Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Louis Armstrong - Whistle while you work

I am getting unwanted emails and will unsubscribe and delete my profile. I remember the other day a motorcyclist went off the road and across the parking area by the off licence on Belton Rd before rejoining the road. It happened with a car last time.

This family walking down Market Place and Churchgate were spread out getting in the way. Then I saw a few nice looking women at the traffic lights on Fennel St, Loughborough.

Ms Riley looks attractive. Fucking stupid leaving a baby alone. There was a pit bull named Bruiser. No surprise. Alia Ahmed of Leicester is pretty. She is the fiance of a man named Sam that died in a road accident. In London Rd near the railway station. There is a support group called Critical Mass.

I am reading a story called Mirror Mirror in which a student has found an item that is supposedly haunted. You might have seen From Within, Mirrors, Oculus. One line reads "I need to borrow it for a day or to" should say "two". It is a short story by Anthony M Strong.

NHS cuts planned across England, the irony being the Brexit vote would mean more money for the NHS. Which was a lie.

David Newlands a Muppet that attacked a vulnerable man was given a custodial sentence but refused to the the unpaid work and given two chances. He boasts online "I'm out bro, easy" The judge added "As they say, lol" after he had been given a custodial sentence. #faggot

Workplace Dress Codes on BBC Parliament which I am surprised to see. Bollocks about high heels at work. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Storm In A Teacup

There were these chavy teens threatening a lady that they know from outside Savers on the High St, Loughborough on Saturday 27th August 2016. Early afternoon. One was called Charlotte. Giving abuse, even shouting something across the street. They came in like "excuse me can I get served please" one asked why the drinks were cheap. Asking if they were out of date. I was to look out for this bloke that did take two lucozades. Putting one back after being seen by a customer. Jade did not ring 3 bells however but I should have followed the nob. My bad. I should not have hesitated and just did what I was asked. He was guilty of theft. Let it go.
Dennis the alcoholic shoplifter told an apprentice to join a gym and lose some weight. Arsehole. Loughborough is one long Jeremy Kyle episode.

I need to buy some food but I don't have enough money because of you know who.

The Princess Diaries 2 seems like a bag of shit. Who on earth wrote the film?

Yesterday I am not sure what the tall blonde haired guy was saying but we were clearly closed. Nob. I got some money back in cash but the banks are closed as it is Bank Holiday Monday.

One cranky old man was wanting me to top up his phone for him and whilst I was figuring the receipt instructions as it was crammed together and not much sense. He asked if my colleague could do it saying "he doesn't know what he's doing" why be a fucking bellend? A guy in dark blue clothing and empty red bag came in and had a look at the Gillette set. He had left but was going by the shop every often looking in. An opportunist shoplifter. There was a man in a high vis jacket that I wondered about.
Fucking nob of a black guy in glasses just waving to the camera whilst the reporter is doing her piece to camera live outside the closed BHS store. Itv1 news 6:50pm 28/8/16.

Lewis Haunch has been given a Darwin Award after taking drugs at a festival. I am looking at BBC1 and Have You Been Served? is on but it is a remake or updated tribute.
There was this attractive blonde Eastern European woman about 20 years old with her brunette friend. One did have ID. A Chinese lady had a photo of her passport on her iPhone.

I remember back in college where I wasn't working and though applied for work wasn't successful. Borrowing money from my mum probably started everyone else off. Abusing young Sam set a range of things in motion. Something which I regret. I am sorry to her, Debbie and Craig. I deservedly got beaten up. Made homeless technically twice. Arrested and charged. Later convicted as I plead guilty. Went on a sex offender treatment programme which worked and I am a changed person. I wasn't going to pass my course. I missed the deadline. Because of events that took place I had to leave.
Having had disciplinary over Social media and later firing was my fault. I am here because of my actions, shot myself in the foot. Making bitchy comments about people close to me on Facebook only caused arguments and alienation. I did it to myself.
Radiohead-Just/Karma Police/Creep

The new Wateraid ad set in an office is genius. Helen Glover and Steve Backshall are an attractive couple. Currently on The Wright Stuff.
I made a stupid error. Customer wanted change. But the guy wanted 10s but instead wanted coins. So I gave the money back to him. The till is down. I believe that I gave the right amount. He may have been a wrong'un. Scam artist is the guilty one. I have no need to be ashamed or to take it to heart. Man up, use your brain and initiative. Go with your instincts. It was a genuine mistake. Let it go Jess Glynn - Don't Be So Hard On Yourself.
A shoplifter was hanging out by the window enquiring about the fragrance. I'm sure he would nicked it later on.

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Friday, 26 August 2016

Netsky - Rio

I downloaded a song that I did not want. I was looking for the one featured on the Notebook 7 ad. My brother asked to borrow money again. My assistant manager does have a lousy attitude. Taking the piss and having a dislike of the retail trainee with learning disabilities. You should be understanding. Cunts featured on CCTV: Neighbourhood Watching on Itv1. If there were guns fitted. The suspects would be shot dead. Crazy blonde that bugged Mavis and her husband. Still not paying attention to the restraining order. Another blonde that wound her dog up and attacked a person's cat. A cyclist made the mistake of cycling on the pavement and ran a child over. He had stopped. The parents had driven off to the hospital. So he walked away. Burglars need hanging. Some woman's carer had the house key copied and stole items from the house. Jailed for just three years.
See the Twitter comments.

At Puregym there was a fantastic arse on the blonde in grey leggings. Nice one in black too. I noticed that one blonde wore a t-shirt with Beast written on it. She was quite chirpy when chatting to the muscular bloke that she knows. She is a website designer.

Some pretty girls come into Savers. Beautiful eyes, faces, bodies. One lady was trying to keep her kids in check. I offered SAS and she goes "you what?" Don't you mean 'pardon'? Her son with the scooter was throwing a hissyfit. Touching stuff on the shelf. He left the scooter at the doorway. It became an obstacle. Bitch where do you think that he gets it from? I let three people pass and not one had said thankyou. Manners maketh the man. There were Shelter reps in town but I explained that I was working. Why on earth do people think that just because an item is cheap that it must be dodgy? Savers Health And Beauty are a legitimate business.

The Family Guy episode 'The Blind Side' is good. Also see The Simpsons 'Missionary Impossible' in jokes and cameos.

I am paying out more money than I earn. No savings. I could not get married there is no money. Not sure what my mum is expecting as she doesn't have the money because of my brother. If I could ditch my family then I would be financially better off also I should have managed my spending better. Never have taken a loan in the first place. My brother has to sell things off, end subscriptions. I might get judged for living at home but I would have to explain. I took the loan as I wanted to move out. My family are a nuisance. I paid my way from the money that I inherited and shouldn't have spent so much on useless things. Religion is a waste of money. It benefits no one. I can't get a phone adapter now that I don't have the money. I will just say no to my brother when it comes to money. Time to block his number.
I got myself into bother with the law, with college and with work at some point. It does have a rippling effect. But whats done is done. Radiohead-Just

Mia Ayliffe Chung was hot. The hackers of Leslie Jones's Icloud and Tumblr are just cancerous individuals. Hateful and jealous.

Some fashion designer that I have never heard of has died. It is a pretentious industry.

Slough number ‭01753 441520‬ has been calling me back almost every day it seems. The number is blocked by I just checked the call list. August 4,5,8,11,12,15,16,18. I rang it at 5am and the line was busy. You can Google the company. Time to join the Telephone Preference Service.

I finished reading the half hearted Harry Plotter And The Chamber Of Secrets which unfinished. I have wasted my time. I believe that I have read another story by the author MJ Ware as I recognised the zombie story that follows. I want to use YouTube converter http://www.youtube-mp3.org/ but there are these spam ads that keep popping up. http://ydlutkwiir.xyz/l1/18?domain=&os=Android&ip= http://ydlutkwiir.xyz/c1?domain=&ip= http://iudavzpron.xyz/70/8f51b5c1e7ea4f96b92bb7f4b509feb5?websiteid=130055127_1100004890

I had a dream where I was applying for work at Greggs or Olive catering. I was helping a girl fill in a form about questions regarding fruit, storage and decay and was convinced that I was not right for the job. I was taken the piss out of.

I may have made a pointless journey to the library.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Renegades Of Funk-Rage Against The Machine

Saw Maddie a former recruitment consultant and she looked good as did Cheryl a young lady that I knew as a teen.

Something kicked off outside McDonald's. A man was refused service. He got abusive and violent. Security got him and his girlfriend off the premises. The police were later called. There was some indecisiveness on the radio.

What the fuck is going on-

Subject: Unique Reference No: 123543248
From: HMRC <info@vaidotasinicaite.sendmailx.net>
Unique Reference No: 123543248

password@twitter.com> wrote:
We noticed a recent login attempt from an unusual device or location. If this wasn't you Secure your account by resetting your password now. Reset password If this was you Just to be safe, please confirm your identity by using this temporary code on Twitter or wherever you would normally enter your Twitter password

So a muslim woman is forced to remove her Burkini. This was in France.

I watched Anchorman and thought that it was ok even though Judd Apatow is a producer but just put off by Will Ferrel. The only decent film that he did was Everything Must Go. I decided not to bother with Anchorman 2. I am rewatching REC. I see that Jennifer Lopez is making shit music 'I Ain't Your Mama' and Will.i.am is just getting worse with his rapping and music production. http://www.deathandtaxesmag.com/191233/8-reasons-why-will-i-am-is-the-worst-musician-of-our-time-or-any-other-time/

Get on with the bomb making #chroniclesofnadiya

Ignorant tweet of the day.

More cunts targeting Leslie Jones.

If 101% of pop culture catered to white nerds instead of only 98.1% then the cyber attacks like the one on Leslie Jones wouldn't happen.
View details ·
Leslie Jones

White Leslie Jones

View more people
I'm so annoyed by what's happening to Miss Leslie Jones. Are her white costars speaking out?
View details ·
Leslie Jones 😔 curse you white supremacy curse you.
View details ·
Kyle Kallgren
Ppl are calling Leslie Jones racist because she once tweeted "white people smh" We need to have a long talk about the definition of racism.
View details ·
Kahn Artist
So from what I can tell, Leslie Jones is the racist. She has been attacking white people viciously. Karma bit her. pic.twitter.com/Vgmb49CdHl
View photo ·

Race Jones follows
Razor Ramon
Black men, and women likening Leslie Jones to a gorilla are just as low as white racist trash, and their Klancestors.
View details ·
#1 Tony Stark Stan
Leslie Jones is out here getting hacked and harassed and y'all want to justify it because she hurt your white feelings???
View details ·
Phoebe Rose White
Seriously, the only thing that Leslie Jones has done to offend these trolls is be a successful black woman. Screw you all.
View details ·
Zerofvx follows
Woof Blitzer
Leslie Jones is really trending because old white men are pissed that she played in Ghostbusters... Well also because they hacked her
View details ·
leslie jones receives constant harassment for doing nothing other than being a dark skin woman and white people laugh at and justify it.
View details ·
Siyanda Mohutsiwa follows
Carolina Bama
White feminists, and trickle-down-equality BM, now is the time to not be mediocre and defend #LeslieJones
View details ·
BlackHistory-101 follows
I don't want hear any white person talk about Leslie Jones unless they're sending their support and love.
View location ·
Torraine Walker
I'm waiting (& watching) to see if prominent feminist groups who show up when white women are harassed come to the defense of Leslie Jones.
View details ·
Jouford T. Shitlord follows
Dani Destroys Dems
Funny how if a white male was doxxed, self proclaimed "feminists" would be all over it, but Leslie Jones getting hacked sparks outrage. 😒
View details ·
*Stop making the Leslie Jones situation about race* I will...AFTER you show me THIS level of hate for her three white female co-stars.
View details ·
Sam White
Know this: Leslie Jones has been brutally attacked by dedicated & coordinated maniacs for being a strong, successful, carefree, black woman.
View conversation ·
Twin Peaks Survivors
Leslie Jones continuing to be virulently harassed by the #altright just qualifies that white supremacy and privilege are real #LeslieJones
View details ·
Hillary Goff follows
Charles Clymer
Imagine being so damn petty and insecure in your white maleness that a wonderful person like Leslie Jones threatens you. Sad and disgusting.
View details ·
Sam White
Leslie Jones's body is no one's business but hers. No one cares if you don't like it. Step off. Troll me instead if you're that desperate.
View conversation ·

Watching the final episode of Naked Attraction. People were saying Rebecca from Nottingham was attractive. I just want to see her tits. Size matters after all. So who ever dated her, treated her with respect had the smallest penis. Wonder what he must be thinking. Nob mistakes the Geordie for Irish. Mauro was the best one. Rebecca's tits and pussy are ok.
Lord Rach.
Aug 15
(white) feminism failed #GabbyDouglas , just like it failed #LeslieJones and a slew of other BW.

So I get less money back than promised. Anytime Fitness need to stop messaging me.
OFFER ENDS 31.08.16 AT 9PM! We have REDUCED our membership rate to £28.95 per month!!! Please give us a call on 01509 323600 to speak to a member of staff who can go through the details. We hope to see you soon! Anytime Fitness Loughborough. to opt out txt NO2SMS to 84433
I am a member of Puregym paying 18.99 a month. So why bother?

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The Weeknd- High For This

I had problems with the till reciept printer. Fucking thing suspends and I am waiting for a member of management and a sales assistant but no one answers the call. It spits out the receipt. There was an open bottle of shampoo on its side and the spillage was on the shelf. Dripping down to the floor. One guy that didn't speak English wanted to check the price of the fragrance and perhaps wanted a price reduction. He had this app that translated Chinese/Japanese to English. One gay guy buying Pepsi was on about joining the queue. The foreign student had been around a while and it was best to not ignore. Some other camp guy sounded annoying. My assistant manager seemed to be annoyed by and takes the piss out of a retail trainee that may have a learning disability.
Loz on the TV show Itv Rookies is hot. As were the two girls on a night out wanting a picture with the officers. The girl in the blue hoodie shouting racist abuse needed tasing.
On BBC Breakfast this morning the business segment came to a close. The camera pans out to Sally where she would talk. The lady from the policy institute spoke abit more. The whole show seemed awkward.
My youngest brother is moaning yet again. 'What is it with British people?' He does generalise when it comes to white people. My younger brother keeps asking me and him for money. I won't give anymore. Shit at money management. I thought Robert Tebbs was bad. It is 10:57pm. I want to sleep. https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10201000567442942&id=1429652412&set=ecnf.1429652412&source=49
http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/forecast/gcrhhwff4 weather for Loughborough.

Commenting on someone's nice eyes in a pic was highly inappropriate, share option is to there on Facebook. Rachel Hughes got her knickers in a twist.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

La Roux-In For The Kill

Assistant manager had another argument on the phone with the boyfriend in the office. Customers would be able to hear the noise. #jeremykyle

Everyday Sexiness
ln.is/chaturbate.com… Mike Blue's Best Day DVD is good. Fantastic oral action. Reverse gangbang.
View details ·
Everyday Sexiness
ln.is/blogspot.com/2… Robert Tebbs shoplifting and some old guy drinking himself stupid. Thus the ambulance was called. Loughborough

Everyday Sexiness
Some beggar was asking me for change. He was asking various people. I went down Market St to avoid him and he had come from the other side. I said no.

This is Faye from Leicester but not interested in Asians. Abit racist. But her excuse might be preference. https://m.fabswingers.com/profile/hotfaye She is hot but shame about the ignorance.
Fun loving looking for MR right now

Username: HotFaye
Faye (24)
Woman in Leiceste, East Midlands, UK
Joined: 9 hours ago
Last on: 2 hours ago
8 hours ago... Looking for big cocks ideally black for gangbang

Looking For
Couples (MM) Men aged 18 to 44. Will meet smokers.
Cannot accommodate. Can travel.
24 years old
5'11"  180cm
Non smoker
Social drinker
Some tattoos
1 or 2 piercings
Anal, Dogging, DP, Gangbangs, Safe Sex, Threesomes,
Hi Guys looking for some fun right now not anything serious. maybe after something regular depends on the guy.
Ideally like very well built men so rugby players body builders soldiers. intrested in black and mixed race guys but no asian men please
please no werdoes asking about cuckold please that's just weird and I'm not in to it

There is a nice couple from Market Harborough worth seeing. https://m.fabswingers.com/profile/jay_n_maz/gallery

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Greenday- American Idiot #lochtegate

ROX Affiliate Program launches with Paid On Results
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I have started watching Manderlay. It is shot like a theatre production. Bryce Dallas Howard, Willem Dafoe, John Hurt, Danny Glover. Set in 1933. A group are on the road when they pass a plantation where slavery is still rife. I saw the odd review beforehand and they weren't generous. It is a political drama. You might like The Help, The Butler, Twelve Years A Slave. There is a good cast of actors. One white woman wants to help free the slaves. Eight chapters. The sets are spread about. It is quite dark around the areas. John Hurt is the narrator.

This woman was asking if we sold loop or lube as she was whispering it. Made me look daft. She should have been clearer. I received a certificate for my work at the store.

I am watching Spotless, a weird new gameshow on ITV. I guess it replaced Bang On The Money.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Take That - Hey Boy

‭01608 439224‬ Chipping Norton rang. It was silent when I called back. Then they would put me through to the next available agent. I hung up anyway. Pretty brunette, tanned in all black posing near Cash Converters, Churchgate, Loughborough. Her boyfriend was taking a picture. I needed to get by. There were two teens being shushed at the library by two older annoying gents. At the gym is the blonde in blue top, black leggings with nice eyes. I'm sure that is is Charlie a former consultant. My phone Sd card did not have enough memory. I should take some photos. I might and save it to my phone or put up on my sites. I don't consider myself a creep nor do I objectify women. It's normal to be attracted to someone. I was in the changing room and not sure what the guy was doing. I look to see him topless and he had blonde hair and a nice body.

How the fuck the messaging app was removed from my phone I do not know.

One Punch Killers programme is interesting. See what people on Twitter think. The crew are on a night out. There is a shot of three hot blondes in white dresses. Hearing views from both sides. The lad Andrew suffered from Asperges and told a mixed raced guy Lewis to 'go back to the jungle' a racist incident meant that he deserved the punch. The subtitles are slow and not appearing when they should so I am missing information. One guy is back in prison for gbh. Apparently people that knew him were saying how much of a nice person he was and that it was out of character. Bollocks. Clearly didn't know him as well as you thought you did.

Naked Attraction which I always tune in to late. The two lesbians weren't attractive neither was the lady in the orange box.
Nice pussies on display. Pink Jess in particular. Ruby weren't too bad. Nice hair. Some nice tits and faces of the girls. Some dress slutty as it is revealed. Yellow has nice big tits. Blue aka Jules has a pretty face. As does Green. How many feminists complain about this show I wonder? These people apply to be on the show. I wouldn't say Keiron had a perfect body. So the girl had started to see someone. The two weren't mutually exclusive. But what was the point of going on the show then? Like the knob last week that didn't turn up to the review three weeks later.

Rebecca James is attractive and so is the Brazilian lady in a gold dress stood behind the podium. The Wright Stuff Laura Wright is stunning not sure what she does. A new show called Celebrity Trolls on ch5. The female presenter is hot. I have only realised that it is Frankie Bridge of The Saturdays. Sophie Hitchen is an ex ballerina and feminine according to Sally Gunnel with which is hard to believe. A police man sacked over his behaviour on Twitter, I know how that feels fam. At Rio 2016. Some hot diver had sex with a canoeist and that is news apparently.

Why the fuck are QS contacting me now? I did shifts for them I believe many years ago.
We have warehouse positions avaliable. Please call 01159 422008 to enquire and booked for an interview.
If responding by text please text back on 07860063452 thanks QS Recruitment Limited.


‭020 3092 6515‬ Consumer Lifestyle called. Blocked.

Nadine Visser of the Netherlands looking hot.

Kids in the back shouting 'mama' together and some other stuff. I could tell they were Bengali. Watching Cloverfield and it keeps switching from widescreen to full frame. Looking back the camera man who is Rob's best friend Hudson/Todd is annoying. Remembered that Lizzy Caplan is in this. I had watched 10 Cloverfield Lane recently.

Watching a Brit horror called Heartless. You might like 28 Days Later, Ferrel, F, Attack The Block, The New Daughter. Nice opening music. The soundtrack is interesting. Dvd is skipping. A group work at a photographer studio. There are demons that lurk in the dark. Jamie has a scar on his face. His new neighbour is played by Noel Clarke. There is a murder and so the hero seeks revenge. A strange film. Social commentary about modern life. Not what I was expecting. Quite a few different characters and some come off as meaningless. Cert 18. Somewhat bizarre scene including clingfilm. Some twists expected. I am not sure what drugs the screenwriter was on when he thought this up. I need to look up the discussion and reviews of this film. Cinemax 2009.

The delivery was a little late. I was supposed to take my mother to the hospital but she had already left. I seemed to have another task to do even though my shift was coming to an end m Brazil vs USA in Volleyball. The asses are the only good things about the players. There was this pretty brunette that I served with a gentle voice. My manager Chey and colleague Jade looked hot in slim black clothing. They have a slim athletic build.

My youngest brother keeps asking me to get Interdental brushes. He should just buy several packs in one go.

Brazilian fans at Rio 2016 being bellends by booing competitors. Not what the Olympic spirit is about. Look out for #sexyalevels Jailbait teen girls with their A Levels results in the media. Charlotte Hartley is attractive. Sadie Williams is a pathetic woman. Katrina Walsh looks like the boyfriend Thompson. Catching up with Sapphire on Naked Attraction, none of the girls that she has to pick from are attractive.

There was this cute young lady in black and purple leggings at the bench and later stretching in the CV room. The blonde with black leggings with spotted design was nice. As was this other blonde that I spotted. The tanned blonde with striped leggings was back. As is the mixed raced girl. I saw this blonde in pink t-shirt with frizzy hair.

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Monday, 15 August 2016

Anywhere In The World - Mark Ronson ft Katy B

I received this email twice and it isn't my address.
-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Important_message_for_you ! Please_respond
From: ✅ MORRISONS_CONFIRMATION! <bb603@your-mail.com>
To: mud603bb@gmail.com

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Your Postcode Has Been Selected By Morrison's Team
Code : 05906-7Uk56M
Max Whitlock's Fiance
Eng V Pak cricket and there is a couple dressed as Minnie Mouse (nice tits) and Cookie Monster
Women on Twitter will find something to complain about.
I made the call to Provident and the call ended after the payment and I'm hoping that it went through. Calling Lloyds and call ended immediately. My balance on text is different to when I ring up. Stupid.
I dreamt that I was at the home of a gay couple and I had been sleeping in between them. Later I am sleeping in the bed upstairs and refuse to go down. I collect 5 CDs from a guy that had borrowed them. Mainly Dance music compilations. I am asleep and then awoken to to find the fat white mature guy fucking my ass. He isn't wearing a condom and cums inside me. I later find that there is blood and I could be infected with an STD.
Bbc subs 'Saint Bolt' Attempted murder of a police officer in Loughborough just yesterday.
At the gym was this stunning tanned blonde in grey and black striped kit. Superb tits. Upon arriving I spotted a blonde in white T-shirt and tight grey shorts. Fantastic arse. There was some lady in orange top over black leggings. A brunette on the bike now, was doing squats earlier- black gym kit with part of it in luminous orange. Again the slim bodied mixed race girl was back.

There was a nice brunette in a blue/black white dotted dress with nice legs. She was going past the grocers on Biggin St. Saw this lady in blue dress with massive tits. Also spotted an asian lady in red.

The cash machine in Wilkos was useless. Quite alot of pretty women out today.
Some geordie woman was almost kicking off at the librarian as she didn't know that the photocopier/printer would not give change.

<a href="http://refer.ccbill.com/cgi-bin/clicks.cgi?CA=942284-0000&PA=2270848" target="_blank" title="Tanya Tate British Pornstar"><img src="http://tanyatate.com/banner/banner-08.jpg" /></a>

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Search And Destroy - Skunk Anansie

http://www.arrse.co.uk/community/threads/athletes-you-would.166692/page-140 In the spirit of the Olympics.
Katie from Naked Attraction probably had shagged Mathew. https://m.facebook.com/katie.t.nixon?fref=ts
I did see some of the Berry temps. I would have said hello but they were on their way out. The bin bag was not replaced what is the point? I have not been given back enough money to cover my payment for Monday. And he asked for some of it back. Dissatisfied.
I dreamt that I was near a few homes. Someone possibly elderly was in a room. The lights were on and there was an RIP sign with dates on it. I saw this dvd boxset of Towie which some info and clips of Nanny Pat. I was interested in seeing them. I also came face to face with various monsters and I had some people to help me. I see Match Of The Day and there is this an attractive brunette presenter. Where the fuck are the envelopes for your rakhris and stop saying 'jewra' I have woken up to hear her repeat 'jewra kitchen ha' about 30 times.
I masturbate to whiny women. BBC Subtitles 'Gentlemens Carlin' 'was a great freelying'. Post swim interview with Jazz Carlin and a few minutes before.
I knew that head office would contact the manager about the Facebook page. It was only a matter of time. I was nominated for an employee prize draw because of the work that I do on SAS. Shopping vouchers to be won.
Netflix aired Aziz Ansari subtitles from his stand up show over a BBC nature documentary. http://thechive.com/2016/08/03/bbc-accidentally-broadcasts-aziz-ansari-subtitles-over-nature-show-22-photos/
Not sure what is weird but their was a butch lesbian and I guess the blonde was her husband girlfriend and there was the mother 'mutton dressed as lamb'. I served a lady that burped as she was drinking an energy drink. Not very lady like. I did serve the lovely Evie that works at the Freemasons place in Leicester. A former work colleague of mine is taking part in the Rio Paralympics.
Here is a tweet from a USA athlete https://mobile.twitter.com/IbtihajMuhammad/status/721147462929498112?p=v
Some weird tweets @Olumes58
Aug 12
Jessica Ennis-Hill is PERFECTION!!! Talk about an absolute beauty!!! You'd never imagine she's a mother 🔥🔥🔥love my Athletes👅
Jessica Ennis-Hill's biggest mistake was becoming a mother.
Nadiya Hussain Take that thing off your head & the abuse will stop dear.
4:42 AM - 14 Aug 2016
Katie is just clueless. She lives in France and hopes to return to the UK soon.

The Hmrc text was possibly sent from the Canary Islands due to its service number. A scam.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Electric Light Orchestra - Don't Bring Me Down

10 Cloverfield Lane: A sequel to Cloverfield. Starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Michelle a young woman that has left her husband and is on her way North. John Goodman plays Howard, a farmer and conspiracy theorist that lives in a bunker. There is a young man called Emmet played by John Gallagher Jr. Sci-fi Horror. You might like The Divide, Room, War Of The Worlds, The Quiet Hour. Good soundtrack. Special effects are good. Great cast of actors. Bad Robot Productions also made the recent Star Trek films, Star Wars, Mission Impossible Rogue Nation and Lost.

I keep getting asked to come in for work on my day off and lend money when I barely have any. Just becoming pests. An old man in a mobility scooter was being served by a colleague. He was after some aftershave but there wasn't anything. She would offer to help him and told him that they were on the top shelf. He labelled it as discrimination. I was heading back home and down Churchgate was a nice bodied blonde in striped black and white suit. I admired her ass. I would take a photo but had insufficient memory. A few more teen blondes came to the shop. Alexandra Raisman is pretty, nice ass and body in general. Gymnastics the girls are usually pretty fit. 999 What's
Your Emergency ch4. The police go see Michaela. The young officer is hot. Series 3 episode 5. The Job Interview has blonde Francesca and a pretty black girl. I was asked if we sold disposable barbecues. Weird question. Impractical Jokers Uk ch5 "have you seen my wife?" a few hot women featured. They have previews which are spoilers. The bar scene may cause some opinions on Twitter. Women's synchronised diving and Tonia Couch looks good. I saw this Polish British blonde, tall with amazing tits and then this tall pretty mixed raced girl. I sold £75 worth of SAS. Some teen brunette in black tight shorts with nice ass. Some nice boobs on the blonde in white top. A lady was to buy two boxes of wine thinking they were £3.29 or something each. But no they were the price of each bottle. Slough tried calling ‭01753 441520‬ on Monday.
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 is not as good as the original. Romantic comedy about a larger than life Greek family. Cert 12. The couple Toula and Ian have a 17 year old daughter about to go off to college. A secret is unearthed. This dvd is skipping through some scenes. Maybe I am not missing much. The characters can be overbearing. See the Amazon reviews. Louis Mandylor I believe is the brother of Costas that was in the Saw film series. Joey Fatone of NSync. Nia Vardalous wrote the movie. John Corbett also stars. I see what looks like inequality between the sexes. You might also have seen East Is East, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Royale Family, The Cosby Show. I should never have bothered. There is a Greek version of Billy Idol-White Wedding. The actress playing the daughter is attractive. One woman has great tits, she is the scandalous one. John Legend - All Of Me is a song played during the wedding which I worked at. It is used in one scene. There is a gag reel and making of bonus features. The song playing at the reception is good. End credits one is interesting. I am looking to watch The Boy and Dawn Of Justice.
We have Homes Under The Hammer, property is bought at auction, done up and sold or rented. Then you have Britain's Benefit Tennant Ch4. Private landlords have to try and deal with people on benefits that go into arrears. I say look at the tweets from the viewers. The council should be sorting this out. People should manage their money better. One lady had been playing loud music apparently and complaints were made. She denies any wrong doing. Flabbergasted at finding out that the private landlord isn't responsible for rehousing her. Nikki is her name. The agent Caroline dealing with this is hot. The meter had been tampered with. Hole in the wall. These individuals buy up all these properties. Someone named Kristie was guilty of noise pollution. There was some fly tipping as you will. The agent/landlord dumps some stuff on a former tenants front garden. Chris the agent goes into a property that is a mess. Nice shot of a vibrator box 'Splash Rabbit.'
Sainsburys in Hackney. A gay couple were holding hands and a some Twat complains and so the security guard tells them that they were behaving inappropriately. They have been offered a £10 voucher. Did the incident happen? I was accused of acting inappropriately by Rachel Hughes, but the cunt doesn't know shit. There was a Darwin Award for a railway worker that had his head stuck out of a window when it was struck. You think that he would have known better.
Naked Attraction but the standard of women on this have slipped. Nice to see tits and pussy. Green and blue might be a good pick. This is episode 3. At first glance I just thought there were blokes there. Not remotely bothered about what they have to say. Big Brother could be taken off the air for featuring full frontal nudity. I hope it was one of the attractive females. One month later and Katie wasn't interested. Not replying to calls or texts. Did not turn up for filming. Mathew may have had better luck with the other girls. At the gym the personal trainer was with a olive skinned brunette in black top and navy blue leggings. Pert buttocks. Some tall blonde was doing squats and saw another shorter one in grey and black. I took up a 1km cycle challenge and did 1m48s.

What the fuck the Judges were doing no one will know. Mexico offered a redive and then denied it.
I remember the other day that three people were walking side by side on this narrow road and so took up the pavement. The Chinese woman was not looking at where she was going. So I had to step onto the road. I am courteous. I had a dream regarding My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.
Always ad campaign
There was once a guy that came in to Savers looking to buy some items for a homeless charity but he was looking for a discount. He was told to contact Head Office. A group of girls were looking for donations but the manager told them that we were already with Marie Curie. Yesterday two people came and told me of the paperclip challenge where you swap an item for something without using currency. I mentioned that it may not happen. I rang for the supervisor that checked with the manager but again it was a no. It seems pointless.
BBC Breakfast at that diving moment in Leeds. There were three people diving together and Naga mentions "threesome". The presenters do come out with some shit.

Monday, 8 August 2016

Wretch 32- Traktor

I got this from a text no ‭4672733863‬ claiming to be Hmrc. But I don't trust it. 'You are due a refund of £265.48 from HMRC. Please use our link below to process your refund http://gov.hmrcrefund.tax/'
I offered this gentleman his receipt but he didn't want it saying "I don't think I'll be returning the toilet rolls do you?" Dickhead it is for proof of purchase. One man that was going to buy a JPG Le Male tried using two cards for contactless payment but it didn't work and he left to see if he could get a pin number. He did not return. Another guy buying a deodorant thought that he was being ripped off and that it cost 95p. I went to investigate and there was a label saying £1. He was busy on his phone to notice and apparently didn't matter about the 5p. Arse. A shoplifter had made of with 16 cans of deo but denied taking it. CCTV was viewed. I was busy facing up. It is his fault not mine. To be honest the shoplifters deserve to be stabbed to death.
In McDonald's I was going to sit on this seat. But this older lady was going to sit there with her grandson so I let her have it. I noticed some teens are wearing shorts and there was the older one with her boyfriend and I tried not to look at her legs. There were a few tasty blondes that came to the shop and the tanned one that worked in the tanning salon then airport looked good with dyed brown hair. A brunette in black uniform, pretty and with a gap between her two front teeth.
There was a clip of Adam Peaty walking down the street towards the camera and I realised it was Devonshire Square, Loughborough.

I got called into work as someone wasn't feeling well and I think I know who that was. I had plans. I was tempted to say no. Now the rotas have been revised. Some retail trainee called Chris should have turned up on Tuesday but didn't. I missed Notts Gay Pride. My brother asked to borrow more money. My Bt WiFi pass has run out. Michael McCabe caused disruption in Leicester. He should have been run over. I did notice Rio Rugby Sevens segment that the GB women's captain needs to use a facial waxing strip. Some of the hockey players have nice bodies. UK vs Aus. My mother is still making the noise and brother is being just as annoying.
I'm better off without the companies that I have worked for. I'm too good for them. Muse-hyper music
Women's Beach Volleyball playing on TV now but I am going to work. Some nice tits and ass on the Swiss players.
Some knob came into the store and stole 4 Hugo Boss edt. Later a scruffy beard, ripped jeans, watching me through the window and came in but then went out again. If I had the chance then I would put them in a Jigsaw style trap.
80 miles per hour. The brunette is pretty as is her blonde friend asking the question. I'd rather look at her nice tits. Come Dine With Me, Leicester host Portia looks good. She has had glamorous shots done. Alicia Blagg the GB Olympic diver is fit. You get to the buttocks due to the skimpy outfits. Some of these events and I wonder just what is the point? Some are just highlights and others are lengthy. Beach Volleyball is shown on BBC4 from 10pm BST. It is 11:16 and there is no Volleyball yet. They just showed the guide and volleyball is on at 1am.
There are live streams on the BBC.co.uk site. It seems absurd that the Russian Paralympic team was banned but the other athletes from the Olympics were not. The Beeb seem to repeat the same event on all three channels. I can't be arsed with this. Tennis is being shown.
Congratulations to Adam Peaty. His girlfriend Anna Zair is nice. The blonde that I passed had nice big tits. Black cardie over grey top. Meadow Lane, Loughborough. Then just now a brunette in brown coat, slim, wearing a skirt showing off nice legs. I passed a short and busty brunette on Bridge St.
Fit blonde in white T-shirt chatting to a guy and another in all black with Adidas logo on her leggings. Using the power plate. Yet again I am asked to lend money.

Friday, 5 August 2016

The Osmonds - Crazy Horses

I would rim and lick this girl's pussy and ass

Dr Angela Ly BBC Breakfast. Blonde presenter at Twycross Zoo. Odd Animal Couples lady that looks after the lions #cleavage
The nutritionist on Eat Well For Less.
#Casualty30 ad was good. There is the music that played during it which I will download. Interesting seeing how Cava is made and what it is. The engineer that was to fix the chiller did not turn up. I am overdrawn and getting charged per day. I did see a former work colleague Fran yesterday. Some pretty girls came into store. I seem to have wasted time getting the tester strips for the Hugo Boss Men EDT.
Saving Lives At Sea showing some idiots jumping into the Thames, like the YouTube personality Faisal that leapt from Tower Bridge. They ought to leave those people and nominate them for a Darwin Award. People put themselves in danger and the RNLI have to clean up the mess. Eira was a little girl playing hide and seek and fell down a hole in the rocks, the tide would be coming in. Where were the legal guardians? The RNLI do an amazing job. Gogglebox Brexit Special "willy wangling" quote from the rev. See their opinions. The Michaels family were associated with Ukip. A memorandum to Caroline Aherne with the theme to The Royale Family playing. Annoying participants. There was the pretty Syrian brunette that is playing for R.O.T at Rio2016. Ch4 A Granny's Guide To The Modern World, you may have seen Off Their Rockers.
Manchester ‭0161 835 2277‬ called, someone left a silent voice mail from 01753441520 Slough. Numbers have been blocked.
I should have gone to the library and look online. Having watched Shutter I am looking up the Aussie model featured. BodyFreaks ch5 trailer had the bloke wanting to look like Kim Kardashian. He looks like the old puppets from the 80s. Made me laugh. Just caught the end of Naked Attraction and the girl Anya has a nice pussy and ass but not much else. I need to see 4OD. Maybe not watch the entire thing and just see the nudity. Maria and Ashley have nice bodies as does the black guy Dj Darryl picking them. Ashley had nicer tits. I'm interested to see the tweets are like and what the other girls looked like. Episode 1 Shen- Orange had a nice body. The one with the prosthetic leg was nice. The 1st man looks like Will.i.am. What I don't like about the All4 app is the advert breaks.
World's Weirdest Weather and it is raining spiders. The reporter that is in Brazil is pretty 1:13am 5/8/16. Anita the Brazilian popstar is pretty. Gucci Fragrance For Her, nice naked lady playing the piano. I believe is Gal Gadot. I hate perfume ads.
Friday, Mathew Wright seems to be losing his voice. Orlando Bloom pictured nude maybe Katy Perry too. I saw him when I worked in Newport Pagnell. I may just give up on Mr Cocks. I get a late reply confirming what I know.
My phone kept getting cut off whilst on the phone to Home serve. Thanks Vodafone. Because of insufficient funds the policy was cancelled. Due to my brother borrowing the money thus not enough left. Black Lives Matter protesters causing havoc in the UK. Not doing themselves any favours. 5th anniversary of the death of Saint Mark Duggan. At least there isn't another riot. The trams in Nottingham might run over the people lying on the tracks. The female in the red top has nice tits. They just interviewed a hot blonde. A far right group are also planning a protest in the city centre.
Lizzie Armistead is attractive. BBC News: a woman at the cricket match reading a Harry Potter book. Viola Beach songs should be purchased legally but some may do YouTube converting and free downloads.
Looking at the Road To Rio episode with Michael Palin. It is interesting to see the German immigrant community. Some pretty women too. That soap actress has a nice body judging by the clip that they showed. The younger ladies in the town that would become models were hot. Ringing 2345 and there was a huff from the automated voice. Silence and the call ends. She does talk some shit. Wondering who does the voice. Sian Welby perhaps? The money that I earn is my money. I can do with it what I wish. I should not be paying out more than I earn. Especially as it was for my family.
I got this from Myoffers ‭69633377‬:
Hi Mo, we need you to be a product tester for us
- test and KEEP for free a new Dyson V8 Absolute
Stop? HSTOP to 64446
The cunts from Slough called again.
I was thinking of going into town and use the computer. Maybe use Bt WiFi which costs just over a fiver. This woman on Antiques Road Show with the big clock reminds me of Nigel Farage. She wore a multi coloured striped top. First scene of the episode. I will make my way to Splash Sauna. My work hours are varied. Bunny Campione what a name.
Cash Trapped is a new quiz show based on an idea by The Chase host Bradley Walsh. It is on 5pm itv1 weekdays. Just caught an old episode of Top Gear with guest Jordan aka Katie Price. The Question Jury ch4 Friday- M6 or M1 was the answer and one guy was right but the foreman went with the wrong answer. Even got the answer to Batman Returns which was Michael Keaton. Fuck off Moonpig.com ad.

I have no idea who Clementine Ford is but I am blocked by her on Twitter.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Friction - Long Gone Memory

A woman had taken a New Look bag with it's contents which had been accidentally left in Sports Direct. CCTV footage has been seen.


The confirmation email hadn't come through, maybe too early but it was a wasted journey which I thought that it would be. More than person making noise in the library. Banging on the desk or a child squealing.

Homes Under The Hammer hadn't guessed that Mark was gay. Just wondering where these people get all that money from. It's money that most won't get in a lifetime. They must have a business, been saving a long time or had won the lottery.
The older gentleman Charles has a milf of a wife. Episode filmed in South London, Blackpool and Northumberland. That pissing song "worth it" that plays on the Moneysupermarket ad. IdealWorld.tv have been successful with Pifco Window Vacuum And Spray Bottle. Fascinating programme presented by Sir David Attenborough about the Blue Whale. It is a mammal that lives in the sea. Not drowning, very large. Those teeth are strange. Brother is going through these bags of stuff to go to charity or the bin. Causing mess and noise.

BBC Pointless Celebrities Kids TV special had a round where the answers were films and the clues were the elements on the Periodic Table.

Rip Off Britain talking about nuisance calls. The people behind them deserve to be buttfucked by Isis. Some 87 year old was getting the calls and using a gadget it has blocked those calls. She suffered from dementia and her daughter comes to visit. People placing their pension money into a liberation scheme. Spam texts to 7726.

Donald Trump behaves like a bellend yet again. Mr and Mrs Khan are dignified.
Ch4News tweets should be interesting. Lord Janner's son protecting the memory of his father.

I cleaned the windows in my room as I had a compulsion to do so. Garden was mowed. More hoovering after crap was thrown out.

Inside North Korea -Panorama BBC 1. Interesting. Restrictions in place due to a totalitarian regime. Scary what could and did happen to the BBC Reporter. DVDs being smuggled in. People executed for watching foreign TV. Pathetic excuse for a nation.

The Secret Life Of Four Year Olds is back for a new series. Usually on CH 4. I missed what I was waiting to see and that was Naked Attraction.
Well I wasn't needed this weekend.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Trouble - Neon Jungle

Fucking shoplifter had come in and taken a 4.99 perfume. The trolley was by the front and I was serving a customer. A prick of a customer, an old man with glasses left the queue and his vitamins that he was to purchase was left on the side. I thought that he had changed his mind. He came back and asked for the item. Moaning about how he went to the bank to get some money. He hadn't told me he was going to do it and how about having some money before you decide to buy something? I have no idea what he said to the lady in front but it is irrelevant like him. A woman that I was serving didn't have enough money so half way went to get some cash while the transaction was still on. I couldn't serve the next person. I had a situation where the couple asked for Vicks and went looking for it and were about to pay when they left the till area. Bit of a wait. The boyfriend of a girl in the queue had some issue. I dealt with that swiftly.

There was a fight late Sunday afternoon in the Market Place near Lloyds Bank, Loughborough. There were plenty of witnesses. Apparently some may have been drunk. Some were skateboarders/goths/teens etc. A person grabbed a chair from the outdoor seating area in McDonald's. Another used a skateboard to swipe at a girl. I would have thought that the people watching would have intervened or phoned the police. It was pathetic. Apparently someone had been knocked unconscious.
I found two security tags.
A couple bought a CK Edt and had thrown the receipt away. They came back to exchange it as there was no tube or it should have a lid to spray. They got a new one and that had the same problem and so they got a different one. Yesterday a redhead bought two packs of yellow curlers. Left them behind. I alert one man who almost left his items after paying for them.

There was the fit blonde in black that happened to be using the power plate in the gym. I saw another two nice bodies. The personal trainer's girlfriend has lovely tanned legs. There was a tall blonde that looked nice but that is all. I did try to help this Indian lady get a good WiFi connection but that was useless.

There was lovely redhead Bryony on Lauren Pascal's cookery show. Keith Floyd the alcoholic chef was going on about faggots. Robot Wars on BBC, the Irish female is hot. The attractive professor Michelle Dewberry is back on TV. There is a pretty blonde journalist Emma Baenett. Sky News programme called The Pledge (31/7/16). I am working the catering shifts in the weekend. Off from the shop so should not be added onto the rota. A few members of management looked good in white t-shirts. One has nice breasts. Speaking of, the lady that was nude in Re-Animator had a nice pair. One Indian woman in her 30s looked pretty. Her daughter was a teen and pretty too. Mixed race. Fine eyebrows.

My mum hadn't rung up about how she'd be in Leicester and the lady that picks her up had come all the way from Leicester for the usual.
BBC Breakfast has a Bayern Tapestry on show, the blonde Irish reporter is hot.

Shazia Mirza was right about the right wing media asking Muslims to speak up about terrorist acts and then get shouted down if they do. "It ruins their narrative." There is an honours list from David Cameron which has annoyed some.

Songs to download: Jerk It Out, Crazy Horses, Groupon ad song, Bran Flakes ad, Windmills of your mind, Bathstore piano ad music. I recently added Neon Jungle-Trouble, J2-Born to be wild, Gloria Jones-Tainted love, Friction-Long gone memory.

I said hello to a stranger that resembles someone that I know.