Thursday, 1 April 2021



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There was a Dmca complaint regarding a Yagirldubs video. Her partner did it. I had put the video on xvideos. It was a preview clip which she put on Twitter. I linked the site where you can purchase her content. I remember why I unfollowed her.

I received a call from this number and it was a road accident insurance one. 02031908732

This Cool Hatter continues to make baseless claims. Clearly a racist spamming black channels.  

The neighbour was drilling after 8:45pm. 
One to avoid

The Flash: Allegra reminds me of Aoc. Kayla Compton has a YouTube channel.

A guy disregarded a black man's invention. Some person running this sexbot account was trying to message me on a music app. The user has disappeared. Sir Murray Walker has passed away. I had been working at Silverstone when they opened The Wing restaurant. He was a guest on one of the tables that I looked after.

Bill Burr has offended a few people. 

Surprised to hear of his passing. I watched a lot of his videos. This guy has made a video about Moses. A week after his passing. Comments are turned off. The cat joke about the Chinese is just racist.

An absolute Karen. Should have just worn a mask. Another Karen I can't even access Hbo Max as I don't live in the US. Using a Vpn but you need a specific bank account. All this trouble just to see Justice League Snyder Cut. People in the comments acting like anti Asian Racism doesn't exist. Just adding to it. Victim blaming. The subject gets turned to antiblackness. Also with white folk that would have tweeted racist comments in the past usually get cancelled. This piece of shit census that I have to fill in. Not relevant. Get a fine for not doing it. 

  I have just watched Justice League Snyder Cut. Available on Hbo Max and NowTv. It is very different to the version released in 2017. That one was directed by Joss Whedon. He made significant changes. A lot of footage on the cutting room floor. I liked the old version and this one. Many got screwed over especially Ray Fisher and Zack Snyder. The Cyborg and Flash got more airtime in this. The soundtrack has been redone. Not sure about the Wonder Woman theme in this version. The film is darker and more adult. You might the soundtrack. Worth checking out. Well taking place after Batman Vs Superman. Bruce Wayne wants to get a team together as the world is in danger. Steppenwolf is here to gather the Motherboxes for Darkseid. Some scenes that were in the 2017 version are featured here. They did cut other bits out. I noticed that the European family aren't in it. With all the allegations that came out about Whedon this is the final nail in the coffin. It is longer than Avengers Endgame. It is in parts too.
In the results for Indian youtube reactions I find coloniser white supremacist nonsense... Another white supremacist Karen with her hateful videos.
Just trying to discredit a black man. Looking at her other content she is antiblack

Why on earth these people pop up in the results. Usually white people that review films and comics. Being anti woke/sjw/bipoc/feminist.

I just received an automated call from this number 07733304227. Some shit to do with National Insurance being cancelled. I hung up before listening to the full thing. 

I have started watching The Falcon And The Winter Soldier on Disneyplus. I like the theme song. It contains more action compared to WandaVision. I wasn't sure if I would take a look. Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan. Don Cheadle makes an appearance. As I understand it that Steve Rodgers has died. The government is working with the duo. Surprised that Sam and his sister are struggling financially. James is going to therapy sessions and wants to put things right. Three is a terrorist organisation with their own agenda. How or why would my account be suspended when all I did was quote tweet tagging people?
Dumb white nationalists were crying over the Churchill statue yet here they are moaning about the Charlie Hebdo drawing being used to mock the prophet Mohammad. Meghan Mccain got a job because of nepotism and Identity politics. Hypocrisy of the right. Sia not being treated the same way as R Kelly and Michael Jackson. She has only made 3 decent songs. I had this dream last night. I was within the town centre. There were this group of teen/young adults. They were actors. Dressed as goths. Mostly femalebut two males. One seemed annoying. Having these arguments. Near to them was a boutique which they were there to promote. I noticed that the shopping precinct manager was also in on it. He poured some coffee for the security guards that were also actors. The manager was a white guy in his 30s, brown hair, stocky build. The guards were black. I made a phonecall to KSI. His friend wanted me to ask a further question but I hung up as it was to troll him. I was thinking of the time that I had worked at the University during the 2012 Olympics. Tennis was an event there. I thought about what it would be like once lockdown ends. Various people working there together having been vaccinated.  

In regards to Sebastian Stan's girlfriend and cultural appropriation. Spotted two videos about it. 
Tonedeaf white guys never have a problem with racism.
My other twitter account temporarily limited for hate content whilst the old one was suspended. All I did was quote tweet tagging people.

Some idiot in the comments is triggered by the show. Some guy mentions "Hollywood woke nonsense" and another "girl power". White men are so fragile.

I had received a few emails from Tim Han in the space of a few days. Songs that I had downloaded and bought before aren't showing up on my phone.

I tried to have a new twitter account but that gets suspended. I had found another site which means that I can connect with Asian audiences. Only just discovered Suzanne Bernet. Fascinating background. A click on some other profiles. A few rightwingers. Even the American Amy Mek that posts nonsense on Twitter is there. I will avoid putting any social media posts on here. It gets toxic. Koo is used by the Bjp and it's followers. Those nationalists align themselves with the white supremacists of the US and UK. Cancel Culture Vultures aka the right-wing getting offended by seeing a bame person on a TV ad. Just switch off the TV.

These Bjp weirdos are full of hate. Some guy talking about Black Lives Matter which he knows nothing about. So many islamaphobes. One is a Doctor. 

I had a dream. I was at a castle. It was filled with people. It was a hotel. There was a large room. There were Nazis in full uniform and in front were small live action figures. Sort of Chess/Dungeons And Dragons. I had a set too. We were going to win. After we were all clearing out the place. Taking this large chest and books, what you might see in an Indiana Jones film. I am walking down the street. These two blonde women are drunk. I overhear that one was going to ask me for money or a date. So I ran really fast to my house. Hiding. These white supremacists telling a black man what he can and can't do. He isn't responsible for your bad parenting. Already someone in the comments made it an issue about race. The white supremacist will have a field day. They may be minors but still need to be held accountable. Stop making excuses. They will find rehabilitation. Hopefully others involved will be arrested. The Conservatives are the real #CancelCulture mob. They don't believe in #FreedomOfSpeech Mark Dice wants Nas's balls in his mouth. Candace Owens hates black people. The disrespect towards George Floyd. I got a missed call from 02031908752 and looking at the comments it is one to be avoided. This guy isn't funny. Just a white supremacist.
Some cute student on Koo but she is right wing. 
A bit of a reach. 
Deepa is an islamaphobic antiblack woman. Posting nonsense. My account on Twitter gets locked again for pointing out the truth. 

I won't share Koo content as it is just as problematic as Twitter. Rightwingers are irrelevant. 

The Racists should have been shot. 

Biased policing. Anyway no more screenshots. 
The irony of Britain First calling the police the gestapo

Steven Crowder was kicked off YouTube. That time after the Christchurch shooting he uploaded a video asking people not to blame all conservatives. Basically #NotAllMen
He is happy to make generalisations about poc. Marjorie Taylor Greene spouting nonsense. Why hasn't she lost her job? These Christian buffoons still after Lil Nas X. Lawrence Fox still being a white supremacist. Fox News called out on their bullshit and play the victim. I do remember that a customer last week felt the need to lick her finger to get the notes out of her purse. One it is unhygienic and we are in a pandemic. Seen some nice looking women in their shorts and dresses. I get left this letter about a meter reading. Well other family members are at home I am at work so why am I dealing with it? I get awoken by someone being up before 4am. Making noise. I get asked by the guy down Toothill Rd to get him some PG Tips. He will be giving me money in the morning but I don't work till the afternoon. Matt Gaetz accused of child trafficking. These are allegations but I can assume if found to be true the right-wing will try to make excuses. 
This guy is a clown. As is this one Coloniser Karen Gammon having a meltdown
· Politics · Trending Matt Gaetz The Justice Department has allegedly been investigating Congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida since the final months of Trump’s presidency over whether Gaetz had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old and paid for her to travel with him, according to The New York Times Trending with Tucker, Nestor This guy is Lawrence Fox's mate so of course he will be cooning. I didn't understand what he was saying but looked into it. Another that has dissapointed the black community. Now this is dumb. James Charles accused of being a predator again. Koo app is kind of useless. No interaction. A physical altercation between the two filmed in an elevator. Double standards at play. I don't care either of them or know who they are. People in the comments making an assumption. It has nothing to do with them. Some Karens wanting to cancel Lil Nas X from one tweet thread that I saw. Misandry. There is no border crisis. This is a surprise to me... It was regarding some Jamaicans and Nigerians not having a problem with Systemic Racism or making excuses. You have to read the thread.

This guy wanting Omar to resign and labelling her a racist. White supremacist is just reaching.

 No more talk about previous subjects. This is the only time that I will mention work. So I ask this lady for ID. I considered not doing it but as the three looked young I did. The woman paying had her NHS card. The other said that she was her mum. The third had ID. I let her have the item. Should have denied it. This married couple were paying for items separately. One with 2 packs of paracetamol and other with ibuprofen now I should have stopped it. Also the shoplifter Mathew Iviel had come into the store. I saw him take two nicorette off the shelf and walked off down the aisle. I should have hit three bells instead of one. I needed to have been clearer as the supervisor was watching the wrong person. Should have gone down the other aisle. I ought to have asked him to stop before he headed out. He was apparently in Whsmiths getting abusive. There were these Traveller guys with bags of perfume selling them on the street. A mature bald guy may have been the ring leader but I'm not sure. Tango Victor were watching them. Some guys on the benches near Timpsons were rolling up and injecting something. The police were slow to act. A white male in his 50s in a blue jacket bought a pack of laxatives. It is company policy to serve one. He walks out turns around to go get another one. He claims that he left the store and is a new customer. I served him anyway. He was being a Karen. What I should have done is ring for management. I told him what I could not do. Prick didn't listen. I won't be doing the same again. He is not a new customer. Just the same one. I should have argued my point. Not back down as these people just take the piss. I would not have to deal with him if I was able to go home on time.  Treating me like I'm an idiot. He deserves being beaten to death. The caucasity. I will no longer dwell on these fools. What happened has happened. People not wearing masks. Not showing any exemption badges. I served this teen who was a Traveller. Should have Challenged 25 him as he was buying a lighter. His younger brother was zipping his jacket up. This shoplifter with a beard, long hair in a ponytail, mask seemed friendly but was up to something. He had been in earlier and then left. Now just wondering if he had been deterred. However he came back in later. The management were watching him. I glanced over but should have just said something. His bag looked full. The barrier goes off. General Manager stops him but he pushed her away. Clearly upto no good. I should have run after him or followed him. A man in his 50s-60s not wearing his mask properly. I asked a few times if he wanted a bag. Pisses me off. The delivery had been late and the driver and his colleague took their time. The supervisor had only put one till on. It got a bit busy later on. This nail glue I was supposed to Challenge 25 but I didn't. You'll get a customer not wearing a mask or it hanging under their chin. This chap was in. He was on the phone with some Scottish man. The Scot wanted to know if we sold "abortion flavoured condoms" Anyway he wanted to say something to me. The phone was handed over. He says hello apparently a few times. I wasn't in the mood. He went into Karen mode. He may have been joking. "Can't even say hello/attitude/I'll ring head office/say you've got dirty fingernails" Seems like a cunt. A customer would not answer me. The boiler had been turned down. No one it is cold. Also stop unplugging the adapter. So my mum is saying that my brother will be taking her to the Doctors for the injection. I have not had any messages from him or the surgery. I won't be fetching her if she goes off again. She also assumes it is at the hospital. Just causing confusion. She was adamant that it was on. Had to have it explained to her several times. I have to wake up early to sort it out. This butch woman possibly a lesbian. I had assumed that she wanted a bag. She said "I never asked for a bag" They had a rucksack which was full so she needed a bag. Some saying "just this" when handling the items. I still will offer sas. Ones not saying please or thanks. I had to stop this woman buying two laxatives. She asked about two transactions and that it was for two people. She says "mamma Mia" The older woman was with her her but I didn't know. As the first one left to get an item. She immediately comes to the till. Though I tried to explain. Still get these Karens don't answer when I ask them a question. The one slim shoplifter comes in. He buys his stuff and looks back. Knowing that he is being watched. We watched this strange mature woman and this couple, all three weren't wearing a mask. This tall stocky student I believe wasn't wearing one. The Asian guy probably working at a place across the road didn't have one. Unless these people are exempt they ought to be wearing a mask. Lack of social distancing. Either from a customer eager to get served when the other person hasn't yet bagged their items or when I am making a staff purchase. I get one family member constantly asking if I am alright in the morning coming into my room. Stop making noise. Another coming to my room for help with this form. I was asleep. Watch the video or read the guidelines. Fuck sake. Comes back totalk about resubmitting the form. He already spoke work. Now he is wasting my time being indecisive. Why the fuck do you not know what do if you have made your decision? Why go into a discussion? You haven't even done anything. Feel like an idiot we'll you are acting like one. Don't come into my room again. Doesn't even listen to what is being suggested. I've got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one. 

A tonedeaf Racism Report from the UK Government. Ben Shapiro not caring about facts. The racist that attacked the Asian woman is scum. That Tim Han keeps emailing. I get all the get rich quick ads now. 
These bipoc rightwingers cannot be trusted. L Chen will no doubt be getting a ch!nk wake up call. Racist Karen wonders about a Tilda Rice ad saying Happy Ramadan. In a video.

Godzilla Vs Kong The film is currently £15.99 to rent on Amazon Prime. I try watching on the desktop screen but not getting the full picture. Can't find the film on the app. Some heirachy error code appears. I have to use the Vpn. That did not work anyhow I used the desktop view and got the full screen. I did see an Amazon review which was negative and gave some spoilers. King Kong is being held at a facility. You have returning characters. The scientists at Monarch want a better understanding of the Titans. Godzilla is on the rampage. There is another company that wants a power source from the Hollow Earth. Good special effects and fight scenes. I am interested in finding out how old that world is. Is it another planet all together? How did it come to be? I wasn't so much bothered about Maddie, her friend and the conspiracy theorist. The daughter of the Apex Ceo is hot. Mostly positive reviews. I will look at the reaction videos. 
 Cast Alexander Skarsgård Nathan Lind
 Millie Bobby Brown Madison Russell
 Rebecca Hall Ilene Andrews 
 Brian Tyree Henry Bernie Hayes 
 Shun Oguri Ren Serizawa 
 Eiza González Maya Simmons 
 Julian Dennison Josh Valentine 
 Lance Reddick Guillermin 
 Kyle Chandler Mark Russell 
 Demián Bichir Walter Simmons 
 Kaylee Hottle Jia

This guy is a white supremacist clown as is his family. 

The Republicans are rather quiet about Matt Gaetz or they will stick up for him. Laura Ingraham is a white supremacist that likes voter suppression. 
More domestic terrorists attacking the Capitol. Deport the traitor. 12 Republicans opposed to the police officers getting medals. The one's that were protecting the Capitol on 6th January. They must have been disappointed that their insurrection plan didn't work. Chief Yogananda says the act wasn't terror related. But it was. Noah Green's ethnicity will be made an issue. Also Islam will be blamed.
Loefler should not be mentioning Hank. She is what he would oppose. Anti woke is antiblackness.
The moron probably voted for Brexit. 

Wasn't Stephen behind the border policy? Where children were being separated? 
The right want to "cancel/boycott" things yet are against cancel culture. To be honest there is no such thing. 

Take a look at this fool. These colonisers are fragile. No one is trying to destroy the US constitution. 

  Pewdiepie and his wife. Problematic. She is talking about love but anyway unfollowed. Liked the few responses by a few. Followed one. Liked by Mary Trump and Amy Siskind. Seems to a lot of white women in the replies. Robbie has a job to do.
She is politicising someone's death. Inappropriate tweet.
Jack being antiblack as this this idiot.
Danzig is anti This guy is lying. Only found out that the founder was a Brit. See the triggered replies in the thread.

Trying to see what this guy's deal is. Tonedeaf about Asian Racism. Triggered by other things too.


You would expect a Trump supporter to say this. There are the white supremacist that agree with her making false statements. 

Proving his point. Anyhow this idiot will be ratioed and reported. 

She really has an agenda against Meghan. More antiblackness in the quotes and replies. Matt Gaetz and James Charles would make excellent cell mates. Tomi is just making things up.
He supported the Maga insurrection.

Jim Davidson is a fascist  

Celebrity getting a stimulus check. Why does he need a gun? 

So the toilet rolls are being wasted. Laundry isn't being done. I managed to unblock the drain. 

White supremacist uses woke as an insult. These people are against equality.

Ending here... Tortoise named Jonathan born in 1832. 

Another racist moron

My mum coming into my room with money and a passport. Apparently needs a new one as the other one is expiring. They expired ages ago. Why do you need one when you aren't travelling anywhere? Thinking that I will be doing something. Well my brother can do it as he is home all day. I had to repeat myself. I need to get to sleep.
  No profile pic. Misinformed antiblack tweet with 65 likes.
Thread about George Floyd and these two idiots post this nonsense.
Body shaming. The Tiktok video is rubbish. These three cunts...
Racist as fuck. One being an Uncle Tom. Two Karens that aren't medical experts
You have to look at his timeline

Aunt Jemima 

YouTube pranksters are bellends


Stephen is a criminal. His supporters are terrorists. 

What is with these clowns commenting? If it has nothing to do with you then move along.

This is fucked up. A white supremacist blaming the victim.
The right-wing never cared about the 2nd Ammendment. Wow... This girl is just looking to get ratioed. Help this woman to pay back her loan I did think that America with it's financial services be unfair to Black people. She is getting ratioed. No more screenshots, tweets, mention of work and home.

I had got Tinder Gold. 6 likes from these profiles. Either far away, a single parent or someone I swiped left on. I will cancel the subscription.

A black victim and the case is covered up. Clearly a murder. 
As Roland pointed out that it is a free to carry state. He is part of the military. Greg just hates black people. White supremacist pushing a false narrative shocker Cher saying how she would have helped George Floyd. Some people are slating her whilst others defend her. People not knowing if she has Native American blood. Usually white people defending what she said. Tonedeaf all around. DMX suffering from a drug overdose. Some are tweeting rip though he is still alive.

This is a strange practice. But the comments are stranger.
People concerned over a dead shark named Rosie. Clickbait thumbnails in other videos. 
An American idiot needing to shoot a fish. Some bellend talking about cops. I get recommended this comedian named Andrew Lawrence. Some rightwinger perhaps. Someone in a video talking about the Japanese and Chinese eating certain animals. Talking about spirit animal and cultural appropriation. He is a white guy as are people in the comments.
Woke is being used as an insult by the right. Being woke meant you cared about equality for minority groups. As these journalists can't say the nword in public this is what they do.

Alabama with it's white supremacist nonsense. 

Zoe Saldana not getting the point. Her fans are toxic.

On Twitter: I either get people with an Onlyfans following me or some Stocks and Shares expert.

Make sure to follow Kevonstage on YouTube and Twitter.

People have pointed out the comparison between the missing case of Richard Okorogheye and Maddie McCann.
Malkin really is a dumbass. Like Lauren Chen and Candace Owens she must hate her culture. 


Fluer East is annoying. I just don't like that new Rita Ora song. The one radio presenter "Sings" the chorus after the song ends. He keeps doing it. 

Michael is a nobhead. 

This is a quality comment about Matt Gaetz. 

I am finishing up this post. 
Is he joking or being serious? This would be black rappers posting their own music.

White Fragility from a racist. 

Cancel culture sjw Jordan Peterson is clutching at straws regarding this Red Skull nonsense. Any reason to attack a black man. 
Balooga Boys are terrorists. 
Murder the shoplifters and slap about the rude customers. 

White supremacist pushing a false narrative 

I tried sharing the Amazon links to the song yet they are being removed. On YouTube. 

This woman's videos pop up in recommendations. She seems to be another Candace Owens.

These guys do keep digging. They were paid actors. Fake news

I have triggered a Snowflake. 

I am getting told about a phonecall the Surgery made to the house. The day after. They might have just rang my phone. Had to turn the boiler up as it had been put on a low setting. It is quite cold. I am being asked to help again with this covid test. Further mention about that pissing form. I was later asleep when he comes asking for my help. Comes in discussing how he did it, even how to dispose of the kit. I have told him what to do. My mum comes in asking if we are going for the test, twice. She hasn't washed her hands from going to the toilet. I have told colleagues about that piss taker in the blue jacket. Reiterated what I had told him. Furthermore another guy not wearing a mask. If you say "just this" I will say Snyder cut. 

White Fragility by The Daily Mail. Priyamvada Gopal does not owe them anything. Thread.
Back briefly to let you know the Daily Mail is planning a **THIRD&& piece on me in the space of **7** days. Rehash of the old pieces. Here is the email from the 'journalist' in question. (PS thanks for alerting me to Aaronovitch's attack, he's just a foolish malign bore)
'Iam a journalist at the Daily Mail writing a piece about you and your recent comments, including that you:

- said this week that the Royal Family was a 'white' institution which had profited from the British Empire'
- last week compared Dr Tony Sewell, the author of the..
...Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities race report, to Hitler’s propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels;
- led a Cambridge debate last year in which academics discussed Churchill’s views of "white supremacy" and his "mythic status" in British public life.
I welcome any comments you have in order to inform my piece. For example, why are these comments justified?

Please send any comments within 24 hours, by 11.30am tomorrow, Friday 9th April.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,
Siân Boyle
Feature Writer"

The hypocrisy of the Republican. 

His idiot supporters seem to agree with him. 

Jarrett followed my old account. But then would Unfollow me once I followed him. 

What is this nonsense? 
There is no border crisis. These ass holes need a new hobby. Steven might be a Karen. So let me get this straight. The guys from Britain First are going to hotels looking for young men? Sounds kinda gay to me.... Toxic individual. Speaking of which, the Snowflake Shapiro is upset at Marvel being woke.

A reaction channel with woc and a fragile white person says this.
I don't get your comment.
I get more disturbances. Mother thinking she has to have the injection today. She asks if I am alright again opening the door. Brother knocking on the door when he should handle the situation. Prince Philip has died and someone blames Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Clutching at straws.

Rip DMX. Condolences to his family and friends. 

The level of disrespect from some people. No relevance whatsoever.
So this guy enjoys deepthroating black cocks.
These people were racist anyway.

There were two mature Christian men outside of the store. One blew this large horn. The other then sang a song whilst playing the accordion. Some preaching went on. The noisy guy with the Keychain wanting me to pick the best mouthwash for him. 

White Fragility Fair few people really are speaking ill of the dead. Especially about Philip. Could have saved it for another day. Disrespectful. 
The media trying to slander Meghan Markle just because she won't be at the funeral. 

 These rightwingers going after Hunter but stay quiet about Gaetz, Greene, Boebert. Just deflection. He hasn't done anything wrong.


The money could go towards repatriations. If they were to build it then the Royals and those Mps need to pay for it. Use it to for a place for the homeless and refugees to stay in. The right-wing are clowns These people make the disparaging comments whilst you are alive. How about the right-wing don't make them at all. The irony of a right-winger calling the left vile. This is the song Zemo dances to in that club scene. These turds using the phrase Wokescolds. There is no cancel culture. Stallone can choose where he wants to golf. Anyone that supports Trump is a shitty person. Her account needs reporting. She really is trash. It really isn't. You can't get more British than Ash Sarkar. The right-wing will be throwing a hissyfit like usual. Matt is a little bitch, his ass is destroyed by a BBC. Fox News and other rightwingers being dismissive and victim blaming. They are the problem.


The people being outraged by looting are the same  people who lost a free and fair election, yet felt the need to riot, loot, and break windows at the nations Capitol of all places and no one was murdered for that to go down. This poor young man’s family and child. @resshmaaaaa What am I

These male/female/black/white Karens keep replying to Lil Nas X. 

The tweet disappeared. Probably blocked

Probably a triggered response to my tweet

Manisha with her trash videos about Meghan Markle and seeing that she follows Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, Jk Rowling it is obvious.


So the racist Phil Harpham works at Timpsons. More noise being made by family members which is pissing me off. Customers queue jumping. Some saying just this when handing items. I will still offer you sas. Having to redo pos. Some without masks. If that guy takes the piss with the laxativesthen I will stab him in the neck with my Stanley knife. Not having to talk about work or family would be good. Let go of any arsehole that bug me. Jonathan and his wife Karen are pieces of shit.
Also you have the support worker in Glasgow avoiding getting fired after having said something racist about Pakistani folk. Stumbled upon this guy's video. Looked at his other stuff. Just another right-wing comedian. He will never understand Black Lives Matter. Also this white supremacist loves terrorists. The woman bought it on herself. If she had complied then nothing would have happened. #BlueLivesMatter Karen going overboard Stupid statement.
Endless chatting from the next room. Been doing it for long enough. There are some weird quoted tweets. My brother yet again asks something stupid regarding this covid test. You have been doing it for weeks now. Get a grip. My mum constantly chatting to herself. What is it with him turning the boiler down and unplugging the adapter? Aunt Jemima posting nonsense as usual. Real Pick Me energy. Calls herself an intellectual. Tuckie doesn't get it. Neither does that woman riding the elephant.
Pathetic Pig,quite apt name.

John is apparently for the #2A Smears a black victim. I may have already posted this. 

Then you have someone sharing a quote by Uncle Tom. 

Him falsely thinking that each and every poc knows a crackhead. Bellend. Seems like victim blaming to me... White supremacist agenda from America First. Making excuses for another white person being racist. Fox was being divisive. There was no segregation promoted. Dissapointed
Trumpsters are trash. Maga asshat Brandon Scott Hole, Ass should be included in his name. These white folk really need to dissappear. My brother asking to borrow money again. It doesn't seem that he has paid anything back. The white supremacists will be triggered by The Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode 5. As Aldi is sued by a competitor over some cake. Take a look at their social media. Some call it karma. White women defend and feel sympathy for him. Narrator "It wasn't racist." This woman really is a piece of work. Just look at her timeline.
I didn't know that she was fragile. All I did was tag her in a post that she should see.
I thought that I had it on the delivery. Had plenty of time. But somehow lagging. I apologised to management which I didn't need to do. Though the delivery was finished I was staying behind. The customers had trashed the place the day before. Dumping items they didn't want just anywhere. The other team members putting the skin products all over the aisle so I waste time putting it in the correct place. The chiller should have been filled up yesterday as it would have saved me time. I had a headache. I didn't know that I was on a late finish time. I ought to have had a break. I will force myself to go to the gym. I don't need the endless chatter in the next room. I will continue to offer sas (add on sales) even if a customer says "just this". Why I’m getting emails from leap vista I don't know. Whether Prince Philip is a racist it would not be suitable to speak ill of the dead. That said there was this white woman that posted anti Blm stuff. She died of cancer last year. Why show to respect a racist white person who didn't respect to poc? 
A lady today tried to buy four laxatives. I told her that she could only buy one. Now the gentleman was saying that he didn't live at the same address or lived far away. She looked like she was going to pay again. It would not be allowed. I should have grabbed the manager who was near. She was back waiting at the shop and some other guy came in but left. A woman wanting to buy a bag should have waited in the queue. If the customer didn't mind then OK. But I should have mentioned it. I did ask for ID she was prepared. She was with her mum. That is beside the point. Whatever she said. Some ignore the question. I mentioned that people were using notes to pay for items which were cheap. The card machine fucked up after the traveller family had used it. Well this student tried her phone and card and didn't work. A guy was made to wait. As the system was rebooted. I did suggest using the other card machine. But the tills had been taken off. But the card could be used. Just have to declare it. He would come back another day. The manager asked if the gyppo had gone. A customer had also heard that. They hadn't been wearing masks. They aren't exempt. Some woman had been robbed. Did the shop or Tango Victor inform the police? Some are miserable. 
My mum almost confusing things yet again. My brother was supposed to take her to the doctors but then gets a message from work where he'd need to sign and collect a van so I had to take her. I should have put my headphones in as there was some delay. Two women in the back were talking about pregnancy and family. She was talking to herself just now and that woke me up. My other brother puts the damp clothes over the sofa. Still wasting toilet rolls. I three bellend this guy with tattoos, hoody up and I may have made a mistake. I didn't for this tanned brunette with Primark bag and Starbucks drink. Wasn't wearing a mask. I needed someone to jump on the till as a queue was building up. The colleague on the door wasn't allowed to. The management were busy. There were some pretty women that I noticed. I feel the cramps from the gym. The pensioner from before that tried to get a load of laxatives was at the door. Getting her husband or whoever to buy a pack. She need not be sneaky. People blocking the aisles. Not social distancing. I don't get a response from some customers. Still saying just this or not wearing a mask and buying one afterwards.  
 I am Kishore Mehta, the living legend that you know of. People are responding to my tweets. As I don't check notifications I just don't give a fuck. The people that block me are fragile cunts. Part of the poppers went down my throat. 

  The people in the thread arguing over the ethnicity of the racist. It does not matter. He was being a prick. She is a Terf. Posts all that nonsense and wants you to go to her for lessons on online marketing etc. Boehner is a bellend.
The right-wing talk about white genocide, well the gun nuts will be the cause of it. I was aslee but then awoken to the sound of my mum talking loudly. Time 20:48. 

Maxine has done nothing wrong yet these cunts ignore the white supremacist mass shootings and police brutality. 
Steve Laws and Jan wants to speak to the manager. 

Another antiblack Karen

Just terrorists then. This is beyond fucked up. People are wondering if this is serious or something like a sick joke. Are they going to raise awareness? Just think of what the Women in the family and coworkers will say about the men making those Tiktok videos. #menaretrash still applies.

Jahaantweets has followed me. She blocked me on an old account. 
*waits to see how long it takes before I blocked again*

Nice self own even if done deliberately. 

  Seems to be a lot of African American women asking these weird questions which then get highlighted. Like when buying desert, saying hi, drinking lemonade is seen as gay. Racists will do anything to smear a black victim  This is getting me retweets, likes and replies.
Brian is a prick. As someone said in the thread. "Imagine needing a license for a bike but not a gun." This guy is a fascist. Hate poisons everything. Being woke doesn't. He responded to me. Triggered him.
I follow Soledad who follows him. Hate Ruins everything. She does follow some suss people. Tomi Lahren trending for dumb shit. Derek Chauvin found guilty yet is shocked.
The Nfl makes a statement yet could have done better with Colin Kaepernick. Some arseholes will be in the replies.
Two fragile fascists running bot accounts were triggered. George wasn't on drugs. Derek is guilty. Stop justifying murder. Tomi Lahren and Ben Shapiro are trash white supremacists. Lahren and Shapiro are inferior to black people which is why they keep throwing a hissyfit. Both need a good slap. #BlackLivesMatter

Tucker Carlson shutting down an interview as the guest wasn't willing to push a false narrative. He is a white supremacist. 

White Fragility, Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race Me and White Supremacy: How to Recognise Your Privilege, Combat Racism and Change the World by DiAngelo, Robin

Authorities release body-cam footage after teenage girl was fatally shot by Columbus police officer
Paula Bryant told reporters at the scene of the incident that her daughter, 16-year-old Makhia Bryant, was shot and killed by an officer in Columbus, Ohio, on Tuesday afternoon. Columbus Police have since released body-cam footage from the officer who fired his gun, who has been “taken off the street” while the criminal investigation is ongoing. Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther said based on the footage “the officer took action to protect another young girl in our community”. Protesters have gathered on Legion Lane where the shooting took place and outside Columbus Police Headquarters.
Some people are saying that the two girls attacked her and she was defending herself. 

Jake will forever be a bellend. White Fragility. 

White Fragility from the cunt. The right-wing continue to be arseholes. They want a race war. 

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk. Here endeth the lesson. Well I was at home. Relaxing and hear something smash. Some scrote had thrown a rock at the side window. It caused a crack. The pebble as it was landed on the ground. Then the next one went through and landed on the downstairs floor. I see kids/teens in the park. Some woman in a pink jacket looked in this direction. I should have gone over there to make an enquiry. Just go straight away and ask. Something needed to be done. My brother assumed it is a woman from work who has smashed the windows of student accommodation. The culprit would have been in the alleyway. Reported to the police. Down the street were kids on bikes. If I am suspicious then I must trust my instincts. Not give a shit how others will feel. My other brother asked around but the parents hadn't seen anything. If I catch that suspect or anyone trying something then I'll Bury them alive in the back garden. 99 problems/Duality/Hyper music.
Tommy Robinson thinks rape is a compliment. Who are the two klan members sat next to him? Misogynoir. 

white supremacist clutching her pearls. Karen. She doesn't see black people as special. Who the fuck is this clown?
Today's delivery. I heard the Supervisor give a frustrated growl as she was asked to help clear the hair section. I am finding stuff dumped out of order. A lot of stock to go through. It is all bullshit. I will not feel bad or apologise. Customers still say just this, don't use manners or respond. But I will quit this job. 

My mum was talking to herself. Kept asking if I was alright. Comes into my room to ask the question. She is rambling now. 

On another day after the delivery is done with. I serve this pensioner that is buying laxatives for him and his wife. I told him that he could only have one. He paid for both which wasn't allowed. I should have stopped it. I was tired and fed up. This guy in a blue puffa jacket I am sure that he came in earlier and got Paracetamol. I should have checked with the supervisor as he was in to buy ibuprofen. He might be working on the market. Possibly the same one that took the piss with the laxatives. A different staff member served him. I should have done something. I saw these guys rifling through the bins. The council or anyone else hasn't cleaned up the mess. Well she confronted the girl. Uses the retarded phrase "nonblacks" Begging for money too.
People might want context.
Apparently linked to people that I follow.
White supremacist projection
Then you have this Conservative MP.
I saw this and you should see the reviews. Maybe a right-winger trying to profit off of George Floyd. A fragile rant because of Reni's book.
Tonedeaf people. Lisa was right. She wasn't talking about hate towards white people.
Some people do whine on this app quite a lot. The hypocrisy from the right-wing. This is stupid. I was looking around outside just in case the suspect comes back. I will not be doing that every day. If caught will be given a John Walker treatment. 

 No more sharing social media posts. Irrelevant. This post is no longer updated.

Trespassing, doxxing, harassing people. Terrorists that they are. The police should be called.
This business is selling these. Make sure to get your order in first.
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Predator sequel with Native Americans. This guy bashing a film before it has been released. Nothing wrong with woke.
OJ Simpson wants LeBron to wait for the facts regarding the death of a black teen. Weird tweet from a white nationalist. Win win situation. It is definitely how Mcenany, Lahren, Boebert, Greene, Trump, Ingraham, Chen, Shapiro, Malkin, Ngo, Yaxley, Loomer, Robinson, Walker, Fransen, Golding, Crowder and Carlson got work. One guy in the replies thinks that it Feminism which has fuck all to do with it. Either way the people in the original thread might be bitter.

The sister of the victim explains that she had to defend herself against grown women. She called the police. The people in the comments of this video have an agenda. These people are problematic. My mum was talking to herself really early in the morning then talks of having a sore throat. Well if you quit yammering then that won't happen. My brother comes to my room three times to discuss this milk order subscription. I don't care. Just sort it yourself. It was an elephant being fed but some people saw a vaginas. Those people should check out Loving Animals: On Bestiality, Zoophilia and Post-Human Love by Bourke, Joanna

Gammon and his wife Karen are white supremacist terrorists. The group that tweeted this are fragile. Clearly don't understand the law. They probably will find child porn on there.  

Not this guy being a coon.
A Karen interviewing a white supremacist #londonprotest people were the same people moaning about #BlackLivesMatter White supremacist Karens forgot to collect the T-shirts on offer.... Check out Funny Karen Shirts - Can I Speak To The Manager T-Shirt by Meme Gift Ideas White supremacist gun nut appears in the recommendations. Blames Black victims. Is triggered by Blm. He has a video about what Patriots don't say. But they do continue to make racist statements. Throw a hissyfit over anyone wanting equality. Someone in the comments claimed to be a black man. That's a lie. His girlfriend must be a whore. Irrelevant anyhow.
It is a parade for Karens.
Caitlyn Jenner running for Governor of California. People say it is just for the money. Propaganda
Vanilla Isis strikes again
Riot police should have dealt with them. The Republicans that thought the guilty verdict was wrong.
On Twitter Desi and Roana need to stop arguing, log off and do something productive. My mum talking to herself. Annoying. Pissing around with the phone or some shit. I have to find out if we have home insurance. I should not have to pay for the new window. The suspect should. Narrator: "he didn't"
These people hate accountability and prefer the easy way out. He has to do his time. No one in the replies cares. White Fragility Tozza talking like a white supremacist What are you talking about Karen?
Where is the conversation going? 

Bree Newsome unblocked me. Strange. 

Now suspended account started by a fragile white supremacist. 

Another twitter account suspended. Can't access the other site. Managed to. It doesn't have an ssl certificate.

Emma Kennedy has unblocked me too. Not sure what is going on. 

 Another weird tweet. Karen is a cunt.
The racist tried to smear a black man.


No, you daft twat.

I was in a deep sleep. My brother wakes me up. Asking me for the time of the appointment for the vaccine. I had already told told my mum what time and who would take her. She confuses things again. She left early. I thought that I heard the door close. I should have gone after her. My brother didn't do anything either. I should have been clearer. She had got to the doctors surgery. Staff dealing with her. I went with my other brother went to pick her up. People were queuing. She is an embarrassment. Next time I will leave her there. The delivery was put forward to today. I found out at home. The old cages were still outside. Mess not cleared by the council. I had some help with the skin aisle. I did not want or need it. I had to prove myself. I had told this one student about the paracetamol limit. She said that she was buying them in advance. Well that didn't mean shit. It is still restricted. The shoplifter Amy comes in. Buys an item. The manager came out of the office as Tango Victor gave the description. Amy claims that it was rude for the manager to come up to her with the radio. Well if you weren't stealing then it would not be a problem, Karen. Some people are nobs. One guy seemed miserable at having to wait. The manager was having her lunch. My colleague was manning the door. She could have jumped on. I am not interested in people saying "just this". 

Dissapointed... Time to unfollow. This faggot deserves to get ratioed Proving Judy's point. She doesn't get it. All of the people involved should stop being such Karens and log off. Do something productive with your lives. Akilah responded to my tweet. But I have not looked at it or care. My mum yesterday comes into my room and asks if I am alright. I was resting. Right now she was talking to herself. I was sleeping. The delivery has been cancelled. Arranged for Monday. There were fine young women in the store. This Asian girl in beige/brown clothing, great body. Dark brown hair. Some blondes too. This black woman was rapping outside. Various backing tracks. Quite loud. Not sure what the message was. She had good flow though. My brother was fussing this covid test bollocks again. I got around the Twitter suspension. Got this virtual number from Zamarda which I recommend. Antiwoke in the comments are just White supremacists. Terrorism

Nobber blocked me. All I did post a link to that Kpop album. You posted the video. Anyway I downloaded it and shared it with my links. 

The woman's body was found in the canal. This Tiktok is apparently entertaining. 

Interesting article.

 Another suspension. Called out a racist. 

All the allegations against Noel Clarke. The fans of Kidulthood and Doctor Who will be shocked. Someone in the comments of a tweet made an unnecessary joke. More about Bruno Langley and John Barrowman regarding their behaviour on set. My brother getting my mum to wash her hands. Repeatedly shouting. Now she is her room talking to herself. Repeating words. I tried to fix the leak from the toilet and that hasn't worked. I want to get the guttering done. The rain is moving over for a week. Bellend
So many questions...
So the delivery was turning up late in the morning. Management whispering. Working out how to do the task. Do they think that that I am slow? People come to the door when we are closed so the delivery can be accepted and worked. 
Rightwingers seem to lack compassion as Owen Jones had been mugged. These football fans are going overboard regarding the protest and super league. 
This is a candidate for London Mayor. 
At work I saw this dark haired woman with acne. Red coat. She had her bank card with her. I was thinking of pressing three bells or just telling the supervisor to watch her. Someone mentioned her on the radio. Also a man with a Limp. Went around the shop twice. Again I should have said something. Better to act now than to blog about it. Both not wearing masks and leaving without purchasing anything. Red flags. I only seem to notice things. The delivery turning up at 11am on Monday then about 6:30-7am today takes the piss. Saw some more pretty women. The fuse went out and the lighting popped. There was smoke. A man bought two packs of paracetamol and the woman who believe was his wife was buying another two. She went into the store. I should have stopped it. This black woman was after a gift set. I was scanning her items through when she decides to go look at the creams. It means as I am in the middle of the transaction. I can't serve anyone else and a queue builds. I wasn't able to sleep around midnight. I went to the gym 2.30am. I would later work. I had spotted a dead duck on the side of the road. Head may have been missing. A fox may have done it or it was hit by a car. Laura Tea Towler is a Karen and is asking to speak to the manager.
Fox is a spanner.
There is no race baiting. Sowell is a prick. So are you.
This is nonsense. Misleading. They want reparations for Slavery. Whites are the true racists. Someone in an Ironwolf video in the comments brings up Feminism. Has nothing to do with the training. My brother yet again talking about the Covid test. He has been doing it regularly. You don't need my help. Three times he enters my room. The caucasity of Ashli Babbitt's family. Take accountability and responsibility. Karma Police by Radiohead was played at her funeral. She is being spit roasted in Hell. Jayda Fransen the White Supremacist Karen. Britain First is a terrorist organisation.
People question his motivation. He has one hidden tweet. My brother rings up about this voting for the election nonsense. I have been busy. I am not taking my mum to it. She can go herself. I am not bothered. Then comes to my room to tell me the guy there was repeatedly asking for name and address. What am I supposed to do with this useless information?
Fransen isn't a British name, also see what the British Empire did to the rest of the world. So Jayda can go fuck herself. Two fascists that have been reported.

Simon is a Karen and will be ringing up to speak to the manager. He is being ratioed. The caucasity of this fool

It is a business, Karen. They can do what is needed. The irony of her claiming someone else of being a fascist. 

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