Tuesday, 29 May 2018

What It Is - Jonathan Davis

Lesbian Yoga Retreat #2

CATEGORY: Lesbian, All Girl, G/G, Fitness, Yoga, Fantasy

STARRING: Samantha Hayes, Summer Day, Amilia Onyx, Maxim Law, Kat Monroe, Gracie Green, Kinsley Karter, Lily Moon
RELEASE DATE: 6/11/2018
PMID: 627
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My First Time With A
Lesbian MILF #2

CATEGORY: Lesbian, All Girl, G/G, MILF, Older/Younger, Romance
STARRING: India Summers, Dani Daniels, Karlie Montana, Veronica Avluv, Tiffany Thompson, Ana Foxxx, Lola Fox, Nyomi Banx, Raylene, Magdalene St. Michaels
RELEASE DATE: 6/18/2018
PMID: 669
UPC: 856845006697
I Love My Lesbian
Stepsister #3

CATEGORY: Lesbian, All Girl, G/G, Family, Fantasy
STARRING: Jenna Foxx, Riley Nixon, Sophia Grace, September Reign, Osa Lovely, Kat Monroe, Kinsley Karter, Milana May
RELEASE DATE: 6/25/2018
PMID: 681
UPC: 856845006819

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Sunday, 27 May 2018

The Offspring - The Meaning Of Life

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I have watched Humans season 3 online. It is back on Ch4. A year later after season 2 finale. Society is divided. It echoes USA and Britain in the past 60 years. The green eyed synths live on the outskirts. Humans tend to look after their own. New orange eyed synths are created to do menial jobs. The original cast members are back alongside new ones. The actress playing Agnus is hot. Not forgetting Mia, Karen and Niska. Maxie is a legend as always. There was a lot of love for him before. Great acting and effects.

So Rakuten Linkshare terminated my account.

Laurel And Hardy DVD. A Chump At Oxford. I had watched a larger collection on DVD before. Three films. Recently there was some Yanny nonsense. First starts of as the duo are looking for work. They eventually are enlisted at Oxford Uni. The local Brits decide to have a little fun with them. You can view it in b&w or colour. You may have also seen Charlie Chaplin, The Marx Brothers and Buster Keaton. Cert U. 1930-40. 
 From Soup To Nuts is a silent film. Very old quality. A shout out should be given to the other cast members. Stan and Oliver have been hired as Waiters at a mansion. Visual slapstick comedy. It does get me thinking about the era and racial segregation. I will see of there are any descendants of the actors. What happened with the other cast? Mayhem and misunderstanding. Old school classics. Another Fine Mess is a talkie. There was an intro by twins. A rich property is for rent. It has characters that you would see from previous films. The owner of the home has gone on vacation. Laurel and Hardy are on the run from the police. The service staff have left the place unattended and so that leaves our heroes. A couple have arrived to rent the home as advertised. The character of Agnus was first used here. The man has a weird laugh.

Morgan Freeman Movies Michael Caine

 A horror from Blumhouse Pictures. Stars Jessica Alba. There is a lone survivor of a mass suicide organised by a cult. 25 years later she along with a crew of journalists go back to the place to see what happened. It isn't strong in colour. Opaque. Almost black and white. More is revealed about the intentions of the cult leader. You may have seen Evil Dead, 2001 Maniacs, Get Out, Insidious, Sinister, The Skeleton Key. Surprises are in store. See IMDb  trivia and forum discussions.

I was going to do the deadlifts but this pretty blonde with athletic body wanted to do deadlifts. She was polite so I didn't mind letting her have it. I should think of myself first. Not give it up so easily. Saw some tall blonde in light blue leggings. Both girls had a nice arse. She finished already now some guy is using it. Nice ass on the asian (Chinese) in pink leggings and black sports bra, her crack is showing. Two friends of hers in black and crimson leggings are also Asian and with nice bodies. It seems that I have to move when doing lunges as I am courteous but the people walking by don't offer me that. I get round to doing deadlifts but it is the equipment which is awkward. So I let a guy use the skiing machine as a I was going to use it. He used it pretty quickly.  Fancentro

Another staff member is leaving my workplace. Mainly because of hours. 

All The Money In The World is a Ridley Scott film inspired by true events. Great story and acting. Multiple locations, checkout the cinematography. Standout performance from Christopher Plummer, Michelle Williams and the actor Domain Duris playing the head kidnapper. Charlie Plummer plays Paul Getty a young man kidnapped in Italy. He is held for ransom. His grandfather is scrupulous. Reluctant to hand over the cash. Paul's mother must do what she can to get her boy back. Mark Wahlberg has been hired by the Getty family. I saw the trailer and recently got hold of the DVD. You may have seen Money Monster, The Wolf Of Wall Street, Tower Heist, Wall Street. This film would have starred Kevin Spacey but then the sexual assault allegation came about. Special features are included. Williams earned less than Wahlberg. There is a TV series called Trust.

I am watching Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 again as it was entertaining the last time. I did see Infinity War so just looking back. 

The delivery at work has been cancelled on Monday but it is back on for Tuesday.

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 I dreamt that I was at college as a mature student. We were sat by the tables and some young ones were reluctant to join us. I did find three ID cards in the library. Also a USB drive which had music on it. I left the items with lost and found.

My mum has to my room at 11:30 then 11:38 about money for the milkman. That gets paid late in the week. It is Sunday. Told her to go to sleep more than once. My brother raises his voice and thumps the door. 5:07am.

Why people are triggered by a simple tweet of Ivanka Trump with her baby I do not know.

Then you have people getting butthurt over this image.

Georgios Kambourakis
Today an old man knocked my door and asked for a small donation for the local pool. I gave him a glass of water.

Some call centre rang up about a government scheme for free boilers. Enquiring about what benefits we receive. The phone should have been put down.

Pornhub filter doesn't really work. I try to exclude certain phrases and guess what those videos show up. Search for Lesbian videos and there will be some foot fetish or a guy with his cock out in the results.

300x600_1 http://fancentro.com/r/2O2diqgU
Roseanne Barr and her supporters really are assholes. American Idiot-Greenday
I got called into work as a colleague called in sick and another hadn't turned up for work experience. A pensioner in black hair telling the lady in front "I wish they wouldn't offer things that we didn't want" the other lady explained that it was part of the job. It is and I will continue to ask. Take it up with head office. I served two ladies or the same one that came back that resemble the psycho woman from the library. It probably wasn't them. I cleared up someone else's mess. Sun lotion on the floor and I rang for staff but no one answered. Hyper Music- Muse, 99 Problems- Jay-Z. A shoplifter that came in and snatched an item yesterday was in today. It was being talked over on the radio. She may have purchased items before so the three bells weren't rung. A guy outside spoke to her calling her a druggie. Her boyfriend was with her after. Still around town loitering. Waiting to get something else. She was wearing nails that she nicked the other day. A young girl was grabbing something from the top shelf by using the footstool which is for staff use only. You will get customers saying "just this" as they hand the item. I should still offer them sas. It is part of my job role. Still people bring more than two paracetomal. Someone I was unsure of buying alcohol, a disabled woman possibly in her 20s. Maybe she didnt have any ID. A woman in a green parka that came in and out. She may have taken something or been detered. I should get a warning before hand. Telling me in front of the customer means they here it too. Fuck their feelings. A pissing light had broken up and it was in flames. The customers wanted serving as normal. Management were looking at it. All it took was a towel or fire extinguisher to put it out. I did have to work the shift on my day off as NP one else could. Low on change as the change order hadn't been written out before. Why are people paying with notes for small items? I thought that a lady had said "finally" as she got to the till and a tall pretty brunette with large hands just nods as I ask her a question. Ffs woman speak up, cat got your tongue? Delivery was late. The staff at the distribution centre are short on people and it wasn't even ready. The drivers had to wait 5 hours. I worked about 20 mins unpaid. Still on the till as the totes were being done. I will be working with the general manager on the next one. Should be fun. It will be what it will be. Some people were handing out free Lucozades in town. Dennis Nolan is in prison but not for long. That brunette with the blue eyes was looking in my direction. Not sure if it was me she was looking at. My mum is yet again talking to herself. Repeating phrases. 3am. Didn't go gym. Perri a hot redhead now pregnant still looked hot.
 A brunette and her daughter were looking at the perfumes so I offered SAS. She waves me off going "no no no". Cunt. I will keep asking. Ring three bells if you see someone suspicious. I feel there is a double standard, hypocrisy etc where they were in some form of customer service and if their client was rude to them they would not like it. So what the fuck? I will keep asking. No "just this" bullshit. Fuck the irrelevant people and their feelings. A customer decided to leave the box of Durex on the fragrance display as she didn't want it. Best to give it to me. I found when tidying the shelves that someone had stolen the contents of this hairdry. Leaving the box. It must have happened earlier in the day.
I did serve this hot blonde with nice tits. She didn't give any eye contact. Her brunette friend was pretty with a nice body. The customers were joking about the time they would have to wait in the queue and that I would need some extra help. I am fast and the change order was being done so I get left on my own again. I was just asked to cover a shift. We might be getting a visit from head office. My supervisor was promised that she would be able to spend two days with her mum that has come over from Dorset. She was also going to be made to work. There were these hot sales reps outside. Two hot brunettes. One had nice legs on her. The visitors didn't show which I knew would happen. Waste of time. Just being vague about tomorrow. Some guy wanted to change a £20 note. He would need to buy something. He was dodgy. The delivery was harder on Saturday. As the cages would have been bought in there were two spillages which were not cleaned up. I only discovered them by accident. I wasted time cleaning them up. I got into town early on Monday for delivery. Sat outside for an hour. Find that it had been cancelled. The email hadn't been read. I don't blame the supervisor but the distribution centre are at fault. They'd been pulling this shit for a month now. Time to pull the finger out. I got called to go into work as I was finishing up in the gym. A colleague hadn't turned up. Just as I had left, the colleague was on her way. I was trying to sleep and my brother is debating as to whether to include an email or mobile number on this form. Repeating it. Just make your mind up. I am trying to watch a film. My brother wants to go over this list of events, dates and location. He already said that they were too far now we are going over it again. Looking at the distance and price. Why bother? Just wasting my time. 11 July: Canterbury 12 July: Maidstone 24 July: Southport 25 July: Liverpool 7 August: Carlisle 8 August: Edinburgh 4 September: Cheltenham 5 September: Oxford 26 September: Falmouth 27 September: Plymouth 2 October: Alnwick 3 October: Barnard Castle 30 October: Manchester 31 October: York 6 November: Aberdeen 8 November: Belfast It is 21:30 now and I wanted to get back to the film. It will be getting late. More chatter. Shit to do with the Rnib. Are we done then? Either go to the fucking thing or go to work. Too much fannying about. Wonder what the NRA will make of Gary Lindsey. A terrorist, criminal, ammosexual. A woman did leave the queue and was polite to me. I do hate it when people do it. Two customers discussed religion. A care worker woman opens the till area door almost coming in. It is staff only. Two lads only had a £1 to spend and I kept having to void the drink because it went over the limit. A queue formed. I considered texting my friend to see if he wanted to come out for my birthday. He might ignore the text. The landing light was left on and my mum goes on about fasting. The mixed raced lady in her 30s with her red dyed haired friend with the red shoulder bag had been in. I had an inkling but didn't three bell. Must do and I didn't see them take anything but I headed a bottle being moved. They must have. I didnt tell management or have the radio on me. The attractive brunette from the gym was with her son. She did tell me about Savers being the no1 pharmacy for people to go to. Thanks for the fact. 30 cages are being sent on the delivery. I may need to work on a Sunday and wasn't being told if a specific time to start. If I turn up at 4 then I may be sat outside till 5 like on Monday. I hadn't realised that the toilet door wasn't locked and a colleague almost walked in on me. I should have challenge 25 these two lads buying lighters. The delivery has now been cancelled. My mum was talking to herself so I am awake. I sold a 007 gift set but it had a crack on the box which had been taped. I thought about mentioning it. I'm sure the customer will exchange or keep it. We wouldn't be able to reduce it. I served a blonde milf and a twenty something one with nice tits. A black woman paid in change. Total Over £7. A person in the back took the piss. Only three cages and 21 totes were sent for the delivery. Distribution centre really take the piss. My mum talking to herself. Repeating the same thing. How do management not know when I am off on holiday? My brother hadn't put the laundry in the machine. Basket was overfilled. I am going to leave it alone next time. No need for laziness. Less cages than the 30. There was the phone ringing and my brother happens to be up and he tells me to get. No one answers. Just hear noise on the other end. It was from my auntie's house. It rings again and my mum was at the house and was worried about whether me and my brother were awake. Fucking wasting my time. I was in bed.
99 Problems-Jay-Z, Hyper Music-Muse, You Know My Name-Chris Cornell, Duality-Slipknot
No more talk of work, family or fascists.

I did spot this busty blonde with glasses outside the Indian restaurant/skateboard shop. Nice tits/cleavage. Dark top, jeans. Smoking a cigarette. A nice slim teen at the gym in pink kit. Nice ass on her. The tanned blonde that I have mentioned before looks good with that long hair loose. After she had got changed. Spotted a nice ass on a brunette in a grey skirt. On her way to work. Pretty brunette in grey leggings and green top. Really nice ass. One in grey doing pull ups. A teen in purple. Great bodies. The blonde had a nice body as did her Asian friend. No longer worth mentioning girls at the gym. bentbox.co/solitarymaninblack

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Drowning by numbers - Miss Black America

From what I understand of the children situation in America. The parents enter the country illegally and are caught, prosecuted and children are removed not where Ice are going door to door like Boku Haram. Then you have the protestors driving away a politician from having her meal outside of work. What is the point? Just my 2¢.

Little scrote is schooled by the victim. Some idiots are defending him.

Twitch morons
 It isn't all about you

 Native American and First Nation people are not and never were Indian. Got to claim that word back. Columbus was an idiot.

Case of mistaken identity?

Regarding the Ivanka Trump fiasco @iamsambee I have also got in trouble for calling someone a cunt. I was right and so were you. #ff Just gained a new follower. You shouldn't apologise. Hypermusic99problems.blogspot.com

Buffalo Wild Wings twitter was hacked. Whoever posted the messages needs shooting.
Just by Radiohead dedicated to Renee Elliott


300x600_1 Moronic racist comments

I don't get this red or blue pill crap that you cunts keep peddling. Only to do with The Matrix and that's it. #wheresmelania ICE has her.
 Josh Denny is a cunt
You know when you get that one asshole customer Daubenmire Douchbag



Sarah Braasch is her name. A feminist and racist. The term Feminazi applies to get. Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours...

Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her resting bitch face.

Tomi Lahren's ancestry Nicole Arbour

Well Martha is an idiot.

Fascist James E Hamelton Jr is an American Idiot His graphics company. His colleague has a Confederate flag on her profile. Says more about the type of company that he keeps.

Anthony Wall assaulted by a police officer.
This cunt and his followers are morons.

#OscarsSoWhite the people commenting just missed the point.

These racists making ethnicity an issue when it comes to an actor playing a fictional role. See the comments. You'd think there were far more important things to worry about. This Idiot makes exaggerations about how black people would react.

Caren Turner acts like shit in front of the police and doesn't get shot. #whiteprivilege In the words of Axel Foley "Get the fuck outta here"

The people that Isabella Vanilli spoke to share the same views.
MessyBeckie using white privilege and white denial.

Some people are making a fuss about a terror suspect Alek Minassian in Toronto. He used a van and so the same twats are making a joke out of the gun control protests in USA.

There was a tweet about Ghandi which was retweeted but has now disappeared. Anyhow Travis Drinking is a terrorist.

I thought that this guy was joking but he might be serious.

Terrorsquadlith is a fascist cunt

Congratulations to Michael Brown. Fuck the haters. Still I Rise-Maya Angelou

George Clayton is a tool.

Preach, brother.

The white supremacist misogynistic bellends are triggered by the fact that Dr Smith is a woman and Judy is black. It is a fictional TV show.  A reboot. FML.

Confederate flag waving cucks in Michigan.

Sean Hannity is a cocksucker

Barbara Bush: A Memoir
Daniel needs as shooting.

A generally nice hashtag with fascists try to derail it
Some bullshit about Halal Easter eggs

 Love Music Hate Racism - Make some noise....

A black student at uni was suspended after her racist abusers complained about her

What the fuck with the situation at a Bath school.

 Remember that if you are living in America, UK or any other country. Feel free to speak in whatever language you want. Most people are bilingual. You're just having a private conversation. These fascist pricks don't get that. Free country.

Make some noise on M17.....


LMHR has been flat out, building towards Stand Up To Racism's demonstrations on March 17th to mark the United Nations' Anti-Racism day. With bad news from Italy and Germany in recent weeks, make sure you're make your voice heard...
A triggered snowflake Brooks Heatherley is just another irrelevant trumptie with a stupid name.

BBC News - 'Punish a Muslim day' letters probed by terror police http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leeds-43356769 What terrorist arsehole fascist came up with that? All You Fascists- Billy Bragg

M17: Protests round the world

Love Music Hate Racism will be at the front of the London procession once again. Servicing the march with live performances from Defenders Entertainment's roster, ranging from hip hop to r&b to grime alongside Birmingham's finest in the form of Kurly performance poet and rapper Zara Sykes. All hosted by The Grimeminister, Saskilla. Happening nationwide and internationally, check out SUTR's website to find out which demo you can join

Stormzy @ Brit Awards 2018

Always outspoken and laying down home truths, LMHR ambassador Stormzy made history with his Brit Awards performance as he used the opportunity to confront Theresa May with the crimes surrounding the Grenfell disaster, and tore down the Daily Mail in the process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReY4yVkoDc4

SUTR student conference

One of the biggest fights against racism is happening in schools, sixth forms, colleges and on university campuses. That's why LMHR was proud to join SUTR for a day where students braved the snow and ice to discuss  how best to combat current attacks and organise.

Using LMHR in education

Organised by LMHR supporter and The May Project founder Ian Solomon Kawall, a course sponsored by the NEU/NUT union last month provided education workers with alternative methods to engage students in discussion about racism, using hip hop and grime. The weekend culminated with the group performing their compositions. We'll keep you updated with future dates for this course and our work taking LMHR into schools and colleges.

SUTR trade union conference

LMHR played a big role in Stand Up To Racism's trade union conference at the beginning of February. A rammed event, held in the NEU teachers' union HQ in London, heard speakers talk about their experience of sponsoring local LMHR events and interventions – such as the Rail, Maritime and Transport Union's support for LMHR's float at the 2017 Notting Hill Carnival.

Put on your dancin' shoes.... 

The fantastic Kioko are heading round the country on a spring LMHR tour. Dates confirmed so far include:
16 March Leamington Pump Rooms
(Support: Chasing Deer, Slick Don, Satsangi, Shanade Morrow, Minus Ollie (Care4Calais fundraiser)

23 March Brighton, The Hope & Ruin
(Support: Dakka Skanks)

30 March: Guildford, Boileroom
(Support: TBA)

14 April; Salisbury, Winchester Gate
(Support: TBA)

17 April: London, Camden Town Monarch
(Support: Roundhouse Emerging Talent)

19 April: Newcastle, Northumbria University Institute 2
(Support: TBA)

20 April: Glasgow, Rum Shack
(Support: TBA)

21 April: Hebden Bridge, Trades Club
(Support: TBA)

27 April: Skelmersdale, E Rooms
(Support: RedEyed Jedi)

29 April: Birmingham, Hare and Hounds
(Support: Daddy G)
Oxford LMHR celebrate International Women's Day
Oxford Love Music Hate Racism and Oxfordshire County UNISON event for Oxford International Women's Festival.
11 March East Oxford Community Centre
(Artists include: Kali Rayt, Suntrap, Young Women's Music Project, Miracle Piers plus more.)
Hold that thought
"People say, what is the sense of our small effort? They cannot see that we must lay one brick at a time, take one step at a time. A pebble cast into a pond causes ripples that spread in all directions."-
Dorothy Day (American journalist, socialist and suffragette)

Fit bodies, Hannah is hot.

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You are right. There will be morons commenting with an agenda.
This guy is just strange.

A funny tweet and a user named Thundercunt I mean Posts spams the time line. No one gives a fuck about Lucy Whatsherface getting beaten up by Antifa. They should have snapped her neck. Irrelevant people like Lauren Southern, Martin Selman and Brittany Pettibone are denied entry into Britain. Fuck the fascist cunts. Southern was whining about the police and customs asking her questions. She truly is an idiot. A child of immigrants being xenophobic, the irony. They just do their job. All people are questioned. No special treatment for you snowflake. Not important or worth thinking about. All you fascists are bound to lose.Irony: being a Polish immigrant living in the UK and on the side of the nazis
Matt Bell-End
Fuck my life
She is attractive, a Native American. But anti liberal. Another MAGA person.
When you make an issue out of nothing

See this thread on Twitter trolling Kanye West's "slavery was a choice comment" "The Devil's trying to break me down"
Fuck the Confederate flag and the pieces of shit that defend it.

Move over T'Challa, Adrian is the hero here.

American Idiothttps://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=626132951104828&id=350410435343749&fs=1Nothing says triggered snowflake like a Trumpanzee
Tomi Lahren had a drink thrown at her. Just-Radiohead Trump just pardoned this man.

Chris thinks it is Anti American which it is not. Andrea, you can't go to jail for this. People did worse with images of Obama. Hypothetical Trumpanzees always missing the point.
Roseanne Barr has had her sitcom cancelled after saying something derogatory about Valerie Jarrett. Nancy is a douchebag. America is an immigrant country.
Debra Bell is a moron. See the comments section.Cunts harass Kelly Marie Tran