Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Get Over It - Lower Than Atlantis

I'm not sure if these two girls were laughing at me or checking me out or nothing at all. I don't really care. Salima on Saturday Night Takeaway is quite attractive.
What was the point of me registering with Berry online? I am watching Left Behind and waiting for the interesting bit to come along. It is a sci-fi movie. I don't know if Stephen King's The Langoliers may have been an inspiration for this film. There is also the book Extinct by Ike Hamill. I was doing lunges and this woman was arriving and I had to move. It just messes up the exercise.
On BBC Breakfast there is a report at a college where the netball team are working out in the gym. Distracted by teen girls in Lycra. A nice arse on one doing jump squats. A hot blonde on a bike. The solstice choir was off key.

"DHL EXPRESS 4843462735 from EURO CAR PARTS is scheduled for delivery TODAY. Signature is required. Manage delivery at https://delivery.dhl.com/GB/fEgvG7" A text which I received today. I haven't ordered anything. Some tracks are still on my phone just hard to track.

Subtitles from Postcode Lottery "I dance a dance" that lingers onto the next ad. BBC Breakfast did have "Dick --- United"

We attempted to deliver DHL EXPRESS 4843462735 from EURO CAR PARTS today. Please arrange redelivery at https://delivery.dhl.com/GB/fEgvG7 I need to ring up Euro Car Parts. Find out which cunt is using my number.

I tried typing in the barcode of a chocolate egg. The wrapper was wrinkled and the chocolate had fallen apart as a child had opened it. Another package was opened which I had to scan. Best pay for it first before opening it up. I started wondering if I had sold the wine legally. Too late now. Must be thorough when checking the ID. Buying it for her mum and was the first time buying alcohol. Saw the year but don't remember the month and day. There was that thing about letting management down by not selling enough Sas #fuckoff
But I seemed to be the only one asking in the afternoon. This pretty teen blonde with the painted eyebrows seems miserable.

I get a text from my brother saying "Toilet Rolls" that's all. Like it is a command. I will mute his texts.

George Clooney surprised an oap in Berkshire. It rained and hailed heavily this afternoon in Loughborough. Shawn Walmsley a convicted cocksucker/killer is still being hunted. His own money £20k is being used as reward money. Karma Police - Radiohead

BBC Newsday and this Asian presenter is attractive.

DHL are attempting to deliver a package not ordered by me. Euro Car Parts are no help.

There was this black horse drawn carriage going across town.

BBC2 American Justice is about the legal system in Jacksonville. Interesting, graphic and morbid. See the UK's reaction to it. Tom Kerridge looking at fast food in Britain. Chinese takeaway. It was interesting to see the chefs at work. Made me hungry.

Joey Meek lied to the police. His friend is Dylan Roof. Now going to prison. Claire Turnham used the site Viagogo to buy Ed Sheeran tickets. She was overcharged. Now set up a Facebook group. How about not buying the tickets if they are that expensive. Laura Mvula dropped from her record label via email. Katie Leong from Leicester tried to kill her boyfriend via acid attack. There is a guy from Shepshed that was arrested over a stabbing in Leicester. The victim was made to look like he'd been in a car crash. Must find out his name and if anyone knows him.

Lewis Hines's mum is a milf BBC Breakfast. A hot blonde that makes documentaries. War on drugs in Philippines.

I had sprayed the perfume in the air at the shop. A customer complained that it had got in her eyes. I did apologise. It was purely an accident as I would have to spray it as the company's instructions. Avoiding customers. I had stopped as she was around but I am not going to be too bothered. #shithappens

Muse-Knights Of Cydonia
A terror attack in London. Just being reported. A car ran over people on a bridge. Another person stabbed a police officer. Westminster is in lockdown. 16:32 23/3/17 live news coverage on BBC and ITV. The Smiths-Panic The Clash-London Calling
The news are going over the same information. Many reporters. I bet someone complains to Newswatch. Four fatalities. Nigel Farage is on LBC radio. I wonder what he'll say. See the tweets. It was going to happen. Not if but when. BBC Parliament meeting about ticket touts. Very interesting points made.
Muse-Butterflies And Hurricanes London Has Fallen

James Blunt on top form on Twitter and The One Show.
More talk on The Wright Stuff about the terror incident. Some words used people might take the wrong way.
Aysha Frade, Keith Palmer.
This Chloe on The Jeremy Kyle Show was pretty. Lewis's girlfriend really does have a nice ass. Two pretty brunettes near the squats machine. Two young blondes with nice arses. Nice tits on one in grey.

Does this guy have any manners. Demanding a pen and paper without saying please. A Bengali chap. He says "yanimaa". I hear him making "oohhah" noises now. Someone is eating crisps at the computer. It might be the other guy with headphones. It wasn't. SoundCloud.com/ki5h0re

Some alt right vlogger that I looked up is just bigoted and self centred.

Harry Hill is more near the knuckle this episode of Alien Fun Capsule. Might get complaints. Possibly for after the watershed. Funny shaped pottery, rude bouncy castles, female urinals. I turned over when the rap training segment came on as it was cringeworthy.

The Girl With All The Gifts. Some mumbling at the beginning so I had to turn the volume up. My mum is talking shit again. It is strange. Gemma Arterton, Paddy Cossidine, Glenn Close. Zombie apocalypse horror from the UK. I wondered why the kids were tied up and now I understand. You may have seen Cooties, Maggie, 28 Days Later, The Walking Dead, World War Z, I Am Legend. The kids are quite Jekyll and Hyde. Great acting and special effects. Good soundtrack. Must see theories about the story. Read the eBook Surviving The Evacuation. Original ideas.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Storm In A Teacup
Like it was mentioned on Question Time. The same information is being spouted by many reporters. Often repeated. #firstworldproblems to the UK especially the far right this seems like the end of the world. I know people will be mentioning this to Newswatch. The famine isn't being spoken about now. Many arrested in Birmingham, London and Wales.
As the Scottish reporter was talking outside Scotland Yard earlier. There was this knob, stocky build, grey hair with a pass around his neck. Chatting and laughing with someone off camera. Was briefly behind the reporter. Unprofessional. Right now a reporter is on the bridge and a member of the public just waved to the camera. Another victim was a 75 year old. Khalid Masood aka Adrian is the terrorist. 52 and from Kent. Always the idiot alt/far right blaming an entire community/race/religion for the actions of a few. Like some Texan guy using a picture of a young Muslim girl going about her business. See Loosewomen and Twitter. More noise at Scotland Yard as a soldier is laying reefs and a command is shouted.

Rich House Poor House 9pm Thursday ch5. I have just spotted Tim Weeks on Bargain Hunt.
Some woman was trying to sell me this bracelet for £10. No one was interested. This tall blonde that bought alcohol was wearing a crop top that showed off her pert tits. This other blonde was slim but pretty. Deep voice, small breasts.
Red Nose Day 2017. There is issue with the sound. Echo or reverb. Filmed live in the O2 Arena. Carpool Karaoke with Take That. They are wondering around America handing out CDs and people haven't heard of them. It must be a joke or somewhat surprising. The people do recognise James Corden. I should watch this dvd that I have rented. Inferno. Some weird segments where they include clips from a film. There was a weird voiceover sketch and the French and Saunders in a car that just wasn't funny. See the comments from the moaners on Twitter. I guess that watching the charity entertainment is the equivalent to waterboarding. That is how you get people to donate.

I am watching Inferno. Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones. Crazy scene in the museum. Up in the attic. It would be squeamish for those with a fear of heights. Robert Langdon is in Florence. Good bit of history to learn about. Nice effects, acting, plot twists and dialogue. Sometimes I would like to see the bad guys win. A billionaire is intent on unleashing a virus. The Professor is unwell. Someone is out to kill him.

I dreamt that there was a computer with a mind of it's own. A corrupt file had been uploaded. There was this camera on a long arm that swerved by to spy on the inhabitants. A polygraph was being used and on the results showed a flat line running through. A small moon was sent spiralling through the atmosphere. A character was clinging onto it for a while. I was reading a book on this story whilst watching the dvd of the same subject.

There was a Christian rap rock performance going on outside the shop. Very loud it was too. I made a mistake double scanning and it took a while for the Manager to get to the till as she was with another customer. Rachel clearly wanted the sas sale. She had already achieved her target. She does have a decent rack. I noticed some pretty girls. Another nice cleavage in NatWest. A

Moneysupermarket.com have a new ad featuring Skeletor and He-man with the theme from Fame.

At the gym there was a pretty, tall blonde wearing black with a purple iPhone holder. She has tattoos and I have spotted another in white T-shirt and black shorts on a running machine. Nice tits and ass. C or D cup. Her short brunette friend is nice. There was one with a nice arse doing squats. I could have taken a pic. Too late now as they have gone. There was the pretty blonde in blue doing squat jumps. The hot tanned blonde with fab tits is back doing the squats. Striped black leggings. Nike sign on her top. D cup.
There is a blonde on the stepper machine with tight pink t-shirt and grey shorts. Another opportunity to take a picture missed. Should just go for it.
Dr No Ursula Andress nude in the shower during quarantine scene. Nice tits, you get a brief view of them.
"Alexa please wipe my ass"

I did pass this busty brunette in a white T-shirt and blue denim shorts. Nice legs. On the way to work. Just past the church. On Saturday.

My mum was talking to herself at 2:21am which is why I am awake. I could start early on the delivery but it would be unpaid. Bullshit. Still here until 12. Hard work. Ran out of change and we have no more.

Tried paying Provident but there are insufficient funds."jewra issar duro nay" my mum keeps repeating.

Some arsehole coward driving at 70mph ran over a child and her grandmother. He fled the scene alongside another man. The one man has left the country. This happened in Merseyside. The WiFi at the library doesn't work. The new £1 coin has been released and Brexit is underway.
The One Show "tummy" as in tell me, "9005 peep hole" instead of 9005 people. Spanish child migrants during Franco's reign. "Scar burger" Scarborough. 27/3/17. BBC
Breakfast "Bank you" instead of thank you. They used Emojis for a report on Brexit regarding teenagers. Patronising. Newswatch will get complaints. People went to Ofcom about Red Nose Day.
Not my fault that my brother overreacting to cutting himself shaving.
I could go gym. I won't have much time later on.

Cherry Healy looks good on The Wright Stuff. There is this pretty brunette at the library with nice eyes. Wearing a beige jacket and blue jeans. The PC doesn't want to log on

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Sunday, 19 March 2017

What difference does it make - The Smiths

Microsoft's new console will be available on Amazon

There was some man screaming repeatedly and moments later a police or ambulance siren is heard. This happened in the town centre of Loughborough 13/3/17 this afternoon. A pretty teen that looked like Cara Delavine thought I was the Manager. To which I replied that I wasn't. She said "You should be as you're always promoting things."
I was coming back to the store after having done the banking. A woman that I saw, I knew was going to ask me for change. I had nothing for her. The Provident agent is asking for the money by Wednesday afternoon even though I said I didn't have the money until later.

BBC University Challenge Warwick student Hutchings is handsome. Rudd I am not sure of the gender. Monkman is the person that some on Twitter talk about.
Ch5 Inside King's Cross The Railway. An old woman had collided with this man. The emergency services were called. He may have stayed a while but you don't see him after. He should have gone with her to the hospital. A Virgin Trains rep helping a customer onto the train gets trapped in it. Heads to Grantham, Lincolnshire and back.
So this Shree woman approached Sean Spicer whilst he was out shopping. She asked him a question about Trump and he had a reply.
ITV This Morning 14/3/17. Holly Willoughby wearing this dress which shows off her cleavage. This domestic violence section a woman named Marianne is attractive. A few pathetic men and women being spoken about.
A porn star turned pastor is on the show. She looks good. Quite a few segments to get through before it is shown. Crystal Bassette. I will look at her films. "Got down on my knees to pray to God" Not the only time. Has her partner David ever watched her films? I want to see the tweets. I may have seen a film of hers. Adultdvduniverse.com
Laura Wright is hot. On The Wright Stuff today. Anna Williamson looks good. Used to be a children's tv presenter and now a therapist. Dr Sara Kayat the hot doctor is back on Ch5 GPs Behind Closed Doors. A guy is getting his testicles examined by her. Bargain Hunt two hot Beauty Therapists Ella Louise and Dominique from Stoke. Episode in Stafford. Christina Trevanion is one of the experts.
I have just seen an ad for the Clever Cutter from JMLDirect.com it is a knife and chopping board in one, dishwasher safe. I am impressed by their products.

I haven't gone to the gym. I could still do it. Need to buy items for the fridge. I plan to meet a guy. I could look up travel plans. It is sunny outside. I paid for a programme but haven't put it to good use. I could have gone into town with my mum to the bank to fetch money which I could use for shopping and Provident. But it would also be taking the piss. It is hot outside. Always a smell in the ITC Suite and some people talking. The One Show was cringeworthy as they did the local news roundup. Watching The Replacement, pretty actresses. Paula has nice eyes and is played by Nottingham actress Vicky McClure. I can still hear my mum talking. Lauren Jeska might wind up in a men's prison. Rosalin Baker murdered her baby and then faked a scenario on a bus. She needs sterilising. Lisa Holt of Bake A Cake Catering is a fraudster. See Dimblebees, Fiona Herbert, McArtney, Whites Fine Foods, Sanjay Foods, Posh Nosh for trusted wedding caterers. That clip of Theresa May laughing must have been made into a gif. ‭0333 443 2856‬ rang last night. I look it up to see some comments on a site saying they are called Children With Cancer.

I offered this woman sas and she said "you can keep it" bizarre. There was the guy with baggy black coat, homeless/beggar/shoplifter that was in the store. No three bell.
Some guy was shouting in town, possibly attacking people. I did serve this black guy with a muscular body.
Party political broadcast from the Lib Dems was like Groundhog Day. Interesting. Jake Gyllenhaall on The One Show. Rebecca Ferguson the actress not the Xfactor singer. She was in Mission Impossible Rogue Nation.
There is some fake laughter from the presenters. Sheena Eastson with her American Scottish accent. Again see the tweets. The people in the cinema were confused and not clapping on time.

5Star Sex Pod series 2 episode 14 is interesting. Prostate milking, long distance relationship sex, periods. Good nudity.q
It is also ep 14 of Timeless. I hadn't bothered watching other episodes.

I was giving advice on razors to this man that lives alone. I was happy to help. He was a decent guy.

At the gym there was a tanned brunette with a nice ass. Just had advice from a guy waiting to use the squats. There are other equipment that he could use. There is this fit blonde in grey tracksuit. Has a nice bum and pretty face. Some brunette in white T-shirt with nice tits and black leggings. The hot mixed raced girl was on the running machine. Two girls were leaving and I was behind and neither held the door open. Some woman coming in did. Common courtesy is a rare thing.

A man named Timmy Wright originally from Lemington Spa. Now lives locally. He comes into the store, high. Carrying a Holland And Barrett bag with a pack of underwear. Obviously stolen. He left. He had set the barrier off. Was reported on the radio. There was more crap about sas.
I am watching Unreported World on ch4. They are talking about wildlife trafficking. I can imagine the tweets.

I got this text from DHL. I had asked to have my details removed. DHL EXPRESS 4843462735 from EURO CAR PARTS is scheduled for delivery Mar 20 2017. Signature is required. Manage delivery at https://delivery.dhl.com/GB/fEgvG7

The prescription slip for my mum's medication had been misplaced. I went to the pharmacy after the surgery sent me there and I went back to get it. A woman that went to the toilet had gone to the reception desk when it was supposed to be me next.
A few channels from the freeview box had dissapeared. I was watching Channel 4.
Darwin Award winner Richard Bull electrocuted himself whilst in the bath as he charged his iPhone. Russia banning Jehovah's Witnesses, might be a good idea here. Daniel Cieslak slept with a 12 year old who may have told him she was 16. He hasn't been sentenced. Shana Grice complained to the police about her ex boyfriend. She was charged for wasting their time. Later found dead and he has been arrested. What if she had committed suicide? Most likely that he did it. Khalid Mir threatened to rape another passenger on board a plane. A tourist was punched in the face for refusing the advances of a man. She is 60 and he is in his late 20s. He had followed her. Warwick Avenue Station. Everydaysexism.com

I went to Thurmaston via bus got to the stop an hour later. The bus seems to take a long route. There was a problem with the phone signal and that is why Dean did not answer. I was hanging around the shopping centre for an hour. Got onto the bus to leave and saw him. Went back to his. Foreplay didn't last long as he had gone soft. He dropped me off in time for me to come catch the bus. It was a waste of a day.
Let's Sing And Dance For Comic Relief tonight seems cringeworthy. Off key singing. Michelle Ackerley has nice legs. BBC Newswatch and some arse complains about the Africa famine report.
My friend Alan did not reply back to me. I never get an invite anymore. Johnny Cash-Hurt
Nicole R at Simply Pleasure is hot. No more poppers for me. Waste of money and time. I am trying to find a woman to fuck. Bruno Mars - Runaway Baby
Who Dares Wins Lisa and Owen are a great team. Wonder if they would hook up. Lisa is beautiful. Has lovely hair and eyes. A Spanish teacher. That Shpock ad is annoying. All about the millennial.
It was good to watch Lucy again. Directed by Luc Besson. I hope that Scarlett Johansson won an award for her performance. Looks good too. Superb effects and concept.
Why I get asked to pick up items when my brother could do it himself. "Wetabix and banas plz. Cheers. Pk of chapti plz"
My mum has been repeating the same thing for 5 minutes. "'Godari duru ney, yeah, no, etc" 1:45am. I have told her three times already and she is still talking 2:25am. I am going to have to punch her.
Happy mother's day, here's a kick in the cunt. Mama-Spice Girls
"Easy brother Jennifer is selling her old phone which is an android phone a Samsung A3, I can bring it down to the house tomorrow just in case you guys are interesting in buying it, it is £40 cheers J" I shouldn't have to pay for the phone with the amount of money that I lent you.

A terror attack in France yet again. Chuck Berry has died. Skin creams containing paraffin cause fires. A man sent a tweet to a writer which caused a seizure.

Some more fit girls in the one room at the gym. Nice arses. A blonde in grey and a brunette in red and black. A very slim brunette in black. A pretty blonde in white T-shirt and grey leggings. Also another blonde in grey with a superb arse. Another blonde with a beautiful arse.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Atmosphere - Joy Division

Embarrassing Bodies Under The Knife. Just seeing some nice tits on the girl racers in that episode and BBCQT some pretty blonde just asked a question. There was a dark haired lady too. Both in the audience. Sunderland 9/3/17.
See the reaction to #ADayWithoutAWoman tweets about why they get paid less because of stunts like this. Women who will get fired.
I was in the library when ppi cunts ‭07464 027483‬ called me again. I was applying to more jobs including Dingleberry. More moaning from family members about finances and the boiler. Now it may cost something or will be covered by the boiler.
This blonde Jane on This Morning that won the lottery and now moans about it. She should save the moaning for the bedroom as should all people. Marc Almond has had work done. Shocking. David Guest comes to mind. People do change when they hit middle and old age. See ITV Loose Women. See Twitter. So that show was off air because of The Budget. Some arses complain. This pretty redhead on Very.co.uk ad has nice eyes and a smile. Some girl on her way to Limehurst Academy tried crossing the road at a stupid time. It was a pelican crossing. One side the cars had halted but the other cars were moving and she could have been run over. Joshua Dobby is a scrote.
The Gadget Show is back and rebooted. Craig Charles presents. Georgia Barret has joined the team. Pretty blonde. A studio audience similar to The One Show. See Twitter reactions.
Naughty Toddlers Make You Lol ch5 first time that I've seen Bob Mills in years. Narrated by a comedian and then more talking head comedians ruining the show as it happens with this company clip/countdown programmes. The shit that people film their kids doing then post it online which isn't really safe. Some of the mums are milfs. Why the stupid barriers on the side. Does Ellie Taylor do any stand up? The Last Leg Prof Brian Cox is taking it seriously. He is getting trolled by Harry Hill. He is going messing about some of the time. He is clever enough. Ending the show with a 90s homage. See Twitter for #isitok #thelastleg #geekyspyfilms I did find my scarf and gloves at work in the fucking office where I had asked about before. Interesting topic on Newsnight. This couple are attractive. Wrote a book about sexual assault.

EuroCarparts 01483 461333
have sent me a voicemail and my number is being used by someone named Mo. TestersKeep text do the same. Guildford Surrey 8.30 ish. James left a message and I spoke to Jack about having the details removed.
Not sure who the pink haired girl with piercing on The Voice Uk is but she is fit. The Amazon Alexa ads might garner some opinions. Some person in the Loughborough town centre was being attended to by ambulance on Saturday afternoon. BBC Newswatch #firstworldproblems complain about the silliest of things. Just get a spokesperson that tells the viewers to fuck off. Benefit Beauty Queens ch5 Dion enters pagents. I don't think it's because of her looks but her daughter. Quite a few kids, no father. Motherhood is not a job. Series 1 episode 3. Emma is another so called beauty queens. See the tweets from disgruntled viewers. If you can't look after your kids then don't have any. #itsnotrocketscience This is what people do with their money. Some complain that these shows demonise people on benefits. See the film I, Daniel Blake.

Anna Friel looking ok on Friday Night Feast ch4. Come Dine With Me ch4 County Durham: Ashley Menzies Beauty Therapy teacher. A hot blonde. Reminds me of Rosie McArtney and Emily Browning. Tina is a miserable Prison Officer. The prisoners probably rubbed off on her more ways than one. This must be a repeat. Jess Varnish is attractive.

The binmen were doing their job. The truck is parked on Toothill Rd. A car behind goes around it but there is a car coming from the opposite side. A binman almost gets run over as he just casually walks across dragging two bins.

Sian Doherty jailed for having a relationship with a convicted murderer Michael Dobson. She worked as a prison instructor.

Resident Arsehole Katie Hopkins sued for libel by a woman called Jack Monroe. A blogger (not a real job). A simple tweet. Now paying a large fine.

Bargain Hunt in Lewes. Just saw a cringeworthy scene where a man does air guitar. There were these Indian folk going door to door having a brief conversation with other people which I found pointless also the Rightio engineer couldn't do much about the boiler. Pointless. I didn't go to the gym.
Celebrity Mastermind Ian Stirling and Nikki Fox not doing too well. I ended up watching Let's Sing And Dance For Comic Relief BBC1. Most did well. Ola and James were the worst. Boys Allowed, The Chasers were the best. Sue and Mel still not funny. #letssinganddance
So I have been asked to start earlier tomorrow. Who Dares Wins the vet and the lady could have won the planet list and could have got 15K if they went for three more answers in the Ridley Scott list. Lisa the Spanish teacher is hot.
My mum is talking to herself. Repeating phrases.

Geri Horner looked good on this 1990s programme. Lorraine Kelly didn't look too bad on Alien Fun Capsule. Nice song by Coventry market. I am working tomorrow now. Savers had a bad week the same one I took off. One man was enquiring about reduced prices or damaged stock. I had already shown him. He wasn't making too much sense. The African woman that is miserable was entertaining her baby and her mood changes as I am to serve her. Not my problem.
This 5 Gold Rings is daft. The contestants are annoying. For example Dave and the black guy Mikey that growls like DMX. His sister is alright. Nice tits.

The cheque will take a few days to clear. The loans company want the payment sooner. I shouldn't have lent so much to my brother as it leaves me worse off. It started with me back in college. Never again. Looks like I will have to be overdrawn and charged. Which I was to avoid.

Zack Hemsey - Vengeance

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