Blm hypocrisy. Only from the right-wing. She will be defending the Capitol Hill insurrection. They clearly don't care about black lives. This is interesting. The people that were booing during the national anthem as players take a knee will suddenly be cheering as these players have been scoring. Suddenly they respect the black players. This is an English thing as pointed out in the replies. Booing the national anthem of the opposition and their own team when taking the knee. No respect for the Veterans. White Fragility. Joy puts this guy in his place.
This clown... Does it really though? CRT and Blm triggered him. At the gym. The dumbbells rack was in a weird order. Some guy just placed his 24kg dumbbells on the spot where the 10s go. Didn't sanitise it. I had just sorted that area out. Not sure why this brunette was watching me as I approached the weight rack. She was trying to get the plate off. She was holding the phone at an angle. I thought that she might have been filming me. Seems she may have just been looking at texts or something. I had this pack of briefs from Primark. Threw the receipt away to find they are XL. I needed S. They don't accept refunds/exchanges on certain items. I will put them on ebay. There are a load of right-wingers seemingly bringing up Diane Abbot. Rayner made the error. Kelechi retweeted Sajid's reply.
Do they really though?
Yeah it checks out. The Karen blocked me.
So you are a Muslim Tory Zionist... Laura being a white supremacist as usual. I wonder where he is originally from. Getting ratioed.
This guy just doesn't get it. To quote Nick Hancock "They think it's all over. It is now" I did this image for @heyyguido
I tried making a podcast. Upload something and enter the details. The site crashed. Listen to "First time? ". ⚓ Trying this podcast thing. Went onto other platforms. A work in progress. Unacceptable. The accounts need reporting. It is mentioned that they are off Twitter. I thought these guys were against child abuse...
Check out Cosby Show: The Complete Series [DVD] [Import] by Mill Creek Ent https://amzn.to/2TfsBas
I can't remember who had said this about America: "why love a country that doesn't love you back?" I can see why he follows Tariq Nasheed #fba folk and White nationalists. Two sides of the same coin. There isn't any proof to say it was them. Right wing propaganda.
Antisemitism is bad but it seems these two are rightwingers that don't care for Palestine. Probably antiblack too. This guy is tonedeaf... Antisemitism is bad and should be dealt with. But as has been pointed out that criticising Israel is not antisemitic. The people in the article are @blakeflayton and @juliajassey
Benny is fragile.
She isn't a disgrace or embarrassment but these two clowns are. The tonedeaf replies that she got. They all need to read these books. Seriously though....
I get this nonsense about Google policy violations. Regarding Adsense. Waiting for the Engineer from Domestic And General to turn up. I want to watch some porn. Maybe a film. I woke up early. Shapiro being the bastion of masculinity. White Fragility from McCain. These descendants of slave owners will never be happy with a black person thinking for themselves. Doing what they want to do. I'm going to say that the prison friend of her father's was made up. Xenophobia and Racism
Got the machine fixed. My brother didn't bring the tools needed. So I didn't go to the shop ti buy them. Now I have to go to the shop to get some. Angela is tonedeaf. Dr Shola is far too intelligent for these arsewipes.
Tonedeaf White people always demand poc to show them evidence instead of looking it up themselves. #thecaucasity This idiot Karen Fucking hell. Porn sites? Tracey wants to speak to the manager. Something for the white supremacists This tiktok guy is a clown. The people in the quotes have done this or would do it. America is full of idiots. Ableism. Just queue up like everyone else.
My brother is on his phone. I can hear him downstairs. 0:51am. He has been there a while now. The guys harassing Chris Perkins do not respect the Veterans and are anti American. Thank you for your service. #4thofJuly So there are a few people assuming it is mostly Asian men sending these comments. That comes off racist. You can't see the faces. One of the webcams and there is this in the chat...
Had a white label site up but not much content. My mum rambling on. The email sent to one company was ignored. I called the guy and he was polite. Got somewhere unlike with the other company. Many more items associated with the Fourth of July As Rhodes would say "Boom!" I'm against drugs. It seems the Karens are swooping in. Read the Quoted tweets. There is another reason why people are after her. They aren't gonna disqualify her over a tweet. Thought it might not be real. Did someone really go through her timeline? It is stupid what she posted. Trying to cancel black people it seems. Congratulations to @AyoCaesar The Karens and Gammons will be triggered. As they always are. This guy at the gym spoke to me briefly. He was being friendly. I have served him at work before. The phone kept ringing for a minute but then stops. No one seems to answer it. My mum seems to have the cheque book out for the window company. My brother telling her over and over to put the cheque book away. Just go over to her and put it away yourself. I was asleep when he comes in asking about it. She comes into my room and leaves the book on the side. I swear I live with retards. At least she's blacker than Candace Owens. I was reminded of the latest episode of @TheGrapevineTV The white girl is right. The Bree woman has Kunt for a surname which is appropriate. A biracial woman who is an Iggy fan with this comment. Misogynoir. Colorism.
Hell opens up. These two White guys on Love Island are into blonde girls. They must seduce this black girl or they could be out of the game. Not good for her. See the comments... Some people bodyshaming Sarah Vine. Shouldn't be happening even if she is a twat. Trevor Noah shared a clip of Tomi Lahren when she was being interviewed by him. She was talking about the 2016 election being fair and that people should move on. This didn't age well. Right-Wing not moving on. Hypocrisy. My mum had been repeating something for over a minute. It is 5:18am now. Talking out loud. Why are you awake? The caucasity. They were never really a friend. The irony of Rand's statements. People attack him and lie about him? He would be doing exactly that. Black lives being a joke to these people. Doing the same thing for when DMX was in hospital. Fox is a narcissistic cunt.
Tasha didn't get the joke... Tiktok have been muting my videos. Even songs that I created. Pointless for me to continue using the app. I unstalled it.
He came through.
I can't get onto the Unity FM site and the app doesn't work for me. Have to take his word for it. Tonedeaf men in the thread. As the girl received abuse from England fans. Gammons and Karens are upset. Ratio in 3, 2, 1... Reaching. She sticks her oar in. Antiblack that she is.
Reading up about black athletes to college students. Society constantly change the rules. Anything to discredit black people. I try uploading to Slaps and it stalls. A racist troll Fragility behind the account. See who they retweet. He did Rt her. Otherwise she would have asked to speak to his manager.

The fact that this guy uses npcs as an insult says a lot about him. The people in the comments section are now getting triggered by #CriticalRaceTheory You just have to look at the Black Widow and Space Jam 2 video and comments to see why they are threatened. Like this guy who is a white Christian. 

Two tweets where I tagged people with a hashcut video seems to have been deleted. 

Therapy works too. https://t.co/1uSXd6pITT

— Michelle Singletary (@SingletaryM) July 2, 2021
She goes on to explain what she meant. But it was better not to say that. Even though she is right. Some took offence. This number rings me and hung up as I answered. 02033320903 An arsehole. In the replies and quoted tweets you will find hateful rightwingers. Pro Life indeed. This shit slaps yo. This Israeli artist sent me a message. I am wary of people that do that regarding music promotion. No tracks on his channel.
The fascists are out in the thread being disrespectful These Gammons and Karens are jealous of poc. Flawless Victory. Fatality. Karen you are dumb. White Fragility. Twitter must be bellends recommending White supremacist Karen onto my timeline. Not interested.
Why would Karen think that? Tara being a white supremacist prick. Lawrence is a dimwit.
How tonedeaf can you be? Black and brown solidarity. Coon. Tonedeaf comments section Racist will not be the new nword as some nob thinks it is. I went to youtube.com to see Bishop Talbot's video. Click on one to get this warning. White Fragility.
These right wingers truly are idiots if they think that you can't be patriotic and speak about the problems your country has. They always say it to poc who were born and raised in said country. I tried to sort the gutter but it was pointless. Plenty of misogynoir and antiblack comments in the thread. This Thomas is a prick.
The people in the thread are arguing. Misogynoir from this cunt. He is a right-winger.
Trying to understand the thinking behind this tweet. Look up Claire Lehmann on YouTube and she is on videos with Dave Rubin, Jordan B Peterson. I reckon that she is disrespectful to the indigenous Australians. Talks about the altright. Here is an example... Coloniser Karen. Bunch of fragile racists.
Karen has not been getting any dick. Dry ass pussy. I did think that he was great on They Think It's All Over. He is being a whiny bitch about the lockdown and covid. Retweets Paul Joseph Watson, Ezra Lavan etc. Clown. Paul knows a lot about being divisive.
The fact that Fat Joe and the people in the comments are behaving like Karens. People in the thread... Defend Cosby, talk about wrongful imprisonment of Black men. Labelling it cancel culture. Someone made the correction about the donations. He admitted to his crimes. It is being held accountable for crimes. One woman called a young lady a thot.
Kevin being dismissive of a Black woman. Roger England and Nerdette Newstand are the types of people this video mentions. She is a white supremacist Karen leaving random dismissive comments on the channel. These guys are white and tonedeaf. They should look up the evidence as it is right there.
What kind of comment is that?
More white fragility from Karen. Nothing wrong with being woke. Stephen Dorff definitely taken out of context. Anyway what idiot would bash a film before it has been released? Are you folks throwing a hissyfit like over Captain Marvel? The hypocrisy of the Republican/Conservative/Right-Wing: Complain about black athletes kneeling during the national anthem or not respecting the flag. They supported the Capitol Hill insurrection. Also wanting the name of the police officer that shot Ashli Babbitt. Aren't they Blue lives matter? She was a traitor. So these idiots need to shut up. Has this guy read the comics? Right-Wing channel with lies. No more sharing of tweets, YouTube comments. Irrelevant and irritating people. 99 Problems but a bitch ain't one. I remember those live streams that were on YouTube in 2019. You are basically viewing a town through cctv. People go about their business. It was therapeutic. Nasa had one for space. The RadioUk site no longer has international links. So I found Just spin around the globe and see the multitude of radio stations. Was relaxing too. Hearing variety of languages. I found good songs through it. Can't get to UnityFm. Still blocks. Not labelled. A new station that is looking for a permanent base. I get a call from 07733303309. Some automated voice call. Talks of National Insurance number and illegal activities. Then 07733303648 would call me. Same shit. I am waiting for the window repairman. Also the Amazon driver had been. I must have been asleep. No call was made. Neither the driver or the window guy have been. Wasting my time. I could go to the cinema. I tried using the new bottle of poppers. Should just go get condoms from the shop. It did arrive but was in large packaging.
I see that my song on Bandlab has two likes and a comment but no plays. Was this just spam? My mum is repeating some nonsense. Hiphop is the dominant genre on Slaps. So many Rap songs. I find that these artists are rapping in the same manner. Music is identical. This generation I suppose. Having to do this online training. The sas thing is garbage. I really do hate this company. I am skipping through the video. Can't force people to buy the shite. Looking at one woman figuring out if she is Asian or just wearing fake tan. Often these customers say "just this". Act like Karens. I should be looking for another job. I am done talking about work.
I have to ring that other window company. The dismissive fella. Getting fobbed off by these people. Contact the guy that was meant to be in on Monday. I may need to have another attempt at the gutter. Legendry film maker Richard Donner has passed away. I was banned from a Chatroom. Seems that you can't post links. The guys were busy fucking.
This girl has pretty eyes. White rightwingers would throw a hissyfit over these videos. Tonedeaf and dismissive over what poc go through. Absolutely nothing wrong with being woke. The content on this channel and the tiktok contributers is top notch. At the gym this guy with a cap was watching what I was doing. Maybe resting. I did this calf exercise. My padlock fucked up and I had to buy a new one. I was on the phone to the doctors and my mum is talking. Someone hung up. There was always a queue. I have just about given up. This ad comes on YouTube. Sophie Howard with her successful business. I was to avoid clicking on the links or viewing the webinar. I Google the name and find this link
I fell asleep before the webinar started. Probably rambling before getting to the point. See if I actually get the Ebook. I am not paying a fee or waiting for someone to contact me. I can leave the window browser and the lecture stops and resumes where I left it when I click back. I get emails and text. No doubt will get them after. So it is another fba scheme. Waste of time and money. $6000 - 10,000 investment.
The poppers I was using weren't giving the desired effect. It is raining again. Really though? People shouldn't be using the nword. Catchy song.
What's the thought process behind this? My mum as up at 2:01am. Hear her rambling loudly. Walking downstairs. Upstairs landing light is on. She is asleep now. I will need to unsubscribe from Sophie Howard and Blue Sky Amazon as the emails and text will continue if I don't. I wound up getting the call. £500 plus payment after the discount. Part payment. I had already unsubscribed. An American woman was on the phone. The training takes place over a month. No wonder she is making money. 03330163659 I am selling my photos here. Was a bit of a bugger sorting the tags, title and description.
I received this from 6azbpiopsvs1vuwzqrnj-txprmiwj1r@googlegroups.com Clearly a scam email.
I have arranged an appointment with Safe style for my broken window. Seems that these companies that fob me off would not do it if I was White. I look up Suzanne Douglas and a few youtube videos ask "how did she die?" Black trauma as entertainment. Kayliegh is a white supremacist. Irony being how America was formed from other nations. The forefathers and pilgrims would be devastated.Qanon, Conservatives, Republicans etc will be pissed of at this video.When I was on MySpace. I did get along with this Nurse in New York. She eventually finds I am of Indian descent. Then come the slurs. "sandni#%£{" I believe a friend of hers did the same. Pathetic really. This was because of 9/11. The first two are great. The Egyptian and Canadian women are pretty. Safe style rep is running late. I was to get this guttering sorted. Neither delivery has arrived. My mum ought to open the door. The quote I got was £880 today. The 12 months price is £1381. Thanks to the cunt that threw the stones. They should be paying. I was awoken to the sound of my mum talking to herself. My brother tells her to be quiet. It is after 1am. I am having side effects of the 2nd covid vaccine. I had purchased a big bottle of poppers. My final one. Click here for free trial!Click here to visit Belle LingerieDurex sex toysNew! Sqweel Go USB Rechargeable Oral Sex Simulator Deal of the day banner I am surprised to hear of her passing. I followed her on Twitter and watched her on The Grapevine Show on YouTube. So the other videos about how she died and tweets regarding her death, funeral arrangements etc Just being disrespectful. Black trauma as entertainment.
She has been filmed twice harassing skateboarders. Trying to enforce the law. She is unstable. This Pornhub Karen,naked and playing Gta. Showing white fragility. Very tonedeaf. Complaining about social issues and wokeness. They don't falsely accuse someone of being racist. Critical Race Theory needs to be taught. Pornhub banned these words. Search her name. Leeannstar being another white supremacist.
I have just watched Spiral: From The Book Of Saw. Starring Chris Rock, Max Minghella, Samuel L Jackson. I have seen other films that Rock has been in like Dogma. I remember a film he did with Morgan Freeman. His stand up comedy. There is a behind the scenes tour footage on a Red Hot Chili Peppers dvd where Rock pays them a visit. Sometimes in this game there are no winners. You have Detective Zeke. Trying to be the best that he can at his job. He is dealing with corrupt cops. There is a lot of tension. The Spiral killer is on the loose and has been targeting police officers. The Captain, Angie is hot. As I haven't watched any of the Saw franchise in a while you forget how gruesome it is. There is a nod to the first film and the old theme is there. You workout things as Zeke does. The trap scenes are shown in parts. Who knows if there are any sequels. Worth taking a look. A stupid email that David got.
This white woman had ebony tagged in her profile. At work I served this white male in his 40s. Bald head. Ginger stubble. I offered him sas. He said something along the lines of "I don't want any of your products." I did think that he had said bollocks. He had the hand gestures for stop/back off. Well the Karen needs to understand that have to ask and will ask him again. Facts don't care your feelings. This William Knight guy maybe delusional. Often people with major mental health problems question this reality. He is attractive though. Both fair points.
Nick Fuentes is a retarded cum guzzling White supremacist. He can go choke on a dick.
This would be indecent exposure. I tagged a few people but it's the last time. He is getting body shamed.
One of the neighbours is screaming for joy as England have scored in the Euro final. Ashli Babbitt was a clown. She is now in hell. Should have complied. Lauren Boebert is a Karen. Her husband needs to slap her about a bit. White Fragility from the England fans. Bunch of bellends leaving hate comments. Cucks should know why the players take a knee. Italian fans being attacked.
Mostly sock puppets, troll accounts. Getting deleted. I see that maybe other poc are leaving hate comments alongside white people. Seeing the nonsense this guy tweets says it all really. This guy works for Savills.
Posting antiblack comments.
The people that liked Andy Bone's tweet...
Now the black accounts might be fake pics. A Free Palestine one there. Both white women missing the point.
Antiblack Darren Grimes taking shots at Marcus Rashford. He is getting ratioed.
Where is Hamza from then? Karen does not know what Marxism is. It is hole.
Thread is kinda sus. Turning Point really are stupid.
They are not a cult. People like you are divisive. These are the idiots that claim the uk or any other country isn't racist but then post comments like these. Boo taking the knee and oppose black lives matter. Get the fuck out. What is Karen on? Fragile males bash Black Widow Where the fuck did someone in the comments get man hating? England losing the final is not the end of the world.
Wendy is a white supremacist bellend. Don't be like Wendy. Tila Tequila was a Porn star. A white supremacist. Antiblack. She really is full of shit.
Safe Style ringing me three times. 01274790101 yesterday. Then twice today. I will ring them back or block the number. "would you not pay that much for quality?" Well.... There is a payment option. White women's tears. Playing the victim. People pointed out what would happen if the roles were reversed. No help towards the black woman. The Karen tried to set her up. We know how dangerous White women's tears are. Abigail Elphick wasn't wearing a mask or social distancing. She is an educator. Apparently she pushed the black woman out of the way to get to some underwear. Where are her manners? Why is she chasing the victim? Also the police would have got physical with the black woman or even shot her if the roles were switched. Whoever vandalised the mural is an arsehole and will never amount to anything. Marcus Rashford does not have to apologise for anything.
I am trying to watch the final episode of Loki. My mum is talking to herself. Repeating phrases. I already had the volume up and can still hear her. I have to start the episode again. This man at work was buying a small bottle of wine. A woman with a pram was in the queue, she looked at items on a nearby shelves and I was serving someone. He goes and stands in between them. I should have said something. Queue jumping and not social distancing. My assistant manager says that she has turned into abit of a control freak. That working from the deodorant cage was easier. I had to leave it for her to work on something else. That Edge training didn't say it was completed because I didn't exit the Thankyou page. This part makes no sense. Several of the team have done most of this. We get in trouble for not stopping the shoplifter. A man in blue tracksuit top and bottoms with black rucksack. He may have been taking a while down the aisle. He purchased an item on his way out. Now I ought to have three bells. But was anyone watching Cctv? This brunette with acne who I kept an eye on went once around the shop looking for toilet roll. She had a bag of Tesco shopping.
This guy moans about race swapping yet cosplays as anime characters. He follows a few sus people Melanie Phillips was talking about antisemitism during the smear campaign against Corbyn. She doesn't know what she is talking about regarding Black Lives Matter. These two cunts agree with her...
The fragile asshats on the podcast and the ones sending death threats. They need to be named and shamed. I assume there to be antiblackness there. Also from the delivery driver. Richard Branson, a white man invading a black space. There has to be one dumbass in the comments showing his white fragility. Ash Pie. These assholes called me... This customer thought that the mouthwash was £2.99. It was more than that. She looked at the wrong ticket. Another guy spoke loud. The price of the item had gone up. The ticket had the old price. That man that begs people for money was in town again. A man that I recognise was waiting in line. I was serving these two ladies and waiting for them to finish and leave and he impatiently calls to me to hand his items over. I should have told him to wait. They hadn't left yet. A guy had been accepted onto a course at Nottingham University. However he had made a video featuring a racist rant against the England football team. So they withdrew it. You do it to yourself you do and that's why it really hurts... Facts don't care about your feelings
I did see another clip where the same woman was trying to debate @SholaMos1 over Britain being a racist country and the treatment of Meghan Markle. The woman wanted some examples of Racism instead of looking it up herself. These rightwingers claiming that Britain isn't a racist country sure did score an own goal.
Linda being tonedeaf. I am waiting to use the bathroom. It is being used. She seems to be rambling. What is she doing in there? I want to get to the gym. Finally done half an hour later.
At the gym the Danny John Jules lookalike comes and asks me if I am using this ez bar. I was unracking the weight so what does it look like? There was another one in the corner. I sense White Fragility from the tory.
Tell me you're antiblack without telling me that you're antiblack.
I tried using my poppers which was a daft idea and didn't get off. This guy that had followed me, he happens to follow leftwing and rightwingers. I unfollowed him. He might be tonedeaf. Comparison to the insurrectionists on 6th Jan are being made. Supposedly about free speech and these nobhead viewers want cancel culture.
Harj is stupid. Southgate has nothing to do with the racism.
#takeaknee and as you leap back up make sure it is with an uppercut. He really is a clown. The fleshlight making me lose an erection. I try using the poppers. Not able to inhale much. Plenty left in the bottle. These two morons.
Now wait a minute The antimask antivaxxers covid denier idiots will drag this country back. I had this dream and in one scene I was looking at travel options. To India and Russia. Seeing the discounted price of £6 something. Images of the locations. You needed to upload ID which costs £185 or there about before the discount. I was watching my old dial up phone which I have had nightmares about before. Some young man was on the computer in the corner and wanting to use mine from a certain point. Someone had passed away. I tried to download a song featured on the James Bond movie soundtrack. Bill Murray is in the car with Daniel Craig as they speed down the open road. My mum has been repeating stuff. I had fallen asleep. I am awake and she is talking shite. My brother just yelled at her. It is after 11pm. It then comes to midnight and she does it again. The leak from the back of the toilet is starting again. Pipes from under the floorboard is leaking. The water from the radiator in the bathroom. The delivery at work has been cancelled. This morning I was thinking about how I would like to murder the people that have done me wrong. The bullying that I faced in school. They think that they had got away with it. But I am justified. Jason Allen and Tom Squires that I want to locate. If I had special powers what I would do to the shoplifters and the racist that harasses me in the street. Send them into space. Snap a few necks. Take their belongings. Transfer money from their accounts to mine. I am Karma. The guys in the class and anyone justifying it are bellends. Ones to avoid.
People could be helped with their medical bills. There is no woke tyranny. These rightwingers are fragile. Taking the opinion of a North Korean. White Fragility from The Telegraph. The Asians wanting the proximity to whiteness. Biz Markie has passed away. Everyone apart from the indigenous people are colonisers. That includes ados fba. Lauren Boebert is like Dan Schneider's wife and Ghislaine Maxwell. Bringing home teen girls for the husband. Lauren Chen's parents entered the country illegally. Darren Grimes enjoys going down on his mother. Change my mind. With the recent rise of #covid cases. Well there were the anti lockdown, anti mask, antivaxxers doing what they were doing. It got to them in the end. This is one of responses. Possibly whitesplaining. Then this Reply Guy The moderators of the groups need these books... Me and White Supremacy: How to Recognise Your Privilege, Combat Racism and Change the World by Layla Saad White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism by DiAngelo, Robin A work of fiction. An irrelevant tweet response to a music promo. White tiktokers will be imitating this dance Sense of entitlement from Kkkaren Hopkins. Disgusting. Now it looks like that he has run off or has been kidnapped. Racial harassment. The guy should quit his job. The Aristocratic Monk and Damien in the comments in some bullshit. I was reminded of the Businesswoman Karen that gave me her card to get her drinks. I waited for the bar staff to finish only for the supervisor to say that she would need to open a tab. So I had to go tell her. She went to the bar and made a complaint to the supervisor about me. False accusations about how I could have taken her card details for fraudulent use. This was at the Holte Suite, Villa Park. A charity auction and boxing match took place. Possibly around 2013. I was working as a drinks host through the agency. I had worked a few seasons there. I would call this a microagression. She was a white middle aged woman. Brunette, stocky build. I bet that she was protesting the lockdown and boos #takeaknee. The cunt can cry more if she recognised this. This woman is unhinged. The fba are xenophobic like white supremacists. Calls several people Coons. Has a problem with black filmmakers. Annoying as fuck. A narcissist. False allegations. The video editing sites are useless. is a good one. The Freedom Phone will be like the Soulja Boy games console. Only available in white. Just as I entered Tesco I spotted this young tall blonde, she wore these black shorts that didn't cover the lower part of her buttocks. Nice firm ass. I had accidentally picked up a can of carrots which was from Aldi. It was on the stack. The clown that sent the abuse.
Looking at his profile he is so wrong about everything. Falmer Ahmed in the comments is antiblack. I went to watch Escape Room Tournament Of Champions at Cineworld. It is a horror film. As I enjoyed the Saw, Hostel, Final Destination, Cube franchises I would see this. You might also like Circle, Exam, Truth Or Die. This begins with a recap of the first film which I have not seen. I did see another film of the same name. The Zoey character is attractive. She and Ben had been in the first game. Having escaped that they were going to solve the mystery of the people running the game and expose them. As soon as I saw one character in the city I knew what would happen. I saw the clues when the psychiatrist was talking to Zoey. They did well with the special effects. A good cast of actors. One woman seemed annoying. A new game has begun. I do believe that these horror movies were influenced by the older films. You might like the soundtrack. Notably the end credits song that reminded me of The Final Destination opening theme. The previous film was released in 2019. The one I saw was from 2017. Anyhow you would hope that they would get the puzzle sorted and get out. Not sure if another film will be made. Taylor Russell as Zoey Davis Logan Miller as Ben Miller Deborah Ann Woll as Amanda Harper Thomas Cocquerel as Nathan Holland Roden as Rachel Ellis Indya Moore as Brianna Collier Carlito Olivero as Theo That sounds like bollocks Karen. There is probably racist stuff on your timeline. Is this how a grown woman should be behaving? These rightwingers are ugly. Tim Pool would agree. These white supremacists Karens deserve to be sterilised. Having seen the tweets about those Proud Boys and Girls. It shows that these rightwingers are degenerates. https://twitter.com/loisbeckett?s=20 She was a nurse?
So apparently there are men making excuses for this guy. This man followed us last night and started trying to war with me and my friend because we told him we weren’t single.He followed us down the whole strip shouting at us. I ignored him to a point where it started getting out of order because he got into my friends face as if he was about to hit her which is when I had to tell him to stop.He had his friend hold him back as If he was going to hit us. I told him to leave us alone which is when he pushed me. You can even see how angry he was here.After he pushed me I had to hit him because he should’ve never Laid his hands on me because he was rejected. I was even polite. I should never have to fight a man.It’s men that don’t know how to handle rejection that turn into rapists and abusers. THIS SHIT IS NOT OKAY! Identity of the man: Nottingham Trent University student Mayowa.
How to be a better person These white rightwingers don't believe in accountability. They just want to play the victim. Some asshats made these comments. You know they are American. Of course Indians face racism. Megyn Kelly is just another white supremacist that can go fuck herself.
You really are a retarded cunt.

With the shit that he posts and I get suspended. The irony of Sinema posting this.
These two White supremacists had to post this about John Lewis.
They are clearly wrong. Low iq individuals that they are. Jealous of Black people. I reported the accounts. One of them is following me on my backup account. Let's have some fun, shall we? The irony of this guy calling this woman a fascist. The nob just tweeted at me before I even have sent my tweet. I liked a comment from another. Still a antivaxxer bellend.
A person's daft response to Nabila I mean Aleesha talking about a fake account. The tweet either was deleted or I was blocked. I decided to record my journey to the gym. Sell it as stock footage even though no one has made a purchase so far. I was holding it. Had a hand on the headphones. I dropped it on the ground and cracked the screen. Should have left it in the pocket. I may as well get a new phone looking at repair costs. It has put me off my training a little bit.
Some white supremacist leaves dumb comments. I stand by what I said about the white supremacist Watson. These people moaning in a promoted tweet for Moran's new book. I did wonder how long Okafor would clout chase regarding Hamilton's win. As someone suggested put her in a dinghy. She should be charged for indecent exposure.
Asian food has triggered a racist. Definitely a Karen moment from Lucy. The Wright Stuff always seems to have a tonedeaf White woman on the panel. White supremacist Karen is going after Brie for wanting equality. These fba African Americans being xenophobic. See the comments. Fuentes and the right-wing at cpac are morons. He could be mistaken for one of the Hodge Twins. So there is that. He is biracial? His white parent bought him up to be a bigot. The caucasity of this bellend and his supporters Who are these asshole that send the same type of message. He doesn't owe you anything. LilNasX
She might be right but the rest of her timeline shows her to be another idiotic rightwingers. Definitely a white supremacist. Right Wingers appropriating Black culture. This John Doyle seems to be another white supremacist clown. Only stumbled upon Phetasy as some random video about her being on a foot fetish site. Her content really is a dumpster fire. Doesn't align herself with any party. Still a tonedeaf white woman. A few people that I follow, are following her on twitter. Taking shots at the Democrats, posts antivaxxer nonsense. Follows these rightwingers too. Triggered by Critical Race Theory. Clown. Just irrelevant like the rest of them. What is he doing at the school? The person that sent this is a muppet. This is tonedeaf I am guessing that maybe she doesn't get it. Probably a right-winger. A former nurse for a reason. Struck off and wearing a uniform. These antivaxxers are full of shit. Kate Shemirani is an arsehole. You know that these people at the #londonprotest were more than likely booing #takeaknee #BlackLivesMatter My cousin unfriended me on Facebook. Was it something that I said? Meghan and Clay showing their #whitefragility White supremacists have always been jealous of Black people.
Brilliant post
The right-wing clowns throwing a hissyfit over Brandi Love. Some idiot in the comments of Chen's video thinking Rittenhouse did nothing wrong. Conservatives are the Cancel Culture mob. The black rifle coffee company did the right thing. These Proud Boys and White supremacists are nothing but terrorists. Clowns need to get over it. Lauren Chen has half the intelligence of Steven Crowder. People want to report Chen for the stuff about Brandi but not the usual antiblack or misogyny? I have followed Brandi Love for a bit.
And unfollowed. She is still a bigot. Even if they try to cancel her. They are saying that she should shut up and dribble. The Right is eating itself (out). Kaiser Karen is a cunt. Liz de la torres. He should have called Ice. The white wife in the plantation photos is a moron. Authorities say they have found ’human remains consistent with the description of Gabrielle ‘Gabby’ Petito’ in Wyoming Gabby Petito’s family reported her missing on September 11 after she did not return from a cross-country road trip with her fiancé. Body found in Bridger-Teton National Forest in Wyoming ‘consistent with the description’ of Gabby Petito, according to FBI. People on Twitter seem to believe that the fiance is responsible. Let the police and FBI do their jobs. These rightwingers proved DiAngelo's point. #whitefragility
He isn't really. He was replying to LilNasX. Then these fools accuse him of being a government plant. Wonder what Kevonstage makes of this.
Speaking of there was some shit on the ground in the car park at work. A human definitely did it. Blogger unpublished another post of mine. The racist Boebert was definitely taking shots at China.
White supremacist uses "race baiting"
The Tories are an embarrassment. I replied with a link to the White Fragility book. This is discrimination.
Clearly a racist. Unable to mind her own goddamn business. This guy is a comedian but a racist at that.
At work this white guy in black jacket and jeans came in. He had a orange bag for life. Now he is a shoplifter as pointed out by a colleague. He had been in the store a few hours ago and had returned. He would get a basket. Grab what he wants. I should have watched him intensely or followed him. The bells were rung and I told the management who to look for. They were chatting. Useless. The guy was slipping items into his bag and when he comes to the till he all of a sudden forgets his card. All a ruse. He is the one that set the barrier off. Claims it to be another guy. I should have run to the door. The delivery was just about cleared. I checked with management about opening up. I asked the general manager just in case she had stuff to put away. I would have opened up. She was clearing up this mess at the back. She swore and asked someone to open up. Muttering that there weee two members of staff on the shopfloor. No one else was keeping track of the time or doing it so why do I need telling off? This guy wanted to pay for these painkillers. Two for him and two for his wife. I did tell him that the limit was two. He suggested having two transactions and then leaving and coming back to buy the other. The caucasity of this Karen. I did say that it was not allowed. I get in trouble. There was this chap that ai recognised. He was missing some teeth. I remember him calling me a racial slur many years ago. Racism does age you. This white student looking over at me and smiling, not sure what she had said to her Asian boyfriend. All I did was serve him and asked if he needed a bag. Not sure what is wrong with her. The blonde woman with the kids was in. They do sometimes steal. The fat slow woman named Anna was with them. Now the teen daughter was daring her to get on the stool. The woman was going to do it too. Thing is that the stool is for staff only. She would cause an accident. This guy came back with his receipt. He was charged £24.99 and the old £22.99 sticker was still up. So the man wanted two quid back. An Asian was going "what?" not understanding that I was offering sas. I had asked Tango Victor for a repeat of the description for a shoplifter. TV gives a sigh and says it very slowly. The tone that he took with me. Seemed like the guy is a miserable cunt. I got fed up of people saying "just these/this". Like this ginger haired girl did. I was scanning items through and one didn't go through. I had to double check what I had done. I then had a void limit needed overriding and I waited for the assisstant manager. The Karen that I was serving looks at her friend. Bit of a bitch it seems. One ginger haired guy didn't say much and would mumble. I did notice that a customer that I do respect was wearing a "fcuk the vaccine" tshirt. The gentleman that I served hadn't put his stuff away and left, but a woman behind him puts her items down in front of me. Wait until the customer in front has gone, Karen. The caucasity of these people. This leaking pipe bollocks was bothering me. There was this really attractive brunette with long straight hair. A milf/yummy mummy. This attractive white woman with dreadlocks did apologise disturbing me when asking about the kitchen roll. She should have waited and it is obvious we have what we have. There isn't extra cover coming in for the week. The delivery is cancelled so could turn up whenever. I remember this Asian woman getting two packs of batteries. 12pack are £3.99 and 8pk £2.99. She wrongly assumed they were 2.99. I had sorted the dump bin earlier and the price is clearly up. She didn't want them anymore even when I offered to swap them for an 8pk. This black woman had some items. The lid was open on the Lynx shower gel. I cleaned it up. She wanted one replacing and I did say that she was welcome to grab another one. It still had alot in it. As she had all those bags she would not get one. I rang for the Supervisor who was cashing up the till float. Another lady needed help but my colleague was being signed out. Two blondes had come in without saying anything and said nothing on the way out. Even after I said bye. The young woman with her miserable mum had tested a deodorant which you are not supposed to. I tried using the poppers and wasn't going to cum. I have wasted money on Chaturbate and Xhamsterlive tokens. At the kebab shop this pretty brunette teen was chatting up the guy behind the counter. She had a blonde friend with her. This tanned blonde ignored me too when entered she the shop. Did the same when leaving. My mum had told my brother that we had spent £11,000 on a window. Not sure where she got that from. We have not spent anything. This white student female with her black boyfriend were in store. She buys the Blue Pill pack. Says "I don't need a bag" after I have already done the transaction. Of course you don't Karen. For an item that small. There was a small leak coming from the ceiling. 99 problems but a bitch ain't one. He is getting ratioed. Grammar errors. But you can understand what he is saying. Then these two tweets show up.
Just antiblackness. Hypocrisy and White Fragility. They miss the point but aren't calling out White tiktokers that steal from black creators. Some of these customers still say "just these/this" especially some students. I should ask anyway as it is part of my job. Some seemed snobby like these attractive female students and this tanned mature woman with her teenage daughter. This mature man with glasses didn't really answer me at first. Seemed like a nob. Came back because he was allegedly charged wrong. He had taken this large Head & Shoulders shampoo off the gondola which had the £3.49 label. One of my colleagues had put it there. The item is the correct £4.99. The caucasity. The beggar guy comes into town again. Served some stunning women. The delivery was large and the way it was packed in the middle of the aisle. Ridiculous. This guy that borrowed a pen never bought it back. A mature woman bought a few items. Alcohol was one. A young lady with her had that drink. Had she bought it I would have asked her for ID. Just hope that it wasn't a proxy sale. Someone had rung the store. It seemed they were asking for the supervisor. Barely hear what they were saying. The black camp fella from the gym wanting a product but was unwilling to just nip in and see if we had the product just incase it wasn't in. I gave him the store number and told him that he could order online. Daft question about what mouthwash burns your mouth from a old school friend of my brother. My brother comes and asks me to transfer £150 to him. Some goes to my mum. The beta male reply guys will definitely be in the thread This woman is a bellend. What's wrong with having a goat? Why is someone taking pictures of children?
It isn't a dress, Tarquin. These rightwingers taking photos of Black and brown children. Clearly a Paedophile movement. The people in the comments don't understand accountability and are showing their homophobic side. Fifa and Olympic Committee treating the use of cannabis different. Also how black and white people are treated. href="https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-W-x-FdZzSe0/YPx_a7gESWI/AAAAAAAANtM/5yJ7gsui13EwfAFyo08288wEZfcn6UdiwCLcBGAsYHQ/s727/E7FtGHNWEAIanaM.jpeg" style="display: block; padding: 1em 0; text-align: center; "> So this clown is taking the side of the police officer planting evidence. White supremacists always finding a way to blame the black person. These white people trying to make the Karen a victim. Simone is neither selfish, a disgrace or a sociopath. Charlie is antiblack. Twats like him will never be on her level. Very anti American of these rightwingers to slander Team Usa. These white men with their sense of entitlement to black women's lives. #BlackLivesMatter #osaka #SimoneBiles #berry #ShaCarriRichardson #meghan It is the same arseholes commenting. They are very fragile. They don't have anything intelligent to say about Black athletes. Biles, Osaka and other black sportspeople do not owe you a goddamn thing. That was it for tagging people or updates to this post. These white supremacists are irrelevant. They can go kill themselves. Same goes for you shoplifters.
Laura Ingraham has always been a cunt like her father.
Rhonda and John are white supremacist clowns. Being divisive trying to change the discussion. An actor who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 was arrested in Burbank, California, this Wednesday by federal agents, the Los Angeles Daily News reports. Michael Aaron Carico, 33, was seen in numerous photos and videos partaking in the riot at the Capitol. He also seen climbing a media tower that was installed outside the Capitol building. According to an FBI informant who was on the ground that day, Carico bragged to fellow rioters that he had entered the building. Federal agents obtained Carico’s cellphone data through a warrant and was able to place him on the Capitol grounds as the riot took place. In one video, Carico addresses House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, telling her to “go f*** yourself.” He has appeared in several TV series, including “Hack my Life” and “The Inbetweeners,” as well as the movies “In Full Bloom” and “Alienated.” Carico has been charged with entering restricted grounds, disorderly conduct, and picketing inside the Capitol building. His bail has been set at $20,000. Fucking clown. The maga insurrectionists should be sent to Afghanistan. As Mikki Kendall said "white feminism is going to white Feminism" as demonstrated by the op and replies... You have these people who don't get it either Barrington is an Uncle Tom. His followers are dense.
As someone pointed out "Imagine how the Muslims feel"
Making it about himself. White Fragility. At work there was a couple and they were buying 6 packs of painkillers between them. I did tell him of the limit. He bought two and then his partner came in and bought two. I should just stand my ground. Explain that it should be just two for both. Call the manager. Takes the piss. I had to limit another couple before. They bought two packs each. I need to be adamant. Some times I think that it's not worth it. It is my job and what I say goes. Customers ignored me when I greeted them. The caucasity. No manners for some. It is usually "just this" being said as a blonde student did (in a quick loud tone) and a mature man as well as others. I offered batteries and a mature white woman with glasses and she says "I would have picked some up if I needed them", well I have to ask. Another white woman in a loud voice asks for antihistamines. Some not smiling. A bald headed guy comes in with a look on his face I gather he didn't like the look of the Muslim people that I was serving. That is an assumption. No please or thanks. I had ones not answering as they had their headphones in. The biracial guy stood on the wrong side of the lady that I was serving. A guy thought the sparkling water was 19p which it used to be. I was going to see if he could get a goodwill gesture. The manager would not allow it. I may have been the one that moved the ticket thinking it was for something else. A woman with glasses gave me the silent treatment. Sometimes they pull a face. A mature woman that I had already served before was back in the store again. I'm sure that she bought painkillers the first time and again on the return. A queue built up on Thursday. A customer in the queue tells me to ring the bell. I will do it when I see fit. The manager wasn't meant to be working and is annoyed everytime she is called. The assistant manager had to do her training on market day. A colleague was off sick I believe. So I would not ring the bell as much. I go over to the till to pay and all these people enter the store so I have to wait for them to pass. They should have waited. There was this stunning biracial girl with nice legs. Saw other pretty students. Another pensioner probably the same one from before licks her her fingers before getting out the £10 note. It is unhygienic. This man was asking if we accepted the new polymer £50 note. I am sure that we do. He may have special needs. He left before I could check. Could have been dodgy. An Asian man was talking about how these £1 masks were 49p on Saturday. That is a lie. They were always £1. He wanted to speak to the manager. She was on her break. She told him what I said. He paid for two masks. This young woman had a crying baby. She did say excuse me to this black student but she just ignored her and then left. The mature man was glad that I didn't ask "do you want a bag?" in a feminine voice, was he imitating me? Talks about how I am a human being not a machine. A young Muslim woman was trying to buy two laxatives. The sign is there. I had to explain the limit. She mentioned that with Boots and the pharmacy allow you to purchase two. Thing is that we are not Boots. Savers Health And Beauty is one of the top 100 companies to work for, apparently. I doubt it. The person that said that was definitely high. I would consider transferring to another store. But I intend on handing my notice in. I do worry about what the next job will be like. If the colleagues will be arseholes. If I will even get another job. I regret so much. Joining the company. What happens to my colleagues should not be my concern. So many people are cunts. For me to be free and satisfied a long list of people will have to die. My mum had been muttering to herself at 11pm. Then at 3:40am my brother raises his voice to dictate to my mum. The poppers has the opposite effect. Flies in the house. Had a cramp, back pain from the gym. The flush handle on the toilet doesn't work properly. The laundry basket isn't being emptied as my brother is home and it is his and my mum's clothes and towels. He keeps putting a new toilet roll on when the old one hasn't been finished. Facebook keeps fucking up. Doesn't let me post certain links and I try to update a page that I have created and it messes up. My mum pissing me off already. The doctor's appointment is 9:50am. She leaves 8:27am. Twice I had told her to wait. She leaves the house anyway. I had to go out after her in my slippers. One lady was out. Someone in a car drives by. My nephew was on his way to work. It makes me look bad. If she had gone to the doctor they would be calling me. I would make her wait there and then turn up closer to the time. I would tell them exactly what to do. She left again at 8:51am. Brother comes in to tell me that I ought to go with her. Well she left early. Not my fault or my problem. I am tired. She keeps getting up as the nurse is trying to get the syringe ready. The nurse Victoria was irritating me. On the way home mum crosses the road with out paying attention. A car is approaching and I tell her to stop but she doesn't listen. I left her to go wherever. Now this Ben Kurr bitch is rambling to herself. I was asleep. I can understand the actions that Jake Davison took. I am moving out of this house. The delivery at work comes at 6am now. Fuck am I wasting time. Have to open later. My mum is rambling again. I tried the ad boost on Facebook. The delivery was running really late. Coming from Wales it is due at 9:45am. So I and my colleagues got to work to see the email and so the delivery is being cancelled. My manager needs to be in Market Harborough later. I sweated just going there and back. I didn't get an FBI. Got introduced to the new guy. He is good looking. I am awake now but should go back to sleep. It is now coming on Friday. I was meant to be at the gym but that fucks my plan up. I could have gone to the gym once getting home. I was tired and used the poppers. Now would train at home. I kept checking the PureGym site for amount of people. I wasted a condom trying to huff on poppers again after I had already cum. This pensioner was buying painkillers and so was his granddaughter. She looked like she would pay with her phone. The grandpa uses a card from his wallet. Just buy two packs between you or none at all. This woman with her grandmother. Three packs of paracetamol. I did say there was a limit. The woman asks if she could buy one pack as the grandmother is stocking up. I had to check with the supervisor. Explains to her grandmother about the limit and people overdose on it. Again it isn't my problem. One woman mentioned that the music was loud. This Karen was on her phone. Unbeknown to her she was holding a damaged product. Whoever handled it obviously dropped it and just put it back. A customer pointed out to her about the shampoo leaking. It stained her tshirt. Karen says that looks like a tramp. I had to clear up the mess on the floor. Got the item reduced. She should stop being over dramatic. Some woman asking if I had some medical condition which she mentioned. Because of a stiff neck. Now it is 14 cages tomorrow. The mixed raced woman with glasses that had been shoplifting before came and paid for her drinks. An Asian man tried to buy 4 packs of paracetamol. I told him about the limit. Are people really that stupid or ignorant? The notices are on the shelf. We were listening to Spotify and a song I chose was playing was skipped. Should let it finish. I said hi to a former colleague but he didn't respond. If others are quitting I should not be afraid to do so. I served a pretty Transwoman in an Amazon worker top. At the barbers I asked for a blade 2 back and sides and wanted the top left long. He had cut it short. I wanted to be able to keep a fringe. I notice more than once that a pensioner couple would come in and the husband buys a two packs of paracetamol/ibuprofen and the wife does the same. They should stop doing so. I ought to say something. I wonder if it is worth it. I am trying to fix the large crack in the ceiling. My brother says "you should get someone to fix it" Really? Point out the obvious. I don't see you spending any money, call a person or fixing things yourself. It would cost a lot of money to sort it. Well I should have left it alone as that part of the ceiling collapsed moments later. To be honest I should have called a plasterer months ago. It would cost less and I would not have to deal with the mess. My brother will no doubt ask me questions but do nothing. I am not in the mood. I have arranged for a quote. The guy comes over on Sunday. Ignoring a problem doesn't make it go away. I knew that it would give way and was just waiting for it to happen. Better to stop it as attempts were made to fix it instead of calling a professional. If my mum had been there when it collapsed. My mum was rambling yet again. I seem to worry, stress or am full of rage. I should use it for something productive. I should get that prescription from the doctor. My other brother asks for money. He says not to go straight with the job once the quote has been offered. I am not stalling. I want this shit fixed. This lady had a pair of slippers and a Shoezone receipt. The supervisor had to explain to her a few times that we are Savers and to go next-door. The plasterer did come round and took a look. The whole ceiling would need doing. He took a few photos. As he has other things to do. He left. No quote as yet. He will call in a few days. I may need to ring others up or should have done as soon as I rang this guy. I messaged a few people. Some Google and business pages say that the companies are open on a Sunday. I would find that not to be the case or the individual has retired. I ought to have called someone on my paid holiday for this and the leak. How the hell do we not know if we have home insurance? Got a message from one builder... "Hi thank you for your message no problem at all, I would definitely recommend having the whole ceiling done, the total price all in would total to £450, this includes labour and materials, you also get a 5 year guarantee, I am really busy at the moment though and I’m booking up until the end of November, I do have a 2 day a lot available but the earliest I could fit you in would be Friday 3rd September, thanks Callum To book anyone in my diary I take a 50% deposit (£275 in your case) then the rest on completion," Maybe I should have not told him about the other quotes that I was waiting for. If I went with the company hopefully he fulfills on his promise. Him or someone else left a 5 Star review. Finding the odd negative review to which he responded to. Two Facebook pages of this company. One with Callum and other with Steve. Over 25 years experience. That would be Steve as Callum is young. Several C S Plastering companies when you Google it. Another man has responded and will take a look and give a quote. Callum might book someone else in. Has got the 50% wrong. Offered to lower the price. I need time. My mum kept opening and closing the door. My brother would yell at her. Irritating. Take the key andlock the door. Stop threatening to leave and just do it. I am going to go once that ceiling is sorted. This has been going on for an hour. Tries to use the phone. He comes to my room to tell me stuff which should be said to her. Just stop whining. Lock her out of the house. I have found a few properties for rent. I need to be quick. I don't need to tell other family members. I don't care what they say. I am going and that is that. I won't be allowing anyone to visit. Only if it is an emergency should I be contacted. My brother should buck up his ideas and get things done. Other relatives and family members have moved out and so why shouldn't I? Loc8me has reviews and a news article about an incident. Plus they cater towards students. My brother had turned the boiler down. No wonder it is cold. The window still hasn't been fixed. Companies not calling back or charging too much. I saw my colleague in Tesco. I said hi but she didn't see me. Another board from the ceiling is coming away. I have to go to work. I need one of these plasterers to pop round ASAP. Another piece did fall and was cleaned up. The green stuff on the copper pipes. I can get cleaned up but somewhere on the Internet it mentions that it can be cleaned and other mentioned that it should be a cause for worry. My brother acting like he doesn't want to deal with the ceiling situation. You are in your late 30s. Says he would be going out or sleeping when someone comes round and I would be at work. I unintentionally gave the wrong directions. Got my street mixed up. Pisses me off that I'm not so good at it. The caucasity of customers to rest the deodorants when there is a sign asking them not to. A camp teen asking how are you meant to know what they smell like. A mother with children testing them. Then this woman with her daughter sprays this body mist. Didn't like it. You cunts weren't buying the product yet felt the need to waste them. I ought to have said something and also mentioned this to the supervisor when a mother and son were buying paracetamol and ibuprofen each. I didn't Challenge 25 a student buying a lighter as she is legally allowed to smoke or this young man when he bought Cbd items. I clearly should be doing. My request for my medication has been denied and need a review as I hadn't ordered it since 2019. The other builder Dave from Leicester has been down with his colleague. Will have an invoice. Was a suggestion of us taking down the boards ourselves. My brother reckons that we will. He won't be doing fuck all. I am not agreeing to that. Will be given a quote at the end of the day. Offer of paying cash which is apparently 20% cheaper than invoice. Callum offers a 5 year guarantee. At the road traffic junction near the bottom of Toothill Rd, Loughborough. The cars were moving along. However this learner driver was stalling then eventually went to the left. Near me on the opposite side was a white car that wanted to go forward but needed the learner driver to get on with it. The lady was with her mum (White car). Stopped outside of the line. Me and this pensioner would have crossed but green man changed to red. Traffic resumes. This deliveroo rider turns to the road on the left as the cars on that side are moving. However the woman in white car didn't move as she was supposed to. As I started to cross I could hear her arguing with her mum. My mum has taken the dish tray with plates and cutlery from the kitchen and into the sitting room. As the ceiling needs doing. But the stuff was on the floor. I had to wash and sanitise it all. These tradesmen are useless. I am finding better options. Still waiting for chap from Sunday to get back to me. I would have to have someone come over and remove the ceiling and leave it bare for a week or so and then get someone to plaster it. Beyond taking the piss. I should have looked at Trustatrader and Ratedpeople sooner. Not contact these people so soon. See reviews. I am getting red flags with some so don't trust them. I can't even add pictures when messaging others. Other ones that I emailed never got back to me. I still haven't had a quote from Dave and I check a few times. As Watson emailing me about Edge training can go fuck themselves. I was waiting for the manager outside for the delivery and the staff member from the casino says "you live here, you do" what the fuck am I suppose to say to that? This mature brunette gave me the silent treatment. I think she works at the pub across the road. A pensioner had a Scottish £5 note and I checked it under the scanner. I was a little unsure and should have got management. My colleague gave a Scottish note to a girl. Her mum wanted it changed. Outside you had a saleswoman from Costco setting up and the older man with his hat stall didn't want her there. Taking up his space. Plus it was in the way. A shouting match ensued. I told Tango Victor. No Pcso or market inspector was there. Embarrassing. I offered a young blonde woman sas. Mentioning the batteries. She says that she would have got them if she needed them. I have to ask, so... A woman was after a perfume for her daughter. I had the Rihanna one that she tested. Guaranteed a sale. But the woman from the Casino mentioned Ted Baker. The customer ended up buying that. That fucked it up for me. A woman wanting medical advice when she should go to a pharmacy or doctor. That polish pensioner trying to buy four paracetamol packs. Two for her and two for her disabled old neighbour. I did tell her and got management. Another woman bought some with other items. Her daughter got two packs too. I had to restrict a sale for another woman. The sign is up. No email from Dave. I am giving up. Getting someone else. Looks like my brother and someone else will remove the plasterboard. The builders that I spoke to are useless. We will remove the remaining plasterboard ourselves. Leave the rest to air out. Then email or ring whoever is available to plaster the ceiling. I would need to get a quote. Going to buy some equipment. I get a message from Tom after I told him what the plan now was. "Hi Kish Yeh that’s definitely got to be done before any plastering takes place, I could carry out the work for £425…" Well isn't that what I would have hired you to do? My manager does in a way give me the silent treatment. I don't think that she likes working the same aisle as me. Especially as if she thinks that I've not worked fast enough. Mind you it will make it so much easier for me to leave. The delivery was due 5.20am and it was already there. So I could have been there earlier. We were going to open later but then she decided to open as normal. A woman thinking that the paracetamol were cheaper. The idiot was looking at the wrong price. This man bought two Anadin. His wife had purchased other items including two Anadin. A woman tried to buy two laxatives. The limit is one. I could not remember if I had put a shampoo in the saleable items draw. It was wrapped. The lid was missing. Spilt all over. I get sick of having to go through the manifest to see if I had put out certain stock. I won't remember. The warehouse/drivers had put the wrong case in another store. The Black Kinch Bus driver was waiting to be served and this white woman was in the way looking at the masks in the dump in completely unaware. I should have said something. He did say that if he did that she would have complained. The boiler possibly triggered the electricity trip switch and the power went off. My brother wanted me to flip the switch back even though he was the one standing and I was in bed. He didn't want to go downstairs dressed as he was? No one else is here. I used a bit of paper with sanitiser spray to wipe my shirt. I am an ocd sufferer. The one guy at the gym was staring he probably found it weird. My brother tells me to get a big plate for my mum but he is already up and on the landing I told him to do it. I found some more properties to rent and job vacancies. I will not be discussing anything with family or colleagues as I do not owe them an explanation. As a plasterer/builder/professional you should be able to remove the plasterboard and replace it. Not expect your customers to do it. No quote unless prompted shows you to be useless. I am calling someone else. I took a walk down the Gladstone Street area. I was to go down this small street and a car pulls up. Homeowners and did see the car again so the driver dropped a passenger off. I had every right to walk where I want. I was right 6 plus years ago about Recruitment Consultants and managers being cunts and that Abbie from E2save/Dixons Carphone has have great tits. What I said about Snibston and Rouge colleagues was correct. I have no regrets in what I had said. I had spicy chicken from Maxin. Had to go collect. I have a little stomach ache. I nipped into the shop/work to buy a few items. Colleague asks what I was doing here on my day off. It irrated me. My mum was going on about the clock not working. Wanted me to get batteries early in the morning when I was going to the gym. It is 5:43am the next day and I am sleeping and the twat comes into my room asking for the clock to be sorted. It can fucking wait. My brother does not have to remove the ceiling as he does not live here. I don't want to do it. I was looking for a professional. Tom Callopy Plastering: https://www.mybuilder.com/profile/view/tom_collopy_plastering my experience is different to what the reviews are saying. Has a waste management license. Could he not have taken the old plasterboard off? Came down on that Sunday. Message on WhatsApp and spoke over the phone. Had to wait for a quote. 

Dave Armstrong Plastering is one that I found on Facebook. Leicester based. Saw the pictures and emailed him. He would respond quickly and visited on Wednesday. It was suggested that we needed to remove the plasterboard ourselves. I needed a quote and never got one. Wasting my time. 

This is Callum of C S Plastering. He is local. Had two negative reviews for which he responded to with an explanation. He did require a deposit. Was free to book people in. Spoke over WhatsApp and even offered to lower the price. He gave a quote when seeing the photos. Probably would have removed the old plasterboard. Would be doing the job this Friday had I booked him. Has had positive reviews even from himself. 

 My brother did tear down alot of the ceiling. Borrowed some money. I don't have enough to pay for the plasterer. Other members will have to chip in. My youngest brother telling my mum how to have a bath. It is 23:12. Stop raising your voice. My loan repayment is still going on even though there is a minus by the amount. I need to look into this. Get a refund if owed one. Needed to have avoided buying Chaturbate tokens, subscribing to Onlyfans, buying poppers, subscribing to other services, buying things like sites, domains and other things. Lending money to my brother. I wasn't paying rent here. Paid for the plumbing. Will pay for plasterer. The broken window needs sorting. I used to have a healthy bank balance. Built it up over time. Where did it all go? I will be on low funds till payday. I wanted to move out possibly find another job. I may be stuck here a bit longer. My brother wanted to borrow £300.A cheque from my mum was made out to him. It hadn't cleared yet. He has council tax and other bills to pay. Will transfer the money back tomorrow. Well he needs to and I expect to see the other money too. I will need to block his number after. Just refuse to give him anymore. I have considered transferring to another store within the company. Maybe find work in Nottingham or Leicester. Be good to move out of Loughborough. Just to read a review on Glassdoor it wanted me to submit a review. See what people think of working for Savers.

 A few colleagues spoke of their trip to The Priory Inn. That was the place that offered me a job and I turned it down for Savers. A pensioner that I served is my former assistant manager's grandmother. She gave me a bunch of change and puts the purse away. I looked at it and asked for a 20p piece. With that it would be correct payment. He looks over to the people behind and says "I can't be doing with this" With what, Karen? I can see where Chey gets it from. A couple came in and were after a moneybox that you can't open. The white guy asked first but I needed it repeating the Asian girl repeats it louder. A woman thinks that the painkillers limit is three. Another woman is looking for Starbucks. She goes off as I am trying to think of the direction. I tell her anyway. The delivery is cancelled yet moved to Thursday. I am working tomorrow afternoon. The mixed race woman that had been shoplifting was back and I thought the guy before her was another one but no. The manager wants her watched even though she paid for the items. When I rang three bells my colleaguetook no notice. This man asked about the masks and some had been put on a prong with the wrong price. We did a goodwill gesture. The Gillette sets have gone back up. I only got back £240 and the rest is coming in a week. That is not what we agreed upon. Sent another £30. Not good enough. I can't really call any plasterer round yet. Other family members will have to pay too. No more money to be lent. I am getting a new job and moving home. I was subscribed to three different Nowtv items. I did not ask to be. Cancelled them. Twice I had a Scottish man with a wad of notes in an envelope. They paid with a Scottish £20 note. I did ask if they had any other notes or card. Only that is what the first guy had. The second man spoke of having been to the bank. The highlight or symbol wasn't showing up. I should not take the person's word for it. I was suspicious. I should have got the manager. She had nipped out the first time. The second she was in the back. There is a grey area. Whether the notes are legal in England as many stores refuse them. This young woman had her headphones in. Seemed a bit stand offish. Card didn't work on contact less. Thanked me and left without getting the receipt. This male student had a rude tone. The way he spoke. Did use his manners. An item wasn't properly detagged. The blonde student would go "ow" as the barrier went off. I should have got her near the till and put the item in front of the scanner. As she did come back in for her friend. Asked why it was going off. Instead of me telling her that she'll be fine. An Asian pensioner comes in asking about sugar which we don't seem to have coming in recently. Asks if they would give him a discount. The answer is no. So I Have a message and call from a builder in Leicester. No reviews that I can find. Been doing this for 12 years. Needs measurements and photos. I wanted to call people not have others contact me. I am not just going to agree to just anyone. The Pawon Ltd that I messaged have not responded. His mobile number is gone. Dave hasn't given a quote. No quote from Ash or from this other company Heritage Plastering from earlier. I will just reply with thanks for the quote but a I have gone with someone else and leave a link to one of my sites. I don't believe that I did get a response from Minijobmaintenance when I had the leak. Sunny Builders http://www.ratedpeople.com/profile/sunny-builders-sharda/index will call soon from 07494278768. If you no longer need a quote, you can take down your job: http://www.ratedpeople.com/apps-redirect?REF=9700019&PAGE=job&WEB=account/home/my-jobs/9700019%3Futm_source=rated%26utm_campaign=TM_RFQ%26utm_medium=SMS Hi Kishore I will do the job plastering ceiling provide plaster board Skyrim tape etc for 575.00 Please confirm so I can make arrangements /thanks/sunny builders. Far too much. I won't bother. No response from Ash The Plasterer or Pawal. Read other reviews and there always is an argument happening. I wanted to go see Shang Chi. But then I have to put money by for the plasterer. I leave it late and then the show times are near. My brother telling my mum to wash her face and hands. He isn't even in the same room. I will have to ask him to chip in with the payment or my mum will. Someone will have to be at the house. No fannying around. I lent my brother money as he was to get things sorted and I end up spending a bit on preparation for the ceiling. The bank loan is almost paid off. When I took it I was to move out. I helped my brother out with the payday loans in the past. It cost me more. I have to cut him off. My youngest brother will need to man up as I move out. That Matthew Iveil shoplifter had been in again. He needs to get his throat slit. My mum wakes me up to open up this bottle of shampoo. Maybe she took a bath at that point but it could have waited. My younger brother's answer to the payment shortage is to have money from my mum transferred to him then he transfers it to me. He just wants some more. I have been charged for Surfshark Vpn. That Matthew Iveil shoplifter came in so I stood where he went. He turned around and left coughing. Prick. He had been going to other places. This couple not knowing were buying over the limit and the wife was suggesting in her own language about two transactions. Not allowed I had to limit an Asian woman too. This guy that had called over to his partner about which items she needed. He was quiet when he was being served by me. That fact that the products on the shelf hadn't been faced up meant more work for me. The supervisor is getting a promotion to Assistant Manager but at another store. I hinted that I wanted to leave when I asked about transferring out. It was mentioned that the General Manager would not be happy about me leaving. Well it is not about her. The preacher with a guy with a horn were out. This Muslim guy was getting into a debate with the horn player whilst the preacher sang and played an accordion. The black woman that has a mixed raced daughter was in. She sat on the footstool. It is for staff use and no one gave her permission. I can't let it bother me if a customer says "just this" or not use their manners. Ask them anyway for sas. This Asian woman seemed miserable. You had people stalling wanting to see perfumes. Hold up a queue or near closing time. This white man did spray himself with the Cooling Spray and didn't even buy it. A student upselled a Gillette set in a way. A Rimmel item found in the bargain section would not be reduced and the student didn't want an equivalent. Saw a fine tall black girl. I will finally stop mentioning work and family. I wasn't told that the laundry liquid had run out. So I had to buy some pods. Using more money that I need. Received this message "Hi Kish Im fully booked for next week now…. Thanks" I was going to go with him. Just had to inform other family members about the money. He still wants me to check with him regarding availability. It might be the following week now. Saturday 18th is next one. Far away. Sunny rings again mentioned that the quote price still stands also that 30-40 years ago he used to live in Loughborough. What was the point in ringing me? May need to block him. I am expecting a response from Plaster Master but nothing as yet. No response from the others that I tried. No quote from Dave. Pointless. My brother hadn't got the tap handle. He took it off so should fix it. Spotted a few nice blondes at the gym. My mum rambling loudly. The Cineworld site took to long to take payment. This broken floorboard would need fixing. I could try to pull it out but it looks tricky. I might have to lay a piece of wood over it. I arrived early for the delivery. It wasn't there. It turned up half hour later. Some rubbish cages had to go back outside as the lorry was full. Cost an extra half hour to unload the cages. Still alot of stock to get through. I rang the bell but one colleague turned up then went off there was a queue. I served this hot red head, it was dyed red. My supervisor must have said something about her as she looked over. I got this £10 note from a customer and on one side it read "Free Palestine" My mum rings my brother about the plasterer coming. Nothing has been arranged. My brother asks to borrow money. Youtube removed my channel. I have lost the subscribers. The videos appear in some playlist and have ads. The way I created the videos are gone. I created a new account and have to start all over. Most videos which were not my own music have gone. I can use Dailymotion and Drive to get clips. I had got the floorboard sorted. I had got up for work. Had breakfast, energy drink with creatine. Was about to leave and I get the call that the delivery has been cancelled. The manager has only just got in to find out this. Hopefully she doesn't have to stay. Just head home and come back closer to the time. The warehouse had cancelled it at 2am. Though they would have sent an email to the shop and not rung any members of management. I find looking at these videos as there is that thudding sound when the toilet flushes and with the handle when turned doesn't immediately flush so the siphon may need changing. It seems to be a close coupled system. Need to make sure that there are no more leaks. Should have informed the plumber. Well he may have tested it anyway. I checked my balance. I should have called a plumber in the morning. Maybe even try to fix the handle myself instead of staying in bed. There should be no more leaks. Some sites like Clideo and Canva reload or take a long time to process a video. My brother not using logic. Just being a control freak. My mum would be in the bath. He is outside of the room. He doesn't know what she is doing in there. Unless he goes into the room then should shut up and go into his room. Repeat the same thing and raising his voice. I should tell him again. Had mentioned it before but he makes excuses. It irritates me. I will move out of the house before I become violent. Can't get any peace. I should record him. Use it as a sample in a song. A colleague had left this tester on top of a fragrance that didn't match. The woman from Sunderland wanted to buy the tester. I have to ring a plumber about the toilet flush handle or siphon. Sorted it. My mum was about to come into my room and I was watching porn. If she wanted to have lunch she should just go downstairs and sort it herself. The doctor I spoke to referred these services I could go to and not offer the medication. That shoplifter I mentioned had walked past as I walked by. He came in on Saturday. Was nobody watching out for him? Cunt needs arresting. Better yet has to overdose. My brother asks to borrow money and will pay a day later. Should not be asking. Already getting money from mum. I get customers not answering, like what the fuck is your problem. Making gestures. It seems a brunette at the Falcon was shaking her head. I may be wrong. It's either "just this" Some black girl seemed a little rude. The weird blonde mature woman gets these glasses but didn't want them. A Muslim woman buying over the limit in paracetamol products. Manager does not want me making a hasty decision in leaving. Nothing can be done. One's seem miserable. An Indian woman that I know called for a staff member to jump on till as a queue formed. Another woman was impatient and helped this man with his shopping as he dropped some fruit. I offer sas anyway, fuck your feelings. Nice looking women that were in the store. A guy I know named Lee, his partner seems miserable. The women that work at Falcon seem to have a bad attitude. Must be work getting to them. A guy was looking for Park Road as he has some keys. Maybe not his. Maybe it is new accommodation or he has been handed the keys. Found them and may either seek to gain entrance or just hand them over. Not really my problem. I could have suggested something or taken them off him. Ring the house. Others won't bother. I looked at a map but couldn't locate it. Social or council housing allocated to the guy. Either way the keys will find the owner. Not something for me to be concerned about. I have enough to deal with. I listened to some of my music on the Spotify app and it does seem shit. My supervisor was in the back sorting damages. I rang the bell and he did not come over. This customer wanted Cif. She could not see it. I would not be able to leave the area. The same Asian customer that I have to deal with. Two paracetamol packs were in the basket and he goes to grab two more. One lady doesn't give eye contact. A young man made a complaint to me about the supervisor being ignorant. He wanted to know of fragrances on offer. My colleague wanted to swap holidays as she wanted to attend her grandson's birthday party. I served this hot blonde, twenties, plump lips, big tits. The delivery was here but only three cages. We moved stock and shelves for the Christmas period. Tom Callopy is here with his son/apprentice. Getting the ceiling done. My brother was going to ask these builders at the uni about the plastering cost. But they are only working for the uni. I want to watch some porn or go straight to the bath, but then I would have someone disturbing me. My brother telling me that I might need to go downstairs to see how the plasterers are doing. He could do it. They have not finished yet so I won't. It has now been finished. The light that hangs down is fastened. It needs screwing back in place. There is the curve that had been added. Painting needs to be done after a week. Had to pay straight off. My mum tells me not to use the bath. I was checking it. Wait for someone to say OK. Bollocks. Dave Armstrong responds with the following: 19 Sept at 11:14 "Thank you for letting me know. Just for interest , how much have they charged you?" To be honest I waited for him to send me a quote. What does it matter now? My brother was repeatedly telling my mum to brush her teeth and now it is 1:24am and he is telling her how to have a bath. Raising his voice. Bellend. Taking the piss. I notice this slight damp patch on the sitting room ceiling where there was a leak. My bedroom is above. The radiator runs along that side. I see a bit of flakiness and patina on the pipe. I used Gorilla Tape on it. Hopefully that is that. Don't need anymore nonsense. Cleaned the area. But it might be pointless. Keep thinking that I would need to remove furniture just to access the floorboards. I see fake escort ads on Skokka. Multiple ads, same photos with different info, spelling errors, no condom being stated, photos maybe taken from Onlyfans. I had to explain to this customer Laura about the limit on painkillers. She did not quite understand. She would not be able to do two transactions. The way my colleagues said it differently. I am not dealing with the nonsense. The remaining delivery had come in. The manager was expecting a lot more. The lamp post with cctv camera on it was bent out of shape. It was a Shoezone delivery driver that had not been able to manoeuvre properly. They will definitely be onto head office. At work there was this pensioner. He had two packs of paracetamol and an aspirin. Now I should have said something. Straight off the bat. He then wants to pay for the aspirin saying you didn't see that and that he needs it. The supervisor was there and I could have called him. I did see it. I don't care if he needs it. I have to stand my ground. Doesn't matter if it is ridiculous it is company policy. I had a woman come over ro get served when a lady was already waiting there. I served the first person and the second one was silent. Even dumped her receipt. I had to work an early start as a colleague was off sick. Work again tomorrow. I saw this student in red shorts, nice ass. I will be up early for gym. One guy in glasses was quiet. That slim mature woman talking about fragrances being free, some joke that I don't have time for. This South African man had bought a Coolwater but wanted Cologne. It was an aftershave. It had been used a little and opened so should not be returned. Due to an error of a colleague. I did tell this bald man about the painkiller limit. He put one back. Went further into the store. I didn't see him till later where he left. Had he been served? Did he put them all back or stick them in his bag? There was a pigeon that stood by the door. It may have been unwell. It was slowly nudged away. I did not Challenge 25 a young lady buying a pilot lighter. I knew that she was over 18 and worked for the store briefly. I didn't bother with the gym. I could have done with the training but would lose several hours of sleep. My brother asking to borrow £150 when I have direct debits coming out. I won't see all the money I reckon. If he is getting paid. I knew what he was after when he called. Blocking his number. "On the 16th September I sent £60 but never got that back. I have direct debits coming out Monday leaving me with nothing if I gave you £150. I believe that I won't get all of it back. I have sent £80. On payday I expect to see the £60 and £80 in my account. No more money will be sent to you after and I will be blocking your number." The message that I am sending him. He bought this on himself. I did have a customer buy items and only for her to come back she had bought two conditioners instead of one with a shampoo. We had closed. Lucky for her the supervisor changed it. The known shoplifters had come in and bought paracetamol. They were then looking at the fragrances. I warned Tango Victor. No response but the other stores reported something going on. I had some people saying "just these/this" as they hand me their items whilst looking miserable. A young girl with her mum was still holding onto the laundry liquid. Had I not said anything they would have walked out. This women's toddler kept yelling. There was a woman who was paying via her phone app. Nothing was happening and I was waiting for the machine to time out. I offered to cancel it and she wanted to wait. A queue was forming. On her phone it said the purchase was made. Had to reboot the system but the Supervisor dealt with it. A husband and wife had three paracetamol and a Lempsip. She gave her husband one to purchase. Stocking up. Getting some for their son going to university. I don't need the sob story. Over the limit. The delivery was larger than stated. The General Manager was not meant to be in. It is her week off. Afterwards the assistant manager and supervisor would be the only staff from 12pm. I offered to get them lunch. They would need to close the shop for lunch. My brother a cheque from my mum for £600 which bounced. He should not be getting anything from her. I got a call from 02034753818. I had made a purchase from Amazon. The song would not download and I received a refund. Maybe 50 student males going through the town centre singing loudly. A woman would say no without the thankyou at the end. Another would not respond to a question asked. Another customer asked me to get a shower gel for her. She wanted a good one. You could have got it yourself. One customer wrongly assumes that a price ticket might refer to a special offer. Possibly the old priceand wasn't removed or someone is movingtickets. I had found a security tag near a stool. A customer forgot her shopping. My colleague three bellend for these men that were shifty. One was saying "get out of my shop" I was just walking down the aisle. No one was forcing them to leave. It was cold in the morning and rained later on, I did not bring my coat. The person with the saxophone with backing music. That Havana song was played 4 times. There is this pointless feedback system on the till. Whilst waiting for the receipt to print a thing pops up. Customer would select a emoji level. I can press cancel. It is annoying. Not everyone wants to do it. This Asian woman was buying three paracetamol with another painkiller so 4 items. I had to limit her. She did ask about her husband buying them which I did allow him to purchase one. She did mention that he could have got two packs. But I should not have allowed it and said no to her question. This known shoplifter came in and I told a colleague but she was to serve a customer. I watched him but I should have just hit three bells and followed him around. He went round the shop. Was limping with his hand on his back. Should not worry about what he feels even if he had paid for items before. His girlfriend that is known passed the store. I did not Challenge 25 students buying a lighter. Old enough to smoke. Both the new starters have left. One had a bereavement and the other worked three jobs. It is a slap in the face for the manager. The supervisor is going to another store to become assistant manager. The assistant manager here is on maternity leave soon. Another colleague is going to work at a hotel. I had been wanting to quit for some time. The loud Asian man was in the store, wipes his nose with his hand. A white woman looked back at him chatting away. She seemed annoyed. I still want to punch a customer saying "just this/these" I will offer sas to annoy you. There were three shoplifters together. All males. One had stolen a jacket from Next. Tango Victor were apparently watching them. Then a male and female together in another area. An Asian woman had two foundations that she and her friend say were in a box of items labelled £1. One was £2 and the other was a Rimmel item £6.98. Some idiot is putting it in the box. A staff member or lazy customer. Maybe these people try to scam. The assistant manager would not be reducing the item. That miserable blonde lesbian with the nose ring was in the store. I was in work. This couple are there and the woman has two paracetamol and two ibuprofen. I told her about the limit. The husband offered to buy the two packs. Saying "I don't understand" I could explain it to him. Head Office have restrictions and the manager would not allow it. Neither should I have put it through. I can't let a customer dictate to me what can and can't be done. They had Pro Plus packets yet they were mixed up. 48s and 24s are different prices. I had to fuck about with it. A few people not responding when I greet them. However they do talk when at the till. Twice the idiot on Gem radio announced Die Another Day being released when it is No Time To Die. The delivery was here but only two cages. I then would help move stock as the shelves would be rearranged. My brother did say Friday afternoon that the money would be in my account. It is Saturday. I am overdrawn. Amazon uk shut down my affiliate account. I had been making sales. Commission earned won't be paid it seems. My brother continues his "duboo fill kur" and mum repeats her shite at night. So not only am I woken up. It is difficult to get to sleep. Thanks. As a Heinz beans container was emptied into a pan. Some is left and slowly goes mouldy. The food in the pan will go off too. New toilet rolls being added when the old one is still in use. He had mentioned something about the hot water tap or wanting to use it. I was still using the sink. As he removed the tap from downstairs he will have to buy a new one and fix it. I look at Chaturbate and in the chat room, morons are making demands and not tipping. This Zuby guy is definitely a coon and not the smartest, which is why he is a rapper. Spreads covid misinformation and loves White Supremacy. He will call his album Yes Massa. Gets fucked up the ass in his video. Rosie Duffield on Graham Linehan's youtube channel. Known transphobe. I am at the gym and spotted this pretty, young brunette. I should not have spent anything recently. I am overdrawn. Surprise, my brother hasn't transferred any money over. A day later than said. He is popping over to the house. Hung up when I was asking about the money. Will ask him again if he hasn't heard it on the phone. I spotted damp patches on the dining room ceiling. Is there a pipe leaking? Has rainwater come down the wall from the roof? My music has been played on Amazing Radio but during the night. My headphones playing up and it wasn't long since I had got them. I am going to end up stabbing someone for pushing me so far. If you're having girl problems I feel bad for you son, I've got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one.
Still writing about work I see. The posh well middle class pensioners were in. Twin sisters. One has a small dog in a pram. One that I was serving asked if the Floella was as good as Zaflora. I nodded yes. It is disinfectant. Her sister says that it isn't. Apparently I was accused of lying. The caucasity. This ginger haired student had got a Rimmel foundation for her friend. But as the friend already had one. Ginger decides to toss it in the dumpbin with masks in it. Either put it back or hand it to me. There was an issue with the price of an item. Assistant manager was cashing up. I had used my poppers yesterday. Mixed the two. Some went up my nose. There are burn marks on the nostrils. Means that my nose runs a lot. I should have avoided it. A pretty, tanned brunette didn't have her ID when buying alcohol. So I refused the sale. She was polite. I didn't ask this other student when she bought these painkillers. This woman looked at the perfumes and saw Riri on a box. Thought it sounded bad. She says "what is she, 5?" I served that fine mixed raced girl. Again I had to limit the painkillers for a customer. Just 2 not 3 packs. The assistant manager was in the toilet I bet when I rang the bell for the customer. She hadn't come over. I wasn't sure who she was on about. Also Nicki Minaj making shit music and being an antivaxxer too. Check out Hood Feminism: Notes from the Women White Feminists Forgot by Kendall, Mikki https://amzn.to/3yIiBoO via @amazon

 "Islamic Muslims" Load of bullshit on the search results. Harp on about 9/11 but don't want Critical Race Theory being taught.

These people at the Freedom Antivaxx protests are a bunch of Karens and Gammons. This use of They or non binary pronoun that some people use is retarded. Janene Hoskovek of Lincoln, Nebraska. Her employer is SAP. I subscribed to this Onlyfans only to unsubscribe. I was curious. Tits aren't great and she is hairy.
Me tweeting about it triggered some people. Well I am out of fucks to give. Like any company they can change their terms and conditions. There are other sites available.
The Terfs are on about getting Glinner back on Twitter even though he broke the rules. I did have a weird dream. I had done something bad at college and wasn't sure if I could return next year. I had sent Dave Bowden a dick pic. Cillian Murphy was playing a villain and I had upset him. He became violent. I would torment him later. A right-winger female was attracted to me. I had assaulted her. She was White then Asian. A few different things happened but I didn't write them down. With the Taliban and Afghanistan situation. These rightwingers will be harping on about Muslims when they were whining at people talking about White domestic terrorism and Racism in general. People have pointed out islamaphobic comments and just plain ignorance. What would Michael Brooks say? Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens are Race baiting pieces of shit. Godspeed... Kelechi Okafor still saying that she helped a Formula 1 driver succeed. She didn't drive the fucking car. This tarot shit she pulls out of her arse. It's getting old. Unfollowed and muted. Nadine Dorries is Culture Secretary. Spouted garbage over the years. Given a non threatening role. Rosie Duffield is also accused of transphobia. Charlamagne will most definitely give her #donkeyoftheday Also ironic that Meghan Mccain is going after her considering the nonsense she says. https://twitter.com/i/status/1438167336004067336 https://youtu.be/xwvKhA-L5bs Lil Nas X new album #Montero https://amzn.to/3Efv4UV https://amzn.to/3jKvfjh https://www.cduniverse.com/charts.asp?style=music&cat=future&frm=lk_kishoremehta1 https://patreon.com/solitarymaninblack https://www.buymeacoffee.com/uZ3gbW5UQ/my-music-533222 If you are looking to join a gym. I recommend PureGym. Please use this referral code https://www.puregym.com/join/?ref=125P6554 https://www.epidemicsound.com/referral/9g5f31/ https://linktr.ee/Solitarymaninblack Solitarymaninblack.bandcamp.com
Says this antivaxxer.... Triggered this snowflake...
Karen is not the customer. Glad that he spoke to her manager. Karen needs to get punched The Daily Wire hires dipshits as their audience are of a similar mindset. She may be right in a way. Is blocking various people. 13 people that I follow are following her. Small dick energy I get some shit on my timeline about a person named Karen Civil. I don't know what she does. This Clubhouse site I have never used. This woman is following me. A bot or someone selling sex? Maybe it is neither. I do get suspicious.
You want less people like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, Megyn Kelly, Lawrence Fox, Donald Trump. Have more people like Aoc, Simone Biles, Naomi Osaka, Joy Reid, Brie Larson, Michael Brooks, Barack Obama, Ilhan Omar. My mum wanting the backdoor key. There is one hanging up. It is locked and I don't want to be disturbed. There always seems to be a spider in the corner. My brother has paid back the money. A fair amount. These three racist idiots throwing a hissyfit over nothing.
These two twenty something brunette businesswomen were confusing. One has been charged twice for a brow tint and another had not been charged for the brow tint but charged twice for another item. The assistant manager didn't understand my point. So it wound me up. I wanted the customer to come with me but they stayed at the till. I should have said something. An item was refunded. The other should have been refunded and charged for the correct item. It was the fault of my colleague that served them. Another lady needed her stuff scanning and putting into her trolley. I just had a colleague sort her out. The delivery had been large. 28 cages or something like that. Many totes which were worked today. One lady buying too many feminax I let my colleague tell her. A guy was buying packs for him and his friend I told him the limit and they'd need to pay separately. A boy was pissed off and knocks something off the shelf. His mum tells him off. The management weren't sure whether I should have 30 mins or an hour for break. I was serving this black female student she needed to grab one thing. I told the white couple that I was busy. They were stood close to her. The caucasity. Taking up space. A woman buying three laxatives. Some for her mum and dad had to be told. The sign is on the shelf. I did wonder if a Muslim woman had been in before as she bought Calpol. Might have not. My colleague believes that the rota has been done wrong. As I would be having the week off followed by her. I have the doctors appointment too. I asked a man if he needed a carrier bag and he responded with "no, my wife's outside" he was smiling to himself because of his sexist joke. I completely ignored it. My brother still asking to borrow money. At work there was a stocky/fat woman that had the caucasity to get on the footstool to get two bottles of alcohol off the top shelf. It is for staff use. She could have asked. My supervisor now that he is an assistant manager at the other store is no longer bothered with things here. He did skip a few songs on the Spotify playlist that I had selected. My colleague didn't like one of my own songs. "sounds like a funeral march". A woman said that the music was deafening. I didn't Challenge 25 a student buying a lighter. Today the supervisor would swear and I know that the customers will hear him. A mature woman had this hairspray that had been used but could not get the thing to spray and wanted a new one as an exchange. I tested it and it worked fine. She bought a new one. That shoplifting clown Matthew Iveil was in town and I alerted everyone when Tango Victor said that he was coming. There was a stocky brunette with him. They had been kicked out of other stores. The rota was sorted so I have the week off. Quite a few customers did not move when asked to come to the till. In a daydream whilst waiting in the queue. My mum had been rambling for an hour early in the morning. I use the poppers which mess up my nose. I had to pour it away. Best not to buy anymore. My brother bothering me with this Covid test which isn't working. I can't get some privacy. How many times do you have to enter the room or ask me to do something? It has been or six times. I have the door closed for a reason. I can't even watch porn for fucks sake. Has to report the result on my phone. I give up. My mum rambling like a cunt as I had fallen asleep. In the twilight hours, I had gone to the toilet and was going to wash my hands. My brother calls out "wash your hands" thinking it was my mum. Stop being a bellend. She is talking to herself. Shouts out some shit. Asks loudly if we are alright. I will have fallen asleep, getting woken by her. I could record her. My nose being stuffy. I took a hay-fever tablet. Originally the runny nose and sore throat and cough was a result of using the poppers. With the broken skin on the nostrils. I look up deviated septum. I had an injury to the nose when I was punched years ago. Feels blocked in one nostril. I was considering looking at the attic. See what is with the roof. I will have to do something about the guttering again. Borrow the ladder from the neighbours. The ladder was there in the garden for over a month. Maybe call in a professional. Calling up the doctor about the flu jab. There is a lot of insulation in the attic. Floor joists are fragile. Plenty of cobwebs. Videos getting copyright claims or being muted when I own the music. My younger brother asks for money when he had just paid me back. The youngest has his phone damaged and needs to activate his aim using mine. Also book a Covid test on mine and needs to borrow money. Having asked to open a tin for my mum when it is upstairs. Having to cancel his Now TV membership and asking for a refund takes the piss. If it is past the free trial they obviously start charging. He was saying that he could have got more back by mentioning his anxiety. Just fucking about now. Take what money they are giving you and stop wasting my time. Already logged out of chat so had to restart it. Touching his nose, scratches himself whilst using my phone. Unhygienic. Don't need to repeat certain things. Wanting to book a Covid test means downloading an app. I would have to delete one and it would be difficult to get back. I did download the app but it just wasn't working so he will do it at work. Wants me to delete the details after transferring money over. It gets saved anyway. Nothing fraudulent would be done with it. I get home from B&q and the back door key is in the lock so I can't use mine. I have knocked five times. Either my mum is asleep or in the toilet. Probably went out. Now I am standing out here like a twat. It was 10:40am on my way to B&q. It is now 11:56am. Trying to book tickets for Cineworld and it keeps failing. I was going to use the toilet. My nose is running. Not sure where I can go now. I ended up going to the shop but stopped by my aunties to see if my mum was there. No answer. I was in the shop. This fat woman with glasses was rambling on with the shopkeeper. She needed the loo apparently. It is 1.15pm and no one home. I could get through the broken window. Not caring what others think. I could have gone straight to the cinema. My brother has to have the key. I managed to get the other key loose and used mine to get in. My mum was in the whole time, asleep. It was 1:33pm. I rang the house three times. As I had removed the memory card and sim card draw, my brother had already activated his sim so now my playlist queue has changed. The Surfshark app can't be downloaded as there isn't enough memory. I got Surfshark back after uninstalling other apps and deleting files. I find that songs that I had paid for and downloaded no longer exist. So I have to buy them again. Avoid letting apps have access to files. My brother rang whilst I was resting. Probably wants to borrow money. I didn't answer. He turned up. He did ask but I said no. My youngest brother borrowed some. He will pay me back. I've got 99 problems. At work. This fat woman with I can assume maybe her dad. She looked young. In her 20s I believe. I would have asked her for ID. The man bought the alcohol. Hoping that it wasn't a proxy sale. He seemed to struggle. I had to tell someone about the painkillers limit. More "just this" from people. The blonde haired guy that has been accused of shoplifting was in and bought his items. People paying with large notes. I met the new supervisor. A lady that needed some other items had left her basket on the till. She had got them and had cut back into the queue when she should have joined the back of the queue as she had left it. Some people come off snobby. This guy's card app didn't work as he didn't have enough money. This foxy young lady was after the Jimmy Choo but it was discontinued. She was pretty, red hair, husky voice. I served some pretty blondes. One student had nice legs. The ticket that I had tag requested weren't put out. A man thought that the Duracell pack were £3.99 as the sign read. But it was for the wrong one. My manager made that error. I swapped the packs. I could have got him a goodwill gesture. These guys that came in sounded like they were high. This Asian family were in and this girl goes around knocking stuff over. Another family and this girl was introducing her doll and mentioned that her father needed wipes which he already had. The hot tanned woman from Glebe House was at the till, did ask "is anyone at the till? " of course someone is. I was putting something away. I do think that she is a bitch. Even if she is hot. Same as one snobby student with her attractive boyfriend. My mum had been asking the same fucking question 50 times. I am trying to watch Stargirl on The Cw. It is buffering. When I go incognito there are 6 ads every break. At work. I asked this black lady, a student well offered the promo fragrances. She asks "are they free?" she was joking apparently. Well dickhead they aren't. Two black student males may have or not been in the queue as they got their drink and toilet roll. I know there was a queue already. A teenage white girl could not make out what I was saying. Some more "just this" nonsense. I had to limit the painkillers even if they are different as a woman suggested. A man behind her bought some. Maybe her husband. A father and son buying laxatives. He could have been getting one for his father. I had to explain more than once that we did not have Ck Obsession Night. On his translation app. He says that he had it from Savers before. Well it is discontinued. I left to see the manager. A lady that was at the till had not been served by my colleague. People paying with £20 notes. One guy needed change. Go to the bank. That annoying Indian woman was in. Talkative. Twin tanned girls hadn't said anything as they entered the store but were polite at the till . One Bengali guy was doing two transactions. One children's paracetamol syrup each. He could have them together. A student's bag set the barrier off but it didn't in the beginning. An item from Wilkos. There was a white lady with a mixed raced child and asked the black student in front how she got the curls at the bottom of her hair. I am not sure what the response was but maybe she didn't get the answer. I do remember seeing these two tall pretty brunettes. I could see the shape of their ass in the clothing. This was the other day. This blonde/ginger female student with an athletic body. Nice legs. Works out. Her boyfriend was tanned, or just darker skin. Buff and tall. Both are attractive. What in the absolute fuckery. It was 5 minutes till closing time and about 15 people would come along. Do they not observe the times? I should have said something as they entered. A lady that I was serving wanted tanning lotion and went off to get it. But we no longer stock it. A few goths made their way to the door and find it locked. They had come in yet not purchased anything. The Assistant Manager took a till off when it should have been done ages ago. I would have come back onto the till if she needed to cash up. As I swept, threw out the rubbish. The back door alarm box is fucked. This Indian lady knew that we were closing and was in a rush. Asked me to get an item for her. Therein lies the problem. I can't leave the area and the AM was cashing up. The twenty something woman with camouflage jacket and dyed redhair was in. Bought items and as she left set the alarm off. But on cctv nothing suspicious was seen. A blonde mature woman smiling at me for whatever reason. This "band" outside playing music loud was getting on my nerves. Yesterday I remembered the blonde with a piercing that looks miserable. The Supervisor had to go to another store as something happened there. A ginger haired guy was after a mask. Now I was going to assume that I he would be dodgy. The silver van in the car park was right near the cages. I served a guy buying two laxatives. The sign says it clearly. His partner being served on the other till asks if she can buy them. The AM gives the OK. Tony the security person at head office says that it is fine for them to do that and I have had to stop people because I got in trouble with the Manager. It is the continuous use of "just these" which bugs me. Not responding when offered a bag or sas, even when I greet a person entering the shop. Not using please or thank you. Lack of manners. I blame the parents. That bakery guy I believe that works on the market. I know that he had bought paracetamol and he returned 20 minutes later and got ibuprofen. Now I did not say anything. But should have. He is a piss taker. Definitely a cunt. A couple bought paracetamol and ibuprofen each. Paid separately which is allowed apparently. This tall Jamaican guy was enquiring about fragrances and the AM was getting annoyed. The WiFi didn't work in the store. I ended up using all my data trying to listen to a dj mix. The top up wasn't collected like it was supposed to. My younger brother asked for money. The youngest one telling my mum how to have a bath. I told him to leave her to it. His excuses being that she won't do it. Just tiresome. The antisjw/antiwoke people are against equality and hate poc, lgbt, women. They are for human rights abuse. These idiots reveal themselves. At home I find the Nivea shower gel has been put in the recycling. There is still some left. I got to work and should not walk slowly behind some guy just cut across. Anyhow the supervisor is running late. Has been half hour. There is an industrial action on railways. So that means the trains are delayed. I texted the manager anyway. I should have just sat on the bench earlier and have taken the phone number. But he will eventually leave. The supervisor eventually arrived. One woman trying the door aggressively. He had forgotten the safe key. There wasn't one on the set given by the manager. So she would later come in to hand them over. We had ro open and customers could only pay card. I had one bald guy ask why and I explained a little. Annoyed me that did. The cunt woman Karen with the pooch dog had items and I told her. She asked if I could use another till. Wanted an explanation and then left saying "that isn't good is it?" She always is a bellend. Why don't you have a card on you? There was a sign on the door. People just ignore it. Some time had already been lost to get jobs done. I heard that some guy in work trousers and hoody tried to hide a giftset in his top. I will stab him if I see him. I recognised a guy that I served. I thought it might have been Jason Allen the bully from school. Would have been fun to attack him. Security tags were found. This Asian woman trying to buy two lemsip and two paracetamol. I had to restrict her. Her husband would buy the other two. She didn't even ask me. Though it is allowed. She gave him some cash. He should use his own money and card. This European couple and the woman tries to buy five paracetamol. I again had to tell her. Her partner handed his card over for one transaction. He should have come to the till. She used her phone. An English woman that usually comes in with another lady has items for two transactions. There were paracetamol in both which I thought would happen. I allowed it but should not have. I had denied the Polish pensioner from buying it for her neighbour so why not do the same? This blonde haired woman seemed to ignore me when I asked her questions. She may have been looking at the fragrances. Says no thank you when I asked if she wanted the receipt. Some brunette in green top possibly working for Lloyds Bank. She was looking at her phone whilst I spoke to her. This redhead had a certain tone when responding to me offering sas. The miserable short woman was in. Mask around her chin. I served this hot blonde that had an attitude. Smile bitches. The caucasity of these Karens. Too many people saying "just this". I served this new guy that was part of a kickstarter programme. I didn't know until after I had served him. The delivery came late. I then had to served the driver's mate on the till. Just holding things up. I saw the Karen with the dog in Tesco. I just avoided her. I was thinking last night about that Felicity Cunt and her bearded fag friend. Also the racist teenager and her retard brother. How I would have stabbed them to death. A known shoplifter had come into the store and when I alerted staff she was saying "just me" on the phone telling whoever to meet her. Had been smoking something. I was serving a young guy and would need to check properly about the vape liquid he wanted. But I was distracted. I had people say "just this" but asked anyway. Like this fit Japanese student girl. This tanned one was on her phone waiting in line when an Asian woman asked if she was in the queue. Two girls were waiting to be served. Two students standing behind the person that I was serving. They weren't in the queue. So should have gone to the back. A black man with a disability was in the store. Asked his change be put in the wallet. "Don't want another lockdown" He is exempt from Facemasks. My colleague complained about him. Used the term "coloured" This man wanting to know the price of bin liners when prices are displayed. He left and would come back. The travellers with a carrier bag of perfume were approaching people in the street. I served a black teenager in school uniform buying painkillers. I should have checked her age or not served her as you need to be 16 and over. I looked at a Eastern European woman on whether to ask for ID but she seemed old enough and I noticed the wedding ring. This mature brunette with a northern accent had a ridiculous laugh. My colleague and assistant manager had dealt with a customer and had an attitude which would have a negative effect on the customer. Doesn't matter if you don't have a cat. Think of a place to suggest that the customer could go to. I was thinking about the incident when I worked for McCartney's Catering. How an IPhone went missing. Me and my black colleague Nate were searched. No one else seems to have been. Apparently a man answered the phone. It seems suspicious. Why answer the phone which you have stolen? Sam the white colleague didn't get searched. There were chefs in the kitchen that had gone. Army cadets that helped with service. On a follow up shift I did ask the girl if she had found the phone but never did. I was unsure as to Challenge 25 this woman but she was old enough. Also a guy buying matches. My assistant manager said that I was on the rota for 11:45 but the GM asked me to start at 12. A woman had trouble with a spray. I checked it and was fine. Some African man preaching on a microphone in the market place. I am sure a known shoplifter Natasha Wright walked by with a thumbs up. I should not be reluctant to offer sas to students or others. A teenage girl asked if we sold nipple covers. What kind of question is that? My manager had put me down for a Sunday shift which I originally wasn't on. I had used the toilet but the shit hadn't flushed away. My mum is rambling again with this nonsense. I was considering going into the gym this morning. I woke up at different times. I work late on Sundays. There was one man, a regular customer. Getting 4 packs of Ibuprofen and the sign says 2. I had to limit him. One tall brunette saying "just this" she was abrupt. Some other students with the same phrase. I should just ask them anyway. Some chap in wooly red hat checking out the alcohol. Something dodgy. The Iveil shoplifter was in a few stores. He was even taking stuff from the food bank donation bin in Tescos. Another an Asian man tried getting into the till at the pharmacy section in Superdrug. A few customers not answering me when I greet them. It rained a lot. My manager would have gone to the back when I rang the bell. A queue had formed. A student was after tape. Any kind. Be specific. I didn't know that the hour went back. This ad on the radio is annoying. This Asian man wanted to buy her mask. The entire time he has his mouth over his mouth. I just don't like the attitude of some people eg this bald guy with a beard. Lisa that did work at the store at one time seems unhappy. If customers say "just this" I will antagonise them by offering sas anyway. If they are offended then it is their problem. As the fair is on next week. Transporthave moved the delivery. Now it clashes with the doctor's appointment. I have to rearrange. I am ready to dropkick some people. I have to do this edge training and it begins to annoy me with the music and fx. My brother comes in wanting me to check the Cineworld site for films. He was yelling out orders to my mum the other day. 5.38am. Now for the past hour and a half my mum has been talking to herself. I was unable to sleep. I have got up for gym. Dave Chapelle and other comedians need to stop being such fags. There is no cancel culture. Trying to get songs published on Songtradr is tricky. I passed these guys. One was wearing orange red jacket and others had black and blue clothing. These are the type that Tango Victor and retail stores would watch out for. I do not want to be judgemental. It could be innocent. I rang work to warm them. One guy told me that he liked my sunglasses. Not getting a response from Cineworld. A payment was taken but no confirmation of my booking.
At work an Asian lady had multiple painkiller packs. A white woman thought she could buy 3. Did you not read the sign? The delivery arrived after I did. The way the guy left the cages was a mess. One till apparently buggered up. Two were working. Two women in the queue dumped their stuff and left. A customer may have been taking too long. The till by the door that hadn't been used could not be used. It is a spare. It was my supervisor's last day. He gave me a hug. I was sleeping. Awoken at 1.15am or there about. By the sound of my brother telling my mum how to bathe. Punches the door, raises his voice. Why is she even up at this time? No consideration for others. I tried using the poppers again which had opened hours earlier and didn't have the desired effect. My brother saying "do us a favour, wash your plates" if you say it like that I will ignore you. You don't even do the laundry. I had to buy a song that I had downloaded before. Not sure why the Arab guy at the gym watches me. The rightwingers will drag the world backwards and antiwoke people don't want to see society progress. Just had this black pensioner that I have had someone watch before. She might have a disability and is fairly old. Usually browsing. Had a bottle of alcohol. But were wondering if she would walk out with it. She had plenty of room for in bag. Not much money it seems. She thought that I was going to put it back and asked that I keep it by the till. Asked for a carrier bag. Was looking over at my colleague. She had used the word colored to describe her. I don't want to come off as an arsehole. The fair is in town and there was the 2 minutes silence for Armistice Day. I got a hotdog but it wasn't wrapped. I noticed a redhead woman pick up a bottle of alcohol from the dolly/trolley. She wasn't supposed to do that. I served this wavy haired brunette with nice tits. Also saw a few at the gym. One man chatting to this lady in the queue and my colleague had to keep calling them over. The area manager had apparently seen a known shoplifter but she isn't seen on the cctv. There was a bunch of drinks stock not put out. The other till is working again. Some people on their phone or listening to their headphones. I could not find a certain tester that I know that we have. My knife is missing. The delivery on Saturday was short. Half of it was cancelled. Now I need to work Monday. I am working all day today. I would be annoyed if I am on till for the whole duration. I pretty much was. I asked this mother and daughter if they needed a bag more than once, no answer at all, so I gave them one anyway. I wanted to take photos of the fair. Others were doing it. But you have to be careful not to take pictures of people without consent and a single man taking photos raises suspicion. I was being paranoid. I am just not going to give a fuck and take photos. Some of my images don't sell. They are probably getting downloaded on the free sites. This Indian guy was with his wife. He was a Punjabi speaker. He asked about some item. I wasn't sure what he asked. His wife was laughing. He was trolling. A woman joked about staff discount as I had previously helped her and then was serving her on the till. My mum was rambling, saying phrases loud at 2:38am then after 4 and now close to 7. My brother yelling out instructions again so I recorded it. I didn't take the pictures. Too many people. Teenagers around. I should have just taken photos of the rides. I am annoyed though. Sell those images on. Just get one or two shots. Others take them so why shouldn't I. Again some people don't use manners. The fella with shaved head and glasses enquiring about lack of stock. Two teens were in the queue when he cut in line. Could not hear me, gestures as to drilling a hole in the plastic shielding. Just started to annoy me. This guy was in the papers for ringing those adult chat lines and getting a huge bill which he could not pay. Enquires about a certain item if other stores might have them. I don't know. Fucking twat. The small woman blames the Chinese president over the lack of stock or situation we're in. Asks if I or others agree with her. No. A teen on his phone walks in and out at near to closing time. A woman wanted to get antibacterial gel. Could you not have got some earlier? I could nip into town and take some of the photos. I should not care what people in this town think. Even what they say. But nothing was being said. It was all me. I had seen this customer that looked androgynous. Attractive. A young gay male. A young woman buying lube and another buying condoms were embarrassed. I find that both new workers have someone in the family that is a carer. I can relate. Especially with one of the parents worked in a factory that my dad used to. I had messaged or put a post out to relatives. I would order Christmas gifts for great nephews and nieces but it looks like with the lack of response means that I won't bother. I checked Facebook and lots of people have photos of the fair. I was considering going into town even though that is all that I would do. I have every right to be there and to take photos. The poppers weren't having the desired effect just felt like heaving. No more purchases. I can't be arsed. I was looking at stock photos and taking other people's pictures and that would not be right. I should have just done it Thurs and Friday. There is always next year. The delivery has been cancelled. And somehow I am working on Tuesday when I had told management about it before. The doctor appointment had to be moved after I worked a delivery two weeks ago and I have to change it again. I will have to get my brother to take my mum to the appointment. I hadn't been taken off the rota so there was confusion. It was pointless of them booking Monday for the delivery. Everything will come on Wednesday. I could have gone to the gym. I had taken my mum to the doctors and just as we were going towards the office. A woman that I recognised was coming out towards the front. Blocking each other. One should have moved. Besides a mask should have been worn. She needed to have exited in the other direction. I have to wait for this phonecall at 1pm. He better not take half an hour. Both my brothers asking me for money. I was told it would be a telephone call. Rings and I pick up and get silence. Wtf. I would have gone to sleep or even bought my mum back to the surgery. Because work fucked things up I end up with two appointments on the same day. Wasting my time. I get the text from the surgery. So they wanted me to attend the surgery. They want me to ring back to rearrange. The postman knocks on the door. I was in the toilet. I tell my mum to go open it. She does fuck all. I come out. He posts it through the letterbox. The text said different to what I was told. It was James last day. So now I have to ring the doctor in the morning. I am not bothering. My brother can organise it. I could have made a mistake by assuming and not double checking which I was going to do. Plenty of rambling from her. Nothing has changed. Two trips is a ball ache. My brother asking me to organise a doctors appointment it is one to do with results.. He is taking her. He borrows money from me. At work I served a ginger haired guy. He bought a drink. Was looking at the fragrance. I was serving another customer. The barrier went off as he left. He showed me his can that he paid for. I let him go. However I should ask the customer to walk back through the barrier or call for management. The assistant manager checked cctv. Nothing was missing and he didn't do anything. I did not Challenge 25 this woman in her 20s. She was buying matches. My young make colleagues had borrowed my knife. He may have misplaced it and it wound up at the warehouse. Now they would not have it or would dispose of it. I wanted the phone numbers from management. I wanted to track it down. These Stanley knives aren't cheap. A woman with glasses says "no" but without the thank you at the end. Another was on the phone so left before I could give her the change and receipt. The assistant manager went off back to the office. She was on her lunch. But the thing is she was the one sorting a refund. I had to give the money back and gave that new receipt. She had to come back and print a new one. She seemed disappointed. I didn't need to apologise. I am not the manager and should not be doing this. Before the delivery was sent I noticed that certain draws weren't worked. What else were you doing? Certain stock put in the wrong place. The electrician asked if the manager had spoken to the area manager about the faulty lights. She said that she did not know what I was talking about. Annoyed me. The toilet wasn't to be used. Either it got blocked eventually or blue roll was used but I doubt it. My brother asking if I wanted the washing machine emptying and I was half asleep. Other daft thing being the audacity of these people. A niece of mine had blocked me on Facebook after I had tagged her as I was going to get her kids and other relatives children Christmas presents. Being unfriended by some friends of a former friend because they got uncomfortable with me talking about race and politics. Who knows why others stopped communicating with me. Then there are the ones idolising White supremacists and not taking the pandemic seriously. I will throw in "what a cunt" for good measure. I left later than I would have. Looking at these irrelevant rightwingers and their actions. Saw this drunk couple stumbling along the road. The blonde had a nice body on her. Anyway no one is at the store yet. I would be sitting out a lot longer. My colleague ended up testing positive for Covid. The Nob was a bit of an Antivaxxer. I need to let things go. Not feel the need to blog about it. Stop updating this particular post. I've got 99 problems and a bitch ain't one Rubin is a gimp. No more tweets, screenshots or videos. I'm done updating this post. I will stop mentioning family or work. Not going to waste my energy on rightwingers as they are irrelevant.

Take off your disguise and underneath it's me....