Sunday, 28 May 2017

While she sleeps-Empire Of Silence

Christ almighty I knew that would happen. Waiting outside of Savers waiting for someone to open up so we could get started and a drunk student mentioned that it was open in the daytime and I was waiting at 4:30am. He thought I was waiting for the tanning salon as I was stood there. I explained and they did apologise. So fair enough.
Half the delivery arrived. It was too good to be true. The rest of it is coming Weds and there are two staff working it.

I had dreams where I went to stay at this haunted house. Something had happened. I later was in a car in another town and I was apparently not far off from the haunted place. We used the car as a weapon to smash through buildings. Although it may have been a truck at first. Got directions from Polish policewomen. Looked at the satnav to discover where we were. The car was stalling at it came to it's top speed. Two people that met a couple who were devil worshiping vampires.
In the next dream I am leaving this council estate and getting abuse from this mature woman with weird teeth. Some guys are behind me but are not after me.
That Alison Hammond is painful to watch. See her interview with The Rock.
Karma Police-Radiohead
Lavinia Woodward a medic student on drink and drugs stabbed her (ex) boyfriend. Damn right it would affect her career prospects. She will lose her uni place. I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one.
Theunis Botha a hunter shot an elephant which then crushed him. That's karma for you.

Jessie J, Nicky Minaj, Ariana Grande- Bang Bang
Fresh Prince & Jazzy Jeff-Boom shake the room
There was an explosion in Manchester. Following an Ariana Grande concert. She will get a mention quite a few times. Her fans will be asking about her nevermind the general public.
Subtitles are dodgy. "Teenagers wanted to be their parents"
A reporter on the street said 19 injured 50 killed when it is the other way round. Same footage being played on a loop. People not leaving in an orderly fashion. See twitter for the reactions. Watch an entire religion or culture getting blamed for the actions of a few. The irony. Calm down snowflake there is no such thing as white genocide. Witnesses invited onto the sofa. 'Like' being said many times. The police are asking people not to speculate but it won't stop the right wing white folk. As a black lady just mentioned her Muslim friend getting spat at in the street this morning. Those idiots overreacting and being hateful are just as bad as the terrorists. Same bits of info will be mentioned by different people. Some program changes that will annoy some.

As I hadn't had the guttering done as planned it has rained every few days since. That Cara Delavine lookalike was back in the shop. Looking pretty. Also saw the one that looks like Rita Ora but with massive tits at the gym. Some nice figures as usual at gym and work. This brunette in white blouse and black miniskirt with nice legs that I got to serve. The spunkstain Daniel Alan Jones had stolen three Gillette sets. I had the radio but got no warning. Three bells were not rung. I had been on the ball the next day watching out for the suspects.

Some arsehole, ginger haired with sunglasses, 6 ft tall was moaning about the DKNY edt not having a tester. He did enquire as to whether he would be able to bring it back whether opened. I checked with management. He looks back at the queue and they are smiling. I am hoping that I wasn't the joke. Blame head office. He went to Boots straight after. Not sure what the lady was on about sampling a piece of cake. Fuck it. Dirt Of Your Shoulder - JayZ A blonde lady that was pretty was called on the phone and she went from 0 to Bitch in 60 seconds. Not so polite now. 99 Problems- JayZ

The delivery was tough but seemed to be done. However I was still there long after I should have finished. Some man on a mobility scooter had called another customer an ignorant bitch. She was apparently in the way. His wife was telling him off. That lady was clearly upset and I should have spoken to her and him or gone to management.

The news are going to be milking the Manchester attack for days. See BBC Newswatch and Points Of View to see what the public have been saying. Princess Diana aftermath and grief tourism.

This redhead is tall and has nice tits and ass. Some pretty girls about.

There was a minutes silence. I had forgotten about it. An announcement was made when I had my headphones in. I thought it was a fire test. But looking around I quickly stopped to observe it. I could hear someone working out. See the tweets. Media are accused of milking it. Some of the victims were pretty. Cue Michael Jackson - Earth Song.
I saw an episode of Jeremy Kyle and a fat woman sat on a chair was smiling and from her face I was reminded of my General Manager. Michelle Ackerley is probably good to look at. The One Show is still shit. They do reveal some things like the end of a cult classic film or how criminals stealing a car using wireless technology. They need the security features from RoboCop.
If You Tolerate This - Manic Street Preachers

Nightmare Tennants Slum Landlords a criminal letting agent in East London. A PR woman working for large companies not paying her rent. Uncover the faces. Show updates.
Should see the tweets. Ch5 25/5/17

Overreaction from Debbie Dee from Aberdeen. Boys will be boys top for sale in Asda. The Wright Stuff. The Trick To Life - Hoosiers

Spotted this fine blonde in stripped pattern trousers lovely ass. Sure to be more out. That tanned blonde in shorts and cap with a husky voice.
More random messages on Fab. "You have a smooth apna" wtf is that?
My brother, no surprise asked to borrow money. If I don't get anything back it will leave me out of pocket.
So so some woman had been in and set the alarm off as she went. I was serving the chap in a blue shirt looking for a perfume for his partner. It may have been a distraction. Saw some guy walk buy who could have been with him. As with another guy the day before was at till having a look. A lady that I kept an eye on but looked stoned was around. She may have come in at some point. These balloons stuck up do block your view. No air conditioning. Tanning salon upstairs. Very hot. Small shop. Rude customers, shoplifters and SAS. I have been asked to work Sunday at the last minute.
99 Problems.

I kept a bottle of coke in the freezer. It gets gassy when you open it. Foam spews out. The taste is different.

Greg Allman has passed away.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

If You Tolerate This - Manic Street Preachers


Friday, 19 May 2017

The Legacy Of Nat Turner - Henry Jackman

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