Thursday, 28 June 2018

Kenji - Fort Minor

Moving on... A woman that might be rude to a sales assistant. Bad customer Ariel Burdett. This is the woman in 2016.


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Says more about white privilege on this site A shooting of journalists in Maryland incited by the neonazi arsebandit Milo Youpullonapenis. He should be placed in the hands of the Westboro Baptist Church. Sean Hannity is a dick. But shooter himself is a terrorist scumbag.

Harlan Ellison

Reginald Scott the little shit didn't show any civility at the Red Hen.

There was this hot Asian girl I assume. Tanned, sports bra, crimson leggings. Fantastic body. A blonde in blue skin tight kit. Nice body too.

  • It was about 11:18am 29/6/18. At the Fennel Street crossing from Church gate, Loughborough. I was to cross alongside these two gents with a toddler in a pram. The green man shows and beeping starts. All of a sudden the arsehole in the white van drives forward and pulls into Church gate. Could have run any if us over had we been quicker to cross. I didn't take down the numberplate. I would have taken a picture if my phone had enough memory. My brother was ringing up to borrow more money. I can't be dealing with this bullshit. 

Buy Music CDs at CD Universe. Audio Samples and Reviews Available on Music New Releases

 A SciFi drama by M. Night Shyamalan. Starring Mel Gibson, Joaquin Phoenix, Abigail Breslin, Cherry Jones and Rory Culkin. Cert 12. Aliens have come to Earth and this story focusses on a family farm. Odd things go on here and there. Crop circles are discovered. A clever film as most of the ones by this director are. Abigail was cute. I eventually sell DVDs on ebay. There are films like Independence Day, Skyline, Encounters Of The Third Kind, Invaders From Mars, The Darkest Hour, Skywalker Ranch, The Fifth Wave, Dark Skies, Roswell, The X-Files, The Outer Limits, The Day The Earth Stood Still to name a few. James Newton Howard provides the soundtrack. A 2002 Touchstone Pictures release. There are comedic moments as expected. Creepy scenes too. The children and their dialogue are the highlights. Be interesting to see grown up Abigail react to her younger self. Also see returning actors in future films. Glass is currently in production. America is a fascinating place considering the locations that they have used. Shyamalan always has a cameo role in his films. Great acting. Worth seeing discussions, theories and reviews of this film. Remember "swing away."

I get woken up by my inconsiderate brother. 12:15am and he is shouting at my mum. She was repeating her bullshit a few minutes ago. I knew that Alan was never going to reply to my text. I won't waste my time with him again.

Fuck Donald Trump and his cunt supporters. 

Jonathan Snipes started the fight then played victim. White privilege. El-Amin needs to be released.
This racist cunt leaves his comment regarding Big Narstie

I did offer a pensioner a seat on the bench on the platform at Leicester. She asked if I was Metropolitan Police or I should be. Being polite. I was being courteous but should have just stayed sat. I'm not sure why the guy in red shorts and cap, white T-shirt moved the cleaning trolley. He had his mates with him. One filming him. They were making noise in the toilet. Bellends. The girl sat next to me had nice legs. Her shoes were off. Nice feet too.  I always have a person queue close to me. How about giving me some space! Savers has relocated. Food or drink could not be consumed in store and I had a coke from Burger King. I did spot this hot blonde who was a staff member. I knee the guy with a bag was going to ask me for something. I moved past him apologising. I let a woman get off the train and some other people had got off before her. 

I did go to Splash. Met with two guys but not so much in me getting off. I saw a crowd of people near the clock tower. This athletic topless young man was doing some act. He looked nice but I couldn't be arsed with standing there whilst he chatted away. Spot some pretty girls about.

If you were offended by Black Panther and Get Out or thought it was anti white then you are a dumbass. That Grace Randolph is a poor reviewer. Shows her anti blackness.

I had this dream where there was a swimming competition of sorts and a fat guy was on the float. However something goes wrong. The fat guy is at the bottom of the sea. The friends go to get him out. 

What kind of name is Nipsey Hussle anyway? Dave Chappelle on some thing about black men in dresses. Terry Crews is comfortable with his masculinity and sexuality to wear a dress for an acting role. #firstworldproblems

My brother wanting to borrow £50 to top up gas, electricity and get food. I gave him enough before and he was guaranteeing he would get the money back not if. I am not being lumbered with anymore problems. I got 99 problems and a bitch ain't one. I told my mum to leave the clothes outside as I would get them. My brother leaves his wet clothes on the radiator and sofa. They won't dry that way. He doesn't seem to throw away empty packaging just leaves it in the fridge.

An artist that I hadn't heard of before. Buy his songs here. Smoke Dawg
I am watching Paranormal Activity 3 on DVD. I am certain that I blogged about this before. It takes place in the 80s at the home of the main characters Katie and Kristie. They are children and it is the first time they would meet Toby.
   I'm not paying much attention to it. Doing things on my phone. Hearing noises from outside and in the house.

 I am considering going to the cinema. I would watch this film.
   Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

If you're going to join a gym then I recommend Puregym. Use this referral code 125P6554 and you will be entered into a prize draw.

These Alluha Akbar Vine things are islamophobic and racist.

Drake has a new album At the gym and I wasn't sure who it was at first but it is the PT Lily. Magnificent body. The sweat just dripping down that smooth back.
I had the isometric ladder laid out. You have the PT putting kettlebells away and a chap talking to him and at the top is the Manager with a woman. I would move the ladders elsewhere.
Richard Swift There is a kerfuffle over Amber Heard who was probably just joking. Amber Tamblyn talking of Maxine Waters and Scarlett Johansson playing a trans character when other actors have done it before. Rchp-Storm in a teacup Alex Jones is dumbest fuck that ever existed. #secondcivilwar

I have not had the money back from my brother. I have little in my account. I served this pensioner and she didn't want the reciept. I thought she had called me a twat under her breath. I could be wrong. But it is not important. Not everyone seems to answer the bell. Having to things differently under another manager. I did see the odd attractive blonde. One lady that I served last had nice tits from looking at her open v shape dress. 

New staff. Some making an error on the till others not answering the bell. The Welsh guy being an impatient cunt again talking about people being slow. I was going to go to the gym but could not be arsed as I worked in the morning. Might not make a difference. So many staff members in today. Might not be the same tomorrow.

#AssHatAdam Chris Brown
Well the delivery team turned up at 5am which included myself. At 4:45am people were queuing at the Next store. As there was a big sale. Far too early to open and have staff working. Some bits and bobs were being done. Checking the racking, flyer shelves and draws by the team. I kept myself busy. The other two would sit or lie down. I went outside to get WiFi so I could look up SAS info. Always working. delivery truck for our shop turns up 7:40am. Colleague is sat down whilst I take the empty cages out. Why not help?We open at 8:30am. Fucking hell the manager from Paper Kisses and this guy waiting outside were impatient. The till hadn't been sorted yet. The supervisor was going to deny some cages but the Assistant Manager said we had to take all 18 cages. The items had to be placed on the floor. No air conditioning
which customers cannot shut up about. FML. Two off the team left at their allocated time. Still more stock to go through. I stayed on as it needed to be finished and I didn't want to leave the shit to the other staff. As there are hardly any pickers in the warehouse, the drivers do that job. They are late getting to a store which had a knock on effect. My colleagues had plans. Were annoyed it being late. We could've done with their help. I even wound up on till as I really shouldn't be. People not answering the bell. I asked if the manager needed help with the tote boxes tomorrow from today's delivery. I should not have said anything. Duality-Slipknot 99 Problems-Jay-Z One Step Closer-Linkin Park.
Three Lions

Natasha Wright came into the store on Sunday. Seemed cheerful. Using the Rimmel tester. On Monday, management reviewed CCTV footage of what my colleagues were up to and discussed with me about how hard working I am.
Read the entire thread. I did see some hot young ladies in town as happens during summer. Some tanned brunette with a v shaped vest. Nice body. A tall blonde with superb legs. I remember Charlie that used to work for LA Fitness.

The clothes get brought in from outside. She thinks that they are dry. They were still damp. Ffs. I am also getting a minimal amount of money back when I am owed a lot more. The other one doing his "duboo fill kur" live show at 3:40am. She knows how to take a bath. Raising your voice won't help. The irony of him unable to get to sleep is that he wakes me up with his shouting.

Puregym: This hot blonde in white-blue gym kit. Nice ass. Also nice tits as she was lying on her back doing a leg workout. This blonde in all black ain't bad.
Before I Forget-SlipknotAnd to think that I used to be entertained by this guy on They Think It's All OverThe women featured possibly enjoy dogging

Wait, she is a "model" called Plum?
Welcome To Loughborough

Some guy is whistling and had done for ten minutes or more. Annoying.
I offered Olay sets to a customer and she "jokes" "are you saying that I need it?" No need for lame comments. I heard that the shoplifter/druggie Natasha Wright told a colleague to fuck off.

The people wanting Tommy Robinson freed from prison won't be sympathetic to those children in the cages at ICE camps in the USA. Steve Bannon is a moron. Why would you want a criminal freed?

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Freedom 90 x Cups - The Bellas And The Voice 13

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iconFree porn videos

I  dreamt that I was working in a factory. So many things went on. I was packing these large boxes and was working into the night. Too slow. I would travel far to get here. I tried a different role shaping coins. I would go looking for vhs tapes for my family. I thought about having a sleeping bag and just staying at work. Remembered wedding shifts that I had and would work. There was this manual giving instructions on all the roles. Lava poured out of machines. Cogs ran. Many people were here. 

On a different note I felt quite week, drowsy, unwell. Worked a delivery without taking a break. Used the poppers at home. I was planning on going to the gym. Still will. Segun Akinola the new composer for Doctor Who

99 problems and a bitch is one The pretty teen blonde in grey leggings and black sports bra. Very nice body. Especially that ass. I was asked by a woman if I was on a "busman's holiday"

I had a call from the Air Conditioning Company 02083466000. Left me a voicemail. Thing is Mo, I never made an enquiry.

Galaxy Quest a SciFi comedy. It does parody Star Trek. A crew of a cult TV show reunite for a convention. A group of real life aliens have come to seek their help. Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, Sam Rockwell, Justin Long, Rainn Wilson. Released in 1999. You will recognise some actors. Good effects. I had seen it before this blog came into fruition. Alien, Toy Story, Cowboys And Aliens. You might like Spaceballs. Cast list. Some touching moments. Plenty of action. Bonus material is included.

This atrocious song is overplayed by the cretins at Gem 106. This overrated artist annoys me with her whiny nicotine bit.

Joe Jackson has died. I met him in 2009 whilst working at a hotel. It was a VIP event.
I don't watch Love Island. Only decent thing about it are the leaked nudes.

Twice in the morning my mum comes into the room asking if I am alright. I was asleep. She is in her room giving it that "eeh jewra" speech. Needs to shut up now.

I had this dream where my friend Al was working in the carpark throwing out some rubbish and I asked him about going out for my birthday. He mentioned that he had the money and Ray didn't want him spending any. Though he may be out. He was being vague. He disappeared into the building with the other people. I am on the shop floor scanning the prices. 

I rewatched a film which has plenty of cheese and over dramatics. Independence Day Resurgence

Skin still chafing. Dryed. I used this antibacterial cream after shaving all the hairs. Still stung and felt rough. Hoped to go to Splash Spa and have sex. My plans for a night out isn't going to happen it seems. 

I am going to have to do my own gutter cleaning and sealing as these companies that I ring up refuse to do it. It would cost me some money either way. I need to get a ladder. See what mess is up there. There is a decent sealant too. I live not far from a diy store so can get them. Maybe a hardhat just incase. I am on apaid holiday so could do it now.

Monday, 25 June 2018

Blue Stahli - The Fall

Segun Akinola

June Newsletter (6 Days Before July)

Ahoy me scallywags,
Ahoy t' a delayed Bunny Ears Newsletter. At some point I'll get better at writin' these on time, but today ain't that day! Yaaarrrg!
Also, writing in "pirate talk" is pretty hard. I Googled it and everything. Don't say I never give you any sunken treasures in these newsletters.
So, sup you jive fools? This is the newsletter. TA-DA. Lots of news here at the Bunny Ranch. Still looking for that office. If anyone is a realtor please let me know. But also, real estate… am I right? (realtor jokes!)
In other news, I got a kitten. His name is Apples because I'm a 37 year old man who wanted to name my cat something only a 5 year old could dream up. Here is a picture of Apples:

Just kidding. Those are apple apples. Here's Apples The Cat:

He's only 3 months old. He talks a lot, is pale, and has blue eyes. Just like me, his father.
Not sure if you've been keeping up with the site lately but we kidnapped goop's therapist. We treated him kindly, he was perfectly nice and we all learned a lot about Stockholm syndrome. Check out our original demands and goop's reply on our FB page. If you're too lazy to do all that clicking, I've got you covered with a photo recap: 

That whole scheme was cooked up by contributing editor Hana Michels. When she's not staging kidnappings she's teaching you how to contour your cat's nipples, giving you lessons on polyamory and trying out this wild new thing called "the bus." You can read those stories and the rest of her work by clicking on these words.
 Leave a comment on her articles to let her know you dropped in (just don't be weird about it).
This month on the site we also covered a multitude of topics including How To Navigate Your First Date To the Bedroom By Bringing Up Your Dead Friend, How To Use Blackmail To Secure Your Toddler's Spot In A Prestigious Private Preschool, How To Feng Shui Your Panic Room and We Built An Infinity Gauntlet For Our Healing Crystals. Also, since it's almost the beginning of July you'll want to also check out the Color of the Month (this month it's: Me Badd) and your monthly horoscope.

Another thing I want to remind you about is our Camp No Counselors contest! I'm going to an adult summer camp for the first time in my life and I want to bring you and a friend with me! Bunny Ears will fly you out and cover the cost of admission for you and a pal. All you have to do is come ready to party! For more details and information on how to enter please go to:
Old Matt Cohen and I are still doing our thing with the podcast. You guys still like that podcast, right? Regardless, we're still doing it and that's good because this is an untapped market. I'm so glad I got in on the ground floor of this new media venture. Our upcoming shows include guests like Dan Fogler (the guy from Harry Potter that isn't Harry Potter) Rob Kazinsky (the guy from the punching robots movie), and our own Editor-In-Chief Shawn DePasquale (who is not from any movies. Yet...). You can listen to all those suckers here:

We're also getting ready to retire all the T-Shirts that no one wants to purchase. Starting with these FONT SHIRTS that I designed. Apparently, when Elijah, our merch guy, says something isn't a good idea I should listen to him. Anyway, I love these shirts and we've got a warehouse full of them so we're discounting them for you newsletter readers to buy! This is a newsletter subscriber exclusive!! (AIRHORN SOUNDS) From now until the end of June you can use the following coupon code ShirtMan18 for Buy Two Get One Free! Get all three shirts for the price of two shirts! It's like we need to get rid of them or something!

But seriously, you should buy them because they'rethe most hilarious shirts of all time and soon they'll be locked in the Disney Vault forever. And, yes, I have access to the Disney Vault. Anyone want to watch Song Of The South with me?
And finally, we updated our Privacy Policy. You really should go read the entire thing. Be sure to check out The Flash Season 4 on DVD:
Your Pagemaster Forever,

TLDR: coupon code ShirtMan18 for Buy Two Get One Free on font shirts!

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