Tuesday, 18 October 2022

Reasons To Be Cheerful Part 3 - Ian Dury & The Blockheads

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The Spoils - Massive Attack ft Hope Sandoval

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Sunday, 12 June 2022

Solitarymaninblack - Ang buhay ay puno ng pagkabigo

Though I am no longer updating this blog. You can still find my content at 

Rip Olivia

Whitney has a poor taste joke regarding R Kelly. Black victims. The word woke is misused. She was silent on Chris D'Elia, defended Joe Rogan. Who has allegations against him. See the replies.

Antiwoke antisjw call them what they are... White supremacists.

Susu_jpg has nice tits. Has done adult photos. Look up her Fansly account.

White supremacist Karen. She doesn't understand what Woke is. She deserves to be roasted.

White supremacist Theo Connor making false statements. But we all know on the dl that he has a love of bbc. 

I went to the cinema to watch Thor Love And Thunder. I almost got sent to the wrong screen room because of a glitch. Cert 12A. There were some kids in the audience. A few swear words in the film. I noticed the new Marvel logo which features the Disney Plus shows. Nice battle sequence where an Aerosmith song plays. The Guardians and Thor have been travelling together. Eventually going their separate ways. The third film for them is still in the works. Anyway there is a new villain called Gorr. He had lost his daughter and the Gods weren't willing to do anything. He gets hold of a powerful sword and goes on the warpath slaughtering any God that he can find. The citizens of New Asgard are attacked. Jane Foster is suffering from cancer. She is carrying on with her work. Dr Selvig makes a video call. Darcy visits the hospital. She seems to have put on weight. Jane (Natalie Portman) is in great shape once she becomes Lady Thor. It is all in the comics because the antisjw fags will be whining again. The children have been kidnapped. The team must enlist others to help. Was wondering about the accent Russell Crowe was doing. Not sure about the mid credits scene. Some great actors. Notably Christian Bale. Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, Taika Waititi are joined by others. The screaming goats were becoming annoying. Nice fights. I like the soundtrack. Waiting for Loki season 2. Though shall not worship idols, false or otherwise. 

Matrix Resurrections non binary

Then seeing that Mahogany Pink is a divestor which is just as bad

Tariq Nasheed and his Fba followers will be triggered. 

I saw this on Facebook. Gamespot had music playing in the background. 

The Republicans that influenced the insurrection will condemn this protest. 

Maga stands for Make Assault Great Again
Fuck Rittenhouse and his supporters. 

This woman has nice tits. 

Tariq Nasheed gets called out. He and his Fba Cult act like Karens. Trying to control who black women date, bitch about immigrants and lgbt people. But then Tara also seems to be against Pan-Africanism.

Kehlani was right. Christian Walker is that little asshole from tiktok. The white supremacists love him like they do Coondace Owens. Does his little tap dance for them.  H had been complaining that the business didn't display an American flag besides the Pride one. Herschel should have raised his kids better. 

It is a plantation. White Fragility on display. Critical Race Theory is needed. 

jenna Ellis is a white supremacist Karen. 

It doesn't to be honest. This woman is like Kemi and Candace. 

Mo is a victim of human trafficking and these white supremacists are dumbasses.. Letting the racism show. 

Not sure why anyone watches this show but the nice guys in the replies don't understand what the charity is about. 

Zoe is a Karen. She should suck a dick. White supremacists triggered by Aleesha. Tonedeaf replies and blocking anyone that disagrees with her. White Fragility. White lgbt doing their thing to harm poc. Supports coonservatives tap dancing for them. Facts don't care about your feelings. 

This fascist has the caucasity to slander Femi and Shola. 

The asshat that made the fake dating profiles is a soyboy as are the people sending the insults. They are still grieving over their dom Kevin Samuels. I hope that they see this video. #feminism and #crt are needed. 

Conservatives are not only stupid but criminals too. 

Daniel Oldwolf has just started up his channel. Worth taking a look. He messaged me on Slaps via Distrokid

Singh is another that messaged me. His beats are fire. Take a listen to his ep.

I like what he did with the video. A good rap song. Also sent me a message. Has plenty of subscribers.

I am catching up with Westworld season 4. Set long after last season. Life is getting back to normal. It is a futuristic setting. Look at the advanced technology. William aka the Man In Black is wanting to buy a plot of land. The people at this cartel are resistant. Meanwhile living in the city is games developer Christina. Played by Evan Rachel Wood who looks hot as always. Maeve lives out in the countryside. Caleb is at home with his wife and kid. Works a 9-5. Some man is stalking Christine. The gang of men have arrived to kill Maeve. Great acting and effects. The soundtrack is always good. It could have been filmed during or just after the pandemic. You do see some people wearing masks. I saw that graffiti sign "My brain my choice" with Roe Vs Wade this might be relevant.

Thandiwe Newton, Jeffrey Wright, Tessa Thompson, Aaron Paul, Angela Sarafyan, Ed Harris. 

This fella goes around London. He has this friend who is carrying a can. Harassing women. Being embarrassing. Bothers random people. Wildboi is the black man with glasses. Not many want to talk to him. Another #metoo waiting to happen. 

A leftist no binary streamer They are watching a few videos. Some Christian is with his bible at a protest over abortion rights. The Bible is kicked about by these women then thrown in the toilet. He is right that they would not do it to the Quran. 

As it has been pointed out that Asians are generally antiblack. The Anti hate crime bill was made for them. Lauren Chen, Andy Ngo and Ian Michael Cheong need to be called out. 

Rightwingers really are delusional

I tried submitting something but then the list is filled up with a few questionable duets. Also some chat people reaction to foreign languages.

The Karens on Twitter really wanted to speak to the manager of Halifax. They need to calm down and not be triggered over pronouns.

Terrorist sympathisers are delusional

I went through shit as a teen. Other students made it difficult for me. All the negativity rubbed off onto me so I ended up with low esteem and lack of confidence. Things have changed however. This kid will have the last laugh. 

The white supremacists are pleased.

Check this out

It's unattractive because you don't understand any of it. 

A child of immigrants. Many can relate.


The prolife conservatives will be triggered. 

I thought All lives matter? Wanting to put other people at risk by not being vaccinated. 
The world needs Feminism. A real pick me and white supremacist. Ian Brown is in the comments. 

Mary Miller really went there. This is their final solution to the  great replacement theory. 


I have been earning a nice commission with the JavBucks affiliate program.

They offer a $100 bonus to your account if you make $200 in sales in July. 

They have CPS and Revshare models, accept all Geos, have live stats update, make payouts twice per month. The best part is that JavBucks has over 15 websites available from one affiliate profile.

I see some of the manosphere fans had entered the chat. Clearly tonedeaf. Impressive video. Subscribe to the channel. 

5 years on. Grenfell still matters. Russell Howard

Brilliant tweet. Triggered the prolife Klan. 
Go to Fanbase. 

Rebecca Hargraves and Jared Taylor really are white supremacist trash. 

Rightwingers getting their knickers in a twist. 

So the altright ass hat has no problem with racism. Some of his fanboys are here in the comments. Eric isn't black. Doesn't get called the slur but wants to use it. Nothing wrong with exposing the racists. Why be a soyboy and ignore them. The white supremacists play the victim when called out. This youtuber had his content stolen.

Alison Steinberg got her job at Oan by sucking a lot of dick. Stupid bitch.

This misogynblanc thing from Resisting Hate is not real. Still arguing on Twitter. 

Transwomen being restricted from women's sports

Fred is a magaturd. 

The people should not be on the road. They seem to surround the truck. The driver should wait for them to get out of the way.

She would also be against reparations for black people as would Greene and other rightwingers. This article talks about a bill for Native Americans. White Fragility, tonedeafness. Why Crt is needed. 

 Rail Strike and Mick Lynch

I went to see Jurassic World Dominion at the cinema. Starring
Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Sam Neill, DeWanda Wise, Mamoudou Athie, BD Wong, Omar Sy, Campbell Scott. This is the final film in the series. The cast from the original trilogy and recent actors are in this. This made reference to the original. Four years after the last film. Humans are having to coexist with the dinosaurs. It is definitely a post apocalyptic world. An interesting story. Claire and Owen are living out in the woods. Maisie is with them. Certain dinosaurs are being rescued from cruelty. It doesn't shy away from gruesome deaths. There is plenty of swearing. I noticed children in the theatre. They were accompanied by an adult. People did nip to the toilet. I wasn't sure if some had decided to leave. It is a cert 12A. Biosyn is another company dealing in genetics. Many groups have taken an interest in what the dinosaurs have to offer. Some men want to take Maisie away. A swarm of locusts have been attacking farms. Dr Sattler and Dr Grant have gone to the organisation to get evidence. Dr Malcolm has written another book and gives lectures at the facility. You have the ceo who has a likeness to Jobs and Gates. Bryce has fantastic breasts. The dinosaurs are great. There is a variety out there. Good cast of actors. The soundtrack can overwhelm the scene. There is a 007 Mission Impossible vibe. Worth taking a look. See the trivia. 

I am certain that the indiecat30 person is a rightwing troll. This tweet is from Tariqnasheed. He and his followers are prolife. People are talking about this Indiecat30 person on Twitter. Has been mentioned before. Some people are falling for it. The Conservatives have an excuse to take shots at liberals. 

Shannon Watts interview about abortion and gun control and these numbnuts leaving spam comments. 

Interesting opening statement from Preacher, Biggz, Maddy and Kevin.

White supremacists use that slogan for some reason. It is pointless. They were never All lives matter. 

This guy is most likely Fba ados. They are xenophobic. 

Carl Pukin of Florida is a white supremacist. The caucasity to question a black boy. Arguing with black women. Being a thug. Doing this on behalf of a white lady and her daughter. 

This person shows white fragility. Retweets something generalising black men. Retweets some right-winger. 

We all know that the rightwingers aka Antisjw white supremacists are constantly offended. Trying to cancel Ms Marvel, Black Panther, Shang Chi, Obiwan Kenobi, Captain Marvel. Real Karens and soyboys. Hurling about abuse at minorities but play the victim when challenged. Kerb stomp the fuckers.

When it comes to Kkkhristian the mother should have had an abortion. Klu Klux Karens

Two women involved in getting the white supremacists organised. The police should investigate. Crt is needed. #BlackLivesMatter  

Not sure why he is famous. They say romance is dead. 

White Parents Rallied to Chase a Black Educator Out of Town. Then, They Followed Her to the Next One.

Ezra Miller is on the run. In a flash he disappeared. Grooming and kidnapping of a minor. Now these allegations could just be rumours. He got into enough trouble. The film will still be released. Will Smith and Ray Fisher were punished for less. No one cares about his pronouns. 

 As Mikki Kendall pointed out a new scam.

Stop glamourising crime. White privilege. 

 This is some right-wing artist. Poor taste. White supremacist. 

Rwanda deportation

The sense of entitlement from the guy. Sydney Morning Herald. There is some tonedeaf reply in the thread from a rightwinger. Why Crt is needed.
Just antiblack.

Brilliant comic Mexi. There are those antisjw youtubers that constantly bash these shows. It is making them money whether they believe in those opinions or not.

The original Instagram post from a concerned student. A black girl wrote the slur on her white boyfriend's chest in a drinking game where they had to be offensive.

 Brilliant discussion.

The caucasity of the colonizer Karen. The idiot got it wrong in so many ways. Critical Race Theory is needed. Supposedly a Christian which by far are the worst. White supremacy does not belong. It is on par with paedophilia. 

You idiots call it woke as it isn't about a straight white male. Soyboys and Karens overreacting yet again.


Sam and the manager were having a Karen moment.

Rightwingers are playing the victim. Karma Police has arrived.

This white American is in India. In chat, what's with this npc nonsense? I would say most of the westerners are just disrespectful to Indians. The caucasity.

Tariq and his Karen followers are still anti lgbt. The Haitian woman was right though. 

As it has been said it doesn't fit the narrative of these antiblack Asians like Lauren Chen and Andy Ngo.

A bunch of cunts 

Isabella Riley is a grade A cunt. Pass it on. Ben Shapiro should be tending to his wife's DAP than worrying about what show is Woke. 

Whether these guys were trained they should not have gone to the Ukraine. 


Wear underwear

Good point

Though I will have helped a person with running an errand or lent money I am still owed. I need to remind them. I should be violent. Refuse to do anything else. Take what I want from them.

Congratulations to Rebel Wilson for coming out. 

Ms. Marvel: Created by Bisha K. Ali. Starring Iman Vellani, Matt Lintz, Zenobia Shroff, Yasmeen Fletcher. Set in New Jersey. Kamala Khan is a Pakistani teenager. Loves her comics, big fan of the Avengers. Starts off telling the audience about Endgame. She has a best friend Bruno who is tech savvy. This series and character has already triggered the white supremacists. They are just racists. Karens review bombingon Imdb. They did that to Captain Marvel. Representation matters. There is a lot going on visually. Good effects and animation. Imagine Scott Pilgrim Vs The World. I thought that she may have ADD or be on the spectrum. But anyway. Her parents are strict. I wonder about the mother's accent whether it is forced. You won't get stereotypes here. Quite a few Asian viewers have been able to relate to aspects of the show. Kamala eventually gets her powers. This is more for teen audiences. Stargirl, Hawkeye and Turning Red had an impact. Understanding some of the language spoken. Good soundtrack. Great cast. Liking all the culture. I did think Kamala as cute but a little annoying. Was hoping they weren't going to go with some love story. Looking to see who the enemy will be. Some scene where she put her stuff on the toilet floor. You need to take a look. I wasn't sure if I would stick with the series. There are plenty of nice comments. See the reactions from Blind Wave, Heroes Reforged and Liam Duke.  

Ignore the antisjw white supremacists review bombing. These Karens and soyboys are easily offended. It is pure racism. Like sheep they were influenced by the rightwing youtubers.

What exactly is going "woke" then? You people are triggered by Black and brown actors. The universe doesn't revolve around you. Calm down Karen.


See the twitter thread for more info. The gofundme to help her.

A few Fba idiots had to jump in. Good response to them.

LargeFriends - We specialize in helping Big Beautiful singles find their like-minded partners interested in dating!

 In an idyllic French Alpine village, a seemingly random collection of people find themselves in a state of confusion as they attempt to return to their homes. What they do not yet know is that they have been dead for several years, and no one is expecting them back. Buried secrets emerge as they grapple with this miraculous and sinister new reality, struggling to reintegrate with their families and past lovers. But it seems they are not the only ones back from the dead. Their arrival coincides with a series of gruesome murders that bear a chilling resemblance to the work of a serial killer from the past... Stars Anne Consigny, Frederic Pierrot, Clotilde Hesme.

I have started watching season 2 of Les Revenants aka The Returned. I watched season 1 many years ago on Channel 4. I may have started season 2 back then but did not finished. Had to see how it pans out. Essentially it is a French horror drama. Set in a small village. The deceased residents have returned. They don't realise that they are dead. Want to carry on with life as normal. Some found it hard to adapt. There are a variety of characters. There was some sex and nudity. It was a good show. A few main protagonists. A young boy that is quiet and creepy. There was a serial killer on the loose. A major confrontation between the residents. You might also like La Horde, District 9, Big Bug, L'Haine, Taxi. 

In the second series of the Emmy Award winning supernatural drama Six months have passed since the Returned disappeared into the mountains. Since then, nothing has been heard of them¦ What the living don't know is that the Returned have not gone away. Unable to leave the Valley, they sought refuge in an estate abandoned by its inhabitants, and are still holding Julie, Victor, Camille and Claire, who have had to get used to this refugee lifestyle. Rumours are circulating about the return of the dead, but the authorities don't take this seriously. Stars Anne Cosigny, Clotilde Hesme, Frederic Pierrot. French soundtrack, English subtitles.

I have just watched Moon Knight on Disney Plus. Marvel TV show starring Oscar Isaac. Started off in London. Steven works in a Museum. I wasn't convinced by his English accent at first. Maybe because of the writing or the stereotypes of the British character. He takes precautions every night. He often loses track of time. He suffers from a mental health disorder. His alter ego is Marc. A mercenary. You feel sorry for Steven. He is a loner. Treated like shit. He has this dream sequence which was interesting. Good special effects. Great actors. You might like the soundtrack. This is all influenced by Egyptian mythology. Ethan Hawke plays the villain. After this jewel. One of the cast passed away last year. I was never familiar with the character. I don't read the comics. Some of the trash rightwingers will perhaps slander the show. Then again they might not. You could make comparisons to The Mummy. Oscar did play Apocalypse in an Xmen film. This is more adult than other shows. I could look into trivia, backstories and reactions.


Jared Leto
Dr. Michael Morbius
Matt Smith

Adria Arjona
Martine Bancroft

Jared Harris
Dr. Emil Nicholas

Tyrese Gibson
Agent Simon Stroud

Al Madrigal
Agent Rodriguez
Michael Keaton
Adrian Toomes

Zaris-Angel Hator
Joe Ferrara
Bush Pilot (as Joe Ferrera)

Charlie Shotwell
Young Michael

Joseph Esson
Young Milo

I went to Cineworld to see Morbius. This film was meant to be released a year ago or more. The pandemic delayed things. I had seen the animated Spiderman in the 90s which features Morbius. Also this character was in a deleted scene of Blade. I would have expected to see Blade. Michael is a doctor, scientist. He has a disability. An illness that he wants to find a cure for. This is an origin story. During his childhood he is at this children's home/hospital in Greece. I was suprised at the location. I guess that it is a place for the rich. There he meets Lucian who is nicknamed Milo. Not sure why. They become best friends. Milo runs some sort of business. He is rich. He funds Michael's work. There is Emil who has been watching over them since the early days. Martine is a beautiful doctor. Works alongside Michael. Vampire bats were used for these experiments. Synthetic blood was created which had helped many patients. A formula which mixes bat and human dna is used. Morbius becomes a living vampire. Often finding that he is unable to control the beast. With the trailer they would have hidden certain details which you will find out during the movie. I wondered what the soundtrack would be like. Some people are giving it negative reviews. I see that they did give him a look similar to the comics. Apparently some things have been removed. Jared Leto is one handsome man. He has transformed his body depending on the film role. Great cast of actors. Matt Smith does good. I notice that he is asked from 1 to 10 how much pain he is in. He says 11. Has to be a nod to Doctor Who. Reference to Venom and Spiderman are made. I did predict what would happen to two characters. The Fbi are looking for the suspect as these bodies are turning up. Impressive special effects. It is a bugger if you are close to the screen. With the end credits it might trigger an epileptic attack. There are two mid credits scenes. None after the credits end. As people were posting all sorts I expected one. See the trivia and reaction channels. 

I watched a film on Netflix which I was convinced that I had seen before. I looked on my blog but didn't find the post. Ghosts Of War is a horror drama. Starting off in World War 2 as I understand it in rural Germany. These American soldiers are on a mission to get to a large mansion once occupied by the Nazis. It is haunted. I have seen a few war films which feature some monsters. A good cast of actors. Nice twist, effects, soundtrack. There is a message behind the film. Brenton Thwaites is the team leader. Billy Zane also stars and is producer. 
Brenton Thwaites as Chris
Kyle Gallner as Tappert
Alan Ritchson as Butchie
Theo Rossi as Kirk
Skylar Astin as Eugene
Billy Zane 
Shaun Toub 
Alexander Behrang Keshtkar 
Kaloyan Hristov 
Yanitsa Mihailova
Thank you for your service. 

That Madison Republican likes to wear lingerie. 

All I did was request a song. Can't even submit an unban request. The mods must be retarded. I did not press "follow" first. 

I decided to go to Leicester today. I saw the the next train would be at 11.30am so I had a while yet and went to the town centre to catch a bus. Went past this No2 bus which would take 40 to 50 minutes. I was waiting for the Skylink which never turned up. I had nipped into the shop to get some change. So having 15 mins left the next bus was due. It would take 30 minutes to get to Leicester. I headed for the train station and I knew that I would not make it in time. I should have ran faster. Maybe just waited at the bus stop. I went to the ticket machine which was out of order. This white guy with glasses took too long. The train had arrived and stood before leaving and the cunt wasn't even done yet. Now I have to wait some more for this next train. I could have just waited at home and caught the first train. I would head to Splash Sauna but first to Belgrave Road. Seems like a lot of hassle for sex and possibly a waste of time and money. Duality/99 Problems. 

I was waiting around deciding what to do. This black guy well mix raced asked me for money to get something to eat. I gave him a few bits. He did ask if I could make it £1. The audacity. I could have just said no. Which I should have done. I don't know if he is lying. I should have caught the taxi. Now I had to walk away from the station. I would have used a cash machine but don't want him seeing me. I was going to bring my jacket. Walking in the opposite direction to where I need to go. I passed him again. Anyway I felt a little guilty which I should not but felt sorry for him. I gave him £2 and hopefully that is that. I could have easily given someone else more. There are a few people homeless or just begging.
At Belgrave Road I went to Jalaram Sweet Shop. They work really hard. Seems that some folk don't know about social distancing, wearing masks or queuing. I let others go before me as I was still looking at the food. I bought Samosas and some other item. The street was busy. 
 I was at Splash. It was getting fairly busy. Some slim guy with blonde hair and beard seemed to watch me. There was this Norman Cook lookalike that I went into the room with. For some stupid reason the door was closed but didn't seem fully locked as a young guy with a beard pushed it open. You saw that it was closed. He or someone pushed it open again. I was barely able to get aroused. Anal did hurt. Some oral, Rimming and kissing beforehand. Norm mentioned something about Prep. Did he use a condom? He complimented my looks. Anyway later on the blonde haired chap with ear ring clears his throat he wanted me to join him in the room and does the same as he follows me. I ignored him. I should have politely declined or just tried again. I probably came off as rude. I may have done something with him before. I was looking at going to Club 29 which is for straight people where Splash is a gay venue. This is my final time. It really kills the mood. I could have had another attempt at the guttering. But when the weather is calmer. Otherwise it would have been the gym. I want to avoid paying for an escort. I might not get an erection. With Club 29 sometimes there aren't many if any women. It was busy an hour ago but was quiet when I rang up so didn't bother and am heading home. 

Why was I removed? I wasn't earning any commission from you faggots. 

A song that I selected was deleted from Khaleesima's playlist. It would have been fine. I could not choose my own video. 
I get some messages on Bandlab. Usually in the comments section. Some account that is on Instagram. Their Bandlab profile is suspended. I searched melodiesearz and this video was in the results. I am reminded of some people on Fiverr. https://www.reddit.com/r/soundcloud/comments/lbgd0s/possible_scam/

01164737824 Public Health rang me about the Covid vaccine, any side effects, problems with the Gp, symptoms and the certificate or insurance which I said no to and he hung up. An Asian accent. I am waiting for phone calls and it looked like a local number. I would not have answered otherwise. https://who-called.co.uk/Number/01164737824

It's you're. There is no such thing as race baiting. Either way you are fragile. 
Critical Race Theory is needed. The ones opposed to this have stories that they are trying to hide. 

I had this sex toy from Best Vibes. I have charged it for a few hours yet it doesn't work. It is brand new. I signed up for Citrus3 which allows you to set up a radio station. I can't even log on. It is a payment subscription. 

I linked a clip from this stream. But the Mod deleted it and put me on time out. Must be a bot. A fag. Weed Shop 3. Why on Earth would anyone want to do drugs let alone play a game about it? 

I unfollowed a few streamers. One that takes song requests, posting a Spotify link but doesn't say when it will play or if it was accepted. 

Fascinating and sad regarding the grandma. Brilliantly answered by the Muslim gentleman. Also a parody which describes antisjw youtubers in a nutshell. Like that fat redhead with glasses, the bearded guy with glasses Jeremy, the one idiot that uses Woke an insult, the Chinese Canadian degenerate, Yellowfag etc. 

Dontai takes song requests too. Someone possibly a mod or one of his friends is skipping a song. What is the point? Unfair on the viewers. You have to be a subscriber to choose a song. I gifted someone a sub however they can't pick a song. If it is the same person. This probably someone different. The mod just promoted the skipped song so it plays next. Look back hours later to find that the stream crashed so most songs didn't play. Then here you can redeem points and request a song. But it doesn't allow me to. I have enough.

I tried the Fleshlight toy and it does work now. 

Well she deserved it. But we know that people will come to her rescue and make the black teen look like the villain. White supremacists staying on code.

Not all heroes wear capes

The people that vilified Biles will be supporting Garfield. 

I tried to do the guttering. But because of the gust of wind. I felt fear. I didn't want a repeat of last time. So I packed everything up. I mean it is calm enough and I should just carry on. Not as bad as before. I'm just being a pussy. I am usually working when it is calm and sunny. The neighbour's brother in law will need the ladder back sometime. My brother won't be available to help. If I hire someone then I have to consider their safety. It is mild. I should get back out there. I am disappointed, I could have got so much done. It will be rain on a day. I didn't book anyone for the roofing. I used my vibrating toy. It is a weird sensation when it rotates. Having to work out the controls. 

Avoid sending messages as I will not respond. I don't have messenger. This is on Facebook. From the pages that I run. One from Sarah and another from Curtis. 

I am using this equipment that has a triceps dip part and lat pull up section. Pretty much for one person. This black guy was using the otherside whilst I had been using it. He didn't even ask me. I noticed some red dots on the plastered ceiling. I checked for any leaks. Nothing. 

People in the comments are triggered and want to speak to your manager. Being an agent of white supremacy helps them apparently. The only good video in that channel. 

Cynthia G wants to be the next Candace Owens, an agent of white supremacy. 

The caucasity. Sage Steele continues to be a coon.

Some might say that the rightwingers are taking advantage of Elon Musk who is on the Autism spectrum. Then there is the fact that he is a white South African born during apartheid. It is just white privilege. None of the issues or the offensive jokes will bother him. Netflix pulling the plug on some shows, one being a Meghan Markle animation and the misogynoir crowd are gleeful on Twitter. 

So a few hours later we finally got the segment about Fresh N Fit vs Pokimane. Shark3ozero does ramble about some nonsense. His mods are somewhat weird, a few of his Discord members are retarded.  

These people are stupid.
Only viewed and gave a like because of the ass. 

This comment makes no sense. 

Guy in the comments is a white supremacist. 
Larry Elder is a moron like Sage Steele. 

White supremacist living in denial. Which is why Crt is needed. 

This Missgamer seems like an asshat. There is a songlist. It is labelled as a queue. There is always a Karen in the chat. Good thing that streamer corrected her. What I would have said would get me banned. Anyway I can pick a song to fuck her off. Block her. Throwing out unnecessary phrases. This chap seems friendly. Somewhat loud. UK streamer. Seems like some of the players were bothering him. My song Woke As Fuck irritated him a little. He doesn't recognise The Batman theme. I will definitely unfollow. Got what I wanted. 

I did get the guttering done. Thought about putting more black tape above the bathroom window and the gutter at the front. But used sealant and left it. Now felt that I should add it. That means that I would have to pick another day when it is dry and calm. Otherwise I could just say fuck it and leave it. I should have just gone to B&q and finished it once and for all. It has started raining. 

I tried to do more with the guttering which was pointless. I had already completed it yesterday. The tape that I would use was to cover some areas. I wasn't feeling it. It was bugging me through the day. I picked up the wrong type. Use a bit of one roll. The other is untouched. I should have gone to B&q. The ladder was just being awkward trying to get it secure. The Gorilla tape isn't very sticky. I wasted time and money going into Wilkos and attempting this shit. I will get a refund. I locked up the ladder and handed back the keys. I am done. 

I had this dream where I in a scene I would be watching a Khaleesima stream. She was reacting to a Game Of Thrones episode. She was sat in the room.. A few chairs were out. In the back was a woman with glasses. Near the front was a disabled woman and on the other side was another pensioner. Both were her grandmothers. One had this poster and it had a picture of the grandfather when he was young. He was in a rock band. He is also sat in this room. Later on in a different scene there were these two mature men. One wearing glasses with longer hair and the other I would say was slightly younger. One had a job at a factory that I was familiar with. I was walking through the town with Khaleesima and I asked about GOT. It was almost the finale. She was currently watching some docu-drama featuring a strange big black man. Some weird stuff. As we approached her apartment the two mature men were harassing her and so I had to step in. One would put his hand on her shoulder so I had to move it away. She clearly wasn't comfortable. The fella with the glasses had a packet of condoms. He was definitely wanting to do something with Khal. We enter the building and the men are lingering. I say to her "until we meet again in the future" She seemed to tear up and did ask for my number. I said that I had her contact details somewhere and would send mine. I had a conversation with the men. That's when I was told about his job. In another scene I was dealing with a customer and I thought that I had overcharged him but there were items that a I had not scanned. A few jugs of orange juice, some other soft drinks in bottles. The supervisor was at the till next to me and mentioned the third one being there for situations like this when a queue was forming. The Batman theme by Michael Giacchino was playing in the background. In a previous dream I had gone swimming. Getting in to the building and to the pool itself was weird. Definitely like a labyrinth. 

Paul is a known White supremacist piece of shit. 

 Acknowledging poc is a little bit of woke? Only White supremacists are triggered. How fragile must you be?

 This is a dumb take from a white woman.

The rightwingers have an agenda regarding the incident. 

This is on point....


Both Matt Gaetz and Will Chamberlain are absolute clowns. 

Halifax Bank still sending letters regarding the account to my father who has been dead for 32 years. My brother needing documents to provide proof. I am sure that sort of thing was happening a decade or more ago.

White supremacist Karens   

Martinez is a clown. You can see some more misogynoir tweets. 

So Kevin Samuels has died then. See the different opinions.

This is a Dutch woman, a Twitch streamer. Cycling across the UK.

I have started watching Comedy Drama series Russian Doll. Showing on Netflix. I assumed the episode to be longer. Set in New York. Starring: Natasha Lyonne; Greta Lee; Yul Vazquez; Elizabeth Ashley; Charlie Barnett; Chloรซ Sevigny.

Natasha is also creator and producer. Last thing that I saw her in was the American Pie films. She is a talented actress. Nadia is a video games developer attending a birthday party. She would diea at some point in the night and relive the same day. Looking at the people I can assume them to be liberals, artists. The costume and props department will have had fun with this. You are on the edge of your seat as you don't know how she get struck down. When making these time loop stories the actors would have done alot, sometimes repeating lines. Her cat Oatmeal is missing. There are a bunch of eclectic characters. I like the soundtrack. Some of the dialogue is weird. I personally believe that she is in purgatory. A clever show. Plenty of visual clues. Season 1 is straightforward. Season 2 takes a weird turn. I will have to look at theories and explanations about the show. Great cast of actors. Worth checking out. You might have already seen Final Destination, Happy Death Day, Edge Of Tomorrow, Boss Level, Inside Llewyn Davis, Groundhog Day, Lost.

Why are all these videos popping up when the film has only been released a day so far?

I use Epidemicsound for copyright free music. I have made remixes but having seen info on their site I would have to pull my music. What would be the point in the stems? We do not offer any licenses allowing you to distribute our music in the form of covers or remixes. The intended use of our music is to supplement audiovisual or podcast content for creators, and not to be published for music listening purposes or to create new music listening experiences based on our music.

White supremacist


Pick Me

The water leaking through the window sill again. So Tony was absolutely useless. I should have got the flash tape and used more in the guttering. Especially on that Bank Holiday Monday. Now I will have to go back on the ladder. Wait for when it is dry and calm. 

Is this guy a Conservative? Perhaps more like Candace Owens.  

On Tiktok. With comment not available. They just deleted it as if nothing happened. No apology. White Fragility. They don't like accountability.  

I only followed this guy to make a song request. My new song was playing. Barely a minute passed and the cunt skips it. I will request something else and unfollow.

Now that Kevin Samuels has passed. The guy was tone policing the black girl. Giving that not all white people.

I am seeing various videos from antisjw "Sam elliot destroys woke Hollywood" these asshats don't know what woke is. Celebrities are often misquoted. It is all clickbait. I guess no one really understands what woke is. I look at this guy's other videos and he trashes Eternals. Nothing wrong with diversity or representation. People just start to go into Karen mode if it's not about straight white males. Then his opinion about Moonlight, 12 Years A Slave, Parasite seems to be a little sus. He follows a variety of people on Twitter. A few white supremacists. So some of his critiques will be race based.

Guttering finally finished. No more talk. 

You know that the person is an idiot when they start using woke as an insult.

Feminists are real women too. How dumb are you?

This woman is a white supremacist. Someone pointed out that this is a misleading tweet. The video has nothing to do with her. The idiots in the replies believe her. Others are calling her out. 

I chose my new song to be played. He was curious about the title. Went to look at the video itself. In a way it is played on his stream. I don't have to follow these people. Take song requests but then mess about.

I was on my way to the cinema when the Indian guy with the stroller asks me to pick up a packet of cigarettes. I went to the shop across the road. They didn't have his first choice. I went to tell him. Went back for another and was going to use card but it is cash only. I went to the shop down the road and it cost £13.80. I told him that I can't keep doing this. He is adding it to the tab. What should happen is that I just have to say no. He is out why the fuck doesn't he get it. I don't smoke so it isn't my problem. He still owes me money so no more favours. Takes the piss. My time is being wasted as is my money. I left early to get to the cinema on time.

I went to see Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness. J18 was the seat, screen 8. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Elizabeth Olsen, Benedict Wong, Xochitl Gomez, Rachel McAdams, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Stuhlbarg. There are many more actors but you will have to see the film. The film had only been out a few days and people were posting spoilers on YouTube. Taking place after No Way Home. Also events from Doctor Strange and Wandavision are referenced. The multiverse is real. I can assume that you have been watching all the Marvel films and shows. Stephen has been attending the wedding of Christine. Meanwhile these creatures have been after America Chavez. She is quite cute. She has powers. Has the ability to move between universes. Wanda has been using the Darkhold. She wants to be reunited with her children. She is badass. America's powers will help Wanda. Stephen wants to protect the kid. They are sent to various locations. As this film is directed by Sam Raimi there is more horror. Expect some cameos. Which leads to the end credits scene just being there for humour. So you don't need to stay in the cinema for that. There is a post credits scene. So I guess there is a third film. I am wondering when Loki, Hawkeye, Captain America films will appear. I am going to see Thor: Love And Thunder. There is still a Guardians Of The Galaxy sequel to be made. I was reminded of What If. Elizabeth is hot in that Scarlet Witch outfit. Benedict and Elizabeth have been killing it. The mole on Rachel's face is bothersome. Good effects. No doubt the antisjw bellends will be triggered by something. I should not mention them as they are irrelevant. Interesting soundtrack. I will look at trivia and discussions. There are the usual reaction channels that will see this. 

Congratulations to the actor getting the role. The antisjw white supremacists will be triggered. They are being called out.

Looking at the comments section from Sex Education episodes there is a lot of love for him.  

Tariq Nasheed simping for Kevin Samuels. This woman is not a Liberal. An asshat for sure. Her account no longer exists. If she deleted it without an apology or it was mass reported. 

She did apologise. 
Quite a few white women have mentioned black men regarding this abortion ban. Then you get rightwingers hypocrites going on about the tolerant left. We should just leave the antiblackness to you.

Kevin Samuels and Cynthia G both enjoyed dating white people and would bash black people. On the same team as Candace Owens.

It is just a movie. They will have to move on.

I put in my username in Twitter search and found this...

Dave Rubin is another white supremacist fag

Becky is just a dumb white supremacist. Has an agenda of her own.

The irony of Crowder calling "Commies" racist.

I can see why the Rumble snowflakes made this ad free.

This aged well

Fuslie confessing to have stolen from shops. Nowadays she has stolen hearts. I went to a similar phrase. Took something from a shop. Stupid really. Even small items from school but was caught. I don't know why I did it. I would not recommend it.

Trumptards are triggered.

So the roofing company are coming around to give a quote. The leak from the window sill still happened. I won't just agree to any price. He gave a bigger price than I had from Probuild. He seemed adament to get it done tomorrow. All the verge needs doing. Have that who gutter sealed up. I won't have enough money straight away. I don't know what he would say if I called later on. Hoping that I am not wasting his time. Should not have bothered contacting these companies. Pissed me off. Just wanted a quote. I will just leave it. I can move out of the house. The guttering is the only issue. Has put me off. I am at work the next day and he wanted to do it then. He said that I would not get a cheaper price. But I did. He seemed rude. Spoke to me like I was an idiot. Did you not read the email? Royal Roofing Leicester. It is going to rain next week and I would have booked someone then. I could have just taken the guy's offer. My mum would not be much use. Either asleep, going out. One of my brothers would need to be in. I created a problem that isn't even there. I have been working since the early morning and not had any sleep since coming back. I will end up clearing the guttering and maybe applying the sealant. I still have more flashband and could use it up. I could ask these companies back during the end of the month. Getting a company to do the guttering and then Probuild to do the other will cost more in the long run. Looks like some of it is unnecessary work. The water dropping from the bottom could just be a result of the rain missing the guttering and hitting the outside running down. So what the fuck was the sealant that I had used before? 

I see that Claire had this timer on. I assumed it to lead to a private show. But anyway some good music plays in background. Hear her speaking French. Nice tits.

At the barbers and the guy cutting my hair didn't leave much of a fringe that I asked. Trimmed my eyebrows. Even nose hairs when there is no point and just seemed weird. 

Rip Fred Ward, an actor that was in a variety of films. I remember him from Tremors.

Tracey made false antisemitism claims and is now paying the price. Corbyn should sue her, Rachel Riley, Frances Barber, David Baddiel.

Mal is talking out of his arse. They never told the truth, dickhead. Spread racial hatred. He was getting ratioed. I reported his tweet. Also Elon is a bellend for bringing back Trump as he was also spreading hate and misinformation. She was trending because of the libel case. Now some others may be sued.


They hated Brie Larson as she said something positive about diversity. That's why the rightwingers were trashing Captain Marvel. 

This person is a Trump supporter. She is a teenager.

Would not be long before some white supremacist Karen starts making excuses. There is no black supremacy. All white supremacists are the same. Stop victim blaming. The rightwingers are guilty. There is no replacement. The caucasity to say that. Ask the Native Indigenous people how they feel. Comparison to Dylan Roof and Kyle Rittenhouse will be made. Some idiots start bringing up black shooters in the replies to Tariq Nasheed. This is whataboutism. Making excuses. Deflection from the real issues. Where was he radicalised? I expect the White Christian community to come out and condemn his actions. He wasn't named during the incident. He has now though. Influenced by the Christchurch shooting. The #alllivesmatter and Prolife crowd will be quiet. Why Crt is needed. #BlackLivesMatter 

This clown on Twitter putting out false information. 

Greg and friends exposed

Mark with his shit whataboutism take. White supremacist trying to deflect. 

The timeline of these two are a barrel of laughs. They were cunts for blocking me. 

Jordan Peterson the degenerate fag plays the victim after insulting some woman. 

Many more victims will be named. John is a bellend.

He is a Biracial white supremacist. Clayton Bigsby's grandson. The shooter is Asian and a white supremacist too.


Terry is an idiot. They are the same. 

The 911 responder asking why the caller was whispering. Did you not understand or hear what they were saying? Hanging up on the caller. 

There are some dumb tweets in this thread. Her white boyfriend has nothing to do with it. Why would this other lady have to stay off this topic? 

What is wrong with her? Just you dumbass.

Brett is there to radicalise the young teens into becoming like the Buffalo shooter. 

The Great Replacement Theory is not woke. 

Tucker is doubling down on his comments. Pitiful. 

I didn't know this about Kirachats.


Don't wanna be an American idiot 

I won't be mentioning these asshats on here again. I stand with the people of Buffalo
Buffalo Community Fridge are taking donations Community fridge and little free pantry outside building, accessible 24/7. We accept bottled water, dairy products, and any non-alcoholic beverages. We especially encourage fresh produce, baby food, yogurt, canned goods, nonperishable items like pasta and rice, bread, and prepared meals that are labelled with dish name and cooking date. We do not accept raw meat, fresh seafood or opened/unlabelled foods.

We prefer that community members donate directly to the fridge, but monetary donations can also be sent to @bflocommunityfridge via Venmo. 

Buffalo Community Fridge
257 East Ferry Street
Buffalo, NY - 14208
Phone: (610) 457-3859

Seeing how people donated to Ukraine, you will see the difference in how they respond to Buffalo. See if Antonio Brown has changed his tune. Payton Gendron is a cunt and deserves the death penalty. Some sort of agenda here

With thieves, fraudsters, drug dealers, rapists, paedophiles, murderers and underneath them all is the white supremacist/Conservatives/nationalist/Republicans/neo-nazis. 

Once again people on social media will make excuses for the gunman. Gun control needs to happen. 

Fuck Alex Jones and his soyboy lover Paul Joseph Watson. 

These songs are always relevant. Make sure to play them. 

Corey Taylor has a mental health charity for the military and emergency services. 

I tried sorting the guttering again after work. I should have tried to peel off the old tape as it seemed loose. The part near the pipe needed filling. I could have gone to pick up more sealant or liquid lining. Just dealt with it then. The storm has arrived. I had plenty of time and money to get the roofing sorted. I faffed about. It was whether I trusted Probuild just looking at the forum chat. I should just ignore it. If I made sure not to overspend or was paid back the money owed I could have paid Royal Roofing a few days ago. If I was going to go with the cheaper option then why ring another company? Relates to the earlier point. I even felt that I would end up using poppers again. 

I am typing this at the gym which distracted me from training. Any thoughts that I have I can note. But should get on with what I came for. The guttering and roofing should not be my problem. Neither should I have to deal with it. As I want to find a new place to live. I thought that I saw this guy using two machines which are similar. I was going to use the rowing machine but these girls were training near it. Practically taking up space. Some other guy was on it. I took a while and the power plate was being used. I took another direction when leaving the gym as a woman was going the same way

Regarding The Scarlet Witch. Youtuber Eman did describe Wanda as the ultimate Karen. She caused all this chaos in Wandavision, walks away and lives in a nice house. Kills so many people in the Multiverse and destroys herself. Sounds about White. 

Meghan Kelly is antiblack. So is this doofus in the comments with his whataboutism.

 Tucker will play the victim. He was guilty of pushing that theory. Acting up.

Ending it there.

TYT on Twitch Glenn is an asshat. Playing the victim.  Shapiro is a white supremacist. These people moan about Crt and Blm but dismiss these incidents. 

That Bowl guy definitely was supporting the Buffalo shooter. Just another dumb white supremacist. Black people have been in Doctor Who even in the classic era. Simply is a Karen.

  Narrator: "It was terrorism and murder" Those people in Discord, on 4chan and Twitch livestream are complicit. Some guy questioning whether he is a white supremacist for having a problem with Eskimos. Whether it was a hypothetical question. Yes it does. Stefanik still defends what she said. White woman crocodile tears, playing the victim. She encouraged people to join the insurrection. 

Cara Delevingne also needs to respect black women's boundaries. It is like the white folk that touch black hair. Melania being asked about the Vogue cover. It is a business and thy decide who the feature. Shapiro the Jewish rightwinger is making excuses for the white supremacists. A Karen is suing her son's school for teaching Crt. Apparently he won't do his chores. Dumb cunt, you're kid is lazy and you being a bad parent. He will eventually shoot up his school. Her son is mixed race. She sees black men as a fetish. So the mother has Native Indigenous blood? I feel that the story being told on Fox might just be bullshit. Find out more about these topics on this channel.

I was thinking that I would still have to apply the liquid lining meaning that I could have got up there yesterday. Or will have to go back on the ladders later. I should just call a professional. The other jobs that need doing can wait. The Antisjws are already upset at the new Doctor so they will flip over the news about the companion.

I get this message on Instagram. What kind of fuckery is this? 

Some men will be triggered. Those antisjw youtubers. Other guys will look at She-Hulk like they did with Lady D. 

The antisjw colonizers will moan. Good. Actual Americans featured in the film. 
Like this moron.... 

White supremacist sick fucks

What people knew about Elon

It's all about the Benjamins

This Jlongbone person is very much a coon.

She also had the audacity to comment on the Sports Illustrated Model, ironic considering her body shape. Making excuses for White supremacists. 

When it comes to a bill helping with gas prices and baby formula the Republicans voted against it. Yet want any excuse to blame Biden.


Need Twitch & YouTube-Safe Music?

Very professional interview. Boyfriends performance was excellent. 

Harry Styles album Harry's House available now

Pick mes and some men victim blaming. It is the fault of the guy being a stalker.

Like this crypto misogynist

Or this dumbass. She wasn't leading him on.

There is no race card to be pulled. The antiblackness from Karen and other idiot a coon most likely. It was specifically about Black women. Karen had to make it about her. An Onlyfans model. A pick me. Rightwingers definitely. Misogynoir. These tweets get quite a few likes. I reported them. 


And your point is? It was a fun comment. Fuck this guy. Whilst the Republicans, Conservatives and white supremacists simp for a terrorist. Good people do this.

The white supremacists with tiny dicks are triggered by Ash. Some morons will like their ignorant tweets.  Take this retarded faggot for example. Blm was never a hustle, some woman seems to defend this author, he claims to know more than Ash.

Elon claiming the Democrats being divisive and hateful makes him look like a bigger bellend than he already is. Irony is he will vote for the Republicans. His followers are stupid. 

An Academy member, a Republican. Those people that were vocal about Will Smith are going to be pretty quiet. Liberals have nothing to do with it. This guy is a Conservative. Says more about your kind.

This white man was born and raised in Ghana. Hard to make out what he says. It has some Americans triggered.

Kevonstage posted this. See the comments.


What a shot

Good thing that Jacky isn't in charge. She is irresponsible.

Irony of her saying that it should not be blamed on a person's skin colour when she is doing exactly that. She is a white supremacist. A terrorist sympathiser. Making excuses and deflecting.

This is an Indian metal band. Great songs. Check out their album.

I see that this is new. I tried leaving affiliate links on various videos which were related but it would get removed. 

Scott isn't Indian. There aren't many castes. Marry whoever they want. No such thing as honour killings. I reported the comment. Got a like from the video owner. They seem decent enough.

The guy in the replies assuming that they didn't work for it. He is antiblack. He retweets Elon Musk and Tim Pool. Bellend

Pocahontas is being used as a slur by the white supremacists against Elizabeth Warren. The Indigenous people aren't happy. Karen below is a college instructor. A few more people popping up in the timeline. Why are you triggered over cancelling student debt? Clowns need Crt.

Maga Karen created this meme.

Then another white supremacist puts this up. Construction design consultant. It is racist. These people really are a threat to bipoc. I am reporting them. 

I immediately thought what the fuck. 

I did see a fox down my street this morning. 

This man is on fire. The rightwingers will be triggered. Better comedian than Isaac Butterface and Stephen Clamchowder. 

Rightwingers are offended over everything and claim to be right about everything. Something Crowder fails to get. These people were never on your side. 

White South African clown sees himself as superior. Urinating on a black student's laptop. Took place in Africa. White supremacy is a global problem. The parents want to meet. Make some excuses as some will do. 

Robert doesn't have all the facts. Cares more about the terrorist's parents than the victims. His tweet got likes. White supremacy. 

White supremacist in black people's business. Gets ratioed.  

Bus driver Karen

Karen and her followers have asked to speak to the manager. Tariq and his followers were somehow slandering the black woman.

I don't really need to do anything with the roof and guttering. I had been gym in the morning. I could have gone on the ladder and applied lining. Maybe call a company to book. Eventually call a plumber for the boiler though there really isn't a problem with it. Just issues created where there are none. These people themselves should deal with it. I am not wasting my money. I was looking at places to rent. Don't want house share. Have to take in council tax too. I should have just called someone months ago and booked them in to do the full job. I have wasted their time and my own. 

 Double Toasted looking at news about a black woman biting a Lyft driver and another became violent because the boyfriend would not give her oral sex. The misogynoir does come out. Kevin Samuels is smiling and looking up from Hell.   

Always some Wanker bringing up pc or woke

The reactions will be different. Mental health is being brought up. They won't be defending him like they did with the white supremacist in Buffalo.  Gun control or better yet take all their guns. 

Ingraham is a white supremacist.

 Would not be long. 

A non profit account for Veterans. Also this... 

It is about race. 

Lynn should shut up. All mass shootings don't need to be mentioned. Stop with the All lives matter bullshit. There is no lying narrative just what you are pushing. 

I did see a former manager and his wife at the gym. I didn't say anything to them. A few fine women working out. I went to sleep. I could have done some things and called people. Yet I still can. I wondered how Royal Roofing will react especially as I didn't go with their plan. Can't pressure me and then get butthurt. White Fragility. I emailed one company and no reply. Just messaged another. Time is being wasted. I got a message back but I seems useless. Quote for one job at min £250. Then when inspecting the roof he would go from there. Doesn't look promising. I could be charged alot. I am having to resort to lining the guttering myself. Some nonsense about not leaning the ladders against the windows. As I am covering the whole area how the fuck am I supposed to reach? I can reach as far to the top and then it does end up leaning on the window. Advised on hooking the ladder onto the gutter. You aren't supposed to lean against it as it won't be stable. I am trying to paint the thing. I could just leave this and call a professional to sort it and then have the roofing at a later date. There are no more leaks. I had done alot. Plus I don't want to go back up there. It is supposed to rain next week. I have not got up and gone to get any sealant and brushes as I would start it early in the morning. Not finding reviews or Trust A Trader for Probuild. They have a few contractors around the area. What almost put me off was this forum. They are trying to save money but are OK with paying even more than I have been quoted. Some sceptism from individuals. Looking up the owner.

I have looked at the addresses listed on the website and leads me to weird stuff. One of the businesses. Probably the website creators.

They are a Birmingham company that outsource work or will travel. Some reviews here. I could have picked something up on the way from work. Maybe started working on the gutters. Plenty of time to have picked up the products. I have left it till late. So I might just go gym. I would have done something productive. It just puts me off dwelling on all this nonsense. Though I couldn't be arsed. I would have more energy tomorrow. Save money by doing the guttering myself. I would end up paying more if I had hired someone for one job and then for the other next month. I am wasting my time. If I don't go gym then I will end up doing nothing. Then start doing the guttering late. Should have sorted it months ago. I woke up early and as I didn't have the sealant which I would have started applying. I should be handing the key back to the neighbour. I could start it later in the day. If I was determined then an early start was the right thing. Go to the gym instead but in the early hours. I might not be arsed now. Everything is open. I should have just collected the items yesterday and got up at 6am to seal the gutters. It was on my mind during work. This stuff distracted me and slows me down. I found more companies on Checkatrade. Ought to have gone there first. 

I no longer give a fuck. Waste of time and money. I may order poppers again when I am supposed to stop altogether. I won't have much money left for the month as I helped a family member out. I am subscribed to things which I should cancel. I might not get a chance to move out. I could have gone swimming. 

Had the children been black the police would have gone into the school and shot the kids themselves. Fuck the US Constitution.
Has nothing to do with Blm or leftist. She is reaching.

White supremacist Karen. They still haven't had reparations. Denise Simonu of New Hampshire. 

Stranger Things season 4. The long awaited scifi horror is back. The cast are very much older. They have had various films and TV roles. There is a short recap. This episode established where they all are. There is a flashback sequence. 1986 and the characters have come back to Hawkins. Those that had left last season that is. The basketball competition is almost at an end. Mike and gang would be playing D&D. Lucas has to play basketball as it is the finals. They need to convince the leader of the Hellfire Club to reschedule. The actor reminded me of a young Robert Downey Jr. He could play another version of Tony Stark. Dustin is still in touch with his girlfriend who can hack a computer. Max is going through some trauma. Hopper has sent a package to Joyce. Eleven and Will are at college together. She has to face these bullies. The older cast that were teens are dealing with issues. Jonathan over in California. Nancy is a reporter. Robin is in a brass band. Steve works at a video store. There is Chrissy that has gifts and is connected to the Upside Down. The main villain is probably the king of that realm. I understand this to be the final season. Showing on Netflix now. 

Millie Bobby Brown, Eduardo Franco, Priah Ferguson, Sadie Sink, Maya Hawke, Joe Keery, Noah Schnapp, Charlie Heaton, Natalia Dyer, David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard, Caleb McLaughlin, Gaten Matarazzo, Joseph Quinn, Winona Ryder. 

I bet that he was prolife. 

I seemed to have triggered Sean of Probuild. Asked him about the address and mentioned other repairs. They must be contractors though I couldn't find much. I could tell him that and it will wind him up. I only asked a fucking question. The white fragility is real. 

"No Sir we do not join these paid for platforms such as checkatrade, they charge to bring customers and then to my knowledge you the customer gets to submit a review, though the tradesmen get forms for customers to fill out, they send off the good ones and leave out the bad ones, that’s why they all have pretty much 10/10 so if you more value in those of course use them, it’s all manipulated, the likes of checkatrade profit from the traders not you the customer so who do you think they would favour. We have our own customer base built up over a long period of time plus direct genuine marketing. You mentioned website addresses, what is the question?

The ridge would be repointed as standard in refitting/replacing the tile, the verge again was included with the tile in the particular area, that is considered one repair, the underfelt I can’t remember but I thought it was in two areas not three? Each area is considered a separate repair but I may have just included the additional area as part of option 2. The loose flashing is an additional repair but did these guys go on the roof? Or view the flashing from ground level?


Well Royal Roofing tried ringing me. I was at work. I said to text or email back. I got it wrong regarding the chimney. Nothing needs doing. Spotted some other issue with the under felt. Annoyed at finding the boiler turned down as it does get cold in the night.  

I noticed a droplet of water. Part of the window sill is damp. We'll that didn't last. I should have lined the guttering on Sunday. If I had replaced the flashing. I had to coat the upper and underside. The product stronger than Bitumen. That part done by Tony was wet. Use a professional or get up and do it when it was dry. Pisses me off that I leave it till late for shit like this to happen. As I had been monitoring the weather and told the company when I am off. I ought to have rung the company to organise a date. There are two days of rain where it will have a high chance of showers. I will need to wait for it to dry out. I was waiting for that to happen today. Pete at Royal Roofing Leicester if he tries to pressure me into another day or charges me more then I will have to use someone else. Sean of Probuild already takes the piss by limiting the amount of repairs for the roof overhaul at £400. Then charges £75 extra if you need something else doing. I might just have to ring more companies. 

No more talk. More action. 

These white supremacists are getting brave. Some asshat in the replies is tonedeaf. White supremacist Karen at it again.

Johnny Young likes cock. He will be in heaven in prison. He is a white supremacist terrorist. The world needs Feminism. 

Those black men are probably part of the Fba cult have a sense of entitlement. Those men dragging her date white women anyway. Ever since Kevin Samuels passed they have lost their minds. 


People seem to think that it was karma. No it isn't.
Why bring up the posts of a grieving father? He was Pro gun and supported Kyle Rittenhouse. People are calling this tweeter out. It will be reported.
There are no dumb woke politics. You clearly are a white supremacist. 
This dumbass is race baiting. 

Alfred the man they have been talking about.

There are more important things happening in the world. Fighting white supremacy, abortion rights, lgbt, wars in Ukraine and Palestine and more. 

Kayla is a weird bigot as is her boyfriend. 

They don't. 

Alex is a Karen. The media aren't to blame. 
This idiot Alex is a rightwinger. Clearly the media aren't responsible. It's people like him that are alongside the gunmen, progun people and the nra. Plenty are calling him out on this. 
Rivers Run Red - Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen

Photographer Karen gets called out

Boebert is retarded. As is the rightwinger in the comments. 

I get a message on WhatsApp from this business. I didn't ask for it nor am I interested. 
"Dear , how are you, we have a lot of new products, 23% discount, selling sneakers and more, welcome to save the website and watch https://www.uusoccer.ru/."
I am reporting and blocking it. 

These people are supposedly pro life. 

Black people have been trying to tell others about the Racism that they face. The clowns sending the messages probably are All lives matter types. Especially with what happened in Buffalo. These people would carry out more attacks. 

Sydney Watson was clearly lying about being sexually assaulted. Just a racist and islamaphobic move. This Terf no doubt follows white supremacists on Twitter. She needs a slap. Karen. 

Skip to 1:20:27 for the interesting part. 

Proud Boys are terrorists. The guy in the comments is fragile. Never owned a business. Dipshit thinks it makes him clever by commenting. 

Got in contact with Royal Roofing and probably will give another quote. Come out to have a look on the day when I would like it mended then. Better not charge me more or I will have to cancel or have half of the work done. Better do the job properly and be trustworthy. 

This might be false. What narrative? See how the white supremacists react. They won't be making excuses. Making it about race. 

He could have seen another doctor. Perhaps got something for the pain. See if mental health is used. No doubt Blm or Antifa gets the blame. 

He needs Crt and lgbt history books. 

India has always existed. It was still there under British rule. 

Emily is a rightwing dumbass. No one looks up to either. Both born into white privilege. Bolu coming into defend Kim saying that she works. There will those morons agreeing with them. Piers Morgan being irrelevant as usual. Still pining for Meghan Markle. Her dad is a twat for bashing his own daughter. 

Always some white supremacist in the comments section. Looking like a retard. Blm has nothing to do with it. Another person wants to make it about race and white people. Why would it matter if he was a Haitian immigrant? The Fba folk acting like the white supremacists. 

A bunch of soyboys and Karens that were never really fans. The universe doesn't revolve around them.
Pete from Royal Roofing came round about the quote and what day he can do it. I had already told him about the 14th June. Just reiterated my point about having a look at the inside of the attic. Why disturb me? Just ring up. 

What absolute melts these rightwingers are. Making stories up. Caring more about statues than humans. Getting offended over nothing. 

There are alot of non black people who aren't racist. Paris Milan and Cynthia G need to see this.
The people spoken about are very much like Candace Owens.

Scream 5 released in 2022. Starring a mixed cast.  New actors and some from previous films. Makes  references to the horror genre, Wes Craven, the original film and toxic fans. No doubt this will trigger them. I didn't bother with the 4th film. I only saw parts of it. Great acting from all the cast.  Neve and David looked for their age. You have suspicions of certain characters. The film hints at  anyone could be a killer. People getting wounded yet somehow surviving. Set 25 years later. A teenage girl is the first to be attacked. Her sister has to return to the town. There is a family secret.  Sidney, Gail and Dewey are contacted for help. Some creative kills. Good effects. The soundtrack is good. I believe this to be the final film. Starring: Melissa Barrera; Mason Gooding; Jenna Ortega; Jack Quaid; Marley Shelton; Courteney Cox; David Arquette; Neve Campbell. 

I watched The Batman vs Dracula. Have seen some clips on YouTube. I was intrigued at the concept. There is a season opener of Buffy and the Blade Trinity film which also features the legendary character. An animated movie. These were more popular than live action. Closer to the comics. Beginning with a prison breakout. The Penguin and Joker are after some treasure. Said to be located in a cemetery. The coffin of a certain vampire is also located here. Once he has been resurrected he goes about infecting civilians. Batman must try to fight Dracula and cure the citizens. Vicky Vale is a reporter and love interest. Alfred the butler is always on hand. It is good that there are other staff and not just Alfred on his own. Nice soundtrack. Good visuals. You might also like Batman Ninjago and Gotham By Gaslight. Cast: Rino Romano-
Bruce Wayne / The Batman, 
Peter Stormare-
Kevin Michael Richardson-
The Joker, 
Tom Kenny-
Oswald Cobblepot / The Penguin, 
Alastair Duncan-
Alfred Pennyworth, 
Tara Strong-
Vicky Vale. 

He is a mass shooter. Tucker having a guy that killed people. But doesn't want to talk about the Buffalo or Uvalde incidents. 

Marjorie or her dipshit followers do not care about the shooting victims. 

Tulsi is full of shit. The rightwingers will try to cancel Mathew. 

Many streamers reacted to this event. People in chat would cringe. Some Otk members were unknown eg JSchlatt. Asmongold did a good job hosting. Don't really care for Miskif as he was the cameraman for White supremacist Ice Poseidon. 

I am running out of credit. I am supposed to have a Big Value Bundle from Vodafone. Not enough money. That cunt on Toothill Rd needs to pay me back. As do family. They need reminding. My old friend went through some trouble and hadn't spoken to anyone. 

I don't know who the fuck this is. Not on my contact list. I don't want random WhatsApp messages. Report and block. Uninstall the app. 

This will trigger the journalists. Dave Weigel retweets a joke and that is all that it was. The punishment was over the top. The woman that complained should not have been fired. But then she has previously got into trouble. Basically gross misconduct. The rightwingers going after Taylor Lorenz are stupid. He did not doxx anyone. 

From Fox News to Trump. All involved with Jan 6th are denying accountability. It is White Fragility. You can't just do what you want then expect to get away with it. 

It is a large moon outside. I missed the opportunity to take a photo. I could have just stopped and gone further down the road from where I live. No one else about. 

This is about the Proud Boys leader Enrique Fagatron. 

Neighbours are using the ladder which they are right to do. It belongs to the brother in law. They might take it. However I may still need it. I should have done the lining myself. Had plenty of time. Just in case Royal Roofing or any other company lets me down. I would clean the mess away in preparation. 
It was windy. Then I thought that they can do it. Wanted me to text my postcode. I had already done that. I can't get an IOU from Vodafone. 
You get these live feeding videos on YouTube. Some animal is fed to a pet which is a predator. They could use a dead one. It does seem cruel. 

It gets cold and I go downstairs to find that the boiler has been turned down yet again. Placing a new toilet roll when the other isn't finished. I moved it for a reason. Are you retarded? 

This is one of my followers so I followed her back. Don't know if there is an ulterior motive with the people that contact me on social media. 

I overslept and the alarm had gone off. I was awake earlier because of the cold draft. I could still go to the gym. I kept checking the time. More minutes pass and the later it gets. Not getting back to sleep quickly. When it was 2:33am I should have got up. Not been on the phone hours earlier. It would prepare me for Wednesday delivery and Thursday all day. Some speed training. Exercise the muscles. I will be ready either way. I have Saturday off so will go then. The roofers are arriving later in the morning. Needed access to park in front of the house. I should have sorted it. Next door have left the car there. Was going to have a look at the underfelt later. I could have used Probuild. Talk between the two. Older one teaches the young man. You can hear and feel vibrations. It is with this house. He needed me to fill the bucket of water. I hope that the sealant isn't being scraped off. Just clearing mess from the guttering. I could have saved them a job and time. Didn't bother with the underfelt. As the ridges were the problem. Sorted everything else. Discovered some water damage. Told him that we weren't having water leaking through the felt. Had a leak in the past but nothing noticeable. Should have said that and about the secondary barrier. Tried to get him to check. I will wait a few months and let it all settle. The tiles are fine. The underfelt at the back isn't a major problem. I still paid £500. The underfelt was part of the agreement. It was required. He wasn't going to bother with it. I am still disappointed. I may still need to call someone about the underfelt.  Probuild will have done it. I don't need to pay for roof overhaul £400. Someone else will be cheaper. Pete says to call if there are any problems. If I leave a review I will be honest. Have to wait a while. I will let it go. 

I can't access my Rumble account. Always some invalid Html. 

Tariq Nasheed will comment on how this incident was prevented but not Buffalo. Kyle Rittenhouse has this effect. 

I have to borrow money from my mum. Still have to prompt my brother to pay the money back. Have to go to the guy on Toothill Road as he still has to pay me for the goods. Fuck how he feels. I should have kept the receipts. Taken a photo and logged the number. It has been since April so he has plenty of time. He seems to have a new bed so clearly has the money. £13.80 were those cigarettes. Around £10 on other items. I ask family for money owed so this stranger should also be dealt with. I will ask him once. Tell him that I won't run an errand ever again. 
A debit card payment of £3.65 to SUPERDRUG STORES P was taken from your account on 20 Apr 2022

A debit card payment of £23.81 to SAVERS HEALTH & BE was taken from your account on 19 Apr 2022
Now I might have to speak to the manager to get a receipt. The refund for one item does not appear on the statement. I should take the bed and other items. 

Fuck Matt Walsh. Kudos to Fox for airing this segment. 

These clowns are racist, sexist and homophobic. The littlest thing triggers them. The channels should be reported. If it isn't straight white male then it is Woke thus needs to be cancelled. The world does not revolve around the white supremacists. No doubt those channels support Rittenhouse and the Buffalo shooter. Representation matters. Diversity is good. I would rather be woke than a fascist. The Reaction channels have positive comments. 

This isn't criminal or child abuse. 

Tariq forgets that there are black lgbt people. No doubt his wife will catch him in bed with a trans woman. 

I have mentioned it before that Capitol Gem 106 enjoys trash music and showbiz garbage. Some former Pussycat Doll. It is played at work. I spoke to the guy that owes me money. He reckons he will have it tomorrow. But then I don't want to come out to find that he did not. It is raining again this week now the underfelt should have been done on the day I hired them. I noticed things. Maybe the heat and not shoddy workmanship. I don't want there to be anything serious. I don't need to go back onto the ladder to paint the underside of the gutters. The boiler can wait. I want to be able to relax and do other things. I did think of ordering a bottle of poppers however I am quitting permanently. Water drips from the side of the gutters. I will need to get back on the ladder to coat the outside and underneath. If it overflows and sometimes the water misses the gutters as it is coming from all directions then it might be OK. He wasn't in. Was a waste of a journey. I could go into town and catch him there. I would need to knock on the door another day. Even book a cinema trip. I see that gap between a ridge tile near the chimney. Did you run out of cement? I did not pay £500 for nothing. He said any problems to contact him. I could just let it go. I am not paying extra. So I have to do a job myself that a professional could not do. I could just say fuck it and leave it.  

I don't look like a nonce. How does one look like a nonce? People talk shit about you as you discriminate against minorities. Casey must be a retard. No idea what this white supremacist is on about. Something in 2019. I have random people messaging me. I may have already mentioned this post. Then there is this Karen moaning about some nonsense. A post that I had every right to share. A job related post but she should have used Indeed. Clearly projecting. I hadn't even mentioned the clowns until now. Blocked and ran off. Coward. Looked through the timeline and nothing was shared. The caucasity. 

I'm over it. Got more important things to deal with. There's a man going round taking names. 99 problems but a bitch ain't one. 

This isn't true. It is retarded. Want to end Racism? Stop being racist. 

At the gym the cleaner has the music player on in the studio. Loudly playing Afrobeats music. Someone left all the weights on the leg press. Blue roll on the floor. 
Saw two nice young women in dresses. They had been on a night out. 

Wonder what Fba think. She is probably antiblack. A coon. 

I go into work for the delivery to have been cancelled. Now am working it on Tuesday. 

What agenda? This Karen truly is a dumb bitch. 

07447945015 rang but hung up. I tried calling back but they were busy. They sent a text asking "Is this emma" to which I replied no. Why would my number be somewhere. 

Did Kelechi close her accounts? Did the white supremacists report her? 

I did see this busty blonde in shorts and vest. She was an Amazon Prime delivery driver. 

Margot Robbie is the only Barbie that I would play with. 

Some people in the replies are OK with this. 

Knights of cydonia by Muse

It is always sus when political and wokeness is used.

That twat wasn't in the house or just didn't bother to open the door. Not getting the money back then. Tried booking swimming but payment failed. Got it in the end. Went swimming but had an issue with the locker. Then the strap on the goggles came off. A woman brought her daughters with her but had to go the children's pool. The lifeguard was watching. 
My brother booked a restaurant and a few people would go for my birthday. I did not want to go in the first place. I passed this restaurant. Had a look inside. I haven't been in the building since 1998. It was an art college. The building was restored in honour of Kevin Ryan. A man that I had met. He ran Charnwood Arts. He was a good man. I got to show him my artwork. Rip Kevin. 
I am getting messages from numbers not saved on the phone. I should text Royal Roofing and message using the other email. 
The one was never sent. Not even in draft folder. 
I spotted this. Apparently a scam.
I looked up the sender
 Customer Service lunchtime26@freenet.de
It leads to this restaurant website.
I left a negative review. Reported them to both email companies. 

Everyone saw funny side. 

To hell with the fascists. 

Moving on. With it being Pride Month I recommend these channels. 

The rain is approaching. I would have got the sealant yesterday and I had time. The winds getting strong. I was awake earlier and could have checked the guttering. I am not that bothered. They are already lined and sealed all over. I might be wasting my time and money. Water will be coming off the sides if it overflows. I would rather spend my week off not fucking about with the house. But no doubt I will inspect the thing to make sure Royal Roofing did what they were paid to do. I went to look at the guttering. Water is dripping from the gutter. Trying to see where and if the lining was done. There is a guarantee on it. The tiles hadn't been pulled back. I will ring him up. I should not have gone with this company. Probuild would have been better. I need to call someone else. I am not paying anymore. Should have left the guttering alone. Probably won't hear from them. I sent a text but should ring up. I managed to do it on my own. I will not bother anymore. They are coming round again. There is the bird poo to clean away. Need a deterent. Messaged plumbers waiting for a reply. 

Johnny Depp in a Creep video. This aged well. 

It pisses me off having to deal with Karens and shoplifters. I want to bludgeon both to death. Use a spade to break the neck after bashing them in the head with it. Sent a text. I am not getting any response. Rambling in the house. I saw this hot slim blonde woman at the gym. There was a short brunette with nice eyes. Another nice blonde wearing headphones. If I am that bothered and determined I have had plenty of time to book another company to do the underfelt. Book a plumber too. Wanting to make sure that I don't overspend. Always upcoming weeks. The nurse that we have to see each month says the same old thing and it is annoying. There are those guys that type "men of culture we meet again" in the comments section of a video with a female. It just makes you look like a cunt. Speaking of Roe Vs Wade, every rightwinger is a failed abortion. Not to forget the annoying Instagram videos where there is a motivational speech and some dramatic music in the background. Just fuck off. I could create a parody or just write something inappropriate in the comments. "Don't just stick it in, lube up the hole first" - Jerwayne McTavish. 

Got a quote from one plumber. "Thank you for the enquiry. We charge £129.00 for a boiler service but it would be next week now, as we have no availability this week.

If you’re having issues with the boiler then this would be classed as ‘repair’ as a ‘service’ is a health check of your boiler, which involves cleaning and carrying out the relevant safety checks. A repair would be in addition to the quote for a service which would be sent over to you once any faults had been determined. Let me know if you wish to proceed with the boiler service and I’ll get you booked in for next week. "
Since my brother wanted the repair then he should pay for it. It can be done next month. 

My parcel hasn't turned up yet. I could have just got back to the guttering. Call another plumber. The clouds are forming. The bird poo was a bugger to remove. The sealant would go along the top and then side maybe some on the bottom. I have to put a deterent for the birds. Even if I left it alone not much of a problem. Having to go to the DIY store. I have done a lot in the past two years. I ought to have removed the bird poo and moss from the gutter whilst on the ladder yesterday or today. I will end up removing it as I work along it tomorrow. I should not have used the poppers until I had gone to get the items or done the guttering. Some did get up my nose. I was meant to have quit altogether. It is windy now. I had been gym in the morning so could have sorted everything after sleeping. Two jobs at once. Roofers will be back so I could leave it to them. A little bit of rain. Should have got it done whilst it was calm. A Scaffolding might be available. I didn't get the items. Might be dry tomorrow. 
I would get it done myself than have to pay more money especially when the roofers need to sort their mistakes out. Better to have got the items. Just use the ladders anyway as that stalls me. As I would attempt to use them anyway and have to wait until the store opens when I could have got it done. Clearing my throat and sinus headaches due to the poppers. I would regret it. No more bottles. Makes you drowsy, a little sick, messes with your breathing. Just not worth it. But now I couldn't be bothered and was tired due to lack of sleep and poppers use. Not had a response from one plumber. I used the poppers again. Was supposed to do something productive. I could still do something. Leave the poppers alone. Notice water drip from one end so there will still be rainwater. I could always check. My brother telling me to make sure the taps are clean. What the fuck do you think that I sprayed them for? Leave it to dissolve. All these updates are meaningless. It has no impact on you, dear reader what the hell I am thinking or getting up to. 

Did she actually go to Mexico? Runs a tanning salon. The caucasity. She has an apology video. 

I posted his link to see what happens. Tried to find his account. I was banned but the stream had ended. 
Tried getting a spider that was on the wall. But it leapt off. Customers still feeling the need to waste deodorant by testing them and putting them back onto the shelf. Seen two women do it. Seeing this couple with a pram. The guy smelt of weed. Someone was committing theft and not sure if it was them. Getting asked for money by my brother. Mum disturbing my sleep asking me to flush the toilet for her. Also some issues with my mum's account. Finding free videos that I had to pay for on Faphouse. I cleared away some of the mess left by other gym users. Grown adults that should know better. I was attempting to masturbate in the shower using poppers but it wasn't happening, still weird. I had been at the bank for work. A woman in a wheelchair had a stutter and spoke loudly. She would ramble. Some people sat waiting, this couple were mocking her. This woman buying three painkillers, the Anadin were for the friend that had been in the car crash. But she took both Ibuprofen which were or her. Not my problem. This brunette from the Care business on Churchgate comes in and always seems miserable. Probably the same one that I had asked for ID and she didn't have any. Karen holding a grudge against me. I introduced myself to the new employee but she didn't tell me her name. She is pretty and good with customers. She and my other colleague were talking behind the till when one could have been facing up. The guy did not use his initiative. Ask the manager or keep busy. Mop bucket wasn't ready. No floor cleaner. The place looked trashed on Sunday. Also when the bell rang. I was with a customer and new girl was with the manager. No one answered at first, nonsense chatter.  A guy that diverted from work or gone out of his way to pick up painkillers for his father and neighbour, one has Covid. 4 packs of Anadin. However he is only allowed two which had to be explained to him. There was an interview being held. So I had to wait 10 minutes as my stuff was in the back. I never get given any warning. I saw Nicky Rose a guy that was in my class at Limehurst. He did behave like a twat at one point with his friend Martin as I was taken the piss out of for having sideburns. Hair on my arms. That is the sign of being a man. Not a soyboy like those two. Martin pretty much has become a fascist well is friends with one. A guy asked me for a pound coin but I don't have any money for him. This woman wanting this Ambi pur febreeze refill whilst I have the empty bottle and am looking for the new product two different customers trying to be helpful. I did not need them to do that. I was going through the Oral B refill heads. I take the woman to my till but another customer has placed her basket there. Now as the woman wanted to use her card she felt that she couldn't. Did it anyway by using contactless. I had rung for someone anyway. Another woman gave me all this change but wasn't enough. There was a fiver also given which would have saved time. This man with a croaky voice puts his beer can to the side and buys an item. He informed us that an item in his pocket was brought from another shop. He was watched anyway. A woman enquired about my shoulder as with the tightness from there and my neck. She is a physiotherapist and offered her help. I already had seen one before and have to do exercises at the gym etc. A police car just rolled by and slowed down. He must have been checking me out. Run along, you fuckers are useless at stopping shoplifters. I am here at the same time regularly on delivery days. 
So I'm not getting the money back from him instead have to take it from my mum. Which I don't want to do. I saw the guy with the stroller and didn't bother to ask for the money as he won't have it. I will choose to let it go. The delivery was failed as the lorry and trailer broke at separate times. 
My uncle has passed away at the age of 80. My brother wants us all to head to Leicester. I have things to do in the morning and besides I can visit later on. I went to the bank. Mum's account has been overdrawn before. My brother borrowed money which is a problem. Bills to pay. Spoke about using the ladder, aren't you getting the Scaffolding? I have had to rebook the roofers for next week. Have to say that the European blonde woman is attractive. Nice hair. Mum had knocked over this hand sanitiser which was on the floor for some reason. She rambling in her room. I haven't been back to sleep. The poppers which I tried using again didn't have the desired effect. Poured it away. No more orders. I saw this young pretty mixed raced student girl in McDonalds. My other brother wanted to  borrow the black tape for work. He must have used the sealant one too if it is missing. I still need it here. The university can buy their own. I wasted some money on Facebook/Instagram ads. Low on funds. Large portion used for my brother for rent. I need to cancel some debits. I don't make money on Songtradr and being charged. The form filling bit is a ball ache. 
I am not adding anymore nonsense.   

People are indeed going to talk about Chicago as they do when terrorist attacks like Uvalde and Buffalo were brought up. Some talking about who the shooter voted for. 

Terrorism was ruled out probably because the shooter is White. Fox News tweeted that Conservatives say "strict gun laws don't prevent mass shootings". 

Tariq Nasheed on the attack regarding Traci Person. Some of his idiot followers bringing up sexuality as if it has any relevance.

Rightwingers enable child abuse. They are the real groomers. 

The Hindu nationalists aka Bjp soyboys and Karens can keep being triggered. I did wonder about the use of hindi in the show. Thought we would get more urdu. The white supremacists and black conservatives are also triggered. 

Karens in the comments section making it about race. This Thomas P and Alice Kohler are definitely white supremacists. The ones with foreign surnames are moaning. Whilst others slating the daft memes. They are cringe worthy. It never mentions ethnicity. British and multi culti paradise are said. The country isn't being taken over, numbnuts wants to go to USA without realising the irony of his comment, America is diverse. He is a colonizer and the kid is Indian. No issue just a stupid question. 

Someone has ordered an image from me via Shopify ebay. I didn't remember it. Can't do much without id verification. It is a digital order yet ebay has this postage bollocks on it. I have to email him and change the listing. Thanks Shopify. 

It seems that Kirachats, a white woman amongst the other folk in the chat took offence to the term Karen. How would I be a misogynist? These people aren't oppressed. I will continue to use the term. White Fragility is real. Someone has pointed out that she is toxic. She herself is a Karen. Checking out my profile it seems, who I am subscribed to on YouTube. She has been doing that with many of her followers. I don't have to explain myself to you. Guess that I will unfollow you as you really are irrelevant. Getting triggered over dumb shit. These asshats have never been called a racial slur. Not my fault that you and your followers are retarded. Didn't you get called out for using slurs? The irony being she was acting like a Karen. Weird thing saying that if you say "there are only two or three genders then that's transphobic" I know how Vaush felt when the JK and Terfs came for him. This is why I follow Black feminists. There are more important things happening like abortion, shootings, war, poverty, sexual assault, racism, homophobia. Karens and pronouns are not important. They must choke on a dick. Grade A Cunt. So in the words of Dominic Howard "Sit the fuck down." 
These people are irrelevant. 
She can go fuck herself as can chat members. Hyper Music /99 Problems. 

This South Asian youtuber posts an odd meme features Jordan Peterson. Two gimps in the comments get their facts wrong, anime profile pics definitely fascists. He is a white supremacist. He is no hero. 

So much for #alllivesmatter and #prolife 

This guy likes cock. Why not just call them women? 

Doja has nice tits but is overrated. Went looking for date with Joseph Quinn. Noah Schnapp leaks the messages. What is it with overrated artists contacting minors on social media?

This guy had the audacity to write this comment. 

For more crazy and entertaining tweets regarding Doja Cat go to Twitter. 

Not having enough money for the week meant not ordering poppers which I wasn't to do. Go to the cinema. Pick up items from B&W. I could pick up a cheap disinfectant spray but the deterrent ones would use of most of the money. Pick up a box of gloves which were on sale in other stores in town. I went to the gym in the morning. I could not really be bothered after but it was calm. Used the ladders there and then. If I need to go food shopping then I have that for. Pay day is Friday. The roofers should be coming back. Trying to get the Scaffolding which is in use as it is with a workplace of my brother's.

I get a text from Evri saying "Your Millets parcel is out for delivery. We'll deliver between 10:00 and 12:00 today. Track & divert: https://evri.link/EeJ5bt" I have now ordered anything. 
Saw the man with the stroller he said that he was popping out and to come back later. I didn't even ask. Does he have the money? I was no longer bothered. I still have time to go to B&Q. I had finished the delivery at work yesterday and was tired. I could just say fuck it and buy something and then see what lasts. I considered going back into Kirachats stream and giving her a piece of my mind but I can let it slide. I have posted what I needed also taking shots at her Chat. 

JavBucks gave an example of text to use regarding their affiliate program. But it was poor English grammar. 

Rishi is also going for it. White conservatives such as Darren Grimes will show their support but for how long? The leftwing won't hold back. These white people no doubt will slander Black and Asian people. Hate anything woke, refuse to watch shows like Ms Marvel and Doctor Who. Pride Month made them uncomfortable. Don't understand Critical Race Theory and were against Blm. 

I keep seeing this on Instagram and what exactly is the point of it? 

I greet a few customers for them not to respond. I saw a, group of students, the first lot were Spanish and the next Italian. Pretty girls. A man was buying these air freshener sachets. The price had gone up. But because of the ticket a goodwill gesture was done for each item. Quantity button could not be used. 
Someone still testing deodorants. My lemonade bottle was pierced by my badge. Spraying out into the bag. Down my leg. I did what I could on the gutters and along the walls. YuggieTv and Meowko streaming on Twitch. In public, bringing attention to themselves. Maybe annoying others. 

Three guys at the gym are now topless. They were for a while. Why the fuck for? 

It is 6.40am and I was sleeping. Mum comes in and takes the bin out. It wasn't even full. Asks me if I am alright. What was the point? At least put a bin liner in. It is 7:30 and I have not been able to go back to sleep. I still want the underfelt mended. Royal Roofing probably won't turn up. Wasting money on unreliable people. Calling another company. My brother will not be allowed to borrow money from my mum as I will get the police involved. Neither will he ask me for money. His partner having anxiety is an excuse. I will drag her out of the house to find a job. If I see that ginger shoplifter I am punching him in the throat. Breaking the black guy's leg. The 50 something shoplifter, tall, stocky with gaps between his teeth. Has been stopped taking skin creams. He comes on a bike. Goes thvesame route along the shop. He has been in before. Though he had a bag full of shopping from elsewhere. He clearly is up to something. Asks for imodium. But doesn't buy any. He clearly did not want it. He had been in several times. He clearly knew where it was. At the front of the shop. I warned colleagues to watch out for him. Clearly of no use to me. 
There was some god awful singing on the stage in the town centre. Shit song selection too. I find empty packaging and security tags. Still having to sort roof and gutters because of an unreliable company that I recently used. 

This is very true. Tagging my nephew so he sees this. Shared on Instagram tagged Shapiro and Peterson. Facts don't care about your feelings. 

I left a review on Trustpilot for PoppersRus. They promised a 10% discount which I never did get. 

Spicer got herself with the gotcha moment. She is an idiot. Look at the lies on her Twitter. 

An Indian elder guy cut in the queue. The Muslim woman let him be served. Both of us should have said something. 
I served this pretty, short, blonde with nice tits as her cleavage shows it off. My brother asks me to pick up these items (sidhu) from someone that came to the door. He had answered it and was dressed. So he should go get it. Somewhere further down the road. The guy should have brought it with him as he did. I would have binned the items to prove a point. During the delivery I had to separate the plastic and cardboard as Head Office will complain about it. Management doing this. I even find that someone used the loo and not flushed it so I had to. My new colleague did ask a few questions. Her first day. The other newbie left the till area. That rude abrupt Asian woman was in but I didn't see the name on her badge. The recruitment poster was still up and people enquired about vacancies but positions were filled. Served a tall student blonde with nice legs. I served another hot blonde and her boyfriend let out a huff like laugh at being offered sas. The owner of 300 Spartans chip shop was getting two ibuprofen and two paracetamol. I mentioned the limit. He was getting two for him and two for his colleague. He paid for both which isn't allowed. The colleague should have paid for his. 
 I checked my account after midnight and no wages yet. It appears later. Savers can open a new store in Leicester but don't have the money for air conditioning in Loughborough. Managing Director visited and wasn't told about it. People really are disappointing. 

I had found a bird's nest in the attic and an egg was hatched. Maybe it was responsible for the underfelt. But how did it get in there? There were birds hanging around the verge. Seems to be back to square one looking for another roofing company. No response from Pete Evans. I should have rang the number instead of texting. Going into the gym by then I would grab the cash. Not knowing if they are going to turn up. I might end up leaving it or just ringing another company to fix this mess. I would like to get some sleep when I get back. Just wasting my time and money. I could be back on the ladder applying lining sealant. My brother had to leave the windows open. Two moths got in. Stalling time now. Another two in the bathroom. He points to them as if I am expected to get rid of them. Got two out. You left the windows open. Do it yourself. I want to see Thor Love And Thunder. Looks like the arseholes aren't going to turn up. I would go cinema or do the work myself. Going back to sleep. Better to ring the cunt. Clearly he wasn't going to turn up today or Thursday. So I will get the sealant and apply it myself. I could have gone to the cinema today or worked on the gutter. I will leave it. I then considered getting the items which I could have yesterday. Even rung them or another company to get things rolling. There was this bin with smoke coming out of it. Full of rubbish. Someone must have dumped their cigarette in it. Seems according to Superdrug this twenty something couple with three kids were known shoplifters. Why were people out in this heat? This black family were trying to find the coldest drinks in the chiller messing up the display. Clear it up. 
 My brother has the Covid test but it comes back positive. He has laryngitis so it could have thrown it off. We are triple vaccinated so would I still need to isolate? Don't go touching things then. Social distance. I will give Royal Roofing one last ring. As they have been ignoring text and emails. If they do fuck all then I am getting someone else. Fuck their feelings. I will not be ignored. I am leaving an honest review. You have pissed me off for long enough. I finally got some response from RR. No doubt Pete is going to mess around. Can't rely on him to sort the underfelt. At work I rang two bells for the supervisor. I was looking at this guy in a jacket. Looking to buy alcohol. Both of us were convinced that he probably would have stolen it. I did feel a little guilty that maybe I was wrong. The assistant manager had called in sick. Maybe genuinely ill or avoided the heatwave. I saw these two policewomen in the store. I asked if they were alright, just greeting them. But one just looks at me and doesn't say a think. Suit yourself Officer Karen. My new colleague looks hot in this black dress. I found that the fire exit, back door at work wasn't shut properly. The small latch wasn't up. The bar was placed across the door. As it wasn't fully closed the alarm had been ringing for several hours. Now that we had a small delivery today the rest of it is coming tomorrow. 

I have started watching Inhumans. A Marvel TV series. Starring: Anson Mount; Serinda Swan; Ken Leung; Eme Ikwuakor; Isabelle Cornish; Ellen Woglom; Iwan Rheon. This show was given a low rating. But to be honest you can't really trust the reviews. Go in with an open mind. After seeing Multiverse Of Madness and Ms Marvel I was intrigued by this show. Anson is handsome. Serina is attractive. Attilan is a city cloaked in secrecy. Based on the moon. The Inhumans are a race similar to Mutants. Black Bolt is king. His queen is Medusa. Maximus is the brother. A diverse cast. One actor I remember from the Xmen franchise. One of the team had been on Earth looking for people with special abilities. There is an army that is hunting them down. It is suggested that the Inhumans make a home on Earth. In Attilan a coup takes place. The effects aren't bad. It is one of those shows that not everyone will have watched eg Krypton. This huge dog that can teleport. 

Would these people be doing these good deeds if they weren't being posted on social media? Another video of a woman playing a prank. This guy gets called daddy. Very weird. 

White supremacists from generations ago were triggered over black and brown faces on the screen. Like the boycott of Betty White show because she invited a black tap dancer onto her programme. Racism is big business for the antisjw youtubers. 

Nothing wrong with the lgbt community. 

This was an amusing tweet to be honest. A parody account run by a Terf. 

A rightwing troll is posting this nonsense. 

The people that protested against the Covid vaccine are celebrating the abortion ban. 

From porn to Blm protests. Fetishism of black people is rampant. 

This Dankula guy is a moron. 

This white supremacist is triggered by diversity. Dumb cunt is subscribed to Nerdrotic and Fresh N Fit. 

Candace Owens could help. Maybe she will end up posting some nonsense. This video gave more context. Woman wanting advice. Christian Walker is what happens when it all goes wrong. 
My mum goes and opens a package which clearly has my name on it. It is none of your business what is in there. Pete Evans has me calling back later. Pick a day for fuck sake. 
I find that the large shower gel bottle is in the bin. There was still liquid inside. One of the family did it. Now I have to buy a new one. I told a woman that there was a limit on the laxatives. She said that both products were different. Well they are both laxatives and the limit is one. This woman was moaning at my colleague about the supervisor standing on the door chatting. Though it was busy she hadn't explained clearly that someone had to be on the door. The general manager was outside on her break talking to her. The supervisor should have been greeting customers and offering a basket. This guy was sat on the footstool which was for staff only. Not sure why or what this mother and daughter found amusing. Natwest always seem to be short staffed. They need to be hiring. I noticed water leaking from the front gutter. I applied tape to stop it running over to it. It had been raining. I wanted things sorted sooner. 
My mum rambling in the middle of the night. Repeating phrases. My brother raises his voice. I was setting to go gym. Then could not be bothered. Was going to use the poppers. Now she has irritated me that I am going to the gym. The key was left in the back door so I couldn't get in. Then later she is rambling again. 
JustKeth on Twitch. Walking along busy roads in the way of cyclists. Are Twitch streamers really oblivious to their surroundings? Subscribe to Imdontai and it can be a waste of money. Try to request a song. The rest of the playlist doesn't get played. This tall guy was saying how he likes his/the staff to have good manners. But as my colleague said thank you he wasn't going to rant. I could have saved my manager the bother as this guy that comes in with a trolley. He went off on one after he was asked if he wanted a carrier bag. The delivery was a little late the guy bringing in the cages and scanning them wasn't in any rush. I find things that my manager dumped on the wrong part of the aisle so I have to go back and forth. I am sure that she does it deliberately. I wasn't in the mood for anyone's jokes or comments about how busy or hot it is. 

Karens in the comments are fragile. It is a horror satire. You don't have to watch it if you don't want to. 

The antisjw white supremacists youtubers are going reeeeee right now. 

BerryOi is eating and this teenager was polite and sweet towards her. The person in chat was out of line. 

I did see a Stork. 

This mega guy keeps posting the same shit. Why does Melissabug have this machine shooting balls at her? 
I was up and wasn't planning on going to the gym today. But decided to. I find that there is no milk for the cereal so that puts me off. I tried using the poppers with my electric fleshlight. It vibrates a little loud. Watching a Misty Haze video but her voice puts me off. Plus that guy is coming round in the morning. I should have just gone out anyway. My brother seems to be wasting the wipes. You don't need to go through the packet. Royal Roofing haven't turned up yet. They were never intending to return. Was it white fragility for getting called out? It has been raining. I am done with Royal Roofing. Calling another company. Wasted my day. Thanks a lot. Brother did ask for money again. Having to change doctors appointments will have consequences. I really did waste my time waiting for a response. I could have booked Probuild or another company. Even get a plumber in instead. I should leave a honest review. No milk has been delivered here for some reason. At the gym we're two young people. One that I assumed was a child. Could have been a short stature person. The one shower was far too hot. Headphones playing up. I probably wasted £500 on Royal Roofing. Even just having work done. It was probably unnecessary. Delayed what I could have done. Using the company that I spoke to in the beginning, Probuild. Wind up doing nothing. It is my hard earned money. I am meant to move out. Leave it to other family members to sort out. Back to square one.

I did think there would be a Disney Plus show. The antisjw white supremacist youtubers will be whining like they do with everything else. Ben Shapiro is tossing and turning and not paying attention to his Doctor wife's DAP. Rest In Power, Chadwick. 

All JustKeth fans, subscribers should be labelled as Kethheads. Redeemed points for Berry to say I love you. But it was lacklustre. 
On Luplupka's stream. I mentioned that the song playing was Muse Hysteria. RichardGrx says @solitarymaninblack ะทะฝะฐัŽ which translates to I know. I wasn't exactly talking to you. I gifted him a subscription.
The caucasity of Jenny. She is sus. 

There must be quota on how many rightwing turds allowed into Chat. Far right trolls with hate comments. I unfollowed her stream. Not enough is done to tackle racism. 
Melissabug is often crying on stream. 

The statement wasn't political. Lindsey never has dated a minority man. 
Nothing wrong with being woke. Chris is a moron.
The covidiots will keep the pandemic going. These people are in the chat room. I have unfollowed Sasha Grey. She produces good content but I was bored of it. 

I tried using the poppers and kept having to dispose of a condom. Just wasn't working for me. Using the fleshlight. Watching some porn. One point a guy from the milk company knocks on the door. 

"race card" term is a red flag. White Fragility from the people in the comments. 

Hachubby dancing to Shania Twain "Feel like a woman" definitely a Trans anthem. 

There is some delay with twitch chat. Either the comments appear later or they are before the action.

Bunchijumpi will go boating. It costs $40. She asks about a discount. No such thing as a streamer discount. You have more than enough. Sense of entitlement. There is a person in chat Angiskhan1 that mentions her mum that passed away two years ago. Someone trolling. Getting banned soon enough. I unfollowed Shark3ozero. He does take a long while to get to the point however some of the people on his Discord were behaving like dicks. Unfollowed Omid. My subscription with him is finishing. Used the channel for song requests and didn't care for the games. I have followed Fanfan for a while. YuggieTv in a shop getting an exchange. The staff don't want to be filmed. Pause the stream. Gotta obey the laws. If people don't want to be filmed. Some places don't want cameras. Return an item without the packaging is daft. People in chat are stupid. YuggieTv in line waiting for food. These people start chatting to her. Chat doesn't like it. Some comments about North Korea. A little overbearing with the information the lady is giving. Some people need to get out more. Why the fuck do those two keep getting in the way? Two white folk jumping in front of the carnival parade. The caucasity. Someone thought YuggieTv was Thai. Someone in chat says being ignorant is not racist. How so? Being racist is ignorant. Anyway go see for yourself. 
I won't be subscribing or gifting subs. Unfollow more people. So no need to hang around. Not streaming myself. Must uninstall the app. No more Twitch mentions. Irrelevant. 

I had served these two women painkillers. Possibly Anadin. They bought two each but I believe an hour or more later they were back. Now I should have called them out and refused the sale as they were buying possibly the same product or another type of painkiller from before. They aren't supposed to do that. This engineer had been in the store. Stuff was moved around and removed from places. I had to clean up his mess. The security radio charger was unplugged. I had to sort that. He wanted all tills used even the the newest one that is never used. The thing played up. I could not scan anything or log off. The receipt took long to print. I served a woman who works in a shop. I had pressed the £3 button. So had to work out the change. Then believed that I had double scanned an item and so refunded one back. One of my colleagues was helping but that didn't help it confused things. She said that she was given too much change. She was right. Not sure why I was distracted but it threw me off. This teenage girl when offered a basket says no thanks but with an attitude. People moan about the heat. 
The card at Tesco declined. I had removed some cash for the twats that would not turn up. Yet again my brother needed help with the rent money. I am overdrawn in the bank. The cash that I had I gave to him. Now it leaves me with nothing. So I end up struggling again. He is planning on paying back what he can. I have to delay calling another roofer or plumber. I have to wait over a week to get paid. I purchased that music license and that took something out. I should not have to pay his rent. My mum has very little. Can't be borrowing from her. I was going to put money into her account. I should have said no. Let it be that. I have items to buy. This is beyond a joke. Direct debits need cancelling for unimportant things. I am eventually moving out. It seems to be getting cold again. There was an slim male with glasses wearing a green coat. I am sure it was Lee Foster. I should have trusted my instincts. Acted quickly.. Red flags are a person wearing a coat in this hot weather. I failed the shop. It pissed me off. Could have been prevented. There was a queue. The supervisor was on the till with me. I should have said something to her. Knob move. A customer had seen him putting a laundry pod pack into his coat. You could see the outline of it as he left. Didn't call out to him. I reported it to Tango Victor to no response. They didn't even warn me about him. Fuck serving the next people. Deter the fucker. Supervisor didn't do much as he had already left. Why was I hoping that he would be innocent? Fuck their feelings. Useless blogging about it when you should act. Twat. Anyway I find stock mixed up and I had to sort it again. Having to put into the Refusal Log when someone attempts to buy more than the limit of painkillers and laxatives. It will be full soon. I did manage the door yesterday but kept having to jump onto the till.  This scruffy yet well spoken guy was about to get served by me but then he says that I am in a bit of a rush and goes to get served by my colleague. Not sure what he was nattering about. This white woman is in with her kids. Trying to get her son to behave. He is running around and even leaves the store. He screams. Could have done with a slap. This Arab/Asian woman has a little boy again running around and walks out the door. Another white lady and her young son keeps touching her. Just weird behaviour. Parenting lessons are in order.
I was working the delivery with two staff members that should know what the fuck they are doing. One having to do a delivery shift for the first time and another has been working elsewhere. They have dealt with stock when they would have arrived later on in the day. It was 6am and I straight away unloaded the cages. They both were faffing about. Then one colleague would start working the stock and I did hear her moaning about having to unload onto the floor. She didn't want to be overwhelmed with stock and so would prefer to work from the cages. It came to 7am and the other starting working the stock. Five cages left and only me unloading. Now with all three of us could have got it done. I would not later have to work the area that I had already done. My aisle would have left it I helped them on theirs. They moaned about it being hot. Most of the lights were off. Now we seem to be delayed. I was going to walk out. Pissed me off. I would need to tell them what to do but I am not a supervisor. Mixing cardboard and plastic which we aren't to do and not flat packing the boxes. All the staff are guilty. Wasn't concerned about what head office or warehouse would say. One of the other managers is leaving. This guy with a coat and tattoos. He filled his basket up and went to the till. Management were convinced that he would walk out with the stock. So he was fidgeting and looking like he might make a run for it. He says that he had the wrong card. Bullshit.
 The stuff was left here. He is suspicious. They did not report him on the radio so I had too. Maybe the same guy that takes a red basket full of stock. Wearing hivis clothing. This guy yesterday reaches into the till area to grab a gift bag when the cunt wasn't meant to cross that line. That is why the door is supposed to be closed. This brunette with big tits comes in. Nice cleavage. I did find an empty lip balm packet. This tall white guy with a chav accent asks about a specific Lynx spray which we don't have. Says it's a mad ting. Who talks like that? Where are your manners Karen? My colleague had Covid on holiday. Not isolated long enough. 
I was going to the back door aka fire exit at work to throw rubbish out. I stepped on something. It was faeces. Some person had taken a shit. I cleaned my shoe. I later went to clean the mess up. Flies had started to gather. Vile. A woman was buying two Ibuprofen packs, a Nurofen pack, Lemsip and a similar item. I told her about the limit. She had the caucasity to ask if she went and came back in if she could buy more. No. My shoes from Shoezone which I haven't had for a full year were broken. The supervisor/assistant manager was leaving money behind the till area. On top of one of the surfaces out of the view of customers. As she does not have any pockets she says and that she is leaving. That is beside the point as because of audit. The money should be in the till. You should not be carrying money around on the shop floor. As two tills didn't have any pennies. The charity box donations had to be used and other coins from the till would be exchanged for those coins. Get the change order sorted and communicate with each other. As with travel it cost her quite a bit of money and found a place to work closer to home. They wanted her to train for the job sooner. Bad timing as the general manager was to go on holiday. Whether she called her up this week possibly last week they had the conversation. Something that she ordered has only just arrived. The till area door wasn't kept closed. Items not tagged. Why is my brother taking mum to the bank when there is no money? I am waiting for some to be paid back. No need for a skip either. The colleague and supervisor were talking about people stressing at this job. We are under pressure to work fast on the delivery and sell sas. Besides you were having a meltdown on Sunday. If you aren't bothered then this isn't the job for you. Again they are working the stk whilst there are cages still to unload. The colleague tells me that I should work straight from this deodorant cage. Well I have a method of working and I feel the other team members are useless. Pissing me off yet again. The lights are still off and I can't see what I am doing on certain parts of the aisle
I should just go and put the lights on. I am typing this whilst working. I would have got it done if I carried on unloading. Another moaning about stock being put in the wrong place well it definitely wasn't me. Either one of you or another team member. I just got tired of the endless whining. The general manager will ask how it went and I will be brutally honest. There was a little white boy with a black Barbie doll. Nothing wrong with that. I was to go through the drawers to take out stock that could go onto the shelves. I was also then to go to the skin aisle and my colleague says "you like going to the skin aisle" the supervisor says "the look on his face" well I was tired and was in no mood for one of your jokes. Twat.  I looked at this guy in grey tracksuit and thought about watching him. I didn't ring the bell or tell my colleague to watch him. The guy had been up the aisle and came back down the aisle. He had a blue cap on. I was looking a guy with blue cap and t-shirt. This Asian woman thought that two packs of toothbrushes would be part of a deal. As the package says buy one get one free. That is misleading. Two brushes for the price of one. I had to limit the laxatives and painkillers again. Some not understanding. The supervisor/assistant manager would have been working but they needed her for training at the new job. A new colleague that is approaching pension age has handed her notice in. Some issue with her back. Having to pay for her drinks and the kitchen being small bothered her. No point in hiring her in the first place. This young lad got in my way. Seeing a few nice young girls. I keep finding the key in the back door. Seeing the bank statements and money goes out as soon as it comes in. I had texted my brother the appointment for the doctor and he needs reminding. I haven't been able to top up the phone. This Indian man had bought shaving gel but wanted the cream instead. So he would have to have an exchange that my colleague would deal with. He went and got the foam. As he went to her till. This guy must have said something and the white woman says that there is a queue. My colleague corrected her.   I clearly wasn't using my instincts and just hitting that bell as this scruffy mature guy with a rolled up Morrissons bag came in. What was I expecting to happen? The supervisor heard rustling and so she went to check. He was no doubt up to something. He was deterred and quickly left. This young student age guy was caught trying to conceal make up in Boots. Tango Victor warned me as he came in. He had paid for his items. One hair dye was in his pocket and he took it out and paid for both. They continued to watch him. I find that my other colleague that is leaving gave her notice on Wednesday. She there and then wrote a note. She should have something typed up and wanted her last day to be Friday. She is supposed to work a full week. She didn't even turn up today. She claimed not to be on contract but she was. They don't have her correct bank details. She was with the company for two weeks. As they say you really can't get the staff these days. I spotted this nice blonde in blue top and black leggings. I served this stunning blonde in a summer dress. So the coffee machine that the former supervisor bought she did not get the pods for it. She hadn't put the tills on when she was asked to help with the delivery. She was going to work Thursday had she not had to train for the new job. 
A few customers might say hi but then say just this. Again with the lack of manners. I did spot this white child looking at this black baby as kids often interact with each other. Served this thicc tall blonde woman that works for Lloyds Bank. A black female student was looking for Ibuprofen and didn't care about the brand. I got two packs for her but then she decided to give them back. I assumed that my colleague knew this young couple when he mentioned mint lube. These two guys were in and paid for their items. They were being watched as they will have in other stores. The one guy was stoned and had a wad of cash. Then in Tesco saw this blonde with a nice body. Orange top and leggings. There seem to be a bunch of people at the pub The Marston Inn. Two women or I assume they are, one in leather pvc with a small dog and other with a fag in their hand. One says hello and how are you. There is a laugh. Hear some shouting. The group are leaving I guess. Fuck off Karen. I don't know you. The caucasity. It is nothing however. I won't let it bother me. I am jusr minding my own business. 


99 problems but a bitch ain't one. 

I was approaching the gym when I see this brunette in a checked white black coat and black trousers. I tried to ignore her and move fast. It looked like she was heading in the same direction. However when I get to the door and enter the code. I hear her say "excuse me" and then she was gone as I went into the rotating doors. If it is money you are after then find someone else. There was maybe someone else out there. This guy picked up this bottle maybe it belongs to the gang but he wasn't sure and it didn't belong to the group he throws it to the ground instead of in the bin. The hob on the cooker has been nudged. Hasn't been cleaned properly some an extra flame stuck out. My mum just continues to use it and has the flame turned up high. Talks about needing a new cooker. Well I don't have money for a new one as I am trying to get other things sorted and my brother borrowing money from all of us. I tell her to go into the next room and she keeps coming back and suggesting some nonsense whilst I clean and proceeds to use the other hob. I am sorting it. Now she uses it with the flame up. Use your common sense. I am still moving out. She thought that some engineer was coming to have a look. No one had said anything about that. 

People act like he murdered someone. White Fragility from people. He apologised. People blaming Jada are morons. Ezra Miller and white celebrities aren't getting the backlash that a black person will. It is between Rock and Smith. The celebrity life has no impact on yours. 

White Kathy was definitely a lesbian.

Impressive. The people that will hate this aren't aware of the source material and will just compare it to the film adaptation from the 90s.

Officer Karen has a meltdown. The blue lives matter idiots like Niggakilla Drew, Patsy Cadena and Rich Stone make false statements. 

Someone stacked the leg press full of weights but didn't unstack it. Resistance bands everywhere. I had found 10p only to lose it again. There was this pretty, young blonde in black and grey clothing. 

You know the woman has all lives matter on her profiles. She is antiblack. She will become a Karen when she is older. The caucasity. Spanish and Portuguese were colonizers too. The antisjw youtubers also are like this woman. Especially when black and brown people are on TV and film. The term Woke gets used. 

Some video on YouTube with an irritating narrator. Some clown thought Mortal Kombat 2021 was woke. 

They have too. Fuckinfrass posted it to Tiktok and Balleralert shared it on Twitter. 

Kelis - Trick me, I hate you so much right now. The songs that came to mind. Brilliant that she isn't afraid to say what she feels.

I have watched a Finnish horror movie called Hatching. Noticed how attractive the people are in this town. There is a pretty gross scene which I won't go into. This ideal family living in the suburbs. There was a bird that had made it's way into the house. Later on the daughter Tinja finds an egg. She decides to keep it in her room. It hatches and there is a bird like human clone. She gives it the name Alli. They have a psychic connection. Sophia Heikkila, Siiri Solalinna. The young actress is good at gymnastics like her character. The mother is attractive. Overbearing, having an affair, vlogging. The dad does his own thing. The young brother seems to have a hatred for his sister. There has be some kind of metaphor regarding this story. You might also like The New Daughter. 

Someone get Gina Critical Race Theory lessons. 

The caucasity of the Karen. Amanda Marie Keshner is a cunt

There was this big spider in my room. Sat on the wall. I removed it with a tub and cardboard. It had attached itself to the cardboard. I managed to get rid of it.

You don't know what woke even means. Woke is a good thing. 
Some cunt decided to delete my song from the request list My subscription is coming to an end. Unfollowed. Text to speech like the mods are annoying. The Dinomite Twins in some room made for children. Time to say goodbye. Nothing wrong with diversity. White supremacists always want to make it about themselves.

There is no such thing as black fascism. You being a white supremacist should be familiar with fascism. Tories fuck everything up. More lies being posted by this channel. 

No doubt one of his supporters ends up killing him. Interesting to see the reaction afterwards. Mind you the divestors are wanting black women to chase after white men. So pretty much the same. 

White supremacist makes stuff up. At&t worker being a racist piece of shit

I have watched Prey on Disney Plus. First of all the white supremacist colonizers were triggered. Fuck their feelings. It is not all about you. Amber Midthunder · Naru ; Dakota Beavers · Taabe ; Dane DiLiegro · Predator ; Stormee Kipp · Wasape ; Michelle Thrush · Aruka.
This is a scifi horror. A prequel in the Predator series. Set in 1719 in America. The Comanche Nation are indigenous people. Living their lives. The pilgrims aka Europeans would not be far off. The protagonist Naru wants to be treated as an equal. She is a skilled fighter and hunter. There is a rite of passage, a hunt taking place. She must deal with the patriarchy. A lone Predator has landed. He is there for sport. Interesting in how it appears. Resembles more Native American. The weapons matching closer to this century than like that of the other films. Nice special effects. It shows you what the Predator gets up to if no humans are around. Whatever the creature everything is being hunted. Be interested to see the youtube reactions. You have the French men also looking to hunt. Not sure why it wasn't in the cinema. Nice soundtrack. A new version of the main theme. Great cinematography. The director was involved with 10 Cloverfield Lane. You might also like The Revenant. Good action scenes. I like strong female characters. There are references to the other films. Worth taking a look. 
Nice little thread calling out the bigots

I was using the squats and deadlift section. I pretty much had finished the main exercises and wiped down the equipment. I was going to use the trap bar for a quick exercise. I see the blonde woman approach and ask if I was finished with it. I actually wasn't but let her have it anyway. She seemed eager and should have waited. We'll never mind. There was a fine black woman in earlier. There is another one in green kit. I said hello twice to a member of staff and he didn't say anything.

I tried accessing Koo but was blocked. 

Someone that I had forgotten about, Noor Bin Ladin. A Trump supporter. A terrorist like her uncle. 
All this effort. People should be reported to the authorities.
The Republicans and Conservatives are whining about the FBI. Blue lives matter they don't seem to support anymore. They are guilty. You fascists are bound to lose.

 I was asleep. My brother comes in asking about when he should take his medication. Also says "this family doesn't do shit" Well how about you use your common sense. He keeps rambling and his croaky voice annoys me. Mum was using the bathroom far too early. I still need to use it. He was stood shouting out the repetitive instructions.
At work this woman was saying to her friend. "Don't they know that the Queen is in the building?" I'm sorry what, Karen? My colleague says that have a little ocd like her as I was going to put the stock in the draw neatly. Mate, I suffer from it but this is me being smart. Who the fuck was mixing the cardboard and plastic again? My mum at 4.34am onwards repeating jewra. 
I am getting paid again on Friday. Still going to call a roofing company to seal the ridge, verge and underfelt all because the cunts at Royal Roofing couldn't do their jobs properly. Being unprofessional as to not come out or reply back. Not seeing the scaffolding. I am to use the ladder for the guttering. Use sealant. If the cunt asks me for money again for his rent I am going to refuse. His landlord can kick him out. Not my problem. I had to struggle for two weeks. I was overdrawn. Payments could not be made. I had to budget and borrow a small amount. Do you want me to get violent? I will go speak to your landlord. I am trying to move away. I can't have you fuckwits ruin my plans. I could say fuck it to those jobs. Even dealing with the plumber. It is your problem and responsibility now. 

Apparently some guy named Mr Beard thinks that fat phobia is comparible to fascism or racism. Dumb twat. Murad Merali has youtube videos. Usually gossip nonsense. Has a fetish video of him using slurs. 
  Karens: a white young woman makes a face after I asked if she needs a bag. Just say no thank you. Another hands me an item saying just this. Say hi then. A black woman when offered sas says I don't want anything else. Even thought this bin bag roll cost £1 when it was in the £1.79 basket. I ask my colleague to jump on the till. As the card wasn't working for a current customer. She says something about having a moment. Just stop being annoying. People trash the fridge. The lady at Natwest had put the bag of money on the floor as it was heavy and I had to reach round to get it. Put it on the chair provided. Some nice black and mixed raced girls. A few blondes too. A few sales reps outside. One guy starts doing exercise on a sign holder. He did check out some girl that passed him by. The fans were taped to the floor. You won't be cool that way and it is a trip hazard. I found this paracetamol patch box empty now it had been returned by a customer. I was possibly convinced that the ginger guy that comes from the hostel to get deodorant could be the same as the shoplifter that I encountered. Some child left their water bottle. Now had they paid for it. A Chinese guy tried to buy four packs of Lemsip capsules. Why so surprised? I did mention the restrictions to a Muslim couple. I get called brother by some customers. I am not though am I?  I saw these two women, one is a brunette and another a blonde. I definitely believe them to be in their 20s. I asked for ID for the blonde was paying. She presented her College ID card. Telling me that she was 30. The brunette had already started putting the stuff in the bag before I had scanned it. Now I was meant to ask her for ID too as it could be a proxy sale. I should have refused the sale as it wasn't a Driver's License. I made the call. I may have not asked at all. The manager was on her break. The Area Manager could have dealt with this. We won't get fined anyhow. I have dealt with this woman before. I should not worry about their feelings and stand my ground. I have had the training and will have a refresh. If she is in again. Wasn't sure if they had been drinking before. But either way refuse the sale. Grow a back bone and some balls. 
I did tell a woman that her daughter could have 10 Kendal Milk bottles. The General Manager would not allow me to save all for one customer. As others keep enquiring about it. I should have checked with the supervisor first. I had to lie to the customer. I served this tanned brunette and she didn't say anything. Then proceeds to leave and she didn't want the receipt. Learn some fucking manners. An Italian pensioner didn't want the bleach as it wasn't for a pound. A black guy bought items to the till but dumps the shower gel in the dump bin with batteries in it. What was the point. I served a, pretty brunette that reminded me of Dua Lipa. Another blonde in one of those beauty parlour uniforms. I did have to restrict painkillers and laxatives. An Indian woman bought two Anadin but then went back to pick up a Nurofen after the transaction was done. I had to refuse it. I should keep it consistent. I am to follow the rules and so should they. I had to go have an ice lolly as they would melt. I had to serve this woman that was busy talking to these people. I should have just stood there and waited. 
I taped sealant tape to area of the gutter. Looking at the rest I could not be bothered to paint the rest. It is pretty hot. I was a little tired. I would need to go to the shop to get the sealant. I had already worked on the thing. Professionals had been in. Not had scaffolding. It will rain later in the week. I would end up fidgeting with the tiles and other areas. I had fallen asleep. Could have sorted things hours ago. I made a sale on Bandcamp and it was a Leftfield sample. I could get in trouble. Shame my own songs aren't selling. I will have to remove it.  I saw these this guy in shorts come in to the store. He was a minute or so down the aisle. He was touching the back of his bag on the way out. I should have watched him. I didn't Challenge 25 this student buying nail glue. Clearly under 25. These teenagers knocked the roll ons over and had the caucasity to spray a deodorant. I get asked to do a picking list when I have 5 minutes left before my shift ends. I was cleaning up this mess and had to jump on the till. People keep mentioning how hot it is. I am not in the fucking mood. I recognised a girl that is the daughter of a former manager. I didn't say anything to her. 
My brother texts for me to pick up washing powder, milk and fruit. We didn't have the powder which I would get. Already have milk and fruit so why am I wasting my time when I was to head straight home from work? Why couldn't he get it? What has happened to the milk delivery? My brother uses my phone to search for some nonsense. I didn't exactly give him permission. He took too long with it. Then left it on the ironing board. I was meant to text someone too. He should get a new phone. Though I had bought the laundry pods. He hadn't done the laundry. Weren't you at home? My mum saying that those clothes in the basket were washed. Which they weren't. 
I did speak to a former manager who is now living in Italy. I served a former coworker from Selective Marketplace. She is living in Malta. She didn't recognise me. She knows my colleague though. I could have said something. People concerned over the ceiling fan being wobbly. The staff from Jack & Jils were in. One tested the deodorant. I served this hot blonde. 
It had been raining. Water leaking from the guttering. Lined already. Almost blocked off on one half. I should have just dealt with it on the sunny day. I had a look on the ladder. It is useless. I did have a guy ask me for a £ coin. He does this almost everytime. Not sure of his situation.  Just had a chap ask for a spare cigarette. I don't smoke.  I greeted 5 different white women to only be ignored. 
99 problems and a bitch is one. 

There was one news report about these young black men that helped a woman with her car. The white supremacists were being fragile as usual and posting nonsense. Also the teenagers looting in Oxford Circus are clowns. But you know the rightwingers will be pushing a racist narrative. If you have these "thirst tweets" type of behaviour in the workplace or just out in public it would be unacceptable. There is the Metoo movement that exists. People act like these are supposed to be compliments. People do get labelled creepy for sending dm on Facebook etc. Zoe Kravitz spoke of how it is scary to have an opinion or create a work of art that it would be seen as controversial. The idiots overreacting at Brie Larson talking about diversity in film and Ryan Kinel whining about Selina Kyle in The Batman speaking a line written by someone else. Why is anyone paying attention to what the antisjw or terfs say? There opinions mean nothing. Jk Rowling is as irrelevant as Kim Kardashian.

 Please allow me to introduce myself. I had been considering stopping going to the gym which I pretty much will do. I don't see the point to be honest. I don't make any gains. Nutrition won't be as good as I try to make it. My worth is greater than what others had perceived it to be. I was never unattractive. I am proud to be Indian. You clowns lacked something within yourselves. Maybe you should take it up with your parents. I am too good for this job. I see through your bullshit. I probably have cringed at the things written. Who knows how the people stumbling upon my blog will react. This world can die for all I care. The people that did me wrong will come to harm. If any of you are in trouble I won't be helping you. I guess your kids will find out what it is like to be bullied. I still want to kill someone. Only the guilty. There is a man going round taking names. I've got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one. Love it will get you nowhere. It is overrated. Hate is all there is in this world. Money is more important. I am not going to be a father or stepdad to a single woman's kids. They are your burden. I won't be getting paid back and the leeches will continue to take the piss. There will be the caucasity of the Karens. Affiliate marketing is a waste of time. I am making this my last post. Forget about updates every time I am pissed off. This music thing is just a hobby. I never loved you and I never will. Arm yourself as nobody else will save you. I am the reason your future suffers, I am the hatred you won't embrace. One step closer to the edge. Useless device it won't suffice I want a new game to play. My name is Kishore Mehta. I am the Solitarymaninblack.