Saturday, 24 June 2023

Anti-flag - Racist

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Conservatives are a bunch of dumb fucks. 

Rightwingers should be banned from using the term #woke as they clearly don't know what it means. 

Right wing women are triggered by the way rightwing men treat them. They are all for White supremacy. Also are against Feminism. These Karens should shut up and take it. Tara Mccarthy needs to be smacked with a foldable chair. Lauren Southern can't seem to make up her mind about what she wants. Sydney Watson is a white supremacist. She deserves all the misogyny. Schaffer is like her. The tool wanted Native Americans deported. Pearl is probably a lesbian and just trolling. Melonie is another racist. Who spells their name like that? They are rather quiet if black and brown women are attacked. 

There is misogyny in the replies to tweets about Logan Paul's fiance and the Pinkydoll Onlyfans leak. Soyboys. 

A pro lifer and owner of The Babylon Bee being a cunt. 

Doctor Who: Power Of The Doctor. A centenary special. The final outing for the Thirteenth Doctor. Starring Jodie Whittaker, Mandip Gill, John Bishop, Sacha Dhawan, Sophie Aldred. Featuring plenty of cameos. The Fam are having to deal with the Cyberlords. Meanwhile The Master has put a plan in place. Ace and Teagen have been investigating disappearances. The soundtrack is good. Chris Chibnall also left the show. Doctor Who: At Childhood's End by Sophie Aldred. In the beginning is a young girl that has runaway from home. Trying to find shelter in London. Onto the main story. Dorothy is a mature woman who is working for UNIT. She runs a charity. Gets these vivid dreams. A spaceship is seen hovering around the moon. So using her resources she needs to investigate. Young girls are being abducted by these aliens. The Doctor and her companions have arrived and will cross paths with Dorothy. It is a good book. I have watched the modern rebooted Hellraiser. Based on the novel by Clive Barker. I do recommend that you watch the original film series. Starting off with a millionaire obtaining the cursed puzzle box. Six years later you have our protagonist Riley, an ex junkie. She has a boyfriend. She lives with her brother, his boyfriend and roommate. She does steal the box from the millionaire. Eventually she would try and research what the box is about. Impressive special effects. The Cenobites are beings from another dimension. They were probably seen as demons. What if they are aliens. Whenever the box has been activated they come to collect. There are gifts that can be given to the user. Good soundtrack. Not sure if there will be a sequel. It is a good film. The trailer was impressive. I will look at discussions and trivia. Good cast of actors. There will be mixed reviews.

I am watching V/H/S/99 on Shudder. A horror anthology. I recommend that you see the previous films. Nice touch of nostalgia. Costumes, music, visual effects on point. Opening with this lad playing toy soldiers. Next there is a teenage punk band who want to investigate a location where a famous band died. You see how the members are insensitive towards their drummer. Somewhat predictable. The next scene is this pretty brunette who looks like Billie Eilish. It was predictable. A hazing ceremony. The game show was obscure and funny. Great acting. Nice tits. Annoying characters, a Gollum impression. Steven Ogg is in this. See Imdb for cast. There are more stories. I will let you find out. Imagine what the reaction channels will think. Interesting locations. I did feel that I may have seen it before. 

Quantum Leap 2022. A reboot/sequel to the original show. 
Raymond Lee
Caitlin Bassett
Mason Alexander Park
Nanrisa Lee
Ernie Hudson
Georgina Reilly
Takes place 30 years after the original. I hadn't realised the original was set in 1995. This is set in 2022. The project has been reinstated. Ben Song is the protagonist. He uses to the machine and takes a leap into the unknown. Addison is his hot fiancé. She is on the team. She is a hologram helping Ben in the past. They acknowledge what happened in the original. Worth checking both shows out. Mixed reviews. I know some antisjw are probably whining. The special effects can be questionable. I do wonder if Scott Bakula will reprise his role. Ben has suffered amnesia. He is in the middle of a heist. He will have to help people in order to move on. I could see some reaction channels watching this. Trivia and discussion will be looked at. Cast are familiar. Dedicated to Dean Stockwell. Soundtrack is good. Great acting, costumes and sets. You might also like Timeless, Doctor Who, Outlander, La Brea, Loki. 

I watched Black Panther Wakanda Forever. A sequel. 
Shuri: Letitia Wright
Queen Ramonda: Angela Bassett
Okoye: Danai Gurira
M’Baku: Winston Duke
Nakia: Lupita Nyong’o
Namor: Tenoch Huerta
Riri Williams / Ironheart: Dominique Thorne
Everett Ross: Martin Freeman
Valentina Allegra de Fontaine: Julia Louis-Dreyfus
The antisjw clowns whine about it as indigenous and black people are represented. A nice tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman at the beginning. King T'challa is dead and the nation of Wakanda is in mourning. You do get origin stories of some characters. Shuri is trying to cope with the loss of her brother. Busy with her work. Queen Ramonda is dealing with the UN. The Vibranium is up for grabs. Namor is king of the sea. His people are under threat from the humans. As this ship has been attacked Agent Ross is going to investigate. Fingers are being pointed. There are references that not everyone will get. Nice special effects. Good acting and fight scenes. Riri is a young scientist that helped design a machine that detected the Vibranium. Her life is in danger. There is no post credit scene. You might like the soundtrack. Nakia is looking fine as hell. I do think of the actor with the plate in his mouth. The emotion felt for T'challa channels what the actors felt for Chadwick. I was in the screenroom 3 seat E3. I was on my own for a long time. There was a couple sat in front. I recommend that you see this film. 

The Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special is an episode that I saw on Disney plus. The last time we saw the crew was on Thor: Love And Thunder. Starring Chris Pratt, Pom Klementieff, Sean Gunn, Dave Bautista, Karen Gillan, Bradley Cooper, Michael Rooker, Bin Diesel. There are flashback scenes in animation. Peter is unhappy. It is Christmas and he hasn't been on Earth in a long time. Mantis and Drax decide to do something special for him. There are cameos, fourth wall breaks, references and Easter eggs. The third film is out next year. I like the soundtrack. Great performance from the band. I bet it could go viral. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

The soyboys in that thread and some in the replies on Tiktok think that making negative remarks about a woman makes them better.

Everything posted to the Internet is archived. 

Getting these dcma requests. You can get the full video from Faphouse. It allows you to download videos as a paying subscriber. Seems Annie is a bit of a Karen. It isn't theft. Your comment was uncalled for. A lot of others have videos up by this company but I am the one that receives a Dmca takedown and a nasty comment from the owner Annie. I am not stupid. I do not have a shit face. This seems like a microaggression. I should get a refund from Faphouse. 

Will Ben Shapiro and other Conservatives call this out? Maybe they only like using the false claims against Ilhan Omar and Jeremy Corbyn.

I remember when using MySpace many years ago. I got chatting to this nurse in NYC. Once she had found out that I was Indian. She started being racist. "camel jockey" and "sand nword" Karen has probably died from Covid or something. Karma. All because of #semptember11th Retard. 

CD Universe - Buy New Release DVDs, TV on DVD, Music Videos and Much More Silent Night is a comedy horror film from 2021. Starring Keira Knightley. It is Christmas. This is England. A family are having a party and they have invited friends. There is this oncoming storm and it will kill everything in it's path. One of those films that leads up to the apocalypse. You have a variety of characters. You see how they interact and what secrets will be shared. As the pandemic was still on. I do wonder if this was influenced by it. There are these films worth seeing, Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World, Don't Look Up, Await Further Instructions, Ready Or Not, The Children. Lily Rose Depp is hot. Nice soundtrack. Good acting especially from the children. You will recognise the actors from their previous work. The trailer can give abit away. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Now you can rest, Maxi.

Three Lions Christmas

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African American studies and crt are needed. This white supremacist Karen just compared slavery to his mum not getting a credit card. Desantis wants idiots like this. 

The Banshees Of Inisherin. Colin Farrell · Pádraic Súilleabháin ; Brendan Gleeson · Colm Doherty ; Kerry Condon · Siobhán Súilleabháin ; Barry Keoghan - Dominic. A comedy drama set on an island just off the coast of Ireland. It is 1923. There is a civil war happening on the mainland. What I first noticed was the amazing scenery thanks to the cinematography. Interesting location. I believe that tourists will flock there. This film will win awards. Nice soundtrack consisting of classical and folk music. Great cast of actors. The way they riff off each other. The accent is strong. You do feel for the characters. Colin had the standout performance. I had watched Calvary which starred Brendan. That's why I decided to see this. You will also be familiar with Ballykissangel and Father Ted. I have always wanted to visit Ireland. Go to a village. There is minimal special effects. Kerry is attractive. Pádraic is a farmer, a nice guy and lives with his sister Siobhán. She is smart and caring. He has a friend named Colm that is a musician. But one day Colm has decided that he no longer wants to be friends. I know the feeling as I haven't had any contact with a few people. He is a miserable bugger. He does warn him to stay away. Pádraic is relentless and annoys him. There is the local police officer who is pretty shady, he has a son named Dominic who is a trouble maker. I have had thoughts about the mysterious Mrs McCormick. An elderly woman that is always present in certain places. What does she represent? There was some foreshadowing and so I predicted correctly what would happen to one character. Was there more to the friendship than was let on? I like the pub. Great landlord. Sweet, quaint. I did think about how the film ended. Maybe it could have been better. But overall it is a good film. There will be trivia and discussions. Showing on Disney Plus but will be available elsewhere. 

Mohamed from Fareham has used my mobile number. Now is his number similar or is it done internationally. A fucking removal company website had the details. Then 6 different numbers called. Just taking the piss.

I have had 10 calls, 1 voicemail, 3 texts. The company that has the comparisons hasn't got back to me. This Mo from Fareham seems to input my mobile number. Now I don't think that it would be possible for two people to have the same number. If his number was similar with 1 digit difference. Maybe the number was cloned/spoofed. Different phone providers using the same number. Contacted the Fareham Council. Did try getting to the police. I did manage to find his details before. Am I going to have to go to that town and track him down? Then stab him to death. The comparison site hasn't got back to me.

Always some weirdo that doesn't know the meaning of woke. The original films still exist. Clearly these muppets don't understand history.

Mp for my county. 

This cunt blocked me again. 

I went to the cinema to see a new scifi horror film from Blumhouse. In the room were several people however this woman was quite vocal and that annoyed me. Anyway it is M3GAN. 
Allison Williams · Gemma 
Violet McGraw · Cady 
Ronny Chieng · David 
Amie Donald · M3gan 
Jenna Davis · M3gan
Jen Van Epps - Tess
Brian Jordan Alvarez - Cole
Stephane Garneau-Monten - Kurt 
There were scenes where I knew something bad was going to happen and to which characters. I had watched Brian on YouTube, Jenna is also on there. Ronny was on The Daily Show. Moving on you have Cady. On the road with her parents. There is an accident. Afterwards she goes to live with her hot aunt Gemma. Who is creating robotic toys. I like the satire. I am reminded of Robocop, Westworld and Child's Play. Gemma has secretly been working on creating a robot girl that could befriend a child. The boss is obviously annoyed. There are the two colleagues working at the lab. The personal assistant is helping the boss. M3gan is cute, creepy and clever. I like how she is very observant of humans. She is evolving and would act and think for herself. She is meant to help Cady with her trauma and protect her from harm. She becomes obsessive and will remove anyone seen as a threat. 
The special effects and stunts were great. Fantastic acting. You will like the soundtrack. Good horror. I think M3gan is a brilliant character. She may look like a girl but she is a powerful machine. She may be a psycho but is she really the villain or are the humans the bad ones? There is something that the personal assistant Kurt was doing that there should have been more information on. I have been a fan of James Wan and Jason Blum since the early days. They never disappoint. There is talk of a sequel. But it should have been a standalone film. I recommend this film and you should see Archive, Tau, The Machine, Morgan, Replicas, Chappie, Short Circuit, Terminator, The Matrix, Ex Machina, Robocop, Extinction, Battle Of The Damned, Westworld, Child's Play, HUMANS, A.I, I Robot. See Imdb for cast and trivia.

Joey Marinara is an idiot. Joey doesn't know the meaning of woke. Somehow thinks that these people deserve to die. Not very pro life or all lives matter. 

The accounts that I reported for spreading misinformation and for bigotry weren't to have broken any rules however when I stated a fact then I get my account locked.

I had this dream and it was strange. I worked at a hotel with my colleagues. I wanted some privacy. Maybe to use poppers. I would look for a toilet. I had been watching a horror movie rented from a company. I find that midway these Halloween figures came to life it was the delivery team. They removed all the props. I had been looking online and these roofing companies were asking questions about the types of ladders and they would leave bad reviews. I was later on an island, resembles Jersey or Greece. Open fields, everything was orange. I thought myself as one of lThe Beatles. I think I Am The Walrus or another song was playing. Then a field where it was green. There were many people about. I got to a town and there were old buildings. I had started filming on my mobile. Trying to avoid the town folk. There was a beach with rides. Sort you find in Blackpool. I would be at a convention. Then thinking of Doctor Who and if I dress like Tennant. There were washed clothes that needed drying. I clambered over to pull mine out. A series would be rebooted but be supernatural. 

 I dreamt that the Tate brothers lives down my street. I watched how Tristan put margarine on his toast.

I remember years ago on a post regarding someone being cruel to their pets. There was a troll in the comments. I looked at his profile. He was a Tommy Robinson fan
I mentioned this and the Kens and Karens of Loughborough Spotted were triggered. One asked what was wrong with supporting Tommy. Another accused me of being in favour of child abuse. White supremacists are such retards. 99 problems but a bitch ain't one.

I have to call up an engineer to deal with the boiler as some folk are incompetent. Having to sort the guttering as again am let down. If I wasn't being asked to lend money then maybe I could have got that loan or paid for something. I sent an enquiry via the website. I sent a regular email a week ago but no response. Then rang up the office and goes to the owner/engineer who is busy. Hadn't called the other engineer who had some work booked. No text or call back. Advised to carry on using the boiler even though it states online that I should not really. I think that I may need to pay them as they aren't bothered. I am clearly wasting my time. Just ring someone else for fucks sake. I could have tried the number if the office staff are back from holiday. Helyn has often sent the emails. I assume that this might be her but she is hot. I give people enough time, my patience and money is running out. One step closer.

I have an appointment booked now. I was using my damaged sunglasses. One piece had fallen on the ground and I didn't go and pick it up. It was on the ground for a while. I come back and it is there and I did not pick it up regardless of who would see me. I binned the glasses. They were a good pair. Maybe I could have got them fixed but I was going to get new ones. Family wanting all this stuff cleared from the house. I will do it on my own time. He wants carpets replaced and organised a meeting with this agent. It does not need doing. I won't be paying a single penny. I have given you money. The scaffolding finally is arriving but I am not in the mood. It is my week off. Can't get any peace and quiet. I still have to get money to sort the guttering. I should have sued Pete Evans. The lining does not work. 15 years guarantee isn't it. It could be too late or pointless. That was the only issue. He may have thought the product would do the job. The joints needed sealing. The fact that he ignored me is what bugs me. It is never too late. Not sure where that other review went. Call it a loss. They did alright on other areas. The windows do not need to be open. Keep the heat in. The boiler is to be dealt with. Waiting for the engineer to arrive. They set him to arrive at 8am. I did not sleep for 45 minutes for this. Had to move equipment for access to the boiler which I had mentioned. No sign of John. Why book him in early if he cannot make it? I could go back to sleep. I had been gym in the morning and so would get up in time for 8am. Again I am asked about the doctors appointment. You can't just go to it if there isn't an appointment. I have to call Ideal as it would be cheaper. The engineer explained alot to me about what could be done and it might not solve the issue. Engineer from Ideal would be down. I have a payment plan guarantee with D&G. I would have had to pay more for BK to sort it. I need to leave this house. I filmed the fog outside and this Indian guy on the bike goes "wow" as soon as I looked his way. Dickhead was being sarcastic. Or was astonished at what I was doing. I don't really care what he thinks. I will do what the fuck that I want. I don't owe you any explanation Karen. You are irrelevant. Fall off the bike. I won't give you any more thought. So Mo has used my number again. The police and council should be doing something. I should just contact them again. Getting texts and calls. But they won't give me his details. I contacted Local Moves. I tried speaking to them earlier. Another company called Get A Mover. Block them. Cancelling your plans in 3,2,1... I have no choice but to kill him or act like him and ruin things. I told her when the doctors appointment is and she has left an hour early. I am not going to sit there. I would say when she was meant to leave. The guy with the stroller says that some white male came to his house. Said that he knew me and he worked for the company. Took money of him. This was probably made up. Nothing to do with me. Call the police. I used Wowcher to buy sunglasses. They haven't been delivered. It seems that I have to redeem a voucher by signing up to something. I am not giving my details or paying more money. I will have to have a refund. The injection was already had and appointment made and I had only just arrived. So a waste of my time. Rang work for the rota and no one answered. I saw a dead Swan floating along the canal. Listening to Capital Extra and the presenters are annoying. Talking about Love Island when no one really is interested. Music isn't bad. Seeing the Arab guy with crutch come into the store twice and not buy anything. He was up to something. A lady says that he asked her for money. He used one of the lighters on sale. Buy it ffs. These guys at door not looking at the opening times. I had to explain when we open and that we don't sell cigarettes. Why do people think that? That one miserable blonde gave the silent treatment. Who on Earth fucked you? Trying this poppers not working the first time. I did spot two attractive women at the gym. One ginger haired, tall and a brunette in green. This guy is doing squats, clearly not using the hip bridge machine yet puts his bottle on it. All I need to do is ask and he will surely move it. Otherwise it is wasting my time. Or just use the barbell. I am doing other exercises in the meantime. Does annoy me. Why the fuck the plug had to be taken out when the extension lead is still in use. Don't need to switch off the socket I still need it to charge my phone. The iron needs the amp changing. I get to the gym and there are a few students here. Spotted some attractive women. Tall blondes. One brunette with large breasts in a white top and another who I thought was the same, in grey. A nice redhead in black. I was going to have a shave. Not sure what that would achieve. I am here to train and aren't going to pull. I won't mention gym again. Got to be respectful. I served these two blondes that were really pretty. A sign from the building next door fell off because of the wind almost hitting a woman. A car and van had crashed. One into the traffic light. My family member asking to borrow money when you should be paying back from earlier. There was a tall guy, a student after Vanish products. His friend was down the aisle. I showed him the way. Upon them heading to the till. He was walking out and had this Nivea Sunscreen in his hand which he put in his pocket. I should have asked him about it and rang for the manager as she could check cctv. I checked the tickets but there was a zero count. I didn't Challenge 25 this student buying a lighter. I believed this man with a beard to be old enough. He looked to be in his 20s. There was the Asian woman that asked about the 60% discount sign. Majority of items were reduced. She expected to get a discount at the till. The man with the crutches was in but then was near the snacks. Went around to the other side. He would be on his phone leaving. I should have alerted my colleague. Immediately with the "just this/these" from customers. The delivery is tomorrow when we had thought the changes were this week. Whoever threw the coffee cup hadn't emptied it. The bin bag was closed but the liquid spilt through it. Some black woman just about rest her foot on the stool. I found three pieces of glass. Has anyone been sweeping up? Boxes not being flattened or thrown into the cages. Remove the plastic from the card. Left stuff in front of the fire exit. Audit has started. It was windy so the lid needed to be placed onto the cages. Act and think fast. Deal with shit then. I do not need to add other things. It is irrelevant. I was sent the pack of condoms from online. It arrived in a small box. Just needed a padded envelope. I could not get a refund from Wowcher. Entered my details with Belap and paid for postage. The nights out are still happening. But I am no longer invited. I knew that this man in blue heading this way was going to ask me for change. Not sure what his situation is. Hope he doesn't ask me again. Having to wait in the back or come back later for when the shift starts because of audit. This couple came in. He has a brummie accent. They picked up items to pay for at the till. He was doing something reaching for the waterfall. He was fumbling with his bag. Clearly putting something in. I had served them. He sets the alarm off. He had mentioned the perfume. He says "it's the nuts and bolts in my leg" Clearly should have asked him to stop and gone over. Now with the Edge Training management should confront them. I reported it. I knew that he needed watching as he has done dodgy stuff before. The caucasity. All staff were at the front. My colleague says that they have been coming in a few times. The other colleague had said about Jamaican girls that they have an attitude and a chip on their shoulder. She said the old not being racist but, she also wasn't trying to be sexist either. That was clearly racist. This was after the assistant manager talks about a rude customer and I asked for the description. It was one customer and I knew that she was prejudiced. The irony. She was complaining about pronoun badges last year. Nicolas Williamson being retarded. Also served the bigot Phil Harpham that used racial slurs years ago. Joanne Royston has used a slur. Tom Squires did make racist comments. Charlie whatever called me a slur at school. Dylan Bradley was racist too. Jason Allen was being ignorant. Back to work. She had watched that couple but was uncertain of what he took. The other colleague was blasé about it.  I served this hot redhead. I had this pain at the back of my head. There was no one observing cctv for 30 mins earlier today. No police available later to help Boots. Capitol Extra actually played 99 problems on the radio. The theme for Loughborough. The shoplifters weren't officially reported to the police. 
This young black man working for Royal Mail put the wrong post again. But came to correct his mistake. This young male was being watched by Tango Victor. He had already stolen from other stores. He set the barrier off on his way in. He was acting innocent. I should have hit three bells. The assistant manager saw him. Now he had grabbed a few laundry packs. He intended on leaving with them. He went back up. The manager was at the door. She should have gone over to see if he would put something in his bag. He dumped the items. The manager wanted to check his bag. He argued. Tango Victor should have warned me that he was coming. 
My reaction time wasn't so good as I had used poppers in the morning. I should not have. Skipped Challenge 25 someone over a nail kit
This old woman wanted mops. For using with hands. I pointed her in the direction. She went off on one. Something about mucking about. The manager was cashing up and so I had to call her. She bought these cloths. Should have been specific. Acting like I didn't know anything. She apologised. She mentioned that I should do some housework. Well you cunt, I do. Some couples trying to buy over the limit of painkillers. Well they were allowed to purchase them separately. Husband and wife. A guy wanted Ck Summer which we didn't have and he wanted someone to help him. Manager told him the same thing. I have to mention that the shoplifter from last Thursday had the audacity to come in. I rang three bells. Supervisor took her time getting down to the front. I had to point them out to her. I reported it to Tango Victor. It should have been reported to the Police before. I had scanned an item for a price check, the scanner gun should have been behind the till. I hadn't voided the item and the next customer had been charged for it. Luckily she noticed and got a refund. The door was left open and a pick up not collected. Don't want to fail the audit. Some woman's card app on her phone wasn't working. She wondered out maybe to get a signal or something. I had already scanned the items and couldn't void the transaction. I rang for my colleague but he hadn't answered. 
Got my food from the German Kebab place. Box wasn't closed properly. I had used poppers earlier. Big delivery tomorrow. It arrived late. So we opened late. The Auditor had arrived. I still had stock to work down my aisle. I should not have used poppers last night. So many cages. Overhearing my colleague singing. She wasn't even closing the fire door properly that's why the alarm wasn't on. My brother still asking for money. You are supposed to pay back that other lot. How the fuck can I get the guttering sorted? I didn't bother asking this student for ID for lighter and another for nail glue. They are old enough. I just did not care anymore. Still need to do the job. I should have got the moss killer spray or powder and applied it whilst it remained dry. It will rain Thursday morning. Instead of using poppers. Take a look from the ladder. Not asking for ID regarding these face razors. The black girl with her brunette friends came into the store. These lads were with them. The lads tried to use a fake note after. The girls would steal an item is why they need to be watched. Some woman called it an health and safety issue when the manager opened the carrier bag. Was my manager wishing her harm? The owner of another store wanted a homeless man gone. I served this short blonde with nice legs. This redhead buying hair dye was miserable. I saw that shoplifter Natasha Wright. My brother still puts a new toilet roll on when the old one isn't finished. My mum talking to herself in the night. My other brother needs to pay back what he owed. Tell his lazy partner to get a job. Stop going on nights out. Forget about Valentines, birthdays and Christmas. I knew when he rang up that he would ask for money. Wants to get the money to me once he sells the car. I will trash it to teach him a lesson. Block his number. Just say no. 
I should not have used the poppers yesterday. I needed speed today. Tried this afternoon but they weren't having an effect and so poured it away. Should have waited. I did better on the delivery. I need to keep it up. I would have used my poppers. My younger brother was working downstairs. My other brother used my phone to look up up a new phone. I had told him not to take long. He then later came to use it again. It pretty much wasted my time. Especially as I would go to sleep early as I will use the gym. Having to have the cleaner use his Bluetooth speakers. Getting spam emails and phone calls. Trying to get my questions answered on an AI stream. It isn't happening. Some turds are spamming so they get a reply. I had to go into work as someone called in sick. I had to keep an eye on these girls. These two guys that I feel were dodgy. Both came in and were looking around. Then left. Spent all that time. Clearly would have taken something. Someone had attempted to steal £599 worth of stock from Superdrug. The staff got the items back. Tango Victor swears when told the amount. Very professional. It is all over the radio. Sarah Foster was out. A shoplifter or known associate. Sarah Kline was with a man. She is someone that I knew from school. Apparently using a fraudulent card. Never liked her. People saying "just this/these" how about you say hello. Do you not have any manners? Let me do my job. I should be offering sas. Ask them anyway. This pensioner probably in his 60s. Complaining about the hiphop afrobeats music. Enquired about where I was from. A white male and he used to live in Botswana. He says that people were racist to him calling him a "white bastard" were they really? He spoke to a "coloured" girl as he put it. She was upset about something. He went onto say that you are born where you are born. Ignore the ignorant. I think that it is better to retaliate. I had a large basket of stock to scan with only one till open and it was near closing time. I didn't Challenge 25 some student buying razors. My head has been hurting. A few hot blondes in the store with nice legs. The type that work out. This shower gel was spilt everywhere. I wasn't sure if I had scanned this drink I may have done. One lady thought my colleague was useless. Another thought that the manager wasn't helpful. You wanted to pay for the items on card and wanted coins in change. Another woman wanted 2 fivers. Well she would need to make a purchase. A woman returned this hair dye as the holes were in the wrong place. A blonde asked about jobs. I did tell her about Indeed but she said that she was done with it. Hours were reduced so no one else is getting hired. The manager was throwing out the rubbish and I needed her to help a customer. I wasn't going to go to the gym. I was going to use the poppers. My brother then feels the need to use my phone. He had it for half an hour. It puts me off. I went to get it back and he wasn't done with it. It is getting late as it is. I would have needed to set the alarm. The phone would run out of power. You already used it to look up phones before. Just go to a shop or look online at the library. I do feel like smashing something. My mum talking to herself repeatedly saying the same thing. It disturbs my sleep. It is 22:18. You can go on your own to the doctors. I ended up overdrawn and not having enough to pay for the guttering as not paid back. The fact that it should not be an issue now. I hadn't sued the company. Poor job and ignoring me. I can get part refund. I will warn people about using the service. Trading standards will know. The product was shit. The other company didn't stop the leaking. I can let it go. Karma will come. I am taking all the cash for the car. I am not lending any money. Deal with any racists or other abusive twats. Record them and get violent. Shoplifters shown no mercy. I need to start stabbing or slapping people. Gym training, all this shit for work. The poppers weren't doing it neither was this gyno porn video. Waste of time. I had left the fleshlight on charge. My brother was checking his form. I was meant to put it away. I could have gone to the gym at anytime. Never got a response from Chronic Way but still added his name to the release. Not enough money to put down a deposit. I have to make sure that I have money for other things. The delivery had to be cancelled. The driver reached his legal limit on the road. I had got to the doctors but didn't sign in. They wanted me to. This man was talking to the receptionist. A woman comes in talking loudly on her phone. She was loud without it. Went to the desk. Should have stood a few feet away. It was approaching 7pm and my brother had the TV up loud playing the music. I was asleep until that point. Now it is more difficult to get back to sleep. Instead of ringing up a roofer I did fuck all. All people that use the word woke as an insult are twats. My brother had come to my room about 6 times. Wanting to find info on a restaurant for his birthday. Needing to use my phone. Taking too long. Having a conversation on the home phone and coming back for an update. Deal with it yourself. Has to look at other options after having booked a table. Wants to see films available at the cinema. He is loud when doing the ironing. Slamming the thing. Your voice is strained yet you talk so much shit. My mum rambles. I get no privacy. Having to check the bathtub as the button that operates the sink plug isn't being used properly. Does no one wipe the toilet seat or use the brush? Do not break anything as I will make you pay for it. Had not been fast enough on delivery. Fair bit to work through. A staff member called in sick. Head office let us have a free fragrance. I wasn't bothered about it. Two of my colleagues were nagging me to take one. I will sell it on ebay or donate it to charity. The manager and another colleague weren't being very professional. The tone in which they spoke to customers. Laughing at some. Is it that time of the month? Had a customer ask about my neck. Whether ai had problems. Mind your own business. My brother asked for money again. I said no. Still waiting to be paid back. Doing excess exercises for speed. All for a job that I don't like and plan on quitting. I had been asleep and my brother decided to use the iron at 9.40pm and slamming the thing. Going back and forth to get an item of clothing. Finished 10pm. I needed to be up at 3.30am.
The delivery was small and that training helped. The Welsh guy was talking negatively about migrants and charities. As he was approaching the till. 
I had to do the edge training. Not working on my phone. Could have gone straight to the library after work but went home. Should have remembered. Now I had to come back to town centre. It is raining. The fucking card doesn't let anyone in. I went into work to try to use the ipad. Management told me to come in for tomorrow's shift and use it then. I had been told to have this training done by the end of today. It has stopped raining. A wasted journey. I tried to use the poppers twice and it was barely working the first time. I had served a lady and she was with a regular customer that I also served. The barrier went off as they exited. Now I may not have detagged the laundry item. She had a Primark bag where an item could be tagged. I thought nothing more of it then checking with management. I found these two tags which were possibly from the day before. Now thinking of this dark haired guy with glasses. He came and went. I find vitamins placed by a wrong ticket. These box of lozenges. All of them opened. Different date codes. One box half empty in the draw. I am clearing someone else's mess. I was much faster on delivery but can't let my mind wander. I also had this pretty, middle Eastern woman wanting a sim card. Something about 3g. Not understanding much. I asked about her phone provider. I was busy as it is. It is difficult if you don't speak English. I had these overs, stock that won't go out. I put them away only for them to be worked by someone else. I wasn't going to overfill the draw. I put them away for a reason. I had left work and was meant to go into the bank to get an appointment for a loan but went home. Sooner I get this guttering nonsense sorted the better. If I was thinking of ringing another company. Just go with the one that isn't a let down. Others either get it wrong or ignore me. 
There was this man with receding hair, brown trousers, black jacket. He had been stealing from other stores. He imitated the rings as I was calling for management. He bought a drink. Tango Victor were talking about him. The security guard from boots retrieved an item that he took from that store. He had it down his trousers. This other chap in red coat, beard and slim build. I had watched him before. So should have immediately rang the bells. I waited and watched him. He started to stick items into his pockets. Condoms and blue pills. The manager got the items off him. He was reported. If I alerted the staff early then he would not have a chance to get an item. Not be niave or give any chances. Trust my instincts. Some woman not knowing the paracetamol limit, the sign is up. It is a Hail storm now. Had walked through it. I don't mean to be rude but the supervisor hadn't answered the bell on more than one occasion. Had a long queue too. This student I was serving. I said "thank you very much" he replied with "no, thank you very much" takes the piss. What is the point? The caucasity. The old lady that asked aboutthe Chardonnay asked why they weren't in. Because they haven't fucking delivered it. My colleague with her godawful singing. I heard that the HSBC building was on fire yesterday. The roof was being rebuilt. Faggot still winding me up switching the toilet roll, use your common sense. Still asking for money, you just paid me back. Mum's room does not need painting. These people are meant to visit and see what can be done for the property. They best not fuck up the plumbing. I don't need to help you move anything. Mum starts bringing the stuff from her room into mine at 6:30am and doesn't close the door. My brother will move the stuff. Twats not buying the car. Talking to yourself at night. It has been over an hour. You retards will have to deal with all this yourself. If I haven't killed anyone in Loughborough then consider yourself lucky. I had made the DistroVid payment for which I am getting a refund. Hardly been asleep for long and woken early. The toilet gets blocked again. The button operating the plughole hardly works. Half of the time I only seem to be the one hoovering, mopping, dusting, putting the laundry in the machine and wiping surfaces. Mess not caused by me. Others will do something. It is St Patrick's Day and also a former friend's birthday. Happy Birthday Alan. I won't add any more as it isn't healthy. I had booked another appointment for a loan. I could just pick a company to repaint or repair the guttering. I could just say fuck it. Get the pipe installed and move out. Instead of blogging and saying stuff. Just quit the job and move away. No one else will do anything as they are just useless. Leave it for them to sort out not my problem. I will be stuck here paying this shit off. I don't have to do anything. I didn't Challenge 25 for Beconase Spray which I should have done. I did say that I could not serve the same person twice for painkillers. The woman used a card and then coins. Two packs for her and another for the husband. This teen got her grandfather to get the nail glue which is also age restricted. Should not really have allowed it. She was going to get another but couldn't. Some girl didn't give eye contact when handing the product over.
Went to the bank again about a loan. Can't get a loan or credit card. I should have rang the Whitecroft as to give them two weeks notice. I have to save. Well I can't do that if I have to lend money. Royal Roofing were useless or the product was. I found a student card. I can just post it or drop it off at the college the next day. I could have gone straight there as I was in town. Most students headed home. It was windy. I couldn't be arsed. Waste of time, I could have gone to the cinema instead or just straight after. I went to the college. The journey seemed long especially after work. I did end up going through one building. Then there was the student union. Some students were looking and I could not get in. Looked a twat. I finally found reception which is in a new area. It had been 8 years since I was at the college. I would go Tesco. The doctors have already booked an appointment for the injection. There is one this afternoon. But not enough medication which I should have ordered as I had a month to get. Have to rearrange or miss until the next one. My mum had already gone in the morning when it was booked for 3pm. Have to rearrange if my brother can't take her. For some reason the socket had switched off. I had left something on charge. If you aren't using anything in the room then leave it alone. Why the fuck is this woman using the toilet with the door open? Why does he still put a new toilet roll on with the old one? Taking too long in the toilet. Blocking it. Not wiping away the water that is on the floor after using the brush. My cousins are visiting and so I could go see them. Did he plan on getting married during 2020? Could you not have planned it? Same for my nephew. Turds at the gym not clearing up after themselves. If you can use the weight then you can easily put it back. My mum decided to go out after 8pm to buy some milk. There is enough in the fridge. There is more delivered in the morning. My brother useless as he is, just sees her go out or the door closes but doesn't go out. So I have to go out. It is raining as well. It was dark. My other brother came out in the car. She had come back and I tried to get her to walk back home but she was determined to go to this other shop. There are cars waiting who knows what they must have thought. But I don't care about them. If it looked bad as I was trying to get her away. Nothing dodgy. This family is a bunch of twats. I won't be chasing after her again. It will be her fault, she should know better. Next time he sees her leave go after her. No one else washing the clothes. Clean up after yourself especially when using the toilet. Getting asked to lend money that I don't have. If I didn't answer then there is a reason for that. Not getting paid back the amount owed or soon enough. I won't be able to put any money aside. Fuck the guttering. I am moving out. Job isn't worth it. Find something that pays more. I need to leave this house. No rest for the wicked. I wasn't going add anything but this Karen pissed me off. The shop was closed. The manager was doing banking. It came close to opening time. This blonde with glasses, blue blouse and green coat. Tried the door. I did say that she would need to wait a few minutes. The manager hadn't come out yet. She tries again and asks if I could open the door as she needs to buy something. We'll Karen, I don't have the keys. The manager will open it. I had to go tell her. Her card declined but then let me have the change from the cash payment. The caucasity of this cunt. The world does not revolve around you. These shoplifters came in, circled and left. Some woman had shown me her bag. She was Eastern European. Now it might be her that put laundry pads into her bag. She had dumped them. She had shown her bag and asked for permission to go in. An Indian guy wanted to pay part cash and card for a bag of sweets. Made it confusing. 78p on the card. But cash has to be taken first. Getting told that I need a machine for asking sas. This shoplifter couple circled the shop. My colleague alerted me to them but didn't hit three bells like I asked. I had to get management. This northern woman nattering on her phone not saying shit to me. I had to try to remember which of the tall ginger guys was the racist from years ago. Some guy in camouflage trousers had spent a few minutes up one aisle then left. I was suspicious. 
My mum decided to use the bath. Just as I needed it as I will go to the gym. Why are you up now anyway? It is 2am. You will delay things for me if I have to wait. I would have to do everything at the gym locker room instead. I got to use it. Left at 2:37am.
I could have gone to ask for a repeat prescription from the doctors. I didn't have a mask so didn't bother. It is raining now. I was considering going today. They don't take requests over the phone. I will go another day. All this computing equipment arrived at the house for my brother. How are you buying this yet asking me for money? This man wanted two tens from his £20. He would wait for this woman to wait. I did explain to the cunt about the policy. Just take it to the bank. The guy with the stroller beckoning me over. One you won't give me money owed. Two I am not buying your shit. So I kept walking. You turds continue to ignore me when greeted at the door. Also not saying anything other than "just this" at the till. This woman jokingly asking if I can be trusted, why they have left me alone at the front. Shut up Karen. How hard is it for my colleagues especially management to break down boxes also places items by the relevant shelves? Not to forget the shit and loud singing. This Asian woman did carry on shopping when told that we were closing. Supervisor did have a bus to catch. Sandra Leoung had these two large parcels for her Bunk business. No one was in. The delivery driver left them in our store. The supervisor told him that we couldn't accept them. There was another parcel left with us before. Dump it back outside or send it back to the courier depot. The woman was coughing loudly and I felt it on my arms. I did see this ginger haired guy with a bun wearing grey joggers and bottoms. Wandering around the store. Something felt like I should be concerned. I thought he was OK. He was adjusting or sliding something down his trousers. I wrote the description. Didn't tell the manager until after as I had customers to serve. I ought to have said something straight away. I told my colleague. She hadn't told the manager when ai eventually gave the note she said that I should ring three bells. She could not see anything on cctv. It isn't my fault. We watched this couple down one aisle and another girl on the other side. Nothing purchased and they left. I watched a guy with alcohol cans as he went down the aisle. Bunk has their items left with us thanks to the delivery driver. Why is no one in? Had to double check this Scottish note. I told this old couple about the paracetamol limit about not serving the same person. She paid with cash and card. Should not allow it. The caucasity of these cunts. 
I tried to get the medication from the pharmacy. The slip was given but nothing was had. I was told to talk to the GP. The receptionist did think that I was ordering there and then. Her fucking colleague put it in before the weekend. Don't they communicate? I don't have to collect as the medication will go straight to the nurse. That would have been easier in the first place. My brother has some sort of game that could generate money. However he would need my bank details and email. The money for fence repairs etc. I am not signing up for anything. Money would be paid back to me. Sounds like a gambling platform. Just send me the money straight to my account. I have been messed around enough. I decided to give my email. My other brother had switched off the socket. I left something to charge. The scaffolding tower is to be removed. Just a waste of time. Some guy at the gym says hi to me but I don't know him. My youngest brother was using the iron and when the power went off he wanted me to switch it back on. He was already up and now he asked me to bring the bin into the garden. He is up and could go and do it himself. How lazy are you? I am not a lackey. My mum comes in asking if I was alright. It was after 8am. I was trying to sleep. My brother asking to borrow money and have some deposited into that game. Though I am getting it back next week. It is the final time. I will cover the wood on the verge. Just needed the ladders. 

I could have sorted the verge yesterday which I wanted to do as my brother wanted to wait till Tuesday. Now it is raining and the water is leaking back in again. I will have to get that pipe installed. 

I was bringing the cages out the back and some guy had parked his van in our section. Practically blocking anymore cages being placed. He did arrive and move his van. 
The manager felt like cleaning the toilet. I eventually was desperate as I made my way home. Stained the underwear. 
These two pretty women were buying alcohol. As I served the blonde. I noticed her photo was slightly different to how she looks now. I assume that she dyed her hair. It looked a little like her friend. I had toook at them both. I should have denied it if I had concerns. Both are over 20. This woman had paid for her stuff but was a £1 short after being handed the remainder finished the transaction. I find a coin on the till desk. I thought it was her that returned but no. Did I overcharge her? This student Id card had been handed into the store though it was on the streets. Now I am to email the university. Hopefully she comes back for it. I should deal with stuff there and then. Not dwell on it. An appointment had been set with the doctors and my mum was taken there but somehow it had been changed. No notice given either. The nurse is meant to receive the medication straight from the pharmacy. But they had gone to lunch and it was locked. Takes the piss. My brother still asks for money and hadn't paid back the other money. I will not send anymore. I don't see how the other money that I sent doesn't seem to last. I want paying back quickly. Do not ask again. Mum has to repeat godhari. I was trying to use the poppers and it has worn off. My youngest brother calling to my mum to wash her hands upstairs. She already did that and has to repeat himself. She is just being slow. He keeps placing two toilet rolls on the holder. Are you OK? I wanted to use my poppers and fleshlight but as my other brother has come to the house he will just disturb me. Can't get privacy or here. I should have just gone to the gym. I can use them tomorrow. Maybe go to the library. I start to use my fleshlight I was erect. I hear this knock on the door. I had to get dressed to answer it. Person had gone. There is a leaflet from Hdre in the letterbox. I see a woman walk down and then up the street. It basically put me off. Try to get aroused again. Now a family member has come back so it is pointless. Did this woman knock or was it someone else? 
I used my poppers. As they are a new bottle it will wear down once opened. I have to stop using them. If it affects my speed or thinking then that is an issue. I don't need to be using on certain days. So I had to have a bath, take creatine. As I would be working a late shift. I should have just slept. I did serve this guy and he had gone back to grab something before. He set the barrier off and gave him the OK. I should have checked the bag and got him to walk through again. This brunette was after usb cords. I wasn't sure if we still had them. She assumed that we did and went to check. She comes back saying "you were lying to me" as she left. I saw her go by with Robert Tebbs who I know from years back. He has got in trouble with the law. She deserved a slap. I ought to have warned Tango Victor. I was in the middle of a transaction but the guy was using his phone banking app and needed to transfer money. Only one till on I had to get it voided. My supervisor was in wearing a crop top of sorts. Looking good. Some alcohol was being bought with other items. The son was probably in the 20s. The mum packed the items and he used her card. I would have asked him for ID. The poppers did affect me as they would. Was slower, the intrusive thoughts were a distraction. My colleague was in the office for close to 10 minutes and I was waiting to sign out. Don't waste fucking time. Keep dropping the delivery stock by the wrong area. My brother rang up just to see if mum was OK. Call the house phone. 07399224106 rang. Left a silent voicemail. Who is it? I was trying to use the self service at Tesco. The woman with the mask had to check my bag. It would not let me scan other items as it kept getting the bag weight wrong. Just a quick update. I felt the need time get it off my chest, I should just let it go. There was this couple in the store. My colleague had been following them but then went into the back. They seemed ok to me at first. I wasn't given any warning. I had been filling the chiller. The woman, bright red hair, blue coat, picked up two fragrances from the display and walked out I called out to the them, the man was tanned, had dark hair and beard. I had to grab the radio and press the bell. I did see a police officer but the shoplifters weren't around. My Supervisor advised me to be cautious. I would have gone out after them but no one would be covering the tills. She didn't even bother ringing 101 or report it online. Took the details and the Assistant Manager is to report it. I wanted to tell Tango Victor but Supervisor says not to bother, what's done is done. That is pathetic. These cunts will be back. The woman will be slapped about. The other incident last week was this Spanish woman needing some medicine for her daughter. The aunt, her sister was in the store getting the young daughter to steal makeup. Cctv had been checked. Primark reported some theft and told our store. The General Manager went out and confronted the family. The girl was crying. She got the goods back. What kind of parenting is that? Natasha Wright is a criminal, she had passed by and taken a free leaflet. She could use it to disguise and any item taken or perhaps she will get one of her friends to steal an item on the leaflet. Also this woman was on her phone and her her young daughter was paying for the goods. These Anebasol product is not to be sold to under 21s. I did tell her. She calls her mum who seems to act like it's OK but then disappears again. Dickhead. It will get me in trouble. People continue to say just this. I had my hand on my head and this woman jokes if it is the latest dance. Fuck off Karen. I hadn't asked two different people buying Killablock, for ID. They looked old enough. I should be asking. This ginger cropped haired guy came into the store. Wore a green jacket, Jack Wills top, blue jeans and had an empty black bag in his hand. Part of me, my instincts told me to ring the bell. Inform my colleague about a potential shoplifter. Other side felt he was OK. I had hoped he was. But he was a shoplifter. I felt that it was my fault. He had things in his bag. Talking to himself as he left. It has been reported. It is not my fault but his. Happened at 1pm like yesterday. Talking about it doesn't help. Acting there and then would have worked. A little less conversation a little more action. This brunette with piercings was in the store briefly. The person waiting for her kept looking back. She had her bag over her shoulder but was holding it on the way out. The General Manager was down the aisle. I was looking over too. Should have rung the bell. This blonde in green coat wanted a pregnancy kit and asked about perfume. Now she may have been upto something. I got a colleague to help. The card declined. Now she did not return. I may have watched her or someone similar before. She had been with the bitch with the dyed red pink hair in Superdry coat that stole last week. She overhead the radio and bells from outside. Her name is Ashley. This chap on his bike had stuff around his mouth. He paid for a perfume. Management were nearby. We all will be watching. Karma will deal with you. Two guys were followed around the store. Tango Victor only mentioned a name. The Supervisor was reluctant to get extra change from the safe. I did stick up for her. My colleague lagged her off. We were running low. She suggested using the other one. A man wanting body spray not deodorant. Same thing really. I asked a girl for ID, her friend jokingly asking if she could show me her Facebook. I need an ID card what the fuck are you on? I had pain running up the back of my head. I used a cream and took pills but it still hurt. On a special mention. At work. There was this woman, blonde, her teeth were sharp in some parts. She had these tattoos on her chest. Green floral dress. Pretty hot. Then this tall blonde with big tits. I did pass a green haired girl in a black top that showed off her cleavage. I find that I had payments debited from my account from Ladbrokes and Electraworks Ltd. I didn't authorise it. I should not have joined that gambling site. Having to ask family. But it has nothing to do with them. Also seeing if Playzee are connected. Is this the deposit? Or some fraudster at work. Was that Mo in Fareham responsible? Different locations. Definitely getting a refund and a new card. I am reporting it. Thanks to the advisor I got a refund and new card. Will change my phone number. Whoever you are your days are numbered. I have had to go get cash from the bank. I could have waited for my card to arrive. Didn't have appropriate ID. The clerk asked me a bunch of questions. No signature on file. The call centre guy did say it should be fine. I cancelled the card so obviously it was going to be difficult. I did say that I was in no rush and could come back. All this because of a fraudster twat. Makes me look dodgy which I am far from. She was only doing her job. The cash that I had was all spent. Can't get any more. I finally painted the ceiling. 

I always seem short on money for the deposit. This thunderstorm would be coming and it is here. I should have just called Whitecroft to install the downpipe. It had been dry for a long time. It is more like hail. The water did leak in again. The ladders have been taken away by the neighbour.
I am saving up enough and could get it replaced. Takes the piss. My brother still borrowed a large amount of money from my mum. I was going to ask to use some for the cinema. I would transfer money over. He even asked me for some. My mum is repeating the same nonsense out loud. She did this yesterday afternoon which pissed me off. Doing it again between 2-3am. Get the fuck to sleep. My youngest brother opening up those beans jars. Almost all of it has been emptied. Not closing the jar which is still in the fridge. It will go off and then that is more waste. Fuck your community guidelines. It is meant to rain on some days. It will take till a month later to have guttering replaced. That means the pipe would have to be added in the meantime. I would remove the black tape underneath as it is no good. Takes away from what money I have saved up. I did see this good waterproofing product. I would have got it but it is pointless now. It is summer, for fucks sake. There were jobs done which I paid for. Others that weren't done. I won't be paying to have additional things done or go over stuff. I don't want to dwell on this nonsense. I hadn't got my key. My mum was in the house the entire time. I had lost over an hour. I waited and then picked up a spare key from my brother's house. I had to walk up the street and rush back. I had rung the phone and knocked several times. My fault for not having my key. But she should have answered. The windows were open. I even considered climbing up the house. A person living opposite asked if I was OK. My manager had already signed me out at 10:30am but not told me until I happened to need the gun/scanner. Somewhat amused at having to see if I needed to be in tomorrow. 
My Bluetooth headphones weren't working. I had charged them. I had picked up the wrong usb cord now need to exchange them. I should not have bothered after reading the reviews. Doubt much can be done. I thought that they might be wrong. Could not see the end within the packaging. 
Saw a whole lot of lightning but there was no sound. It would later rain and thunder followed. At the gym. Spotted two pretty girls. One in black sports top and leggings with dark hair, Asian. The other is blonde, wearing a tan brown kit. Nice ass. Mixed perhaps. This tall brunette in black vest, looks alright. Wanted to use the decline leg press but it is being used. The geordie fella left the weights on the sleigh. The bearded chap had I can assume a protein bar, crumbs on the table. WiFi isn't working. I have mobile data. I tried using 15kg for the incline bench press. I knew that I would fail. A guy using another machine was facing in my direction. He might have been watching me. It is pointless writing this. A woman was going to buy painkillers on two transactions. Well Karen your dad should buy his own as he did. Some woman wanting eardrops and went to other stores for price comparison. Probably got it there. Irrelevant. What I find absurd is my young colleague had an argument with someone called Aimee. Aimee called her a fat bitch which she isn't. My colleague shames her for having an Onlyfans. She told Primark staff that Aimee was a shoplifter so she was kicked out. That is uncalled for as was the name calling. I did serve a transwoman. This chap that I served alcohol to in the morning was bad to get cans. He informed me he was putting them in a carrier bag and paid for them. Needs to be careful. Some oap left her walking stick. An umbrella was thrown away. Supervisor was ill but had to work. A man was after juice and had mentioned that they were high in cholesterol and could kill somebody. I served this couple, the blonde in blue dress was pretty. Then a young couple where the brunette was pretty, wore a dark dress. 
It was annoying me that I was considering paying for a job to be done which was done last year. People still take the piss by testing the sprays when you aren't supposed to. Ignoring the signs. I should just tell them or get management. You cunts sure love to waste products. Use your common sense. Item is handed to me with "just this" what about hello? No manners. Even a colleague will say it. Are Healthy Start vouchers accepted or not? Supervisor said no but Manager says yes. Yet again my mum is up really early yammering to herself. Asking if I am alright. Opens my door. I am trying to sleep. My brother has to grab the toilet roll in my room but there is already some on the holder and stand. I took some off and we will run out in a few days. Having to go pick up items that I should have bought yesterday. Then again I have the painkillers. Buy the ointment at work. Go see a business about fixing my bag after the shift finishes and not bother going into town. 6 or more customers were greeted by me but they didn't answer. 
The house across the road had something delivered and you hear the engine running. Woke me up. I don't need anyone wishing me a happy birthday as I was sleeping. My poppers bottle had only been open a few days and didn't have the desired effect. This other one only worked once. I tried again in the evening but it was pointless. Only supposed to use it once in a day. Need to keep it airtight. My mum yelling at 2:30am. Left shit on the seat and toilet bowl. How about you clean up after yourself. I rang three bells for this couple. The woman is a regular. She and the man seemed stoned. He might have been going for the alcohol. But I think it was the chiller. They queued. I don't feel guilty. I should ring if unsure. Now I had to ring for the supervisor for a void but then as the customer was paying part cash and card so I  had to call her back. My colleague says "calm down" fuck off. This man had been looking around. I did look in his direction but should have three belled. This geordie woman was asking about purchasing over the limit of Lemsip capsules. Only two packs are allowed. She asked if she left and came back in and I said no. She explained "how would they know it was me again" and the same old shit about overdosing. Well obey the rules. I would know. I have to be honest. If you want to end it feel free. I saw some hot women. Some were students. This tanned brunette with glasses in black dress. I didn't ID two different women as they were old enough when purchasing alcohol. My colleague is leaving. Several months ago she had returned. I wasn't sure this this brown guy took any glasses as he had paid for his stuff already. A woman in red set the barrier off. Cctv was checked. Sometimes I get it right and other times wrong. I won't dwell on it.  There was this lady that was in the queue. She apparently had to be somewhere in a hurry. Another lady in front had a basket full. So she asked if she could go in front. Another white lady needed a bottle from the chiller. However she proceeds to move up the queue then there is an Indian lady that was near the paracetamol. Clearly out of the queue and cut in halfway. I should have called out to her. It annoyed some in the back. They all need to obey the rules. Not forgetting a regular customer buying over the limit of painkillers and another one doing the same. Read the signs. A man wanted plastic tweezers. Use the metal ones. Some more pretty women. Louisa who works at a beauty parlour. The blonde with tattoos and piercings. Also a tall brunette. Then there is a blonde woman that works for Lloyds. I served two former colleagues from different jobs. A customer changed her mind about the type of antihistamines. Wanted to leave after a straight swap however it is a different barcode and the manager needs to make an exchange. This Bengali man had hold of the Mach3 refill set. I spotted it missing so I asked him when it was in his hand. He was in the middle of paying. He put it back. Did enquire about the price. The ticket is on there. I didn't report him. As we were short staffed. It was a busy day. Anyway like Romeo I am done. My colleague says that she had to stop two people shoplifting. Get management to do it. You have people who hand their items over for scanning when the previous customer has not left. Also ones that queue with the person buying an item. Don't join the line if you aren't getting anything. Some woman was telling the homeless man about a virus that may not exist. A woman wanted to exchange an item. No receipt. I don't remember serving her. She says that she was here in the morning. I should have mentioned that. My supervisor might have served her. The receipt had been thrown away. This ginger haired guy in his 20s. Scabs and scars on his face and hands. My colleague rang one bell and needed me to keep an eye on him. He paid for his items. Three bells should have been pressed. That's why management didn't turn up. The guy enquires about the fragrances. Wanted one opening to test and as he was refused he decided to take a Hugo Boss. He turned right. I should have followed. The supervisor had the radio and didn't report it. He had a Hancocks work fleece. There is the cash and carry round from where I live. Could contact his manager. The fragrance wasn't tagged as the barrier didn't go off. Furthermore these teens enquired as to the minimum wage for our company. They weren't looking for work so what's the point? For some reason my Bluetooth headphones are working again. I pressed them really hard. The charging pod isn't working. I am being sent new ones. Update, now they are charging. I would have to email them back and return it. Another thunderstorm but I am always coming up short with money I should just get the pipe installed. What was I hoping to achieve I will still need to wait a month and it is two weeks for the pipe. Takes the piss. Haven't contacted another company. First things first. There was a man in red jacket. Stubble, 40s. When he visits he pays for items. He had two carrier bags. Now as he is a regular I didn't hit three bells. I should have as my instincts told me too. I saw him putting these air freshener refills into a carrier bag. I should have been faster. He ran away. I reported it to Tango Victor. The supervisor comes out and seems blasé. He won't be given another chance. I had to get her to do a refund as I explained to the customer that she was cashing up. She says that I should not have. Apparently we couldn't accept Scottish notes as she isn't meant to check them. We usually can. I needed her to grab me something and the other time I needed something checking for a customer. She wasn't bothered. I swear she is useless. A mature woman buying alcohol. Her daughter with braces wanted a can. Now I should have refused the sale or asked the daughter for ID. This woman's card was getting declined. My brother decided to ask me for more money. What he should be getting from hs employers. It is far too much and I am already saving for the guttering. £1000 or less. You will delay my plans. It is a no from me. There was this redhead. Miserable as her kids annoyed her and impatient. This man wanted to return these damaged glasses. All I asked was if he had his receipt. It is standard practice. He rants "it is cheap, only £2. Not Gucci" Well thanks, Karen. A guy was wanting to know if we had Versace Blue Jeans. He has seen that we have. The lady asked for it. He said that they didn't want any yet. Then why ask? Were they going to snatch something? Nothing was missing. Maybe they were OK. I rang three bells when these two women with large bags came in. To the manager it was obvious they would take the Fixodent. I was suspicious. A guy needed the expiry date on shampoo. A woman picked up the wrong item and so the void limit was high. The manager was busy in the office and it was the wrong time to call. This Chinese student came into the store 4 times. She kept forgetting something. Write a list. I had double scanned an item. The lady got four but I charged for five so she got an extra. There was a chap that sprayed the deodorant into the air to smell it. A woman decided not to take an extra deodorant and dumps it in the battery bin. This guy didn't want batteries after finding out the price. Put the item back you lazy cunts. I served this blonde woman with glasses. She came back with the fragrance purchased. She had opened it. The bottle looked and smelled different to the tester. That is on Head Office. It is the same fragrance but revamped. She was at the hairdressers and didn't have her receipt. She was saying that as I recently served her it should be OK. Well the manager was explaining things to her and would exchange it. But Karen kept it. You aren't meant yo return it opened. These three people had to be watched. The woman was at the Rimmel stand. Alert the Assistant Manager however she had been watching on cctv. I should have left it to her. I was worried. One guy fell into the display. The one guy does buy his items. Has alot of cash. The taller guy paid. As did the woman. They were stoned. I should have reported it to Tango Victor. A guy with crutches and a mask was watched. These two guys were watched but were OK. A colleague had called in sick. Some blonde 28 year old short woman had filled her basket and was attempting to walk out. The assistant manager grabbed it. The woman had first said "you can't touch me" She had stolen £100 worth if stock last Friday. Tango Victor were warned. Apparently she managed to steal from Boots after going to Wilkos. Three bells should have been rung as I had to see her face even follow her. These people are part of a criminal ring. This Italian woman who is a regular was after a Boots giftcards. Somebody in Boots sent her to our store. We're they thinking of Superdrug? It was bizarre. It was Wilkos. This black nurse/carer was to the side of me was she just testing the fragrance or wanted ro give me her basket? She had what it looked, like cut in the queue. A woman did say to her and not sure what her excuse was. Looks like a Muslim woman was about to cut in and a white woman that already paid for items and then wanted something else. The nurse was eating too whilst being served. Almost left the food. This woman left her purse on the floor. The man that found it had a look inside. I was worried if he would take something. Just hand it over and no snooping. She got it back. I didn't get a word out of Jude the PureGym personal trainer. This woman was told about the painkiller limit. Her daughter got one but using the money given to her by her mum. Shouldn't be doing that. Some guy outside felt the need to say "I'll see you later" as a joke. I was talking to the manager, so stop being a dickhead. The Hancocks guy was around town as was the new shoplifter woman who had dyed her hair pink. This mature man asks why all the shops were closing early and called it lazy. It is approaching 5.30pm. You only turned up. He brings these laundry pods over to ask for the price. The signs are up. Enquires about fragrances and then leaves. Not sure if he is dodgy or has autism. A woman was talking to her friend about a pregnant woman taking an abortion pill after 8 weeks or a few months. Got arrested but she wasn't charged. Why have this discussion in the shop? There was this topless young man covered in oil or something. A workman, he obviously works out. Someone is using too much toilet paper. Blocking the toilet. Shit gets left on the bowl. I am the one having to clean up the mess. I should have used the caustic soda and plunger straight away. My brother had taken a shit and should have stayed to unblock the toilet. Waking up early. I didn't use it that much. Using the brush. Have to scoop the stuff away. Ought to have done before. Mum stands there watching. Telling me what to do. I had already used bicarbonate of soda and bleach. I don't want to have to call a plumber. I will eventually go to work. Will need the toilet. Maybe if I call Emir in again. We'd need to have the floor lifted. I should pick up more gloves. When I do flush hopefully it goes. Next time it blocks I am forcing one of them to clean it. Mum doesn't press the flush properly or at all. Unblocked it. Last of the updates. No more writing about work or home. Deal with it there and then. This blonde with glasses and black jacket with crooked teeth and Geordie accent. She was the same woman from weeks ago. I recognised her and she had a few items with her. A fragrance from the discount bin. I was immediately suspicious. I rang three bells. The supervisor was being oblivious. Apparently I didn't give her much to go on. The Manager knew who to watch. Blonde was talking to herself. Clearly was going to steal the item. Her card wouldn't have worked. Just carried a vape. She got aggressive and called my manager a fat bitch. That there is an admission of guilt. She is a cunt and deserves a beat down. I should have said something. These two men. Scruffy. One in grey clothing. The other in black on a wheelchair. They had been mentioned by Primark. Not much of a description. I just knew to ring for them. The supervisor stood at the front watching them. The manager was working around the store and was accused of following them. Again they were guilty. Already stole from Primark. Arseholes. This Arab woman that works in a pharmacy. Put her stuff down to grab something else. She had left the queue. The woman behind had less items. Now she cuts back in and wanted serving. I got this card from a woman that does rakei and spiritual treatment. I don't need that shit. I had damages my Bluetooth headphones at the gym but fixed them. Now I seem to have been going back and forth about the guttering. Would inform the neighbours. Though it is my decision. I will leave this house either way. My brother still pestering me for money. There was a guy this morning drunk. Asking to use a lighter. Talks about wanting to have a good time. His trousers slipped down. My colleague was sat on the bench. There was the woman on the mobility scooter that whines about the heat. Almost ran someone over. I might struggle if I pay the deposit. The scaffolding tower needs to be going. Hadn't just called Whitecroft earlier ro have the pipe installed. Lending money set me back. Then it will cause a delay. Needed to have pulled a finger out. Wanting a skip to clear up his mess. He should deal with it. People having me convinced that I should replace the guttering. I am paying more money because other people fucked up. I could just used the scaffolding now and make repairs and clean. Buy a new ladder. There is the option of ringing another company. Don't want to waste time and money on this. Just get Whitecroft to deal with leaks. 
Wanted to buy more poppers. There was a woman wanting to buy hairdye. Now she wanted a female staff member. I should have got a colleague. She did comment that it was no good asking me as I was already helping her. She didn't want to come off sexist. Well you did. The guy that took the Hugo Boss was back in. His cuts had healed. He didn't have money for a drink. Now I didn't want to take any chances so called for management. Why come in? Another guy had been in and was watched. Someone had already taken something before I had arrived. This African woman wanted a body lotion. Her gestures were confusing. Language barrier. I didn't Challenge 25 this woman buying razor blades. I should have done so. Audit is on. Test purchases will happen. I made the call. This bottle of Radox bath foam had spilt all over the products in this customer's bag. Someone else had opened the lid to smell it and not closed it properly. This Asian woman needed help and I did call for someone to help her. Later she cut in the queue. These guys were taking their time even though the store was closing. I served this really attractive brunette. She purchased a perfume. My colleague is off sick. Others are to go on holiday.
This guy in a multi coloured cap and blue joggers definitely should have been three belled. Ignored me on the way in. He was looking around. I considered getting the manager. He was trying on glasses and walked out with a pair. He had some money in his hands before. He was putting something back into his pockets. The supervisor didn't have time to report the glasses. The guy from yesterday had stolen two fragrances before I had arrived. The supervisor hadn't recognised him. I had fucking described him. It was not reported over the radio. I had this couple trying to purchase paracetamol over the limit. I didn't challenge 25 this Chinese man though I should have. Some cardboard box was thrown on top of a cage. It had bits in it. Separate the rubbish first. This child took off a price point. My other colleague called in sick. It seems that y old friend Alan had gone missing. Possibly had mental health issues. He has been found. But he is no longer my problem. Need to see more police officers on patrol in Loughborough. Not sure why Nils from up the road is using our phone. Known him since the 90s. Used to hang out here. Some private conversation he can't have at home. My brother opened the door. Should have said no. Just deal with it. Trying to drag me into it. The only time. Could hear the rambling. My other brother had to be prompted to send the money back. Now he has arrived. I don't want to be bothered. No need to knock on my door. I don't need telling. Want to watch porn. Practically putting me off. I am going to go gym in the morning. I might as well just go to sleep. My normal headphones weren't working. The poppers weren't having an effect. The porn took too long. The fleshlight ran out of power. There was this male dressed in black. On a bike. Has a bag. Walks with a limp. He walked by twice. Now I was suspicious. I should have belled for management. He went to get a drink but then puts it back. I watched him. Did he slip the bottle into his bag? I noticed the bottle on the top shelf. He did go to Wilkos. Attempted to steal from them. They didn't let him. I could have warned them. I was expecting something to happen. Tired as I was. No close calls. Act ane think fast. Some Andrew ODare is mentioned. Give out a description. Tango Victor should be vigilant. The guy that lives on the corner of the main road was beckoning me over. I wasn't going to stop to hear his rambling or pick up any items for him. My youngest brother winding me up regarding this medication for my mum. You have been told what to do. Deal with it. Read the fucking instructions. Don't need to be disturbing me every few minutes. Asking me to sort it at hours I am asleep or at work. I can't even just have privacy. Why can't you just do it? You are a grown man. Take the tablets twice a day. The sachet only when needed. I know what the fuck I am doing. It has been over 6 hours. I won't bother as you keep pestering me. You do it if you are so concerned. I want to watch porn or youtube. Always some arsehole putting me off. I want to work off my frustrations. Don't want to have to keep adding to this post or becoming violent. The shoplifter in black puffer jacket with scars. He was wondering from shop to shop. Attempted to steal. I kept a good watch on him as did Tango Victor. I three belled for this slim woman with purple hair. It may have been a false alarm. As she paid for her goods. Primark mentioned someone in their store. I asked this student for I'd for glue. It said 21+ her ID birth date was 2004. I should have checked properly and denied her. Her friend makes a joke. This teenager was wanting to swap a teener for two fivers. I did say that I would not be able to open the till unless he bought something. He or his friends were ranting on the way out. The caucasity of these people. Go to a bank. Another criminal was arrested. Some Byron Pratt was mentioned. That wanker who I mentioned before is Byron Pratt. My assistant manager knew him from school. I had just taken a customer up the aisle. I get a call on the radio. He had just come in and left. He had not taken anything. He also knew and also the manager did, the ex boyfriend of Angel Reese. 
I may have given a customer extra change. There have been a few trans people in the store. I had to fuck up. I saw this light pink haired woman rush in. Now I hadn't seen her before. It was most definitely the one that came in on a bike. Thinking that someone might be down that aisle or she was OK. I should have done three bells. She left with a laundry pack. Hadn't grabbed a basket and when she came in she set the barrier off. I had let the team down. Had spots on her face, a telltale sign of drug use. I almost had a perfect run. Act on your instincts. Think about the previous encounters and move quickly. I served this woman that was probably inhibriated. Struggled with putting her things away and when she spoke too. I should have refused the sale of alcohol. A woman felt the need to get the large bottled water from the pack. There were some in the fridge. It is useless writing this shit. Wishful thinking don't work. This is the year that hope fails you. Deal with it at the time. I had lost my regarding pod for Bluetooth headphones. I went to B&Q. Saw this hot brunette in her 20s. Jude and this other guy at the gym were talking about high value men and independent women. Buying into that manosphere nonsense. I get asked to lend money. You only just paid me back and it was payday for you. People setting me back. I will cause harm. The longer the delay the less chance of anything being done. I am done with this bollocks and these people. A customer has lost her bag. She retraced her steps. I should have checked with Tango Victor. I advised her to go to the police. Someone may have taken it. Took down her details. Some girl had to test the spray. Nob held it down. I have looked at other companies that could maybe install a downpipe. Saving up takes long and with two companies I have to wait weeks. It continues to rain on and off. It really takes the piss. Should have just had it sorted months ago. Asking me for sellotape when I don't fucking have any. Buy some if you are wanting it. Stop knocking on my door every few hours. Kept hearing of these youths threatening an oap. Pushing a security guard over. I spoke to a guy named Shaf. He was talking about racist people in town. I recognise him from school. It seems that the guy on the corner had given money to someone who claimed to know me. He told me this before. Wants me to pop round to see the picture. Don't give money to strangers. I don't have the time to fuck around. I have gym. Nothing to do with me. I don't have to get up and go there. Call the police. Did you make it up? I really should have sued Royal Roofing. I will have to scrape away that lining to seal the joints if I install the pipe. It will cost me more money if a professional did it. I should have set the scaffolding up. Never any help to put it up. Order a brand new ladder. The tiles have to be removed. It would be easier if the bank would have given me the money. I could have just replaced it all. It would end up happening next year. I could end up not doing anything until after Christmas for additional work. I will just move out instead of wasting my time and money. I have decided to head to the house. But he wasn't in the garden. Knocked on the door. Nothing. I knew it would be a waste of time I am busy as it is. Not doing this again. Byron had come into the shop and the Supervisor hadn't seen him. He snuck a Lady Million down the back of his trousers. She stopped him. The customer was stood in the entrance as to block him. I grabbed the manager and she confronted him. Got him to give it back. I was tempted to grab it myself. But for some daft reason we cannot touch these people yer they are in the wrong. He just passed me as I am leaving. Two guys with him. I warned the shop. I considered going back. This woman with a few teeth missing comes in the store all happy. Now that is the first sign that something is up. Something told me to alert management. I also thought that it could be OK. However she picks up a airfreshner and I just hit the bell. The Assistant Manager did try to stop her and retrieved an item. She had stood at the door waiting for her. I should have hit the bell earlier. As that is what made the shoplifter turn for the exit. I needed to have gone out too. This guy who may have been homeless had a dodgy coin. Some woman had her kids with her and they were annoying especially the daughter. She was going to use the toy fan anyway without paying. The mum was telling them off. She wanted to self scan and even walked behind the till. She was made to leave. The Assistant Manager did say that she wasn't t serving and the boy replies "what use are you then?" They definitely needed a slap. This guy I belled for had to be watched but my colleagues got it wrong. Another chap was followed. A woman comes up on the other side of a woman that I had been serving to hand her item over. Give them space. Do you know how to queue? Seems that no one else has been doing the cleaning and they are at home. I ask people to use the shower curtain but they don't listen. I messaged Carl about this guttering on another house. Two different sorts joined together. Some water leaking. He will respond. I will get it done. 

I couldn't find my song where I sampled Iggy Azalea. I bought it from Amazon. Still got asked to lend money and not getting a response fast enough from the company. Also what is the point of using the scaffolding now? It gets taken away tomorrow. Toilet roll still being wasted. Shower curtain not being used. Why isn't the laundry being done? 

These lads that came into the store wanting to test fragrances. Didn't have the ones that they wanted to test. I would have three belled for them. But I didn't. Anyway they left. I doubt that he will have the money for the fragrances. I served this young couple. The razors flash up a message on the screen about only selling them to 21 and over. I didn't ask for ID. I thought them to be old enough. This blonde student with a nice body was on the phone. Mentioned to whoever she was speaking with that she couldn't spray the deodorant. So why did you end up doing it then? I should have given Becky a slap. A Black woman had been on her phone whilst I served her. Left the red basket where it was so the next customer handed it to me. An Asian woman asked if she could purchase more paracetamol after hitting the limit. A European guy needed more painkillers for travel however there is a legal limit. This customer had left their medical prescription at the store. I decided to drop it off at the pharmacy which was quite a walk away. The customer lives two roads away and I could have just dropped it off at the house. Better yet just leave it. 
I am not getting up early to use the scaffolding. I had got a call back from Carl and organised an appointment. I hadn't rung three bells but one and asked the supervisor to keep an eye on a person in the store. A woman first. The supervisor was near the front. The man second. I did tell her but she seems to go off to the next aisle. I saw him coming and should have hit three bells and mentioned him on the radio. He was on his phone but was he actually talking to someone? Maybe scoping the place. A traveller girl wanted an exchange but put the item back on the shelf. I should have asked someone for ID but as she was a colleague's girlfriend but maybe old enough. A black woman doesn't answer when I ask if she wants a bag. She asks for one after. Then doesn't want one. Stop being a dumbass. 
I will deal with the gutter on Sunday. 
I helped a man that mentioned ovulation tests. I mentioned pregnancy tests. He took those. His partner came back for an exchange. I hadn't noticed them on the shelf. A young girl with McDonald's food struggling at the fridge. Spills her milkshake on the floor. A man outside playing the Caribbean drums to loud music. This Muslim guy in his 20s had a fake Scottish £20 note. A description of someone similar did the same thing. A teenager tried to buy a lighter. He assumed the legal ages was 16 and I had to explain that it was 18 and did ask for ID. I was going to ID a lady but she looked old enough and had two boys. A woman in black walked in with a limp. She had a cap on. I assumed that she was Asian. But she is white with a tan. Clearly should have hit three bells. I had these customers to deal with. The Assistant Manager watched her. A woman in Adidas top was near the tester table. I called a colleague over to watch her. The manager was on break. He was meant to be near her not facing. Why the fuck would my brother be in a rush to do his laundry when I still need to dry mine. He had been home for days. It is nearing the weekend. He could have just put the wheelie bin back without asking me to do it. This woman came back into the store as the receipt read wrong. It hadn't fully printed so the amount seemed less. But when items are scanned they display the correct price. I had to go over it with her. These lads were messing around, one bit the dad on the nipple. The coach driver had to show off his tattoo. No one wants to see it. It is all irrelevant if it isn't dealt with then. 
I am going to beat one of these people to death soon enough. 
I spoke to the neighbours and they seem fine with it. They might replace theirs. I should have spoken to them months ago or hired a different company. Pete Evens fucked it up. I should have not wasted time on there and maybe got the pipe installed. Got a new company to line it and seal the joints if not do it myself. Now we didn't use the scaffolding as it would take too long to set up for a small job and these large ladders will be borrowed when you advised me to use the scaffolding in the first place. Really takes the piss. It would be safer to do. Customer comments "on your knees again" whilst I was working the delivery. How about you don't say things like that. Spoke to Carl. It takes 6-8 weeks. The bank will have to approve the loan. The office will email to commence work. I could have just got someone else to sort it or tried to get the money earlier. It goes right past my weeks off. No extra downpipe will be added. Apparently my neighbour has mentioned getting a professional in. I don't remember that. The weather can turn at any moment. 
My supervisor did say something about how I could have just shown the man where the cod liver oil was. That annoyed me as I was busy serving and was going to go over. He walked down an aisle. I served this bus driver two paracetamol products. One for children. He had later come back and brought another children's syrup. He wasn't supposed to. He got served by my colleague. I would have denied him. I should have told her and the Assistant Manager. As it is restricted. It had been a few hours and it was for his kids but that is no excuse. I had to fill in this finance form for the guttering. 
A colleague had a complaint made about her being rude well you do moan about customers. A little girl throws the product at me and tries to hit my arm whilst yelling. I'd quite happily beat a child, woman or man. I left a toilet roll pack at work. I ran to the local shop thinking that I had left it there. 

That shoplifter Byron or not his real name came back in and was kicked out. He wanted to buy a drink, he had a bag which he took out and put back in his pocket. This short older man had bought paracetamol I am certain. He came back hours later to buy ibuprofen. I should have denied him. I had put these Pepsi cans into the chiller and they were non scannable. No one had told me. I noticed this brunette doing something to her back. She was either scratching herself or put something down her jeans. It didn't look like anything was there. I did offer sas to a woman and she says "most definitely not". I see that people still make a mess of the vitamin section. 
It had been raining most of the day and still waiting on the guttering to be replaced. My phone was glitching.

I am asked for money to pay for materials for rebuilding the fence and also for painting the house. I am supposed to be paid back. I didn't ask for it to be done. I have to clear the rooms. The guy will be in at 8am. That is going to cause issues. Have to wake up early. I won't get any peace during the weekend. Have to hoover now. If my mum isn't rambling then she will ask for the medication early in the day. Youngest brother has to iron the clothes after 9pm. 

Also this guy that live in the opposite side of the street that was in the trade comes to have a look. Apparently he had asked to park his van in our garden. Just piss off. Roofline are meant to have a survey done which I am waiting for. This is all irrelevant.
An old man had been in and bought laxatives. My colleague told me this and he had returned to buy another. He should have been denied. I had to explain the restrictions to another customer. What does Imodium have to do with anything? A woman misheard me, I offered Venus seats and she thought I had said sex. A woman bought Pepsi and it tasted funny. Got a replacement and that was the same. She got a refund. It was flat. As they are stacked on top of the chiller. 
 My young cheery colleague is leaving. I had only just found out. A young lad that had come for an interview. The other staff said that he was sweet. But he will need training. I am meant to quit using poppers. I did order some more. Someone was at home and the fucking neighbour should have accepted the parcel. But I have to go to the post office tomorrow to collect it. He had painted and plastered. Left a mess. Some woman asked for change. She said that she lived in a tent. She could be lying. I gave her something to get rid of her. My phone was factory reset twice and glitches. I bought a new phone. I should not have to clean up the mess and give money. I saw this guy in a white jacket and trackies come in and he was holding a Tesco bag. It had clothes in it. I should have three belled. Other staff were in the aisle but I doubt that they saw him. A black woman had definitely brought painkillers before and was served by a colleague and she returned to buy another pack. Should have stopped her. This woman had a C section and need ibuprofen and paracetamol but the restrictions are there. Her friend got the other packs. Tried to find a eucalyptus oil product. Only found one after the customer had gone. My colleague has covid. Tested himself at work. A man had taken a basket of stock on a Sunday. On a Saturday a shoplifter was followed out the store. He had a knife and was arrested. The Byron Pratt person is actually Aiden Swift. This information is useless. I continue to get asked for money I am owed a lot. The rain is still coming and the plastering in the bathroom could have been left. I might have just put a pipe there the way it has dragged on with a replacement. Might be difficult to cancel and get my money back. I am trying to go gym whilst working in the mornings. Didn't go as I was tired. Waking up at different times. Drowsy but considered using poppers which defeats the purpose. Should have left it alone and got to sleep earlier. My phone might be working better but still has issues. I should get it fixed. I have a new one. Sharing this post will get it reported. People can just ignore this. 

People on Twitter with their dumb takes about Roda who was hit with a brick. There is a black woman in Peckham that was assaulted. The victim blaming comes out. The racists don't understand irony, push a false narrative and exposing themselves. Especially Lawrence Fox. Some black guy cooning for engagement. These people would support a white woman. Two white tennis players play the victim. Some Amala woman is a grifter for White supremacists. Some white woman had to quote tweet a Muslim lady on 9/11. She plays the victim. She also retweeted an antiblack tweet. You can follow me on Twitter. People are still quote tweeting and I turned off reposts. I am replied to on Bandlab. These fools on Twitter aren't worth it. Incidents don't have anything to do with me. Keep promoting my affiliate links and art. 
Time to make my exit. 
I won't add anything else. 
This is it. 
This is me clocking off. 
This is pointless. I won't add anymore. Deal with there. I will let it go. One of the four beasts said "come and see" and I saw a white horse, the name of who sat upon him was Death and Hell followed with him. 

I said that I wasn't going to mention home, work or anything else. Stick to reviews. I've got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one. 

Antiblackness in the comments. Don't need to explain shit to the trolls.

Sir Tom Moore's daughter gets all this charity money yet the fascists were whining about Sistah Space. 

I said what I said during Calvin Michaels' livestream. The white supremacists were pissed off about Alabama. As the Jacksonville shooter is dead. He got away with it. He will be getting pegged in Hell. 

The Menu is a horror comedy. A satirical take on the food industry. I have worked in catering and hospitality. It can be seen as pretentious. The extras will have been professional chefs. They did an excellent job. As this is a film and you have these actors. I did work vip events.
Ralph Fiennes as Chef Slowik
Anya Taylor-Joy as Margot
Nicholas Hoult as Tyler
Hong Chau as Elsa
Janet McTeer as Lillian
Paul Adelstein as Ted
John Leguizamo as "movie star"
Aimee Carrero as Felicity
Reed Birney as Richard
Judith Light as Anne
Rebecca Koon as Linda
Rob Yang as Bryce
Arturo Castro as Soren
Mark St. Cyr as Dave
Peter Grosz as "sommelier"
Christina Brucato as Katherine
Adam Aalderks as Jeremy
Matthew Cornwell as Dale

You do wonder what is going to happen. The guests arrive on an island to dine at a fine restaurant. Chef Slowik is in charge. He has everything running like clockwork. Intelligent dialogue. Philosophical. There are metaphors worth looking in to. A great cast of actors. I was using Bluetooth headphones and maybe it seemed out of sync. Hard to get hear what was being said at the beginning. Many guests talking over each other. Some characters were annoying. I would need to look at the back story. I do recommend Old and Fantasy Island. Amongst the guests are business men, an actor, food critics. Most of the action is taking place in the restaurant. You get the description of the food. I saw it on Disney+ but it will be available on all platforms. I do like the design. See the trivia and discussions. Plenty of people have watched Masterchef, Hell's Kitchen, Michel Roux's Service, Great British Bake Off. They may enjoy this film. Surprises are in store for the guests and audience. I thought it would end a certain way. The cast will be well fed. Ralph having played scary characters like the Chef, Voldemort, Francis Dolarhyde. I did get a feeling about how two characters were connected. They acknowledged Covid. The Chef talks about the food with each course. Elsa keeps an eye on the guests. Margot is one of the main characters. On her date with Tyler who is a foodie. Anya is stunning. You will recognise some faces. Worth having a butchers. Compliments to the chef. Eat the rich. 

Coppertist.Wu is a community of craftsman, designers and artists. We draw inspiration from different cultures, philosophies and nature, and enjoy the rewarding process of turning every spark in our mind into a reality with our hands. Metal represents eternity, we are driven by full passion to present our unique work, because each piece carries on our existence in the world.


The main materials we use are different kinds of copper, and we also combine silver and precious stones to create unique work. Compared to other metals, copper has an interesting and fascinating chemical effect over time, as it develops a close relationship with the environment and the user. What fascinates us most is its unpredictable and dynamic metallic nature.

At Grateful Earth, we make the world's first delicious brain-healthy coffee with 6 powerful superfoods. We're passionate about the transformative power of medicinal plants, tonic herbs, and powerful adaptogens (aka natural nootropics) for a high-vibration, holistic lifestyle.

These are the people following me on Tumblr. The Plantation Monthly is a parody. 

Why are they talking about abortion? Why would you tell someone to commit suicide? 

Torraine Walker doesn't like Feminists. Ms Figaro seems to believe this bullshit he posted. 

The Miss France scream is from 2018 so why the fuss now? Hopefully people leave her alone. 

Women living now are modern. What is with these dumb fucks using "modern women"? 

Charlie Kirk thinking he is a slave master. Crt is needed. This Andre should have paid for the woman's item. Cunts that don't work in retail are commending him. Better to have had the abortion. 

Who knew that this woman was a Karen? 

FDsignifier, Foreign and Soulbunni were right about these white "leftists" 
The white fragility coming from white youtubers and the comments section really shows you who they are. 

With #SAGAFTRA #WritersStrike affecting not just Hollywood but content creators. Everything coming to a halt. It is like the Covid lock down. 

It was good to stay off Twitter for a day. Might stay away for longer. I challenge people to do the same. When you come back there will be snowflakes whining about everything. Like Twitter is life and death.

A black woman murdered because the man thought that she was trans. 

I had uploaded things to Vectreezy. My partnership application has been declined. Part of a blocklist. Either I am or this other company is. White people on the right want to be oppressed. Won't ban or stop saying slurs. Lack of compassion for migrants on boats and the rich people in that submarine. Whining about Jonathan Majors' girlfriend supporting him. Some people love child cruelty and another won't stop going on about someone scamming her. These Maga morons are only speaking up as it is Hunter Biden and with Trump being prosecuted. Calling out white privilege. As Kodak Black is in prison and Hunter isn't. Anyway these are all irrelevant. I got the new fleshlight from Bestvibe. Hoping that I am not too small for it. It can be noisy. 

The rightwingers will show no compassion for the migrants or police brutality victims. like they did the sub crew. The left gave no shit about the sub crew. 

I won't bother uploading anything else to the site. 

Who are these people at 02038080309? Still getting calls from removal companies. 07442055787 rang me twice today. 02045749552 rang now. My Amazon business account cannot be verified. Well just give up then. 

"Thank you for visiting Create a property alert at and be first to see details of relevant newly added properties" 
More texts and calls. 01603358222 left a voicemail. I had to ring up and get my details removed. Others have contacted me. 

Some story about a black woman being attacked by store staff because she had sound $50. A white supremacist in the comments wants to blame her. 

How is it that the poppers that I only opened yesterday stopped having the desired effect after one use? Threw it away. 

Couldn't have happened to a nicer person. Originally followed her. She followed me after a Comic Relief auction. Once we stopped following each other. I had seen a tweet where she mentioned someone having "wog like skin" She seemed to be dodgy as are her friends. 

One of her friends or followers who seemed nice.
Mo in Fareham went to Homebase. I got the text for the order and a feedback questionnaire which the allows the customer to enter a prize draw. I entered it. Serves him right. Still get calls from removal companies. Still getting bored with no money to spend. My blog post is under review now. The fleshlight is broken. 
Something is being done about it. May speak to Vodafone. My card is taking a while to get here. I used the app to get my pin. 

The idiot rightwingers getting triggered over the Harrison Ford interview where it is mentioned that Indiana Jones would punch a nazi in the modern era. 

The Ghetto Gaggers company should be shut down. It is misogynoir. Also Terfs aren't smart. Clearly not feminists as they drag other women. In regards to the Nottingham stabbing the white supremacists are making up allegations and theories. The Starbucks manager was fired after the black guys were profiled. She got compensation. Anyway none of this matters. Creepy men doxxing the Home Depot Girl and these women wanting this Chipotle guy's social media. Someone took a picture of him. Americans don't understand boundaries. 

As it has been said before the people whining about Cisgender, Karen, Cracker being a slur are the same folk that drop the nword, p@ki, fagg#t and other things. Have been labelling Trans people as groomers or will bodyshame a larger woman. White Fragility. 

Jealousy of bipoc. Irrelevant and inferior. Report, block and mute. 

Some moron hinting a child might be gay. Another calling something an invasion when it is migrants on European soil when the Europeans colonised most of the world. A person lies about Jonathan Majors' girlfriend being arrested. He still isn't going to pick you. 

Looking up videos on Target and these muppets like Just Jen Reacts and other rightwingers misuse the word woke. 

#budlight #PrideMonth #lgbtqia #transgender The rightwingers are a bunch of snowflakes. They throw a hissyfit and break the law. 
Anyone seen the absolute fuckery with this #WomanFace trending topic? Karens having a meltdown. 
It's either prison or war they are sending some people to. Keeping them out of university and high paying jobs. Regarding affirmative action being removed and the army jobs turning away white people for bipoc recruitment. Calvin Yang and other Conservative Asians suck on the white man's dick. Make yourself look like retards. Ashley with the Onlyfans trying to tone police a black woman. Clearly misinformed. One white supremacist in the quotes was full of shit. 

Also remembered from that shift at McArtney's Catering. When they said that a male had answered the phone. Why would a thief answer a stolen phone? My colleague Nate and I had been clearing tables and serving customers with other staff. Clearly not on the phone. Sam was never searched. I call bullshit. Clearly one of the agency chefs stole it. 

There are some real dumb takes in the replies. They should have got the police involved regarding the revenge porn. It doesn't justify murder. The woman should not have had the affair. Do people not believe in taking accountability for their actions? Plenty of misandrists want the mother and daughter released. They don't see anything wrong with murder. Also seem to be OK with the age gap relationship and affair. 

So this apparently the original tweet. Do people like endorsing criminal behaviour? Mr Cedeno does not deserve this.
Then you post this for clout. I had to unfollow this person. Fraud is fine with these Karens. Is it even real? People really are leeches. He obviously cheated for a reason. Reported the tweet. 99 problems but a bitch ain't one.

Elon has put a rate limit on how many tweets you can read. It may be temporary. 

Abortion bans, drag bans, book bans, businesses can refuse service to LGBTQIA. Affirmative action now gone. African American studies stopped. Debt Relief out the window. More laws aimed at trans people. Nothing being done about White supremacists, reparations or guns. 

He has me blocked for some reason. A racist that harasses black women. 

Police shot a teen and so people riot. The racists come out with their dumb opinions. One Indian woman in America makes an ironic tweet. People forget what colonialism did to Africa. The Jan 6th folk probably are condemning French protests. They had no issue with the Tulsa Massacre. Riots and protests have always been happening. It's only OK when white people do it. 
Vivek Ramaswamy is antiblack. The people in the comments are simping for him. The Breakfast Club interview. There is this dipshit on Twitter called Daniel Kim who need any excuse to be racist. Keffals, Vaush and their followers are triggered by the truth. Malcolm X warned you about these people. 

This Shadiversity guy is such a Bellend. Whines about Barbie. Must add that Ben Shapiro is being an absolute melt regarding Snow White.

Cynthia G will have a video about this bashing Jeezy. She encourages women go find a Klan Hood wearing man of no color. Her sister is the same. Must have daddy issues. Jeannie Mai's fetishism of black men got her in this situation. Irrelevant.

Twitter locked my account. Got it back but now it shows that I am not following anyone but I still am. These rightwingers are irrelevant. No need to pay them any attention. They will eventually kill themselves.

White people do like to invade black spaces.
Spill app has a wait list. Hopefully they vet who tries to join. Fanbase is an app for black creators. Rival to Tiktok. 

I might not be Black, Muslim, Trans or a Feminist. But I do support these groups. 

I have watched Barbarian. A horror movie. Set in Detroit. Tess is a young woman coming over for a job interview. She has rented an Air B&B. But it is double booked. Keith is a man that she wonders if she can trust. He is also staying there. Something is lurking in the dark. You have AJ, an actor that is being investigated for sexual assault. He gets to the city. There is a flashback to Frank that resided in this city. The area looks run down. I would have to look at the back story. From the title I assumed what type of threat would be there. I did end up thinking if there was any point to this film. You might like The Woman.
Georgina Campbell · Tess ; Bill Skarsgård · Keith ; Justin Long · AJ ; Matthew Patrick Davis · The Mother ; Richard Brake · Frank. 
I dreamt that I was in a movie. I believe it was Bill Skarsgård playing the Devil or some unknown. There was this empty bar/warehouse. The villain just happens to be lurking around. There are people coming to and fro. The place was set alight but he let me or the person I played, go. We flew up. I went through the ceiling. There was a man coming out of the toilet. I had these wraiths try to attack me. I destroyed them and dropped the skulls off into this garden. A party was taken place. My cousin was at the house in another scene with a newborn baby. I had been trying to fix a gadget at work that broke somehow. Management weren't pleased. I was questioned in a snidy way by a colleague or former college friend. I had been into a cafe of sorts to collect something for a young girl outside. The man was boiling water and cleaning lighters. Strange. 

Infinity Pool is a surreal horror. Directed by Brandon Cronenberg. You might like Possessor or even films by his father David. Starring Alexander Skarsgård, Mia Goth, John Ralston, Cleopatra Coleman, Alan Katić, Amanda Brugel, Jeff Ricketts. James and Em are a rich couple. On holiday at this resort. It caters to their every need. This country is quite poor, crime is high, the police are seen as corrupt. The laws are very strict. The guests aren't meant to leave the compound. Gabi and Alban invite them for a picnic. An accident occurs. For some reason the authorities have this machine. It will clone the suspect for a price. You would then be present for the execution. If not then it is death. Thresh is a detective that will interview them. It is a weird film. Attractive cast members. Good nudity scenes. The new friends are clearly a bad influence. I was siding more with the police. I will look at discussions. I did think that it is possible where you could be swapped with your clone. Great acting. Violence, sex, swearing aplenty. Some recognisable faces. You should also watch The Perfect Getaway, The Menu, Fantasy Island, Hostel, A Cure For Wellness, Total Recall, The 6th Day, Midsommar, In The Earth. 

I saw this fox down my street. It turned into the street on the left. I should have followed it. Wanted to get a picture. I was apprehensive as it is a wild animal. I tried to promote two posts on Tumblr they were for two Gofundme campaigns. "Blaze" option. Looks like I was denied and getting a refund.

It can come across as gaslighting. But she has the right to defend herself. Take it to court. I used to be subscribed to the channel. Liked the Miranda character. Male youtubers will face worse. Double standards.
I have to be honest the stuff happening in other countries or incidents regarding celebrities and youtubers doesn't affect me so I don't really care. 

This is better than prank videos as they only antagonise people. Juan is helping the neighbourhood out. Reparations are still owed. 

No idea why she blocked me. Hope that you enjoyed that PayPal donation fam. Well at least I get to use Ryan Andrews voice notes. 

Christopher Gibbons and Tyrone Patten Walsh wanted Prince Harry to fill their bussy. Kevin Samuels is busy deepthroating Satan's cock. YouTube recommends another Antisjw Karen called WickedVirtue. Whining about the new Snow White.
Debbie Downer unfollowed her. 

These men turning up at terf gender critical protests aren't in support of feminism or women in general. They are just anti LGBTQIA. 
Some Hermoine Chapman being racist regarding a dead child and she is a colonizer in Australia. Shoeonhead being a racist piece of shit. Irrational Chud who is a white supremacist trying to paint a black woman as racist. Getting nonsense retweeted onto my timeline. 

Daley Thompson another old school athlete being transphobic. 

Sophie Cockmunch moaning about Notting Hill Carnival. Mike Sperrazza being a spanner by calling people that fight against racism as being divisive. 
Some people are falling for the trap set by verified Twitter accounts. Quote or reply to them and they earn revenue. Just screenshot them. 

I practically wasted an hour trying to get off to porn. Should have just gone to sleep as I plan to go to gym early. 
Straight people are triggered by what the lady is saying. They throw a hissyfit over Pride Month and the cisgender word.

There is this black guy on YouTube who keeps misusing the word woke. He is a Conservative. Xbeastboy or some shit. Shucking and jiving. Adam22 is a cuck. 
Olayemi doesn't have to respond to these fragile clowns on Twitter. Report and block. They literally prove her point. They are inferior. The dumb fucker with the reaction channel is clearly antiblack. Stealing content from other creators. The arsehole that thought that a black woman deserves more abuse. Follows JustPearlyThings. June Nicole Lupine wasn't slapped about enough. These people will play the victim when the abuse is returned. Libsoftiktok and this Asian woman alongside a few black people in the thread with the misogynoir. About this black feminists speaking about White supremacists. She has a white boyfriend which isn't related. Nothing wrong with the black woman having a white boyfriend. She was clearly going after the rightwingers. But the people in this thread are too stupid. How you overreact at white supremacist terrorism being challenged. Dan Wootton being exposed.  As someone I follow mentioned that there are many blue check accounts to block. The misogynoir that is probably happening right now. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Black women. 
Irrelevant at the end of the day. 

Brie Larson was right about these people whining about films that aren't for them. 

If it isn't the white Christians going after Black people. Then it'll be the Latino and Asian folk as they have been doing recently. Now it is the turn of the Jews. They are only upset at #JamieFoxx because he disrupted their hatefest of Palestinians. 

There is no white genocide in South Africa or anywhere else. The colonizer loves to play the victim. 

The nonsense these white supremacists and their black and brown agents are trying to pull regarding the #peckham incident. Victim blaming, using cctv footage of another person, misogynoir. Lawrence Fox is a racist. Some black woman tweeted "muzzies" which makes her look a twat.

Still get nonsense on my timeline. White supremacists being idiots. People concerned over celebrities. Time to mute, unfollow or log off Twitter. 
#twitter is a cesspit. The rightwingers are always offended by trivial things. People air their bigoted views. Bodyshaming. Someone is getting cancelled for voicing an opinion. Harassment and doxxing. Celebrities presumed guilty before the case has gone to trial. Bots. Misinformation. 
Anyway alot of nonsense gets posted onto the timeline from tennis to protection. Stick to affiliate links. I get these music promotion and porn webcam followers that aren't needed at all. No reposts. Like with Youtube I don't check notifications. Argue amongst yourselves.

I already paid you for the service and repair. I kept having issues until Ideal came around. I had to then pay them. The problem began from the day that it was serviced. Now you have the audacity to email me. 

And you muppets apparently cover large parts of the UK but yet wouldn't come and help me. 

Conservatives are stupid the way they mocked Trudea's kids. Also what would have happened if people came together like they did in Montgomery. They could have tried to help George Floyd and Jordan Neely. 

Harrison Ford · Indiana Jones
Phoebe Waller-Bridge · Helena
Antonio Banderas · Renaldo
Karen Allen · Marion
John Rhys-Davies · Sallah
Ethan Isidore - Teddy Kumar
Toby Jones - Basil Shaw
Shaunette Renee Wilson - Agent Mason
Boyd Holbrook - Klaber
Mads Mikkelsen - Jürgen Voller

Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny is the final instalment in the franchise. I grew up watching the previous films. I didn't watch Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull in full. The white supremacist neo nazi conservatives were already triggered by the interview and will be by this film. An action adventure. Pheobe did excellent. She was of the writers for No Time To Die and Fleabag. A few cast members have been involved with Star Wars and James Bond. The rightwingers don't like her. She is talented and attractive. You get to see action kick off nearing the end of World War 2. The spear of destiny is on being placed on board a train by the Nazis. They have gathered more treasure. Indy and Shaw are there to get what they can. Happen to run into trouble. I liked the action, stunt work and comedy. There is an artifact that is only one half of a larger piece. The user will have the ability to travel through time. Over in 1969 Indy has been teaching at a university and is due to retire. Helena needs Indy to help her get this treasure. She has her own motives. Voller is over in America and has a team. The US government did harbour some nazis after the war. They would work on projects. Great filming locations. You get to learn some things. This franchise did inspire Nation Treasure, Tomb Raider. You have the iconic theme. Indy is a pensioner and he is pretty active. References to older films. Bringing back legacy characters. You might like Timeline, Timeless and Outlander. Thinking of the ending I would have liked it to go one way. Shia Lebouf's character died during a war. Spielberg and Lucas were involved with the film. Classic Indiana Jones adventure. There is the TV series Young Indiana worth looking into. See the trivia on Imdb. I did see a continuity error. Helena holds these cards up to Indy. It changes and the camera pans to something else and then back on the cards. Find Indiana Jones treasure here

I dreamt that there were these two pythons or anacondas. Along the street. Had to have them contained. Needed to make sure family stayed away. Blowup the outside world by Soundgarden played. 
This Other dream I was on a coach and there was another one with Ariana Grande that I would need to be on. I arrive at this town. There is a shopping centre. I helped this mature white man. I needed to buy a t-shirt as it was hot. 

I find it strange that there were people uploading videos of real life interactions between human beings. Whether they are drunk, stoned, have mental health issues or whatever. Skyrim or Oblivion music plays. They would be labelled as NPCs. Now the ones that enjoyed that content are triggered by Pinkydoll. 
Then you have the people acting homophobic over a gay sex scene. Tom Holland is an actor. You are being retarded. Mark from RDCworld1 learned what battyman meant. Dylan used the term. Disappointing. 

I dreamt that I was in some random city. I was in this building which had a restaurant. Another section seems to be a school. I was going to order food. Needed a drink. I wondered down these corridors and stairs. Saw a black woman with a guitar on the top. Other people were wandering. I saw Ben Shapiro sat at his desk watching the news. On the couch were various rightwing women. I left. There was a plan for these satellite/drone/bomb things to be lifted from the rivers running across the country. Spy type stuff. Something was to happen at 3pm. I was with Merrick Deville and a man. I asked for a double vodka and coke. She had a bottle of Bacardi in her hands. 

I also dreamt that I met this Asian woman who was struggling in the past. She now worked as a bank manager for Lloyds. Sheltered housing had been given. I went toward the location. This blonde girl was here over by the police station. She needed to do something. The police officers had been drinking. 

I had another dream where I am watching a youtube video. The metal music is playing. It suddenly is using the nword. I find this guy is a white supremacist. 

This sci-fi film called Outlander. I have seen it before. Cast: Jim Caviezel, Sophia Myles, Jack Huston, Ron Perlman, John Hurt. During the time period the Vikings were alive. A man from outer space crash lands on Earth. Meanwhile there is a monster on the loose. If you like Predator, 65, Alien then this is for you. Regarding the special effects take it with a pinch of salt. Good soundtrack. Worth reading Imdb trivia. There is a interesting scene using shields. I have read these Stephen Baxter books. The Vikings are at war with another village. They were suspicious our visitor. Interesting dialogue. 

The Devil Conspiracy. I had felt that I had already seen this before. A horror thriller. Independent film. Mixed reviews as expected. Alice Orr-Ewing, Joe Doyle, Eveline Hall, Peter Mensah, Joe Anderson, Spencer Wilding, Brian Caspe and James Faulkner. Interesting story. Good visuals. Starting off with these portals or wormholes. One from Heaven and other to Hell. Lucifer is cast down. You see Michael arrive to chain him up. Modern day Italy. Laura is an artist though might have other projects going on. Marconi is a priest that has given her access. Meanwhile there is this company that can engineer clones of the most influential people in history. There are people funding this. Liz is a demonic woman. Working with other Satanists. They want to resurrect Lucifer. The Shroud Of Turin is stolen. Christ's DNA will be used. I did wonder how they weren't suspicious of a woman in a cloak. Michael must get the stolen item and thwart their plans. Good soundtrack. Unknown actors but did a good job. You might have seen Legion, Constantine, End Of Days, Prey For The Devil, Supernatural, Lucifer. 

I was walking towards the alley way and saw the fox. It snuck between a fence. I was going to take a video. 

I often see this fox on the road in Loughborough. During the summer. Usually after 1.30am when I am heading for the gym. It winds up in my street. There is always one. It will have walked by the canal. Seen from Bridge St to Bottleacre Lane. 

Looking for Girls Out West videos and I look at the Google search results. I find this site containing Bestiality porn. 

Onlyfans models post their better pics on Twitter. Before subscribing you could search their name on this site or Google to see if it is worth it. Most of the time it isn't.

People whine about Drew Barrymore going back to work during the strike. Not a big deal. Ashton Kutcher incriminating himself. Either way irrelevant. 

I was wanting to do the barbell squats. Some guy is filming himself doing these exercises. He isn't actually using that section. I could just ask him instead of blogging. I had to skip on using the power plate because of the woman leaving her stuff on it. I am doing lunges instead right now. There are other squat racks available. He had placed his bottle there. He has now took his stuff and gone. What is the fucking point? The fact that I didn't do the bulgarian split squat or not sleeping for long enough and so the reps on the squats weren't so much. Maybe a glute bridge and lateral raise was still needed. The guy had left his headphones. They looked expensive. I handed them to the cleaner. I could have left them or taken them. 

A few days later and I was going to go gym. Opted instead to watch porn and use my fleshlight. It still makes noise. The poppers weren't having an effect. I should have just gone to sleep at 7pm. I had plenty of time. I will lose more sleep time. I will end up missing that Fox. It probably has been on the prowl. 

I decided to have a wank. I had tried before but the poppers were difficult. Now I should be going to sleep as planned and get up early for the gym. I have set a later time for Sundays. Might all be pointless. Well it was. Usually asleep by 7pm. Awake earlier in the morning. Some twat might be looking to use the equipment that I use. Move on to other things. Fuck updating this shit. If anything I post offends you then just leave. Don't bother reporting it. Join my Patreon.

I dreamt that I was in town. This black middle aged man in a white t-shirt and cap was approaching me. He wanted something. He got close. He wanted money. I had been at a shop or similar. I told him that I didn't have any and he kept following me. I asked him something. He said that he didn't know where his ancestors were dropped off. I would try to back away and he tries to block. My bag was a little open and I closed it. I eventually flew away and left him. I got to my cousin's house. They were playing a driving videogame. I directed them where to go and I would get home. The door was difficult to close. 
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The Gem 106 radio station mentioned Bolowatife Oluwasemilore Oluwadamilola Oyekunle Ayanfeoluwa Emmanuel Michael Oladele and the viral graduation ceremony video. Spoke about when it is difficult to say a persons name you just refer to them by their pronouns. Also one jokes what Harry Potter spell this was. There is #thecaucasity 

I dreamt that I was at a wedding. Possibly two. Everyone on the team wore white. We were dressed like chefs. There was a brief given like a college assignment. I had to have what was described as a paddle. Something similar a 2hat is used for dhol drums. A man made it at short notice and charged £40. I paid half with someone else. The bride was sat in the car. I would see the groom. Another item had to be fetched. The minibus was driven erratically. Some people were in the way. Something was being placed on either side of a walkway. It helps with the music. A little bizarre. Music playing was classical. 

Lizzo has made her statement probably innocent. People on Twitter do like to feign outrage. I don't care either way. 

I ordered this pizza. It is 18 inches. Should have got a smaller one. It is suitable for a family. 

I had found my Vido pod. It was inside the trainers. 

I created a new Twitter account. Following those that blocked me. The block button is being removed. 

Man invented god and the devil.
Anyone that is a rightwinger, a terf, uses they/them pronouns, has an OF will not be taken seriously. Don't care for celebrities.

I spotted a few hot women in Loughborough at the train station. At Derby and in the train station someone clearly can't use the toilet properly. I went to Marketon Park and it was really hot. I tried filming what I could. Other people did and that I was there for the final time I should not be bothered or self conscious. All ages, different clothing, LGBTQIA and straight people. I wondered if Terfs were there. Stage music was loud. Bar staff did a superb job. There were these Christian missionaries handing out leaflets and speaking to people. One spoke to me about life after death and sin. Implying being lgbt was a sin. Why waste time? A group of mature gay white men were at the festival. They were waiting by the car park. I had seen some rainbow costume people pass by them. Some Asian taxi drivers coming in from the left. One said that someone looked like a terror suspect. This was sus. 

Train was delayed for about half an hour. There was an incident on the one carriage. A man was sat down hogging these seats. His shoes were off and laid upon a seat. An Asian man approaches wanting a seat. The other guy got arsey. The man did find another seat but told this chap that his feet stank. That riled him up. He went to the other man and hit him. Now the victim was asked to leave the train but somehow the assailant hadn't. The police and medics were called. Neither man would leave. Eventually we got moving. The victim was on another station. Offender still on the train. I hope that the police catch up with him. Have to add that another passenger was getting impatient. No more will be added. This is it for the blog. 

The opposite of "woke" is "cunt". Don't be a cunt.