Saturday, 21 September 2019

Wiz Khalifa - Black And Yellow

 Aidra Fox
The founder of Catch A Thief has blocked me on Twitter for some reason.

More transphobia and homophobia in the comments section. It is OK to be lgbt.

George is a bellend

Dodgy white folk in the replies. Homan is just an entitled fuck talking over a WOC.

Despicable Doesn't seem to know the difference between right and wrong.
The education system is failing Fiona and Laura aren't held to account. Naga is punished. The BBC is more like Fox News.
I did get a call from an unknown. I get a voicemail with shuffling sounds. What was the point? White fans are looking forward to two racist youtubers making a film. Jennifer and Boris align themselves with white supremacists and commit fraud Daniel Goshawk is in the army. He sent a vile message to an MP. There is no civil war. A man had been racist. A woman calls it out. Some bellends in the replies making excuses. Daniel doesn't know what gaslighting is.

Someone had to be late. On Monday we got more cages than stated. I should have left the Deo one alone. I was then clearing the other side. I did spot the fine girl in purple kit at the gym. The card machine fucked up as it was disconnected. Though the student said it was alright. I overheard him saying "this is a joke". I get called to the till when the queue isn't long. A blonde mature woman seemed quiet and miserable. Cheer up. This mature woman says " no no no" not "no thankyou" Twat.
I served this hot tanned brunette in her late teens/early twenties. She had collagen filled lips which is off putting. Change order being sorted at the wrong time. I remember this guy telling me "I'm not spending £25" when I offered him a Gillette set. This blonde haired male student seemed miserable. These staff/team members from Harry French accommodation at Loughborough Uni were in town giving a tour to students. This blonde on the team is hot.

As horrible as the incident was. There isn't any need for racism and xenophobia.

The Curse Of La Llorona is a horror film from the makers of The Conjuring. Cert 15. I rented this from the library. Lovely bit of singing at the beginning. Beginning in Mexico. A woman is with her two songs. Jump to America in 1973. A woman is a social worker. She is widowed with two kids. She visits a client. There is a problem. Some things seem predictable and clichéd. Anyhow good effects and acting. An evil spirit is murdering children. There is a priest that family seeks help from. You may have seen Mama, The Woman In Black, Insidious, The Conjuring. Linda Cardellini played Velma in the Scooby Door films. She was also in Avengers Endgame (which I am watching again) and Civil War. She shares the same birthday as me. I knew that I recognised Patricia from somewhere. She was in The Mummy movies with Brandon Fraser. Annabelle gets a mention.

Cast (19)

A poc feminist defending a racist.

Idiot on the wrong side of history Right wingers do send death threats and abuse. Ask any person of colour.

The delivery had to be cancelled as they would be turning up 9-10am.  It is market day and we will be open. Now added to Monday.

The works of the late Suzanne Whang.

An independent European SciFi film from Claire Denis. Stars Robert Pattinson, Juliet Binoche, Andre Benjamin, Mia Goth. Cert 18. An English language film. A young man is on board a ship with his baby daughter. They are heading into deep space. There are a few fantastic space movies that I recommend. See the Amazon widgets. It is slow paced. Chilled out soundtrack. I have included the trailers that appear on this DVD. The people are convicts. One final mission and they will be free. Acting alongside a child. One surprising scene early on which you have to see for yourself. You see some of his memories. I will look at IMDb trivia and discussions about this film. I'm not a fan of the Twilight saga. Check out Maps To The Stars. Juliet has a nice body. Mia was in A Cure For Wellness. Andre 3000 also stars. You should read the books of Stephen Baxter. Some moments are strange. Nice breasts on Mia. Strange insemination scene. Quite gross. More is revealed as the film progresses. There is loneliness, conflict in these space journeys. 
 Looking to see how Robert will do as Batman. In space no one can hear your baby scream.
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Some replies from right wingers are pathetic
Mainly racists reported the original tweet and this numbnuts was one of them. This Christine Flowers woman is a bellend Zac the wanker is inferior

The Man Comes Around-Johnny Cash
At work I served this miserable looking mixed raced guy named Joe and the way he says "no thanks" in a twatty manner. He looks at the fragrance selection. Another chap did say "I don't think so" Anyone saying "just this" or "nooo" will not be respected.
 That cuntmobile Natasha Wright came into the store followed by this ginger bearded guy in green coat. Wright was acting like a decoy. My supervisor dealt with her. Not sure where my colleague was. The ginger bellend took two fragrances off the display and walks out. I mentioned it on the radio. Tango Victor were useless yet again. It has been reported to the police. Wright tried to give a false description and act innocent. She passed the store today. She goes to the ABC Taxis office and sells the stolen goods there. The police know. It is not fair on paying customers. It is the company's money. My job would be on the line. I am not being punished for a criminal's actions. She has no right to sell the items. She deserves a kick in the cunt. The ginger guy will be hanging from a lamppost. The sales assistant from a store that I popped into asked if I was a streetwalker in a non offensive way. I had been talking about the shoplifters with them. This slim blonde haired guy with piercings sometimes steals things. Other times he will pay. He was given a pack of batteries which I am su4e he would nick. I wonder if he was responsible for the empty Nicorette box.
My mum had been emptying the fucking bins early in Sunday morning. I was asleep. Pointless. Proof that the Proud Boys are retards. Also fuck that Chabloz bellend for being antisemitic. The girl is black and and so is the officer. They fired him quickly. #thisisamerica
White conservative on the side of a racist police officer

God called my name... I was 9 & was really upset with my mom. I was sobbing & remember saying to myself “I hate her & hope she dies”. Suddenly I heard my name, so clearly that it snapped me out of my rage. I was the only person in that room & someone called my name. I realized that my phone was being called and someone on the other end was calling my name.
Right wingers are sexually attracted to children.
Putting collagen in your lips doesn't look nice. This terrorist needs beating. #retardedregina

 Heather Patton is her name. Let's not make excuses for her racist behaviour.

It was the other day a Chinese woman was buying baby powder. She uses the stool for staff use only to get it down. Doesn't understand much English. The cockmunch ginger shoplifter tried to nick something from Boots and was caught. He walked past Savers. The weird looking Amy went by. She was heading back up. They deserve to be stabbed to death.
 Nice one, Juan.
Shelley Scully is a thundercunt.

I got this text:
"Hi Kishore 

I just wanted to let you know that I'm at a managers meeting today and all the managers that covered the store when I was off have all said amazing things about you and spoke so highly of you"
Tony Beers in the replies like the racist man filmed are fucknuggets. Amber Guyger and her colleagues are racist twats.

These two blonde mature women got into an argument about who pushed in at the queue. The woman in front accused to other of putting her hand on her. "Grow up/look in the mirror/stupid woman/bully" was said. One customer vowed never to return. This blonde woman that I served just says "no" without the thankyou. She looked miserable too as does that short woman with the mixed raced child. On Thursday I should have finished at 2pm it said on the rota. I wrote down the hours and I had 1pm as finish. The supervisor looked at the payroll page on the computer which he should not have and it said 12:30. Other staff were in. It wasn't my fault. There was still delivery to do. It had been late. It took long to get served at the bank. This woman goes "you're alright" when I told her the price of the refill brush heads. I had passed a well known shoplifter as she sat by the church. There is a daft thing that you are expected to do where you offer the bag for life. Hand them a tester strip and talk about the perfume on offer. Waste of time. 
This woman walking with her children and they were in the way. A customer told me about a meal she had in this place called Sliders. Service was great but the food wasn't. It cost quite abit. The chips were small and very little. A spoonful of beans. 

My mum is talking to herself. 

At work I was serving people on the till. This teen was with his younger brother. He was talking about Chinese people eating dogs. There were I can assume Chinese students about. He comes to tell his dad that is in the queue. I heard the conversation as did other customers. The teen tried to get his brother to go over to Chinese people and ask if they had seen his dog. The kid had gone to white folk and asked them. So your casual racist prank didn't work then? Fucking idiot. There were these teens singing songs. Like football chants. The tall shoplifter. Andrew O'Dare I think came into the store. He had taken CBD Oil. Though the supervisor was unsure. The new colleague hadn't seem him. Tango Victor mentioned nothing on the radio. My colleague did leave the till to come fetch me. She should have pressed one bell. The supervisor thought I was letting lots of people in at closing time.  The delivery was late. So we took half of it. My brother asked to borrow more money. I turned up at work for 10am only to
be told my shift began 1pm. I had been given my hours a week ago. It had 10-5 on my paper. So it was changed.

I got a call from this number. I was following David on Twitter for some reason. He liked Ivanka Trump's tweets so I unfollowed him.

In Tesco this little boy called out for his mum a few times. What was she doing?