Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Rob Dougan - Clubbed To Death (Point4 Remix)


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I am watching The Courier. The audio descriptive subtitles automatically came on. A thriller. I don't tend to watch many of these. A good cast of actors. Attractive women. I feel that Amit Shah is typecast as this weak character. A crime boss is under house arrest awaiting trial. There is a key witness named Nick that is a target. Set in New York and London. Quite a few night shots. Good soundtrack. An unknown courier is delivering a package to the Interpol agents. There is Agent Bryant that is slightly unhinged. It is a fight for survival.
Plenty of action and twists. Contains violence, gore and swearing. Cert 18.

Cast (28)

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I saw this nice tweet
Then this pops up in the replies
It had been absolutely pouring it down. I was going to go to the swingers club in Leicester. There was issue with public transport.
Li's Smith and Buttigieg team using black people as puppets
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I've literally had one interaction with cops and it was during the Bloomberg administration. In 2010 I took the bus to NYC for a law school related event and as I get off the bus I realize that I need directions, but my previous attempts at getting directions in NYC have Always been less than pleasant. So I see two cops standing on a corner and while carrying a huge suitcase and dressed in a full ass suit I walk up to these cops and ask how to get to the location where the event is being held at. Rather than give me directions, the cop who I. asked responds by asking how old I am like he was trying to bust me on some kinda curfew violation. Like this may not seem like a big deal to most folks but the fact that when it broke how widespread and sysmatic stop and frisk was I ended up putting two and two together and The fact that I could get off a bus in New York City, dressed in a full suit while carrying luggage and still be viewed as potentially being up to no good is just telling. So yeah, fuck Bloomberg.

This white male is being dismissive
Right wingers make it a cultural thing which it ain't.
Some genuine supporters out there. With the bots people want to capitalise on the Russian Trump election fiasco.
Just a fascist site.

 Bunch of clowns
I nipped in to work to buy some items. Delivery was still to be finished. I phoned later to see if they needed help. Two people had called in sick. So the general manager would have to stay till the end. I offered which I regret and worked the afternoon. Customers saying just this should still be offered SAS. A customer pointed to their airpods. Maybe because they couldn't here me. A few people should switch the music off. Some people are dismissive, ignorant or rude. The weather hasn't been great. I got a McDonald's drink bought for me as a thankyou. Always have appropriate ID when buying alcohol. People should talk when they are spoken to. Check that the voucher can be used in the correct store. Teens buying the energy drinks. Tango Victor telling me about the woman and two teens with her. She bought her items as she always does. Someone left a pink purse. I accidentally knocked over a bottle of wine in the stockroom. It was sat on the shelf and not in the dolly. I get asked for more money by my brother. I went to the gym in the morning. Did see some attractive women.

A trump supporter that likes animals,who'd have thought?

These retards using the phrase Alphabet People

This Zuby guy is a transphobe and an uncle tom. Aba and Preach don't seem to like the lgbt community.

Lustful? I will give you release!


Buy Music CDs at CD Universe. Audio Samples and Reviews Available on Music New Releases

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Buy Music CDs at CD Universe. Audio Samples and Reviews Available on Music New Releases

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Blu-ray TV on DVD Top Box Office

Browse Categories: Action/Adventure, Box Sets, Childrens, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Romance, Science Fiction, UMD Video


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Browse Categories: Action/Adventure, Box Sets, Childrens, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Romance, Science Fiction, UMD Video
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The caucasity of these two. Mike Honcho posts something stupid as does this person. The ignorance is real.
BeaLow Job is going overboard
The ignorance in the replies especially from Muffinmannn
Sounds about white Hannah Taylor is a cretin

The fucking council already did a review of the tax support. I still have to hand in other documents. I am clearly labelled as a Mr and I notice this...
This girl just answered her own question.

 I hadn't heard of Pop Smoke but you might want to check out his music

Paula White is being a nob. American Idiot-Greenday The Fight Song-Marilyn Manson

I had this strange where I was approached by Andrew Schultz and he needed an iPad. In could not find one. He left me this number for a new job. They rang me up. You would work in an office/classroom/college environment. I got a tour of this guy's house.

This Fowler guy is a knobber Maybe Boosey whatever wants to tap Jayah.

A bitter and twisted psycho John is a moronic coward People in the replies. Yes let's start making excuses

I should have trusted my instincts and had a quicker reaction time. This white woman in her 40s in black coat with a bag was near the alcohol. I watched her. This guy in black wooly hat, blur jacket and jeans came in. He was near the alcohol. He picked up a bottle of alcohol and wqkked out. I radioed it through and alerted staff. The woman thought it amusing and left. Both deserve a beating.

The FBi/price prompts was finally uploaded. It has items that I had not listed. Rrp varies.

This lady was after the bottle of Ted Baker Woman but all there was only a tester. My colleague seems to be getting confused. Customer got arsey and left. My  other colleague did come off a little rude to customers. Tells a little boy not rp climb off the stool. Warns that he could fall off. It is for staff use only. His mother should discipline him. Another woman was looking at fragrances and collected mutters "haven't got all day" the customer didn't use manners and talked loud. I want to punch so many people.

Danny is a bellend playing the victim.

Do not true. Something wrong with her

The delivery was late. My colleague was late as her alarm hadn't gone off and the car wasn't working. The supervisor was late as he came by train. The tall women in their 20s. There is is this grumbling/moaning sound. I assumed it was them. So many people ignoring me when I greet them. Mr QC the alcohol shoplifter in black woolly hat, green puffer jacket, blue jeans came by the shop. This wankstain had mentioned on the radio. I am sure that I saw a former friend and work colleague. She didn't recognise me.
Ben Shapero is a WS cumguzzler.
White privilege. Cunt should be told that the Police's time should not be wasted.

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This guy likes to wrap his fingers around a cock
Hopefully the son dumps the ho

These right wingers are just projecting what they do in private onto Ilhan. Marrying their siblings. They deserve the corona virus. Lawrence Fox is stunning and brave. I am being sarcastic. Karma Police - Radiohead

No idea why I was blocked by Ava DuVernay. Must be fragile 

I wasn't particularly bothered if the girls on the cycle machine were watching me workout. I train for me only. There was this mat and I took it. A brunette with a nice ass came along moments later. I did think that it was hers and asked if she wanted it. She said "I'm alright thanks" just some misunderstanding. Some nice bodies on the females. This was Puregym.
Yeah this tweet isn't at all inappropriate.

Get your Harvey Weinstein t-shirts today
With Kobe, Cosby, R Kelly, Charlie Rose being mentioned. It is not a competition.
The names should not be blurred.

My brother disturbs my piece and quiet. Far too many times. All bullshit regarding this milk order then discussion of marriage my mum was on about. I had this Irish lady want some dye product. She asked for me to get a female staff member which I was going to do. Some staff in the warehouse whilst stock still needed working. Assistant manager wasting time when she should be doing the banking. I could have done it quicker. I told my colleague that management were doing the banking. She rang twice as a customer needed an exchange. The other day one till that I was using hadn't any cash in it and I wasn't told. Served this quiet guy with some Jesus badge. Didn't say anything until a quiet thanks. This Muslim pensioner was asking a random woman where the baby oil was. No other staff there so I had to help. He didn't respond when I asked if he wanted a bag but then asks for one. I just asked twice ffs. These Muslim ladies were finished being served and were to move on and a white lady impatiently moves to the till when they haven't left. She looks at me like I was supposedly in on the joke that she found amusing. Nope just some white entitlement. The agency isn't very helpful regarding the P45. The council are twats. So I get a text about some annoying guy from school dying in his sleep. I really don't care. The delivery keeps arriving late. I get asked for money but I don't have enough. 
The teacher is white.

 I served this man in his 60s. Wears a hat. Works on the market. Trolls me or is a scammer. The Voltoral cost £6.49 he gave me £6.30 and kept insisting it was enough. I wasn't going to be short changed. So he took his money and left. I had to get the transaction voided. This mature woman jokingly said that I had asked if she needed a carrier bag when she was holding a bag meant that I wasn't fully awake. I just ignored her. I got home to find my locker key in my pocket. The langyard around my neck. I messaged the manager. She replied "I'm really sorry but I need the lanyard. It's part of my audit and can loose me points" So I had to go back to work to drop them off. The drinks dolly was overfilled. A few alcohol bottles sat uneven. One wrong move and they would smash. An Asian woman was just this please in a low voice. Many people were asking about hand sanitisers. All to do with the Corona virus. My brother still brings up this milk order several times. At close to midnight and he is clearing his throat in the bathroom. Making noise.
I've got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one.

Spencer Alexander and white male rage

It was 12:51am Saturday. I was awoken aa my mum was talking to herself. My brother had to go to her a few times to tell her to be quiet. The neighborhours were having an argument. I could not get back to sleep. I drifted off eventually. Slept through the alarm. 4.35am and I had to go to work as soon as I woke up. Skipped breakfast. Management were in the office doing whatever.  Came to help at 10.15am when my shift would end. The work experience guy was working one side. I had to jump on the till at times. It is market day and pay day. If I had help straight away then I would have been finished earlier. No point thanking anyone. If my sleep pattern wasn't fucked then I would have been there for 4am. A lady moaned that I gave her £ coins as I did not have a Fiver. Stop moaning. The banking gets done late. The person that I had the misfortune to work with in a previous job is to be the supervisor. FML. I am going to quit this job. Some man asked for waterless soap? Olay regime set is £14.99 but the FBI/prompt info says £15.99. There were some hot women, mainly students popping into the store yesterday. Tall blonde, red jacket and her brunette friend. Other brother sends a text asking if I am OK. Pointless. The toilet was blocked yesterday. I should not have thrown the wipe in there or used too much toilet paper. I had to unclog it. I served a bearded guy with glasses. Greta Thunberg gets mentioned on the radio. He refers to her as that stupid woman. This student didn't want his change or receipt. His mate wanted to change the drink. It would need a proper exchange via management. They swapped the drink and asked me to take the cost from the change. Then left.
99 problems/One step closer/Duality

Racist youtubers don't state facts

I rented three horror DVDs from the library. Zombieland Double Tap starring Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson, Abigail Breslin, Luke Wilson, Rosario Dawson, Zoey Deutch.
Released in 2019. You might like the soundtrack. Madison is hot. Abigail has a nice rack. The stars of the first movie are back. The zombies have evolved. The team first head for the White House. They meet Madison along the way. Little Rock wants space and so runs away. The team go after her as the world isn't safe. We meet Berkeley and his hippy buddies. Nevada and friends live at what seems to be an Elvis museum. Good humour and action. A good cast of actors. Nice pop culture references. Some gruesome scenes. You should see the movie if you haven't already. From the makers of Deadpool and Venom.


Snatchers is a horror comedy. You might like this if you enjoyed Slither, Gremlins, Critters, Splinter. A teen at high school has sex with an on/off boyfriend. She finds that she is pregnant within a day. An alien is on the loose. Causing chaos. Gory scenes. The best friend Hayley is annoying. Good effects and cast of actors. Check out the soundtrack. Bonus features are included. Cast. Mary Nepi. Gabrielle Elyse. J.J. Nolan. Austin Fryberger. Nick Gomez. Rich Fulcher. Ashley Argota. Amy Landecker.

Little Monsters is a comedy horror filmed in Australia. Opening scene had couple Dave and Sara arguing. Good job to the actors and writer. They are going through a difficult patch. Sara has nice tits. Dave's sister is nice as is the kindergarten teacher. There is a US base where experiments have been taking place. A virus outbreak occurs. Dave's nephew wasn't so clear I had to turn the volume up. The class joined by Dave go on a trip to see a children's entertainer. You might like Cooties. Good actors. Special mention to the zombies and children. Gore, violence, swearing. America would have censored a lot of this film. Lupita sure then sing. Lupita Nyong'o. Miss Caroline. Alexander England. Josh Gad. Teddy McGiggle. Kat Stewart. Diesel La Torraca. Felix. Nadia Townsend. Marshall Napier. Army General. Glenn Hazeldine. Ava Caryofyllis. Beth. Charlie Whitley. Mason Mansour. Mickey. Kim Doan. Wolfgang Gledhill. Wolfgang. Caliah Pinones. Jack Schuback.
Sarah Vine is cunt

Ratesmalone in the comments talking bullshit. Cracker is not racist.
Doug Sparrow a moron and a paedo.

My phone date is set a day forward. Explains the messed up alarm situation. The 2:30am one went of today.

Stupid and ignorant replies to this tweet

I knew that would find a comment or two about the interracial relationship.

I get this text a few times. I haven't ordered anything.
Your parcel from PUBLIC DESIRE is due on Wednesday, 4 March 2020 between 10:36am and 2:36pm.  Track it at https://ryml.me/?MB027318472GB&SbCOifnLd1I

I was at the library and a section was corderned off. Work men were busy. An mature Asian (Thai)? woman with glasses. She needed to fill two bags with books from the section. The person she was collecting for was going to have a hiserectomy. She waited in the queue. A white pensioner was approaching the desk and the mature one told her there was a queue. I offered to let the pensioner go before me but she didn't bother and left. Mature also spoke of how short staffed they are. She did get a staff member to go with her. The men had to stop work. The librarian weren't happy as no one should be going there. This mature lady used to work for the library and lost her job due to the cutbacks. Still bitter I see. We received four boxes of Medex 400ml hand sanitiser which I filled the shelf with. It all sold out under 2 hours. Panic buying over corona virus.
I did notice this black woman watch me as the bar I picked up would touch the floor making a noise. This was the skull crusher but on a mat. A blonde in blue leggings had a nice body. The season finale of Doctor Who was good. Nice twist. Sacha Dhawan and Jodie Whittaker shined. My brother was making a fuss over how his name and the street were misspelt.

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