Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Phase One - Origins

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Buy Tickets To Shows, Events,Concerts,Festivals and more I am watching The Grudge 3. I have watched the trilogy before. There is a remake planned for next year.

John Witherspoon stole the show. He was in Friday, Vampire In Brooklyn, House Party to name a few. With the delivery that we had today. I was asked to drop the items in the cage onto the floor. I would have got it done on time. I wanted to condense the totes early. But we worked one at a time. It takes the piss. Pie and Mash squad? Must be a catering company. #blacklivesmatter #Muslim #leftwingandproud #lgbt #feminism #antifa What a Joker...

Loz retweeted this. I am not sure why I followed her in the first place. Maybe because she has nice tits.

Black lives don't matter to this guy.
HowTheHELL is
NOT STILL IN JAIL?!? EVERY time ahe is released, she VIOLATES the terms OF her release And why are the aocial.justice morons out there attacking her saying "if it was a black man yad yada yada" Such hypocrisy

Replying to

Anyone who sympathizes with traitors & crimnals is unamerican and we don’t want your kind here. You are a traitor to every person who fights and even gave up their lives for your freedom. Tony Curtis is rolling in his grave knowing his daughter is another Jane Fonda.

Settle down Sharon

I still haven't had any money back from my brother as planned. I shan't bother answering his calls.
My colleague after I told her she was a ray of sunshine as a joke. She usually moans. She says that she works hard/does her job. Not sure what the point of that was. Some customers don't respond when I say hi or not use please or thanks. I should have limited the amount of paracetamol products. Say something.
Why on Earth are we still discussing this passport application.

This failed abortion with a dumb tweet

My mum with "Ben sumjow" bullshit.

Ivanka is a feckless cunt. Also this wonderful tweet from someone that I follow was deleted....
Replying to
She graduated cum laude from BU with a degree in international relations and economics. You just look like a cum dumpster

I was suspended as it broke the rules. Fuck it. I am keeping it up on this blog.


At 3:30 onwards it shows that the Rightwing do care. More fake news.

A brilliant video
CPS will be knocking on the door. The parents must be ProLife.
Someone was making excuses for him.
Looks like my younger brother isn't going to get the money back to me. He has the audacity to ask me for more. I has taken some from my mum. My youngest brother is predictable. He comes into my room moaning about the money and again says that the girlfriend should get a job. She has anxiety disorder. He tells me to keep it between us. No point. If you have something to say then go to her.

What is wrong with this woman? Well aside from being a Brexiteer.
Then you have this prolapsed anus.
Lori Loughlin broke the law and this Muppet makes excuses for her. White American
The transphobia in the comments was unacceptable. Michael Che was on fine form. It was just a joke.

This idiot has no fucking clue.
is racist. Blacks more racist than white, but they get away w it-look at the facts. Michael Che calls POTUS a cracker, nothing. Samuel Jackson wishes terrorist in Cal 2 yrs ago were white-nothing! Lebron walks away from anthem, not a chirp. Obama started race probs

A person that I follow on twitter retweeted this:

Prophet Muhammad did not care about making the world a better place and creating peace between civilizations. He was someone who explicitly urged his followers to multiply and conquer so he could have the highest number of followers. That's why Islam is so obsessed with growth.
Time to unfollow.

Brandon Straka is a nob just like his followers

I used my contactless card early on the self service machine in Tesco. I explained to the staff member. It did take a while for one to come see me. He also agreed that I did. Pressed a button and left. But the problem wasn't fixed. He cancelled the purchases and took me over to the kiosk to pay for the items. Card didn't work at first.

#terminatordarkfate #jeffreestarxshanedawson
What happened?
We have determined that this account violated the Twitter Rules. Specifically, for:
  1. Violating our rules against abuse and harassment.
    You may not engage in the targeted harassment of someone, or incite other people to do so. This includes wishing or hoping that someone experiences physical harm. Do they actually do anything to other accounts though?
    • #terminatordarkfate #jeffreestarxshanedawson
      @barstoolsports @KFCradio They should have just shot Karen. Save her kids from a life of misery.
I was right anyway. It is juat an opinion. Mind you I don't throw a hissyfit like the far right do. 

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