Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Tove Lo - True Disaster

Radiohead-Just Jacob Wohl suspended from Twitter following USA Today report The conservative activist, who had been linked in the past to an attempt to smear Robert Mueller with false allegations of sexual misconduct, was banned from Twitter on Tuesday. Wohl admitted in a USA Today report to setting up fake accounts with the alleged intention of manipulating the 2020 election for Donald Trump. Fucking twat.

Lesbian Ebony Tanya Tate Peta
Black Affiliate Danni Gibson Not bad looking
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A Debt management company or as people claim it to be rang me 07925 353798. I don't have an app for blocking numbers.
At Puregym there was the brunette in black.  Nice enough body. The blonde in yellow top and grey leggings. Nice big tits and a pert ass. Her friend was hot too. My brother still asks for money. I refuse to give him any more.

Someone that I follow retweeted this nonsense.

Sounds about white Hodge twins are a bunch of Uncle Toms
So I attempted to do the guttering again. I go further up the ladder and it feels unstable or that I might fall. I ordered an item from a diy store but won't be in till tomorrow. It is dry weather and I should have another attempt.

The Indian guy that was called Smiler. He asks about this plastic sleeve for passports and was asking if I could pick one up and he would give me the money. He could go to a store nearby and pick one up. It is not my job. I don't owe him anything. He called me over to give that Euro coin which I accidentally gave him instead of a pence piece. A lady in the shop asked about what the limit was for ibuprofen and I mentioned that it was two. She says. "I don't want to od" twat. There were two couples that I may have thought dodgy. One was mentioned on the radio. Supervisor is sorting the change in the till. I should have just said something sooner. Looks like the second couple that were mentioned on the radio took something. I found a tag and part of the labelling. There was a guy that possibly smelt of weed. It could have been him. Thinking back. The woman may have taken hairdye. Possibly a fragrance. They were up to something. The supervisor had the overs basket. She could watch them whilst putting stock away. Three bell at the first instance. Trust my instincts and not give a fuck. No need to go view the CCTV when the suspect is in the store. Follow the fuckers round. I rang the bell and no one goes to jump on the till. Just leave me to do all the work. I served this hot brunette in her 20s and later a blonde who was younger.

There is this feedback survey that I was asked to fill in from the council. It isn't important. Someone else could fill it in.
It is school policy. All she is doing is trying to play the victim.
Racism and islamophobia. Something wrong with this woman.

These muppets that follow Rob Lowe. Can't trust a Republican. Hollywood needs to lighten up. People with real jobs should get awards. You actors are privileged. Cult of celebrity, though shall not worship false idols. Spike Lee needed to lighten up and be humble. I don't see him as racist. Some numbnuts trying to silence him.

Some brunette doesn't say please or thanks at first. Nods her head instead of speaking up. At the gym a guy was looking in my direction. Tells his mate something and he then looks over. There might have been a hot girl nearby. My colleague was using her card for the bottled water. She said they were for someone else. She would still need to fill in the staff purchase log. There was some sniggering from a mother and daughter over something. They were looking for an Ariana Grande perfume. The mother seemed an arse. "Otherwise we'll end up buying something we don't want." I don't care how whiny the customers are. I will keep doing my job.

 I calculated how much I am owed and it is a lot. I want it all in one go. No bullshit from family. I am overdrawn. The same call centre rang me again.
The idiot Stephen Lennon has been kicked of Facebook and Instagram. Same should be done to Paul Watson. They are nothing without social media. Let's stop calling the cunt Tommy as that isn't his real name.

Appalling behavior
 I had been watching the Japanese film called Death Note. It seems that there were more than one. This being the third film. Light Up The New World. A supernatural thriller. Based on the Manga comics. There is an American version on Netflix. Superb cast of actors. I was trying to the follow the story. There are six of these books in the world. Each book has a Reaper assigned to it. Great special effects and costume. Ryuk is the creepiest character. A person could see the real identy of an individual. In the book he or she would write the name and cause of death of a victim and it would happen. There is a mysterious man named Kira and the police and other individuals are out to get him. He claims to be a god. He wants all the books. There is a man going around trying to collect them for him. A lady that once had a relationship with an agent named Light happens to have a book. At the task force there is a cocky P.I, he is confident, don't give a shit. The team want to prevent anymore deaths and to keep the Death Notes in storage.
The film started of with a Russian doctor looking after his patient. If you liked Final Destination, Day Watch then this is for you. Good soundtrack. Japanese language film with English subtitles. I recommend that you see the film. The Note Book this isn't.

Jack Pisobiec is a cunt. Creep-Radiohead
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Monday, 25 February 2019

The Tempest - Pendulum

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I don't particularly care if people want to watch me do an exercise. They can come suck me off after if they like.
Quite a few hot women working out. The tall blonde in black. A short brunette also in black.

After finishing off part of the delivery. I had my phone in a tote with rubbish in it and I had placed them in the cages outside. It was raining. I realised what I had done and went to get it quickly.

YARDIE is a crime drama directed by Idris Elba. Cert 15. Starts off in Jamaica where there is a gang war. The protagonist is narrating. Idris was behind the soundtrack. Based on the book. See the ads for the recommendations. Some familiar faces. I'm sure some of the dialogue will be hard to understand. You might like the soundtrack. My cousins listened to Reggae. Good cinematography. D has seen tragedy. His brother tried to reunite people. Mirrors what Bob Marley did. One of the gang leaders takes him under his wing. He is later sent to London to run an errand. He does have run ins with other gangs. Rico is the man he meets in London. Stephen Graham also stars. Speaks in patois.  Ivonne lives in London. She grew up in Jamaica. Vanessa is the daughter that Dennis hasn't seen in a long time. Set in the 80s. Interesting locations. Great cast of actors. A story about love, loss and revenge. It is not right to glorify criminals.

I have added old posts:
In my dreams that I had, there is s Zombie Apocalypse. Unknown characters. Like a TV movie. A town is overrun. One mature black man was in a car driving fast through a tunnel. Another scene has a few survivors making a run for it as the hoard approaches. One suited man provides a distraction. There is a train which fills up with the undead. My cousin features too. At one point she may have turned. In this hospital or hotel is where the last few people are barricaded. Two older doctors plan to use the females to help repopulate the area. One sees this as abuse. She has a gun and shoots a female and she infected by the knife used on a zombie attacks. Soon people are coming back to the city. In the next dream because of mine and other Berry temps behaviour online, we are named and shamed by Karen and Rachel. Posters with our pictures are placed everywhere. Rachel is in my house looking worse than usual. Karen names people over the phone and it's on loud speaker and I quickly hang up. The temps are to gather together and interview each other about gross misconduct etc. This would take place in a crowded place. Beneath a balcony of students etc.

Attention seeking on social media 

https://mobile.twitter.com/optimisticlove/status/690767945702752259 surprising picture. These girls will probably be sucking on black cock soon enough. As will the photographer and possibly the girl's boyfriend.

So I went to the Loughborough Leisure Centre. I used the swimming pool first. It was cold when I had got in. Quite shallow at one end but really deep at the other. The changing rooms are family/unisex which I found strange. I then went to use the gym. Quite a few young teens were training. I saw this blonde in grey kit with her boyfriend. She had nice boobs and figure. Two other blondes were working out together. Nice bodies too. There was this slim asian girl too. Some of the equipment was awkward. The bench seems to flex. It has changed from when Serco ran it. I strained abit using some bits. The food in the café is quite hot and average. There was this pretty blonde staff member in red t-shirt and shorts. 
San Andreas
Natural disaster, apocalyptic movie starring The Rock. A major earthquake rocks America. The female characters Emma and Blake are pretty with nice tits. Good special effects. You might like 2012. Paul Giamatti, Ewan Griffiths also star. Two posh English boys. Kylie Minogue was in this, recognised her. Good end credits song, cover of California Dreaming. Cert 12. Bonus deleted scenes. Directed by Brad Peyton. Warner Bros 2015. Labyrinth-Earthquake.
‭+44 7803 569016‬ sent this text: Want to make over £5,779.51 every night while you're sleeping? FREE Today Only! Click HERE! http://bit.ly/1OZ5vpI orStopToEnd
The agency called and texted me especially when I gave them my availability. As with the shop if a customer buys a fragrance one week won't want to be offered another one when they come back the next week. I don't believe I picked this job over the other one. It is the agency and council's fault for putting me in that situation. The phone keeps ringing but at half a ringtone. ‭07486 642829‬. London ‭020 3092 5583. Fuck the companies that I work for, their clients and customers. I am not dwelling on the delivery or sas bullshit. I'm not afraid of management or what people may say/think. I go and buy poppers though I should kick the habit. Only to buy one £5 bottle via card but minimum payment is £10. Should have left it. A lady was after the Fuck fragrance. It was FCUK what she was after. Naseer Taj a taxi driver was to leave his pregnant wife to join Isis. The cunt needs a good slap. A guy had apparently filled his bag with stock and paid for an item at the till. According to this lady who ought to have said something earlier. He did come back and hurried off as soon as the supervisor was coming. Then I ring 3 bells for this guy who may be stoned and carrying a scooter and listening to music. He tells me that he was accused of shoplifting in Poundland. Something was off about him. I thought maybe I had made a mistake. Not much SAS sold for Valentines Weekend. Looking at Catchphrase, that Vogue Williams is hot. ‭01704 204005‬ a debt company from Southport rang. An Asda mobile no ‭07486 642829‬. Some spammer. Another cunt rang from ‭020 3092 5583‬
The Prodigy-No Good. NWA-Express Yourself. ‬
2019/2/9 I served this what I can assume is a teenage black girl. She seemed miserable and quiet. Asked the usual questions. She could have learnt some manners. It was blustery outside so there weren't many market stalls. We had many people in our shops. Some dumped an item anywhere on a shelf. Things on the floor, shelves a mess. As I left a guy was waiting outside and he takes one look at the queue and says "fucking hell". The supervisor was being annoying. Always the " I don't have a dishwasher " or "I'm the dishwasher" response. You are just being a twat. White people smdh

She is a hot girl from Rutland. Went to Loughborough University

If you like interracial porn

I am trying to watch John Wick 2 and my mum speaking to herself. Repeating some nonsense.

Bafta 2019
Joanna Lumley Jess Gillan Bafta Scorcese

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Chris Evans Oscars

How stupid must people be to think that Luke Cage was racist.
Iam surprised that you donated.

I feel sorry for her kids

Friday, 22 February 2019

Dragula - Rob Zombie (Hot Rod Herman Remix)

I purchased season one Supernatural boxset from CEX. The discs were put in any old case. I had only seen part of an episode on TV called Provenance. The brunette Sarah (Tyler Cole) is hot. I watched these fan videos on YouTube. So I decided to finally take a look. It has been going on for some time. A mixture of horror, drama and comedy. A great cast. I will have listed this item on myworld.ebay.co.uk/solitarymaninblack

You may have seen Reaper, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Charmed, Constantine, Night Watch, Sabrina, The X-Files, Grimm, Medium, Ghost Whisperer, Lost , Stranger Things, Eerie Indiana, The Outer Limits, The Twilight Zone, Poltergeist etc. Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins. Shout out to Wayward Winchester.

The series begins with the family in Kansas. 22 years ago. Some evil presence enters their home. Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays a demon hunter and father to Sam and Dean. Present day, Sam is at university. He has a hot girlfriend. Dean is busy hunting monsters. Sam wanted no part of it. Their father has disappeared. The boys reunited and the rest is history. Jensen was in Smallville. There is the wiki page which I looked up some interesting info. The show breaks the fourth wall. You might like the soundtrack. Good effects. The ghost girl has a nice rack. I chose the "play all" option. I would still have to press the wide-screen button. The brothers are on a road trip. Hayley from episode 2 is hot. She was in The Final Destination. They do cast attractive women for this show. For example the waitress from ep 3. Rock classics being played. The actress playing Lucas's mother Andrea was a main cast member of Angel. That trailer keeps playing in between episodes. I doubt that I will watch any more seasons. Like with Arrow. Mark Pellegrino played Jacob in Lost. He is Lucifer in this show. More noise from the other rooms whilst I try to watch this. Episode 4 has a Final Destination feel to it. In the episode where the brothers go back to the house. The young woman Jenny living there is hot. As is Mary Winchester. The actress playing Meg was in Jeepers Creepers 2. A former Buffy and Sabrina cast member also stars. The medical centre receptionist in Salvation is hot. Skipping on the last DVD. Nicki Aycox did a fantastic job. What a finale. I may take a look at what happened next.

There will be a season 15.
You have been chosen to bear witness to the apocalypse. Have a nice day.

 Goosebumps 2. The first film was pretty decent. PG. Trailers for Hotel Transylvania 3, Peter Rabbit.

Cast (73)

Special features are included. The girl Sarah is pretty. There will be pop culture references. Sonny and Sam run a part time business. They clean people's houses. They find what they assume is treasure. The book unleashed the creatures. Kathy the mum looks good. Some comedy and horror. Tyler is the boyfriend of Sarah. Set during Halloween. Chatter in the next room. I turned the volume up. Yet she gets louder. Sometimes I have problems with the scart lead. Jack Black returns. I got the cast info from IMDb. You might like The House With A Clock In It's Walls, The Goonies, ET, Zathura, Jumanji, Night At The Museum, Critters, Gremlins, Ghostbusters. Nice SF scene. There is the new Child's Play reboot. Ken Jeong is the neighbour. Good effects. Interesting soundtrack. Something could be happening to a key character whilst the others faff around. icon Free porn videos
I started watching The Autopsy Of Jane Doe online. It would pause and there would be the buffering sign come up. It was getting boring. There are the annoying pop up ads. The actress playing the corpse is pretty with a nice body, Olwen Catherine Kelly. Brian Cox is the coroner and he works with his son Emile Hirsch. There is the annoying girlfriend that was nosey about what they did there. Good jumpscare. Plenty of gore. The body is a mystery. Supernatural horror. Good cast. I like the soundtrack. Expect twists. I imagined how it would pan out. Nice creepy atmosphere. If you like Insidious, Paranormal Activity, The Walking Dead, Outpost then you might like this. Good effects and acting from the cast. I did order the DVD from EazzyTrade but it got lost in the post.

The Possession Of Hannah Grace I watched this horror online. Sometimes the screen pauses and buffers, other times it resets. Shay Mitchell is hot. She plays Megan. Used to be cop. Came out of rehab to work in a morgue in a hospital. Hannah is a young girl going through an exorcism. Things don't go to plan. There is a corpse which is inhabited by a demon. On the nightshift not many people are around. It is dark. The lights come on automatically. Megan's ex boyfriend is around. There is the AA partner, a blonde nurse and I was at first thinking that they have some special relationship between them. Dave is a young security guard. Creepy film. Great acting and special effects. Special mention goes to Kirby Johnson. You might like The Autopsy Of Jane Doe, The Last Exorcism, The Exorcism Of Emily Rose, The Possession, The Grudge, The Ring, Paranormal Activity, Mirrors. Worth checking out. It got me wondering near the end. Take a look at the forums and IMDb trivia page.

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