Friday, 27 May 2016

Jack Eye Jones - Summer nights

There were these twin sisters at the gym. Pretty, brunettes with nice bodies. Izzy does have a nice arse and smile.

The last customer in the shop was an African woman and she seemed abit miserable. For some stupid reason the middle child thought it was ok to bounce the fucking tennis ball indoors. I ought to have said something but was being polite. Another there was an Asian woman and both her kids were crying. Onto a more lighter note there was a curvy lady in a vibrant blue dress covered in tattoos and piercings I believe. Had a nice cleavage. Wore black gloves as she had her voice fingers tattooed. Some pretty blonde in Tesco that I spotted, was tanned. Daft when I serve someone and they are on their phone.

#bbcdebate Some pretty faces in the audience. Stephanie is kind of cute. She is Scottish. Also a strawberry blonde in red near the front looking bored wagging her foot. She wants the Leave campaign. I look forward to the tweets. Talk about the EU Referendum.

I should have waited one day till I got paid. I won't have anything left. I dreamt that I bought was in an episode of EastEnders and that I had entered the Berry office. There was some laughter at my expense. I tried to argue my point. Rachel was having none of it. I was in a car and went looking for a place where Tom Jones would be. Performing on a boat. I wanted to go back up one main road to see that the cars were locked.

Crazy story about the US hiker lost for 26 days before dying. There were text that she attempted to send but there was no signal. She left a final note asking whoever found her body to contact her family and tell them of how she died. Back in 2013. Rip Geraldine Largay.

Many people on this migrant boat that capsized. Many went to the size as they must have seen navy or coast guard ships. Darwinism in action? Just migrate the legal way and stop putting yourself in danger.

I Am Cait will not be shown in Africa anymore. It is a shit show associated with the Kardashians. Lucky Africa.

Hannah Maundrel is nice. A consumer expert now interviewed on the BBC. Yesterday CV there was a gorgeous tanned brunette on the business segment in the morning. The EU debate in Salford Quays, Darcey is an olive skinned beauty. Brunette sat at the front right side of the audience. A mixed bunch of characters. That ginger haired mature bloke with the help gap teeth might get some comments. I believe he has a Sheffield accent.

This household is signed up with Southern Electric and Npower. Why two direct debits for the same thing? How did that happen? One is for gas.

Missed call from Luton ‭01582 807855‬. Called back, automated voice says "the number you have dialed is not in service".

Again I had to put my mum on the phone to the person at SE. This time it was sorted quickly. I did see this pretty blonde in red t-shirt on a bike near the Town Hall.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Evanescence - Going under

Annoying that she wants to get to the hospital early but they won't see to put patients until 9am. I am woken up around 5:30. The money that was left for my brother has taken. I don't have any so can't get a taxi unless we go into town first. Now it seems we are going to walk there but now she has found the money. We have to wait half hour now that we are here. I have to be at work for 12pm. Would rather be sleeping. More bullshit to deal with. Whether people buy promo items is up to them. Management can go fuck themselves. But I am not phased. It says 9am opening time at the reception desk and so she gets up to go there only to be told to take a seat. Embarrassing things people do. If she leaves early again then she can make her own way.
I knew it would be Jehovah's Witnesses at the door when I saw the shadows through the glass. I should have ignored it. Some twatty blonde in a silver range rover/4x4 turned her car at a point she shouldn't have. The street was empty. I crossed. She could have hit me. Belton Rd traffic lights, Loughborough. 11:40am 25th May.

I walked past the hot blonde milf in blue coat.
Thinking of my tax return that I have to gather information for. I need the correct information and not some bollocks which lands me a fine. Useless Berry Recruitment/Catering. For punishment the consultants and head office will be slobbering down my cock.

Some blonde with acne at 5pm gave an abrupt no when I offered Sas in Savers, Loughborough. A man that usually gets a Pepsi can walked out because of the queue. The student I was serving, his card was declined and the till took a while to go back. A tall blonde lady bought bleach and their was a smell. I checked to see if it was tight and it was. Because of the delivery, something had spilt and dried. The bleach had made some marks on her cardigan. Some curvy glasses wearing mature brunette seemed abit rude. I offered a woman a carrier bag, she said "for that?" talking about her small items. Still a nob. Bearded bloke was offered Gillette set. His reply was "I believe you're asking the wrong person" how so? Some cunts around town. I'm going to forget about today.

Fucking Bristol Street Motors ad is just bad. Surprising hearing about what my old school friend had been going through. Not my problem or fault. ‭023 8124 4310‬ from Southampton called. More PPI bollocks. Why the fuck these people riot and protest when Donald Trump is about. That Emmerdale episode was weird. Linkin Park-One step closer. Muse-Hyper music.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Meck- Thunder In My Heart Again

As usual a news reporter doing a piece to camera in public gets in the way of people. At the airport Steph McGovern was standing in the way of this elderly couple trying to get to the help desk. The EU report had a debate between a family in their living room. I couldn't quite make out what was being said as the subtitles were shit. This is early in the morning. The licence fee pays for this service.
I'm sure I have some hedge shearers, perhaps have gone missing after being lent to someone.

#CouncilHouseCrackdown one man owns three council properties. Maybe subletting. Part owning the houses which are in three different counties. People are on the waiting list. Does the rent get increased?
I googled more information on council properties and the rent is cheap. I was always worried about whether it would be a bad area. Drug users or burglars nearby. Do some of these fake beggars live in a council house? Ch4 has a show called How To Get A Council House. Similar tweets can be found too.

Wednesday 1st June on Bbc1. The Big C And Me. A documentary following families hit by cancer. The RHS Chelsea Flower Show was pretentious.

So I need to take my mum for an injection. My brother texts asking for interdental brushes. I went to the gym it was busy plus I couldn't be arsed. The trimmer had run out of power. It needed a new amp. Yet again those kids in the library were talking loudly and someone else speaks on their phone and a ringtone goes off. I am close to punching someone. Two people sounded like they almost were about to have an argument.

Well that was pointless. I will need to fill in another Tax Return next year. I hope I am not let down by the employer. I was on the phone to hmrc and I could hear my mum talking some shite.
EastEnders Don't make Bobby Beale angry, you wouldn't like it when he's angry.

On at Savers 25th May 2016:
Gillete multipacks Mach3, Fusion, Proglide, Proshield and Venus from £9.99 to £28.99. Hugo Boss 40ml Men's and Women's 30ml at £21.99.

I have no idea what is going on in EastEnders and Holby City. A few attractive cast members though.

Red Wigwam continue with Aunt Bessie's shifts. In a dream that I had recently I was trying to download Meck Thunder In My Heart Again. I was apparently back at uni but then traveling back to lboro. I felt some sadness reflecting on the things that have happened in my past. The artwork that I no longer have. The course that I must drop out of. Having to find student accommodation.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Lemaitre - Closer

A Silver car on Meadow Lane near Burder St crashed into a wall. Sunday morning. 22nd May 2016. Fuck knows why that happened.
May be working a split shift. Two missed calls from work. Rang back to hear all these beeps like a fax machine. There were the odd pretty girl at the gym. One wore skimpy clothing. A blonde was doing squats and I noticed abit of her cleavage. Two of the GB women's swimming team were hot. There was some song playing on the screens and the lady was fit, song was abit shit. That ranty feminist Kate Smurfwaite is back on BBC The Big Questions. The GoAhead ad with the ginger woman dancing just makes her look like a Twat.
A #bgt contestant is waiting in the room with other folk. His sob story is about the time he slept with a transsexual by accident. He then goes onto the stage, introduces himself. Does some weird body popping as all these people seem to do nowadays. At the end he drops his trousers and shows off his cock to get a standing ovation from the retarded audience. Onto #bgmt where Stephen Mulhern noshes the guy off.
What the fuck is it with this auto correct?
I shall ignore your social media and internet policy.
Father's Day gift ideas

I did see this pretty brunette with nice legs. The marketing assistants from TalkTalk were out again. I saw the Vote Leave campaign. A section of it shows in split screen where an oap is taken to the AE department. It shows what happens when inside and outside of the EU. Shows better NHS service which is unlikely. Less ethnic minorities in the Out clip.
Thought I would see the tweets for The One Show. Immediate xenophobia about the Syrian refugees. It had to rain today. My washing was still out on the line. Not sure why that little girl threw a strop in Savers. She had removed her shoes and wanted to take her trousers off. You could hear her crying. Tim an old friend was being his usual humourous self. Fucking hell.
Some Indian students were hanging around chatting. Bags in the way. I was tidying the shelves.

Stuck On Repeat - Little Boots

A couple were in the shop. The tanned lady was looking at the fragrances I believe. The man I was serving. He thought the carrier bags were free. Not sure where they have been. I made sure that they still wanted the bag. He said "good boy" that was unexpected. I offered many customers Sas. They should no by now that I have to ask. No snidy comments or jokes. Head Office should have a word with themselves. People on a budget shop here so you should not be shoving this shit down their throats. If people don't want to buy the item then there is no need for stepping it up.
One till was down so the queue seemed long. Long shift. I do notice some customers take their time putting their things away. Sometimes there is someone behind them waiting to pass or waiting next in the queue. I had been added to work Friday on the rota at short notice without being told and today was asked to come in earlier. Why do some people pay with a £20 note when they have change. One lady had her arms crossed not sure what was her problem. I did see my old boss's brother. Getting some product knowledge is fine but I wouldn't have used every single item. A doctor or hairdresser are the best people to go to.
I have stopped using the poppers as they are not worth it. I saw the homeless/fake beggar outside McDonald's and thought the guy would approach me. Fell asleep before Case 39 began. Watching the end of it and my mother is talking to herself repeating some shit. It is 1:33am. Now 1:45 after she has been told to be quiet she is still muttering to herself. I have my earplugs in. Some people from E2save, Berry, Leics County Council need a 'safe space'.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Daft Punk Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

I am not afraid/intimidated by/of Jo. I will limit the sale of painkillers and ask for ID. I am not afraid or bothered by guests, clients, customers. I am not afraid of Sas or delivery. I do not give a damn about Rachel, Karen or Berry. I do not fear Sam, Simon, the catering company or bride and groom. I do not fear shoplifters, homeless or beggars. Not to say no. I go about my business. I am not slow. I use my initiative, work hard. I am not bothered by anyone at the gym or out on the streets. I don't need to go over this again. I will not dwell on negative situations.
I had this dream where I met Brian, a person that I know. He offered me some work. Diy shift at some hotel/restaurant. A taxi is called over. I hop in with some other staff. We arrive. The room is blank. The part upstairs has a large rectangular hole. A few wooden frames are placed over it to help the worker move across it to paper the walls. I get hold of a drill and the screw comes loose. After I have left. I go back but decide to walk to work as it is apparently near. I walk into a school, passive through the hallways. Children are queued up outside. I eventually leave that area.

Krampus is a horror movie about a dysfunctional family that clash over the holidays. Max a young lad turns his back on Xmas. A demonic force is released upon the household. Stars Adam Scott, Toni Collette, Alison Tolman, David Koechner. Universal Pictures 2015. Cert 15, 5053083071318. Crimson Peak and World Of Warcraft trailers were good. Great opening credits, imagine Black Friday. Gran is German but I can't make out the subtitles. You might like The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, Home Alone, Gremlins, Scrooged, Jack Frost, Poltergeist. Great cast. Nice animation and effects. Eerie music.
Alex Jones has a wardrobe malfunction on The One Show. That is the only good part. Kunal Nayar must be wondering wtf is going on. A segment on manholes, why Hounslow is great. People do slag the show off yet watch it. Don't these people have lives? A customer bought a Guess Edt after overhearing the manager saying we needed to sell something. He didn't need to do that. The money I lend to my brother is better used for something else. Amy Longland, a student at Notts Uni and Remain campaigner is hot. A man wearing a blue t-shirt came into the store muttering about someone with a stammer. On his way in and out. Not sure if he had special needs or was taking the piss.. That Derby baby abduction story is disgusting. The mother is named Shantel Ullah which is bizarre, her baby is Dantae. The girl from Warwickshire that faked her pregnancy to keep her boyfriend is an arsehole and belongs on Jeremy Kyle.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Aerodynamic Daft Punk

The Graham Norton Show has some great stars and jack Whitehall. Jennifer Lawrence's tits are nice. Nice comment about Jlaw being naked in the bathroom and some of the male cast members unloading on her. The BBC subtitles are on fire today. Postcode Lottery ad with the gay priest yelling fabulous. BGT Saulo is an attractive man, but the act weren't too great. See the female audience members. Good seeing that milf of an actress playing Will's mum in The Inbetweeners. I could barely breathe and was tired out quickly whilst swimming. I saw a few people that were associated with Rouge Recruitment back in the old days. SAS total Weds £36.15, Sat 45.14, Sun 51.33, Mon 8.99. Total wk20 £141.61. There was possibly a shoplifter. Alarm goes off as she leaves. Didn't look suspicious but will be watching out for her. Some guy asking for change. However he may use it for anything. Seeing Zombie Strippers film, lots of nice tits on display. Jenna Jameson stars. She looks good. Robert Englund also is in this film. It might be rubbish though.
BBC Subtitles called the Lcfc manager 'Cloudy Iranian', an interview with Gary Lineker the word YouTube pops up. Steph McGovern giving her business report and I guess because of her accent, it reads 'thunder of Sports Direct'.
A clip shown from BBC East Midlands News has a female Leicester fan being interviewed but there is also the sound of a man commentating. Technical issue. On offer at Savers are three different Sarah Jessica Parker perfumes, Guess Marciano EDT, Nivea Sun Care range, Olay Twin Effects set.
Channel 4 News talking about the minority vote regarding the EU Referendum. Leicester, Birmingham and London. Irony about the immigrants and descendants complaining about the new migrants. Interesting to see what the comments on Twitter will be. #c4news #minoritydebate Agata the eastern European is nice. Aired on Tues 17th May 2016. The one Indian mature man with glasses when interviewed on the street mentioned that the Indians were the hardest working and everyone else was lazy. It looked like a Commenwealth vs Europe situation. White Brits were saying the things expressed in the show many times before. On The Wright Stuff I assume is a mtf transgender. Wondering about the tweets if any.
The blonde lady that I served today had massive breasts. There were two police cars in Biggin St, Loughborough. A woman with shaved head was being given a talking to.
In the library yesterday were these Asian kids making too much noise. A fire exit may have been opened.
I have finally rented Mockingjay Part 2. Jennifer Lawrence is in a few new releases at the moment. Cert 12. Read the books. Interesting trailers for Brooklyn, Sing Street. The rebels are entering The Capital. President Snow and his troops stand in their way. Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks, Julianne Moore, Donald Sutherland, Stanley Tucci, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Jeffrey Wright also star. Soundtrack to be downloaded. Good effects and design.
I went to the gym and had forgotten my padlock and so went back. I later returned without my coat as the weather was nice. It rained on the way back. Some stunning girls at the gym. 

Thursday, 12 May 2016

The Kills - Last Goodbye

I'm not sure what the fuck went on but. A Scottish oap brought a box of plasters. She asked if they were a hundred. Maybe the quantity of the product. She gave me 5 x 20ps which makes £1. That was the total cost. She came back minutes later. Talking about 100 and mentioned the receipt being a pound. Went through it several times. She gave a pound coin and asked for her 20p coins back. It confused a few people. She left the plasters and so a customer chased her up. I was serving someone when she had returned. I was in the right. There were quite a few stunning girls around with it being summer. One girl was in a Nike sports tee. Superb body and pretty too. Her boyfriend was good looking. Athletic build with a beard. No air conditioning and it was hot in and out. The Helmsley sisters have a new show. Attractive as they are I like the wavy haired brunette. The Sodastream magician mum is a milf. Food Unwrapped presenter Kate has lovely eyes. Here is something else, a group of young people had white t-shirts on with words like 'why?' written on them. A picture of a child I think. I could have gone up to them to ask.
I had this dream where in one scene I was in Chey's car and it was making this noise and so we pulled up in Ratcliffe Rd, Loughborough. Later me, the family and others were onboard a ferry it left the UK. Travelling South. You could see it all like a map. The distance did not seem far. We approached America. There were people on this road and they moved out of the way as the ferry went up it. Suddenly ahead of us this gate closes. We approach it when it opens and it quickly closes again. An alarm goes off. It is apparently a felony if we tried entering if we enter without a pass. A door at the side is open and Susan Surrandon there saying "I told you guys that you could come in" we enter this house. I looked at various rooms. Children were sat in some, various ages and ethnicities. Some fostered. My youngest brother had gone up the stairs. The stairs were weird, it was like climbing up a ladder. There were a few bedrooms. We happen to head back outside looking at the ocean. One member of the group suggested not swimming in it because of the rocks below. The blonde fella that may have been in a Home Alone film went swimming. We later see a news report that he had died. But then he arises and is alive again. My other brother is in the bedroom. I need the loo and go to the bathroom. Susan is in the shower so I turn around and head off in the opposite direction. She soon follows me and we get chatting. She is naked. Lying down asking if I was into bondage, to which I replied that I had never tried it. I was rubbing her pussy, getting it moist. I started to lick it. She was cumming and it squirted all over. I stuck my fingers in. She asked me to lick it some more. I wiped the juices with a tissue as that was putting me off. She goes "all I did was cum" I then lick it. The labia is sort of in a circular pattern and there is a smaller circle within. It is a strange image that is difficult to describe. Hell knows why I had this dream or what it is even about. I know you'll be thinking the same.
BBC Neighbourhood Blues, the case of these twatty fraudsters trying to con money out of oap Maureen.
I offered one older gentleman in glasses some P20 Sun Filter obviously to use for a future date. He was being an arse. It was raining today. A lady had swiftly walked out the door. The alarm went off. Beyonce and David Beckham fragrances are on offer at Savers. They have been reduced. There is a hard skin remover and dishwasher tablets also on offer.
The German man that attacked those commuters with a knife at a station. He shouted God Is Great in Arabic. He had psychological problems and drug addiction. Whether he was Muslim they would have labelled him a terrorist. There was a UK headline 'Five Arrested Over Helicopter Sex Tape' which seems to have been taken down. On the BBC Red Button. Why would some arse leak the SATs papers online. Some parents in protest taking their kids out of school over the exams are morons. Amazon Video Direct has been launched. It is to rival YouTube. When watching the bearded bloke get his ponytail cut off for charity on ITV This Morning I thought I had heard the barber say "this amount of hair would be great for a wigger". I am awoken as mother is talking to herself. Fucksake give it a rest. Started low then went high. See my The nice blonde with the big teeth, was back in the shop. She comes in late in the day. There was a really hot brunette too. Carrying a Topshop or New Look bag. There were two tall blondes, looked like sisters. One wore a Bridge House badge. I do wonder why Gregory Porter wears the hat and balaclava. John of Dire Straits on The One Show. His daughter Isabel is pretty. There is an 86 tear old named Joan in Leicester. She had sold her car to a dealership. They then sold it to a man giving a Leicester address. He then breaks the law. The fines mount up to £1000 approx. Her details are with the DVLA linked to the car which she no longer owns. The letters are sent to her home asking her to pay up. What the fuck indeed. Watching IAmCait. Wondering was it an attention seeking stunt or something genuine. Caitlin doesn't look too different to Bruce, well it is the same person. See the twitter comments and blogs of people who aren't fans of the Kardashians. Some things will be pointed out. Pronouns and the Bible quote plus other reactions from Brucelyn's family. Is his voice annoying me? Possibly. I have sat through one episode and just the only one that I would watch. There was that bollocks about the fake terrorist attack demo in Manchester. People getting offended. Nothing for the Police to apologise for.
My brother is shouting again. Two family members that wake me up at times. Not sure what is going on in Messengers 2: Scarecrow. Interesting bit is Miranda 1 hour 17 mins into the film. It's 2:08am mum is talking to herself again. She doesn't seem to give a shit. Azealia Banks is a dipshit because of her racist tweets. Hough sister and friends on Victoria Derbyshire tv show. The brother is a sick fuck.

A few stunning ladies out in town. There was this blonde girl in red t-shirt and tight blue shorts near the photocopier in the library. I was waiting for the cars and a truck to move on and this Hare Krishna monk was looking to get a donation from me. I am an athiest so have no time for that. My addidas trousers were torn in places and I thought I may have been exposed. Mum mentioned someone named Rama will come, just talking out of her arse again. More xenophobic and racist tweets regarding migrants and Trayvon Martin. You can tell what kind of dumbass they are by who they follow. Marvel TV show Powers is pretty graphic. Aimed at adults. Death by teleportation is new. The lead character would be given bjs for the person to get special powers.