Wednesday, 1 February 2023

Solitarymaninblack - Then It Fell Apart

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This will trigger the terfs and trans people. First World Problems arguing over pronouns. Non binary is just nonsense.

Though facts were said. This was not a comedy show as where were the jokes? 

The men living their lives and will answer to no one. The women hating on all black men are no better than the Karens. I wondered what a "passport bro" was. Somewhat creepy behaviour. Working for Andrew Tate ie human trafficking. They will be labelled colonizers and sexual predators. 

Shame that she is leaving. Definitely one of best leaders. The rightwingers in the comments section like voting for trash. 

It is the writer's decision. People are most likely thinking too much into it. They are actors doing their jobs. People seem to want drama in real life.

Body shaming is wrong. The Marvel films are good. The antisjw will whine. The woman couldn't get into Anime as well as Marvel. One guy seemed high. The other guy liked Latinas and definitely will get dragged. These people are clowns. 

Major red flags when someone has to bring up the word woke. Using it as an insult. 

The people whining about Phase 4 didn't like any representation or diversity. 

I am looking at the search results for the singer Sade and this video is there. People in the comments whining about women working in the sex industry and will still consume the content. Porn is great. Some of acts might be degrading. But anyway Lana has done time for her crime. 

The antisjw youtubers and their followers are responsible. Their grandparents used to go out and protest against civil rights marches and black kids going to school. Anything not straight white male will be cancelled. I ignore reviews. Go in with an open mind. 

All these rightwingers are in favour of white supremacy and generally against equality. Caitlin never cared about Black people.

The rightwingers hate it as they think it is Woke and the left dislike it for it's humour and writing. But too many people doing think pieces on a bloody cartoon is just stupid. Watch it or don't Mindy isn't going to care. 

Then there is some daft rumours about straight celebrities having gay sex. 

Desantis is Italian I believe. His grandmother came to this country. Whereas the black people have been here longer. The gimps in the chat blaming lgbt. Calling people bedwenches or attacking immigrants makes you look like a dumbass. 

Anything not straight white male will be considered woke and so they will cancel it. Woke being a black term which is colonized by the white conservatives. These people are fascists. They preach all lives matter but are against equality for marginalised groups. Abigail Fisher is a Karen displaying white fragility. Antiblack Jews like Shapiro going after Kanye. This Misha Petrov must be a rightwinger with the amount of times that she uses Woke in the titles. Anyway give Shanspeare a follow. I also recommend Luna Oi, Kelechnekoff, Leftist Cooks, Michael Brooks Show, Majority Report, Midwestern Marx, Calvin Michaels, Fd Signifier, Overthrow Media, Novara Media, Tirrrb, Trae Crowder. 

Holden looked like a young Han Solo. Two previous girlfriends featured on the channel before he would get a hot wife.

Desantis and Moms For Liberty are white supremacists

Nothing wrong with interracial relationships. These people moaning do have a sense of entitlement. Dr Umar might be right on other things. Nothing wrong with sticking with your own race. Do what you feel.

The woman that labelled me a misogynist for using the term Karen. I had mentioned people were complaining about pronoun badges uses by Halifax Bank. Men and women were referred to as Karens. Her chat were saying similar. She even looked at my Twitch profile. Somehow didn't like that I followed The Serfs. The NFT affiliate link bothered her. Grade A cunt. She has used slurs in the past. To be fair she is an ally.  Maybe Kira has changed. She was right about people associating with Keem. But Chat is right about Keffals only bringing this shit up now as it directly affects her. This is what black feminists have been saying. White people should be calling out racism. Does Keffals want to start drama with a whole bunch of people on the left? Like Krysten Sinema. The rightwingers mentioned on Little Joel's video want to bodyshame the left. Always full of hate. 

Why are white people reviewing this OK with the nword?

These types of people no doubt will label lgbt as groomers/degenerates. White people love animals more than poc.

Beyonce can perform anywhere. Her decision. That money is hers. Only a few people are upset. The idiots in the comments want to blame the lgbt community.

How much is rent? She has more than enough. There are people worse off which she was going to talk about. Prices are going up. I did hate her facial expressions and the way she said certain words. I have been bad with money in the past. Some of my relatives have earned a lot and have been smart with their money.

Passive income does not exist

Is Velma really bad though?

Alanah Pierce reacts to Velma. Seems to think praising black and brown people is a bad thing. Sha'Carri Richardson behaving like a Karen and the misogynoir aimed towards her. The Republican Women's group knew what they were doing inviting the police officer. They never cared about Breonna Taylor or black lives. Two gym channels intent on bodyshaming. This Dev Limes on dating. So many red flags. The guys should avoid. So just wasting people's time. Steven Crowder has a brother. Wonder if he is a fascist. The rightwingers that are fans that have been accusing people of being groomers will be defending Justin Roiland.

I knew that the claim was fake. It is a transphobic agenda. Then there is a troll account run by a white supremacist. Definitely fatshames too. Aba and Preach question whether this woman was being creeped on. Same with the comments. Giving the #notallmen vibes. They will defend Justin Roiland. These Internet personalities really think themselves as being so important like the celebrities. Just more nonsense arguments. Harry Potter has hot fans. So this Acheeto guy is an antisjw stirring up shit for content. I don't really agree on Ryan Beard with the non binary thing. Petrov is an ass. Omar Sy, a black man speaks and the white people are upset. Tone policing. 
 People are just irrelevant. I am not sharing anymore videos unless they are mine. 

Then It Fell Apart 

In Bruges is a comedy drama by Martin McDonagh. This was his debut. You will like Calvary and The Banshees Of Inisherin. Some of the dialogue will offend. Two hitman have been sent by their boss to Bruges. Call it a holiday/getaway. Colin Farrell and Dominic Gleeson are together in this film as they would be later on in another film. Ralph Feinnes looking handsome and in shape. Plays another villain. The women featured are pretty especially Marie, Chloe and the prostitutes. Ken is mature, has been working for a long time, he likes the scenery. You might too. I am sure tourism was at a high since the film was released. Ray is young, gets bored easily, loves the women and hates this city. Harry is a terrifying man and a cunt. He is keeping tabs on the lads. Marie owns the hotel the lads are staying at. Chloe works on a film set. Jimmy is an actor, a dwarf and remember him from the trailer. Interesting cinematography. Good soundtrack. There is plenty of violence, gore, drug use and swearing. I am interested to see what the next film will be like. All great actors from the main cast to the extras. There will be trivia and discussions about the film. Worth checking out once you have seen this film. I try not to include too much as it will spoil the film. Similar films would be Seven Psychopaths, Bullet Train, John Wick. Anyway if you want to find anything that I have done then look for Solitarymaninblack. 

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A good song. Cost quite a bit for one song. I like Imani she an all star.


Cast: Daniel Craig, Lakeith Stanfield, Chris Evans, Michael Shannon, Christopher Plummer, Ana de Armas, Jamie Lee Curtis, Toni Collette, Jaeden Lieberher, Katherine Langford, Don Johnson, Riki Lindhome, RaĂșl Castillo, Shyrley Rodriguez, Noah Segan.
I watched Knives Out, a mystery drama by Rian Johnson. Set in modern day America. Looking at these stately homes which most would have been build from slavery. On colonised land. That is America. On his 85th birthday. A legendary author and millionaire Harlan Thrombey is found dead. Two detectives are called to the scene. The private investigator Benoit Blanc is hired to assist the detectives. You are given hints as to motives of certain characters. It keeps you guessing. I had accidentally seen some spoiler way before. A star studded cast. The family that live at the house, visiting relatives, the house staff and nurse are suspects. Majority of the family are conservatives. You have a few liberals. A satirical look at the rich. The haves and have nots. One of the protagonists Marta is the nurse that had always been helping the deceased. Her mother is an undocumented immigrant. See how some people treat her. Great cast of actors. Interesting soundtrack. Wonder how much practice Daniel had with his accent. His time as 007 was over as was Chris playing Captain America. This was Ana's breakout role. Good dialogue. Christopher has also played a rich father in All The Money In The World and The Lake House. Ransom is egotistical and arrogant. Beth is a student, a liberal. There is the young son Jacob who is apparently part of the altright. Walt is a good character. He gets to run the publishing company. Quite a few characters for you to get to know. I will watch Glass Onion. I recommend Poirot, Sherlock Holmes, Murder She Wrote, Columbo, Monk, Clue.

Glass Onion starring Daniel Craig · Benoit Blanc ; Edward Norton · Miles Bron ; Kate Hudson · Birdie Jay ; Dave Bautista · Duke Cody ; Janelle MonĂĄe · Andi Brand ; Leslie Odom Jr. - Lionel Toussaint.
A sequel to Knives Out. Set during the pandemic in 2020. Blanc has been looking for work. Everyone is in lock down. An impressive puzzle box is sent a few people. I was impressed by the special effects. Shout out to the props department. Miles is a billionaire and has his own island. He is having a murder mystery weekend and his old friends are invited. Guests include a politician, a model/actress/influencer with personal assistant, scientist, redpilled alpha male streamer with his girlfriend, a former business partner and the detective. Great cast of actors. You should see their individual works. Nice soundtrack. You will get flashback scenes. Miles has a secret connection with each of them. They have a reason to cause him harm. The women are hot. Whisky and Birdie in their bikinis especially. Monae and Craig stole the show. One speech did remind me of Fight Club. This film triggered Ben Shapiro. He no doubt took shots at the black characters. A business partner and scientist. Obviously Duke and Miles will trigger him. Must see what Rian thinks of this. If there is another film there will be a Shapiro character. He is free not to like them. But no one else is going to think the same.

Jeffrey Donovan · Roy Pulsipher ; Rachel Adedeji · Avatar Roy ; Penelope Mitchell · Jeanne ; Evlyne Oyedokun · Avatar Jeanne ; Jake Choi · Slim Samuels ; Richard Brake - Otis.
Ripd 2: Rise Of The Damned. A prequel to the film that starred Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges. Based on the Dark Horse Comics. You get to see a young Roy in the wild west of 1876. His life as a Sheriff. Some reviewer spoke of how his death was different in this film. Maybe they did make reference to the first film. He is with his daughter and fiance. There are a group of bandits. A shoot out occurs. Roy is recruited by the Department to find Deados, the souls that escaped judgment. Meanwhile Otis is a man that had been looking for gold and accidentally opened up the gates of Hell. Jeanne is a knight that has been around for a long time and she is hot. Plenty of attractive women. It has action, horror, comedy and drama. Good cast of actors and special effects. You may have seen the original film. You should also see Men In Black, Jonah Hex, Bright, Day Shift, Tremors, Ghostbusters, Pexels, Hell Boy, Prey. Nice soundtrack. I may look into the back story. The cast are familiar. Regardless of the ratings and reviews, go see it with an open mind. 

The nonsense these idiots post. What exactly is "wokeness" do you even know what woke is?

The irony of this tweet and the replies.

Last Action Hero starring Arnold Schwarzenegger · F. Murray Abraham · Art Carney · Charles Dance · Frank McRae · Tom Noonan · Robert Prosky · Anthony Quinn - Austin O'Brien. Screenplay was by Shane Black. A 90s action comedy. Parody, a satirical take on Hollywood. So many easter eggs. Danny is a young boy living in New York with his mother. It is a rough neighbourhood. He often goes to this rundown cinema. Nick is the projector operator. He has a magic golden ticket given to him by Houdini. Danny would be based on Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. In the movie world is Jack Slater who is based on many action film characters. Shoots bad guys, blows things up and smokes a cigar. References are made to the films that were released around the time. There is a villain named Benedict who is working for a mob boss. I would say he was based on The Man With The Golden Gun. The police chief was definitely inspired by Beverly Hills Cop. There are many cameos. Check out the trivia on Imdb. I had been looking at reaction channels. I have seen the film before. The actor that played Cane in Robocop 2 is playing an axe murderer called Ripper. The acting is good. Charles Dance is always superb. Over the top stunts and effects. Plenty of hot women, Bobbie Brown is the one in the video store. I like the soundtrack. I did think that with the theme playing during the villain scenes it has a few notes of The Sound Of Silence. I did wonder about the women in bdsm costumes. Arnie does laugh at himself. Shane worked with him on Predator. This was out in 1993. Anyway I will thank you for visiting this page. Feel free to look around. 

Finlay is very good at what he does.

This site has deepfake porn. Atrioc probably watched these.

The guy should not have been looking over or bother touching the weight. She is in the wrong for slandering him.  Her apology. Men should understand what women go through.


Capitalism. Amazon affiliates are making good money. 

Another case of white women getting black men killed. There is the dumbass named Faulkner. All of them are. Some right-wing blames affirmative action for this incident. Well how do they explain the past incidents caused by white officers?  

Jason Whitlock blaming single black mothers for police brutality. A dumb cunt tap dancing for White supremacists. 

The guy that you quoted is right and you are peddling that tarot nonsense

Tom Cruise · Dakota Fanning · Miranda Otto · Justin Chatwin · Tim Robbins · Rick Gonzalez · Yul Vazquez · Lenny Venito.

I rewatched War Of The Worlds. A film by Stephen Spielberg. Based on the novel by HG Wells. Ray is working 12 hour shifts at the docks in New Jersey. His beautiful ex wife has dropped their son and daughter for the weekend. Meanwhile there is a storm brewing. He wasn't exactly the ideal husband and hadn't really connected with his kids. The lightening strike scene is memorable. The Tripods walk along destroying anything in their path. Good special effects and acting. I saw Rick Gonzalez at a shift that I worked. The son and daughter were a liability and annoying. Ray should have ditched them. Worth taking a look. There is the film from 1953 and TV series from 1988 and 2019. Morgan Freeman narrates. You might like Indepence Day, The Fifth Wave, Battlefield LA, Cloverfield, Darkest Hour, Skyline, The Day The Earth Stood Still. 

Friday, 16 December 2022

We Run This - Missy Elliot

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Doctor Who: Power Of The Doctor. A centenary special. The final outing for the Thirteenth Doctor. Starring Jodie Whittaker, Mandip Gill, John Bishop, Sacha Dhawan, Sophie Aldred. Featuring plenty of cameos. The Fam are having to deal with the Cyberlords. Meanwhile The Master has put a plan in place. Ace and Teagen have been investigating disappearances. The soundtrack is good. Chris Chibnall also left the show. Doctor Who: At Childhood's End by Sophie Aldred. In the beginning is a young girl that has runaway from home. Trying to find shelter in London. Onto the main story. Dorothy is a mature woman who is working for UNIT. She runs a charity. Gets these vivid dreams. A spaceship is seen hovering around the moon. So using her resources she needs to investigate. Young girls are being abducted by these aliens. The Doctor and her companions have arrived and will cross paths with Dorothy. It is a good book. I have watched the modern rebooted Hellraiser. Based on the novel by Clive Barker. I do recommend that you watch the original film series. Starting off with a millionaire obtaining the cursed puzzle box. Six years later you have our protagonist Riley, an ex junkie. She has a boyfriend. She lives with her brother, his boyfriend and roommate. She does steal the box from the millionaire. Eventually she would try and research what the box is about. Impressive special effects. The Cenobites are beings from another dimension. They were probably seen as demons. What if they are aliens. Whenever the box has been activated they come to collect. There are gifts that can be given to the user. Good soundtrack. Not sure if there will be a sequel. It is a good film. The trailer was impressive. I will look at discussions and trivia. Good cast of actors. There will be mixed reviews.

I am watching V/H/S/99 on Shudder. A horror anthology. I recommend that you see the previous films. Nice touch of nostalgia. Costumes, music, visual effects on point. Opening with this lad playing toy soldiers. Next there is a teenage punk band who want to investigate a location where a famous band died. You see how the members are insensitive towards their drummer. Somewhat predictable. The next scene is this pretty brunette who looks like Billie Eilish. It was predictable. A hazing ceremony. The game show was obscure and funny. Great acting. Nice tits. Annoying characters, a Gollum impression. Steven Ogg is in this. See Imdb for cast. There are more stories. I will let you find out. Imagine what the reaction channels will think. Interesting locations. I did feel that I may have seen it before. 

Quantum Leap 2022. A reboot/sequel to the original show. 
Raymond Lee
Caitlin Bassett
Mason Alexander Park
Nanrisa Lee
Ernie Hudson
Georgina Reilly
Takes place 30 years after the original. I hadn't realised the original was set in 1995. This is set in 2022. The project has been reinstated. Ben Song is the protagonist. He uses to the machine and takes a leap into the unknown. Addison is his hot fiancĂ©. She is on the team. She is a hologram helping Ben in the past. They acknowledge what happened in the original. Worth checking both shows out. Mixed reviews. I know some antisjw are probably whining. The special effects can be questionable. I do wonder if Scott Bakula will reprise his role. Ben has suffered amnesia. He is in the middle of a heist. He will have to help people in order to move on. I could see some reaction channels watching this. Trivia and discussion will be looked at. Cast are familiar. Dedicated to Dean Stockwell. Soundtrack is good. Great acting, costumes and sets. You might also like Timeless, Doctor Who, Outlander, La Brea, Loki. 

I watched Black Panther Wakanda Forever. A sequel. 
Shuri: Letitia Wright
Queen Ramonda: Angela Bassett
Okoye: Danai Gurira
M’Baku: Winston Duke
Nakia: Lupita Nyong’o
Namor: Tenoch Huerta
Riri Williams / Ironheart: Dominique Thorne
Everett Ross: Martin Freeman
Valentina Allegra de Fontaine: Julia Louis-Dreyfus
The antisjw clowns whine about it as indigenous and black people are represented. A nice tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman at the beginning. King T'challa is dead and the nation of Wakanda is in mourning. You do get origin stories of some characters. Shuri is trying to cope with the loss of her brother. Busy with her work. Queen Ramonda is dealing with the UN. The Vibranium is up for grabs. Namor is king of the sea. His people are under threat from the humans. As this ship has been attacked Agent Ross is going to investigate. Fingers are being pointed. There are references that not everyone will get. Nice special effects. Good acting and fight scenes. Riri is a young scientist that helped design a machine that detected the Vibranium. Her life is in danger. There is no post credit scene. You might like the soundtrack. Nakia is looking fine as hell. I do think of the actor with the plate in his mouth. The emotion felt for T'challa channels what the actors felt for Chadwick. I was in the screenroom 3 seat E3. I was on my own for a long time. There was a couple sat in front. I recommend that you see this film. 

The Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special is an episode that I saw on Disney plus. The last time we saw the crew was on Thor: Love And Thunder. Starring Chris Pratt, Pom Klementieff, Sean Gunn, Dave Bautista, Karen Gillan, Bradley Cooper, Michael Rooker, Bin Diesel. There are flashback scenes in animation. Peter is unhappy. It is Christmas and he hasn't been on Earth in a long time. Mantis and Drax decide to do something special for him. There are cameos, fourth wall breaks, references and Easter eggs. The third film is out next year. I like the soundtrack. Great performance from the band. I bet it could go viral. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

Getting these dcma requests. You can get the full video from Faphouse. It allows you to download videos as a paying subscriber. Seems Annie is a bit of a Karen. It isn't theft. Your comment was uncalled for. A lot of others have videos up by this company but I am the one that receives a Dmca takedown and a nasty comment from the owner Annie. I am not stupid. I do not have a shit face. This seems like a microaggression. I should get a refund from Faphouse. 

CD Universe - Buy New Release DVDs, TV on DVD, Music Videos and Much More Silent Night is a comedy horror film from 2021. Starring Keira Knightley. It is Christmas. This is England. A family are having a party and they have invited friends. There is this oncoming storm and it will kill everything in it's path. One of those films that leads up to the apocalypse. You have a variety of characters. You see how they interact and what secrets will be shared. As the pandemic was still on. I do wonder if this was influenced by it. There are these films worth seeing, Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World, Don't Look Up, Await Further Instructions, Ready Or Not, The Children. Lily Rose Depp is hot. Nice soundtrack. Good acting especially from the children. You will recognise the actors from their previous work. The trailer can give abit away. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Now you can rest, Maxi.

Three Lions Christmas

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The Banshees Of Inisherin. Colin Farrell · PĂĄdraic SĂșilleabhĂĄin ; Brendan Gleeson · Colm Doherty ; Kerry Condon · SiobhĂĄn SĂșilleabhĂĄin ; Barry Keoghan - Dominic. A comedy drama set on an island just off the coast of Ireland. It is 1923. There is a civil war happening on the mainland. What I first noticed was the amazing scenery thanks to the cinematography. Interesting location. I believe that tourists will flock there. This film will win awards. Nice soundtrack consisting of classical and folk music. Great cast of actors. The way they riff off each other. The accent is strong. You do feel for the characters. Colin had the standout performance. I had watched Calvary which starred Brendan. That's why I decided to see this. You will also be familiar with Ballykissangel and Father Ted. I have always wanted to visit Ireland. Go to a village. There is minimal special effects. Kerry is attractive. PĂĄdraic is a farmer, a nice guy and lives with his sister SiobhĂĄn. She is smart and caring. He has a friend named Colm that is a musician. But one day Colm has decided that he no longer wants to be friends. I know the feeling as I haven't had any contact with a few people. He is a miserable bugger. He does warn him to stay away. PĂĄdraic is relentless and annoys him. There is the local police officer who is pretty shady, he has a son named Dominic who is a trouble maker. I have had thoughts about the mysterious Mrs McCormick. An elderly woman that is always present in certain places. What does she represent? There was some foreshadowing and so I predicted correctly what would happen to one character. Was there more to the friendship than was let on? I like the pub. Great landlord. Sweet, quaint. I did think about how the film ended. Maybe it could have been better. But overall it is a good film. There will be trivia and discussions. Showing on Disney Plus but will be available elsewhere. 

Mohamed from Fareham has used my mobile number. Now is his number similar or is it done internationally. A fucking removal company website had the details. Then 6 different numbers called. Just taking the piss.

I have had 10 calls, 1 voicemail, 3 texts. The company that has the comparisons hasn't got back to me. This Mo from Fareham seems to input my mobile number. Now I don't think that it would be possible for two people to have the same number. If his number was similar with 1 digit difference. Maybe the number was cloned/spoofed. Different phone providers using the same number. Contacted the Fareham Council. Did try getting to the police. I did manage to find his details before. Am I going to have to go to that town and track him down? Then stab him to death. The comparison site hasn't got back to me.

Mp for my county. 

This cunt blocked me again. 

I went to the cinema to see a new scifi horror film from Blumhouse. In the room were several people however this woman was quite vocal and that annoyed me. Anyway it is M3GAN. 
Allison Williams · Gemma 
Violet McGraw · Cady 
Ronny Chieng · David 
Amie Donald · M3gan 
Jenna Davis · M3gan
Jen Van Epps - Tess
Brian Jordan Alvarez - Cole
Stephane Garneau-Monten - Kurt 
There were scenes where I knew something bad was going to happen and to which characters. I had watched Brian on YouTube, Jenna is also on there. Ronny was on The Daily Show. Moving on you have Cady. On the road with her parents. There is an accident. Afterwards she goes to live with her hot aunt Gemma. Who is creating robotic toys. I like the satire. I am reminded of Robocop, Westworld and Child's Play. Gemma has secretly been working on creating a robot girl that could befriend a child. The boss is obviously annoyed. There are the two colleagues working at the lab. The personal assistant is helping the boss. M3gan is cute, creepy and clever. I like how she is very observant of humans. She is evolving and would act and think for herself. She is meant to help Cady with her trauma and protect her from harm. She becomes obsessive and will remove anyone seen as a threat. 
The special effects and stunts were great. Fantastic acting. You will like the soundtrack. Good horror. I think M3gan is a brilliant character. She may look like a girl but she is a powerful machine. She may be a psycho but is she really the villain or are the humans the bad ones? There is something that the personal assistant Kurt was doing that there should have been more information on. I have been a fan of James Wan and Jason Blum since the early days. They never disappoint. There is talk of a sequel. But it should have been a standalone film. I recommend this film and you should see Archive, Tau, The Machine, Morgan, Replicas, Chappie, Short Circuit, Terminator, The Matrix, Ex Machina, Robocop, Extinction, Battle Of The Damned, Westworld, Child's Play, HUMANS, A.I, I Robot. See Imdb for cast and trivia.

The accounts that I reported for spreading misinformation and for bigotry weren't to have broken any rules however when I stated a fact then I get my account locked.

I had this dream and it was strange. I worked at a hotel with my colleagues. I wanted some privacy. Maybe to use poppers. I would look for a toilet. I had been watching a horror movie rented from a company. I find that midway these Halloween figures came to life it was the delivery team. They removed all the props. I had been looking online and these roofing companies were asking questions about the types of ladders and they would leave bad reviews. I was later on an island, resembles Jersey or Greece. Open fields, everything was orange. I thought myself as one of lThe Beatles. I think I Am The Walrus or another song was playing. Then a field where it was green. There were many people about. I got to a town and there were old buildings. I had started filming on my mobile. Trying to avoid the town folk. There was a beach with rides. Sort you find in Blackpool. I would be at a convention. Then thinking of Doctor Who and if I dress like Tennant. There were washed clothes that needed drying. I clambered over to pull mine out. A series would be rebooted but be supernatural. 

 I dreamt that the Tate brothers lives down my street. I watched how Tristan put margarine on his toast.

I remember years ago on a post regarding someone being cruel to their pets. There was a troll in the comments. I looked at his profile. He was a Tommy Robinson fan
I mentioned this and the Kens and Karens of Loughborough Spotted were triggered. One asked what was wrong with supporting Tommy. Another accused me of being in favour of child abuse. White supremacists are such retards. 99 problems but a bitch ain't one.

I have to call up an engineer to deal with the boiler as some folk are incompetent. Having to sort the guttering as again am let down. If I wasn't being asked to lend money then maybe I could have got that loan or paid for something. I sent an enquiry via the website. I sent a regular email a week ago but no response. Then rang up the office and goes to the owner/engineer who is busy. Hadn't called the other engineer who had some work booked. No text or call back. Advised to carry on using the boiler even though it states online that I should not really. I think that I may need to pay them as they aren't bothered. I am clearly wasting my time. Just ring someone else for fucks sake. I could have tried the number if the office staff are back from holiday. Helyn has often sent the emails. I assume that this might be her but she is hot. I give people enough time, my patience and money is running out. One step closer.

I have an appointment booked now. I was using my damaged sunglasses. One piece had fallen on the ground and I didn't go and pick it up. It was on the ground for a while. I come back and it is there and I did not pick it up regardless of who would see me. I binned the glasses. They were a good pair. Maybe I could have got them fixed but I was going to get new ones. Family wanting all this stuff cleared from the house. I will do it on my own time. He wants carpets replaced and organised a meeting with this agent. It does not need doing. I won't be paying a single penny. I have given you money. The scaffolding finally is arriving but I am not in the mood. It is my week off. Can't get any peace and quiet. I still have to get money to sort the guttering. I should have sued Pete Evans. The lining does not work. 15 years guarantee isn't it. It could be too late or pointless. That was the only issue. He may have thought the product would do the job. The joints needed sealing. The fact that he ignored me is what bugs me. It is never too late. Not sure where that other review went. Call it a loss. They did alright on other areas. The windows do not need to be open. Keep the heat in. The boiler is to be dealt with. Waiting for the engineer to arrive. They set him to arrive at 8am. I did not sleep for 45 minutes for this. Had to move equipment for access to the boiler which I had mentioned. No sign of John. Why book him in early if he cannot make it? I could go back to sleep. I had been gym in the morning and so would get up in time for 8am. Again I am asked about the doctors appointment. You can't just go to it if there isn't an appointment. I have to call Ideal as it would be cheaper. The engineer explained alot to me about what could be done and it might not solve the issue. Engineer from Ideal would be down. I have a payment plan guarantee with D&G. I would have had to pay more for BK to sort it. I need to leave this house. I filmed the fog outside and this Indian guy on the bike goes "wow" as soon as I looked his way. Dickhead was being sarcastic. Or was astonished at what I was doing. I don't really care what he thinks. I will do what the fuck that I want. I don't owe you any explanation Karen. You are irrelevant. Fall off the bike. I won't give you any more thought. So Mo has used my number again. The police and council should be doing something. I should just contact them again. Getting texts and calls. But they won't give me his details. I contacted Local Moves. I tried speaking to them earlier. Another company called Get A Mover. Block them. Cancelling your plans in 3,2,1... I have no choice but to kill him or act like him and ruin things. I told her when the doctors appointment is and she has left an hour early. I am not going to sit there. I would say when she was meant to leave. The guy with the stroller says that some white male came to his house. Said that he knew me and he worked for the company. Took money of him. This was probably made up. Nothing to do with me. Call the police. I used Wowcher to buy sunglasses. They haven't been delivered. It seems that I have to redeem a voucher by signing up to something. I am not giving my details or paying more money. I will have to have a refund. The injection was already had and appointment made and I had only just arrived. So a waste of my time. Rang work for the rota and no one answered. I saw a dead Swan floating along the canal. Listening to Capital Extra and the presenters are annoying. Talking about Love Island when no one really is interested. Music isn't bad. Seeing the Arab guy with crutch come into the store twice and not buy anything. He was up to something. A lady says that he asked her for money. He used one of the lighters on sale. Buy it ffs. These guys at door not looking at the opening times. I had to explain when we open and that we don't sell cigarettes. Why do people think that? That one miserable blonde gave the silent treatment. Who on Earth fucked you? Trying this poppers not working the first time. I did spot two attractive women at the gym. One ginger haired, tall and a brunette in green. This guy is doing squats, clearly not using the hip bridge machine yet puts his bottle on it. All I need to do is ask and he will surely move it. Otherwise it is wasting my time. Or just use the barbell. I am doing other exercises in the meantime. Does annoy me. Why the fuck the plug had to be taken out when the extension lead is still in use. Don't need to switch off the socket I still need it to charge my phone. The iron needs the amp changing. I get to the gym and there are a few students here. Spotted some attractive women. Tall blondes. One brunette with large breasts in a white top and another who I thought was the same, in grey. A nice redhead in black. I was going to have a shave. Not sure what that would achieve. I am here to train and aren't going to pull. I won't mention gym again. Got to be respectful. I served these two blondes that were really pretty. A sign from the building next door fell off because of the wind almost hitting a woman. A car and van had crashed. One into the traffic light. My family member asking to borrow money when you should be paying back from earlier. There was a tall guy, a student after Vanish products. His friend was down the aisle. I showed him the way. Upon them heading to the till. He was walking out and had this Nivea Sunscreen in his hand which he put in his pocket. I should have asked him about it and rang for the manager as she could check cctv. I checked the tickets but there was a zero count. I didn't Challenge 25 this student buying a lighter. I believed this man with a beard to be old enough. He looked to be in his 20s. There was the Asian woman that asked about the 60% discount sign. Majority of items were reduced. She expected to get a discount at the till. The man with the crutches was in but then was near the snacks. Went around to the other side. He would be on his phone leaving. I should have alerted my colleague. Immediately with the "just this/these" from customers. The delivery is tomorrow when we had thought the changes were this week. Whoever threw the coffee cup hadn't emptied it. The bin bag was closed but the liquid spilt through it. Some black woman just about rest her foot on the stool. I found three pieces of glass. Has anyone been sweeping up? Boxes not being flattened or thrown into the cages. Remove the plastic from the card. Left stuff in front of the fire exit. Audit has started. It was windy so the lid needed to be placed onto the cages. Act and think fast. Deal with shit then. I do not need to add other things. It is irrelevant. I was sent the pack of condoms from online. It arrived in a small box. Just needed a padded envelope. I could not get a refund from Wowcher. Entered my details with Belap and paid for postage. 
I said that I wasn't going to mention home, work or anything else. Stick to reviews. I've got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one. 

The Menu is a horror comedy. A satirical take on the food industry. I have worked in catering and hospitality. It can be seen as pretentious. The extras will have been professional chefs. They did an excellent job. As this is a film and you have these actors. I did work vip events.
Ralph Fiennes as Chef Slowik
Anya Taylor-Joy as Margot
Nicholas Hoult as Tyler
Hong Chau as Elsa
Janet McTeer as Lillian
Paul Adelstein as Ted
John Leguizamo as "movie star"
Aimee Carrero as Felicity
Reed Birney as Richard
Judith Light as Anne
Rebecca Koon as Linda
Rob Yang as Bryce
Arturo Castro as Soren
Mark St. Cyr as Dave
Peter Grosz as "sommelier"
Christina Brucato as Katherine
Adam Aalderks as Jeremy
Matthew Cornwell as Dale

You do wonder what is going to happen. The guests arrive on an island to dine at a fine restaurant. Chef Slowik is in charge. He has everything running like clockwork. Intelligent dialogue. Philosophical. There are metaphors worth looking in to. A great cast of actors. I was using Bluetooth headphones and maybe it seemed out of sync. Hard to get hear what was being said at the beginning. Many guests talking over each other. Some characters were annoying. I would need to look at the back story. I do recommend Old and Fantasy Island. Amongst the guests are business men, an actor, food critics. Most of the action is taking place in the restaurant. You get the description of the food. I saw it on Disney+ but it will be available on all platforms. I do like the design. See the trivia and discussions. Plenty of people have watched Masterchef, Hell's Kitchen, Michel Roux's Service, Great British Bake Off. They may enjoy this film. Surprises are in store for the guests and audience. I thought it would end a certain way. The cast will be well fed. Ralph having played scary characters like the Chef, Voldemort, Francis Dolarhyde. I did get a feeling about how two characters were connected. They acknowledged Covid. The Chef talks about the food with each course. Elsa keeps an eye on the guests. Margot is one of the main characters. On her date with Tyler who is a foodie. Anya is stunning. You will recognise some faces. Worth having a butchers. Compliments to the chef. Eat the rich. 

Coppertist.Wu is a community of craftsman, designers and artists. We draw inspiration from different cultures, philosophies and nature, and enjoy the rewarding process of turning every spark in our mind into a reality with our hands. Metal represents eternity, we are driven by full passion to present our unique work, because each piece carries on our existence in the world.


The main materials we use are different kinds of copper, and we also combine silver and precious stones to create unique work. Compared to other metals, copper has an interesting and fascinating chemical effect over time, as it develops a close relationship with the environment and the user. What fascinates us most is its unpredictable and dynamic metallic nature.

At Grateful Earth, we make the world's first delicious brain-healthy coffee with 6 powerful superfoods. We're passionate about the transformative power of medicinal plants, tonic herbs, and powerful adaptogens (aka natural nootropics) for a high-vibration, holistic lifestyle.

These are the people following me on Tumblr. The Plantation Monthly is a parody. 

Why are they talking about abortion? Why would you tell someone to commit suicide? 

Torraine Walker doesn't like Feminists. Ms Figaro seems to believe this bullshit he posted. 

The Miss France scream is from 2018 so why the fuss now? Hopefully people leave her alone. 

Women living now are modern. What is with these dumb fucks using "modern women"? 

I won't bother uploading anything else to the site. 

Who are these people at 02038080309? Still getting calls from removal companies. 07442055787 rang me twice today. 02045749552 rang now. My Amazon business account cannot be verified. Well just give up then. 

Some story about a black woman being attacked by store staff because she had sound $50. A white supremacist in the comments wants to blame her. 

I have watched Barbarian. A horror movie. Set in Detroit. Tess is a young woman coming over for a job interview. She has rented an Air B&B. But it is double booked. Keith is a man that she wonders if she can trust. He is also staying there. Something is lurking in the dark. You have AJ, an actor that is being investigated for sexual assault. He gets to the city. There is a flashback to Frank that resided in this city. The area looks run down. I would have to look at the back story. From the title I assumed what type of threat would be there. I did end up thinking if there was any point to this film. You might like The Woman.
Georgina Campbell · Tess ; Bill SkarsgĂ„rd · Keith ; Justin Long · AJ ; Matthew Patrick Davis · The Mother ; Richard Brake · Frank. 

Tuesday, 18 October 2022

Reasons To Be Cheerful Part 3 - Ian Dury & The Blockheads

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