Saturday, 23 March 2019

Unfuck The World - Prophets Of Rage

The conservative hate identity politics but use it themselves. Pete just wants to silence minorities. 
Ron Stallworth think this was a step too far. Those guys don't need a rights movement. They have white privilege. The idiots in the comments section moan about Black Lives Matter.
Racist fuckups in the comments section. Those same Maga snowflakes are going to defend Keisel. Keisel needs to go back to where he came from. The Death Of Logic person is low IQ white. Some Cucktard named Vince just being ignorant. American Idiot-Greenday

Paris Milan is on fire.

This moron probably works for Breitbart.
Not an apology video, clickbait. One guy's rant.
People will jump to conclusions. Make your mind up about this but it doesn't really affect you.
The Austin guy that attacked a black woman is a Trump supporter. Surprise!

Also someone just rings the house at 6:30am. 

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Obnoxious MTV presenter spouts garbage on FOX.
In another video hosted by Angela Yee. The group discuss sex. Two people in the comments section make homophobic remarks.

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 This is book 3 of a time travel series. The first two were excellent. I needed to get back to reading novels. Passes the time and it is good for journeys.
I will update the blog as I go along. See the Amazon reviews.
I joined Kindle Unlimited and tried to get the eBook delivered to my device. An app suggestion would open up on my phone. I stupidly press Buy Now and so the book was paid for when I was trying to read it for free. I had figured out how to do it but it was too late.

Ben Travers is trying to live his life as best as he can. Meanwhile in another dimension. Something that could be like the Quantum Realm, Matrix, Void, Purgatory, Silent Hill, Insidious, another Ben Travers is trapped. He was the main character of the the previous books. A character from the future with the same enthusiasm as Nora West-Allan comes to visit. His employers want Ben and his friends to join The Grid. A company in the future that monitors time travellers. I am reminded of TimeCop. Ben is still dating Mym.  You get diary entries from Dr. Quickly. More strange things are happening. It is an interesting and clever book. If you like Doctor Who, Predestination, The Time Traveller's Wife and other similar titles then this is for you.
The name Zurvan is mentioned which belongs to an ancient religion. I think about what life was like before religion. Religion was an early form of science I believe. Used to explain life in general. There are a group of villains that want the tech and info from Dr. Quickly. There is an unknown threat in the Neversphere. I won't write too much. I will leave you to check it out.

The following video has SciFi music. I played it as I read the book.  It is cool to have a soundtrack.

This one is dreampop/shoegaze

I am getting a refund. There is a weird error with the email.

I can understand your concern that you clicked the Read Now button for a Nathan Van Coops eBook and you tried the Buy Now button by mistake and wish to receive refund for it.

You no need to worry, I'll definitely help you with this issue.

In this case to serve you my best, I have requested a refund of £3.99 to your payment card.

Once your refund has been completed by us, please allow your bank between 5-7 business days to process it.

When the refund is completed, we'll send you an e-mail letting you know the date, amount and payment details. 

 More works by this author

Ultra sensitive cum guzzler Ben Abdullah Sheparo is triggered.

Read the comments. Having heard this whiny bitch speak. He does sound like stereotypical white guy created by black comedians. His followers are morons.

The man makes fair points but so does the woman.

Steven Crowder is a nobody
This troll leaves comments. There is another being a twat. Hypocrisy of the right.

They don't have links to terror organizations. Just you right wingers do. Right wingers are morons and that is a known fact. Just look at the stuff that they tweet. Irrelevant and need to be starved of oxygen.
Dopey Grifter needs to be put in handcuffs again. Doorstepping like Tommy. Harassment from a racist.

 Ali Akbar? So Jacob and his trans friend Laura concoct a fake news story. He should be treated the same way as Jussie Smollett. A fake account Drake Holmes. A poc and a diversity coordinator. White people on the right sure are stupid. Now playing American Idiot by Greenday.

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Blur - Song 2

Sarah J's comment don't make sense. The people would have stopped had it been a white woman.
Emma Vigeland is fantastic.

iconSo according to an article, the young lady Greene threw a plant into the neighbours garden. The neighbour shouldn't have given them abuse and pulled a gun on them.  The police officers should have done their job. 

Fraser Anning is a cunt.

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Kei Bee is disrespectful when two people are on the live chat speaking Arabic I believe.
I knocked my poppers over and the contents spilt. My mum was talking to herself, being loud. I had gone to Tesco. The cashier Ellie looks at the cheese and onion bread and days "that looks tasty". Not sure what is wrong with her. It had to Hail. 
The videos that I had saved were on a playlist or history and have been removed. I was searching for them. An old friend's birthday is today on St. Patrick's Day. I haven't spoken to him in over a year.
Fall Out Boy - I Don't Care

Jess Hilarious is a cunt. Never heard of her. The narrator pronounced Sikh as Shiekhs. Anti Asian racism is alive. Whu were you filming complete strangers with their permission? Now playing American Idiot by Greenday

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I have never heard of this guy and comes of a hit with terfs and right wingers. He must be a transphobe. Mumsnet isn't lgbt friendly.   Weird questions: Do animals have real names even before the owner names them? Is having a pet, slavery?

I spit on your grave 3: vengeance is mine

I found this film online. I liked the previous films. You might have seen Saw, The Purge, Revenge, Hostel and similar ones. Jennifer from the first film is back. She has nightmares about her ordeal. Goes to group therapy. He straight talking goth friend wants to dish out justice. She is quite annoying. The site that I am watching on, it keeps buffering. After a tragic event and hearing other people's stories. She decides to do something about it. Feminists might like this. Incels will be triggered. Some violent scenes are dream sequences. It is pretty brutal. Miss Hills is a psycho. Lynn the counselor is annoying. Great cast and effects. I could not find a soundtrack. Cast. Sarah Butler as Jennifer Hills / Angela Jitrenka. Jennifer Landon as Marla Finch. Doug McKeon as Oscar "Koza" Kosca. Gabriel Hogan as Detective McDylan. Harley Jane Kozak as Therapist. Michelle Hurd as Detective Glenn Bolton (in the end credits listed as "Detective Boyle") Russell Pitts as Matthew. 
#everydaysexism #metoo

Chris Segura uses a racist meme to reply to an Asian person. Prick. Some twat has a video where he reads triggered comments. White supremacist has disregard for people of colour. You wonder why the gunman followed your channel.

It is 23:17 and my mother is still talking to herself.

Great narration

As I deleted my search history. Some weird right wing videos appear in my recommendations. Not sure what Anne Marie Waters is harping on about. Irrelevant.

So lots of people are crying foul play
 The woman was found dead the day after. Would it not be natural causes? People can be calm when calling the police. In Trump's America black lives don't matter. Time will tell. There is a guy worth following on Instagram.

To think that his day couldn't get any worse. Trump supporter in the comments section. Deluded even though it was a nice gesture. He is not a nice man.

I don't care for the subject matter but the women are attractive.
It was quiet in McDonalds. The order took long. People move at a casual pace. My items come on a tray when I selected Take Away.  They do work hard.

1. Talkin' Shit - Veronica Webb And Jermaine Dupri 2. Clear My Throat - D.J. Kool 3. I'm Not Feeling You - Yvette Michele 4. Freestyle - Jay-Z 5. How About Some Hardcore - MOP 6. Freestyle - Lil Kim 7. Tour - Capelton 8. Freestyle - Lady 9. Clear My Throat - D.J. Kool 10. Freestyle - Nas 11. Freestyle - Foxy Brown 12. Hip Hop Hooray - Naughty By Nature 13. Uptown Anthem - Naughty By Nature 14. How I Could Just Kill A Man - Cypress Hill 15. Time 4 Sum Aksion - Redman 16. Freestyle - Redman 17. Freestyle - Rast 18. Freestyle - Michelob 19. Set It Off - Greg Nice 20. Flashlight - Parliment 21. Oustanding - The Gap Band 22. Rising To The Top - Keni Burke 23. Freestyle - Dav 24. Freestyle - Mary J. Blige 25. Relax & Party - Ivory 26. Crowd Participation - D.J. Flexxx 27. No Joke/Follow Me - Buckshot Da B.D.I. Emcee 28. Freestyle - Boot Camp Click 29. Freestyle - Akinyele 30. Method Man - Wu-Tang Clan 31. Freestyle - Notorious B.J.G. & Da Lox 32. Freestyle - Puff Daddy & Mase 33. Mobb Deep Blend - Mobb Deep Blend 34. Freestyle - Lost Boyz 35. Release Yo Delf - Method Man 36. Freestyle - Das EFX & PMD 37. Freestyle - Xzibit 38. Freestyle - Cormega 39. Clear My Throat - D.J. Kool 40. Sucker MC's - Run DMC 41. Back To Life (However Do You Want Me) - Soul II Soul 42. Here We Go - Run DMC 43. Mona Lisa - Slick Rick 44. Flex Outro - Flex Outro
I got a call from 07707 404181. I decided not to answer. Searched online to find that it was an auto message from a Debt company.

I wasn't sure if there is a woman at the gym that has a problem with me. I think I am just being paranoid. What is with this "he attac, he protec etc" I see in YouTube comments.
Videos about the incident and I think: Let me guess, white person says something racist.

At work the student redhead goes "noooo" instead of no thankyou. The pensioner lady with a dog in a stroller says "I don't want to spend any money just the necessities. She was a twat. The delivery arrived when it did. I was determined to get a cage done quickly. It took me long.

I have a lot of respect for Stephen Colbert.
There were heartfelt messages in the comments section. But then I spotted two fascist cunts.