Saturday, 11 September 2021

Hyper - Spoiler

This is an interesting song. Life After Salem by Lil Nas X. People on Twitter made the comparison between her and Scott Frank. He did ramble on and refused to leave. The fact that Michaela was on after him and spoke about diversity and inclusion was ironic. Congratulations to both on winning an Emmy. Now a TV series on Netflix. Won an Emmy.
So it is dangerous as it has poc and why is it a shame to have imported that to London but why is that?

It's always the same type of comments on these videos. Just say that you like to rape women and be on your way. Stop being fragile.
Her body her choice. Always comments on a video featuring a girl showing cleavage.

White Fragility. Stuart needs to fuck off.
One of guys from the affiliate programs could not find any adult content on my sites. Tumbler is removing those posts. This guy lacks humour and doesn't believe in equality.
See the comments section. As entertaining as the video.

His content is mixed. Seems to appeal to certain audiences. Usual topics of Brie Larson, Race swapping characters etc. 

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Some people talking about 30th September. A few things are commemorated. One being Wear Orange Day which talks about the Indian residential schools. I look it up to find Indian Residential Schools were established to intentionally remove children from the educational, cultural and spiritual influences of their families and communities. Indian Residential Schools were established to “civilize” and “Christianize” First Nations by replacing traditional values with Euro-Canadian values. This really sucks.

In the comments section. Tell me that you are white without telling me that you are white.
White Fragility from this guy.

The fragile males with their misogynoir in the comments section. 

Rightwingers are such weirdos. Look at the comments.

At the gym. Spotted some young brunette in black shorts, which are tight, you can see her buttcheeks creeping out. There is this tall ginger girl too. Some blonde with glasses. A short blonde. A tall brunette in blue then a European brunette short in height. The room with the power plate was occupied as I was adding more exercises it will get a little busy. I was polite and asked the ladies. I keep getting the same YouTube ad it is for Shopify and features Taylin Wilson. Someone named Sage Steele is being spoken about on Twitter. A WWE wrestler with a name like that. Looked at both threads which were vague.

The right wing be triggered. Fuck their feelings.

Some not understanding what being woke is about. 

People blocking, deleting tweets or replying to what I said. Sorry fam, I don't look at notifications.

I received a call from A C Motors UK Ltd Car dealer in Peterborough, England 07507 810673. I don't have a car. Someone has been using my number. Same old bollocks again. Anti-vaxxers are misinformed. Comparing it to abortion just makes you look like a bellend.
White supremacist douchebag leaves a comment. No he is not a hero.

Best to refer to Republicans as Republicunts. The Amazon India associate account was closed down. Wasn't much use anyway.

I was sent a spoof email from 
Verify button lead to a dodgy link. 
I have reported it and will sign up the email address to newsletters. 

Terf cancel culture

Why is it muted when I made the fucking song?

My Twitter account has been suspended. I do have that other one which is suspended too. Why suspend mine? I spoke the truth about criminals and racists. I have that Google account and maybe I can start a fresh account. 

I spotted this Japanese girl at the gym. She had a nice body. Some guy in the toilet had thrown up four times.

Copyright claim would be of the film. I own the music. Distrokid had the video as an option on their site.

I am trying to get my password for my other Google account. 
I went to all the trouble of getting it set up for it to be suspended. I was setting up a new virtual number and hasn't happened yet.

This Joseph guy is fragile. 
They locked my account and I had just joined.

I tried getting onto the DisneyPlus app and there is an error in connection. Now I had to uninstall the app and reinstall it for it to work. Might have to do the same again. Not enough memory. Wants me to uninstall other apps. I removed a few. Wanted Gta Lcs, Surfshark or Bandlab removed. Which I won't do. 

This was spoken about on Roland Martin Unfiltered by one of the panelists. Luke hates the gay folk. See what other nonsense you find on the channel or what they post in the comments. There are Black lgbt people. Ollie gets it right. Someone using rainbow community or alphabet people is a red flag. Most likely would murder a trans person if they had the chance.
Dave Chapelle fans are triggered. Plenty of whattaboutism. Not getting that black lgbt are part of the black community. Twitter account restored but locked as they need a number. Meanwhile on Zadarma... "The documents you uploaded were not accepted by the provider. The documents you have uploaded cannot be accepted, because they are not a passport scan." I went and looked at all these other virtual phone companies. Some of them are a waste of time.

The poppers that I ordered had arrived. I get a bit of a headache. My nose had been running before. It seems that I will never learn. Morgan Freeman apparently opposes defunding the police. This is what Sky News Australia runs with and that is kind of sus. Other rightwingers are in agreement. They are antiblack after all. I get an invoice from Greenhitz. It isn't that useful of a site. Your music is free to download. It is a forum. My songs aren't great anyhow. This is just a hobby.

I saw this ad for Intelligent Advisor and they give you this book. On Goodreads it is getting bad reviews. That Sophie Howard woman keeps popping up in the ads. 

To the guy in the comments section. Fml you need to stop being so fragile, it is just a movie. Besides being woke is a good thing. I see that you don't care about equality. Looking at some of the people that you are subscribed to. 
This guy hates black women. 
Both men are misogynists and racists. 

I am being asked to upgrade to My Cineworld Plus but I am already using it. It expires next year. So what is this? 
I got it upgraded but then there was a problem with checkout for Venom 2. Booking expired.

The Conservatives in the comments are idiots.

With it being my week off I could have done something productive. Sort the guttering. Ask the neighbours for the ladder. See if the radiator still leaks, call a plumber. Buy a new ladder. Paint the kitchen ceiling. Replace the tap head. Fix the light to the ceiling. I downloaded My Second Line app. Got a mobile number which didn't get the Twitter confirmation then upgraded for one that receives texts. It is unsupported. Waste of money. I asked for a refund. I will uninstall the app. One of the reviews is disturbing.
An Indian guy from CRM +17047417028 had rung up. One of the services that I signed up for as I wanted a virtual phone number. I needed reminding of the site. Circle Loop left me a voice mail another one I don't need to use. My payment for Cineworld does not go through. Taking the piss. I won't get a refund for that other useless app. I was still getting charged for the Viva Video maker app even though it had been uninstalled.

I had a response from the company about the refund. "Sure, we can help you out and proceed with the refund. By the way, could you remove the bad review on Google Play? It would help us a lot, we appreciate your kind help." This is from Autobizline the makers of My Second Line. The caucasity... Is this not blackmail? You can't ask people to remove reviews. Improve your service. This is a now deleted review that I had left for The Short Cut Barbers... I got served by the hot blonde lady. I should have washed my hair before. Made it difficult. Someone rings her up and I didn't mind her answering it. A minute on the phone. The same person I reckon rang back. She turned it off. Another barber mentioned the weather, it would snow later on. She stops and looks at him "it isn't?!" I am sat patiently waiting for my haircut to be done. She talks some inane shit about the weather in America. Quite cold it seems. Now I wasn't sure if she was telling me or him. It was a decent haircut. Was she wanting to get rid off me and go back to the phone? She exhaled on me and I smelt something rancid. I won't go there again. First time I have been referred to as a client.

I managed to book a ticket.

One example is Chinese rightwinger Lauren Chen. Who is antiblack. Some tonedeaf people in the comments. Thinking that it could have been a shitshow. Antiblackness seems to be everywhere. These countries want to be in the proximity of white supremacy. 

I am downloading songs which were most certainly on my phone. But I just couldn't find them. 

I was checking out this voting poll on Amazing Radio and saw this band.  

This short brown guy, a student. He had dropped his wallet at the gym. He was leaving as I entered. I ran back after him to give it to him. 

This Indian 2080 guy is an asshat. This insufferable bellend leaves a stupid comment. I look at his channel and he reveals more about himself.
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  "wokeness" no such thing. Imbeciles speaking nonsense.
I get these notifications from Autobiz line. I don't use the number or app.
16 Oct at 14:16
If it's you Monty what do you want from me because I don't have any thing else that you need and joe my uncle joe said that he wants his antan back because he said that he gave that to me

16 Oct at 14:09
Who is this and what about or I'm not doing shit

16 Oct at 14:14
Ok this is Billie and who is this

Ok hello if you want to talk to me then answer my text messages or not then why did you want me to get ahold of you

16 Oct at 22:56
Hey I still have not gotten a question for who this is
There will be tonedeaf people in the comments.
Hina X Khan is hot. She played The Fiddler on season 1 of Stargirl. These guys rang me again. 01329446039 Blocked.

This post is apparently under review. Why the fuck for? 
 Some community guildlines regarding malware and I don't include that in my post. Someone flagged it. Maybe they didn't like what they read. 

I am trying to watch Stargirl on The Cw. It is buffering. When I go incognito there are 6 ads every break. 
The affiliate program account with Amazon France has been closed. It all becomes a waste of time. The UK one reviewed the appeal and thought it was the right decision. 

I really am getting sick of having to watch the same 6 ads on the Cw site. Having to buy an episode off youtube. I get onto PayPal and nothing mentioned of an episode purchase.