Thursday, 26 October 2017

All You Fascists - Billy Bragg

I sold the DVD but made a loss. I spotted this hot redhead with nice tits. There is a pretty brunette in white t-shirt and black leggings. This tanned blonde, grey sports bra. Nice athletic body. The tanned athletic brunette in black is nice. A young brunette in camouflage leggings, nice tits. A pretty girl with silver hair, slim build. As has this brunette in black shorts and top. This brunette in black sports bra has nice tits. Doing the dumbbell row and I can see her cleavage.

I dreamt that I was in a place with many rooms. Scenes were repeated. There were alternate versions of all the characters. Like the multiverse had collapsed. I found myself climbing up a hatch and going into a room. A few beds lay. One small one which was mine. I seemed to have been touching up the assistant manager. We may have been naked. 

The poppy sellers are out. 

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From: Amazon Services Europe
Date: 27 Oct 2017 10:01 a.m.
Subject: Sold, dispatch now: 6Q-MG4I-8AHP Lost in Translation [DVD] [2004] [DVD] [2004]

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Item: Lost in Translation [DVD] [2004] [DVD] [2004]
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Amazon fees: -£1.81
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The bloody shoplifter that I hadn't noticed come in. She has nicked something. A woman made a joke which I didn't catch. After I offered her SAS. Just doing my job FAM. ID a lady but had to make sure it wasn't a proxy sale as a colleague mentioned so asked for management. Had a book to read and sign. People weren't buying the promo items. Just have to wait for the right ones.  #SoundsLikeFridayNight Keele Uni moaning about the money owed. Wasn't the deal done with an agent/promoter? Why would you pay Jason Derulo 20k?


Friday, 20 October 2017

Brian Tyler - Final Destination 5 Theme

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I watched abit of My Week As A Muslim. So alright bellends are in denial of the abuse that Asians get. They don't like being shown in a bad light. They are the problem. Roll Deep - Racist People. Billy Bragg- All You Fascists Are Bound To Lose.

I had attempted to fix the leaking tap. One handle won't come off. Limescale on the pipes. Difficult to get to the part underneath the sink and the water still runs when I turn the stopcock off. Went to B&Q but may have been a wasted journey. 


Hot police officer gets award
  • Craig Turner seems to be a miserable sod
in the last week-

I cannot emphasise enough how bad this place is. Probably the worst customer experience anywhere, ever.

Given that our village Post Office (and the one in the neighbouring Service Centre) have long since closed, with an outreach offering only, I have today, again, had the huge displeasure of visiting the frankly DISGUSTING premises that serve as Loughborough’s main Post Office. As always, the queue was huge, and slow moving (to be expected when, though there are nominally five desks, only one or two ever appear to be staffed). The service, once you get it, is pretty substandard - though I would expect that, as I can’t imagine anyone actually enjoys working there.

There are only three categories of people I can imagine ever giving this place anything above a 1-star review:
- Friends, family and associates of the asian owners
- Nationals of former communist-bloc countries and similar, who have accordingly low expectations
- Amnesiacs

The owner should be ashamed; the Post Office should be ashamed; and we should, collectively, be ashamed of allowing this state of affairs to come about.

The hot teen that looks like Cara Delavigne. Her Instagram page. One for wannabe models to dwell on. How to spot a fake model on Instagram.

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Friday, 13 October 2017

Bear Mcgreary - Separate Ways


Colossal staring Anne Hathaway, Dan Stevens, Jason Sudekis. A drama and monster movie. An American woman is having relationship trouble whilst in Seoul there is a huge monster causing mayhem. One of those small town indie flicks. The subtitles were hard to read. You might have also seen Split. Interesting concept. Not a bad soundtrack. Supernatural psychological SciFi. See the reviews and discussion. Muse-Sober Starsailor-Alcoholic

There was this tall brunette in a black skirt. Really nice legs. Also this mature blonde milf and her slim brunette young daughter. Both were hot. Some black guy was talking about someone being sick. Spoke of criminals, racism and surveillance. I don't know what he was on. The shop is left in a mess. The remaining delivery is just left to the side. Customers have a habit of causing a mess. I found an empty Zaflora bottle. It may have been spilt once opened. An empty pregnancy test box, it was clearly nicked. These two shoplifters came in and only I spotted them. Anthony Atkins is one chap. I did take the banking to NatWest. 12 people in front of me in the queue. Some were to deposit the old pound coins. Took these families awhile. Going through how much they had. A few hundred. Best to have it sorted before hand. Some student having a conversation. A Welsh accent. A swearword was uttered. There were children and others present.

I had this burning sensation in my arms, restlessness. Couldn't keep them still.

Puregym. Tall brunette in blue vest and black leggings. Nice body. The one in pink top has nice tits. Good glimpse of her doing star jumps. This dark haired girl in grey top and black leggings. Nice body on her. This blonde in dark vest and leggings has great tits. This brunette in black leggings which are thin. Nice view of her ass as she does leg raises. Three students. Blonde and brunette. Slim bodies.
The DVD didn't sell. A few watchers too. Now on Amazon. That irrelevant blonde Rachel is wearing her white headphones. Not sure if she has put on some weight. The one with the attitude problem. That time of month. Never going to acknowledge her again.
I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one.

Black Babysitters
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Human (Rudimental Remix) - Ragnbone Man

I seemed to have been bleeding from the bowels or rectum. Was it due to the an crunches, anal sex or straining too hard? I went and bought poppers again. 

I'm watching Guardians Of The Galaxy 2. Nice opening credits. Groot dancing whilst the team fight a monster. Good humour. They were to look after an energy source. They had a piece of the batteries. They are chased afterwards and crash land on a planet. Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Batista, Bradley Cooper, Kurt Russell, Sylvester Stallone, Karen Gillan. Old and new characters included. Lots of special effects and action. Peter's dad is back in his life. More trouble awaits. Some of the music ain't great. Imagine the reactions of the cinema audience. Avengers Infinity War is out soon. Spectacular finish. Good twists. I'll look at the back story and discussion as so should you. Follow the Amazon and EBay links.
Thankyou and goodnight.

Red Dwarf XII has arrived on Dave. This snowflake was offended by camp Hitler. 
#RedDwarfXII Looney Liberal Left will have a Nazi-racist field day after this episode

Tahnie Martin was an attractive woman.

Just seen the story about Darwin Award winner Natalia Borodina. Posing topless, hanging out of the car window. nice tits.
Uncensored video maybe send it in to You've Been Framed. Just-Radiohead

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