Saturday, 11 September 2021

Hyper - Spoiler

This is an interesting song. Life After Salem by Lil Nas X. People on Twitter made the comparison between her and Scott Frank. He did ramble on and refused to leave. The fact that Michaela was on after him and spoke about diversity and inclusion was ironic. Congratulations to both on winning an Emmy. Now a TV series on Netflix. Won an Emmy.
So it is dangerous as it has poc and why is it a shame to have imported that to London but why is that?

It's always the same type of comments on these videos. Just say that you like to rape women and be on your way. Stop being fragile.
Her body her choice. Always comments on a video featuring a girl showing cleavage.

One of guys from the affiliate programs could not find any adult content on my sites. Tumbler is removing those posts. This guy lacks humour and doesn't believe in equality.
See the comments section. As entertaining as the video.