Sunday, 7 June 2020

Mazzy Star - Into Dust


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This had mixed reviews of why I was hesitant about watching it. It does taint your opinion. But it is best to ignore the negative reviews and watch the film anyway. A scifi indie film on Netflix called Time Trap. Good special effects and soundtrack. Interesting concept. An archaeology professor is looking for some missing people. He is led to a cave. After he hasn't returned. A group of young people go in search of him. Time passes differently here. I like time travel etc themed stories. The actresses are pretty. The Furby teen seemed a little annoying at first. Full cast list.

 Netflix presents In The Tall Grass based on the novel by Stephen King. A horror film. I remember an SNL skit with Childish Gambino spoofing a scene from the film. A brother and his pregnant sister are travelling to San Diego. They stop for a rest. They hear the sound of a boy calling for help in a nearby field. So they decide to investigate. Getting out is harder than getting in. It does get weirder. I will look up trivia and discussions. Patrick Wilson stars. Not a bad film. Worth checking out.

Cast. Harrison Gilbertson as Travis McKean. Laysla De Oliveira as Becky DeMuth. Avery Whitted as Cal DeMuth. Will Buie Jr. as Tobin Humboldt. Rachel Wilson as Natalie Humboldt. Patrick Wilson as Ross Humboldt. 

At work this black girl was talking to her friend. Spoke about the one way system and how she would need to follow it to get to the nails and lashes section. But it would be for nothing as we didn't have what she wanted. She explained that it is to reduce the risk of covid19. So why the fuck are you complaining? My former assistant manager was in the store. She looked good. Had this dress on. This man was wanting change to get a drink as he says thdt he was homeless. I didn't have cash on me and I am not giving money to any strangers. I had to clear this draw out which two different people could have done. Some customers go up the wrong way in Savers and Tesco. There were big queues for various shops. Netflix scifi film called ARQ starring Robbie Amell and Rachel Taylor. A couple are at home. Masked raiders have entered the house. There is a piece of scientific equipment which valuable and of interest to certain parties. Furthermore the characters are stuck in a time loop. It has a pretty cool soundtrack. This Muslim family had gone the wrong way up the aisle. A customer mentioned it to them so they went back round. The young lady in the family was standing close to a customer that I was serving. A few others would go up the wrong aisle.

I have just watched a horror film called Polaroid. Some scenes I found too dark. It is not the fault of the film but this TV. There is an old camera from the 70s. The protagonist is a keen photographer. There are clichΓ©s. The camera is cursed. If your photo is taken then you are doomed. Pretty good horror. If you liked The Grudge, One Missed Call, The Ring then you might like this. I was thinking of the Sun Dog by Stephen King which you should check out.

 The Endless is a scifi drama. I feel that I may have seen this before. An independent film. Two brothers had managed to escape a cult. They lived their lives. Both have conflicting ideas about what they had left behind. They receive a package from the cult. They decide to visit the camp. As a form of closure. Not everything is as it seems in this place. Really good effects, story telling, acting and cinematography. Subtle clues and other visuals are shown. Worth taking a look. You might like the soundtrack.
House Of The Rising Sun The camera was shaky at one point with the park scene.

Directed byJustin Benson
Aaron Moorhead
Produced byJustin Benson
Thomas R. Burke
David Lawson Jr.
Aaron Moorhead
Leal Naim
Written byJustin Benson
StarringJustin Benson
Aaron Moorhead
Callie Hernandez
Tate Ellington
Lew Temple
James Jordan
Music byJimmy LaValle

She is really good. Drew a few pics.

The lady got her manager fired. You need to read the thread.

The idiots in the replies. The nob was held accountable for his actions. Now plays the victim.

 Kaylen Ward I subscribed to her Onlyfans. Was looking at saw some softcore stuff. I wanted to see more. I scrolled further down. Prefer nudity. She sends a free blowjob video which is great. It was $3 for a month.

A feminist that I follow on Twitter has an Onlyfans. Lingerie pics no actual nudity. It was £14.99. Personally I wouldn't have bothered.

Onlyfans does crash. I had to pay $5 subscription. There is a free page of hers. I considered cancelling on the same day.

I did the guttering. The neighbour was worried that I might fall as the top of the ladder doesn't touch the wall. He offers to get his cousin's ladder which is taller. I could have done without him interjecting. The overall that I had got was the wrong one so I exchanged it.

Bellend. You might aswell say All lives matter.
Retarded White Supremacist Karen acting up. She was also recording. That video will appeare somewhere.
It did start raining.
Fuck Trump and the Boogaloo Boys

Though this Tommy Wiseau lookalike was got a beatdown. What was he talking about?

I'll be reminded of why I quit using poppers in the first place. Connie will play the victim. Gary is a king.
Karen is tonedeaf. Has the audacity to ask for donations.
Is this a rhetorical question? Did you just believe this? The people in the replies.

These racists are vile.

First that I have heard of this fool.
She is from my town. Pretty.
First I have seen this channel. Marz is beautiful. I like the eyes.
 I should have gone back out after 11:30am on Saturday and continued the guttering. It was sunny throughout. It has started raining heavily on Sunday. I could have cleared and sealed the top part of the gutter. It is a thunderstorm. I am subscribed to various channels which I have no interest in. Unsubscribed from many.

The irony of Trump Jr calling someone out for racism. Molly personally called Roland to apologise.  

The irony of these people sending death threats. Are they really that fragile to be offended over a lolly?
Tonedeaf. Those two things aren't even connected.
As it is white victims they care all of a sudden.
Ignorant. These bigots just want any excuse to be racist. Ash Sarkar is a legend.  This vile racist needs to be exposed The fascists are running off to an app called Parler.

I have just watched 2036 Origin Unknown on Netflix. It is a scifi film. A space mission to Mars is almost complete however there is a problem. A few years later. On a space station is a crew. You have the protagonist Mack. She is working alongside an A.I called Arti. Her sister Lena is on Earth. A cube has been discovered on the surface of Mars. It is a discovery that could help or hinder the human race. Great cast and special effects. I was not expecting the film to go how it did. I will look at discussions and trivia. It is worth checking out. There are other films that you might also like. 

Cast (16)

Some people don't get that this is satire.
Paige really is a dumbass
Piers on about hiphop's use of the nword. Aubrey making stuff up.

I waited until 9am to get the ladder from the neighbours. The woman next door mentioned that her husband would be back at lunchtime. I went upstairs. I started to use the poppers but then there is a knock for me. I can have the ladders now. The husband would come from work. I could have collected it last night. I did run out of sealant. At B&Q the staff member asked me to get a trolley. Anyhow fair bit of dirt to clear out. Sealed the top. It took time. The ladder would wobble. My brother was frustrating when I needed him to hold the ladder. Was talking about the moss on the garden floor. I will leave you to clean it up then. My other brother asks to borrow money. I had left the ladder in the back but the neighbour asked for it to be bought to the front. These teens were listening to some shit music.

a new version of Unintended by Muse will be released

The same people that have a problem with Confederate statues being taken down but will desecrate someone's grave. I have watched these Native American reactors on YouTube. 

This isn't about Islam.
Looking at the replies this is fake news.
Someone quote tweeted this and spoke of white gays using aave.
#Itsoktoberacist was trending. It really isn't. Kpop fans spammed the hashtag. As Charlemagne would say "too much god damn mayonnaise"

Reagan EscudΓ© American Idiot

The covering Assistant Manager deterred these shoplifters. The woman says that she knew that it would happen. She gave this vague description. I needed something thorough as I was talking over the radio. I looked a twat because of it. People ignoring the one way system. I get asked to empty the office bin after I had already sanitized and mopped the back. I would have to go over the wet floor. The way this blonde woman says "no thanks" irked me. My colleague took a few facemasks for her daughter and grandson. They are meant for staff. The General Manager is on holiday next week. Two people on delivery. Others starting earlier. If it would be a big delivery then we have to work out how to do this. I am rotated in till 10.15am but I think it'll be longer. I will need a break. I thought of getting a large fan for work. It would have to be paid out. I would not want to see it go missing.
 Pornhub kept buffering and one video would not play. The poppers irritated my nose. My mum is walking back and forth as I can hear the floorboards creaking
 It was after midnight. My brother wanted a facemask to wear. He tried on the diy mask. But it was too big. So he left it. 

A racist nurse that people would be glad to lose to Covid19.
Her husband is a cop.
In the voice of Arnold J Rimmer "oooohhhh dear! It seems that the slut has protected her account"

Muse Unintended

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She has BLM in her bio as she likes black cock.
Dinesh is a smug little fascist. A bitter bitch too.
A bunch of whiny racists in the comments.
It is my birthday today. I am 41.

This is an absolute gem. 

Rachel Dawn Ruit
.   Fourth Of July