Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Enny - Peng Black Girls

Some rightwinger Christian going on about Trump. Biden has won. Her timeline is trash. There they go again How is he racist? Clarkson should stop whining about people talking about free school meals. It is freedom of speech. She is right. The person that left the comment is vile. They most likely are white. It's not bullying when racism is called out. Someone pointed out the double standards regarding this video and the people going after the Nigerian food video. This is a shit take.... Emanuel is a black Conservative. They will treat him differently to his white counterparts. in the comments there is misogynior. Guys like that are the weakest link.
Bryan Betancur a homicidal white supremacist at Capitol Hill lied to his parole officer. With all that the Trump family did... How patriotic My brother asking for more money and he won't be paying back much. Time to block his number. The other one will his repetitive instructions and shouting. The response I got after asking a simple question relating to the boiler replacement. I am just wasting my time. "I completely forgot things we had discussed. After you I spoke to plenty more customers. If you want to ask any thing. Kindly call back." The irony of Kayleigh writing this. She worked for Trump. Made derogatory remarks towards Obama and black history month.
This is what real patriots look like. Jake Hepple knows nothing about the Qur'an.
No accountability. Qanon idiots need to fuck off. I am done with the subject. This guy is just reaching. They hate to see black people having fun. Everyone on the Trump administration is complicit. Nikki Haley also needs to shush about Biden and Bernie. Her, Desouza and Priti P are an embarrassment to Indians everywhere. It wasn't fake news. The dumb bitch is a terrorist. The arsewipes on the plane with her have to be charged.
This woman isn't a medical professional yet seems to be an expert on a pandemic. This is not true.
But this is Was this supposed to be an insult as the young lady asked? The guy is a Bellend.
Wilmington 1898 a coup by white supremacists that isn't spoken about. They want to talk about cancel culture well they invented it. I don't really care what is happening between Destiny and Bob7. Reparations should be given. I can assume that Destiny said no. Jennifer Harrison is a Karen This Karen acted like she knew more than the black policeman. People were triggered by this post. She is attractive. Follow her here There is the topic of colourism but this ain't it. He doesn't have to explain himself to strangers on social media. The women in the quotes and replies thought that maybe they had a chance with him. Not to worry ladies. Plenty more fish in the sea. Some people in the comments being ignorant. Don't blame the victim and no need to be antiblack. Joshua Noyala, Girly Rose, Maestro. Some arsewipe in the comments being ignorant. MISOGYNIOR. My brother annoying me with his repetitive instructions. Raising his voice. Was trying to get my mum to eat properly yesterday but then would tell me to go down to make sure she does when he could have gone downstairs. She talks to herself as usual. Rep Beobert's mother. An old video. Artist: She was seen at Capitol Hill with a megaphone.
Stop being a fascist. But they are though. The caucasity of this idiot. Twisting everything. Jenna retweeted this. How do you feel persecuted? Bellend you went and committed a crime. The caucasity of this woman. Karen wants to speak to the manager. She did not think the same of Blm.
This man is being hailed a hero by antimaskers/fascists. He is not wearing a mask like everyone else and is smoking on the train. Neil Young wanting empathy for the Maga rioters. Must be an old video. Ivanka's clothing line was pulled from Nordstrom back then. These Karens have a sense of entitlement. They voted Trump. The video is from 2014. She was tonedeaf for not getting why it was a bad word. The person that used the username isn't even black. One person in the quoted tweets still blames it on Blm. Another going on about skin colour. Are people really that stupid? Maga folk are disease riden. It was clearly racism in regards to the panic button being removed. This must a Bot. Spamming the timeline. Trump supporter. He didn't name her. But she is playing the victim. She is the one making false claims. Cancel culture does not exist.
There a few ignorant people in the comments. You look at there profile to see that they are Trump supporters. Anti vaxxers and Covidiots.
What are you hiding Acosta? I added so many more tweets to this post. It is time that I stopped. Tonedeaf There are some stupid people in the quoted and replies. Don doesn't have to apologise to anyone. A thread becomes a mess. School therapist. Wonder what the parents at the school feel.
She works for Breitbert. Now hang on a minute... He is also complicit. Some people in the replies and quotes are tonedeaf. Speaking of terrorists Nothing but facts spoken here The idiots that agree with her. Terrorist enablers. She is in Karen mode. He hasn't done anything wrong. Speak to the manager Klete Keller. Megan Rapinoe, LeBron James, Colin Kaepernick get worse treatment for supporting blm. A woman that was going to the Maga insurrection at Capitol Hill had rented an Airbnb and this is the review the owner had left.
The guy has his twitter account but not for long In the sunken place. Aunt Jemima crooning as usual. This guy that stormed the capital has this channel. It is more about interracial relationships. It is just a compilation. You have to look at the comments also. Are they shitting on black men? More terrorists on the loose. Daft woman has blocked me. I am still following her on my old account. I checked the timeline. I had never tagged her. I retweeted one of her tweets. The Democrats are more patriotic than the Republicans. Especially The Squad. Playing the race card. Not a victim. Jim doesn't know what the fuck he is talking about. White men facing consequences is cancelling apparently. It is being held accountable. They enjoy playing the victim. This you, Charlie?
She is pro fascism. These entitled Karens and Kens in the replies/quoted tweets need to stop blaming everyone else for what the problems that they caused. The amount of Karens supporting him.
These people weren't storming the Capitol. Fragile. Paranoia. Follow these people on Twitter. Apart from Shoeonhead. Still antiblack even if she is leftwing libertarian. I reported this account.
This is pretty much it Fantasy role play between consenting adults. Gets everyone talking and gives her the attention that she craves. Some women are in disagreement with this statement. I guess they will date white men instead. blocked me. This twat is more concerned over looks than terrorist activity Rebecca Brooks is a Bellend. Karen going solo. Misandry Caucasity goes into overdrive. Anyone but white folk... Turning Point are a terrorist organisation Soy boy Why are people concerned about what this woman does with her life? Hackers are just being racist. Pathetic really. Shoeonhead shared this. The Name and pic should not be censored. Accountability is not a thing. Pass the blame. Qwhite interesting. He is not a Shamen. White privilege. Muslims weren't given a choice. See who she follows. She is not an ally. Who is this dumbass anyway? Angela Merkel must be stupid if she thinks it is wrong for Trump getting banned. Kirsty is a tonedeaf Karen So the Proud Boys leader is married to a black woman.... Some idiots in the comments are offended that racism is called out. I hope that you asked to speak to the manager White Fragility at it's finest

Emma Barnet of Women's Hour painting a black woman as the villain. 

These accounts are antiblack and islamophobic. The ones that are going after Kelรจchi. Skip to 1hr 10m mark.


Angels from Africa would have helped this Karen. Hopefully Paul Joseph Watson, Alex Jones, Stephen Crowder, Ben Shapiro, Britney Pettibone, Lauren Chen, Lauren Southern and others get their comeuppance. These fuckers are complicit. A woman who is a republican is given this treatment after her boss condemned the riot. They were probably slating Black lives matter. Did not know he was a Poc. Criminal behaviour Of course they would not let a terrorist board a plane. When the anniversary of 9/11 comes around just remind the Trump supporters that they are no better than Al Qaeda and Isis. They expect others to meet them in the middle. They need to be held accountable. The death penalty is the right option. Republicans, Conservatives on social media. The Trump supporters at Capitol Hill. Kevin Sorbo needs to stick to acting. Facts don't care about your feelings. Christians are retarded This is a load of bollocks


Kilmeade needs to stop posting twerking and dabbing for Jesus videos. He list followers because of it. Conservatives don't understand capitalism. Ted Cruz is trash Oh bless, her human died. I am sure that this human had a name. The Trump supporters wanted to speak to the manager. There are probably a few people opposed to the campaign Karen being a dick as usual

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Irvine, California

Tiktok Karen wasn't even wearing a mask. Accused the black woman of harassment. Yet hung around the car with the child by her side. Hopefully someone finds her and beats her.

15 year old black streamer. Let's help her become an affiliate.  I saw that stream with the French girl Kaellyn. She was trying to stream in the gym. All she wanted to do was stretches. The staff and other users might be concerned. I tried sharing a link but it gets blocked. I still had more content in the poppers bottle but it wasn't having an effect. Nothing wrong with Marxism or the Black lives matter movement. Just racist snowflakes having a meltdown. Showing their true colours. Fascists. Traitors.  

Tracey Ann Oberman being a Karen and a vulture. Disrespectful to Corbyn and his late friend. Lawrence Fox really is the real life Tim Nice But Dim. To be honest Candace Owens deserved the abuse. These antivaxxers and anti lockdown people are deliberately spreading the virus. So much for being prolife. 

I drew the picture below. Click this link for more pictures

I ordered this product from Amazon. It arrived surprisingly quick. I have joined Prime. Using Twitch I able to get a free subscription to a stream. With the ads and links I can earn a little bit of commission. 

Jada's abuser and the guys taking part in the challenge are trash.

Kylie McEnany will probably go off and start an Onlyfans. 

Red Table Talk and I thought that was Jada Pink et-Smith giving Aunt Becky's daughter a lecture but it was her attractive mother. 

The irony of the rightwingers calling a civil rights organisation racist and they don't know what Marxism is. 

I had this dream where I was at a doctors surgery. A woman sat next to me and a tall man next to her. I had these security tags with me. He had reached over and stuck one on my back. I say "really?!" I recognised him as I used to work with and for him at the catering agency. I was in the Streets. I took deep breaths and each time I found myself floating. I was eventually able to fly. I moved forward with speed. There was a map showing and I was trying to avoid landing in the sea. I kept thinking off the people on the Titanic. Something about reincarnation and acting if I was one of them. This was brief. I landed in some European country. In the next dream I have something similar. I and a few others play different versions of Superman and other DC characters. Flying across the sky. Brainwave was amongst them. Random. 

Karens come in a variety of colours.

The song in this video  Send the video to your haters. Dedicated to the heroes such as Black Lives Matter, Antifa, the Obamas, Dnc, The Squad, Kamala, Corbyn, Kaepernick, LeBron, Marcus Rashford, Muslims, Lgbt, bipoc, Public Enemy, Grandmaster Jay, RATM, the Bidens, Clintons, Diane Abbott, Labour Party. 

Isiah Garza and his followers helped this homeless woman named Robin.

I finally received the Harry Styles Cushion Cover and I clearly hadn't read the description thinking I would get a cushion. 

So I had messaged that young lady on Tinder but it looks like that I have been unmatched. Did I take too long to respond? Was I not the right then? That app is clearly a waste of time. 

I am having to pay a customs charge. An item that I ordered online. Must be the Granite supplement. Only just found out. 

I tried huffing on the poppers and it wasn't having the desired effect. I did not go to the gym. 

Pornhub Square Plenty of nice asses at the gym. Anyway some people lack compassion.

If the streamer was black they would have reacted differently and the comments section is tonedeaf


White people think that the rules don't apply to them. WiFi gets turned off. For what reason exactly?

At work these three guys at the alcohol section. I should have just rang three bells. Though we were watching them. Colleague told th Em not to pick up the bottles just putting them back. The were under the influence. Clearly up to something. This young woman twice cut in the queue. Comes in straight away to grab a mask and someone is waiting. Next came in to get lempsip and did the same thing. This Chinese man wanted two £1 coins but I had already given him change and shut the till. You should have asked first. Also answer when I ask you a question. This young man was after an Alien perfume not knowing what to get. My colleague did refer to a customer as a twat though he was by rhe tills. A guy wanted a decent set of batteries and was suggested Duracell and eventually didn't buy anything. I was thrown off as confused by the Google calendar when putting in my work hours. It was the following week where there is that appointment. Some woman didn't answer when I offered her sas. I found this Islamic calendar wedged between the shelving. I I-Ded this attractive blonde woman but she was born in 84.  This asian/Arabic man tried using his phone banking app to pay for his purchase. The assistant manager reckons he was using his loyalty card. I could see that it was a HSBC card. Her till froze so needed rebooting. Tried it on mine but it produced an error message. He paid with cash instead. A Muslim woman wanting to know if this shower gel was  for hair or the body. The assistant manager was explaining loudly. Everytime a customer was asking me for something. She immediately asks what they wanted so is basically jumping in. Just shut up and let me do my job. 

 My parcel has been listed for redelivery. I went to the Collection Office to pick it up.  It never arrived. I have been given this Nowtv Firestick and remote control for a Christmas present. Never got paid back the money. I am going to sell it off. I don't even have a TV that fits a USB stick. 
My youngest brother going on about getting underwear for my mum and what to do with these socks that he bought. Make your own decisions. Disturbing my rest to tell me he found these packs and also wanting to borrow the ruler which he would have taken. Mentioned the socks again. Comes into get the sellotape.  My mum is awake. Talking to herself loudly at 4.18am. Just hear my brother raise his voice too. On Tinder I get matched with and suggested people several miles away. I took a look to see who follows PureGym Loughborough and you have this anti lockdown woman. Retweets Candace Owens amongst others.

No respect from these men. Time to just report these accounts. Some of the people leaving inappropriate comments. Some go private. The rightwingers and anti Corbyn people will throw a hissyfit. They can go speak to the manager. The amount of disrespect... The father and the people in the comments are the weakest links. It is on Tiktok. These might be teenagers but the racism is no excuse. Has gone private. @evang3lism was suspended. Their parents must be racist. Arianna Grande fans too. This guy is antiblack. Triggered by a question that wasn't about him.

So this guy is cheating which is wrong but also the people mocking him for his disability.  

I was just having to go look up the word this woman spoke about.  But it isn't though is it, fam?  Fight racism with racism  What a bunch of Karens  Karen wants to speak to the manager. Megan needs a kick in the cunt. Merry Christmas  These spastics ringing ofcom over the Vicar taking a knee or that Poc were shown in a scene. They really need to get a life. More important things happening in the world. 

The gym is closed on Christmas Day and restricted on Boxing Day.

The sense of entitlement from the fraudster

Jason Shaw makes copyright free music


That weird face that she makes. Belle Delphine What an absolute clown. No culture is being degraded. Everyone can celebrate Christmas. June is a hypocrite. Antiblack too. I watched Wonder Woman 1984 Patty Jenkins and the team have done it again. There is something strange with the visuals. As it was being streamed and some effects were obvious. Gal Gadot and Kristen Wiig looking hot. Great acting from all the cast. Pedro Pascal, Chris Pine also star. I like the soundtrack. You have this power hungry businessman Max Lord searching for an artifact that grants people wishes. Nice opening scene with the little girl playing Diana. Spectacular scenes. Fairly long film. On Hbo Max. Barbara is a new colleague that is a bit of an outsider. Steve has mysteriously returned. Diana is learning more about herself.

She probably is so unstable that she definitely physically abused him in the relationship. An Amber Heard. She is petty. People assume that he did something like cheat. If it were a man doing this the comments would be different. People condoning identify theft and damage to property. He is probably with a white woman now. 

Maga moron knows less than a former Cia agent. Number should not be blurred out. Fuckyou@gmail is his email.  

At work there were these Middle Eastern guys. One was spraying the deodorant to smell it which is what you aren't supposed to do. The assistant manager called out to me. They heard so left it. A boy or one of the two girls was apparently putting some sun lotion onto their hand. Thought that it was a tester. Which is a bullshit excuse. This Asian man was testing the perfumes and the assistant manager happened to be looking in that direction. He accused her of giving him a dirty look. She was explaining herself. Then told him to put whatever product he was buying and to leave as he was barred. He did come back to return this razor pack which he had accidentally taken ans apologised to me. He called her a racist on the way out. She reported him on the radio. She goes "I'm not racist I have Jamaican nephews and nieces" That is a cringeworthy excuse but anyway it was a misunderstanding. She was taking the till off early and as she wanted to get home early. So it was card only. A customer was going to buy Vicks vaporub but would use cash so would return tomorrow. Lost a sale because of her being impatient. I had to hurry when buying something. This mixed raced woman was a little rude to another customer. She needed to get past. Required more room as you are supposed to be social distancing. The other woman was wearing a mask but the one with her pram wasn't and was eating something. She suggested that the white lady stay home. Dumb cunt missed the point. There is a sign that clearly says "sorry no testers, please do not spray" near the deodorant section. Why are some customers ignoring it and wasting a product by spraying them in store? Some Italian guy I believe was asking for an expensive perfume. I could barely understand what he was saying under the mask. 

My mum repeatedly saying a few phrases.

 This dumb cunt will be ignorant. Missing the point. They want to make the white girl out to be a victim. The mixed raced guy was being racially abused in school. Haven't read the article.


As recommended by Billy Gerent and Mark Dice. Some of these idiots have been triggered by Wonder Woman 1984. Someone mentioned rape. Another about Max Lord being a Trump like character.

He is a terrorist. As he is white the media won't label him as such. Where was he radicalised. Guess white Christians will have to come out and condemn this. I am glad to have followed this account. The same guy that had a digital Blackface burner account.

I was going to go gym but felt tired. If I hadn't woken up so early before and possibly the medication taking effect. 

Black Girls on Chaturbate 

The caucasity of this guy. Herman Franck from Sacramento, California. 

I can see what she is saying but many see her statement as antiblack. See the thread below. They look like they need to speak to the manager. The caucasity Fleeing like Migrants. Sense of entitlement. These Brits would have been against the lockdown, wearing of masks, migrants and asylum seekers yet pull this stunt

She doesn't use the nword but doesn't have a problem with whites using it within context. Karen is going wild. Hopefully they sue her.
Full article Surprised to see so many transwomen on Twitter needing financial help. Sometimes it's to help with surgery but mostly regarding homelessness. White people will still use the nword.



These people that did are degenerates.

This guy really is trash 

Some woman will be offended by this tweet. Why is he on a date during a pandemic? Women might talk about bad dates and get praise. Reaching and missing the point Fragile males

Frankie Boyle

Ricky Gervais

Both are great comedians. People need to relax. 

Miscommunication. He needed to make the effort if proposing. 

I had this dream where I was in Los Angeles. It was referred to as LAX. Lots of black people about. I was looking around and noticed the suburbs not far off. I wanted to walk around and chat with the locals. Eva Longoria was on a stage. She was broadcasting some show. A crowd had gathered. I was with a relative in the car. My face felt dry and I needed to use E45 cream. This couple immediately avoided me. I wasn't wearing a face mask either. 


I didn't know Jim liked Anime

Seeing clips on YouTube where the twitch streamer Imjasmine gets harassed by men in Japan. 

The delivery was late. So we took half the amount of cages. Wasn't sure if the driver was going to make our store take all of it. It had been snowing. 

That person is a clown. This Mep is a Bellend

As they always do.. Making the racist white woman to be the victim She may have been a scammer and knew where her phone was and wanted to steal the teenager's phone. 

Legendary tweet. The interviewer is an arse. He voted for Brexit. Will lose his business. So why is he moving to France? No one hates England it's the far right that are the problem.

Catherine blocked me for facts. White fragility from Karen  

I went over to work to hand a Challenge 25 badge. The Assistant manager was coming out with the tills so I showed her the badge. She tells me to put in through the letter box in a rude cranky manner. That is what I was going to do. Twat. She was moaning about customers waiting outside the door the other day before we opened. They may have heard her. Not very professional. The General Manager did take the piss out of her on Tuesday. She wasn't here but what excuse she would have for not turning up. 

There were some nice females at the gym. 

My brother comes into my room disturbing my sleep. Could have looked up the opening times of the library on his phone. Then needed advice on something. Apparently he is looking to meet someone. A dating event or site costing £5. Annoying me with this nonsense. 

I expected nothing less of Lawrence. 

Tory Mp who is a lesbian I believe voted against same sex marriage and is going full on Terf Lgb Alliance seem like a bunch of Karens

You should check out Chaturbate

Here is their music  

What kind of message is this to send on Bandlab? From Vanessa: "Handsome ❤️ I listened to your last song, it sounds good.. so i'm already wet from dirty thoughts about you...can my rate my wet pics here==>" 
On her profile it is just music samples. 

Click here for more! There is always one... Hope that he asked to speak to the manager. He is Moari too it seems.

There have been more deaths from Covid than food poisoning. The world would be better off without her. 

Rightwingers will always be stupid I had been in a deep sleep. I was awake and 9:40pm the neighbour is drilling. He did something hours ago. A few minutes later he did some more. Anything you need at Got this in the email Hi Kishore, Following the Government announcement today, your local area will enter Tier 4 Lockdown at midnight tonight. As part of this move, PureGym Loughborough will close at 8pm today. Your regular payments will be frozen and you will not be charged while your gym is closed. I could try and order gym equipment. That appointment next week at Boots. See what happens. I have the supplement arriving by post. 

 I don't get this Clubhouse nonsense. I am lucky I guess. Lequisha and Shaniqua were arguing over who can take most of the dragon dildo.  It is only corrupt as a fascist isn't given a reward. It's the sense of entitlement. Well this will have to do. The angry black woman stereotype. Painting a dead woman as a villain. They withheld her name. The teenager is known. Did she even speak to the police? Instead of this interview. They are making her a victim. I knew that she was a scammer. The irony of a Trump supporter saying this. Trump supporters act like this. Never read the facts. I never did this. I use common sense. What kind of fool sends a tweet like this? I would smash.  

Could she be Latino? 

Karen is a white supremacist. No longer a blue lives matter supporter when the cops came. Sense of entitlement. All you ever do is bitch, bitch, bitch.

I had this dream last night and I watched a musical sketch show performed by Steve Harvey and friends. Trolling going on. The Inbetweeners cast were thrown into the mix. My brother asked for money which I refused. I see a segment about this kitchen in a school. The Chef wanted a new location as it was not suitable. This cover with a hole was on top of a sink. Steam comes out which they use to clean hands with. The water is running. I accidentally donated all my money and tried to stop the transaction. I wake up to find that it's a dream and I still have money. Some cleaning is done round the house. In a previous one there isn't much room for all cars to be parked or to go through so some have to move out of the way. 

What an absolute cunt. Twitter suspended me temporarily for using the word. That individual is a cunt though. 

Speaking of cunts.... 

I dreamt another weird one. Some weird venue. Trying to find missing words to a Kanye West song. I input it onto pad. I get one wrong so he hands it back to me. 
The white fragility of the people in the replies. He is a Brexiteer and a Christian. Maybe throw him to the lions.

People are morons. My mum repeating some bullshit. She has gone out. Getting more milk when we have enough. We are in Lockdown. Now she is repeating Jewra. I may become violent.  

 White fragility here. White fragility from SND in the comments. Doesn't know much about history. Plus it's a work of fiction. Candace Owens at the funeral of the white lady. I have to stop tagging people in tweets. No more posting tweets, comments about gym, work or family. No using of poppers. Not lending my brother anymore money. New years resolution.

  She is attractive. No nudity on her profile. Waste of money.
She is attractive. I like what she has done with the pepe frog. My supplements arrived. Doesn't look like much.
This guy doesn't give up does he? He and his followers are the modern racists. These white supremacists are uncomfortable talking about racism.
It was pointless having the shop open on New Year's Day. The Karen with the dog was in again. It kept sniffing around me. I would have punched it. She was after fragrances. I showed the Cerruti which was £19.99 but she says "I want to spend under a tenner, love" also this blonde woman when I asked if she would like a bag. She goes "aye?" It's pardon. Kelรจchi is a legend. I watched the New Year's special of Doctor Who. Nice how they connected it to last year. References to old characters are made. The Daleks are being created. The Doctor is currently in the Judoon prison. There will a variety of different opinions about this episode. Interested to see the youtube reactions. Great cast as always. Good soundtrack. As I began watching the next door neighbour was drilling again. Of course she is stupid. She dated white supremacist Ice Poseidon. Laurence Fox's ex girlfriend blocked me When BLM were out his followers were against it. Riot police should be out. "so fuck all your protests put them to bed"

So I am unable to get gym equipment from Argos. I have not been paid back and the loan repayment which I thought was finished took something out. Looks like it is still ongoing. So I should not have to lend money when I have bills to pay. He is a Magaturd so expect nothing less This review was left in September. The episode would not air until January. These white supremacists are triggered. Top Reviewer 1.0 out of 5 stars Socially distancing itself from the general public Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 15 September 2020 Please could I request that if there is anyone left in the BBC with their head screwed on properly that they issue an accession file on this episode as 'withdrawn, de-accessioned and junked' under of 'NO FURTHER INTEREST'? And preferably before this episode gets its soapbox broadcast. And if any copies of this episode have already been bicycled out to Africa and such places, then please could some missing TV hunter track them all down, and give the bribable TV station chiefs a quid each to have the copies put through the bandsaw or taken to the local landfill? If any legal action is taken by BBCtv then the station chiefs should counter the inquiry with the line, "I don't know anything about missing episodes." The 3 million remaining viewers who force themselves to like this won't really miss it. Honest. With grateful thanks, on beha" You haven't seen the show. Strange tweet No such thing 

White supremacists are triggered 


Insufferrable woman. The journalists are doing their job. My mum talking to herself and won't shut up.

At work this African woman. Call her Karen was trying to purchase 8 packs of paracetamol, three Calpol items. I explained to her that it was limited and there are restrictions. She was wanting to purchase them. I should have called the manager over. They are all painkillers doesn't matter if they are for kids or adults. She would come back for more. She did. I should not have allowed her to get two more packs. She was speaking to the customers behind. The guy mentioned that it is a silly rule. Thanks for your input. Doesn't matter if they have kids as you asked. I should inform the manager. Head office set the rule. I am not getting a disciplinary over some arse hole. Two Asian women weren't wearing masks just like yesterday. Another guy wasn't wearing one. A white man also wasn't wearing one. 
 I've got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one. 

The channel and the people commenting about the girl Nina are antiblack. Destiny and his fan base are ignorant when it comes to issues on race and they support Rittenhouse. The irony of Covid Khalifa calling a black woman crazy and racist. He labels her a racist but is wearing a Maga hat.
Maybe so but there is a pandemic on. Blocked me for speaking the truth. Bunch of clowns. They will post something telling the audience that they now have Covid19. "but first this post/video is sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends" Take a look at the thread
Willing to protect the racist. 

Sam at Castle Rock Pubs, Nottingham is a terrible manager.  Moe seems to blame Fiona

White supremacists are clowns. 
Maybe the Omars got their special powers due to the solstice.

Whoever put that meme together needs to read this. I didn't think that it would happen but here we are. Someone is trying to delete the evidence.


FBI are looking for this woman about incidents from 40 years ago. When these bad cops roam free as do white nationalists. John should be a better parent. The people featured in the video endorse these links At work I had many voided transactions. A customer was about to pay for his item then decided to look at the fragrances. I tried to void the scanned item and serve the next person. Another the teen's card didn't work so they left the queue to try and use another card. A woman was attempting to use her card and that caused my till to crash. So I had to reboot it. A lady I thought was going to buy the Buble perfume wasn't. A student tried using his banking app on his phone and it didn't work. His card was at home. The pensioner that smells bad and takes his time getting his shit sorted was wanting help with his jacket zipping up and the rucksack placing properly and fastened. I am not his carer but helped him out. I should have belled for the manager when I saw this woman that I assumed may have been a shoplifter. She had been looking at items and left according to cctv. Went to Boots and I should have said something to them via the radio. This known shoplifter in red hoodie was being mentioned to Tango Victor. I overheard the description. Watched him and rang the bell. He must have heard as he stopped and then pointed a finger up at the cctv cameras. Walked off. The assistant manager is having time off due to illness. The phone would ring and the rotas needed sorting again. More than once a customer does not social distance. At 22:27 my mum with the "bensumjow" "jewra" shit. My brother had taken the washing out and laid it on the sofa. It is near the radiator but was still wet. He had been doing the "duboo fill kur" "dimme dimme brush kur" nonsense. It won't dry that way. Me jumping to conclusions about the Now TV box. He was given one as well. 
 I am not supposed to be mentioning certain things or updating this post but here I am. The right will always be trash The journalist is weird. The Fam made what the 13th Doctor is today. You can also tell that Mecharandom42 Nerdrotic The Quartering and others go "reeeee" everytime a Poc is on the screen The ones moaning about #Batwoman #DoctorWho #Bridgerton were most definitely on the phone to Ofcom when the #sainsburysadvert featured a black family.

John Roderick really is trash. His daughter should be taken off him. 


Karen asked to speak to the manager

The irony. Twitter their is a load of accusations of culture appropriation from bipoc. Shoe is on the other foot.

However it is just white Americans using that phrase as an excuse to abuse a black girl. 

You do get these racists using the phrase nonblacks and non whites. Like that HeronChe Bellend did. Anti Asian. They are just being dismissive. If anyone starts going off about cultural appropriation just ignore them as Americans are soft as shit. 

< PragerU being morons as usual /div>
So this was photos hopped. They don't deserve an apology and still are trash.

Karen needs to speak to the manager Most of these rightwingers are dipshits. No compassion here. You're Your party isn't full of love and tolerance.

She clearly didn't have the same energy for Amy. 


Pearl clutching. It is satire you snowflakes. You are your sort would not have the same energy for the Obama or Omar children. Blocked me because I was right. Blaire Erskine needs to keep making the videos. Freedom of speech. 

Allison proving the NHS worker's point. White fragility on display as she plays the victim. 

Items that they should have received at Xmas.
Well if she had complied then she would not be in this mess 

Allison Pearson can go suck a covid patient's dick. Mindy Robinson only thinks that bullying a child is wrong if she is white. Biden Harris won the election Being black doesn't mean that you are from the hood. Cj must be a jilted ex. Shallow body shaming. She misses the point. See the term "parental" Just another Karen whining about nothing. Ladies and gentlemen, we got em Miya Ponsetto and her mum are trash. Antiblackness in the Latino community. Unfollowed the account talking about the so called backlash against Halsey and her make up line. Tariq still being ignorant and making false accusations as usual. He definitely wants the bussy. She had a point to make about politicians. But is getting ratioed for not knowing how it all works. White supremacist terrorist They are a terrorist organisation. He should be deported even if he was born here.

She is a terrible person. Needs to be punished. 


Paul Watson blames Onlyfans for this. 

Enrique Tarrio, leader of a known paedophile ring has been arrested. 

Elizabeth from Knoxville (aka Elizabeth Koch from Maryland) rubbing her eyes with an onion and claiming she’s been maced... White women do love to play the victim. 

Twitch streamer Kaylene does stretching continously. Went to the gym. This Amouranth is a Karen with big tits. 

They look like they go looking for black people to shoot. Also what is going on with the person in the front? 

The level of disrespect from covidiots in the replies What exactly is this? Tonedeaf antiblack people. My mum has been talking to herself. I get woken up as I was resting. My brother ringing me up twice as the Lloyd's pharmacy and Bridge Street Medical Practice are taking the piss. The Loughborough Hospital needed two ampules for the injection. Some thing wrong with the other one? I should have been informed earlier. Tariq deleted the transphobic tweet or it was reported. Who is Rowan Atkinson defending I wonder? Just saw this trending. Rowan going off about cancel culture. People have always been able to say what they want. There are consequences though. The people that agree with him probably tried to cancel Kaepernick, Marcus Rashford, Blm, the Sainsburys ad, The Vicar of Dibley. F1NN5TER andSweet Anita happen to follow this guy. Just more rightwing nonsense. Apparently a free speech advocate but is triggered by #blacklivesmatter The leech should be paying his taxes. There will be a double standard in response to this. Ignorant. Others will come out with not all women. Her response. As I have pointed out before and it is common knowledge that the Bob's and vagene meme is a racist anti Asian thing created by some cumbucket. When a Karen works in customer service

White Fragility from Karen. Kat wrote @kat_blaque

Lol someone in YouTube left a comment on my issues with BDSM video calling me racist and sexist for briefly speaking about how most Dominants are inexperienced with bruising black bottoms, as we tend to be harder to bruise. Lol

P J Q in the comments sticking up for the racist and blaming the victim

This guy's crime is posted on the Internet. He blocked Phallon. He threatened to rob her too. He truly is the weakest link. 

It is the other way around

This biphobic bellend. 

 Andrew secretly wanted the job. Why is this white supremacist so concerned? I have never heard of the twat. Lindsay is more than qualified. 

All within a day. Cancel culture. Won't be a better father than Bean Dad. 

Maybe it was a parody. Getting roasted on Twitter. Nice tits. 

Also some widow from the Civil War era has passed. She was 17 when she met her husband who was 93 at the time. 

Rightwingers complaining about cancel culture are hypocrites.

Also to the antiwoke anti-sjw people. So are you saying that you are against justice and equality? 

Whoever the idiot is should be exposed. 

The Queen has spoken. Well if these guys had complied then there would be no trouble. Supposedly #BlueLivesMatter
Karen attacks the black woman then plays the victim when she retaliates. I think that most knew what Charlotte was getting at. The least interesting bit of news. Just white supremacists putting up a cross. Denounce thy father. Riot gear not being used and the Alllivesmatter Blue lives matter crowd are quiet. Guns are needed to combat these violent thugs. Maga equals white fragility and terrorism. Trump and his followers should read this... The stop the steal riot is cancel culture at the extreme end. These Maga folk really are Anti American. They should be deported. This idiot shifting the blame. President, Fox News and rightwingers are to blame. The FBI and Cia should track these people down. Take them out. This guy really is a coon. Condolences to the victim. Hope the murder is brought to justicealongside the other rioters. Name and shame them. As someone pointed out that the Poc workers are clearing up the white supremacist mess. I do wonder if Shapiro, Crowder, Republican, Conservatives will condemn the actions or just make excuses. Gaetz and some others are trying to pin it on Antifa. These arse holes that stormed the capital were labelling Antifa and Blacklivesmatter as terrorists. So one of the victims was in the army. Went to Congress as a Maga cult member and died as a result of it. Thank you for your service now here is a Darwin Award. This is theft. Selling stolen property. Looters should be shot. 

The right are terrorists and this guy is behaving like a child just like his leader.

This aged well, Tammy

I am done with America. These people are just trash. The same people storming the building most likely burned their Nike products and hate Kaepernick for taking the knee. Those snowflakes that moaned about the Sainsburys Xmas ad and Vicar Of Dibley blm scene. I wonder if you support the terrorist attack on Capitol Hill? These Trumptards were calling Omar a terrorist/sympathiser. They were the real terrorists.


They need to be arrested. Lose their jobs. 
The daughter in the family has outed them. She was kicked out for being a lesbian. Her mother didn't want her going to the Blm protest. Look what happened here. 
Being labelled Antifa is the last thing that he should worry about

She gets interviewed again. They refer to the teen as an adult and her a girl. Derrick Evans is a law maker yet committed a crime. Dipshit livestreamed himself. They probably have found child porn on his computer too. Ti's guy must be living in an alternate universe. The rightwingers are making excuses for the the Capitol Hill terrorist attack. Accountability is an alien concept to them. So Roy who was with the Trump crowd was carrying the woman to get her away from the crowd as they would have harmed her. These rightwingers are having the rug pulled out from under them by the social media companies.


She was a terrorist but they paint a sob story for her being a white woman. The General Manager had abit of an attitude. Needed to jump on till as there was a guy was trying to find out the price of an item. It was with something similar which was a cheaper price. Shrugs her shoulders raising her hands. A black woman would not say anything to me but then thank me at the end. A white woman did the same. I was asked for money by my brother. The local shoplifter is back out. This took a lucozade bottle. His mum said no to him having it. He puts it on the medics shelf. But then did put it in the chiller in the wrong place. The little girl in the pram dropped the baby food making a mess. The mother offered to clean it up. Some woman moaned about that customer not saying thank you. The pensioner after Fixodent. The tube has a, narrow spout however as the package is sealed I would not know. A woman comes to the door after it was closed. The smelly slow pensioner dropped his change yet again. They want to outdo Bean Dad This person is an arsewipe Boebert is a terrorist.

Meghan McCain tweeted this on the day of the insurrection. Lisa Marie Boothe is a bellend too. 

Andy Ngo is a fascist obsessed with Antifa. Charlie Kirk enables the terrorist. Terrorism Trump supporter lacking in research and evidence. All kinds of stupid. White fragility cancel culture I had my twitter account limited. The Maga asshats were looting Congress and I stated a fact.
If she had complied then there would not be any trouble. Always ask to speak to the manager. They could maybe take a knee.  I took my mum to the Boots Hearingcare. She would speak up when not needed. Fucking embarrassing me as she wasn't sure how to operate this gadget and I was getting frustrated telling her a few times. The audiologist is attractive. Reminds me of Aoc. At work during the delivery I find items dumped in places so I had to move them near the correct section. It would make it easier if people were considerate. I had already served a couple paracetamol then they go backto look at the Ibuprofen. I knew what would happen. I should have stopped them instead of serving them. Keep it consistent. You should check out pornstar Lil D. Traitor. The Nra trying to increase gun sales. Most of the their members were at Capitol Hill. Grandmaster Jay that had been arrested should be free. At work this tall white male, 40s, stocky build in blue was in the store. He was polite. I just got an feeling that he should have been watched. I ought to have pressed the bell. A woman comes to tell me that he shoved items into his coat. It looked like he was concealing something. I should have called out to him. Customers always seem to tell us when it is too late. The Assistant manager was in the office. It would be better if I had the security radio. Someone tested positive for the virus and now I must self isolate. There have been some customers coming in without masks. The two Asian girls have come in like that. I was to stay the whole day as another colleague called in sick. My brother should not really be coming over to the house as we are in lockdown. Yesterday there was endless chatter and raising of voices. My mum just coming into to ask about whether I had made a taxi appointment when I said that I was sorting it. My brother wants me to go with her. She should wait for the taxi. Why was she walking home the other time? My aunt had rung up and given this number of a boiler company. They are offering some sort of deal. I had another number ring me twice 01782211100 a window company. My youngest brother takes the number and asks me to ring him even just to have a chat. Today before they close. He could ring them up himself. There are no problems with the boiler. My brother wants to get it checked then why don't he arrange an appointment? He moans like a bitch to my younger brother who tries to ring me but I don't answer. She rings again. It is a free government scheme. What is the point? He was wanting to discuss what to do when I just wanted to be left alone. In the thread replies. Someone worked out how much it would cost if you went to the supermarket to get all this. Lot less cheaper than £30 Criminal Better to be woke than ignorant. Doesn't want to take responsibility. She was there with the insurrectionists. Truly is a clown. Munya is on fine form. Corey Forrester 2024 This post is now done.
Merry Christmas and a happy new year.