Thursday, 29 September 2016

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes - Lullaby

icon Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes - Lullaby
 ‭020 3092 7579‬ consumer lifestyle. ‭0131 243 4958‬ Edinburgh, People's Postcode Lottery. So the nobhead shoplifters were back in. Hadn't noticed them come in. They were caught. They walked out. We have their names and footage of them. The evidence is being handed in to the police. A few pretty girls, regulars I might add come into Savers. Plenty of mess around the store. Possibly the result of the delivery or customers from the morning. I get asked to lend money but don't have enough to do that. Laura Hamilton of a property holiday programme looking hot on The Wright Stuff. Lara Lewington on BBC Click. Another black man is shot by police in America. See the story of the mentally ill Ugandan refugee. Fuck Da Police - NWA. Shit ads- clear score, green flag, British Seniors Insurance. I am one of the many not interested in Great British Bake Off or The Apprentice. Why the fuck the Brangelina divorce was news, I'll never know. Good Morning Britain on ITV1. Discussion on sexism and unacceptable phrases to use. Bradley Walsh brushes it off as his interview follows after. I want to see the Twitter reaction. The Sun have the phrase Angry Birds within the headline. Proper trolling. Washing machine is on the blink. It makes this unhealthy noise. There must be something beneath the drum. Limescale build up. Domestic And General will be called but I am not fannying about with any offers. Replace the machine so I don't have to keep paying you cunts. Christ that call centre operator. I am to await a text telling me of the three hour window appointment for tomorrow. Donna Marie going in a restaurant with her partner, eating the food then running off without paying. Her parents paid the bill. A 23 year old grown woman. Not the first time. Fleeced a taxi driver. Thieves. Topic discussion on The Wright Stuff. Interesting phone ins that follows. One lady tells of when her son had spent most of his money on holiday in Croatia but needed her to buy the ticket home. The other son paid for a ticket using the remaining money from his brother's account and it only got him so far and then he would make his way back however. Thurs 24th September 2016. Topic on one queue and many tills. Has happened in Savers. Some woman had her arm broken in McDonald's over a queue jump. Fucking Jeremy Kyle situation. Christina Hamilton did talk about foreigners and queuing etiquette. I often wonder that. Some might be offended over her comment. Ideally if you aren't in the queue and test fragrances then you will be served last. More faux offence over H&M Like A Lady ad. Great input from the panel and audience. Shared spaces in towns were cars and pedestrians mix. Looking dangerous. On today's BBC Breakfast. You may qualify for Government Debt Help. Upto 85% of debt written off. All Charges and fees will be Frozen. Apply at or to OPToutSTOP ‭+44 7425 312967‬ spam text services Ltd.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

My Hero- Foo Fighters

icon Captain America Civil War Starring Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson, Paul Rudd, Anthony Mackie, Paul Bettany, William Hurt, Don Cheadle, Elizabeth Olsen, Jeremy Renner, Sebastian Stan, Daniel Bruhl, Chadwick Boseman. Cert 12. Was an epic film. So different from previous films. The way the action scenes in Lagos were shot are quite shaky. Interesting seeing all these Marvel characters. Nice cameos. The government want to be in control of what the superhumans get up. Stark and Rogers are divided on the right thing to do. Bucky is a wanted man. Impressive fight scenes. Good dialogue. I am intrigued by the trailer for Doctor Strange. Marvel Studios 2016. 8717418484743
  My Hero - Foo Fighters

I served this gorgeous girl in this black dress, a brunette. A v-neck too. See not much cleavage. A guy thought I had said the Ted Baker London was 99p when I actually said 9.99. So it had to be voided. The Cushells pack of toilet rolls were next to the Sofcell which are £1. They were £1.59. The lady claimed that I said they were a pound which I did not do. They were stacked there without a price point. Two And A Half Men does have many attractive young women. Nice boobs and ass shots. Not that good a show. It is 2am and my mum is walking around talking to herself oblivious to the time and people are sleeping. She does this alot. This number from Loughborough calls about an insurance policy. The guy was either a Geordie or Welsh. ‭01509 358694‬ I shouldn't have answered as I hung up half way. I was watching porn at the time. I am reading In Times Like These by Nathan Van Coops. It is a sci-fi story. I previously read Mirror Mirror by Anthony M Strong which is a horror. I recommend that you get these from Amazon. I saw this short blonde with huge boobs as I was heading to Tesco Rushes, Loughborough. 6:03 27/9/16. I tried sending this email four times but it doesn't fucking work. Hearing some shite Justin Beiber segment on BBC Radio One. Can't use iPlayer at the library because of the TV licence laws. There was the tanned Asian girl in the grey and black kit. Looking good. A blonde in orange that looked nice and a blonde in white T-shirt with black shorts. Nice arse. Some blonde that is a little older looking fine. Had some writing down her leggings. I have seen two uni students in Loughborough Uni tops and shorts with nice legs. 

Friday, 23 September 2016

Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal

Criminal starring Kevin Costner as a prisoner named Jericho. He is on top form. A great cast. Plenty of violence. Interesting concept. Ryan Reynolds is a CIA agent killed in action and his memories are transplanted into the brain of Jericho. The Dutchman is a computer hacker that has access to nuclear codes. There is a group of Russians after the flash drive. Mostly set in London. Nice soundtrack. Especially the end credits song. Written by Douglas Cook who it is dedicated to. I like how Jericho doesn't give a shit. Half the cast have been in comic book movies. Tommy Lee Jones, Gary Oldman, Gal Gadot. You might like Self/Less, Johnny Pneumonic, Total Recall.This dvd which I rented from the library was skipping.

Looks like I might not get to do the M&S job through Blue Arrow as the rota has to be set. It was awkward trying to get a Dimblebee shift.
Silly woman comparing Loughborough to Melton Mowbray. We are not them. Not selling enough Sas means we are not doing something right. That is bollocks to put it mildly. I sold more items and how is that for "stepping it up"?
Some woman had left her card in New Look and it took ages for her friends/sisters to get back to her. A gentleman who used a card for contactless payment may have been using someone else's card. According to the manager. What if it was the same card? The Chinese lady wanted serving but wasn't in the queue and so others were served before her. Two members of staff called in sick and so I had to go in earlier.
Thorn Baker Recruitment are seeking Order Pickers and Packers for warehouses in Kirby Muxloe and Loughborough. Various shifts available. Until Christmas. Send your CV to
Bbc Fake Britain and Twitter is usually unkind about the victims. I have found out who or what Clarice Cliff was.
My brother with his "duboo fill kur" fill the bowl. Repeating it to my mum and it was during twilight hours. Annoying and woke me up.
Fucking shoplifter in again. Two ladies. They will be stopped. They have the cheek to steal and the police haven't done owt. It was my day off. I was set for gym. If I was on the shop floor maybe it would make a difference. But they are at fault. We are short staffed on the days the 'ladies' pay a visit. I was thinking of distributing the screen shot of the suspects. But is this a stupid idea? I hope someone chokes the life out of those two. Karma Police - Radiohead
A deaf woman wasn't fully aware and had jumped the queue.
Carrie Underwood looking hot on The Ellen Show. I'm not aware of her music.
I'm sure that I just saw Brian Connelly in an episode of Stargate SG1. I had a dream and in one scene John Carter finally returned to Mars but looking older and disheveled.
JayZ v Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Problems
Ch5 On Benefits Cash Strapped Couples is a little more understanding. Not so much negatively online. Some were made redundant, others suffer from illnesses. There is a least two wanting to find work. First aired 22/9/16 8pm.
The new series of Red Dwarf is upon us. Originally televised on Bbc2. Now on Dave. It was a hit in the USA as well as the UK. Kryten is bulkier. Clever episode. The lady in the science club had great dialogue.
David Bowie - Starman
Babylon Zoo- Spaceman

The Tube Going Underground a worker that was unhappy about the closing of the ticket office which were replaced by the machines.
I can't quite get to sleep. Contemplated going to the gym. My mum is saying yeah and other things repeatedly.
It is 1:08 and the woman is still talking. Subtitles don't work on half the freeview channels.
This blonde that I saw at the gym had nice tits. I ought to have taken a picture. A pink top. She has just left. 10:23am. There was this tanned brunette with a nice body. Blue grey tee and black leggings. A tall brunette on the bike with nice long legs.
I was at work on a ladder and the curvy black girl with large breasts came by. I got a good view of her cleavage. The short brunette in white T-shirt and black shorts was pretty. I have just found the guy that used to bully/harrass me in school. Still a knob I see.Someguy with learning difficulties saying 'way/wayne' repeatedly.

Amusing tweets about Cj from Eggheads

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Articles in today's @MetroUKNews are killing it! Great read! @HannahCateM @CityLifeLpool @2020Exposure @pearsoncasting #bakeoff #eggheads
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Eggheads Official

Egghead Odewale


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Tara Rogers
I must be imagining things ... CJ ARRESTED FOR MURDER?! #eggheads #wtf Former Eggheads star CJ de Mooi arrested
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Eunice Johnston
Beth, love. We don't need your bloody life story before you answer. So irritating!! Sorry but I hope you don't become one of the #eggheads
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Q: when writing your TV #eggheads memoires, which of the following would your lawyer advise you leave out?
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Charlotte follows
V unexpected news: One of the #Eggheads has been arrested on suspicion of MURDER wtf
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Tony Wyatt
How can CJ de Mooi confess to possible #murder in his autobiography & think it wouldn't lead anywhere!? #eggheads
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Witty Name tbc
"And so we move into the sudden death round" #eggheads
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Mrs W
CJ #eggheads has always had the look of a man who dresses up as Mother in his spare time.....
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DCHomos follows
A Random James
Police- "CJ what were you doing 20 years ago in the Netherlands?" CJ - "Can I choose a different category please?" #eggheads
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Dame Agnes Guano
No! Now Daphne Fowler has been arrested for genocide and crimes against humanity during during the Siege Of Stalingrad. #Eggheads
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l did tweet this: follows
mick kenny
Scariest police ID parade ever, it's like something out of @theusualsuspects lol!!! #CJdeMooi #eggheads #itwasntmegov
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Ryan Lafferty
Makes a living out of belittling people's intelligence. Confesses to a murder, he has concealed for years, in a book. #cj #eggheads
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I'm genuinely quite shocked by the CJ from #eggheads thing... I simply refuse to believe that someone read his autobiography.
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Natalie Crossland
Definitely a murderer.. #CJdeMooi #Eggheads
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Duck Face
Pretend you're CJ from Eggheads by answering all questions correctly, as it may harm your defence if you do not... etc etc #eggheads #cj
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Sarah Joseph
So this might explain the CJ de Mooi arrest:… #Eggheads
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Richard Hobbs
Sep 22
It's been a tough morning for Mother Hobbs. #gbbo #eggheads
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Barack Obama follows
Stefan Wicks
Sep 22
Never did I think I'd live to see #GBBO and #Eggheads trend at the same time. What a day for British Television.
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Zerofvx follows
Jennifer Mills
Sep 22
Here is the extract from #Eggheads Cj De Mooi's book that has resulted in a full Scotland Yard Murder Investigation against him.
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Roisin Potter follows
BBC News Ents Team
Sep 22
Former #Eggheads panellist CJ de Mooi arrested over death

 Individual named Robert Tebbs. Will go to the alcohol section and pick up a bottle and head to another area of the shop to slip into his jacket/trousers. Three bell as soon as you see him. His girlfriend was in last time I believe. Do not throw away.
Also there are screenshots of the two ‘ladies’ that come into the store. 5’7/8’’ white, slim, brunettes. One wears this large black hat.  and the other wears glasses and has red/brown hair.  She may have been at the till on Thurs being served by Soph. Usually in early afternoon.
They always go up Household aisle, first to air fresheners and then to laundry tabs. Hide around the bleaches section to place items in bag. #thievingscrotes
A chap with an inside out hi-vis jacket over blue addidas top, short hair, scruffy. Goes for the Gaviscon. Will attempt to use a blocked card. Hasn’t been in a while.
There was a young, slim Asian gentleman with stubble and he has a tall, eastern European girlfriend with scars on her face. Someone that Chey/Solange suggests we look out for. Last in store Weds 21 Sept 2016.
Don’t be afraid to use the radio. Hopefully the police are informed.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

David Bowie - Lazurus

David Bowie - Lazarus

The Chase Paul does talk quite abit. Emily is quite nice. Something about the eyebrows though. It seems Karen Danczuk is just a pair of tits with nothing interesting to say. A silent voicemail left for me. 448000802582

This could be reported to the Daily Mail with the individual posing with a sad face. #firstworldproblems

I love the comments The lady should have gone back to work. Overreacting. More spelling errors in the comments section. Till Swap Scam

I had this dream where black twisters, tornadoes were going down the street.

Pointless trip to Leicester. The poppers were the wrong ones. The virility tablet was ineffective. At Splash there was the Asian guy with a beard and he was a bit rough. Stops and buggers off. Another guy that I am with decided to leave and then I am with an older man with a small penis and the Asian had returned and promptly left. I had enough and have left. Mad World - Jennifer Ann

I did see this pretty Asian girl in a green dress. Her heels going clunk. Leicester station. The brunette next seats down is pretty. I was asked to come into work today but I declined. Lol in the text message. I have had minor accident because of the enema. People don't flush the toilet. The travel agent sent me to platform 1 and there was a train 10 mins earlier on platform 4. I just saw this lady with purple choppy short hair with nice legs. Reminds me of Claire Balding. Insufficient memory when trying to download a song. Which is Maple Wizen. I am surprised by the vocals.
Burger King was a waste of money looking at the quality of the food. I seem to have a headache or something.

Ninja Warrior Uk and the PhD student blazed the course in 51 seconds. There was Jack the amputee model and looking at a lady with nice boobs. She fell in the water.

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thanks & best regards,

Friday, 16 September 2016

Bebe Black - Deathwish

Carfinance247 sent 65,000 spam texts. They claimed it was some other company responsible. They have been fined £30,000 and rightfully so. I saw Dating In The Dark. The girls looked alright apart from the big one. One lad was attractive. Great speech by Alex Brooker on The Last Leg about an Italian athlete. Ok Magazine were being tools by publishing a private photo of Prince George. Twatty racists kicked off the plane in Manchester. They were going to go to Ibiza. Typical British tourists. Far right nobs in Germany attacking asylum seekers.
My brother asked to borrow money but I won't lend it to him anyway. I don't get to use money that I earned for myself. Wage slips at work hadn't arrived. I am wasting my time working for these companies throughout my life. The RNIB Lottery ad was bad.
‭0800 088 2582‬ tried calling again.
Vanquis Bank were told to remove my details from their database. I think that they kept it on for auditing reasons. I get sent another pre-approved form.
That 08081450411 number was genuine. A customer support team for Lloyds Bank.
Another ad with that woman who can't act.
Carolina Reaper video. Two hot girls in bikini tops eating chillies.
‭0800 444231 Domestic & General called. I bought this powerful virility tablet for £10.
Looking at these job ads and some are asking for alot. Just thinking of how I am able to get additional work after what happened with Berry. ‬

Subject: 25% OFF JORDAN IV Retro 'White/Metallic Gold'

Hello Affiliates!
We are running a great offer on the Air Jordan IV Retro 'White/Metallic Gold'. Your clients can receive 25% off that product with the code 'GOLD25'.
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Bebe Black - Deathwish

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Soldier's Poem - Muse

Dr Farrah Sheik on BBC Breakfast is nice. There was a lady suffering from MS that has been using cannabis. I imagine some tweets won't be so kind regarding her appearance and usage.

I dreamt that I was in Russia. There were Neo-Nazis beating the crap out of people. One Indian guy was working with them. He was the lead in a band. The female nazi did warn me that he would not be safe here. I convinced the fella to join us. We soon were leaving and one thug was getting rowdy and I went to stop him.

That cunt Bob Tebbs was in store again. Took alcohol and his missus was there too. A guy in a cap, possibly a beggar came in and took something. I could punch someone. There was this woman that when she went through the barrier she set the alarm off, denied taking anything. Was to have her bag searched. She told my manager to fuck off and walked away. Bellend if you have nothing to hide then you won't mind having your bag searched. Slipknot-Duality
There was this blonde teen with nice legs looking at the sun lotions. There was the Polish blonde with nice cleavage that I served.
Animals Unleashed E4 and it has some twatty narrator. My mother is talking to herself.

During Parliamentary questions there was MP Rayner with her cleavage as she leant on the podium.

My former colleague Jonathan Broome Edwards has won a silver medal for the high jump at the Paralympics. He appeared on The Last Leg. They changed the Twitter handle to The Fast Clegg and I wonder who will try to get the old name.

I have seen a ridiculous ad for Stage School.

08081450661 claimed to be on behalf of Lloyds Bank but looking online it is a scam.

‭0800 088 2582‬ this no has been calling but is blocked.

It was pointless getting the Vodafone IOU. I knew Savers had called and again another short notice. Then there was the spam call. I saw some pretty women that came to the store. A European blonde in a pink dress. An attractive blonde couple with their cute daughter. A brunette with her baby in the pram.

A lady bought two Stacey Solomon Smile EDP. But bought them back for an exchange as it smelled manly. Her sister had ripped the box open and thrown it away but that one could not be exchanged without the packaging.

Constant text from Lloyds too. Same one.

Death By Selfie on 5Star now. Some lad Danny addicted to selfies. Became suicidal. Bizarre and extreme. Perhaps a mental health issue. Vanity. Read The Picture Of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. I was expecting some Darwin Award nominees.

A Question Of Sport BBC and Maddie Hinch, Laura Trott and Sam Quek look good. Maddie is the best looking and possibly only attractive one in the Team GB hockey squad. Laura isn't sitting straight, facing to the side.

My brother talks about his class that he went to which I find irrelevant at 22:31 and later comes into my room at 23:17 to talk more.

I do hate that Celebrity Bear Grylls show coming to Ch4. Don't need to see Dom Joly's arse and why can't they trow that Towie bird off the cliff?

Butthurt Russians hacked the WADA database. Pathetic.

BBC Steph interviews two women in Central London. The Scottish blonde was hot. They were talking about fashion I think, but that wasn't interesting.

I did just spot a brunette in black kit and an attractive blonde in orange. A short European tanned girl in blue shorts and black top. Lovely body. Plenty more came to the classes and I saw some cleavage. Whilst in Superdrug I saw this tanned tall brunette in a black dress with nice legs and her blonde friend was pretty. Nice big eyes and tall too. She wore a black and white striped dress. Amazon Associates: New Device Launches <!-- Wrapper

Monday, 12 September 2016

Korn ft Skrillex - Get Up

I had a call from ‭01789 553000‬. I decided not to answer it.
That Sophie Morgan ain't bad looking. Ch4 Paralympic presenter.
I am watching Driving Miss Daisy cert U 1989 Twentieth Century Fox. Starring Morgan Freeman, Jessica Tandy, Dan Akroyd. 5060002835890 Special features included are the original film, commentary, from stage to screen and Jessica Tandy bio. Starting off in 1935, leaps to 1966 and possibly later. An African American man is hired to be a chauffeur for this rich and stubborn Jewish woman. They form a friendship. I did not originally see this movie and only have watched it for the first time in 2016. You might like The Help, The Butler.
At the shop on Meadow Lane, Eastern European lady with brown hair and eyes. BBC News watch viewers showing their ignorance. The writing on the News app was clearly not Arabic. One man wondering what the Black Lives Matter protest was about and it was wrong to air their views. Another white male asking why the Chicago shootings was breaking news. I think that the BBC Newswatch team were trolling those viewers.
The floor had been mopped and is still wet. I asked family to avoid but no one listens.
Meat Loaf has had a stroke I believe. Not as he once was.
‭01758 443597‬ Pwllheli called. I watched the Fighting Temptations and forgot about the soundtrack. Good Jeremy Corbyn joke on The Jonathan Ross Show. Patrick Dempsey clip from 1984 was something. Laura Trott and Hannah Mikey looking good. Humbling story from Hannah Cockcroft and RJ Mitte.
I just passed Jude the Pt just making conversation asked about his surname origin he thought I was being nosey. He did ask me questions. He could have been joking or just being rude. I should not bother. There you go.
There were two shoplifters dressed nicely. Wearing clothing that could have been from a fancy store or boutique. One wore a hat. Both in black, glasses on one. Brunette and tanned. They took three packs of washing tablets. Slipped them into a Sainsburys bag at the back of the store. They could have afforded it. A customer saw them doing it and told the staff. It happened at 12:30 11/9/16
Next was a lady that tried to steal alcohol but smashed it on the floor. The supervisor went outside and had a go at her. Called her a fucking tramp. Happened today too. The general manager needs to change the rota for Sundays. I rang the bell once as there was a queue and obviously needed someone to jump on. Needed a staff member to help the Chinese guy but I had to get the queue down. Fucking hell.
Radiohead-Karma Police Frozen-Let It Go Jay-Z- Dirt Off Your Shoulder Bad Mood-The Vaccines
First Day At Big School ch5 the young blonde teacher in the dinner hall telling off the boy was hot. Miss Marshall I think her name is.
Oscar, Layla and Beth need discipline. One is overactive, another stroppy and the last is quiet. I am so glad that I don't have children. Emily is a good kid. Beth's mum is attractive.
The bin was emptied but a new bag wasn't left.
Horizon laughter special presented by Jimmy Carr. Prof Dunbar does an experiment and I noticed that the brunette in red with a clipboard, her nipples were poking out. Interesting things being said.
A text from Myoffers:
Hi Mo, we need you to be a product tester for us
- test and KEEP for free the new iPhone 7 T&Cs
Stop? HSTOP to 64446
St Andrews ‭01334 405002‬
Lost my glasses and now asked to come in to work. Found them now.
A few more nice bottoms at the gym. I even spoke to an old work colleague of mine.
Stunning blonde in white tee and grey jeans just walked past towards Tesco. 2:34pm

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Friday, 9 September 2016

Public Enemy - Harder Than You Think

Public Enemy - Harder Than You Think

Marlou Van Rhijn is attractive. She is a Paralympic sprinter. See her on The Last Leg Thurs ch4 episode.
Is Adam Hills an Sjw, very PC or just a gentleman.
The amount of times people were telling me "I haven't got a dishwasher" when I offered the Fairy tablet pack.
Some pretty girls in McDonalds. Two stunning blondes in black. Then there was this other one doing squats with her boyfriend. Nice arses on them all. Just now two blondes came in. One wore tight white trousers and I admired that ass.
I seem to be where I started. It is pissing me off that I need to buy some food and can't.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

SOS-Abba Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

I served this lady a brunette, had a rose tattoo on her upper left arm. 7/9/16 16:39. In Savers, Loughborough. I told her that the Sarah Jessica Parker EDP and 10th Anniversary Edition were the same. She replied with "Why is is because you're a man?" It was a bizarre joke. #nob Imagine if I said something to a lady. They would be crying to Laura Bates of #everydaysexism She could have been asking if it was for a man. Either way #epicfail I served some pretty, tall brunette in t-shirt and shorts. There was a stunning blonde with her boyfriend who had an accent. There were these girls in their late teens in gym kit walking up town. Delilah-Breathe Emelkay Remix

‭01638 316102‬ Media Match, Newmarket. ‭0161 974 7500‬ Manchester. Unnecessary calls.

The Last Leg Welcome To Rio on ch4 is entertaining. Follow the tweets #isitok The end video is cringeworthy. Nice nod to #Lochtegate Interesting Maltesers ad.

EE advertising just getting worse. The Lexi voice audition just wasn't funny. How much did it cost to feature those celebrities?

Sex,Lies&Trolls on 5Star is where the social media and internet policy comes into play.

Nailing The Fraudsters ch5. Crash For Cash criminals are pathetic. Illegal immigrants that should be deported. Romy and Lucky are not disguised. They came from India. I wonder what their parents would think. Hopefully the police are given the footage.

I have been calling in early to work as someone called in sick. Pretty much the manager on her own for a while. I skipped breakfast.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

The Vaccines - Bad Mood

The Vaccines - Bad Mood

I am facing a disciplinary procedure and an investigation is underway. But the culprit should be reported to the police.
A shoplifter came into the store and I immediately rang 3 bells. He was just loitering. He left. He had two bags/rucksacks, one attached to the front and one to the back.
There was a sheet with monthly pay dates on it. It had gone missing. Just outside Savers there was this couple arguing. He was a tall shaven headed man on his bike. She was short and a brunette. He was apparently trying to prove himself to her. She sat on his bike and he rode off. I bet she would fall off at some point. Two African women could not decide on what fragrance to choose from. The items were scanned and to be paid for but then they changed their mind. A queue formed. An exchange was done. The manager cancelled the transaction, served the queue, did the exchange. Did give me some advice. Next time it is best to leave two tills on. Too much fannying about.
My brother would still have been asking for money. He is still transferring money from our mother's account. What does he need it for? I will ask him.
I went to Tesco and bought some things but I had to put them back as my card wouldn't work. Makes things difficult. I would like to purchase some items but from a local store or Aldi but will the same thing happen again? The Postcode Lottery will do fuck all except take money from me.

Junior Doctors striking yet again. I believe their jobs will be at risk. Debate on Sunday Morning Live. Interesting to see the tweets. Homosexuality and the church being discussed. The elderly woman reminds me of Margaret Thatcher. Homophobic. @bbcsml #bbcsml The migrant crisis is the next topic. It all comes down to labels to see how some human beings are treated. Peter from the Daily Mail is somewhat dismissive. Some vitriol will be aired by the viewers. Yasmin Alibiah Brown is getting frustrated. Amusing scenes. That was an impressive life music performance at the end of the show. Faithless-Mass Destruction

I had this dream where I was working for some company. The Left Legged Pineapple business became a bar. I was at some place where a restaurant was set up and I would were a t-shirt promoting the business.

Also wtf with Red Wigwam emails. Looks like I can't do the jobs. I need to apply for more or different work.

I downloaded songs and some were disappointing. A live version which I did not want. Two weird mixes that sound like video game music.

Saturday Kitchen Best Bites showed some pretty, short brunette in black eating spaghetti. Looked like Jenna Coleman.

I have had enough of this woman talking to herself about 'jewra'.

The migrants coming by boat could receive a Darwin Award.

I did ask my brother to lend 200 I bet that he is able to or doesn't after all that I have done for him.

Roxanne McKee on The Wright Stuff talking about Keith Vaz. Mentioned if her Dentist was into spankings it would not bother her. As long as he didn't spank her. I bet that many would though. Many females wouldn't mind Poldark tending to their lady garden.

Tracy at Lloyds Bank telephone team was very helpful.

My card is clearly not going to work. What is the point?
There was lots of the delivery left and I had to do three jobs at the same time.

‭0800 088 2582‬ called by Scottish Power reps.
Blurry Face - Stressed Out
Hit The Road Jack - Ray Charles ProleteR remix

I am watching Dark Water from the author of The Ring. It was quiet and I wasn't sure what was going on. I fell asleep. I had some nightmare.

My card worked at McDonalds via contactless. I ended up with a rubbish burger, fries with no salt or ketchup and coke zero. Did not taste good. At the library. The gentleman with the glasses has the loud ringtone and answers his phone when you aren't supposed to in the library. A teenage boy next to me is talking constantly and loud. He may  have irritated the phone guy. Another day at Loughborough Library. Still going on. Someone might twat him. My brother asks back for the money that I borrowed which I said would go to him on the 16th. The overdraft took it up. So I can't transfer anything. I am working 9 hours one week and then 10 the next.
Fuck My Life.

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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Pendulum - Through The Loop

I dreamt that I was at this wedding. Saw two amazing blonde girls. Known from different times. They were working with me. They were harrassed by these guys cleaning windows and mending the building. Some mention of sexy ass. From the same company. I was upset that they had disappeared. I was in a go kart at some point and I go up this car park missing obstacles and swerved 90° and pulled up and went forward again. I had something in my eye causing me to nearly crash. In another scene I am slow dancing with a lady. We do kiss, I felt her cheek.

My mum was driving the car fast and almost running over these people who chose to cross at the last minute. The car went through these hexagonal posts on either side. They spun warning of a road closure.

To my last blog post maybe because I am respectful is why I don't take the pictures of women.

I got this spam text from ‭+44 7786 450449‬
You may qualify for Government Debt Help. Upto 85% of debt written off. All Charges and fees will be Frozen. Apply at or to OPToutSTOP

An unknown call from a number. Silence for 3 seconds and the call is ended. Funnily enough I am called by RTA Legal Advice Ltd in Aldershot ‭01252 592781‬.

I am thinking of the time that I was screwed over by Berry Recruitment. Payroll department and unfair dismissal from the Loughborough office.

I have been asked to work the next day as the Regional Manager is coming in. It may relate to the Monday incident. So I should go in. I could have trained today. It is busy now. I will need to go gym straight after.

Just had a silent call from ‭01406 820864‬ Holbeach wherever the fuck that is. I am posting online a list of numbers to block.

Nice interview with Noel Clarke on BBC Breakfast about his new film Brotherhood.

The assistant manager's friend was hot. Wavy blonde hair, nice tits.

Watching Gypsy Kids on Ch5. I can imagine the tweets about this. On the show before I noticed an unattractive man dressed in a captain's outfit to woo a lady dressed as Supergirl. Jade a single mother has a baby named Nivea. Oliver a 12 year old English Traveller has subtitles. There is a scene where he drives a car. The police will be on to him. One gypsy girl going on about how it's not normal for an 18 year olds to go to school. I know that many would disagree. Silvana is a pretty English-Iranian girl that looks older. Pip Borev will be throwing a hissyfit. Jentina is someone that I've never heard of. That Paddy who was on CBB was featured briefly. Gorgers is a phrase for non Travellers. Back during WWII Hitler was having these people killed.

I wonder what the normal residents of Appleby think of the gypsies. There is often comments about Muslim communities adapting to British life and the same will be said of the gypsies. "When I get older I don't want to have a job because we don't believe in having jobs" scrounge off the state then. The photographer having that discussion with Silvana about her hair. Darwinism should take effect. Margaret seems a smart 8 year old, but she wants to leave school at 11 and follow tradition. Time is wasted on this community.
Gangland Turf Wars is something else that is controversial. I won't bother with these shows. Have no interest in dealing with such individuals.

The phone charger which I bought from Poundworld was too small.

I noticed with Prince Of Persia the amount of Caucasian actors used.

My brother asked to borrow 100. Which I may not have as I need to pay for things. He is meant to stop borrowing.
I am 180 overdrawn and have not been paid yet. How the fuck am I going to manage? It has become monthly payment and just when I needed the money I must wait 2 weeks whilst I get charged. This blonde lady in Lloyds has nice legs she is pretty too. A bank clerk. 99 Problems/Map Of The Problematic/Dollar.

Called on behalf of Scottish Power ‭0800 088 2582‬

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I am watching High-Rise. Cert 15. Studiocanal 2016. Starring Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Irons, Sienna Miller, Luke Evans, Elizabeth Moss, James Purefoy, Keeley Hawes. 5055201834072. Based on the novel by J C Ballard. Dystopian Drama Thriller set in Britain. Dr Robert Laing moves into a luxury high rise building.
It is all about social status. The higher up you live the more important that you are. Sometimes wonder what is going on. Good tits on show. Madness and chaos ensue. There is a good orchestral version of an Abba song. Special features are commentary, interviews and behind the scenes.

There was this man in a blue Adidas top and hi-vis. He had some items and went to the till but heads off around the store removing a security tag on a bottle of Gaviscon and put one in his pocket. He tried paying with a blocked card. It was all a ruse. I mentioned this over the radio but they didn't seem bothered.

I could have trained at the gym. Had this money situation not put me off. Gets busy in the evenings but I could try during twilight hours.

Knights Of Cydonia

Goodnight Sweetheart special episode was good. Nice poke at 2016. Good to catch up. Young Hyacinth is a prequel to Keeping Up Appearances. Interesting. Hyacinth is still annoying. The young sister is hot.

The blonde on the bike looks hot. Black sports bra and leggings. Some other nice ones were going on about planking.