Saturday, 29 April 2017

Black Eyed Boy - Texas

I sold lots of SAS. New supervisor started with the company and we also have a stand in. I thought I had heard a customer talking about me "you hear that? I should smack him" as I wasn't able to open the till. I may have got it wrong. It probably was someone else talking about another person entirely. I am not fussed. People do act like I have asked them for anal. I was dealing with a customer and a man holding his items was getting impatient and asked if someone else was coming onto the till.
Dirt Of Your Shoulder/Lying From You-JayZ/Linkin Park

Danny Jones the resident shoplifter came into the store and I three belled him, he started moaning and actually bought some items. He was threatening to beat me up or something outside of work. He can give me a blowjob if he likes. That's all he will be doing. He has committed a criminal act and not changed his ways. I am only doing my job. I am not losing my job over him. He is going on a one way trip to the Dignitas Clinic. Idle threats from a muppet. I don't give a fuck about your feelings. I have nothing to worry about or need to dwell on.
Just-Radiohead Hyper Music-Muse I Won't Back Down-Johnny Cash 99 Problems-JayZ
I had been to the gym around 1am as I could not get to sleep. The equipment was left in a mess.
Posh Pawn this lady named Laura seems annoying. Nice tits. Jade Eddington or whatever has nice tits.

British Corner Shop is celebrating its 18th birthday next week, and is offering 18% off everything for 48 hours between 9am GMT on Tuesday 2nd May and 9am on Thursday 4th May with the  voucher code BIRTHDAYAW.

Some guy in Leeds just messaged me to say hello on I don't travel that far. Pointless.

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Friday, 28 April 2017

Hannah Grace - Praise You

Pretty fit brunette/blonde in sports bra and shorts. Lovely arse. There was on some purple t-shirt blonde. The pretty blonde in black vest and grey leggings has nice tits and ass. This brunette turns up in black with a nice arse. Some little boy was pointing his toy gun at me but on the way up the street.

The Flash (metal cover)

A tv show in the UK on ITV called Bigheads. You may catch the reaction to it on Twitter. Interesting how they matched up the contestants with the celebrities. Satire and a game in the mix. Hosted by Jason Manford. Donald Trump, Mo Farrah, Adele and more. Imagine how the people portrayed are feeling. #bigheads

Why on earth am I fetching the bedding from the line? My brother is up and fully clothed to go out.

The Island With Bear Grylls and no one attractive on the show. Some unlikeable people. Two islands with old and young. Rude to people that they have only just met. I wonder what they will think looking back at the footage and friends and family will be watching. See Twitter. Next episode females skinny dipping and that's all I am watching it for. #theisland Message In A Bottle - The Police

I do like the MYA and Boux Avenue ads. Scantily clad women with nice bodies dancing. On a separate note the Gala Bingo indents really are shit. Can't stand any gambling ads. Weight Watchers ad with annoying black Welsh woman and Perfect Home with the cat. 118118, Quickquid and other loan ads get on my wick not to forget the compensation and ppi cunts. Maddie Ziegler is pretty but only 14.
On local news in Lincoln Jennifer Green and Rosie Sanchez. I served this pretty brunette in a white dress. She was tall and slim. Some olive skinned mature lady had nice tits. As does Laura Mvula.
The cockmunch Danny Jones was in the store twice. Wasn't sure that it was him. There were a couple that Management were watching. For Arthur Collins The Only Way Is Prison.
Hi..just to let you know a loan is available to you:-) that was from the Provident agent. I shouldn't have taken one out in the first place and won't be doing it again. Looks like it'll be crap again for SAS at work.
Ch4 Single Mums Club. Some misandry. A few are still bitter about the break up. Others just get on with it. Sometimes it is easier just not to have kids. The mixed raced one with nice tits moaning about student life. See the tweets and for The One Show which had Kurt Russell and Chris Pratt as guests.
'A/C 25Apr. You only have £0.11 available. As you're near your limit, please make sure you have enough in your A/C to pay for any upcoming transactions.' The contactless payments came out.
My mother is up again walking back and forth it is 00:57 and I hear the creaking floorboard. Trying to sleep. The council sent an invoice but the direct debit is set up and the former social worker has the fucking cheque book. Swear to a god I got 99 Problems and a bitch is one.
On the Wright Stuff this guest in blue has nice tits. Ridiculous that Sheffield Uni expelled this Christian student that took part in a debate and called homosexuality a sin. There is a show called Mind The Age Gap.
I dreamt that I was at a university. In my underwear going from room to room. I had slept with some Asian guy with contoured eyebrows that worked at the cinema. Frank Bruno was after a colleague of mine. We were hidden away. Someone was on the roof with a gun. He came through a latch and misfired and fell onto this equipment electrocuted himself. I heard a Muse song. Bob Tebbs was at the door wanting to collect some coat but all does is steal money and is caught several times.

Matthew Hanley and his lover Connor Allsopp of Tamworth hacked the TalkTalk site and shared customer details. Those customers should deal with these two criminals personally. No one gives a fuck whether Tim Fallon thinks homosexuality is a sin or not. One Night With My Ex Sophy and Sam are quite pretty. This other girl with silver hair and tattoos is nice. Another shit show.
Hold Your Colour - Pendulum
Some guy in painter decorating clothing, possible disguise wasn't suspicious to me but is apparently known. Why not inform me. He nicked a Oral B Disney Toothbrush. Arsehole. He is at fault. Not me. Some students and school kids were in. I found an empty nosestrip box and the Manager found lip balm packaging. It could have been a couple that were in. It was a busy Thursday. What is the fucking point?
Vampires - Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes

The One Show, what was the point of the competition to have someone ring in to speak to Barry Manilow? See the Twitter responses.

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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Never close our eyes - Adam Lambert

I dreamt that I was at a care home and tried operating equipment on a person. But it kept failing. I was the laughing stock. It almost went to bust. Gas was leaking. I thought it would blow. I switched it off. I went running to a wall which I leapt off and approached a guy in a costume calling him Peter.

My Online Nightmare. "I'm not that stupid" Liz the redhead says. I'm sure many will disagree with you. Why would all the women featured give away so much money to a man they've only known for a few months? American Idiot - Green Day
Golddigger-Kanye West

On Benefits Life On The Dole s1 ep19 will garner some reaction. Most of Rob's family are on benefits. He does budget. Graffiti Artist.

The ad was reposted with a different number. Typo probably.

I dreamt that we were in my brother's car and came to Limehurst Academy and drove along the path like a stunt driver. Many pupils waiting in the corridors. Some awards do happened and a pupil collapsed and I ran to get a first aider.

I did pass this woman holding hands with her boyfriend. Coming up Meadow Lane where it meets Rendell St. She had nice cleavage. Kelly Sotherton on Question Of Sport is attractive. Hot women in Schwartzkoff Colour Live ad.

I dreamt that we as a group had stayed over in this building. These seats were to the left and in the walls were symbols representative of each religion. There was some guy experimenting with drugs and asked me if he could take one. I had put the washing out to dry. Along the street was this black cloud that seemed to follow me. It would rain for a few seconds. Then move along. Someone closes the front door for me. Earlier a remote controlled car carrying sausages and playing music is operated by my brother and I have an issue with it.

Family Guy episode Turban Cowboy probably would offend some. It is a satrical look at Islam and American culture. They do seem to have attractive women in the Oral B ads. Annoying though.
Alan actually texted me now. Wants to borrow DVDs. I could still go gym. I will still have to leave the house.
The London Marathon on BBC. The Elite Races is the focus. Hopefully they will have learned from last year and concentrate on the general public raising money for charity. Many mini films. Show the live runners. Who the fuck was that just posing behind Zamzam? Random music playing. A couple of people running past David Wyath as he was in their way. Alison Dixon has tanlines where she had shorts.

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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Let's Run Away - Matt And Kim

Crimewatch theme plays....

Silly cunt Natasha Wright comes into the store. I recognised her and rang three bells. She had taken something and heads out moaning about being innocent. She isn't. The bitch needs flooring. I will just tell her to stop with the bullshit. Maybe mockingly imitate her whilst following her around. Draw attention to her. There is evidence against her. She deserves the death penalty. This is the last time that I dwell on or write about these arseholes.
This twat in a blue puffa jacket was in and helped himself to the Rimmel stand. Two woman had taken deodorant and I was in the back and as soon as I saw them I ran to the manager. We watched two fellas that came in. They were hanging out by the bench. Robert Tebbs was among the group that passed the store a few times. We were the only shop open thus were a target. We shall not take the blame for a criminal's actions. I am now working the delivery. I should have gone to the gym. There was a chap with a black cat. Carrying it and then placed it on the floor. I asked a brunette if she would like a bag and she was buying alcohol. Her response was "I'm not going to carry around a bottle of wine at 2 in the afternoon" sarky cunt a simple yes would have been enough. I ID her anyway. Some now carry their own bags.
Karma Police - Radiohead
99 Problems - Jay-Z
Hyper Music - Muse

Greg Wallace annoying the staff at this shoe making factory. Chatter in my mum's room as well as next door. 22:51. My phone came on.

Someone named Rob texted me 'Hi what is engine size of ur car pls thanks rob' ‭from Aldershot.‬ I don't have a car. I shall say 15" inches. Must be that Mo knob upto his usual tricks. Mum is still talking to herself. ‭A man in Daventry‬ called and Mo has used my number on Gumtree 1232166715. Advertising a car. Peugeot 307 hdi car on gumtree. Farnham Surrey is mentioned. Another person has texted me. I know that there have been data breaches and identity theft. I may need to change my number. Makes me think of the times that I was getting calls from those towns. Usually about PPI and accident compensation. No is probably not his name. Re: Peugeot 307 HDI only 97K miles £300. Just had another call from a number.
The ad was posted a day ago. What is the point? A voicemail regarding the ad came to my inbox. I have just texted the customer.
Chris Cornell - You Know My Name

Echos is still open. Clubbers are still around. Some guy laughing hysterically. People stood outside Savers. A few nice girls. Well the legs anyway.
Stardust-Music sounds better with you

I have forgotten the rota hours and holidays to put into email. Part a wasted journey. Concerned about this identity theft.

Gypsy Brides US is ridiculous. You may have watched Big Fat Gypsy Wedding on Ch4. Quest Red.

My brother needs to give it a rest. Waking me up when he is lecturing my mother on how to have a bath.

At the gym I did see a fine pair of buttocks on this lass doing press ups or something. Also on Fran C. Charlie XCX not a good music artist. "Come onto me" is she asking for the bloke to jizz on her? I think so. This brunette that was on the cross trainer has a nice bum and tits. Wearing black leggings with pink on her sports bra. Another pretty brunette in floral design top. Nice body. So has the one in light blue top. Take a picture it'll last longer. Some lady with her legs over her head. Impressive. One in black stretching the back leg has a nice ass. Wolfmother-Woman

Got2Be ad with a typical camp stylist creating a bubble ponytail. Lloyds Bank ad with the cover of Praise You. I don't rate Drake. Not sure about the auto tune. Box Power List Will Best spewing a load of bollocks. Rihanna's Work with the lyrics that confuses everyone. See Raptor Badger. The 16kg dumbbell got a little heavy as I was doing bench press. Could have dropped it so swung to the side and fell off the bench. Culinary Genius looks daft on ITV. Some Towie nob or boyfriend of a Towie nob was suspected of the acid attack in a club. These are the types of people that the teens idolise. Arthur Collins.
A teenager that had a haircut for a charity was removed from classes, Taylor Jones. A pregnant woman and her husband were attacked by two mastiff dogs. It's owner drove off without leaving her details. Scandaleyes Reloaded ad has been pulled due to it being misleading. It's one item that is promoted in Savers. North Norfolk council mistakingly said Gerry Anderson would be attending the event however he is dead. A race attack in the US by a black man. Some people on Twitter will go off on one. Physicists have created a fluid with negative mass.

Couples Come Dine With Me ch4 Lucy has nice tits. BBC News in Croydon. Some black man standing next to the reporter in view of the camera. Some Indian kid with glasses. Let the reporter do their job. Isobella Fraser the Australian woman in that club interviewed with her sister is hot. How To Live Mortgage Free ch4. Some people have bought a boat and live there now. Annie had a business from the age of 16, at 26 she buys a plot of unused land. Ch5 Bailiffs were at the Chohan's shop. The case is suspended but all the members of the family abuse the agents. Twats get arrested. Can't Pay We'll Take It Away. See tweets.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Lykke Li - Get Some

Saw Charlie Murphy on news article, making sure it wasn't a typo. Didn't know Eddie Murphy had an older brother. Only heard of him now.

Chanice Bowen committed benefits fraud. With that name it was definitely going to happen.

Brittany Carter commited knife point rape on a male taxi driver. No one would want to fuck her otherwise.

Antiques Roadshow expert had died after psychotic episode back in 2013. Not sure why it is being reported now.

"sales assitant trannie supervisoer" headline for an employee review of Savers.

The other day a lady had left her bank card. A colleague had told her when she saw her in town however the woman didn't have any ID. So the Manager couldn't give it to her. Her son was by the window display. He had closed a door and stood there. Little shit should not have been doing that.

Saw two pretty blondes both in orange. One has a sports bra. Fab tits. They are still around. Could have taken a picture. They have gone now. Turned a few heads. Thought I saw a guy that resembles a newscaster on Itv East Midlands. The Chinese guy on the Power Plate machine was making as much noise as the doctor on United Airlines. Shame that I wasn't quick to record it. Some 'Gentlemen' leave the toilet in a state.
Cracking tits on this mature brunette. In McDonalds, her son is Billy who she kept calling. Some kid in the library kept calling mummy and daddy pissing people off. The guy in the library in the suit is on his phone. Just hang up. Tried filling in the self assessment but all these stupid questions appear. The hours for upcoming weeks weren't done. I can't do the catering shifts if I don't have a plan.

Nice tits on this brunette with a green jacket on white top and blue jeans. Walking past the canal which connects Belton Rd West and Bridge St.

This fanny is up to his usual tricks.
REMEMBER To report an illegal Muslim (or non-Muslim) immigrant phone INS at 866-347-2423 #ThursdayThoughts

I had another dream where I helped a woman in labour. She gave birth to the first one. Smack the back to start it breathing. The next one was a gingerbread man.

Can't log onto Pof and Match.

Fucking shoplifter pissing about. Rachel Hughes is still a cunt. Some blonde teen that is miserable and mumbles. Kick you all in the cunt. Hyper Music, 99 Problems, Duality
I don't care. I am a legend. You have that attitude and problem which is not my fault. I was never behaving inappropriately. I'm just doing my job. So you can get fucked. One Step Closer, Just. No regrets and no mercy.

I did dream that we had invited these two homeless shoplifters to a funeral. I had some clothes for them to wear.

Stephanie Keoning is hot. I did serve this short brunette with tanned skin. She was a yummy mummy. Her son was messing about. Kelvin Mackenzie is just a little shit. A British man fell naked from a balcony in Thailand. Will he be given a Darwin Award? Imagine the embarrassment. Hannah Bladon's killer had mental health problems and had just been released from hospital. Some nobs just want to make it about Islam. I have no idea how or why I was following Bri Joyce in Twitter. That cunt Natasha Wright came in store. Picked up two Fairy washing liquid. Puts them on the Nicky stack and leaves. Tim Wright was hanging around doing his hair. Near the Rimmel stand.

DoctorWho has returned. It was quite a good episode with new apprentice Bill who is lesbian. Reminiscent of Waters Of Mars, T1000. Peter Capaldi's final series.

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Lesbian Family Affair #5

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STARRING: Briana Banks, Samantha Rone, Alison Rey, Marica Hase, Akira Lane, Jayden Lee, Eva Long, Cassidy Klein, Tanya Tate

RELEASE DATE: 4/3/2017
PMID: 640
UPC: 856845006406

Lesbian Family Affair #5 - Front Cover Lesbian Family Affair #5 - Back Cover

Cum Craving Cuckolds #8

CATEGORY: Straight, Cuckold, Anal, Interracial, Cheaters

STARRING: Bianca Ferrero, Luca Bella, Suzie, Elisa

RELEASE DATE: 4/10/2017
PMID: 636
UPC: 856845006369

Cum Craving Cuckolds #8 - Front Cover Cum Craving Cuckolds #8 - Back Cover

Lesbian Roadtrip

CATEGORY: Lesbian, All Girl, Friends, Fantasy, Sixway, Orgy

STARRING: Veronica Radke, Gigi Allens, Penelope Stone, Natasha Voya, Sami St Clair, Chloe Anwar

RELEASE DATE: 4/17/2017
PMID: 652
UPC: 856845006529

Lesbian Roadtrip - Front Cover Lesbian Roadtrip - Back Cover

Filthy Rich Lesbians

CATEGORY: Lesbian, All Girl, Fantasy, Romance, Threeway

STARRING: Alison Rey, Jojo Kiss, Misty Stone, Ela Darling, Loni Legend, Heidi Jenner, Lily Cade

RELEASE DATE: 4/24/2017
PMID: 626
UPC: 856845006260

Filthy Rich Lesbians - Front Cover Filthy Rich Lesbians - Back Cover


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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Dream - Amber Leigh

I doubt that Berry are grateful as I have been sending people their way. A man was behaving weird in the store. Something upset him. He was possibly attempting to steal something. He left his bag whilst going down an aisle. A guy arrived quite early for an interview. An hour before. Some blonde was mumbling and miserable. This young girl was being a pain in the arse with her nan.

At Savers 12th April 2017: Guess fragrances £12.99 Beyonce perfumees £9-14.99 Colgate brush and whitening pen £7.99, Maybelline Mascara £4.98, Scholl Pedi kit £19.99, Nivea Sun Lotions £3.99. Please share.

Got a free dvd but you would have to text or call a number to retrieve a code in order to watch the film. Uk Student House 3+9. Cost £10. I may have taken a while but saved money by randomly inputting the numbers. 3:51am I am awoken by the sound of my mum repeating herself, "darling" and some other shit I can't make out.

Trust for it to be an Asian man screaming and just overreacting. United Airlines clearly fucked up. The other passengers just sat there and filmed. That's the modern world for you.

Carol Bowditch ladies and gentlemen

I dreamt that I was on an agency shift. Asked to do one job then moved on to another. I was dressed smart. We were to be plate waiters. There were others assigned to the bar. The queue was long. There was an Elton John lookalike, a black woman that wanted to say hi. The building was old. A national trust site. Many rooms to go through. Some staff were in the lecture theatre. A few on Tesco checkouts.
After service there was an altercation. Most were seated ready for home. I followed a group escorted by police. They were to review CCTV footage before letting anyone go. I had walked out of the room to later bump into a policeman.

A customer was telling me about how a man near the post office after she had withdrawn money from the cash machine, tried to put his hand in her bag in order to steal. I should have got a description. Some guy in a green coat and bag tried stealing Fairy items. I served this hot tanned blonde that works for Autoglass. I also spoke to this Spanish or Italian brunette that was looking for glue. Tried to describe it. She was pretty. Angela Scanlon has a nice ass.

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