Saturday, 20 February 2016

I Don't Care- Fall Out Boy

Regression- Starring Emma Watson and Ethan Hawke. Cert 15. I fell asleep. Maybe not that interesting to get into. You might like Devil's Knot, Spotlight. It is about abuse and Devil worship. Hawke plays a detective investigating a sex crime. The victim is played by Watson. Her accent is just weird. Set in 1990, inspired by true events. The reviews aren't great.

So I checked out the Anytime Fitness gym in Loughborough. One gorgeous girl working out was distracting. Not bad. I may be working direct with Dimblebee Catering. Harper Lee has passed away.
Mothers Day gift ideas
is trending. See the news. I am working a shift that I didn't know I was covering for. My hours were now extended. What the fuck. I am registered with the Vodafone website yet I can't log in. It seems that Josephine was being a cunt. It's a trait required if you want to be in management or a recruitment consultant. I will do my job properly. Not dwell on work.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Let It Go-Demi Lovato

Fuck my life agency staff distressed over the sharing of a pic. I haven't done anything wrong. So I get a call from the manager. Oh and I have been taken off the Facebook group. I assume something would go off. To be honest I will just ring up as normal. What I do in my own time has fuck all to do with them. I shall do what I want. I knew the staff were cunts. Losing clients. The trip into town was not worth it. Clearly the person bodyshaming Daisy Ridley is jealous.
Jay-Z 99 problems. Harper Lee wrote some great books, here are a selection.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Eminem- Rap God

I worked the delivery which I thought was going OK. The manager yet again had a moan. Fuck her to be honest. Savers are promoting these items: Jpg Le Male Edt, Sjp Lovely gift set, Replay Relover, Fairy dishwasher tablets, Rimmel mascara. #ValentinesDay I won't be mentioning work again. I was called to work as someone called in sick and they were short staffed. I had just finished at the gym. There is mutual friends suggestions bollocks on Facebook. There was talking from either side of me in the library which was annoying. I rented some films. I seem to be following random folk. Then the friends suggestions are ridiculous. My mum is repeating 'jewra'. I seem to have the gym closure dates mixed up. 'Which dropzone do you want to choose?' Is like a Savers sales assistant repeatedly doing add on sales on the till. #tippingpoint That blonde receptionist at Bridge St Medical Practice is gorgeous. I see these Facebook profiles. Asian men with white girlfriends. I like interracial relationships. I remember it was never easy when I was their age. Rejection and prejudice still exist. Many more employees and local people found. Some attractive. Fuck the company, customers and clients.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Elle King-Good to be a man

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Elle King- Playing For Keeps, Exes And Ohs.
Smashing Pumpkins-The End Is The Beginning Is The End
Muse-Hyper Music
Linkin Park-Given Up

Monday, 1 February 2016

Survivor-Eye of the tiger

More numbers calling. See the comment. ‭01753 441520‬. ‭01509 358640‬ from Loughborough. ‭020 7193 6574‬ Accenza some web co from London.
0161 669 5775‬ Manchester. There was this pretty Asian brunette on the cycle at the gym. Stupid withheld calls to the home phone. Then just had this missed call from ‭07845 422672. I quite like the MYA ad. Beckie is annoying and stupid on Tipping Point. The mature bloke seems to waste counters. Who puts together the Savers active selling email and do they fuck it up? Looking in the bulk folder there were some bullshit emails. Gas leak in town. Electricity switched off. Tills couldn't be opened. Delivery due at 9. Power not on till midnight but did come on 7.30pm. Alarm going off. Sas not doing too well. Change of bloody tactic. People just didnt want the items. Not my fault. More cages than stated. Took long to get through with two people. Saw this fit blonde with her boyfriend on the Meadow Lane bridge. Also was behind a couple, the brunette had a nice ass. Just watched the way it moved as she walked. Loughborough 31/1/16 just after 1pm. I am seeing this pretty blonde Deb from Nottingham on Couples Come Dine With Me. Best to man up as they're doing their job and I should do mine. I am getting myself wound up over nothing. Their is a raising of voices in the night/early morning. Don't expect a good night's sleep in this house. Exclusive to Savers is Police The Sinner Forbidden for £18.99 him and her. Launched 2016.
The recent dreams that I had was where my deceased father had returned and we all wondered how it was possible and there may have been changes in personality. There was a bloke that made it all possible and was going to end the spell. I asked my dad where he was born he replied with Uganda. He was actually born in Kenya. There was something left in the garden and I went to investigate. A chef named Rich was around. He had been woken up. Saw my boss Jo amongst the people. Pendulum were about and I hung out with them. I had been part of an art class i think. I was posting things online which offended many. I was confronted by a group of students. I had to confess. There was an audience behind me. I remember travelling back in time to see my teenage self. He or I had suffered a skin condition. I have just dreamt that I was in Redditch but ended up in an area called Cores. I went through shopping centres and was using my google maps/sat nav but it refused to work. I did not ask for directions. I was looking for the Smallwood area. Mansun-Wide open space. Now You See It the cap wearing magician doing a trick with a coin in a cafe. Two pretty strawberry blondes. One writes SA on the coin. See the clip. I also recommend The Blue Planet episode The Deep. Flying Is Sirius has two pretty girls. Skydiving old man.‬

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