Wednesday, 28 November 2018

BOT - Chuck D

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A New Year's Day episode. The scarf is mentioned.

Mixed reviews. Some are behaving like right wing turds sabotaging the reviews.

Limited edition Barbie doll

The song used in the second series 11 trailer

I was just listening to Muse - Butterflies And Hurricanes. I reckon someone should do a tribute video to the Thirteenth Doctor using that song. "Your number has been called" "hard times are ahead" "change everything you are" #Doctorwho

The Woman Who Fell To Earth. New cast of actors. More poc featured. I know some bellends will take issue to that. No opening credits. The theme it different to previous ones. It has a little nod to the classic series. The assistants all have a back story. What an entrance for Thirteen. A mysterious creature what I would liken to the machines in The Matrix and aliens in The Darkest Hour has appeared in Sheffield. Makes a change from Cardiff and London. Meanwhile a pod has appeared by the hillside. This alien that we'll call Tim Shaw is sort of like the Predator. Out to collect a human trophy. The soundtrack is new. The series is quite dark. Ryan is a warehouse worker. Graham and his nan Grace are married. They'd come to visit him. Yaz is a policewoman. The Doctor after a regeneration is trying to figure things out. The TV has abit of a buzzing noise. My mum is talking to herself. I could look at Twitter. Also see the reaction videos on Youtube. The end credits also showcase actors appearing in future episodes. New special effects. Jodie Whittaker, Mandip Gill, Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole, Sharon D Clarke.

Brett Rossi Pink Kandi Tanya Tate BBC Fancentro Italiababe Jeff's Models Do The Wife
Tease Me Simply Pleasure

Racists, right wingers, Nazis are snowflakes. Compiling about the Rosa episode before it has been aired. You upset that you can't be racist anymore?
White fragility. 

The Rosa episode was great. Quite dark. A new villain. Story of racism that needed to be told. Great acting from every cast member.
This song plays at the end of the episode.
That Jolene Lang had the audacity to come and steal alcohol. She even assaulted the assistant manager. Natasha Wright the cunt stole a giftset off the waterfall. These two are known shoplifters that have been in prison. I was to be working that shift. The fucking delivery was late by two hours or so. They took their time parking. We would have been finished for 12. The manager had reorganised the the racking in the warehouse. I need to have a good look at it. My colleague slandering Polish people. Casual racism is not acceptable. This job is no longer worth it. My next door neighbour Mrs. Rahman making noises. It is after 11pm. "Oh my god" Other noises. Her partner is having a conversation. My mum was talking in the next room. What is it with some people? It is 12:35am why are you still up and talking? Thomas Bruce is another terrorist. Where was he radicalised? Going to be looking at white Christians with suspicion. Who is this fucking idiot? Killing In The Name- RATM Officer sees a black man and thinks "ah why the hell not..." Also Phillip Scott goes off on a wild tangent when talking about the Sentinelese Tribe. The Asians not being real Asians. The Sentinelese being African. Gtfo. #soundsaboutwhite I don't pay attention to notifications and replies as it is pointless. A nobhead or some other responded to my tweet. But their opinions are irrelevant. Right wingers don't exist. It happens to be one of the people that I followed. Genuine question. Or was it sarcasm? Not that it matters. My opinions do though. Obama helping at Thanksgiving and the Trumptards are triggered. Gtfo. Two dumb blondes thinking that the world owes them something just because they are white. Wearing Maga hats. Check out the cool artwork Snowflakes can go elsewhere and leave the decent people in Carmines to eat in peace. Quite a morbid account. Some Scottish Grime rapper. The subject in the comments about black people. Some nob named Johan spouts racist shit. An interesting episode of Doctor Who The Witchfinder. Has a political message, monsters, time travel and Alan Cumming. Another incident of racism and Richie Coull uses his white privilege to dismiss the story. Bellend. Some Incel... The sense of entitlement in the replies to this thread This woman is a muppet So some idiot thinks a guy might be gay for dating a transwoman and some other lady is full on, gropes and forces a kiss from her date. Many people on the delivery. I should not have bothered asking the manager's opinion of how it went. She doesn't seem satisfied. One Supervisor was late. Though I appreciate the help. The other supervisor was better off working on her own cage. I get this message: Hey, I'll send you a pic via fb shortly. Is there any chance can you could start 7.30 tomoz for me please and do 7.30-2? Don't worry if you can't just need your help helping me face up aisle 2. Let me know thanks :) Ffs I'm not worried if I can't. Why bother asking and how the fuck have staff not done it? Taking the piss. To be honest I really can't be arsed with this job anymore. Unsatisfied-Nine Black Alps
The boy is a little cunt. Groomed by Tommy R.

The cunts need shooting and btw Jacob Thompson is a fucking moron.

Try filling in the form and the Council Office were not very helpful. Jolene came back to the store then left. Some twat stole a CK fragrance off the table. This woman wanted to buy the umbrella with no tag or cover. Asked if it would be reduced. Manager said it would need to be taken off sale. Meanwhile there is this woman that I am suspicious of but no one notices. Eventually the barcode is taken from the back office. Some time later the woman comes back as the umbrella didn't work. Well you should have left it alone. This woman was joking about if the fragrances were free then she'd have them. Then asks if I get sick of offering sas. I replied no. They were saying that they wouldn't offer it unless someone was watching them. Well you would not be doing your job properly. Stop being annoying. My brother wanted to borry more money. I better get it all back tomorrow. Stephen Yaxley Lennon is a cunt. Harry Leslie Smith RIP Tylox and some white Trump supporters make idiotic comments. The woman at desk 10 in the council office seemed miserable​. I was having to go there to get my information. A middle eastern woman in a black coat, brown curly hair. Spots on her face. Carrying a Tesco bag. Was near the testers. She seemed dodgy. I was told to follow her round the store. She gave her sweets to a little girl. She had her bag hanging off and so she could put some items into it. This  couple were being watched. I should three bell anyway. They were with a woman that comes into shop usually. The barrier beeped on the way out and it could have been that the​ guy brushed against it. I knew this young mother was in the queue and trying to control her child. The pensioner couple being came to the till as she was busy and they had the right money. But it is no excuse. Four police cars, a van and an ambulance were at Churchgate. This blonde that comes into the store, why is she always unhappy? Nice gesture The engineer Sean sent me the invoice but it isn't in PDF format. A very talented artist. Laura Loomer is self involved. #whitetears #snowflake Stop playing the victim. You spout hatred. A Twitter ban is #firstworldproblems She is like those protesters that she mocks. There are more important things happening in the world. She is irrelevant. As Charlemagne of The Breakfast Club radio show would label her #donkeyoftheday She needs to be put in a Saw type game. Get out of the handcuffs. Twitter HQ should press charges. Her supporters are such bellends. Chris Zav should stop rimming her. White supremaciast terrorist. This buffoon takes things out of context. Comparing actual police injustice to being deplatformed. She looks like a MTF Transgender. She could have been beaten or raped, which she deserves. Her opinions and others like her do not matter. All You Fascists-Billy Bragg American Idiot-Greenday JUST-Radiohead Hyper Music-Muse

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Algorithm (Alternate Reality Version) - Muse


Anita Moss is not fit to be a teacher

  Eli Roth's Aftershock. A film that I got from CEX. I am selling it on eBay. I have seen his previous work. This horror film is from 2012. Post apocalyptic. Eli plays an annoying American tourist in Chile. I like how he sets his films in foreign locations​. He has his friends with him. The soundtrack is available I'm sure. I tried looking for it. A few nice songs. Check out the hot women featured. The wine tasting lady. A girl in skimpy clothing with a nice ass. Walking through the club. Some more Americans are there. He does use actors from previous films. Selena Gomez is in this. The other main female characters are hot. There are elements of humour. You might like The Green Inferno, Hostel, Jungle, The Darkest Hour, I Spit On Your Grave, Truth Or Dare, Skyline, 2001 Maniacs. Click the ads to get to the Amazon site. There is a lot of character development or filler before the horror starts. Turns into a disaster movie with Final Destination style. Plenty of gore and violence. An earthquake happens. A criminal gang are on the loose. I was hoping for zombies as I initially thought before buying the dvd.

So at work there is the Bengali man and he is waiting at the other till and not in the queue. He had one item to buy I told him to join the queue and AI rang the bell for a colleague to jump on and he then goes strqstra for the till. Others were waiting. Ffs. That chap I had to watch was looking at buying the giftset and yells how much the Brut aftershave was. The price label​ was there. He tells me to put the lynx back. He left something on the shelf and went to pay for his items. I went by this tall white man in his 40s. Walking with a limp. A lady in green on a bike and another bloke with them. I tried texting the manager to warn her. I could have gone back​ to the shop. My phone spazzed out. Then my manager did text me about two people trying to steal the Glade sets. It was those people that I warned about. The QC lady that used to work for Freshpak was almost behind the till area. Foot inside. Reaching over. That area is restricted to staff only. This little black toddler named Nathan kept on slamming the till area door. These three people were in the queue waiting and one of them says "come on..." Don't be impatient you twat. The blonde teen with the mature brunette and scruffy tall male that looked dodgy. A cosmetic mirror had fallen off​ the shelf and none of them thought to put it back. A man with his wife and child at the till. He grabs a bag of chocolate coins and says  "you could change these for a tenner" The dark haired hot lady at Glebe House does have a beautiful smile.
 On my way home and at Toothill Rd junction I cross. This guy on a bike comes out between cars onto the pavement and he should have stopped at the red light. I find this subject related to some men out there People in the comments section blaming the victim of racism. Because she is Asian. Hypocrisy.

There was this couple that tried to steal glade sets. Red coat, 20s, white slim tall male and short white curvy brunette in a green coat. The manager deterred them. Some twat named Paul Alexander in a Tundra coat stole foundation from the Rimmel stand. Also I served this rude Oman that seemed abrupt with me. "No thanks all the same" just after checking her receipt the item she said was cheaper. So we went to look at the shelf. Someone hadn't faced up properly or she made an error. Two similar items but different prices. I said that I would sort something out by giving her the difference. She says "don't worry about it/it's alright, I haven't got time to piss around" cunt I am doing you a favour. She deserves a slap. Expected to work 383 pieces of stock on the delivery. Looked a mess as the items were on the floor and empty cages were standing.

My mum is talking to herself. "Jewra" bollocks.

Racial profiling at Chipotle but then tweets from 2015 appeared and people aren't so sympathetic.
This hot blonde at the gym with the part see through black leggings. This brunette in leggings and sports bra had a fantastic​ body.

Alien Contagion aka Bio Slime is an indie sci-fi horror. Largely unknown cast. Gia Paloma the pornstar is in this film. The actresses have nice breasts and there is plenty of gore, violence, swearing and nudity. A bio weapon has been taken and there is a shape shifting alien on the loose. I am reminded of Alien, The Thing, Phantoms. These b movies can be hit and miss. The actors may have trained at college and do theatre work. This apartment block in domstown is the main setting. I would be interested to know about the location. A handful of strangers will be trapped and need to work together. Troy is an artist with a drink problem. Hal the agent. Pornographers such as Mary, Annie and others. Donna is blonde and she has bought the weapon home. A young lad that makes drugs. The landlord and wife. Also Shannon and her abusive boyfriend. The Troy actor is a cross between Keanu Reeves and Nathan Fillion. Alot of money spent on special effects. I like the soundtrack but can't find it. I have had to rewrite this post as I accidentally lost the previous writing. I purchased this from CEX and will sell it cheap on eBay.
Cast list. Cert 15. 2010. John Lechago.

My brother sent this text:
Easy brother can you let megs know also that there was a break in on brush drive earlier in the week where a bloke threatened a lady with a knife and robbed the place, apparently its the third one recently in the area. Also just seen an English bloke on a bike scoping out houses and I just got home so he biked off as he realised that I saw him and I was going to question him. On the safe side it might be worth leaving downstairs landing lights on as you are all in rooms it looks like nobody home and please don't let mum answer the door especially at night cheers j

The criminals will get their comeuppance.

The Doctor Who episode was good with it's nod to Amazon and other corporations that mistreat their workers.

Sophia Floersch is hot
New Chuck D LP
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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Hailey Knox - Bitch Bitch Bitch

The millennial version of Blackface.

The Whitehouse and Infowars just​ got bitch slapped.

These whites capitalize and steal from black people just like during slavery and the empire.
icon Free porn videosJames Woods doing his good deed for the day. Maybe only helping white folk. Paris Milan had a few interesting videos. But then she had some xenophobic video and her supporters don't like interracial relationships.

Patti Smith had a song called Rock And Roll N1£&€®. Idiots in the comments approve of the word but it is unacceptable.


I had this dream where there were characters from a multiverse crossing paths. A woman was looking into a portal and saw weapons and reaches in to grab one but she is cuffed and pulled to the other dimension by the alt version. Who happens to be disfigured. These small aliens are being planted in homes. A blonde lady maybe a vlogger is with friends when it arrives. They board a ship. I am looking at the dvd menu and have gone few episodes forward. One lad has an English accent. I was surprised by it. Characters from Disney's Aladin are in a room phasing in and out. A female character is investigating. The male looks to see his alt version on the floor but it is just a shadow. A man is causing havoc and Jimmy Kimmel has an alt version called Kimmelbot. He comes through the portal. He is in costume. Similar to Superman. Wrapped in a wire like Wonder Woman's lasso. The bad guy fires at him and Kimmel shoots back while making jokes. I remember a scene where it is the wild west. Fin.

I remember yesterday this middle aged white man was looking at the Gillette refill blades. They were in their correct place. He took one off to have a look but then put it back on the wrong arm. Asks if it was £6.99 but I told him it wasn't. That is the price of a razor. The 8 pack is £19.99. So he may have tried to pull a fast one.

The delivery comes in at 5:30am well they may have told me so I don't turn up at 4:30am. Too much to deal with in little time.

I did see this slim tall athletic brunette in red gym kit. Two different ones with nice bodies. The day after, once I had finished at work, I was using the shower and had my lube and poppers and masturbated. Trump didn't want to upset his Nazi fanbase by attending the memorial.

Thank you Barry

My mum keeps talking to herself. Pisses me off. The light was left on and the tap was running. So the boiler went off.

This video is a parody but could be applied to Trump's America.

I had two dreams where Alan was featured. We were reunited and I got to find out what happened. I haven't spoken to him in a year to be honest.
Hurt-Johnny Cash

The way that a customer answered with "no no no no no no" A student enquired about if the student card was suitable for buying alcohol. I said it would not. She mentioned as it had the date of birth on it. I man came in for a refund and the manager was on conference call. I looked at the receipt to find it was at Boots. My colleague had been trying to explain it to him. The man apologised and went to Boots. I did get messages about coming in early. To contact a colleague. Tell me the problem in the text. I had to start earlier as the apprentice called in sick. The delivery had not turned up. There was an email about the cancellation sent at 2am. My colleagues would not see that so that was useless. The supervisor did say that she felt a few customers she wanted to punch. I understand that. I served these gorgeous girls that looked like Rita Ora, they were sisters too. One Step Closer-Linkin Park
Muse-PressurA post about a 10 year old Muslim girl getting an abusive letter. But Kloe Fallon and Johan Steve make it about them. Typical white supremacists.

Nice rack on this blonde in grey top and black leggings. Same with the blondes in turquoise and white tops. All young ladies. PT Sophie looks good as does the blonde in red kit
Tight around the body. There is a young lady in pink/orange top and black leggings. Nice body. She has dyed her hair. Another blonde in white top and grey leggings with a nice fit body.
My phone did keep going off.

The obnoxious man with the five kids works at CEX. 

Drake University needs to destroy the White supremacists. Some moron comments "more leftist drivel" I reported that comment under a news video. Nothing wrong with fighting racism.

William Boucher is a cuck.

The security guard deserves justice. Name and shame the cop. Fox News and these Cuckservatives blame Jemel for getting shot. 

Don Crandell is a white inferiorist.

The security guard staff member may have been watching me in Primark. My relatives were at the till.

My mum talks to herself. Someone opened my bedroom door and did not close it properly. My brother using the iron aggressively. Makes noise.
He does ask to borrow a spare blade and don't go buy his own. I get a text about picking up some items on a Sunday. I worked that day. He was to borrow the blade that I was currently​using. Sara McAvoy posts nonsense.

Look at the tits. I'd like to know how good a beatboxer she is. Kanye West will scream "Donald Trump doesn't care about black people"

My brother tells my mum that I'll bring the clothes in from outside. I won't. I put them out as they're your clothes, you should deal with it. Asks to borrow money. 
If you are looking to join a gym then I recommend Puregym. Use this code or refer a friend using this code for a chance to win the prize draw. 125P6554

This lecture about the boiler was winding me up. I needed to get to sleep. If you aren't willing to pay for the repair then don't talk about it.

The delivery was late yet the manager whines again. I wasn't going to make a mistake if I wasn't sure about the baskets. If it arrived on time then we would have been done quicker. I am getting fucked off with this job. Bitch, Bitch, Bitch-Hailey Knox.

Why was I the only one keeping an eye on the suspicious couple?

This cunt sends me a fake message. I have removed the unnecessary parts. I forwarded it to PayPal.

--- On Mon, 19/11/18, PayPal Account Suspended wrote:

> From: PayPal Account Suspended
> Subject: PayPal Account Suspended

> Date: Monday, 19 November, 2018, 14:35
> Your account has been
> suspended
> Dear
> customer,
> We need your help resolving an issue with your
> PayPal account. We've  suspended your account.
> Please log in to your PayPal account and complete the steps
> to confirm your identity and your recent account activity to
> remove account limitation
> Click here to
> confirm account
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Thursday, 8 November 2018

Ludwig Gƶransson - Eyes, Lungs, Pancreas

I have earned a little bit from Amazon Affiliate marketing. Amazon Affiliate Secrets (2018-2019): Promoting Amazon Physical Products to Earn Passive Income Commission Online intern that went to grab the microphone off Jim Acosta then drops to her knees. I bet she had done that before in the Oval Office. If you're having girl problems I feel bad for you son I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one.

Free porn videos
Greg Gianforte punches and decks reporter: “Yeah bro, you the man! Fake News!” Bottom of Jim Acosta’s hand grazes arm of White House aide attempting to forcibly take his mic away: “Assault and battery! Call the Secret Service!” Everything is so dumb guys.

Jim Acosta has been banned from the White House Press Pool because Sarah Huckabee Sanders says he 'put his hands on a woman'. Here's the video... All I see is a woman grabbing Jim Acosta's by the mike like Trump grabs women by the pussy.

Technically the woman assaulted Jim Acosta.

BREAKING: Jim Acosta has just had his White House credentials suspended for asking Trump a question at a Press conference Meanwhile The Gateway Pundit, a far-right conspiracy theory news outlet who claimed that ISIS was responsible for the Vegas Shooting, still has theirs SICK! Shut up with "do us a favour" I am not standing around with the boiler. No moaning about it. Ring up an engineer and whine to them like a little bitch. Sean will be a waste of time. Corgi need to pull their finger out of their arse.
 I know thaty other brother is going to call me on payday. How convenient. His child is his problem.

My former friend had moved home. The block of flats and adjoining building had been demolished.

It seems that the Trump administration doesn't like freedom of speech.

I cannot stand the retarded A Star Is Born song that plays on the radio. 
Save 20.0% on select products from Kadron with promo code 20ML1101LILI, through 12/16 while supplies last.
 25.0% on select products from SHANTI BAR with promo code 25SHANTIDEC1, through 12/30 while supplies last.
Pamela Geller talks shit. Fake News woman. Another mass shooting in USA. I'm not fannying around at home doing nothing. I should have gone to the gym. I will get up earlier. Not have my time wasted by others. No money to spend. The library is closed for refurbishment. My mum talking to herself. I should punish her and take the money and get the poppers. Someone keeps ringing the house. The idiots accusing Jim Acosta and who wanted to frame Mueller. They're the same people that supported Kavanaugh. #ThisisAmerica #AmericanIdiot
Speaking of idiots...woman buys a wig when she doesn't need one and gets scammed on Twitter.

Ian David Long, US marine turned terrorist. Paul Watson and Laura Loomer are another bunch of dumb cunts. Dennis Hof is rotting in hell. Trump supporters are clearly stupid as to vote for a dead person. Robs somebody else of the seat. Stopping black people from voting. Faulty machines. City Of Delusion - Muse - Uprising.

Epic trolling from this lady. The Republicans are hypocrites. Bunch of triggered snowflakes. Black people were owed that money.

I seem to be clearing up after others. People are leaving weights on the floor and the wrong part of the racking. Puregym Loughborough. 
This brunette doing dumbbell incline chest press. All black kit. Nice body. Good view of her breasts from this angle. There was the blonde in skimpy grey kit, nice bum. A tall brunette with an athletic ​body. There was this blonde with medium length hair loose. Nice body.

Some schools getting hoax texts of an acid attack at the fair and people are falling for it. 

I dreamt that I was on a train at some point. Sat using the toilet. Got off onto the outside and clambered into another room to use another cubicle. More weird shit like using the shower at a relative's house. 

 Daft tweets and rts. Republicans miss the point time and time again This Janice Dean completely missed the point. Just a Snowflake. Don Lemon was right btw. Silly white privilege. Just sticking your head in the sand. In your own little bubble. Trump supporters I bet. Meghan is self centered. Now playing Hailey Knox - Bitch bitch bitch. Should have had a gun and execute this criminal

My brother at 4:50am and a few minutes as earlier shouting at my mum to bathe properly. Does he know that others are sleeping. She knows how to take a bath. You don't have to get up. Neither does she. He seemed to have adjusted the dial on the boiler yesterday. It was running on full. Radiators were hot as was the water. Once he touched it the boiler goes to F2 and the heating stops. Swear I live with morons. Corgi Homeplan didn't accept the email that I sent. Gas Safety No. Well Sean didn't put one on it seems. The face wash, e45 cream, charcoal toothpaste and coconut body wash have been thrown out. They were not completely empty. That is a waste of my money. I just had to buy more items. The blonde haired mature customer was just "no" when I offered SAS. Not a thanks after it. She is married to the big chap that comes for the Nicotinel Quickmist. Both are miserable. An attractive blonde woman nodded her head instead of saying something. I did serve this gorgeous tanned brunette. These white republicans seem to watch the TYT videos and then leave hate comments. These are the same idiots that think Infowars is a credible news source. It is obvious that I should have only allowed Charlotte and her mum to take two Paracetamol items. Two tablet packs and a soluble pack were bought. I had prevented a guy buying three earlier. Must be consistent. He did joke whether he look depressed as to whether he would overdose. Anyhow. I did spot that beggar in town again early in the morning. I couldn't give two shits if some people look down their nose at Savers or me. They aren't better people. Just degenerates. There is a minutes silence at 11am I believe with it being Rememberance Sunday. See the tweets about people talking through it. It will be predictable. I did see Reg. A pensioner that I had met at salsa class all those years ago. Looking well. Now with a walking stick. I still have his number.

Usually people don't go insulting old people but with Donald Trump all bets are off.

#ArmisticeDay #RememberanceDay #LestWeForget #TwoMinutesSilence
Please share the above links. If you want to read more posts, buy DVDs or download images then click on the link.

My mum talking to herself. Repeating the words "Ben jewra" 11:39pm. Started minutes ago. She is still talking. I copy and paste Html and some other blog post appears.

A Quiet Place is a horror movie written, directed by and starring John Krasinski. It also has Emily Blunt and a few child actors. They all did well. You may have seen Signs, Extinction, The New Daughter, It Comes At Night. It's post apocalyptic America. Not many humans are left. These monsters roam the streets and are attracted by loud sounds. That's why our characters must remain quiet. Minimal dialogue. Using sign language and subtitles are shown. Some words blend into the background. Nice special effects. It has a good soundtrack. I knew something would happen with that toy. A good film that I recommend.

I dream that I was on an island, just at the edge of a country I could see the ocean from where I was. This tidal wave would come across the shore and over the walls. The water was grey. I had some colleagues. They did some work for a company just outside. I spent my days indoors. Tried to get inside as quickly as I could when I saw the wave coming. There was a vampire or some monster/alien luring it's victims. Another scene had soldiers in the water.

My boiler still plays up. I find that the tap was left running.

This man in his 30s. Five kids and his partner come to the store. He is 6ft tall, beard, short hair. Yells George outside to his young son. He is loud when talking to my colleague. He is in the queue and the partner goes out to get something. He says "fuck off" something about getting hit by a bus. Calls her a twat. She has already left. Others in the queue will have heard it. I offer sas. He says "not if it's free" George is messes about and his father whacks him around the head. Reminds me of my childhood.

My mum was yammaring on whilst I was watching Doctor Who. The fucking scart lead played up. So I missed bits. Damien really is a muppet

Danny John Jules must be tongue tied as he had been done up like a kipper.
Replying to
Who the hell are you anyway? Never heard of you before strictly. You are not a STAR at all. Yeah you’ve been in two low budget sitcoms, great
. Can’t wait until your off Strictly and everyone can forget about you again.
Willsings is an idiot.
An intelligent man named Kishore Mehta wrote:
I am surprised that adults watching #DoctorWho knew nothing about the #Partition of India. What were they teaching in school? Others going on about it being Pc. Clearly didn't give a shit about Black, Asian and lgbt people In the first place. Hailey Knox-BitchBitchBitch