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Hungarian Dance No 5 - Johannes Brahms

Product Cover look inside Muse - Piano Songbook By Muse. Artist/Personality; Book; Personality Book; Piano/Vocal/Chords. Piano/Vocal/Guitar Artist Songbook. Rock. 144 pages. Alfred Music #38584. Published by Alfred Music (HL.322427).

Product Cover look inside Radiohead By Radiohead. Artist/Personality; Book; Personality Book; Piano/Vocal/Chords. Piano/Vocal/Guitar Artist Songbook. Rock. Softcover. 146 pages. Alfred Music #37171. Published by Alfred Music (HL.322394).
Product Cover look inside Beethoven - Favorite Piano Works Schirmer Library of Classics Volume 2071. Composed by Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827). Piano Collection. Classical. Softcover. 232 pages. G. Schirmer #LB2071. Published by G. Schirmer (HL.50486577).
Product Cover look inside Ludovico Einaudi - Islands: Essential Einaudi A Selection of Songs from Ludovico Einaudi's "Best Of" Album, transcribed for solo piano. By Ludovico Einaudi. By Ludovico Einaudi. Piano Solo Personality. Classical, Contemporary. Softcover. 144 pages. Chester Music #CH78518. Published by Chester Music (HL.14041655).
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Solitarymaninblack - Voodoo People


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I have watched Free Guy. I was reluctant to see it in the cinema. Not a big fan of Ryan Reynolds but he has done a few good films. The protagonist is an NPC in a video game called Free City. One day he discovers that there is more to life than being a background character. Good special effects. Great acting. Nice soundtrack. Don't like Mariah Carey's music. I did see her at Stapleford Park in 2011. Anyway there you have Millie aka Molotov Girl. A programmer that had filed a lawsuit against the company behind the game. She is trying to gather evidence. Her ex partner Keys works in the complaints department. Guy has a best friend Buddy who is a security guard. Interesting story. Antoine is the Ceo and villain in this story. You may have seen Ready Player One, The Matrix, Tron, Wreck It Ralph. There are references and cameos. I may have been put off by the reviews. I saw this on Disney Plus. Ryan Reynolds, Jodie Comer, Taika Waititi, Joe Keery, Lil Rel Howery.

I haven't seen Squid Game but may do now. 

Know a creator that could be great on Patreon? Send them an extra nudge! After they launch and get their first 20 patrons within their first month, we'll send them $50 on your behalf.

Become a Patron! I watched Bird Box on Netflix. When I originally had stumbled upon the meaning of the film or what the creatures represented it put me off as it was a spoiler. I eventually watched it. All throughout the world a supernatural force is infecting people. They usually commit suicide but there are others that behave as if they are part of a cult. That I need to work out. Based on a novel. The soundtrack is good. I liked the opening track in the first scene. You have Malorie that is an artist. She is pregnant. Her sister Jessica has come to take her to the hospital. I was reminded of The Happening, Cell, A Quiet Place. You look at two different times. One is when the apocalypse began and another is five years later. Meet a variety of characters. Interesting to see where this force came from. I would liked to have seen more of Jessica. Seeing Malorie getting injured you'd think she would have miscarried. Surprised to see Machine Gun Kelly. Rosa Salazar has a nice body what you see from a sex scene. There are so many cast members that you will recognise. Great acting and special effects. A scifi horror worth watching. Sandra Bullock as Malorie Hayes Trevante Rhodes as Tom Jacki Weaver as Cheryl John Malkovich as Douglas Sarah Paulson as Jessica Hayes Rosa Salazar as Lucy Danielle Macdonald as Olympia Lil Rel Howery as Charlie Tom Hollander as Gary Machine Gun Kelly[3] as Felix BD Wong as Greg Pruitt Taylor Vince as Rick Vivien Lyra Blair as Girl / Olympia Julian Edwards as Boy / Tom Parminder Nagra as Dr. Lapham Rebecca Pidgeon as Lydia Amy Gumenick as Samantha Taylor Handley as Jason Happy Anderson as River Man David Dastmalchian as Whistling Marauder

Gussi is going to go far. Like the album cover/thumbnail. 

I have a few copyright claims on my channel. I still have those videos on the other channel. Those videos will not be monetised. I could delete them. Even the Gemwz one has a claim. It is her somg but I created the video. So it was the artist or producer but they sampled this artist and that is why I got in trouble. I deleted a few videos. 
Kurayamino by Kishore Mehta

The antisjw/antiwoke people are against equality and hate poc, lgbt, women. They are for human rights abuse. These idiots reveal themselves. In town. Just outside of work. Swan Street, Loughborough. This white male student. In red skirt/shorts. Legs are visible. Topless. It is cold. Short blonde hair. Slim build. Crowder is a cock. I watched Tenet again. Has been a while since I had seen it at the cinema. A scifi thriller. John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Emily Debicki, Kenneth Branagh. Has a time travel theme. The Protagonist has been placed on a mission to figure out what this Russian oligarch is up to. He has his British spy working with him. Items are being inverted. There is the time line running simultaneously to ours expect it all goes backwards. Plenty of clever fight scenes. Having looked at theories and watched it a second time it is easier to understand. The villain's wife is caught up in this mess. There are weapons of mass destruction that all the people are after. It is worth taking a look. Michael Shermer is a rape apologist and a weirdo. Bari Weisz is a white supremacist Karen. Kate Mckinnon dated her once.

I assumed that this guy was a rightwinger looking at his videos I was right. He aligns himself with white supremacists and Antivaxxers Pathetic being the appropriate word. Someone asked why he was not posting anymore. I responded with "Might be that he was probably at the Capitol Hill Insurrection and has been convicted." 

I added £5 top up. The Big Value Bundle from Vodafone was going to run out. The data had been used up trying to steam a dj mix. Now they could not take the credit as there wasn't enough. Should have done it yesterday. 
Kevin Samuels with the misogynoir. Boogaloo Boys are terrorists.

Trying to book an appointment with the doctor and the letter was dated the 6th. I hadn't seen it till recently.

I have just watched British horror film In The Earth. Would have been made during the Covid19 pandemic. During lockdown. A scientist named Martin has arrived at a camp during the pandemic. He has a job to do and wants to speak to an old colleague of his. His tour guide Alma goes with him. You have Zach that is living in the forest. Also a scientist named Olivia that is running an experiment. You could tell which characters could not be trusted. This is a weird film. There are plenty of strobing effects. It looks like something Danny Boyle could have made. The soundtrack isn't bad. Great performance from the actors especially Reece Sheersmith. Nice special effects. That can get a bit much. This is an indie film. Directed by Ben Wheatley. I may need to look at reviews and discussions. You might have seen Midsommar, Sunshine, Blair Witch Project, Evil Dead, Misery, The Forest, Annihilation. 

These Karens showing white fragility.

Meghan is a dipshit.

I noticed the same comments made on another video. Is he a bot or some white supremacist troll? 

Lee Jung Jae
Seong Gi Hoon / "No. 456"

Park Hae Soo
Cho Sang Woo / "No. 218"

Jung Ho Yeon
Kang Sae Byeok / "No. 067"

Wi Ha Joon
Hwang Jun Ho

Anupam Tripathi
Ali Abdul / "No. 199"

Oh Young Soo
Oh Il Nam / "No. 001"

Heo Sung Tae
Jang Deok Soo / "No. 101"

Kim Joo Ryoung
Han Mi Nyeo / "No. 212"

Yoo Sung Joo
Byeong Ki / "No. 111"

Lee Yoo Mi
Ji Yeong / "No. 240"

Kim Young Ok
Oh Mal Soon [Gi Hoon's mother]

Kang Mal Geum
[Gi Hoon's ex-wife / Ga Yeong's mother]

Park Hye Jin
[Sang Woo's mother]

I have started to watch Squid Game. A Korean horror series. It had been getting rave reviews. I enjoyed watching Saw, Circle, Exam, Escape Room, The Task, Takeshi's Castle, Wipeout. So I would eventually see this. The soundtrack is good. A secret organisation has organised a series of games. People who are in debt have entered to play. It is a matter of life and death. The winner would receive a large cash sum. Great acting from the cast and extras. The props and costume department have done well. There is swearing and violence. The games are based on kids games. I was trying to understand the instructions in the opening credits scene. I see why they had that main theme tune. It is a little tongue in cheek. The protagonist or one of the main characters is a man living with his mother. He should treat his mother with more respect. He sees his daughter on her birthday. Some might call him a deadbeat dad. You do dislike him at first. I felt sorry for him. Quite like the businessman that approached him at the station. You have memes and parodies of the show. People will dress as the characters for Halloween. On Netflix. There is talk of a second series. You have an ominous looking leader that watches as the games are played. There is humour. I watch it with original dialogue with English subtitles. I noticed the Indian guy there. Worth taking a look. 

White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism by DiAngelo, Robin

The rightwingers are triggered. Calm down snowflake it is a TV show. They hate to see a black woman on the screen. They have not even read the comics. She has every right to be there. 

Someone agreeing with Dave Chapelle. Another seeing these characters introduced as pandering. Representation matters.

At 2m40s people still behave that way. 

01420481434 rang me. Reviews say it is a scam regarding insurance and Covid. I already blocked one number. Curtis Sliwa and his Guardian Angels might be doing a good job fighting crime but he is out of touch regarding defunding the police and vaccine mandates.

A beautiful video. The song is superb. 

I have just watched Night Teeth. A horror thriller. Benny is a young man at college. He makes music. His brother owns a chauffeur company. In this world the humans and vampires live side by side. There is a truce that has been broken by the power hungry Victor. Blaire and Zoe hire a limo for the night. Benny just happened to work that shift. You may have seen Collateral, From Dusk Till Dawn, Blade, Daywalkers. The actress playing Blaire reminds me of Selena Gomez. Victor is similar to Deacon Frost. Grace and Eva have nice tits. The soundtrack is good. Good acting from all the cast. Currently on Netflix. Jorge Lendeborg Jr. as Benny Perez Debby Ryan as Blaire Lucy Fry as Zoe Alfie Allen as Victor Sydney Sweeney as Eva Raúl Castillo as Jay Perez Alexander Ludwig as Rocko Megan Fox as Grace Bryan Batt as Gio Marlene Forte as Abuela

Doctor Who series 13. It has returned. I watched episode 1. It has a Halloween theme. Starting off in Liverpool. You meet Dan, a new companion. He is a trades man and volunteers at the food bank. I wasn't sure about the opening scene with Yaz and The Doctor or with some special effects. There is an alien that resembles a dog. You have a powerful alien that is possibly the season antagonist and I knew that he would escape. The Sontarons and Weeping Angels are back. There is a lot going on. Trying to make sense of it. New music. The Flux is similar to the Antimatter Wave. An apocalypse is taking place. The screen wasn't so clear thanks to the iplayer site.

A bit of a reach from Scott the Trump supporter. 

The caucasity of the guy in the comments. White Fragility. 

Train To Busan is a Korean horror movie. A businessman is always working. He has split from his wife. There is shared custody of their young daughter. As her birthday approaches. They go on a trip to see the mother. Meanwhile a zombie outbreak is happening. Interesting to have it set on a train. Good acting from all cast and extras. There is some annoying things eg the daughter wandering off, people not getting a move on, a questionable decision to open a door. Interesting scene with a deer. A variety of characters. Personalities clash. The actor that is the protagonist was recently in Squid Game. You might have seen 28 Days Later, La Horde, Dawn Of The Dead, Zombieland, I Am Legend. Nice soundtrack.
Gong Yoo
Ma Dong-seok
Jung Yu-mi
Kim Su-an
Kim Eui-sung
Choi Woo-shik
Ahn So-hee

Tunecore sending me a renewal notice. You were no use to me. The tracks weren't getting approved. However one or two have been distributed. I have been using

My former employer sent me this email. I was fired for Gross Misconduct. I reapplied but never heard anything. Now they message me. If you have now found work, please take the opportunity to earn yourself £100 of high street vouchers by recommending a friend to Berry Recruitment by clicking on the link VShred and Joel Seedman have been called out. Could be charlatans.

I should make this my final blog post. 

Circle Loop representative calls me. I probably would not bother with the site. 

I was considering sending gifts over to nieces and nephews. I get messages on

Feiyr and Smashwords alongside Amazon are a ball ache when trying to publish an ebook. These people that pop up on YouTube claiming to have made lots of money and it being easy are lying.

I tried to book a ticket for Eternals on Cineworld. The session expired then I try again. The PayPal transaction happened. No confirmation email. I contacted them. Always an issue with them. The transaction is pending. Now I could try again. Some seats will be booked now. I rang their number and no one is available. My card wasn't verified on PayPal. I just have to assume that nothing is booked. I am just going to go back to sleep. No ref code means no entry. Joined Odeon. Some weird shit on it. I am not the only one having problems. I tried another payment and it worked. 

Circle Loop ring me again with a voice mail. I am just closing the account. Not going to make money from Pixabay or Pexels. Visitors rarely donate.

I got to see Marvel Eternals. A Chloe Zhao film. It offers something different to the other films. Interesting to follow the journey of immortal beings. In the beginning the Celestials were here. They created the Eternals. But hidden in the darkness were the Deviants. This specific team are on board a ship. They head to Earth. They weren't to meddle in human affairs. You get to see what they get up to throughout the ages. Some humour. Nice bit of drama and romance. Plenty of action. You will like the special effects and soundtrack. Great cast of actors. I like the Ikaris character. Superb powers. He is handsome. I like the powers of Makkari. Richard Madden could have played Superman. The Deviants thought to have been destroyed are making a comeback. Other secrets are revealed. The heroes had split up and lived their lives as they saw fit. Sersi and Thena looking hot. The team are to report back to Arishem. Worth looking at the back story. The credits scenes need explanation. One casting choice was a surprise. I want to see how this film is connected to others. It is a pretty good film. I would ignore the reviews. One country wants to censor the film. Ridloff is currently in The Walking Dead and Lee was in Train To Busan. Each character has a unique power. Some youtuber or blogger mentioned Mutants. You might like The Old Guard, Highlander. 
Richard Madden – Ikaris
Gemma Chan – Sersi
Salma Hayek – Ajak
Angelina Jolie – Thena
Kumail Nanjiani – Kingo
Lauren Ridloff – Makkari
Don Lee – Gilgamesh
Lia McHugh – Sprite
Brian Tyree Henry – Phastos
Kit Harington – Dane Whitman
Barry Keoghan – Druig
Deviant Kro - Bill Skarsgård
David Kaye - Celestial Arishem the Judge
Harish Patel - Karun

The rightwingers will drag the world backwards. The antiwoke people don't want to see society progress.

Rogan was apparently a comedian. 

People truly are strange.

Karen mocking the bodybuilder. They must have thought that he was attacking the fat model.

The negative reviews of Eternals are fake. Rightwingers have an agenda. Joey does not want to see poc on the screen. 

I feel with the negative reviews this film is getting. It seems to come from rightwingers that don't want to see poc on the screen. Red flags are when they use "diversity" and "woke" in a negative way. Fake reviews to sabotage the film. The same thing that tried with Captain Marvel, Shang-Chi, Black Panther. Go into the cinema with an open mind. 

I had to skip chapters. The colonizer mentioned is a trash human being. Nice music.

Happy Thanksgiving

May consider sending nieces and nephews something for Christmas. Especially as there are the ones that I have not met. Will need to know what they like and addresses so I can send them. I have posted the message. See if anyone responds. 

You faggots. It is my music. 

There is medical Racism. How black women are ignored by the medical profession. People need to be responsible. People on YouTube are putting out mixed messages. No one should be forced into having a child. Use protection. 

This Nerdrotic and the other guy are bellends. No one made assumptions about two white characters. Why are you triggered over a disabled person? Probably didn't like seeing Mary Seacole. Not sure what James Dreyfus has done. But the are some strange channels talking about him. These channels appeal to the racist, misogyist, homophobe, terf, Anti-vaxxers, child abusers and rapists. These people are irrelevant and I should stop mentioning them in my blog. 

Amazing music from Paris Jackson 

This chess player is attractive. Lada. Her videos are popping up. Botez sisters are hot too. 

 What the hell does that have to do with anything? There is no movement. Sounds like white fragility. It is not the same.

Michelle is attractive. Does these challenges. Like Johnny Sins, she has had multiple roles. 

Possessor is by Brandon Cronenberg. A scifi horror. His father would be proud. Slow paced. Andrea Riseborough plays an assassin named Tasya Vos working for this organisation. The equipment that they use allows the participant to possess the host's body. Carry out an assassination and leave no trace. I was hoping that I would see multiple hosts. Jennifer Jason Leigh is her boss. There is plenty of graphic violence, sex and nudity. Some nice cock, tits and pussy on show. It will shock some audiences. You might like the soundtrack. I am left asking a few questions. Anyhow the main job is this man named Colin Tate. A former drug dealer now working for a company. His girlfriend is rich. Her father played by Sean Bean is the ceo. As always someone has to be killed. The host isn't willing to give up control. You may have also see Upgrade, Quantum Leap, Self/Less. Tuppence Middleton and Christopher Abbott also star.

On The group/hashtag that I created is being used. That is awesome. Cringepop.

I have finally watched The Night House. A horror movie starring Rebecca Hall. It was on DisneyPlus surprisingly. A teacher named Beth has lost her husband to suicide. She tries to carry on as best as she can. There is her neighbour and best friend that are featured a fair bit. Some strange things start happening around the home. You would wonder if she is going crazy or if the ghost of her husband has come for her. Good acting and effects. Some creepy moments which I won't spoil. I will look at discussions and reviews. You might like the soundtrack.

Paris Jackson has a great debut album. I had been watching the videos from start to finish. Download some songs. Hopefully this gets more recognition in 2022.

Tulsi being a native hawaiian. She was in the military so would be pro police/government. 
Could she be antiblack? Becoming another agent of white supremacy. 
I knew Dylan was kind of sus. 

Critical Race Theory is needed in school. The white supremacists will be triggered by the release of Passing. 

Product Cover look inside Muse - Piano Songbook By Muse. Artist/Personality; Book; Personality Book; Piano/Vocal/Chords. Piano/Vocal/Guitar Artist Songbook. Rock. 144 pages. Alfred Music #38584. Published by Alfred Music (HL.322427).
Product Cover look inside Radiohead By Radiohead. Artist/Personality; Book; Personality Book; Piano/Vocal/Chords. Piano/Vocal/Guitar Artist Songbook. Rock. Softcover. 146 pages. Alfred Music #37171. Published by Alfred Music (HL.322394)

I had this dream where three people entered my home. A mix raced woman with curly hair. An Asian man and a white male with ginger hair and beard. The Asian man was in charge. A loan shark, gangster. Threatening my brother's life as he owed 40k. After one person left I find this was a prank performance by theatre actors. Previously I was in the town centre and here were boxes filled with items belonging to an Ellie Kemper. Now Ellie was in an institution as she had problems. One box had scripts or a review for a show. I was going to take them. I soon had help to put them in storage for when Ellie comes back. I was carrying weapons with a blonde actor, similar to Cate Blanchet or Charlize Theron. They were weapons and I was scratched by one. A scene of a Puerto Rican family being interviewed on TV. The son and one daughter were attractive as I commented. Before that we had more staff join our company. Many had bikes and others drove cars. Something Fast Snd Furious. Whether they were left or rightwingers I am not sure.

I had put a decent review on Amazon. 

The rightwingers will be annoyed. Being the killjoys that they are. Fucking idiot in the comments.
In this dream I was with a team of people. I collected all this alcohol which was attached to a long strip of plastic that you would find at supermarkets. We were boarding a train. Led by Keir Starmer. Ed Milliband joined us. We needed to get to an event. So oddly enough on Facebook. A woman that is friends with my former colleague has added me as a friend. I have three names on my list but cannot click on the profile and my niece that I tagged about getting Christmas gifts seems to have unfriended/blocked me. Was it something that I said? I found the link but no content. Not on the post tagged. Your loss. I have watched Vampires Vs The Bronx. A comedy horror. Set in the a neighbourhood. It is being gentrified bit by bit. People are going missing. Vampires are moving in. Some idiot rightwingers will take offence to the film as they are a bunch of snowflakes. Some stereotypes being used. A few annoying characters. You have Miguel the protagonist with his two best friends. Organising a party to help save the Bodega. You have some familiar faces like Chris Redd, Method Man, Mero. I thought Sarah Gadon was Caitlin Reilly. Other cast are Coco Jones, Gregory Diaz IV, Jordan Michael, Gerald Jones III who reminds me of Tyler The Creator, Shea Whigham, Vladimir Caamano. The soundtrack is decent. You might have seen Night Teeth, Blade, Attack The Block.

I finally went to see No Time To Die. A James Bond film. Daniel Craig's finale. The white supremacist cunts were triggered over this film. Nevermind them. The scene in Italy was spectacular. Craig was also the co producer. Pheobe Waller Bridge was a writer. Madeleine Swann is on holiday with James, she is fine. He also wants to pay his respects. Spectre are still on the attack. The other characters from the previous films are back. There is a new agent Nomi with the number 007. A hot CIA agent Paloma that has been assigned her first mission. That was a nice scene. You have the villain Safin that has developed a special weapon that targets people based on their dna. Something different than what you get with a spy film. Plenty of action. Little Mathilde is cute. Logan Ash is a new guy with the CIA. Blofeld is locked up but an integral part to this story. Great soundtrack by Hans Zimmer. They had old theme tunes playing. You will like the stunts and cinematography. All the cast should be commended. They may be recasting however this could easily have been the final ever 007 film. I wanted to see it go in another direction. But I went in with an open mind. See the old films if you haven't already. I hope that Daniel Craig continues to have success in whatever he does. Latasha and Ana held their own. Look at the discussion and trivia. Directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga. 

Daniel Craig
James Bond
Léa Seydoux
Rami Malek
Lyutsifer Safin

Lashana Lynch

Ralph Fiennes
Ben Whishaw
Naomie Harris
Rory Kinnear

Jeffrey Wright
Felix Leiter
Billy Magnussen
Logan Ash
Christoph Waltz
David Dencik
Valdo Obruchev

Ana de Armas
Dali Benssalah
Primo (Cyclops)
Lisa-Dorah Sonnet
Coline Defaud
Young Madeleine
Mathilde Bourbin
Madeleine's Mother

I have had a few dreams. One set in Redditch. I needed to get to centre. Maybe to the train station to leave for Loughborough. My old college friend Andre was there. He was going to go on a night out. I missed a bus as I stopped to Talk to him.

I went to a large building. A hotel or staffing agency. There were individuals that recognised me. They were sat on a coach. My old job was ending and I was coming back to the agency. I mentioned that I needed retraining.

I am asleep and feel some ghostly presence. Not much else to add. I seem to forget other aspects of the dreams.

I get a copyright claim on my video. I remixed a copyright free song. I am subscribed to the website so can use the track.

Lily Cade being a terf.

Gammons can't take a joke

Definitely a few white supremacists in the comments. 

I have just started watching The Flash season 8. Central City. A lot of people are levelling up. Grant Gustin, Candace Patton and the rest are back. There were mixed reviews regarding last season. I liked it. Anyhow a new big bad has entered the scene. Despero is his name. A shape-shifting alien. He came from the future. He believes that Barry will cause the apocalypse. Team Flash will stop him whatever it takes. Ray Palmer has visited as there is a convention on. Chester acts as his liaison. The business run by Iris is much bigger. Allegra is promoted. I remember that the actor playing Despero was Van Gogh in Doctor Who. Showing on the Cwtv. Take a look at some reaction channels such as Married2ThaReal, Blind Wave, Legends Of Podcasting. The theme tune has changed slightly. Kramer is still on the force. However it is on friendlier terms. This is a five part crossover event to kick things off. 

Fbi being communist? They were targeting communists. Candace wanting to make people pay over what they said about 6th January yet not punish the Maga terrorists taking part. Coondace is an asshat.
I watched The Silence. Based on a novel by Tim Lebbon. It will have comparisons to A Quiet Place. Neither creator would have known about the other. A horror film. These creatures called Vesps have been living underground and evolving. Because of some expedition they are freed. They can't see and track their prey via sound. Looking like pterodactyls. There is a teenage girl who is deaf. She has her mum and dad, gran and little brother. There is an Uncle Glenn who is a family friend. Obviously you get some cult like group in the apocalypse films. The father doesn't have to use sign language in some scenes. Need to keep it consistent. A few characters are liabilities. The family left their town and kept on moving. Some interesting moments. I saw it on Netflix. Cast Kiernan Shipka; Stanley Tucci; Miranda Otto; John Corbett. I also noticed that I had been unfriended by another niece and a friend of a friend. This was on Facebook. Some friend requests were never accepted. I don't get a response or direct message from people on my list. Using a fake account I find my other nieces account. She had in fact blocked me. The audacity. I won't need to send her kids any gifts. This thing is pointless. I've got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one.
Kyle Rittenhouse gets away with murder. Sounds about White. The white tears worked. Black teens have been killed for less. The All lives matter crowd will be quiet. The terrorist sympathisers are happy. Victim blaming in the comments. Not Blake's fault. Just some nonsense being created by a white supremacist. Clearly a Kyle supporter. Tonedeaf replies. Two white victims. Had they been black this would never get to court. 

I am currently watching Hellbound. A Korean horror drama TV series. It is quite dark and sinister. First of all you have a detective and his daughter. He is busy investigating the recent attacks that have taken place. The mother was murdered a few years ago. The police chief is understanding yet strict. There is a church or a cult called The New Truth Society. You could compare them to Westboro Baptist Church. They are wanting people to live a life free of sin. Those that do wrong will be exposed and punished. Their leader is charismatic, young, handsome. He is in the limelight. The actor playing him does a fantastic job. That also goes for every cast member. The Arrowhead are an evil bunch of thugs. They are associated with the church. Brutal scenes. I like the attorney, she is attractive, does the best that she can. Not everything is black and white. There is this streamer in multicolour and is somewhat annoying. He is broadcasting what went on regarding the church and doxxes people. The trailer that was shown is the first scene. An angelic figure appears to an individual telling them of when they will die. Once that day arrives these Hulk like demons appear and unleash hell on the victim. Finally taking their soul to Hell. There are many believers but also some sceptics. You do get reveals early on in the series. If you liked Squid Game, Death Note, Final Destination, Constantine, Saw then this is for you. Interested to see what the reaction channels make of it. Maybe the cgi could do with some work. Some actors may be familiar to you. I recommend Old Boy, The Call. Yoo Ah-in as Jeong Jin-soo, a cult leader, the head of the emerging religion 'New Truth Society' Park Sang-hoon as young Jeong Jin-soo Kim Hyun-joo as Min Hye-jin, an attorney Park Jeong-min as Bae Young-jae, Broadcasting Station PD Won Jin-ah as Song So-hyun, Bae Young-jae's wife Yang Ik-june as Jin Kyeong-hoon, detective Kim Do-yoon Kim Shin-rok as Park Jeong-ja Ryu Kyung-soo as Yoo Ji, priest of the cult Lee Re as Jin Hee-jeong, Jin Kyeong-hoon's daughter Im Hyeong-guk as Gong Hyeong-joon, sociology professor Peterson is a gimp.

In Loughborough. On Belton Road. Looks like someone may have been drink driving. I saw a alcohol bottle on the ground. The airbag was out. Police tape over it.

I had two poppers ordered. I had worked a delivery shift and tried one, it did not have the desired effect. Some went up my nose. I didn't cum and it makes you go soft. I only opened it on Wednesday. Poured it away a few days later. Been gym in the morning and tried the second one. Similar thing. Always a bad time to try it then. I was tired and used the nasal irrigation product very early on. Maybe sleep and doing it in the afternoon would help. I tried again and wasn't aroused. 

I have watched Midsommar written and directed by Ari Aster. Starring Florence Pugh. A slow paced horror movie. One of those psychological cult films. There isn't much of a soundtrack. Quite a bit of silence during dialogue scenes. You have the odd chants, folk singing and people making weird noises. Good cast of actors. The extras had to put in some work. A lot of the time standing around and other scenes just doing some weird shit. It is a little fucked up. Some scenes I just skipped a few seconds as it felt repetitive. Some good tits on show in one scene. Interesting to see where this was filmed. Making use of the local Swedish actors. I didn't quite like the protagonist Dani as she seems controlling. A family tragedy happened at the beginning. Her boyfriend Christian is always there to support her. He had a university project to do. He is joined by friends Mark and Josh. Mark is a no nonsense kind of guy. Josh is knowledgeable. Pelle is laid back. He invited the group to his home where a festival is being held. Things eventually take a dark turn. You might like the special effects, cinematography, soundtrack, audio. Some of it is quite subtle. The sex scene was just a bit much. Also a moment where Mark was taking a piss I don't think he had got to finish or washed his hands. When the villagers would chant or scream, moan in unison you would think that they were a hive mind. A lot of the actors can sing. The dance choreography took some time. It works though. You do kind of guess what might happen to certain characters. Why choose some over the others? I do distinctly hear screaming in the background but it isn't addressed. I was quite sleepy when I started watching and I would have nodded off. I continued it the next day. I think some gave it a negative review because of the pace and how strange it was. I believe that posters and other images in the early part were the foreshadowing. I tend to look at discussions and the trivia for the film. If you like this then I also recommend In The Earth, The Wicker Man, The Wicker Tree, Hereditary, Lost, The Sacrament, The Endless, Stepford Wives, The Burbs, Arlington Road. Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, Vilhelm Blomgren, William Jackson Harper, Will Poulter, Ellora Torchia, Archie Madekwe, Henrik Norlén, Gunnel Fred. 

"We've received the details of your Jo Malone London order and are waiting to receive the parcel. As soon as we have it, we'll get it on its way to you." A text from DHL. I have not ordered from the company.

I am at the cinema to see Ghostbusters Afterlife. I recognise someone. Robin who used to work at the same club as me and a few friends. He used to come out drinking with a group of us. There was a bit of chatter amongst his group. Especially during the trailers. Two of the people were disabled so I wasn't overly annoyed. There was hardly anyone in the theatre as it was a Monday. I had this Ice Burst and a large Popcorn which I barely finished. Plenty of the rightwingers were trashing the 2016 reboot. It did pay homage to the original films. It was a good film. This film is a direct sequel to the originals. Paying homage to them and as a tribute to Harold Ramis. Starts of in a small town. Looking at the surrounding scenery it adds to the creepy factor. There would be injury and death to humans within the world of Ghostbusters. It begins with Egon Spengler running out of the mines. Something is after him. He had been living out here experimenting and trying to prevent an apocalypse. As we know that he died and his farm was left to his daughter and two children. All the equipment is there including the car. I was expecting alot judging by the trailer. McKenna Grace steals the scene as Pheobe. Definitely my favourite character. She is endearing. Has the look and mannerisms of Egon. She gets to start school. Her brother Trevor is working at a diner and he has a thing for the girl there. Finn Wolfhard is in this. He is a regular on Stranger Things where he got to dress up as a Ghostbuster in a Halloween episode and not forgetting Stephen King's IT. A young lad named Podcast is similar to Ray. Of course the original cast are present. I noticed that each young character represented the old cast in a way. Carrie Coons is the mother. Paul Rudd is the science teacher. You can see the reviews, discussion and trivia for unanswered questions. There is a major threat emerging from the mines. I would have liked to have seen a new villain. It does revisit old ones and some characters you won't see in this. Maybe a few more ghosts too. Jason Reitman is the director, writer and producer. Also the son of Ivan that was behind the original film. Good soundtrack. You will hear some familiar themes. McKenna sings one of the end credit songs. Two are two end credits scenes. Good special effects and acting. This is a nostalgia trip for the children of the 80s like myself. Also should bring in new fans. You might also like Super 8, The Goonies, E.T, Stranger Things, Ghostbusters, Eerie Indiana, Indiana Jones, Poltergeist, Paranormal Activity, IT, The X-files, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, Goosebumps, Jumanji. I definitely recommend that you check out the film. Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson, Sigourney Weaver, Logan Kim, Annie Potts, Celeste O'Connor, Bokeem Woodbine. Olivia Wilde, JK Simmons, Josh Gad are amongst the cast.

She is a Karen. Talks shit. She is an Insurrectionist. Boebart being a racist is no surprise. The irony of those things that she had said. 
Jeremy is a rightwinger talking shit. 

Terrorist sympathisers in the comments section. Rittenhouse travelled across state lines, had a firearm which he had illegally and murdered two people. The terrorist sympathisers aka Rittenhouse fan boys seem to various videos mentioning their messiah and leaving some bullshit.

This woman is an absolute dick. What was the black man beside her be thinking. She obviously didn't care for black lives. This is White Fragility. She should be mentioning the Proud Boys, kkk, Maga Insurrectionists, Anti-vaxxers and crt protesters. In the comments there is the deluded Mark. Whereas Joe makes a brilliant comment.

The only song that I listen to is Cowboy. A white man leeching off black music (rap, rock, Country etc)

Some gimp in the comments assuming Rittenhouse supports Blm and another refers to Antifa as trash. Clearly trolling. Fuck Candace Owens. 

All it was is a parody meme video. The uploaded liked that ridiculous comment. 

This is a work of art.
You would think Dave was James Bond with all these beautiful women. 

Trying to ring the doctors. No prebookable appointment slots available. So you have to ring at 8am. Often engaged. I'm not even going to it. Non emergency, just test results. So why the hassle? I have to wake up early when I could just have a lie in. It was a telephone call. My mum barely answered or understood what was being asked. Annoyed me. The person on the other end wanting me to arrange another blood test. I have to ring again. My brother will take her. 

I could have gone to the gym very early in the morning but I decided to use the poppers later on. 

From a few days ago... "Your valuation for HK56EXM is £150. To book an appointment click here -"

I got this text.
"Your driver Craig will deliver your parcel today between 12:56-13:56, you do have options if you're not going to be in" 

I seem to get texts and calls for this Mohamed guy. It is no longer a coincidence. Would have thought that these companies were getting the number wrong. But it seems that Mo is giving them my number. I have to contact him. I could just cancel the delivery. 
There was a Vip charge which could be suspicious. Looking at two different DPD Local Web addresses. Anyhow I rearranged for a later date. I contacted Manuka the retailer. If it happens again I am going to sabotage things. Beyond taking the piss. I am the Solitarymaninblack. 

So then this appears in my email. Something happened to my WordPress account. 

Now I wonder who this was for? 
"Westbourne Motoring Assistance have received your quotation request via the Who Can Fix My Car website, this is a repair that we can carry out at your home or work straight away, please give us a call on 01444 480171 to arrange a booking or to for simple friendly advice about your car"
"Your G S F CAR PARTS LTD Parcel IA7692045 is due to be delivered today by Shaun from Parcelforce and it should be with you between 11:45 and 12:45.
Track your parcel at" 

There is this racist piece of shit on Bandlab. Looking for Maga rappers which is an oxymoron. I reported his profile. 

My brother had paid back a little bit of money only to ask to borrow some again. 

I watched Guns Akimbo. Starring Daniel Radcliffe and Samara Weaving. Set in the US. A guy named Miles works for a video-game company. He has his ex girlfriend Nova that he may speak to occasionally. His boss is a bully. He is often at home. Plays games and sometimes trolls people on the Internet. He messed with the wrong people. Meanwhile you have a lady named Nix, looks a bit rough. Psychotic, popular and deadly. She has been enrolled in a game called Skizm. People are watching it on their computers. The villain Riktor is in charge. Miles is in the game now and must go after Nix. She is hunting Miles. With the amount of times he is shot at he should not survive. There are graphic scenes. Good special effects, acting and soundtrack. There is humour. You might also like Free Guy, Death Race, The Running Man, Ready Or Not, The Purge, The Hunt, The Hunger Games and Boss Level. 

I should not have used the poppers before a delivery. Some white women just going over to where I am and grabbing an item off the shelf whilst close to me. Not one said "excuse me" the caucasity of these Karens. 

My mum is repeating that nonsense. My brother still not finishing off the toilet roll and putting a new one on. 

Spotted this tall blonde at the gym. Nice body. 

This clown should know that there is no such thing as race baiting. White Fragility. 

On Disney+ is Marvel's Hawkeye. Starts of in 2012 when the battle of New York takes place. Kate Bishop is at home with her mother. Her was probably out. There is death and destruction everywhere. During the opening credits you see what she does growing up. I like the theme tune. You might like the soundtrack. It is an origin story for Kate Bishop and a solo outing for Clint Barton. During Christmas. Clint is with the family watching Rogers the musical. The song is kind of good. Kate finding out her mother is engaged. She is suspicious of the fiance and an associate. During a charity event this Russian gang attacks. Clint is wearing a hearing aid. Nice special effects. Good cast of actors. I noticed the Wandavision theme play as this one eyed dog shows up. Clint has now got involved and must protect Kate. They have nods to the previous films. Amongst the cast are Hailee Steinfield, Florence Pugh, Jeremy Reener, Vera Farmiga. 

4 cages a were left off the last delivery. Now I have to come in for 7am. I poured the last poppers away. 

I had a series of dreams. I was in a fast car which I was able to drive but my mum was driving and the car went across various roads and turnings. Eventually the car crashed. I got her away there were a few witnesses but I didn't report the incident.
The next one I am at the store working. Need to put an effort into selling sas according to the manager who is played by a black male, a customer of ours. He did jokingly yell. On the worksheet my name is near the top. I was to buy a drink but my colleagues had left the area. A customer, female with glasses almost entered the till area as she wanted to throw away her rubbish in the bin.
I remember wanting to leave the job. Up the road is a casino/arcade and several teenagers outside. Near me are these staff members yelling out things and handing out flyers.

The arab/Asian guy with a cane had put a deodorant in his pocket. A lady that had seen him had not bothered to tell me until after. She said something about needing to get to her car. I did not get much of a description. I had served him at the till but he bought something else. He is getting three bells. If I have to break his other leg I will do so. The manager and colleague were doing banking. I had to get a queue down on my own. No call from Tango Victor. I would have checked with the manager and radioed it through. Joanne Royston a woman that I knew from school was looking a little old. Unrecognisable even. "just this" is what she says. I should have asked her anyway. She called me a "jungle bunny" back in school. I didn't bother to ask this woman for ID she looked old enough but maybe a student. She was getting a Vape liquid. There would be some woman not saying anything but then thank you before she goes. This mature man wanted a perfume which was £22.50 rrp £50 as advertised on the radio. This store was mentioned but he could not remember the name of the product. My manager not getting what I was trying to say as the customer was talking at the same time. My colleague not finding a disposable mask that I asked for. I am trying to explain things and I get some attitude from the manager. I will just be rude or not bother. I did serve this student and she had nice legs. I served this hot blonde that reminded me of some former supervisor. 

I ordered a large food order and seem to have two boxes. Maybe they did not have a big box. The blonde with the braces was cute.

Nigel and some others showing white fragility. It is just a TV show. 

I am trying to sleep and my brother wants to borrow £150. He says that I will get it back Monday. I want that and the rest. Why the fuck am I still giving him. I want to know exactly what it is for. Bills, bits and other stuff for his daughter are not good enough excuses. From now on no matter how desperate he gets he is not to call or visit me for money. I am moving away. My mum was talking to herself and that is what woke me up. I lose sleep because of complete wankers. 

I remember the time this scrap dealer had come along and taken our broken car. Claiming to be the police as he had told my mum. I should have acted faster and stopped them or rung the police. Many years ago. It was my brother's car. He hadn't been doing anything with it. The scrap dealer had no right to take it. The caucasity. 

The ones talking about Thanksgiving probably won't give a fuck about the indigenous people. Happy Indigenous People's Day. 

This woman is perfect.

My mum was asking when or if there is a doctors appointment. I told her that when the time comes that I would tell her. It wasn't yet. Then goes off towards the surgery thinking that there was one. My brother just rang me and is bringing her back. 

I no longer use Twitter or Chirr App but get charged. I had accidentally logged onto the new account using my old number. I needed a new virtual number which I was trying to get. The account that I planned on using is suspended. Pointless. I no longer have any use for Zadarma. The extra Google account isn't being used. I can't use YouTube Studio with my official account. 

I didn't go to the gym today. I could not be arsed. Had worked a delivery the day before. Sunday is the quietest at the gym. I was awake very early on. I thought that I should showcase my YouTube subscribers. 

People being tonedeaf and antiblack. 

My youngest brother giving instructions to my mum steadily raising his voice. It has gone way past 7am. I could still have headed to the gym. I am going tomorrow. I could and should end up stabbing someone.