Thursday, 30 June 2016

Little Mix - Word Up

Sun, Sex And Suspicious Parents episode with James and Jenn travelling to Zante. Shown on 4music. Partying after A levels. The girls are abit pretty with nice bodies. Especially the tall tanned one. They seem to draw the attention of local mature men. It isn't #everydaysexism. The girls were not interested unless the guy was young and British or spoke English. Seem stuck up. The shot of them on the beach was nice. The subtitles seem to repeat themselves "I call that very lucky" "oh James" "no" "yeah" "greetings" "(unclear)"
if you happen to be watching at 10.50pm 26/06.
Two pretty girls in gym wear one blonde the other brunette. Headed into Tesco. Swansea rang again ‭01792 720114‬. One young boy was bragging about climbing onto the roof of the shop. He hadn't put the bin back. What was the point. He would get himself in trouble. Again we were short staffed.
Some cunt had left the isometric ladder tangled and I was to untangle it. I did see a nice blonde on the stepper machine. Then saw one in a black business suit, short skirt, nice legs, slim body heading towards Tesco, Rushes Shopping Centre, Loughborough.

Ghost Luminous, Captivating 30ml £11.99 and 50ml £14.99. Ghost Whisper 30ml £18.99. All are floral, fruity fragrances. Vera Wang Lovestruck 100ml £19.99. Riemann P20 Sun Filter 200ml £14.99, a quick drying spray, water proof adds 10 hours of protection. SPF 15/20/30/50+. Ambi Pur 3volution £1.99 and twin refills £3.99. All these are available this week at Savers Health And Beauty.

I had these dream that I was in Savers. Working a shift. My till was on the wrong side. Pam a former colleague from Everyone Wants was serving this lady. I also served her at the same time and took payment. I was given a report which stated people at the company warehouse were to be made redundant. My boss was assembling some thing out of metal. I mentioned Tesco from another dream. I went to speak to other members of management. I went down some steps. Knocking on this door. The room was full of people. I got into an argument about what took place on the shop floor. I walk off and hear a man call me "Cunt". I turn back to say "I have been called worse"

I'm sure the rude blonde was in again. Looking for essential oils. Wearing a black uniform. Fuck her anyhow. Not my problem she has an attitude. I'm going to ask her anyway. She is irrelevant. I'm doing my job and not taking it to heart. Muse-hyper music. Shoplifters were in, the guy I recognised from my Pulse days was helpful.
Kate Humble looked good on The One Show. Mel on Celebrity Masterchef is attractive with a nice smile. Not sure what she is famous for. The Women Who Kill Lions. Ch4 documentary about these Americans and their guns. One or two of them are attractive. Nice tits on the brunette with tattoos named Jacine. She is a millionaire's daughter from Croatia. Her son is named Diesel and uses a gun too. One of these cunt's will be responsible for a massacre.
Imagine what the Brits on Twitter are saying now. These women are daft Twats. The death threats were just as stupid. Most of the abuse comes from the UK. They are justifying their actions and I can see the counter arguments. "Hunters are the true conservationists of the world" Americans are crazy. They bought it on themselves. As are folk in other parts of the world. Blame Ricky Gervais for Rachel getting pneumonia. That was a joke by the way. Possibly Republicans. A hunt went wrong as a member of the camera crew lost their footing and it startled the deer. Some things are legal in some countries. Many are free to do as they wish. Everyone has an opinion.
I don't have time for these folk and their weapons. Man has been hunting for centuries however we have evolved.

Usual text from the bank and phone company. My mother is talking shit again. The McDonald's ad with the drive through is stupid. Just read this Derby news where a 16 year old stabbed a 22 year old man to death after one of his friends described a young woman as fit. I wonder if the feminists and followers of Everydaysexism would like this. Tom Webb was the victim. The teen wanted to demonstrate his power to his friends. Well this teen is an arsehole and should be named. Either they chased the teen or it was the other way around. Tom had called his bluff and suggested he wouldn't stab him. Which was a dumb thing to do. #Darwinism.

I saw that Panorama Orlando documentary and though the black girl might have been traumatised she was acting out the incident which was annoying.

I had a horror movie type dream. One scene a man is handling chemicals which are in containers. Some look like dynamite. His wife says no to him using those. So he swaps them with these toys and passes the dynamite to his kid who pops them into a bag. Later the man takes all the explosives on the back of his van. His son and daughter are with him. They are on a journey and there are some wipes that the son reaches for which the daughter tells him not to touch. The bombs in the back explode and they are safe for the moment. They hit a ramp and the front goes boom killing the family. The vehicle decapitates a mature brunette with glasses, she was wearing a black dress for a date. The car did crash into a building.
In another scene I am looking at my attic and just by the trap door there is an old teddy bear from my childhood. I would go to reach it.
Another scene had me talking to a naked Henry Cavill possibly. I did fly in the air and see Iron Man.
I also was in a short film about a zombie apocalypse. Many were around but were not harmful. There was a police squad that were patrolling and beating up who they saw fit. We covered up the numbers tattooed on the arm to avoid being attacked and disgused ourselves. They attacked zombies. I would go to a party and make out with a blonde. She later turns into a Bill Bailey lookalike and a vampire. Fortunately I am not killed.

I have just been called into work. Lcc ‭0116 366 6113‬ rang me spoke briefly but hung up. Hmrc send letters requesting payment when I have a DD set up. It is a different dept that does the letters. I get asked to take out another loan but I can't anyhow.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Macklemore - Thrift shop

Interested to see tweets about Glastonbury coverage so far. Gemma Cairney. Christina & The Queens. Jess Glynn. The Last Leg In, Last Leg Out. Gogglesprogs.

Why on earth my phone which had the headphones plugged in played the bloody music loud. I was in McDonald's and going to listen to Jay-Z 99 Problems. I did get called into work earlier. I see Squeeze on stage and wonder what they may have been known for and then the song "Cool For Cats" is played and then I knew. The coverage is never that great. It is better to be at the festival. Puregym membership from £14.99 that is less than what I pay. The Bt/PayPal connection was fucking up. There are these free download sites but I hate the spam ads that pop up.

I had this horrible dream where a young man has two older brothers that suffer from a personality disorder and assume the identity of someone else. The friends also pick on this person. I have to lecture them.

In the swimming pool.
My breathing was a problem. I seemed to struggle which did catch the attention of one person. It was pointless. Too many in the pool and I felt rushed.
I went gym and it was tiring. I bought some Veet. My colleague jokingly asked "i hope this is for your missus" well it's none of her business. I had a text from Betsafe. It was pointless.

Monday, 20 June 2016

U2 - Still haven't found what I'm looking for

I was called into work early. The day was meant to be my day off but the manager had written me onto the rota. There was alot of the delivery left. The manager had overslept. The bullshit is never-ending. So I was to do the banking ie go to the bank to get change. But we couldn't find the bumbag or shopping bag that I needed. I believe that the assistant manager may have taken it by mistake. I had to take £10 and buy a bleeding bumbag or fannypack as you Americans call it. I went to TK Maxx. Two hot women were working there. I had help from the young black guy but I did not find what I was looking for. I went to Sports Direct and was assisted by staff but no such luck. I went over to Irish Menswear and the lady helped me. The prices were over a tenner. I checked in Wilkos, Bonkers, charity shops, WhSmiths, two women's clothing stores, asked the key cutter bloke. Must have been the other one that I should have asked. I did nip into Poundland, Primark and eventually going to the camping shop where I managed to pick up a reasonably priced bumbag. Not enough staff to work in the afternoon. I did well on selling the promo products. Left overs from delivery, front facing, serving on the tills. Did ask to stay and help supervisor but it was ok. I did speak to Erin that I once worked with. My nephew is her boss at Topman.

Some woman in pink was arguing with her boyfriend on a bike. Passing the church in Loughborough. The catering company is needing staff for this Saturday. Unless my manager adds me to the rota then I am free.'ptaise be Allah' was spoken by someone. Some Christians were handing out leaflets. The slim young brunette that I sold Wild Orchid to, was hot. #catsagainstbrexit was on Twitter.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Radiohead - 15 steps

I did dream that I was in a hall. Up on stage Adele was performing with some dancers. I was to get to a room at the other side. There were crowds of people around antiques. I seem to be at work at the same time. There was this stack of hair dye and it was about to topple over. A shelf behind had come loose and two young men helped fix it. In the stock room there were only a few customers wanting these items that were to be paid for at the till. I had bought two charity CDs. One was by Rick Astley. I listened to two of his songs. I was somewhat upset. Different cars were trying to park and almost hit me. Tash and one guy had gone to the Download Festival. It was the weekend. I also annoy my brother's girlfriend as I let the two cats in the house loose. We get them back.

This story is fucked. Hopefully the criminals are twatted.

Thieves take £500 from woman (84)
16:32, 15 JUN 2016 UPDATED 16:33, 15 JUN 2016 BY MATT JARRAM
She had just withdrawn £500 from the bank in town – £200 of which was going to her grandchildren.


A GOOD-NATURED 84-year-old woman was targeted by three people who surrounded her mobility scooter and stole £500 from her handbag while she gave them directions.

Neilea Hames, of Hickling Court, Loughborough, stopped close to her home at around 11.45am on Thursday, June 2, after a young woman shouted 'excuse me! I'm lost.'

She had just withdrawn £500 from the bank in town – £200 of which was going to her grandchildren.

The woman, described as about 20-years-old and Asian-looking, produced a map, which concealed her handbag, which had been placed over the handle of the mobility scooter.

Mrs Hames continued to give directions, but then found herself surrounded by two other people, one she believes was a man with "a hard face" and another that she could not identify.

She told the Echo: "I said to them, 'this is Leicestershire, and this is Coalville (on the map)', but she wanted to go to Leeds. I told her to go to the train station, but then she said she wanted the A6.

"I did not think anything of it until I got home and found that my handbag was open and all my money had gone.

"It did not hit me until the next day when my whole body hurt and I could not stop crying."

The Echo reported on a similar scam a few years back at Morrison's car park in Loughborough, where women and men of Eastern European appearance were stopping shoppers with a map and while distracted stole handbags and cash.

Mrs Hames said: "I think people should be aware and not to stop for them."

Leicestershire police are investigating the incident and anyone with information can call 101 or Crimestoppers 0800 555 111.

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Some couple were arguing outside Greenwoods. I could hear them in the store. I have now run out of data. Ukraine vs Poland game and the cameras have focused on some hot girls in the crowd. Some woman will be moaning about this on #everydaysexism. Jo Cox Mp in Leeds had been shot by a 52 year old lone gunman. Some questions being asked by C4news are obvious.

Yet again a wild animal gets hold of a child. What were the parents doing? The body has been found intact which is surprising.
Some bellend of a woman threw acid on a man that refused to marry her. That relationship is well and truly over. #kickherinthecunt
Kenya had a bizarre Gay Test. Poundland suffers after 99p Stores buy. The jokes just write themselves. Nicholas the Twat Muton has cost the public £29million, with his stunt on the M1. Interview with Orlando survivor Orlando and I see he had his eyebrows done. Loads of annoying bollocks on Springwatch. I had to turn the volume down. I was awake as my mum was doing the 'jewra' thing again. It was pretty early I reckon.

Did great at SAS. Beyonce EDP, Oral B, Mercedes Benz edt sold best. There was the TalkTalk black guy that liked the assistant manager even though she has a boyfriend. It seemed to border on harassment. This was in Loughborough. They may be reported to the council.
She may end up having nightmares shouting out "TalkTalk" in the middle of the night. I could have her give him the fake number that these arsehole cold callers ring from. My shift was only till 4pm but I stayed till 6. To be honest shit happens. People buy the shit or they don't. It's not rocket science.

Looking at The Antiques Road trip. The villages and shops themselves are fascinating. If you like the English countryside and history then it is worth seeing some of these shows. Working in catering I have traveled to interesting places. The dealers always try to haggle on the price. Why not just pay what it says on the label? I would like to see people's opinions of BBC2 The Extraordinary Collector. Antiques for the super rich. There is always poverty in places. More money than sense. Capitalism. Gordon Watson is the presenter. Business types that have earned their way to the top. It is their money to do as they wish. Stripping down a house that is already in good condition. Gogglesprogs is back on TV. Maybe not as exciting as the Xmas episode. If you watch Kids React vids on YouTube then you might like this. Comments and reactions of the children. Intelligent views from the children on the migrant crisis. Eurotrash one off special. The teens today must be thinking wtf. Nice to see nudity. For the followers of Everydaysexism, you might be offended. Business as usual then. Amazing tits from Ramona amongst others. Prickasso is one to look out for. Nice homage to Lolo Ferrari. Milo Moire has a fab body. A group named Nikita. This show is satire. Very respectful conversation on The Last Leg regarding this week's shooting. Gay Men's Choir singing at a vigil. Amazing performance. How many people had heard of Jo Cox? I hadn't. The nut jobs Britain First may be responsible. Thomas Mair is charged. He has a camouflage jacket in his pic. He would be described as a redneck if he were American.
The BBC Subtitles fannying about. My mother is talking about some shite downstairs. My brother comes out of the room to tell her to be quiet three times. It is 12:02 and she is still talking. It is 5:44 and she is up and so is my brother at this point. Does she not understand etiquette or courtesy?

What would happen to Omar Mateen's body? Shipped of to his father, maybe buried in the USA. They could donate it to science. Dispose of it somewhere. Maybe in an alligator habitat.
I dreamt that I went back up to the Berry office when I believe that I should be going elsewhere to collect something. I opened the door and saw Rachel at her desk looking at the screen and I turned around and walked back down. Crossed paths with some man in the corridors.

There was that blonde in black gym kit. Fantastic arse. Training on the gym floor. I passed a short blonde with her Asian friend. The blonde wore a red jacket with a white blouse. Huge tits. Passing Argos.

Get 20 FREE Spins + £100 Bonus at BETFAIR to use on SLOTS Today, Claim Yours Now! or replySTOPtoOptOut from ‭+44 7771 393508‬.
Seeing this tennis match. It seems ridiculous with the people stood on either side of the court. Why the need for ball girls? Daft situation in Milwaukee. Michelle Gregg and Melissa Graves have been treated differently by the media. One being black with background checks on the parents. The father's convictions have bugger all to do with the incident at the zoo. A group of teens were in the shop. One made some comment that embarrassed the rest of the group. The one that laughed was looking over at the till. I have just been asked to come in earlier.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Sia-I'm alive

I dreamt that I was at the gym looking for the relevant weights to use. I am at another point going to a school or some building. I fly to the location but it seems that I am riding a bike. A few teens do get in my way. I happen to collide with one sending him smashing into a wall. I am with some others to destroy a vampire group. We are being led into a main area and there is a room that contains their special powers. Rose Leslie mentions our plan giving the game away. The brunette leading us, crawling on the ground becomes suspicious. We were looking for the gym room. A vampire bad guy that was one of the key characters had been decapitated and he took form of a cat at some point. They wanted to know his last thoughts and through magic that happened. A small pager like device appears on his waist giving information. It then dissapeared. They seem to be ressurecting him. A big battle happened. I remember a scene where the vampires dissapeared into a ball of light accompanied by a shadow and sped across the street. A Vin Diesel type character is almost attacked by Rose and he shoots her and she falls into an upstanding coffin. The door slams shut. Later scene she is undead and pregnant, eventually giving birth. A family photo is taken. I see this make shift pub is set up. A few bars are spread out. I am on one. A man asked for a drink but I did not have the relevant glass for it and he had walked off. I asked a barman and he told me to fetch the correct glass from the main bar. It was a wine glass. I would add red wine then mix it with some other liquid. I took it to the gentleman. He had a pint of the requested drink already. Another one was sat at a different bar. He didn't have enough money and I let him have the drink that I had made.
Josephine must think that I am a mind reader. On my case today. Miserable as always. Mistakes made by others I pay for.
Some fit girls at the gym. One brunette in purple just passed me now. There is a blonde that was on the stepper. Nice tits, white vest purple leggings. I spotted this tanned brunette in pink and black. Amazing body. Some more turned up.
It looks like some arse had taken the milk from the container and placed it in the baby bottle, all without paying. A lady with a pram set the alarm off. Should have been stopped. More staff needed. I stand by that cunt comment about managers and recruitment consultants. Not dwelling on that place anymore. I understand why Kirah and Hannah left.
Someone from Chepstow had rung me. ‭01291 774607‬. Again it's The washing machine made an unhealthy noise during the spin cycle. Nicholas Muton has done this type of thing before. He recently held up the M1. Next time just throw him off the bridge.
Eurotrash returning to Ch4 Anton and Jean Paul are hosting. By the way Savers are selling Le Male/Terrible for £29.99. Gillete multipacks, Mercedes Benz edt, Mustang edt and Police fragrances for Father's Day. Additional items are the Oral B electric toothbrush and Beyonce perfumes £9.99.

There was the tanned hot blonde who was in Savers at 16:44 19/6/16. More Beyonce perfumes were sold. A couple were arguing outside Greenwoods. My mum talk to herself and laughing. It is 9.20

Monday, 13 June 2016

Argent - God gave rock and roll to you

The problem one lady had with Cancer Research UK. The comment made by an African man about some doctor may be a 419 scam.
There was someone else that was in a similar situation. There are grammatical errors. also claims cannabis oil helped his wife. Points to the same email of the doctor mentioned previously.
Frankly a bizarre post from Robert Hewett.
Another twatty moment from Tony was saying "it's a shame that you don't have your own place otherwise we could have some fun." That is not going to happen. I told him that I was going back to the pool, "you're alright here". A prize cunt from Wymeswold. I will avoid him.
Race For Life girls that are hot
Brilliantly put by someone on Twitter about the recent shooting in America
Maybe Omar Mateen enjoyed cock in private. I have relatives in Orlando.
His dad cannot understand why he did the shooting. "Homosexuality and it's punishment should be upto God alone"
The Banks are refunding customers who pay a monthly fee for their bank account, to start your claim today reply BANK. Or to opt-out reply STOP. Sent from ‭+44 7860 035971‬. More text also from Lloyds, Vodafone and my brother asking to borrow more money. I should have blocked the numbers.
Still lending money to my brother. Should have picked up an energy drink. I am now working the fucking delivery. Some fantastic comments left on the catering company Facebook page. I worked those certain shifts.
My mother is still chatting to herself and has been told to be quiet a few times. Later in the night/early morning I am woken by her.
There's a documentary on Koko the gorilla on Weds bbc2 about 8.30-9ish. Also looking forward to The Secret Life Of Kittens ch5 tonight at 9.

‭Lauren Turner @Lozza_T_90 Thank you to the selfish cunt that caused the M1 closure and made my travelling hell. You should have done us all a favour and jumped. #rage 1:21 PM - 13 Jun 2016 Seeing how many times Owen Jones says'lgbt people'. The gun rights user on ch4 news was being a prick as was Donald Trump. Those football fans causing trouble in France should be shot dead. This blonde talking about calorie negative food is hot. Food Unwrapped Channel 4.

Wes Streeting MP @wesstreeting 5h The Speaker of the Commons has agreed to a minute's silence, a vigil and an urgent question today on #Orlando. A true ally to LGBT people. View details · Jason Green @JayMfcGreen @wesstreeting Are we going to have one every time there's a mass shooting in America now? Tragic event sure but grief-tourism on the up. 10:58 AM - 13 Jun 2016

Gogglesprogs is back for a new series.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Warriors Dance - The Prodigy

My mother was talking about an arranged marriage and if I was interested in meeting a girl. Not at all.

The race for life event is being set up in Loughborough as I make my way to the Leisure Centre. I went into the sauna and should have avoided talking to Tony the owner of a gay sauna. I mentioned that I had been there. He then sat next to me and puts his hand down the back of my trunks. But I wasn't interested. This is just a normal sauna in a leisure centre. I could get in free next time I visit. For Fucks Sake. The redhead lifeguard was fit. There was a swimmer named Cass that was really fast. I saw a slim teen brunette in the pool.

As I head down Bedford Sq, the race is already underway. Sections are in place for the runners. Two black guys are on the pavement looking cross but are in the way. There is a grey haired man on a bike. Singing almost colliding with people. I could have taken a picture but may get in trouble for it. So many women took part. Other things are set up in the Market Place. A few pretty girls I had spotted.
I helped a gentleman in a wheelchair out even though it's my day off. It has started raining. One nice looking guy tanned, young and athletic coming up Churchgate. ‭+44 7500 664702‬ Get 20 FREE Spins + £100 Bonus at BETFAIR to use on SLOTS Today, Claim Yours Now! or replySTOPtoOptOut More cockworthyness from Betfair.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

5 Minutes - Tinie Tempah

Captain's Log: Saturday 11th June 2016, 11:30am. Well it was eventful in town as a man/woman with mental health, learning disabilities was make noise. Bothered the Leave EU campaigners and other folk. I could hear this person swearing as could the customers in Savers. I ended up staying longer than I should have. Went gym but was tired. A few pretty girls that I served. Interesting story about Autistic sex offender Charles Person in local newspaper. He got his PCs back with hard drives removed. Got a non custodial sentence. The local Londis store has been broken into twice. Hopefully the criminals will be given a hard sentence. Finding out that my brother had got a viral infection called Bell's Palsy meant that I looked it up and hope it clears up soon. p (@phoebedunbar_) tweeted at 11:15 AM - 11 Jun 2016 : imagine being stuck in Loughborough for the rest of your life looooool ( I guess that she isn't from Loughborough herself and just a student. Some might agree with her. I would have liked to have left. Others have been here a long time. Mr Butterworth and head office can stick the active selling at tills up their Sas. Jack Jones may be noshing on a cock right now in celebration of his latest prank video.

Chris Brown - Fine by me

‭0114 440 2221‬ Sheffield. ‭01366 652447‬ Downham Market. ‭01926 912872‬ Warwick. All are from fucking wankers. Vanquis(h) send me another application form after I had asked them to remove my details from their database many months ago.
Had a long chat with a lady from Npower. Again lost in translation when I handed it to my mother.
Just received this text: Are you a gaming fanatic? Do you enjoy playing PS4 & Xbox? If you would like to work in this industry call 01509 213000. Start ASAP emma.robinson
A girl doesn't get ID'd in Tesco but she did in Savers. Don't be offended. The blonde lady found something amusing, I was trying to see if we had David Beckham Eternity. However we did not.
Euro 2016 opening ceremony they had David Guetta, he used to make good music. He played Titanium, one line of the song got me thinking of the Paris attacks.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

That's Entertainment - The Jam

7th June 2016, Loughborough: For some reason I thought someone had said "cheeky shit" it may have been the teenage lad walking in front of his family on Biggin St, Loughborough. I moved to the side to let him pass by. Anyway it is just weird. I could not care less what people think of me. Nothing of interest happened. More crap considering Savers Active Selling has been unleashed. The doctor that worked for Chelsea FC, Eva Carneiro is hot. Sports Direct in the news. I went for an interview with them last year. ITV EU Debate will be discussed on social media. I saw some lady jogging over the Meadow Lane bridge and boobs were bouncing. At the library a man wanted to borrow something and the librarian said that they weren't allowed to give the item. He said "a health hazard" she explained further and he mentioned health and safety bullshit. Moody cunt isn't he? The blonde on the cycling machine looked good good. The couple that were training nearby. She was blonde and wore grey gym kit. Lovely boobs. An Asian girl in a weird type top looked nice. More assholes enter the Big Brother house. Letitia and Lauren have amazing tits. Good to spunk over. Impressive dancing on Bit On The Side. Dana International has made an appearance. Why is reality TV all about fake tan and big tits?

There was the tanned short girl in orange top. Her mum had bought men's edt for herself. She was abit rude. We did not have any black Superdry fragrance as i had told her. No price label to scan. She insisted that I ask another staff member to check if we had any in the back. #knob One woman said "I don't buy cheap perfume" which is just weird.
A few more hot girls entered the shop. I have been advised not to work the Sat everything shift because of the train times. Some of the time there wasn't a member of staff to assist me on the till. It was hot even when I wore a different t-shirt. No air conditioning as head office think we don't make enough money. People just don't want to buy the SAS items. No fault of mine. Special mention goes to the pretty European brunette in a green dress.

Rescue Dog To Super Dog on ch4 now. Interesting story about former nurse Emily. Suffering from Narcolepsy and another condition. Her life was so different before. You see the couple going to the dogs home. There is a lady that comes out. Wondering what the fuck to do. Just before the 1st ad break. #superdog is the trend to follow on Twitter. You might like #theoneshow They had the guest from Modern Family do some voiceover for three dogs a which the presenters had to guess the identity. More EU debates.

24 Hours In Custody. Ch4. I will look at the tweets. The interview is going to be hilarious to some. Quote some of the lines. Adrian perhaps speak English. Nope, he just had a translator. There may be comments about immigration. Nothing is kept secret on this show. #policecustody Brings back memories. I wonder what people say about the detectives.

I dreamt that I had gone to California. My former landlady was there. She was friendly. I did not mention her daughter. In a more recent dream I was spending time with a curly haired tall blonde lady.

On Belton Rd by the off licence. Cars were coming up the road. For some reason one car pulls onto the parking area behind me where I am stood waiting to cross. The cars in front had passed and it then left the area onto the Meadow Lane bridge. It was pointless. Quite a few pretty girls in the gym and town. I don't seem to have been paid much. Having to bring my mother out of the overdraft. My brother still borrows money. Takes the piss.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Breaking Benjamin - I will not bow

The lady that complained about the bleach was back in store buying an item. She previously sent an email about the incident to Head Office. Hoping to be reimbursed for the top. Apparently it is AllSaints merchandise and cost £80. She had made a complaint on two previous occasions. So could she be making it up? Or there is a genuine issue. The bleach bottle was sealed. No other item had leaked. The bottle was in a bag. She had been looking at the bottle, turning it upside down. Dried bleach would not leave a stain. We do not accept responsibility. She did say something nice about me. There was this attractive blonde with glasses that I served. My brother may have been ignoring the fact that I cannot lend him any money. Some arse from Kidderminster rang me and so I answered. Couldn't make out much so I hung up. ‭01562 281661‬. People don't seem to observe the time when the shop is close to closing. That miserable black woman with the unruly kids doesn't seem to answer fast enough and apparently Garnier cream is for White skin. The Sun spouting more bullshit saying that the BBC is anti-white. Sepp Blatter and two associates gave themselves £55 million over 5 years. The administration company could have accepted bids from various clients but they were being choosy and BHS are going into liquidation. Both the fit Michaels daughters on Gogglebox. Just saw the changes in previous Bgt winners. The One Show had the man behind The Eden Project. "Sh1t" he says. At the gym there some stunning brunette in a white coat and another lady with nice boobs wore pink headphones. The PT George's friend was a blonde girl in green top and grey leggings, she had a fantastic arse. I went to the warm up room to see a nice arse of a lady doing stretches.
Muhammad Ali has died. I was surprised that he was still alive. There will be the usual outpouring of grief on social media. Mention of other celebrities to have died in 2016. The mixed footage of him is on a loop. I expected it would happen this year.
There were quite a few hot folk in store. One tall black guy with muscles was in. There was a tanned brunette. Quite a few blonde teens/students. A blonde that was wearing blue jeans and was tanned. Some blonde had nice eyes. One was a tanned brunette in a white top. One white guy who was young and athletically built. Some foreign women too. Laura that used to work at the store is a hot brunette. The blonde that I have mentioned before works in McDonald's. Two mature women were having a discussion about what they were having and mentioned me. I was before them. One jokes that I may have a long order. The other says that I look healthy and possibly ordered something of the sort. Anyway I am reading this free eBook from HG Wells called A Modern Utopia. I can't quite make sense of it.
The Leave EU campaign people were in town again. It was really hot. The heating was on. There are these t-shirts that were supplied to us months ago, I believe for the summer. Yet they were stored in the back.

I had this dream where I was to go to a massage parlour. My colleague Chels had accompanied me. I went to Sheffield. Two Asian guys in a car gave me lift. I had to pay £10 for the lift and advice. I had to then take a 15 min walk up this main road. It was a Saturday and club goers were walking through town. We sat down on a bench in some tunnel. Two young stocky males were sat next to us. One puts his arm around me as a joke and I am uncomfortable. We decided to move on. I cracked my phone in frustration. The whole thing came apart. We decided that it was best to head home. I went to some kebab shop and ordered my meal. Chels introduced me to a few people. There was a bag of ice outside. I had made a mess of my jogging bottoms that I was wearing so would not be entering a bar.

So many fit girls at the gym. Nice arses that I would rim. Tall blonde in grey leggings. There was the tanned redhead in black with the nice eyes. A few young ladies on the running machines. The short redhead that I saw bringing the bench into one room was nice. A tall brunette was doing squats, late 20s perhaps. There was this blonde in light blue tight shorts doing squats. Did think I could take pictures but it wasn't the correct thing to do. I have been single for far too long. The blonde that was featured on Locationx3 was pretty with nice breasts. The black girl Scarlette Douglas on A Place In The Sun: Winter Sun is nice.

A song that plays at the gym, it has a folk indie style. It would be a great instrumental. The croaky vocals of the guy singing ruins it. He needs singing lessons.

Soccer Aid 2016. Claudio subtitles 'enjoy the fan and of cause the children'. Jose Mourinhno? could barely be heard. Nicole Scherzinger in Nairobi, Kenya as part of those charity videos. Celebrity visits poor folk. Some might say why not give them money as you are a millionaire. Read the tweets. Lucho Libre BBC2, the dancing monkey ladies with their nice bodies. There was a Co-op employee named Hannah May that was pretty.

The Nines: Ryan Reynolds, Hope Davis, Elle Fanning, Melissa McCarthy. Three stories are playing parallel with the same actors. I'm thinking Cloud Atlas, Babel, Pulp Fiction, Lost, The Matrix, 12:01, Edge Of Tomorrow, Fight Club. Cert 15, drama. 5055201802408. Good trailers for thriller Unknown and drama Brick Lane, which by the way had a superb song playing during the trailer. Captivity is a horror which is also shown. Back to the movie. Nice piano music for opening credits. Serial moment in the car. Ryan sure has a nice body. Nice nod to Misery in Part One. An actor Gary is in rehab/house arrest. He stars in a show called Crime Lab. Melissa is playing a publicist Margaret that has to look after him. She is quite endearing. Eclectic soundtrack. Sarah is his Canadian neighbour. Surreal. You might like Irrational Man, Movie 43, I Love Huckabees, Donnie Darko, Southland Tales, Self/less. Breaking the fourth wall like Deadpool perhaps? There are surprises. I will be looking up the theories and discussion about the film. Special features included. Part Two has Gavin the writer of a reality TV show. Melissa plays herself. She was great in The Heat, Spy, Bridesmaids. Ghostbusters is out this year. Hope Davis is a TV executive. Part Three is where a family are stranded. There is the little girl featured earlier in the car. There is a blonde stranger that Gabriel asks for help. I am thinking of Bruce Almighty.

The Voices is another film starring Mr. Reynolds. Cross between Psycho, Dexter and Dr. Doolittle. Saw a trailer for The Stag, God's Pocket. I believe this is an indie film. All products of Arrow Films. Jerry has a cat and dog that he believes talk to him. Gemma Arterton, Anna Kendrick, Jacki Weaver also star. You might like Maniac. He is a schizophrenic. This is a black comedy. Also see The Double, Seven Psychopaths, Sightseers, Horns, Life After Beth. I usually avoid films with talking animals but this is a twisted story. See some of his other films. Bloody awkward situation between him and the office girls. A date goes horribly wrong. The pets are like the devil and angel on his shoulder. I did think he would go on some sort of killing spree but that isn't the case. End credits is the weirdest.

I have not had.a confirmation message or reply from someone about the extra work on Saturday. The text I do receive is asking me to work tomorrow in the shop.

I am not even listening to my brother. It's stuff that don't matter to me. I have just seen an ad for Gold Digger And Proud on ch5. Richard Huckle is clearly a sick man. I wonder what the folk back in Ashford, Kent are saying.
The pensioner couple that went missing, their son-in-law has been arrested. He is from Leicester. Two so called carers Cosmin and Ana Focsa tied an oap with a towel. The 88 year old suffers from dementia. Should have been given a prison sentence.
So I understand why Jose M is no longer with Chelsea. Google bans plugin that picks out Jews. The people are then given abuse over social media. Fucking arsehole that created this needs shooting. Brock Turner assaulted someone and his father makes a comment that upsets people. Happy Father's Day everybody!

BBC East Midlands weather report being delivered by Lucy Martin and they cut midway to BBC Breakfast. 7/6/16 7:31am.

Sharon is a lady on her mobile phone outside of the library. I can hear her inside where the PCs are. ‭01582 807855‬ called me from Luton. The blonde curvy woman wondered what I was doing with the rope ladders. I was actually untangling them. Fuck it anyhow. Quite busy in the gym. A few hot girls. Nice breasts.