Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Here Comes The End - Gerard Way ft Judith Hill

Denounce Christianity and worship the African gods.
This woman is crazy. Read the thread...
I shared the tweets with Beyonce.
This is a weird take.
14 people that I follow on Twitter are following this guy

I was trying to upload something and the phone was on low memory. How so? The contacts from my old phone aren't on the new one. I could have picked up some lube.

The Daily Mail being divisive as always.
That debate over immigrants and natural born citizens. Or he could be another Terry Crews.

Nicholas Mars talks the same way about his mother. He might have been right with his last comment.

Ignorant reply regarding reparations.

Maybe the white ones

Who is the coward hiding behind this account? class="twitter-tweet">
N!gger isn't an ethnic slur. Black people are just more prone to becoming n!ggers because of their lifestyles. https://t.co/v3KhIF2Vxr
— Nichard Rixon (@POTUSRixon) July 27, 2020

Seem the people in the replies just don't want to do anything for someone else.
See the woman tweeting under this tweet. Clown just like Tucker.

Anything you need at sam38g.com

 I have watched The Monster. A horror indie film.  A mother and daughter are the protagonists. The relationship between them is fractured. She would be labelled a bad mother. The daughter will going to stay with her father. They're in for a long road trip. There are flashbacks which are unnecessary. They do come off as annoying and useless in some parts. There is an accident and a monster is lurking in the woods. Zoe Kazan, Ella Ballentine, Scott Speedman, Meeko Gattuso.

The comments from the men regarding her looks...
My phone starts work in a way. The charger connection is abit better. It was optimising when switched on. My alarms are no longer playing certain songs. I had bought this new phone.

 Vodafone Huawei Y6 32GB

Not sure about the tattoos but she does have nice tits.
Subscribed to thequeenie

Christina is an ignorant bellend. On her bio she wishes that the Germans had won.

These two really are stupid

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Quite a few customers have ignored when I ask them a bloody question. Someone had to go and put a product in the wrong section. The man was moaning about it. A lady was going on about how the two different kitchen towels should not be next to each other. Not sure why my colleague had been putting blue paper in the toilet. I saw this teen that had big tits. Always some not using their manners or smiling. An Asian family were caught by the assistant manager trying to load the totes onto their car. She told them something. It should have been reported to Tango Victor and the police. It is company property. Totes went missing last week. The audacity. They must have a business nearby. How did they know? Two former colleague had been in. I wasn't acknowledged.

On the Onlyfans messages, this one from Heyyguido reads "This wet white tshirt is tight against my braless body (;" You have to unlock the pic by paying $40. That is abit much. I'm not paying to unlock any of the pics and vids. As I had already subscribed. Also you should pay attention: @thequeenie ๐ŸคRULES OF MY PAGE! PLEASE READ๐Ÿค Hi everyone! I’m updating my rules as I’m still getting asked a LOT of questions that are answered by simply reading my info • if you want your message to read quicker, please tip! It pushes your message to the top of my inbox! • please do not send dick pics without a tip attached - they are counted as unsolicited and will get your account redirected! $10 minimum, $20 for a text rating and $35 for a short topless video rating • custom videos are now $15 per minute, with a 5 minute MINIMUM order! This is simply due to super high demand! It’s been taking me weeks to get round to custom requests due to the amount I’ve been having. Please allow up to 2 weeks for your custom to be filmed this is also non-refundable. • my premium snapchat is $65 for lifetime access! Any snapchat accounts you see that are advertised on snapchat are not me - I only sell directly via my OnlyFans. • I offer VIP spots! $59 a month for exclusive content, priority messaging, my premium snapchat & all my PTV content sent for free • I DO NOT FILM DUO CONTENT. I get asked this literally 100 times a day and if you literally just read my bio, you would see that it very clearly states I only film solo! Please stop asking for duo content, it’s not something I’m comfortable with! • videos I send in DMs or any of my content is not for you to keep - if I find screenshotting your account will be blocked without a refund. You pay to view my content for as long as you are subscribed! Not to keep it forever! • leaking my content, redistributing and reselling it are all LEGAL offences. You will be prosecuted. You can face a 2 year prison sentence for revenge porn convictions and up to a £5,000 fine for breaking copyright laws. I have sued people for this, and I will happily do it again. Here are my hard limits!! • full anal penetration (beads & plugs fine) • sc4t, water sports • non-consent play, self degradation • age play, race play Thank you! Queenie ๐Ÿค


The Karens calk the police when no crime is being committed but the police turn up.

She is a Republican. Sucked a lot of dick to get where she is.


She was moaning about having a fat pussy on Twitter. Looking at her Onlyfans there is nothing wrong with it. Disappointing content for $19.99

https://onlyfans.com/wernoturkind The accounts that I followed were a waste of money as is Onlyfans itself.  I ordered from PoppersRUs and they take card payments and it looks like they are awaiting a bank wire transfer. I am watching a Gab Smolders video, her laugh is annoying. She does look a little like Aidra Fox. People haven't mentioned her teeth. The Korean girl streamers se to be dancing in their videos all the time. I am not sure why people watch these Twitch streams. Don't you have better things to do? There was a helicopter flying over the area at about half past midnight.  

Don't wanna be an American covidiot.
I don't understand these people buying into the star sign nonsense.
Reece could be a bot.

I had this dream where I had got to meet Shantel Vansanten. She was at a family members house. She wore this dress that showed off her legs. There was a fight scene later on, Roland Martin and others had joined. There was a family of shoplifters. The young song would be enrolled into school.
All over this tweet that has garned attention. A now deleted tweet was asking if he was high as he wasn't blinking properly. I don't see it. I am following to see what he does next. A weather meteorologist is unhappy with things in NY due to covid19 and she had lost loved ones. Apparently works for FOX. Solidad just quote tweeted her and Karens are coming for her.
The meteorologist is really going in for the Governor. Even retweeted this tone deaf comment from Megyn Kelly. Same person that got in trouble over the black face discussion.
This guy is not to blame. It is the fault of the husband.
Right wingers try to silence poc.
Jess Phillips and some of these MPs should be removed from the Labour Party.

Why on Earth does that Potastic Jeannie woman act like a child? Some white guys just making excuses...

My brother was talking about some problems. Things to do with making mistakes. He was just being dramatic. Asking me for advice which I didn't have any to give. He thought that he should move out, get a fresh start. I said that is fine. He says "you're supposed to stop me, I'm your brother" Where the fuck do you get that dumb logic. You are an adult. Act like one. I am not supposed to do shit. I am having to ring back the hospital to arrange a review for my mum. I didn't have the name of the woman that called. Some conversation about the past and he asks "do you think it's a good idea?" 99 problems and a bitch is one. Pornhub Square Lustful? I will give you release! Gay Porn Videos  I am to sell items on ebay
Fascist moron has it all wrong.
Ted Yoho is a cunt.

Cast Joey King- Wren 
 Julia Goldani Telles- Hallie
 Jaz Sinclair- Chloe
 Annalise Basso- Katie
 Alex Fitzalan- Tom
 Taylor Richardson- Lizzie
 Javier Botet- Slender Man
 A horror film that I watched on Netflix. Released by Sony. Legend has it that there is a supernatural being called the Slenderman. It can be summoned. However people will go missing. A group of young friends have heard about this lore and decide to take part. A week later things start to go wrong. A friend goes missing and they want to delve deeper into the mystery. Good special effects. Nice soundtrack. I will look at trivia and discussion.

Tonedeaf Trump supporter making excuses for racism. Harley intruded in someone else's home. The caucasity. She looks rough. Brooks will become an intern and be rimming Trump in his Oval Orifice. I mistakenly scanned in a can of hairspray that the lid was broken. The customer had bought it to the till. He should have been more clearer. He shows me his bald head and asks "do I look like I need hairspray?" He was joking I think. Anyhow a lady's card wasn't working on the machine. She had gone onto get some cash from the machine. I still had the transaction on my till. I rang for the manager a few times and she hadn't heard the bell. A queue was forming. Fucksake. The lady with the dog came into the store. She ought to be using headphones. The music always blares out. She was polite this time round. The preacher was outside talking about Covid19. The lady that gets the QC cream accidentally jumped the queue and went back. A Muslim woman was yelling to her son not to leave the store. A disabled lady in a mobility scooter was shook by it. I did serve some gorgeous women. Shocked to hear the passing of Michael Brooks. May he rest in peace. The few people in the replies wanting to smear a black man.
Good replies to this tweet. Misplaced anger.

How abouts No?
Sad and disgusting. Really???

At work there was the pensioner with a walking stick he was after hand-wash. Stergene that he mentioned. Not hand soap now that I look at it. The manager mentioned that it was in a bottle. I asked if he could go to the aisle with the manager. He mouths "fucking hell" I had asked another colleague to help him so what had happened? This female customer had picked up this cream which is £6.99 but it was in the wrong place at the £5.99. I went to check and used the price gun and they were mixed up. I was to suggest a goodwill gesture. My other colleague went to have a look and explained that both were the same aside from the packaging. I don't believe it was true. I would press the bell but no one would answer straight away. That shoplifter Rachel was at the Rimmel stand. I rang for someone. I didn't do the four bells. TNot sure where my colleague went. I rang for management. That Sarah Kline. She was at my school. Also goes around asking people for money. She came in store and didn't have that £10 that she was meant to pay me back. Cunt. She picked something up and put it down. I had a look around TKMaxx. I thought that the greeter at the door was talking about me to another colleague as she was looking at me. I hadn't done anything wrong. Before the delivery whilst I sat on the bench waiting for staff to arrive. A mature man asks me jokingly if I had gambled away all my money. There is a small casino arcade nearby. I explained that I was at work. What a question to ask a stranger. Some Muslim woman was busing laughing and joking with whoever waited outside. She wasn't social distancing. Some customers were attractive but miserable. Three Italian men ran past the shop. Two were chasing another. Arguing followed causing a scene. I mentioned it on the radio but Tango Victor could not see them. There was the middle aged black haired woman with a young man. I had to watch them as they would steal something on another occasion. It is mandatory to wear a mask in public. On the info sheet it mentions it being optional for staff yet I have to wear one behind the till where there is a screen. For some won't hear me and it won't help trying to sell sas. Autumn Darrell looks like a cross between Dua Lipa and Sarah Chalke. I am trying to open this little draw on the side of the phone. Used this key and no success. This review from the hospital. Same shit different year. Aoc is my hero.

Exactly the type of retard that Aoc was talking about.
Oh for the love of God. This cunt ends up catching Covid19.

So he also said things to Jay Sean. Is retweeting dodgy stuff. This guy here is antiblack.
Fighting racism with racism. Moving on this girl is hot.

 I did some research and found some info on Mr Wheeler


I noticed how when my colleague asked a girl and her male friend to take a basket. They ignored her and were hitching about it. I was on the till for most of the day. I did think that her dad had asked if my mum was alive. It could have been if she was alright. I had thrown a tester strip away not knowing the product was on sas. 
Now following Wiley for a bit. Some of these people are stupid.

I went to Puregym. There was a queue. I was trying to find my QR code. I needed an Internet connection. I could have used the key pad like I did on the way out. There was this attractive tanned blonde with her boyfriend. Two athletic Asian girls with nice asses. A blonde in pink had a nice body. A man had asked where the cleaning station was for the spray and towels. It is obvious. This song had played... My legs were cramped and aching for two days. #KeepBritainFree is like the #AllLivesMatter tag. Bunch of nobs just like the Americans that protested the lockdown. #Karens #thecaucasity Then you have more shit in the US.
Some people in the replies just making excuses for their deaths.
My brother had let the laundry basket overfill. The machine doesn't even get tended to. I am just going to leave it next time.
For some reason the woman thought this would lead somewhere. She was being a Karen. Response from the white girl and the black guy and his sister. People that really hate on interracial relationships are retarded.

Omar Baustita in the comments is antiblack

This is guy is a racist
So many Indians that are of the Hindu faith support this account.
Jess is jealous of Diane

You might want to look at this music maker

I am hearing that my young colleague was doing more weird shit. The new supervisor was trying to get him to behave. Some customer told him to stop dancing and get some work done. She may have jokingly said it. He really needs to concentrate. There has been an intruder alarm call out late on a Saturday for two weeks. He was shitting on black women. The person that responded and some people in the replies went for his girlfriend.
Stephen is an immigrant.
Uncle Tom has it wrong.

With the delivery just about being finished off. My colleague was supposed to cover the till. She had left the till area. Dealing with the remaining items in the tote. I had to hurry over to the tills. She was having a conversation with a customer whilst others were in the queue waiting. She was harping on about her mask. She got behind the till. "I love coming here" A customer replies "really?" It's just that she gets to remove her mask. An Asian chap left the till to get some other item then waited by the shelves to get served. A woman mentioned that there was a queue which meant he would have to go to the back. Some theif had taken two Ambi Pur refills. I had found the package. I was on my break and the theft may have happened there. This black chap was spraying himself with the deodorant off the shelf. People are not supposed to test the sprays. Morons. I was suspicious of him. You have others go up the wrong aisle. Seem to make £219 on sas.

He works for Vogue and Vulture magazine...
The replies to this post glorify murder.

#InternationalFriendshipDay The irony of this tag. Especially with my situation now. I haven't spent time with friends in two years. Missed call from this number yesterday but answered it today. Indian man calls himself David speaking about boiler replacement. I think he may have said "mam". I just mentioned that it was the wrong number. Asks how old the boiler was. I said less than five years. He politely hung up. 07495632459 At work. I offered a teen girl sas and her blonde friend with nice tits almost burst out laughing. I am doing my job. The fat shoplifter Rachel with her boyfriend came into the store and were by Rimmel. I rang two bells but no one answered yet. I should have rang four bells. There is this confusing about which bell is code for what. I am proud of my young colleagues working the delivery. Bloody security from head office rang. I didn't know the password as I hadn't been told it. They wanted to verify that I was a member of staff. I have been with the company 5 years. They called the manager up. She was still on the list. Even though it was her paid holiday. Bunch of twats. This mature woman went through the entrance as the staff member told her which way she ought to have gone. She was "not today, I have to go all the way round" Having a Karen moment. This tanned woman seemed quiet but did say thank you. She had a copy of the Daily Mail in her bag. The ginger haired guy was hovering around in the same spot. Waiting for an opportunity to steal. That blonde pensioner with a walking stick and shopping trolley doesn't say a single thing until the end. I am supposed to do this greeter role at the door.

I had some weird dream where I was waiting for a call from Barack Obama. Someone else rang and I was to work an agency shift somewhere. Or face prison. I went to a field where there was lodgings nearby. If you imagine the Peak District. I find that it is a scam. I fight with a guy there. 
Looks like the poppers wasn't doing it's thing. I should have left it alone. My young male colleague was late to work. He was singing, dancing, talking a loud of nonsense in front of customers. Was beginning to annoy me. Some guy went to look at batteries and had cut in line. Some woman did not social distance. These teens wanted my opinion on the hair dye. Fml. They want me to create a Facebook page for the local store. This Asian guy in glasses. Wearing a CK t-shirt. Key chain attached to his jeans. Was waiting in the queue to buy a drink. He yells "some of us are thirsty over here" Cunt you need to stop being impatient.
I get this email from Patreon.... Summary Charge date: Aug 1, 2020 at 10:09 am PDT VAT Invoice Number: 376038977 Patreon's VAT Number: EU372009942 Subtotal $20.00 VAT $4.00 Total $24.00 Charge details Creator VAT Pledge Lau' 2 x $10 per videos I had paid last month to get access to a song download. But I could dispute this one. My mum is talking to herself. Time is 23:19.

I get to Puregym Loughborough. This white male in his 50s wearing all black kit and daughter in 20s. Grey top black leggings. They were not social distancing enough. Then as I go to the door to get in. They come in at the same time to speak to the manager. She just passed me again. The caucasity.

The Indian guy with the disability was talking to me in Gujerati. I didn't understand him and he did smell too. I just wanted to get going. One Step Closer. I was in the garden and decided to stop as not much work needed doing and why would I want to deal with the moss and weeds all because my brother or the neighbour said that it needed doing. Both irritate me. Watching Botez live videos. The sisters are nice to look at. But the content is boring. Andrea is the hotter one. She reminds me of a former colleague.

Right wingers lack compassion.
Nigel is a clown.

Was this not a memorial? All these payments coming out of my account. I am trying to log in to cancel them but having difficulty.

I could hear the neighbours in their garden. The windows were closed. I am in my room and can here them in their bedroom. https://drive.google.com/file/d/11Io4QuIahvkYxcawOsKFNJFzZLBM57zx/view?usp=drivesdk
My mum clears her noise and I tell her to wash her hands with soap. She just touches the pump on the dispenser without actually having the soap in her hands. We cannot be disease ridden. https://drive.google.com/file/d/11JuyEo9eAicMUZfmXQDcExX3V_09yb4_/view?usp=drivesdk

I managed to create two sites for work.

You have the Netvideogirls cameraman with the creepy voice. Though he is playing a role. Many find him off-putting. The poppers that I was using weren't having an effect. Bellends next door still laughing and chatting. Keep it down or go to the next room. 
People are supposed to pay their share. Leeches in the replies are coming for the guy. Kanye West - Golddigger
Whitesplaining Mansplaining tonedeafness from Ryan.

I admire this woman.

If you are interested in becoming a webcam model please click here
Some people are tweeting Whiteisking. The fragility of these people. Another Alllivesmatter thing. Just want to stop people being problack.
It is just you. It is 5:14am and my mum is talking loud. Go to sleep.

I went to drop the keys off. I could have done it later as there is someone with a pair already. My underwear was slipping as were the tracksuit bottoms. I was having to keep pulling them up. I should have just changed.

This guy with his dodgy pranks. The caucasity. He might not be tolerant and neither are people in the comments

The people leaving negative comments really have issues. Take the following for example....

Always the rightwingers harping on about "woke, diversity, sjw"
They just want to see straight white men and nothing else.

Whiny bitches should give it a rest.

Ebay closing the refund as they have no evidence that I sent the item back. I had returned it. I didn't want the item it was my brother that did.
This season of Stargirl has been good. This person left this comment on a fitness video that was reuploaded featuring Terry Crews. I guess he is an Alllivesmatter type of guy.

 WypipoFault Everyone should show Terry Crews some love. He’s on the front line and has put his career on the line to call out the satanic communist pedophiles and their agenda to divide us and destroy this beautiful country.
My mum trying to find out when the relatives are coming. I don't know how often she has rung. They would say. Stop making a fuss. They weren't even coming. My brother might borrow money. Youngest one talking about a videocall and getting this performance footage from a company. Thing is they will have deleted it by now. I was in the toilet when he starts talking again.
Imagine if the roles were reversed. She stalked him and he took a cash bribe. He must be a gold digger. No means no.
I have had retweets, likes and replies to my response. I've got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one.

 Couldn't they just go on Fabswingers?
Tristan is trash.

Charlie secretly wants a black cock in his bussy

There is that Gaywire profile on xvideos.com and they have racist content. White gays doing race play.  https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2020/06/10/race-cooper-black-gay-porn-star-racism-falcon-naked-sword-raging-stallion-tim-valenti/
Looks beautiful. I also shared it with rightwingers. As they are thick as shit. They'll take it seriously.
Alex Jones needs to charged.

Belle Delphine was pulling that face then the wind changed.

Neighbours were crying and then arguing. Jawad is off on one. My brother keeps turning the WiFi off.

Don't wanna be an American idiot....

Karen is going overboard. She might be a bot
Let's end this post with an ultimate Karen manoeuvre