Friday, 30 December 2016

Unsatisfied - Nine Black Alps

I wasn't sure but thought that miseryguts had returned. I offered a lady a basket and she either hadn't heard me or was ignoring me. Either way I am not bothered. She doesn't know me, I don't know her. She is irrelevant to my life. Never existed.

Charlie Brooker was on top form during 2016 Wipe. Wondered if it was a woman that messaged me on but it was a guy. My brother is still borrowing money.

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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Faith - George Michael

The Return Of Doctor Mysterio with it's homage to the comic book.

The Great Christmas Bake Off with this hot redhead, Cathryn. Some attractive women on Christmas University Challenge. Daisy Dunn and Burton-Hill. Aired on Xmas Day.

Nice tits on the model in the photoshoot scene in the film Silent Night. Focusing on the boobs quite abit. Good nipples.

I had this dream where I was at a work cafe. I saw a variety of foods. A plate of snails were also on the menu. You could have a condiment with it. I had cheese and crackers, some chocolate. I saw fruits. I was charged 95. What I'm not sure. A sequel to The Simpsons was created called Balderdash. Springfield had been split in two. Homer had gone into the sea in his car. In some animation there was a promotion taking place. A character was being thrown into an office. The next door neighbours were watching some couple and the young man was saying something but the mature lady told him to go. The mature man was brushing his teeth. A young roommate came round to the couple's house. Snuck up round the side and knocked. The man came out and the student struck but was caught and dragged back home. He was going to be placed in his room.
In a previous dream I and others had gone in a car to see my cousin and his girlfriend. We were secretly writing a Christmas card.

The launderette are coming closed and can't get through to Domestic & General. Oh the irony.

Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes on BBC1. Animation based on the book. Dominic West was great narrating. Very good. Outnumbered returns tonight. The kids are grown up. See the original.

George Michael has passed away. I liked Jesus To A Child, As, Fast Love. The radio will play that pissing Wham Last Christmas song.

World's Most Expensive Toys on Ch4. Many children living in poverty will go without. It will get people talking on Twitter. Not having kids makes it easier. A diamond encrusted rocking horse. The woman Rebecca behind is hot. There is a small car for a child. It's these individuals trying to make money the best way that they can. The ugly face of capitalism.

Royal Christmas Lectures a large contraption that has a domino effect. Impressive.

Romana Marquez looks good. Legal I reckon. Nice body.

My mum was talking to herself. For a minute. I could ram the phone down her throat. Mind you I would give that irrelevant rude customer a swift kick in the cunt. I bet she is a man hating feminist.
We should have guns and shoot dead shoplifters. My brother raises his voice at 7 in the morning. Making noise and not giving a shit abit like that shrieking harpy. Yet more 'jewra' talk and other bits on repeat.
Fuck the world. Marilyn Manson - Fight Song

Actress Liz Smith has died.

Attractive new doctor on Holby City. Just holding a camera. I am working the delivery. So no delivery had come around Xmas.

Carrie Fisher has passed away. Her mother Debbie Reynolds the next day.

Short changed by a customer. I was right that the security bloke had not given that 50p which I should have mentioned. I ended up apologising and gave him the change that he was after as I just couldn't be arsed.

I had some weird dreams. The staff had transformed into young girls but all that happened was they left, the children came and worked. I explained the legality of this. I forget the other things. I did wake up at 3am. The alarm was accidentally set.

At the gym I am sure that I had locked my padlock on my locker. There was a guy in a towel waiting behind to get to his. I come back 10 mins later to find it unlocked and nothing was missing.

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Slipknot -Before I Forget/Wait And Bleed

There was this tall blonde with a nose piercing and she comes to me and asked for toilet roll not kitchen towel. I pointed her to it and she says "I said toilet roll not kitchen rolls" I again had to show the rude woman it again. I was going to show her some others but she storms off. I was at the till waiting to serve. She was next but decided to wait. Left saying "service with her smile" #whatacunt I hope she comes back. Must have been that time of the month. She is irrelevant. I won't let it bother me. Let It Go/99 Problems/Hyper Music/Dirt Of Your Shoulder/Pop Ya Collar. "I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one"

I should have been certain of the shoplifter that came in. They were talking to the shopkeeper at Bonkers. I did a dick move by not three belling. They nicked something. I should be quicker and more vigilant. Sold lots of sas. The Regional manager hadn't come again. The alarm went off at first when one guy entered. They were behind. I assumed wrong. I'm now grabbing some shite for my brother.

Blankety Blank Xmas eve. Hot lady with nice cleavage Porsha. I bet many would like to ride. Nice body. Superb tits, imagine how she looks naked. Ringo looks like Greg Wallace.

Andre Rieu Concert In London. I thought I would take a look but don't get it either. The people in the audience must be familiar with his work. I do listen to classical music. It really is a middle class affair.

Rick Parfitt of Status Quo has passed away. Listen to Pictures Of Matchstick Men.

The girl that works on the hot food tram has nice eyes and tits. NottsTv at a dodgeball game at Nottingham Uni. Some athletic brunette in nice tight grey shorts with a sexy arse.

There was this mature woman that when I asked if she wanted a bag. Which I have to ask. "I think so don't you?" Well bitch you might have one in your pocket. Offered her sas perfumes and she said that she is athematic and it would kill her. I was thinking, well let's put it to the test shall we?

Who the fuck is Claiming to be PayPal. Confirmation link leads to I hope that the terrorists or someone with a gun targets the fraudsters behind this email.

I did serve this young man that ID. The two girls wouldn't have had but I later was told they were underaged. As they went to school with my colleague.

The power was off because the fucking washing machine tripped it again.

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Your account has been filtered by our system for authentication. Please view the possible events listed below for this cause
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For security, all your account services are disabled until response has been received from you.

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