Friday, 17 December 2021

Run It - DJ Snake ft Rick Ross

I went to the cinema to watch Spider-man No Way Home. Starring Tom Holland, Benedict Cumberbatch, Zendaya, Jacob Batalon, Marisa Tomei, Jon Favreau, Alfred Molina, Willem Dafoe, Jamie Foxx amongst others. Expect plenty of cameos and references. This is a fan service in a way. I have watched all the Spiderman films over the years. There was all the speculation over Maguire and Garfield. Endless memes on YouTube. Anyhow following on from the events of the previous film. Peter Parker has been exposed to the world. He goes to Doctor Strange for help. A spell is made but it goes wrong. Various characters from the multiverse arrive on this Earth. I like the dialogue between various characters. Good action and special effects. You will like the soundtrack. The Multiverse Of Madness will be out in 2022. Having watched Loki, Wandavision and What If you know what to expect. I knew someone would fuck things up and who they could not trust. Avoid the reviews and the Internet in general as they will post spoilers. Go in with an open mind. I was at Cineworld and the lady had overfilled the Pepsi drink so it started spilling. I needed tissues to clean up her mess. 

I went to see Shang Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings at Cineworld, Loughborough. Very hot outside. The caucasity of the blonde haired girl student to put her feet up on the seat in front of her. She sat in I16. She did sit properly and a slight laugh from one of them. One of her college friends didn't turn up to an event as her dad suffered a brain hemorrhage. Anyway this is a Marvel film and centres on the Asian people. The rings were taken by The Mandarin or I will call him that. Gave him power and immortality. He would meet a woman in Ta Lo. A fascinating place. I need to look into the back story. The fight scene choreography was beautiful. Most of the fight scenes were superb. Nice special effects and a great cast of actors. Tony Leung, Michelle Yeoh, Ben Kingsley are legends in their own right. Shaun is living in San Francisco. Where Scott Lang lives. He works as a Car Valet with his best friend Katy. There is humour in this too. A group of henchmen are after this pendant. Shaun needs to reflect on his life, find out who he really is. There is the issue of family and you get to see things from the point of view of most of the main characters. I had never read the comics. Was unsure as to if I would watch this. The soundtrack is good especially the main theme. I used ro enjoy watching martial arts films. I definitely recommend this film. Simu Liu, Awkwafina.  I have just watched A Quiet Place 2. A horror sequel starring Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Cillian Murphy, Millicent Simmons, Noah Jupe. Following the events of the first film. The Abbott family are on the move. There is a nice flashback scene. Shows you how the aliens got here. Interested to know more about them. They are blind and are attracted to sound. When they attack they are viscous. Another apocalyptic film with Cillian. They are a great cast of actors. Good use of Sign Language. Good action sequences and plenty of suspense. Sometimes the audio switches to no noise at all depending on the character. You will like the soundtrack. John wrote and directed both films. As always there is safe space for the survivors. You get the odd character that makes too much noise fucking things up. I did think that certain scenes would go one way. You have various scenerios playing out. I recommend that you see this movie.

I rented The Forever Purge from Google Play Movies for £15.99. This film will trigger the right-wing asshat in America. Taking place years after Election Year. The purge night has been reinstated. For 12 hours crime is legal. You are seeing things from this couple who are Mexican immigrants. Influenced by the Trump era as was The First Purge. They have settled in Texas. The wife works at a food factory and the husband is an employee on the ranch. Some characters are liberal whilst others are bigoted. The actress that was Tess in Smallville is in this. Racism and classism are topics covered in the film. There are tensions brewing. There is a white supremacist group that want to keep the purge going. Seeing bipoc take them on will trigger the right-wing whites. They being tonedeaf and don't like being seen as the bad. A scifi horror. Apocalypse. Think of The Walking Dead but without the zombies. Fights between factions. The sister on the family farm is hot. Possibly has a thing for one Mexican guy. The father reminds me of John McCain. The son is prejudiced. The one Mexican actor reminds me of the demon guy in the Constantine film. Might be the same actor. Good soundtrack especially end credits song. Good acting from all cast and extras. Irony of Canada and Mexico offering refuge to Americans. I will look into the area around the border and the reservation. Colonisers going crazy and not realising that this land was never theirs. If you enjoy violent films then see this film. Wait for the price to go down as I know it was cheaper to see this in the cinema. Paying now is like buying a dvd. I have just watched Batman Ninja on Netflix. The world of Dc meets Manga/Anime. Over in Gotham, Gorilla Grodd has a time machine. He sets things into motion. Batman with a bunch of other characters are transported to Ancient Japan. The graphics and animation are very different. Originally recorded in Japanese. I watched the English dub. You will see influences from Monkey, Power Rangers in later scenes. It does take a lot of time and effort to make animation as I had been told by a lecturer and I did a minor bit myself. Some scenes would be in 2D. You have to suspend disbelief at some battle scenes. Different villains run various states in Japan. This is an opportunity for them to conquer the country and change the course of history. Great voice actors and animation. You will like the soundtrack. One jpop song felt out of place. See the reaction videos on YouTube. I did see Gotham By Gaslight last year. What would the residents make of the things happening in their town? I remember seeing the trailer and was interested. I had googled time travel films. Batman should end the Joker once and for all. I saw some characters that were Robin, Red Robin, Red Hood and Nightwing. How many sidekicks do you need? I will look at the back story. I watched The Call on NowTv Sky Cinema. A supernatural horror. Starring Lin Shaye, Tobin Bell, Chester Rushing, Erin Sanders, Sloane Morgan Siegel, Mike C Manning, Ciara Hanna. Set in a small town in the 80s. There is Chris, a new guy. Moved to the town and started school. He befriended Tonya who is hot. Her ex boyfriend is Zack and his brother Brett make up the group. They are trouble makers. Edward and Edith Cranston are an elderly couple living in a mansion. As Tonya's sister went missing years ago. Edith had got the blame. The teens would torment the Cranstons. Edith had committed suicide. She included the teens in her will. Edward had to gather them together at the home. They must take part in a game. Very creepy. You might like the soundtrack. Good special effects. You have some great actors here. I have watched a lot of Shaye's films. Bell, only with the Saw franchise. Rushing was in Stranger Things. There is a line in the film where he says "I have seen stranger things..." that has to have been intentional. If you liked the Insidious then this is for you. I also recommend It Follows. Worth checking out.

I have started watching Ash Vs Evil Dead. Developed for TV by Sam Raimi. Based on the films. 30 years later. Ash is living the quiet life. He has his camper van. Works at a department store. Goes on dates. He has a young colleague named Pablo that always has his back. There is new girl Kelly that also works there. You have an FBI agent named Amanda that had been following a case. The special effects can be cheesy. Plenty of gore and violence. Contains swearing. The Deadites are causing havoc and will follow Ash. Comedy horror. I recommend the films too. Samara Weaving is in an episode. Far too much screaming. Nice to see some tits. The actress playing Brandy is cute. The one playing Baal is superb. You may have also watched Ghostbusters, Supernatural, Constantine, Stranger Things, The X-Files. Showing on Netflix.
Bruce Campbell, Ted Raimi, Dana Delorenzo, Lucy Lawless, Ray Santiago, Jill Marie Jones. Great acting from all cast members. You might like the soundtrack. 

People in the comments are triggered by a comic book. Some idiot brings up "wokeness"
I have just watched The Call. A Korean scifi horror. Great acting from the cast. The two leading ladies really stand out. Superb special effects. The soundtrack is good. Plenty of twists. You have the regular time travel films, the time loop ones then ones like this where two inviduals separated by time communicate with each other. These Korean films have always been good. The first that I ever saw was Oldboy. Director: Lee Chung-hyeon Starring: Park Shin-hye; Jeon Jong-seo Music by: Dalpalan Park Shin-hye as Kim Seo-yeon[2] Jeon Jong-seo as Oh Young-sook[3] Kim Sung-ryung as Eun-ae, Seo-yeon's mother. Lee El as Ja-ok, Young-sook's mother Oh Jung-se as Seong-ho Lee Dong-hwi as Baek Mi-hyun Park Ho-san as Mr. Kim (Seo-yeon's father) You have Seo-Yeon living her life in a small town in 2020. She receives a call on a cordless phone. From a young woman named Young-Sook in 1999. Young lives with her abusive stepmother. Seo lives with mother. They both inhabit the same house but in different decades. As they have more conversations. Subtle things along the time line change. I find the concept interesting. Frequency and The Lake House are other films that I recommend. Dark and clever film. I will look at theories and discussions. I may take a look at Parasite. I did see the trailer for a TV series named Hellbound. I saw this on Netflix. Highly recommended. I watched the pilot episode of iZombie. From DC/ Vertigo. On Netflix. A horror drama. It did remind me of Pushing Daisies, Gilmore Girls and Nancy Drew. The leading actress reminded me of Amy Adams. Her sister is hot. A young doctor had gone to party and there was a zombie outbreak. Well a minor one. She was infected. Now one of the undead. She works in a morgue. Eating the victim's brains helps her have a psychic connection. I wasn't sure if I would watch the entire episode or even the series. It might appeal to a female audience. You may have seen Zombieland, Warm Bodies, Life After Beth. Interesting soundtrack. Comic book cut scenes. Her boss is British. There is black detective that need her help. Originally on the CW. There are references to the work Boyle and Romero. 5 seasons. You should see Ash Vs Walking Dead. Starring: Rose McIver; Malcolm Goodwin; Rahul Kohli; Robert Buckley; David Anders; Aly Michalka; Robert Knepper; Bryce Hodgson. I watched Venom Let There Be Carnage. The sequel to the Marvel/Sony film. Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Woody Harrelson, Naomie Harris, Stephen Graham, Peggy Lu, Reid Scott. Tom Hardy is a Producer, Andy Serkis the Director. I liked the first film and wanted to see this one. A year later and Eddie Brock is trying to live a normal life. The police are still trying to get to the bottom of the events that took place in the first film. Cletus Kasady is a serial killer on death row. He requested meetings with Eddie and wanted him to tell his story. His girlfriend Frances is a mutant. She is locked away in a prison for gifted individuals. Unfortunately events don't go to plan. Carnage is on the loose causing, well carnage. Venom must stop him. Great cast of actors. Good special effects. I wanted to see them battle. I also want to see Venom in the MCU. You might like the soundtrack. There is one post credits scene. I may have read a comic featuring these characters. I played the original PlayStation game and the characters were tricky to fight. At cinemas now.

The beginning, the Life Foundation has a team sent to space. They are bringing back Symbiotes. Unfortunately things don't go to plan. The Venom Symbiote has been heading towards San Francisco. You also have Riot the team leader on his way to the labs. Carlton Drake is a CEO. He wants these creatures to work with the human race. Eddie Brock is an investigative journalist. He is intent on bringing Drake down. His girlfriend Anna has split up. You have Dr Dan and Mrs Chen. Good soundtrack. 

I rewatched scifi drama Frequency. Cast: Andre Braugher, Daniel Henson, Dennis Quaid, Elizabeth Mitchell, Jack McCormack, Jim Caviezel, Jordan Bridges, Marin Hinkle, Melissa Errico, Michael Cera, Noah Emmerich, Peter MacNeill, Richard Sali, Shawn Doyle, Stephen Joffe. Released by New Line in 2000. Time travel theme. Set in 1969 and 1999. John Sullivan is a cop, recently separated. Sees his mother now and then. He lives in his childhood home. Meanwhile in the past is his firefighter father Frank. They use one of those radios to communicate. History is altered along the way. I liked the concept of characters being able to connect over different time zones. You might also like The Lake House and The Call. Emotional that John gets to speak to his deceased dad. This would definitely do something to the audience. Nice soundtrack. The natural phenomenon that occurs is briefly spoken about on the TV. I am interested in the back story. Great film. Worth checking out. Someone in the chat named Captain Obvious being a bellend. Mentioning woke in a negative way just exposes you to being a fascist. Desaad is homophobic. Zushi Taka must be an idiot. There is no agenda pushing. So many right wing cucks. This is in the live chat.

Cast Keanu Reeves Alex Wyler Sandra Bullock Kate Forster Christopher Plummer Simon Wyler Ebon Moss-Bachrach Henry Wyler Willeke van Ammelrooy Kate's Mother (as Willeke Van Ammelrooy) Dylan Walsh Morgan Shohreh Aghdashloo Anna Lynn Collins Mona I watched The Lake House which I saw years ago. Probably blogged about it. A scifi romance. Réunion between Keanu and Sandra since they starred in Speed. Nice soundtrack. I liked the time travel concept. Set in Chicago. You have Kate, a Doctor that has just moved out of this lake house. 2006. Meanwhile in 2004 you have Alex the architect. Just moving into the lake house. There is this dog named Jack. Alex's family are architects. You get to see Kate's mother and colleagues. Good cast of actors including the supporting ones. Christopher Plummer is superb as always. There is that letterbox which the protagonist would place a letter in and that's how they communicate. I like that some scenes their speech is intercut. Some scenes they are talking and in the same room. I believe that they are still writing to each other and it is interesting to show it like this. There are events that place over two years and you wonder if if was predetermined. I liked their walk through Chicago. It is romantic. Sandra looks beautiful. I wondered about the plumbing and where the toilet was. One actor was in Grimm. You might also like Premonition, Frequency, The Call, Somewhere In Time. This film is based on Il Mare. There is the Jane Austin book that is relevant. I will look at theories, discussions and back stories. I recommend that you see this. Time can be rewritten.
I watched Love And Monsters on Netflix. A scifi comedy adventure. Starring Dylan O'Brien. A meteor was headed to Earth. All the governments would do is fire missiles at it. The nuclear fallout created mutations. The small insects and other creatures grew to big sizes. 95% of the population is wiped out. Post apocalypse. Joel is a young man living in an underground colony. He is the protagonist and narrates the story. His girlfriend from before the fallout is Amy. She lives 85 miles away. He decided that if it were to be his last days on Earth then he would rather spend them with her. So he heads off on a journey. I quite like the Mav1s robot. There is a dog named Boy. Other survivors meet him along the way. I have included other films that you might like. Nice soundtrack. Jessica Henwick, Dan Ewing, Michael Rooker and Ariana Greenblatt also star. Worth a look. Become a Patron!

I have started watching Marvel's The Defenders on Netflix. It is a superhero series. A crossover event. These shows are more adult compared to the MCU. Following on from the separate shows. Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Daredevil. Impressive fight scenes. Good cast of actors. Danny and his girlfriend/colleague are hunting down members of a secret organisation known as The Hand. Jessica is on a missing person's case. Luke is trying to protect Harlem and keep a young lad out of trouble. Matt is busy fighting cases in court. It is interesting how their stories intertwine. You have Alexandra a rich woman living on borrowed time. Some plan is in place. I doubt that I would watch the individual shows so settled for this. 

Keanu Reeves
Neo, Thomas Anderson
Carrie-Anne Moss
Trinity, Tiffany
Yahya Abdul-Mateen II
Morpheus, Agent Smith
Jonathan Groff
Jessica Henwick
Neil Patrick Harris
The Analyst

I watched The Matrix Resurrections at the cinema. I was running short for time as I booked late too. Lauren Chen the constantly offended Karen posted a video about this. Uses the term Woke. Clearly didn't understand the original. The so called redpilled are against crt. Only the rightwingers do that. Anyway enough about that idiot and her minions. It was a good film. 
Thomas Anderson is a game developer living in the city. The game is based on the Matrix trilogy. He goes to therapy. Tiffany is married with children. Loves bikes. Meanwhile in the outside world are a team intent on looking for Neo. There are plenty of references to the original films. Nice fourth wall break. Plenty to say about the modern world. Reuniting cast and crew. Good soundtrack. All cast were good. Smith and Analyst were top notch. When you watch this film you will understand what is going on. Lawrence Fishburne wasn't called up for the role. Hugo Weaving was already cast in another movie. Most of the young cast were either not born yet or just kids when the trilogy was out. Action scifi set in the future. Long after the third film. As special effects are much better now. It is impressive. The Swarm gives off Train To Busan, 28 Days Later vibes. Venom 2 was being filmed in the city too. The characters do get a glow up in Matrix gear. Some hot actors. The Smith actor reminds me of an old friend. It was nice to see Freema Agyeman in a scene.I thought that there was a credits scene. Everyone in the theater left so I went too. I already have the end credits song. Cover by Brass Against. There is a new threat. How long did the peace last? I will look at trivia and discussions. Go to the cinema. Forget about the reviews. 

Crazy Karen 

I doubt that he did. Just spam. Here is his Spotify.
The irony of a this group. There is a group on here called "Stop the steal". The way the Maga crowd reacted to the 2020 results would count as an election meltdown.

There were new years fireworks. I thought to record some of it. My piece of shit phone was a let down. Memory was full. I tried deleting files and it wouldn't do that. Had to restart it and it took too long. By then it was too late. I would sell the clips or use for a music video. Files weren't uploaded to Google Drive. 

Early yesterday in the gym. This guy used equipment but didn't even put it back properly.

Picfair want me to upgrade to add more images. People have viewed my images but not bought anything. I am not paying for jack shit to happen. Putting a description is pointless.

The legend that is Betty White has passed on. May she rest in peace.

I had some strange dreams. One where it takes place on a train. People would die. But before that takes place it is at a hospital and I am attracted to doctors. Vivid dreams but lacking in detail when I write them down. I am imagining that a policewoman is after me and I would return the hanfcuffs in exchange for dinner. On the train it's like Escape Room. Some scene at a farm. Conversation between old men and a few young people. A black guy that is a cross between Lil Bow Wow and Kevin Hart talking about confidence and performs a song. Take That members are there. Back on the train and it is at the beginning. All too familiar. Now a sequel. The route is different. The group will face some Scottish American men. One has usa designed clothing. One of the young girls was tied up above and eventually released. The leader asks me who she is supposed to be and I say Sakura. But anyway that is all. I hope you have a happy new year. 

Sunday, 14 November 2021

Hungarian Dance No 5 - Johannes Brahms

Product Cover look inside Muse - Piano Songbook By Muse. Artist/Personality; Book; Personality Book; Piano/Vocal/Chords. Piano/Vocal/Guitar Artist Songbook. Rock. 144 pages. Alfred Music #38584. Published by Alfred Music (HL.322427).

Product Cover look inside Radiohead By Radiohead. Artist/Personality; Book; Personality Book; Piano/Vocal/Chords. Piano/Vocal/Guitar Artist Songbook. Rock. Softcover. 146 pages. Alfred Music #37171. Published by Alfred Music (HL.322394).
Product Cover look inside Beethoven - Favorite Piano Works Schirmer Library of Classics Volume 2071. Composed by Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827). Piano Collection. Classical. Softcover. 232 pages. G. Schirmer #LB2071. Published by G. Schirmer (HL.50486577).
Product Cover look inside Ludovico Einaudi - Islands: Essential Einaudi A Selection of Songs from Ludovico Einaudi's "Best Of" Album, transcribed for solo piano. By Ludovico Einaudi. By Ludovico Einaudi. Piano Solo Personality. Classical, Contemporary. Softcover. 144 pages. Chester Music #CH78518. Published by Chester Music (HL.14041655).
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Product Cover look inside Dynamite By BTS. Arranged by Roger Emerson. Pop Choral Series. Choral, Korean, Pop. Octavo. 20 pages. Duration 195 seconds. Published by Hal Leonard (HL.363086).
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Sheet Music Plus Easy Rebates New-Arrivals

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I started watching Jumanji The Next Level. I enjoyed the first film. The teens from the first film are now older. Living separate lives. They eventually reunite. Spencer had salvaged the game and had gone back in. His mole seems to vary in size and is off putting. Part way through I considered just logging out of this film. It felt like they were treading familiar ground. Karen Gillian looks hot. I noticed that Awkwafina is in this and so continued watching. Interesting that they get to play a variety of characters. This mission there is a gem that helped a village with the crops and water. The villain has got hold of it. Now the team must make their way to the final level to retrieve the gem. Danny Devito, Danny Glover, Jack Black, Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson, Colin Hanks, Nick Jonas, Alex Wolff, Ser'Darius Blain, Madison Iseman, Rhys Darby, Morgan Turner also star. Some characters are annoying. Eddie and Milo when they are in their avatars. The lady in red is hot played by Dania Ramirez. I had forgotten about the life lines that they have. I felt I knew what would happen to certain characters. The actors really deliver. Interesting conversations. Good action and special effects. You might like the soundtrack. Comedy action adventure. Does contain swearing. There should not be another film. You might want to see the original starring Robin Williams.

Hello to a new subscriber I did leave a comment on his video but it was removed. Now his channel does not exist. 

Condolences to this gentleman that did cinema reactions 
I was surprised to see this... 

4 of my images were refused for dumb reasons They are my original pictures. I feel that I have wasted my time. I will look at other stock libraries that pay money. 

CD Universe - Buy New Release DVDs, TV on DVD, Music Videos and Much More

For old times sake I watched Robocop 2. My favourite out of the trilogy. Scifi action that does have elements of comedy. Satirising society, capitalism etc. Set in a future Detroit. Great cast of actors. Good special effects. Something of it's time. Not too fussed about the soundtrack. I prefer the original theme. Peter Weller, Nancy Allen reprise their roles. Some scenes are scary. OCP are trying to run the city. The police are on strike. A villain named Cain is producing and selling a drug called Nuke. Dr Faxx and the team are wanting a new cyborg. There are standout characters which include Robocop, the Mayor, Cain, Hobs. I am interested to see where the cast are now. You might also like the TV series and reboot movie. I will look at reaction channels. OCP are painted as fascists in a way. I do have favourite scenes with the cyborgs. John Glover has a small role. The ads that they have are unique. Professional reviewers would explain this movie better. Good dialogue. See the imbd trivia. Actor: Peter Weller, Nancy Allen, Tom Noonan, Belinda Bauer, Willard E. Pugh, Dan O'Herlihy, Felton Perry, Gabriel Damon, Galyn Görg, Mario Machado
Director: Irvin Kershner

I thought what the hell why not and rewatched Robocop. Nice origin story for Alex Murphy. Quite a handsome fella back in the day. Set in a future Detroit. OCP are a large organisation and they have a contract with the police department. An Ed209 robot is to be released. Another team have a Robocop programme. Clarence is the villain. He has a gang. You will recognise the actors. I do like in these films where there is a revenge element. Satirical and violent. Murphy has alot to deal with. Nancy looks good. There is a changing room scene and some nice tits on show for a brief moment. What did bug me is some characters use the toilet but not wash their hands. I will be watching the third film and reboot. The soundtrack is good especially the epic theme. Scifi Action. 
Director: Paul Verhoeven
Starring: Peter Weller; Nancy Allen; Daniel O'Herlihy; Ronny Cox; Kurtwood Smith; Miguel Ferrer

At the gym today I saw the yellow cleaning sign outside of the changing room. I went in anyway to wash my hand. But the cleaner told me that he was still cleaning. I should have avoided going in. I saw this attractive woman in yellow as I remember. 

For some reason Muse-Feeling Good, a song which I had on my playlist could not be found so I ended up buying it from Amazon. 

I watched Robocop 3 as mentioned earlier. I remember seeing it back in the day. I with others were disappointed to not have Peter Weller back in the role. Robert Burke did a good job. Other notable performances from Bruce Locke, CCH Pounder and John Castle. Good acting, dialogue. The effects might be dated but still good. I liked the soundtrack. The old theme is used again. Old Detroit is now being demolished to make way for Delta City. People are forced out of their neighbourhood. Meanwhile a group of rebels won't go quietly. McDaggett is the villain in charge of the task force. Good seeing a new kind of robot. I liked the speeches given by Bertha and Marie. The music in the background really adds to it. This film may have been unpopular but it has it's own charm. I quite like the ensemble cast. 
Robert Burke as Alex Murphy / RoboCop
Remy Ryan as Nikko Halloran
Bruce Locke as Otomo
Nancy Allen as Anne Lewis
Jodi Long as Keiko Halloran
John Posey as David Halloran
Rip Torn as The CEO
Mako as Kanemitsu
Felton Perry as Donald Johnson
John Castle as Paul McDaggett
Jill Hennessy as Dr. Marie Lazarus
Robert DoQui as Sgt. Warren Reed
Bradley Whitford as Jeffrey Fleck
CCH Pounder as Bertha
Daniel von Bargen as Moreno
Stanley Anderson as Zack
Stephen Root as Coontz
Eva LaRue Callahan as Debbie Dix
S.D. Nemeth as Bixby Snyder
Mario Machado as Casey Wong
Jeff Garlin as Donut Jerk
Lee Arenberg as Hold-up Man

Robocop 2014 is the reboot of the original franchise. It did gain mixed reviews. I first saw it at the cinemas. The theme does not hit as hard as before. It is more futuristic than the old film. Not sure if a sequel was planned. Great cast of actors and special effects. You might like the soundtrack. I like the design of Robocop. Moves faster too. As it goes Alex Murphy and his partner have been looking in the crimes regarding the main villain. There is an attack on his home. From there Alex's body is donated to science and the cyborg is created. Still has satire and politics involved. There might be easter eggs. You have a regular show by Mr Novak talking about Omnicorp, Congress and Robocop. A few of the cast have been involved with DC and Marvel. 

This is the view you want to see as she rides you

Double penetration

This one person on Chaturbate was listening to a good song. I did ask what it was. Didn't get a response. So sarcastically thanked them. 

Again another number 01942 409131 with the same Covid life insurance scam. 

Got a call from 01932212093. I didn't pick up. I should have just answered. I rang back but it was busy. No info other than Weybridge. 

I had to download the Guardians Of The Galaxy theme again. Also Praying by Kesha. It isn't in my purchase history. I had songs on my phone which disappeared. 

The Brits and Americans do these scambaiter videos. Maybe the Indians are stealing the money back.

The rightwingers will try to cancel him. 

My Brexit song used a sample already in the Bandlab archive and did they clear it? I have a copyright claim on the video. 

She has never had a black friend. 

304 views, 224 subscribers. Her first video too. Talks about faith, relationships and lifestyle.

I was surprised when I had heard it on the radio. Skynet type stuff. 

Twice I went to the neighbours to borrow the ladder. No one answered the door. Clearly someone is home. Looking at these NFT sites. I have one for sale. Distrokid uses Nifty Gateway which I signed up too. There is no option to create an NFT. Some Liao guy now owns it. He created it for Distrokid or bought it off them. I don't see any of the money in my account. The price is quite high now. 

As the WiFi bandwidth has been reduced to save money this thing is slow. I finally got round to seeing the neighbours. 

The rightwingers will not be defending them. They are supposed to be for freedom of speech.
Cracker = whip cracker aka slave owners.

Rightwingers like Lauren Chen are dumb. Never understood the franchise in the first place. Anyone that uses Woke in a negative way or has a problem with diversity is a fucking moron.

It is now raining heavily. I didn't get the ladders in time. Neither did a company get back to me. With it being Xmas and new year. I needed to get the guttering sorted. 
The ladder could be collected on Wednesday however I prefer early as I am off work. I am not fucking about in the afternoon as I work a really early shift. I know what I am doing. 

Just found this channel and subscribed. 

The rightwingers are morons. If it isn't a straight white conservative male then it is political/woke. They use those phrases as they feel they cannot use the slurs. No such thing as forced diversity. Anyone uses Woke in a negative is a moron. This gimp Moz Melendez in the comments making excuses. I may have shared the video before. 

Antisjw are bellends. 

Why on earth people do that weird facial expressions from some anime is beyond me. Adult performers seem to do this nonsense. It just makes them look retarded. Ahegao. 

Watch the rightwingers make excuses for this guy. Lyndon McLeod was a beta male

I am getting recommended various videos that I have no interest in so I leave an odd comment with a few links. 

I disputed a few copyright claims. Using a sample available on Bandlab. Another track provided by YouTube to use as background music. I had to trim a video because of footage used. 

ITV_plc, Merlin] FUGA Aggregation, ThisLoveMusic (Thailand) have released their copyright claim. Smart move. Then there was Hugo Clarke with his take down request of my songs. 

I didn't know that it was back. I guess this was just a trial series/pilot. This gimp really wants to say something else. Nothing woke about it. 

These numpties with fascist bingo words: 'woke, wokeism, forced diversity, political, sjws, feminazis, box ticking' I won't bother wasting time on them. When people show you who they are, believe them. 

Having to walk out of the house to say that there isn't a doctors appointment as said before. Makes me look daft. I should just leave it and stay in the house. I am trying to sleep. 

I had this strange dream. I was at a large house. Variety of people were there. Moments earlier I spoke about a giant wooden ship on my road. Three stalls at the top of it. People worked on it. I was able to fly as did some others. Went Shang-Chi. At the mansion. I was lying down on the floor drowsy not trying to speak as I may reveal too much. Some woman had trouble with a soup cauldron and I set to the side. A man took two soups. I went to the back and glass was broken. The window perhaps. Men were working there. From a chimney a samurai sword was found. Some man that it belonged too was still around so I went looking for him. An intruder. I saw a clip of a Batman film. Clooney's Batman grabbed hold of this woman who was the enemy. He flew to the wall and impaled her on an attachment. 

It was cold in the house and I find the reason for that is the boiler had been turned down. Somewhat someone else expected the guttering to be done especially as I had been working from early morning. I can't find my eye mask. Good for sleeping. More rambling going on in another room. I am not meant to be mentioning those fools that agitate me. 

Mr Clarke you might have been doing your job. I do wonder if Katherine had said something. Either way suck my dick.