Thursday, 30 January 2020

Muzzy - Spectrum

Lustful? I will give you release!
These white supremacists will probably try to sabotage the reviews of Ilhan's book. They have opinions on things they have never read or watched. Clueless. Nothing of value to add. They are jealous of Muslims and black people. Another example of an American Idiot. White Inferior group:

  Terror related incident and the right wingers will spread misinformation


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At work it was busy as it is market day. Several long queue. The tester for Police To Be didn't go with the box it was sat on. I wondered when the hell the change order was being dealt with. I tried finding the Coolwater edt but it wasn't there. Someone in the queue may have been bothered. Pensioner with black hair was waiting. Made me look like a twat messing around. Another customer wanted to get face moisturiser and so left his basket to go get one. I had to serve the next person. My colleague was bringing the till change. So she would not jump on. I had asked her too. I spotted potential shoplifters waiting in the queue. Then they left. Who knows if they had anything. I should have alerted someone. Other customers would find it amusing. Some seem miserable. FML. On two occasions I ring the bell twice and no one answers. What is the fucking point? Why people are paying with large notes. It neared the end of my shift. I had rang for someone. No colleague turned up. The queue gets longer and I don't offer SAS (add on sales). I put three ibuprofen though as I stopped caring. It should be restricted to two. Customer should know that and I ought to act on it. Was someone on the toilet? Having a break, making the tea or with a customer? It really pisses me off. Still someone ignoring me when I say hello.
Max Gains

 White tears
There is victim blaming in the replies. Then xenophobia towards black immigrants These British expats are immigrants. Shit happens. They can't have anything to do with what happens in the UK. Butter biscuits is what Bonnie Greer had with Lawrence Fox. Why do some numbnuts have a problem with a man doing good? More bullshit racism regarding the coronavirus. This taffyguy is the parasite up Tommy's asshole.
Some woman that I don't know, a Karen is moaning about Roxanne Gay who I have never heard of. Anyway you have buffoons tagging the wrong person.
Stephen Crowder calling Don Lemon a piece of shit. Stephen is the real pos. A false accusation perhaps regarding an assualt. Gives the so called WS excuses to send him hate.

As they say in the comments. The black cop gets arrested and charged whilst the white one in on paid leave.

I get this text which I have not ordered anything. Why the fuck my number is being used. I can cancel the order.
Your parcel from THE PERFUME SHOP is due today between 09:48am and 1:48pm. Track it at

The courts should deal with him like were a black man. Since he wants that experience.

Whoever wrote the note is pathetic.
Lawrence is not relevant. Jenni is daft.
 The idiotic replies tells you what those individuals are like
 Another right winger triggered by a book and the current Doctor Who series. It is doctor who. Some idiot would burn the book. How stupid are these people?

At work this white middle aged woman that has spent a lot of time on the tanning bed or lived abroad she sneezes. Makes a crass joke that it isn't the Corona Virus but she did eat Chinese food last night. This bullshit with the peleton method as the auditors want it that way. We had got the delivery done. I was booking several appointments at the doctors surgery. This woman moaning about the price of the Scholl product being 99p and we would have to give it to her. Some arsewipes did not face up properly. I had to tidy up the shelf. Also the six pack of still water that I put out and tag requested. It was opened up. The bottles don't have a barcode as they are not to be sold separately.
Hearing on the radio about these cunts celebrating Brexit.

 I am watching The Death And Return Of Superman. An animated movie based on the DC comic book. Nice soundtrack theme on the DVD menu. I rented it from the library. There is a CW show in the works as well as The Batman, The Flash and Green Lantern which are in production. The scart lead decides to fuck up so the sound goes off and I have to fidget with it. I have watched Dawn Of Justice and Justice League in the cinemas. The costume is different. Interesting design. The stories should be different with each adaptation. The voices are something to get used to. There is humour. Cheetah has nice boobs. I did watch the Superman v Shazam film. New costume on Wonder Woman. Several heroes and villains featured. It starts with robbery. A bunch of crooks in modified suits on the rampage. Doomsday hurtles through space towards Earth. Lex has devious plans as always. Impressive visual and sound effects. I recognised a line spoken in a classic Superman film. The Krypton series was good. Lois And Clark, Smallville, Superboy were worth watching. I remembered a comic on what happens to Clark in the afterlife and the Supermen that claim to be the real thing. The soundtrack should be available soon. I did see the trailer or just a clip of this. I need to look at trivia and the back story. That's what you would call a superhero battle. The animations seem to be more popular than live action.
Contains moderate violence and language. Run time is 2 hours. Warner Bros 2019.

  • Jerry O'Connell. as Superman.
  • Rebecca Romijn. as Lois Lane.
  • Rainn Wilson. as Lex Luthor.
  • Rosario Dawson. as Wonder Woman.
  • Nathan Fillion. as Green Lantern.
  • Christopher Gorham. as The Flash.
  • Matt Lanter. as Aquaman.
  • Shemar Moore. as Cyborg.

Andrew and other right wingers are fragile. How many white folk will be triggered by Black History Month?

I wonder if Lizzie was white.

My brother shouting before 2:30am because my mum was talking to herself. Dickheads need a slap.

This silly bitch messing a guy around. Love the responses.

Arabs and Indians don't say bobs and vagene. Just some racist shit.  This cunt made the comment. Then you have Bella making assumptions about the guy cause his name is Ahmad?

The brexiteers burning EU flags are just like the guys in the middle east burning the American flag.  Amber Heard being a abuser. One person still blames Johnny, Male victims aren't believed. The same energy will not be directed at her if she were a black man. All the Johnny Depp films More stuff told to me about what I already knew and have dealt with. Why don't the other family members go do it instead if you are that concerned? Stop wasting my time. I don't need to make the appointment if I don't want to. I didn't apply for council benefits someone else can talk to them. When am I supposed to be getting the money back? I was alseep. I have had a variety of dreams. I  am awoken to someone talking to herself. "Yeeeah" and other bullshit. 
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CatEilishEyes is an idiot. Love the responses. Praxius episode of Doctor Who. Talk about timing. With the Corona virus. Andy is a lapdog for his white masters.
Posobiec is a moron. Then there was an idiot named Jeffrey with the hots for Wilbur Ross. Nakers With Attitude

Sunday, 26 January 2020

Louis Tomlinson - Too Young

Jamie is weird.

I took this one straight from my latest YouTube video (check it out in my story)! It’s called the Z Press and it’s one of my absolute favorite ways to perform an overhead press. Core laziness will plague a perfectly good standing press if you let it. This version won’t allow it!! The only way you can maintain an upright posture in the face of the load lifted is to contract your core tightly from the first rep to the last. You’ll have to significantly drop the weight you’re used to pressing, but that’s ok. As you improve your strength here you’ll see a significant and direct carryover when you stand back up and perform the more traditional version of the exercise. Side Note: My lumbar scoliosis is fully visible when the camera pans to the back. Much harder to hide sitting than when standing! Now go give this a try and let the gains begin... #zpress #overheadpress #strength #core #shoulderexercises #sitthenstand #delts #teamathlean #jeffcavaliere #athleanx
A post shared by ATHLEAN-X™ | Jeff Cavaliere (@athleanx) on

Take a look at the films of Kirk Douglas.  Also Tariq Nasheed makes a fair point.
Evan Rachel Wood, Abigail Disney, Ari Shaffir and that Washington Post journalist will be quiet. White man uncomfortable about race being discussed. Though he is Jewish he is still white. Idiot.
He was a great actor, tried to do right by others.

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 The replies to this tweet from people who ought to know better
Ed is a legend. Marsha is an American idiot.
Inkmask leaves a racist comment.

At the doctor surgery a phone was left on the side, the woman's partner mentioned that it belonged to the other lady who happened to be sat down. I am sure they handed it to the receptionist. The lady having a meltdown is Sarah. We did not get on at school. My brother rang to tell me that my mum was behind me. He was in his car waiting in traffic. I fucking knew that I had been walking with her. I told my mum that she had another appointment tomorrow m I mentioned it when I was organising it. She said she was fine with it. But today tells me she has to go the place she goes every Tuesday. I knew that which I made it for earlier. Not sure what my brother thinks he will acomplish by turning the dial down on the boiler, microwave and iron

Who are these arsewipes? White men that see black women as a fetish. See the entire thread.

I used to work for a catering and hospitality agency. I did some interesting shifts which I do remember.

2009 it was a VIP do at Stapleford Park Country Hotel. I had spotted Janet, Latoya, Katherine and Joe Jackson. Faye Dunnaway was there. As were Jojo and Samantha Mumba. I briefly spoke to Camille Guaty and shook hands with her. Neyo was there. Colleagues were familiar with the cast of 90210 and some Glee cast member. Shahin Jafargholi a BGT contestant was in one room.

I would do another VIP shift Saturday 9th July 2011 5:30pm-7am. Served Joan Collins a glass of champagne. Usher had entered the hotel and the staff were stood by the entrance. Faye Dunnaway and Samantha Mumba were back. I offered a glass to Hillary Swank but she politely declined. Bruno Mars performed for the guests later in the evening. Other guests that were present: Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Adrien Brody, Bai Ling, Eva Longoria, Shannon Doherty, Jerry Hall, Stephanie Beecham, Pamela Anderson who would enter the Big Brother house. Rick Gonzalez was a few feet away from me. Last thing I watched him in was CW's Arrow.

The Aston Martin Works, Newport Pagnell shift was 2014. I had a perfect opportunity to go speak to a guest, Orlando Bloom. He was sat on his own. I decided not to disturb him.

Anyway make sure to visit
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These BBC journalists having a walkout were busy smearing Corbyn last year.

Mr Grippos is a fragile man. I like the tweets from these strong women.
These amateur lesbian porn videos featuring Indian women is softcore, they look as if they have been forced into it. The Indian guys commenting want to get in contact with the models and some deadpollas76 from Spain or wherever using the racist meme. Just a weird tweet. It is like she needed her approval.
It has no relevance.
They are expecting it to taste like chocolate. The replies to this tweet are overdramatic.

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I understand when the women on Twitter complain about men dragging them down. Dom is probably another Terry Crews.
Shag Charlie. film it and send to the husband. Shoot him if it helps.
The bearded guy in grey vest watching me for some reason and the other one practising squats etc. I knew what I was doing. As it got busy I would move from the squat rack to the deadlift section. See thinking outside the box. Maybe they want the D. I do check people out and have blogged about it. An Indian guy did come up to ask if I had many sets left. Lucky for him I had finished. It is pissing me off how my training is a little off. Not as many reps. Grip strength on the bar failing me. Shoes are wet and torn. There wasn't much access to equipment. It does delay things. So the usual appointment that is on Tuesday afternoon was cancelled. Also the taxi would come to pick her up at 1:30pm not 1:00 as she was saying. It is just she would wait outside for half hour. Not sure why the receptionist made out the mental health practioner would take 45 mins. It all means that I wasted my time arranging yesterday's appointment. This whole thing was a waste of my time. The taxi came anyway. She is just wasting time.

Whilst watching this video I get this in my recommendations. Deport The BBC is the title. He mentioned a few right wingers before I closed it. Moaning about a children's TV show. They clearly have a chip on their shoulder. If you are that much of a snowflake then you need to have a long hard look at your life. History has been whitewashed but the white supremacist would rather not face the truth. This Muppet thinks that the show is Anti British which it isn't. Karen would like to speak to the manager.

This guy is turning 30. Male entitlement. He is the one being controlling. They are just friends. I pity whoever he dates. She needs to get rid.

What was the point of telling me what you are going to do at work tomorrow? I don't care. Has nothing to do with me and I am trying to go to sleep.

This will be taken out of context.
Charlie and his followers are imbeciles.

Lustful? I will give you release! Listening to NPR and they are discussing the State Of The Union. Can't trust what Rachel Bovard the conservative has to say. She gets asked about black conservatives and she goes onto talk about the Jews. Telling. A family member was having a mood swing. Barely spoke, stared into space, walks around aimless and now she is talking to herself loud. My assistant manager thought I placed a product as a new line. I was going back to it. Some woman I can assume works at the University was telling her husband that most of the students in the block are Chinese. Again another discussion on the Corona Virus.
I served this mature white man with a beard and I mentioned that we had an offer on the Ted Baker. He says "good for you" didn't want the receipt. "Thank you my friend" I am not your friend. I was going to through to the back door to take the rubbish. I left it by the door. The manager goes "mate, they'll shut us down" Well leave the bloody key in the alarm then. A lady wanted an 18 pack toilet rolls. Used to be £2.99 according to her. This one was open and the product were slightly damaged. I got her a brand new one and it is £3.99. She enquired if the damaged one would be reduced. She thought the manager was being snarky. It got reduced and she bought it. Minutes later she comes back to get a refund as the product is damaged. Why buy it in the first place. An Indian man that lives in my street was looking at the balms. There was a queue and this brunette was to be served. He jumped it and went straight to my till. The voucher this customer used weren't not to be accepted. They did not have our company logo. I had been looking at the due date. Manager was "great" as it meant a loss. I was in two minds about calling someone. A pretty brunette came and handed this shampoo which had been on the floor. It wasn't leaking. Some lady says no without the thankyou. A pensioner tried paying with an old £10 note and she says that she was handed it. Assistant manager had muttered that the draws hadn't been worked yesterday morning. Why isn't someone working them the day before the delivery? The delivery was late. I've got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one.

I began watching the Marvel movie Spawn. From 1997 the special effects could have been better. There is a reboot coming. Spawn is a playable character in Mortal Kombat 11. Simmons is a hitman for hire. His boss sends him on one final mission. Meanwhile the Devil is waging war against the Angels. He is creating a new army. You have this demon that is a cross between The Joker and The Penguin. He is scouting for someone to lead Hell's army. Simmons is killed in action. He is reborn as Spawn. I don't quite like the transition from scene to scene. As I had been working an early morning shift I fell asleep during the movie. I wonder what reviews and ratings this film got. You might like Morbius, Venom, Blade, Deadpool. Nice soundtrack. Leguizamo is unrecognizable. Randle and Clarke are hot.

 Michael Jai White is Al Simmons Martin Sheen is Jason Wynn John Leguizamo is Clown / Violator Theresa Randle is Wanda Blake Nicol Williamson is Cogliostro D. B. Sweeney is Terry Fitzgerald Melinda Clarke is Jessica Priest Miko Hughes is Zack Sydni Beaudoin is Cyan Frank Welker is The Devil Malebolgia

France, Italy and Germany associate accounts closed. I won't bother reapplying. I am not getting a single click.

The mansplaining and fragility in this thread...
I had some strange dream. I was on the streets of Leicester. I saw this large frog which was alive. Wrapped in red cellophane plastic. Some was hanging off which contained air. I didn't have anything to pop it with and I decided to follow it. It went into a tunnel. There were other obstacles. A sock with a creature in in passed by. Another one had a large eyeball that watched me. I got out of the tunnel to find that I was on a platform/scaffolding looking over a busy street Behind me were Chinese businesses. I jumped over a gap. There was water flowing. The frog I later spotted heading up the street. It went up these stairs really quickly. I ran across the road. Cars were coming. Some lady was watching me. I had been on a trolley or a board with wheels going around the streets. This shoplifter on a bike wanted to have a go and I know that he would not bring it back. Another scene had characters in the desert in the middle east. The sun was setting and so it was going to be dark and cold. Some Arabic man worked with me at the shop. He was discussing something with a fit teen girl. She was upset. Watching TV and it was the Graham Norton show. Sir Ian McKellen was the guest. Some weird shit was going on. Chris Turner the rapper comedian came out to the sofa early. Like charades they reenact something. Was it a mobile phone, it vibrates and Ian stops it. Could be the following guest. Jodi Whittaker came on and they show flashbacks of children telling Ian about him doing something silly. All of a sudden music plays. Ian sings and Jodie's face goes wide, it opens up. Some horror thing. The make up and special effects are removed from her face by these two men. I bet that you could create a video of comic of what I have written. On my guest blog I get a message about whether I would be interested in buying a website.

Tom Burtell is a cunt. Tone deaf.

This is similar to the white Brits getting offended over Halal labelling.
This India woman who I have never heard of follows Laurence Fox and the Tatiana McGrath account. Clearly has disregard for poc.
This blonde in red jacket had braces. She looked young. Was buying alcohol. I should have done Challenge 25. For some reason I thought it could be awkward if she didn't have any. She seemed to have a fake Scottish £20 note. The day before these Eastern Europeans were joking in their own language when I rang to get the price gun to see how much this lolly pop was. This Asian man took his time. Asking if the coffee was good. The guy behind him wanted to get a drink. As I was in the middle of a transaction it couldn't happen. The delivery was large. I hadn't taken a break. It was stupid for a Saturday. People saying "just this" when they hand me their purchase. I still have to offer SAS. The 40 something grey haired white man seems uppity. An Asian woman asked if the handheld aka price gun on my wrist got annoying. Why would it? I rang the bell for a member of staff to help this lady find a product. My colleague's friend comes over to ask what it was that I needed. The friend was helping the lady. Thing is she doesn't even fucking work here. So unprofessional. The guy with a walking stick had slipped some weed into the assistant manager's pocket. She wasn't expecting that. Why would you do that? Another customer is dismissive. What's done is done. I will just forget about it. Sometimes I don't get the shite Tariq Nasheed spouts.

Women like this are the reason for Trump as a President.

People act like celebrities do nothing wrong. Kobe Bryant acknowledged the incident. He has redeemed himself. The media continued to smear black people. Snoop explained his comments on the Ricky Smiley show. These conservatives cannot be trusted.
The police should be called and we know how trigger happy they are. One less problem.
Negative comments were expected. These people are blaming Lizzo for the obesity epidemic. She is minding her own businesses. Having fun. Look after your own health. Celebrities are not important.

 They weren't sexually assaulting her. She needs to respect the rules. Just acting like a white woman. Philip is truly an idiot.

I am at the gym and struggled on my set on bench press. It was the weight. One of the regulars was nice enough to come over and offered to spot. I was doing farmer carries with these plates. I went to do wrist curls and would come back to finish off. This man comes over and takes them. I could have said something. But I didn't. I wasn't exactly finished. He took off the plates from the squat machine and placed some away but also left a pile.