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Solitarymaninblack - ocd


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This guy commented and like a track of mine so I am promoting his. I like the accent, guitar and message. Senti

Had to be specific on how much I used. I paid the £50. Now I have to include all these other details. Publishers/writers which all has a, percentage. I am supposed to join a Pro which I haven't. All this is a waste of time for a license. I might as well have just released the song anyway or just ask for a refund and delete the song. I will release it and then fill the rest in. 

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Solitarymaninblack - Pearl Necklace

Already had a copyright claim and blocked. 

One video that I uploaded was of Dylan Burns on Twitch reacting to Ben Shapiro's movie. It was blocked on copyright grounds. Which is understandable. I know some other company has been mentioned for going after meme channels. Lasso Group make false claims as they have been exposed as being a fraudulent company. I disputed their claim.

CD Universe - Buy New Release DVDs, TV on DVD, Music Videos and Much More Big Bug is a French scifi comedy. Set in the far future. Alice is someone that though living in the future often is reminiscent of the past. Has a vintage collection. All retro items. She has a few robots in her home. Her guests are Max and Leo. The neighbour Francoise comes to visit. The ex husband Victor turns up bringing the daughter Nina and new girlfriend Jennifer. Meanwhile there is an uprising. The robots are out to get the humans. Monique and her fellow machines decide to lock the house with the humans within it to protect them. But the humans have other ideas. I have seen a few films where you have a group of people couped up together. The actors have fun with it. Definitely dedicated to their craft. This could be a theatre play. Great visual effects, costumes, acting. Nice soundtrack. Pretty women. Nice bodies on Nina and Jennifer. Does have a good sense of humour. I saw it on Netflix. It must have been made recently. A fair bit of nudity. It does get philosophical. Stand out performances and I am naming by character are Monique, Einstein, Yonyx. Worth taking a look. You might also like Humans, Better Than Us, Chappie, I Am Mother, Mother/Android, Tau, Lucy, Ghost In A Shell, Terminator, Robocop, Replicas, The Matrix, The Machine, 2001 A Space Odyssey, Demon Seed, Archive, Ex Machina, Short Circuit, Saturn 3. Isabelle Nanty Françoise Elsa Zylberstein Alice Barelli Claude Perron Monique Stéphane De Groodt Max Youssef Hajdi Victor Barelli Claire Chust Jennifer François Levantal Yonyx 7389XAB2 Alban Lenoir Greg Marysole Fertard Nina Barelli Hélie Thonnat Léo (as Helie Thonnat) Juliette Wiatr La présentatrice de Galaxy André Dussollier Einstein (voice) Benoît Allemane Nestor (voice) James Champel Nettoyeur Howard V2 (voice) Corinne Martin Tom (voice)

Peacemaker is a TV show from DC and WB. Created by James Gunn. Events take place after The Suicide Squad. An action comedy series. Starring
John Cena
Danielle Brooks
Freddie Stroma
Chukwudi Iwuji
Jennifer Holland
Steve Agee
Robert Patrick
A few of characters have returned. Chris aka Peacemaker has come out of hospital. He should be heading back to prison. He is given an opportunity to work for a special team. He will have a few different cases to deal with. I know that James Gunn has a mixed soundtrack like he did with Guardians Of The Galaxy. I am not keen on some of the songs. I hadn't watched the show as I wasn't keen on the character. Some people watching will be triggered. You have new girl Leota, a black woman who is in a lesbian relationship. I don't like the way other team members treat her. She can be annoying. Harcourt is hot. Though a bit of a bitch. She can definitely handle herself. Chris's dad is a Republican. With the dialogue and fights they do push the envelope. Nice body on John and the woman that he has sex with. Good tits. As also on Harcourt and Amber. Does contain violence, swearing, sex and nudity. You do feel a little sorry for Chris. He isn't so much like his dad. Amanda Waller is still running things. I recommend seeing the film first. I was impressed by this closet scene. Good special effects. The opening credits is something else. There is this pet Eagle. See the reaction channels. There are references and cameos ahead. A second season has been given the green light. It airs on HBO Max however it is restricted to America just like with the CW. I saw it on this site. Here is a VPN to use.

Shapiro is a white supremacist. Adding people on Facebook is a waste of time. These so called friends and family never respond or accept the request. Looking at Tinder and it does seem to be a waste of time. This man that Republicans/Conservatives would try to cancel him. Shapiro, The Quartering, Crowder, Chen, Owens and antisjw antiwoke people want to keep the hate going.

These white supremacists are dumbasses. Did they forget blackface and yellowface? Once again The Kav is dunking on these asshats. Queens "white supremist" She isn't even white. Caitlin Reilly a comic actress does alot of parodies. She will no doubt spoof this. The woman in the video is hot.

He is a white supremacist fascist. His channel is just full of lies. Don't know who this Amanda is. Trump hasn't got anything to do with Ukraine. It isn't about America.

I think that I might have met this woman back in 2009. The cast of 90210 were at the vip event and I was on the catering staff. 

Anna Lynne Mccord


Sarah Stogner could start an Onlyfans

I am losing subscribers and views which is weird.
White Fragility

The irony of the rightwingers complaining about neo nazis.
Pretty ignorant people in the replies. See where these two tonedeaf guys stand. This woman is a zionist. Stands with Ukraine that has some neo nazis working for them. Just against the Palestinians. These people are white supremacists.


A song of mine is on a playlist for Ukraine.
The anti immigration folk will be unhappy about the fact that Brits are opening their homes to Ukrainian refugees. Most would have objected to the Black, Asian and Arab people coming here. This imbecile gets her facts wrong. Facts...

The caucasity of these colonisers. 
 R Jones is tonedeaf. Look at the rightwingers he is subscribed to. 


It won't be. But we know why people like you are triggered when it comes to poc. Not a failed character. Nothing to do with diversity.

Candace is a clown. Only White lives matter to you.
Black lives matter is a civil rights group. 

That isn't true. You are also subscribed to a white supremacist Sargon. 

What fragile racist pieces of shit. 

These white supremacists might try to disguise their Racism but I see through your bullshit. I won't be talking about them again as they fade into obscurity. I've got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one.

The Kavs hit a home run with this video. 

The trump supporters lost. Conservatives are fragile. It is you're. Hypocrite. Blm and Antifa did not commit acts of terrorism. The Maga turds did. 

Good to see positive reactions and comments.

 Kirsty Campbell who Kelechi was dragging on Twitter and spoke about on her podcast

Her Instagram which is now private

shekinah hollingsworth is coon with trash takes.

Tuesday, 11 January 2022

Solitarymaninblack - Black Foundry

 Black Foundry

This guy is a legend

I watched the Candyman film from Jordan Peele. A reboot/sequel. A horror movie. It will trigger the rightwingers. It does acknowledge what happens in the original films. Cabrini Green has been gentrified. You have this art community. Anthony is a budding artist, he lives with his girlfriend. There is a satirical look at America. You would like the originals, Us, Get Out. Good special effects. A new way of looking at the story. You see the types of people that fall victim to the Candyman. Anthony does summon him. He initially becomes his messenger. Painting pictures based on the legend. It is quite dark. Discusses racial inequality. Some cameos. You will recognise some actors. Teyonah was last in Wandavision. Interesting to see discussions and trivia. Expect twists. With the end credits and some storytelling scenes whoever did the animation puppetry did a good job. Watch this film with an open mind. 

I watched Rec 4: Apocalypse. A Spanish horror film. I recommend the other Rec and Quarantine films. You will have seen Resident Evil, World War Z, 28 Days Later. It was released in 2014. I wasn't sure if had seen it then. So rented it in 2022. A few people that were in the infected zones are now on board a large ship. Angela is the TV news reporter. You have some Swat/soldiers, the crew, the grandmother from a wedding and scientists. There is this great rock song that plays. Angela looks great. Very gory and violent. The virus was described as being demonic. An outbreak happens and the cast must do what they can to survive. Full cast and crew.

I finally took a dive and watched Malignant. The trailer doesn't reveal too much but as the film went on I was guessing the back story of the characters. Maddie is a woman living in Seattle. You even see the origins of the villain Gabriel. Maddie is in an abusive relationship. Has suffered miscarriages. She is pregnant and a house invasion happens. You have her actor sister that comes to visit. She has visions of when Gabriel attacks his victims. The detective Kekoa assigned to the case is a handsome man and I thought he would have chemistry with the sister Sydney. He is with his partner Regina. In one scene he is pretty bad ass. With the twists revealed later are kind of fucked up. The forensics, evidence woman seems to be obsessed with the detective. James Wan is a great film maker. You will have seen the Saw and Insidious films. Impressive effects. Good cast of actors. You might like the soundtrack. I like the opening theme music which is When your walls fall by Celldweller. There are trivia on imdb to look at. With the discussions most likely focus on certain characters. What would happen after the end of the film? On YouTube as the trailer was clicked on, further below in the recommendations were videos about the ending. Stupid even to have it there. Annabelle Wallis stars. I have only seen a few things that she was in. From a scene in the film which shows the underground town beneath modern Seattle I am interested to find out more.

Monster Hunter is an action scifi adventure film by Paul W. S. Anderson. Starring: Milla Jovovich; Tony Jaa; Clifford "T. I." Harris; Meagan Good; Diego Boneta; Josh Helman; Jin Au-Yeung; Ron Perlman. 
I saw the trailer and noticed mixed reviews. Milla has been in a few good films. Not the greatest actor but does a good enough job. She plays a Ranger named Captain Artemis. Her team of military soldiers are on some mission in the desert. A storm is brewing nearby. They are sucked into a portal taking them to another world. They encounter monsters. Meanwhile on this planet is the Hunter and his people on a boat type vehicle when they are attacked. I like how some characters in films from different worlds have an understanding. At 38 mins I was about to fall asleep. I could have stopped watching. I had been working in the day. I did hope the military scenes would not be clichéd. The sort of thing Tropic Thunder would parody. Impressive creature designs. FX aren't bad. Plenty of action. I did think that this would be about an entire team. The soundtrack is electro, synthwave. Good cast of actors especially Tony Jaa. Milla looking good. T. I was in this despite some recent controversy. Some reason her character reminded me of Katherine Hepburn. You might also like Mad Max, Monsters, Godzilla, Love  And Monsters, A Quiet Place, Dune, Stargate. There is some mid credits scene which doesn't make sense. Doubt there will be a sequel. 

Blumhouse's Fantasy Island is a horror drama. A group of people have been invited to the island. As they had won a competition. They get to live out their fantasy. However things come at a price. I assume it was filmed in Hawaii. Michael Pena is a great actor as are the rest of the cast. Mr Roarke is the manager. Julia is the assistant. You have various staff members. Maggie Q, Lucy Hale, Charlotte McKinney are hot. Gwen is a single woman. Walked away from her fiance. Melanie was bullied as a child. You have the cringe worthy step brothers Brax and J D. Patrick is a police officer that dreamt of being in the army. He reminded me of Matthew Fox. Austin Stowell, Jimmy O. Yang, Michael Rooker, Portia Doubleday, Dave Bautista, Ryan Hansen, Paris a Fitz-Henley also star. You find other characters appearing later on. I could look at trivia and discussion on the secrets of the island. I was thinking of a few films similar to this. Saw, Hostel, Jumanji, Old, Lost. Interesting special effects. Nice soundtrack. I am a fan of this company. It was released in 2020 on Netflix. 

It is quite late now. I was going to go to sleep as I planned to go to the gym. There is the doctors appointment tomorrow morning too. It is worth watching. 

I didn't go gym. Not enough time to sleep. I did wake up early and could have set off. 

This is an intriguing video. 

02037408429 call. An Indian man asking about the Covid vaccine and asks about life insurance and before AI answer the question I hung up and blocked the number. 
Great video. The Princess spoke facts. All these Internet personalities from Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, Lauren Chen, Pewdiepie, Destiny, Blindwave and any others are irrelevant to your lives. No one should give a fuck how many followers you have on Twitter. You don't have an impact on my life. Time people just logged off and stopped giving them attention. I am getting quotes for the window replacement and it is alot. The vandals that broke the windows should be paying. I only hope that something bad happens to them. If I do catch the person if they try this shit again then they are getting beaten. Besides I haven't agreed to paying anything. Supposed to be here between 12 and 4 and is coming here 5.40pm. Just hoping he isn't travelling far. Came and took measurements and the company would give me a price. Just hope that it is cheaper than the others. 

 lorelay_big_tits happens to tell another Chaturbate individual Lexi_Laine that she looks like a monkey. Random as it is.

Geeks & Gamers are Karens. They will try to cancel George Lucas.

I see that A2B Roofing put an ad on Facebook. One of the companies that I contacted that hadn't replied.

There are a number of these fools making excuses for Joe Rogan. There is no cancel culture. It is about taking accountability. 
Victoria and Whitney got it wrong.
Chris is a dumb cunt. So this harasser is essentially a Karen. The caucasity. What are you on about Glitchbot?
The Purge was inevitable. Inspired by Rittenhouse. One of my posts is under review. I uninstalled Fanbase as it is a waste of time.

The sense of entitlement from the men in the comments. Her body her choice. 

I am uploading the creative commons license videos to my channel. That Irish fag had the caucasity to comment.

Countdown is a horror movie. I watched it on Netflix. It has been out for a few years. There is an app available for download on the app store. It is called Countdown. There user must obey the terms and conditions. It predicts when a person will die. Starts off with a group of friends at a party using the app. Our protagonist is a new nurse called Quinn. She downloaded it out of curiosity as some of these characters do. I also find that when there seems to be a threat you don't go towards it. Anyway she is given 3 days and she wants to prevent the inevitable. Impressive visual effects. I am reminded of Final Destination, The Ring, Happy Death Day, Truth Or Dare, Nerve, Candyman, Hellbound. It is a good film. I like the soundtrack. Elizabeth Lail is hot. You will recognise Matt Lescher. Surprised to see Tom Segura. 

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Wayne Walker aka Wayne Wanker policing black women's bodies.

I see this channel. He does good artwork as you'll see in the posts. Seems to have a lot of parodies of Meghan Markle. I assume that he is a rightwinger. Judging by the comments his audience is too. Any excuse to be tonedeaf and antiblack. I knew what it would be like when I saw the playlist. Definitely one to avoid. My link posts getting removed. 

I had a missed call from 02083966262 and it related to Your Cloud Campus. Online training in Singapore. Many comments online that received a call. But Colt Technology has provided them with the number as someone tweeted them.


 I ordered that waterproofing and washing product. Hermes had placed it on the garden bin in the back.
Should have left in the front. Knocked or rang me. The item was in the garden for a month. I was going to email Regatta. 

 I am being asked some things which takes the piss. The arsehat vandal already cost me money. I will strangle or stab them if they return. Hours being reduced. I need to find another job.

Medical Racism. They always ignore black people when they needed help. A white person is helped immediately. Roland interrupting the guests.

These rightwingers are sick fucks

Karen says All lives matter but don't mean it. 

Better time than any to check out my NFT

Remember no means no. 

White supremacist Karen getting owned.

She is a white supremacist. Karen was trying to set the soldiers up. She is a member of Vanilla Isis. She should be identified and charged.

Most of the men probably wound up running a manosphere podcast. You should see the parodies. No 2 seems like trash. No 4.The one trying to kiss her male friends. That is harassment. 5. You have to laugh at the entitlement of these white women. I skipped the rest of the video as it was boring.

I agree with Melissa on funerals and weddings. 

Karen is a white supremacist. 

I am trying this at the gym. Ryan H does a lot of rambling. Cringe worthy jokes. 

I started watching Werewolves Within. A horror comedy which I saw a teaser clip of. I found the dialogue and acting cringe worthy so stopped at 1h21m59 seconds left. Set in some northern town. A new Ranger has been assigned his post. A monster lurks somewhere. But anyway this film is released by Signature. The filming location was interesting. 

I started watching The Privilege. A German horror film. 1 m 28 m to go. As I will be up in the morning for gym. Some creature was pursuing the children in the house. The older sister is hysterical. I remember seeing the specific bridge in some show or movie. Fast forward to the college years. The son is getting therapy. His twin sister is hot. He is invited to a party. Later sees his Grandpa. Interesting location. I listened to the original audio with subtitles. There are weird beings lurking. The family is hiding a secret. Some pretty cast members notably Sophie and Samira. There is a moderate sex scene. Pills are being given to the teens. Maybe look at trivia. Techno soundtrack. Good cast of actors. Currently on Netflix. You get to see Finn the protagonist live his daily life. See him investigate into what has been going on. They are a middle class family living in luxury. Meet the cast.

This channel has trailers but puts news reports or some crime at the beginning. Clearly antiblack. Has a black suspect and a white victim.Though it features trailers which would be against copyright. It has a news segment or something edited in by the User. I can only assume that it is run by a white supremacist. The channel was created only last month. I reported it. 

' I thought that they would be... They were never allies. Malcolm X has a speech about the difference between liberals and Conservatives. White Fragility.
Doesn't work that way. Usa and Canada aren't white countries. Built on stolen land. Guy is subscribed to Nerdrotic a white supremacist youtuber. Not sure what it is with these rightwingers leaving dumb comments under videos not related to them.

So much for freedom of speech.
Kyle Rittenhouse will be selling Nfts next. 

 @DogHugger  Didn't happen. Judging by people that you follow. Clearly a troll. 

Rightwing terrorists. Just like Kyle Rittenhouse. 

People in the comments seem to support his actions. White supremacists are degenerates.

As soon as I clicked on this video. I got an ad for fungal nail care.

Candace is a fascist warmonger 

A few people that I remember watching on TV and in film were Trump supporters. 

This is one beautiful woman. 
Worth subscribing to. 
The Fba folks like Tariq Nasheed probably would not like the channel as for them everything revolves around America.

Funded by far right snowflakes. Cancel culture mob. These idiots are not oppressed or under any threat. "So fuck all your protests, put them to bed" - Marilyn Manson (Rock is dead) 

The copyright claim on my video was lifted.

On Chaturbate, the shit that some of these guys put in chat. 

This is a site created by Dave Rubin so it has so many right wingers  

This number 01615412190 called me and I did not hear anything but then there is some sound and then the call ends

White supremacists. The whole thread is a mess. There is a war going on. Kelechi is married to a white man. Besides this Gamer person is a white supremacist. Americans see war as entertainment.

He is a Communist that triggered the liberals and people mistake him for a Conservative. Worth following him on Twitter.


She has Blm and a rainbow flag in her profile. Anyway I am done with Twitter.

These turds make the same old content. Label anything with poc as woke. Ryan is a Karen. White supremacist showing themselves. 

I won't be clicking on sus videos or mentioning rightwingers.

Why don't these two get named? White supremacists. 

Paul should be sent to Ukraine to fight. 

Tariq Nasheed is married to an Asian woman. Irony of him using the term bedwench. He is also antiblack as he spreads hate against African immigrants. The hate he has for lgbt too. 


Rowling and Farrow are trash. I was using Printful which was integrated with ebay. Someone actually bought a t-shirt with my design. The billing method wasn't added so order failed. I have to verify my I'd on ebay and update bank details. I had this account for several years. I have paid more money than earned.