Thursday, 30 April 2020

Megan Thee Stallion ft Beyonce - Savage Remix

I thought wow when I saw this. Dee the thread about the white foster mum and black child. People being negative.


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The men in the replies clearly enjoy slobbering over their mate's cock.

Some nasty media content on her profile. Someone will accuse you of being whorephobic/fatphobic or some other made upbphrase.

Men can also multitask

I had met her before. She is very nice. Attractive too. She used to shop at my store. Thought that I was a supervisor. That I should be because I knew what I was doing. It was a sweet compliment. This account also popped up. Just a fake one started by a hater.
What a bellend...

So many fragile women on Twitter. Most I followed were black feminist. I quote tweet something that they should see. Just started following one. Shared her book. I get blocked. I can assume folk are fragile and full of self importance.

Seeing both sides of the argument
I used to work with Fran.

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This guy is the boss
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Reply to an unrelated tweet. Lustful? I will give you release! Absolutelyn nice breasts. The woman is stupid for body shaming.

White girl is tonedeaf defending fascist Jeffree. She is also racist. It tells..
Shelley Lewis is a flat earther. Karen having a meltdown.
Profiting off stolen content.
I am definitely interested. Her follower count will go up. The people will DM her.

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Riz Ahmed - Fast Lava

See the responses.

The racist ends up getting the virus. Karma
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A Netflix movie. Set in LA. Fantasy scifi. You might have seen RIPD, Lord Of The Rings, Blade, Lethal Weapon,  Buffy, Constantine, Alien Nation, The Last Witchhunter, I-Robot, I Am Legend, Bad Boys, Gemini Man, Daybreakers, Underworld. Good acting and special effects. I like the concept and how they deal with the issue of race. Nice fight scenes. You might like the soundtrack. Ward is a cop with a family and has been partnered up with an Orc named Nick. Tensions are high. There is talk about a prophecy. People mentioned what happened two hundred years ago between the races. A group of Elves are looking to get a magic wand back from one of their own. It is a deadly weapon. The feds are also working. Corrupt cops, gangsters also causing the heroes some trouble. Leila and Tikka are attractive. Most Elve characters are. Worth taking a look.
Cast. Will Smith as Daryl Ward, a human LAPD officer. Joel Edgerton as Nick Jakoby, the nation's first orc police officer, who is partnered with Daryl. Noomi Rapace as Leilah, an Inferni elf seeking control of the magic wand. Lucy Fry as Tikka, a young Inferni elf who is in possession of the magic wand. 

Open relationship. Some people in the replies see this as predatory. The Mentor will not be pleased.

The Vicky woman probably doesn't work.

99 Problems or Golddigger come to mind.
The white folk responding come off ad the #notallmen guys
A woman named zKaren asks what the problem is and that she uses it. Kenna has used the word multiple times and doesn't care. Her friends do it too.

Fucker Carlson needs to disappear.

Onlyfans Wetwillow

I wasn't sure what the folks were tweeting about but then I arrived at this thread.
How is this acceptable behaviour? Racism too. Shows the ignorance.


 Rupi Kaur Fatima Bhutto Two attractive and talented ladies.

This would have been the song for the first dance
 There are some interesting films on Netflix. I look at the trailers and they show too much.
 Netflix The Wandering Earth is a Chinese scifi film based on the books. Mandarin language with English subtitles. In the late 20th century if not later. The Sun is dying. It is going to consume the closest planets. There is a galaxy where it would be safe for the Earth. Interesting concept. These cities are built underground as the surface is unhabitable. These machines placed around the globe help propel the planet through space. There is a space station with a variety of nationalities. The protagonist's father is on board. The son, sister and grandpa are on Earth. They break away from the city. There were a few moments well one where it would get cringey. A great cast of actors. Spectacular special effects. The Earth will come close to Jupiter. Some humour. One scene was gruesome. A character's final words would be narrated. Nice soundtrack.
Worth taking a look.
Full cast list

She is probably mixed raced, but she said that shit.

Graham Linehan used to be a decent person. He created Father Ted. He is now a tosser. The terfs turned him into a Karen. The caucasity...

I should only have sold 1 handwash to a customer. She should only have picked one. There is a sign on the shelf. The assistant manager took the cash till 10 mins before closing. We would still accept card payments. But the last three customers would pay cash. One did have card and the other two left. Didn't matter if a colleague wanted to go home. Fuck it was only one till anyhow. A lady was on about how some people are overdoing it with the social distancing. Well it is a serious situation and she would need to wait. The miserable rude guy with the shopping trolley was waiting outside. I open the door for the lady that had paid and would leave and the twat just comes straight in. No thought on social distancing.

 This is news it seems.
Ellen Pompeo made her comments which are being taken out of context. She doesn't owe anyone a thing. A guitarist of a Christian metal band is following me on Twitter.
Gaby is a Karen.

  •   I am listening to this song as I type the following... At work today, one of my colleagues had been moaning because customers weren't listening to her. She complained to the manager in front of people. I wasn't consistent in limiting the handwash. Most people about 10 did not read the sign on the limit of items. Fucks sake. I even asked a gentleman to wait. He did and a I was just explaining that I would wait for someone to leave. He went inside. Some other customers had been asked to wait but come into the store. I asked this pretty brunette to wait. She doesn't go outside. Continues over to get and item and asked if she was alright to queue. Seems people don't understand social distancing, waiting outside as stores limit customers or how many items they are allowed to take. The tanned white male with dreadlocks was after aftersun. I pointed him in the direction. My colleague should have been around. He had negative things to say about the assistant manager. She had to watch the door and look out for shoplifters. I should have said something. A white woman told this Asian man that there was a queue. Labelled some people as being rude which isn't the case. A person needs to be on the door if the fucking company wants to play it this way. Natasha Wrong was out getting drunk and the cunt walked by twice. Jolene Laing came in and claimed she was after some toilet roll. May be lying anyhow she left. The manager wanted me to watch the door. This Matthew guy with ginger hair, face mask, bandana and shopping trolley was being reported on the radio. He was told to wait. He turned around and went away. I asked Tango Victor to look for Jolene and he was talking about look at 130 cameras. FML. There was that hot blonde eastern European woman. She is a regular. I got to sat on the roof at lunchtime. Some wipes were limited and I am sure they aren't meant to be. The old white man was getting impatient with s customer that I was serving. Another customer chatting away. The queue begins from the side. The door was not locked, shop still open and my colleague starts mopping the floor.  The day before the pretty brunette with blonde friend were in. Eastern European. Today an English blonde, amputee, pretty. A Royal Mail worker I served today.

Some strange shit to go off on. No explanation or apology needed.
Looks like Ivanka

She blocked me. It was late when I tagged her. But your phone should be switched off. So it's not my fault or problem. I've got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one. I was Unfollowed by Michelle. It must've been the Pompeo tweet. I stand by what I said. Nice while it lasted.
 My mum is talking loud to herself and laughing. It is 1:16am. 
The guy messaging is just a nob. The girl is hot.

I was wondering why I followed her. A member of lgbt Twitter. Unpopular opinion thread game. Tom is a Tory. Unfollowed.
What is wrong with the guy?

Coonery making money

Absolute fuckery. Sounds about white. Goyum is not a slur. Enough stories about straight white males have been written. The Confederate flag is anti American #maga

No self respect by the women in the video. The men are just cucks. 

   Always some idiot in the comments blaming the Chinese owners of Tiktok for the white person's racism.
Gold don't wash off.  Good for the father to bollock her. The couple knew what they were doing and the girl was asking people not to contact the school. Cunts deserve the corona virus.
Shout out to Garrett Francis. He is uplifting all women. Watch till the end.

Negative comments Paul will find another sugar daddy
There was an anti black comment from Klvinie or Kevin.
The caucasity Lozza's biracial girlfriend dumped him.
Jenny Lee Kendall in the replies is a moron. Camille Long interviewed him. White privilege at work. The artist is calling out the person. Some fools in the replies.

People are shallow.

 The same idiots that were against Kaepernick taking a knee. Fran is making good videos. She is attractive.

Then this white guy is mansplaining when he should sit this out.

Social distancing?

How can some of you in the comments complain about racism then generalise about Asians. The Grapevine Tv
Great comments from Doug, Wilson, Ayesha. Some pretty women. 
White aligned anti black people like Lauren Chen, Hodge Twins, Diamond & Silk, Candace Owens, Asian Andy will get their comeuppance.

At the end Donovan recommended this book:
It was a smear campaign and there is antiblackness coming from you.
Muppet fails to see the irony...
Next level fuckery in the thread
How a white man speaks to a WOC.
Katie Hopkins spreading misinformation.

This doesn't make sense Katie/Kirstie/Kirsty/Karen

They treat Meghan differently.