Thursday, 8 July 2021

Gemwz - Remember Me

I have just seen the video and purchased the song in 5 minutes. Saw the love in the comments. The video was showcasing her Bangladeshi heritage. Whilst being born and bred in Uk. Such a soulful track. I will take a look at her other stuff. If you liked Amy Winehouse then this is for you. This Sri Lankan artist. Getting praise in the comments. Album is out soon.

I had this dream where I was flying. I would accompany a group of people. Children and adults. I eventually flew to the clouds in Superman fashion after ditching my coat. I would end up in a strange place. I spoke of The Master and Doctor having a homoerotic relationship. I served this man on the till. Helped as much as possible. He left a few positive comments. I would be at this dining area and the manager questions the fragrance bottle that I have in my bag. He may have switched it as I did not recognise it. Eventually there is a zombie apocalypse. This black guy injured by these white nationalists. They are half dead. More are coming. I did an undead Kevin Feige lead them.

Amazing Radio is a good site. Independent and new artists can upload their songs and videos to share.

Some people might be into Drake's music, but I don't think much of it.

I appreciate the feedback. It wasn't suitable for those playlists. I did reschedule and it will reach different people. 

Impressive. She did remind me of Adriana Chechik