Friday, 28 September 2018

God Is A Woman - Ariana Grande

Tease Me Simply Pleasure

There are many good comments but a few vile ones have come up. Who knew that Baron Von Blue Eyes, Darth Alba and Marc Smithwere retarded Trump voters.

Seniors took amusing photos for the school album  The response to Hurricane Florence will be better than to Maria.

Check out Missing U by Robyn

Free porn videosJason Helms you penis. Just by Radiohead

Lost his brother in the Sandyhook shooting. Loves Trump. You can't fix stupid. FML probably uses his brother for likes and retweets.  Then people got salty over the use of "cracker".Mark Knight is a racist fuckwit His boyfriend doesn't have a clue.

Amber Guyger is a murderer

Are you going to talk all night? Durro nay jewra bullshit.... Shut up and sleep. It is 22:24. I was awoken again at 2:31. I told her to be quiet but she just carries on. An hour later I would have to get up. She is using the bath at 3:34.

It was a bugger of a delivery which needed four people. Near the end we were overrunning on time and we would stop getting paid at 1pm. We were on the rota till midday. A tote and two baskets were left. Two staff members went to sign out. The supervisor was stressed out and told them off. This was Tuesday. One of the team Shaz it was her last day on Wednesday. I predicted what would happen. She took it to heart and decided not to come in today (Wednesday). Messes things up for everyone else. Shaz was the other supervisor. Her daughter will be coming to work at the shop soon. It mean the main supervisor couldn't take a proper break, she didn't have money for food either. I offered to get her something. The afternoon colleague wasn't able to come in earlier. He might already be doing something. Looks like I might be only flexible one.
Black swan - Radiohead
Fly away - Lenny Kravitz

Hot blonde at the gym. Black leggings grey sports bra. Nice body. Two other blonds in small gym kit. Great bodies on them. Nice tall blonde that passed. It might be the ice cream lady's older daughter.

Who are these altright retards posting fake news on Youtube? Attacking the Obamas. Trump supporters they are. Misgendering black women. They burn crosses I bet. White fragility and easily offended. Michelle Obama - Becoming Don't worry about the right wing. They don't matter.
All you fascists- Billy Bragg

My brother was asking to borrow money. I won't be giving him anything.

Trump and his supporters are morons. Fuck the NRA. Brilliant speech.

Fox 4 News and Dallas PD putting the blame on the victim.

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 The film about Neil Armstrong will be released soon.
   The Predator

 The Predator
Written and directed by Shane Black who starred in the first film. This is essentially a reboot turned sequel paying tribute to previous films. It opens up with two Predator ships in a cat and mouse chase. The first ship managed to escape and is transported to Earth. It crashes in the states. Meanwhile a soldier named McKenny (Boyd Holbrook) is on a mission. He'd got his hands on the alien tech and had it posted home. The army are after him and the Predator. The creatures are more brutal. The violence is graphic. You actually get to see them use their teeth. An actor that played a scientist is Jake Busey. His father was in Predator 2. Olivia Munn is hot as is Yvonne Strahovski. The young son with Autism is played by Jacob Tremblay. A great young actor. He accidentally sets off a beacon within the armour which leads to the second ship coming to Earth. There is plenty of humour in this film. I enjoyed it. I ignored the reviews. Keegan Michael Key plays the comedic guy Coyle. Similar to Rick Hawkins. There are a mixed bunch of characters. There has been controversy over casting of a sex offender. Stirling K Brown plays Traeger. He is like Carl Weathers character. Has an annoying laugh. Sometimes the Predators don't need to kill as the humans do a good job of it themselves. I don't know if there will be a sequel. You do have another type of Predator like in the third film. The film reveals more of the back story of the creatures. Why they visit various planets. I recommend that you go see it. It isn't dark like Alien Vs Predator Requiem. I watched this at Cineworld. Seat G11. I suggest you sit in that area for the best view. It was quite empty in the theatre. Some girl was talking. I helped a guy out when he wanted to book tickets. Also on my way to the cinema. An Eastern European man wanted to get back to Leicester. He had worked a shift in Loughborough and so I directed him to the bus stop. It had been expensive for him. A long journey too. That's the thing with agencies. There some trailers and powerful adverts. Full cast.

For more indepth information go to MovieInsider

Science Fair Limited Documentary

I watched Avengers Infinity War on DVD.

Linda Harvey of Mission America probably doesn't give head. Next on Jeremy Kyle... 
Sara Swift is a moron

My mum is talking to herself and I have to be up early in the morning. She needs to give it a rest.

I was serving this guy and offered SAS. His son was hot. He jokingly asked if the fragrance was free as a sample. Listen dick I don't have time for your lame jokes. A lady had her headphones in and didn't answer me.
Some arsehole has been stealing Lynx and Ambi Pur.

The boiler is on F2 and L2 again.

The caller must have been a Republican.

These Terfs are quite toxic

The song used in the second series 11 trailer

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The rightwing snowflakes have got their panties in a twist.
She is gorgeous and talented.

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Ashes - Celine Dion

Brett Rossi Pink Kandi Tanya Tate BBC Fancentro Italiababe
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Deadpool 2 starring Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Morena Baccarin, Julian Dennison, Zazie Beetz, TJ Miller, Brianna Hilderbrand, Jack Kesy, Terry Crews, Karan Soni amongst a star studded cast. The menu screen had a montage with Aha - Take On Me playing. It is in a vhs format. Plenty of violence, humour and pop culture references. The fourth wall breaking anti-hero is back. He is joined by his X-force. Old characters and new are included. It was an amusing film. The opening credits were like a James Bond film. The post credits scenes are good. Wade has been searching for a villain. He makes his way through the henchmen and the boss swears his revenge. Meanwhile you have a teenage mutant named Firefist. He is in an orphanage where they do experiments. He has caused mayhem already. You have Cable. Part man part machine. A guy you don't want to mess with. He is from the future and looking for someone. Domino is hot as are Nagasake Teenage Warhead and Vanessa. Expect cameos. Nice soundtrack. Deadpool really has his work cut out. They have upped the ante. Ryan Reynolds also works behind the scenes as he did with the first film. Venom is out in cinemas next month. New Mutants, Dark Phoenix, Captain Marvel, Avengers 4 are yet to be released. There are extras on this DVD. There are surprising scenes. Dopinder should have been used a lot more. Is he just some comedic Asian stereotype for everyone to laugh at? It's not Van Wilder again. Cert 15. Hugh Jackman quote on the cover. I will look at discussions and reactions.

A business run by my nephew. It is a shame that the Amazon US affiliate program keeps getting closed for me. 

White Saviour aka Mean Girl

Take a look at my new blog

My mum had been asking for £1 to get milk even though it gets delivered tomorrow. I was in bed trying to sleep. She had taken my laundry from the machine and it wound up in my brother's room. I do it myself.
 Matt Damon was on SNL and he got to play Brett Kavanaugh. I will watch the skits on Youtube.
People were also mentioning his comments about the #MeToo movement and Harvey Weinstein. I just think that the Republicans are mad that their saviour is being mocked.

I had this dream where I was at work/college. I filled the dishwasher/washing machine with items. There were switches on the socket and some behind it. People had to be careful that they didn't touch the button at the back. I decided to leave a note. I remember broken glass. In the next dream I was again in a similar situation. This time I would be travelling to shifts. I was taking an art course which I failed a few years ago. I would need money for the fare and to go to the garden to by some items. I would give spare coins to the person next to me only to ask for it back. The song Wilding by Linda Perry was playing. It was getting late. I was in the street where I rented a student house. This short brunette now in her 20s. Grew up on this street. She spoke to me about things. I almost quoted What Difference Does It Make? by The Smiths. I decided to leave the course as it would end in failure. Thinking nobody cared about me. She is at a door knocking at a door and out comes her ex Dave P. He is in his 30s, athletic build, tall. Looks abit like Mark Wright. He came to speak to me about things.
I was going to get a little annoyed with the guy from next door. He was watching me as I climbed that ladder to sort the guttering. Talking to me to offer advice and help. I was listening to music. He did come over to lend a hand to be fair to him. The Flash season 4 DVD isn't in local stores. Can't trust some online sellers as they will lie about the region code.

Fuck knows but I got asked to work the delivery on my week off. I should have said no and stuck with it.

I dreamt that I was in Loughborough which I am anyway. A few different things happened. Keanu Reeves was topless in his home and he was being interviewed in his home by a woman. I had borrowed a four wheeled bike from my friend Dave. He was packing stuff into the boot of his car when I had spotted him. I did see Al along the way. Probably the only time I will get to speak to him. I had purchased some locks too. The bike was at home in a carpark and could still be stolen. I had a jet pack on which would run out of power. I had maybe 10 mins to get to work. I believe that I had a mountain bike also. I went back home to use the locks. Some people were looking for me/a young child. I was invisible. There were what looked like FBI agents scouring the streets. Other bizarre details I seem to forget. 

If Brett Kavanaugh was found to be innocent or with everything that had been said he still became Supreme Judge what people do then?

I dreamt that I hung out with a varied bunch of people. Chris Hemsworth was one of them. He was asked about his personal life a and the fact that he was single was surprising. He thought he was unattractive. His ex girlfriend was abusive that's why he thought like that. A former work colleague from Millets was upset. He is tall, blonde, athletic with a slight Aussie accent as he did spend time in Australia. Chris picked up a Gillette set as did a few others and I got behind the till to serve them. Someone was on the phone to my character and it was a nephew he mocked my relative that had a musical career. An uncle called me later to complain about it. I was in a hotel. Someone from another building was watching it. A blonde haired woman and she had a few henchmen. Using disguises she made it to the hotel. Shooting at people on a train and carrying on the violence. She had a certificate which gave her access. Other staff vacated. On the roof. Two women stood on either side. Both leapt of. The one on the right made a safe landing. The whole area was covered in snow. The left lady might not be so lucky. She fell through the snow and kept going. The blonde assailant went after her and became impaled on something.

There was a previous scene where the Chuckle Brothers were handling these books of condolences. They were black. I noticed a few empty ones but others had writing in them. I was thinking of putting something in them. 
A young teen couple were going to a party. He had dreadlocks and looked like Firefist from Deadpool 2. She was white. It was quite dark. There were trailers and bungalows. I also had  gained powers to control metal. So I went and made a dent in a sports stadium. I did fix it again. I picked a place on the street for a desk and took a seat. It was just there. I wore a helmet and referred to myself as son of Magneto. There was a small Scooby Doo reference. A clip of animation or a creator working behind the scenes doing voice recordings. Elderly English man. 

The websites continue to freeze and crash. I used my data as my brother was wanting me to switch the broadband WiFi off once I was done as to save electricity I guess. That put me off from wanting to use certain sites. I have used up my data. 

I have sold the Jurassic Park DVD. Woke up tired. Not really wanting to do the delivery as it is my paid week off. So I would go gym the next day. Can't use poppers. I should just text to say that I have changed my mind. She did say that I didn't have to do it. Why then did I feel that I had to volunteer. I did say that I would think about it. It is 20 cages. 
Message that I received:
 it's currently saying 20 cages. I could really do with your help but I'm not sure I can give you next tues off now as Fi now has got to go to a meeting so will be short next Tuesday also :( 
The Assistant Manager has just come back from holiday so isn't aware of another meeting. 

Then I get after the replies:
"I'll ask Fi to double check make sure the cage count don't change, but if it doesn't just do 5-9 if that's ok with you?  I'll pay you the sun or mon as holiday no problem :) 
But.... only if you don't mind... if you do then really it's no problem they will just have to manage like you guys normally do. I want to make sure your ok so the delivery is not a priority. "

Am I being guilt tripped? Honestly I'd rather not do it. They might struggle. The Apprentice is doing it for the first time. The other colleague that had injured her foot months ago has returned to work so she needs monitoring. Someone might complain. But I will leave early as I am doing them a favour.
I did reply that I was reluctant to do work on my week off. 
She replied "Honestly Kishore it's fine, I'll get in for 6 aswell so it should be fine. Don't worry about work enjoy your week off and I'll see you next week :) 
Your a star for wanting to help out but they/we will manage. See you soon :) "

So it was pointless asking me in the first place. 

Duality-Slipknot Hyper music-Muse 99 problems-Jay-z

Kanye West doesn't care about black people. I guessed you got the reference. 

It seems to be busy here on Monday morning at the gym. I was using this cable machine just doing pull ups on the bar that is attached to it and his petite blonde with headphones comes over and for some reason I knew that she was going to use the equipment whilst it was occupied by me. Am I invisible? Anyway she asked if I was using both sides. She did wait for me to do a set. I did say she was welcome to use it as I am the only courteous one here. She was in her 20s, blonde, slim, all grey kit.
Quite a few pretty ladies. An asian girl in red tshirt and black shorts. This mature lady has a nice rack. Some tall blonde in strapped black top/sports bra and black leggings. Some being given tours. A short blonde in all black. Noice. Some lady asked if I was using the bench. I was it is obvious. There were other free ones scattered around the gym. A lady moves my medicine ball out of the way to get to a mat. I had it on the side. There is the pretty Asian I think lady in purple sports bra. Nice physique. 

One step closer - Linking Park

It was busy at the post office. A lady that works for Imago was posting something. She queud up behind a person getting served when there was this long queue in the centre. She might be that evil Debbie woman that harassed my brother. A young lad was about to jump the queue and was informed by staff where to line up.

I wake up and the boiler does what it wants failing ignition. I need to reset it over and over again. I get charged for every call out even though I pay insurance. Takes the piss. It is a lousy boiler. I try looking for NY phone and my brother had taken it. Needed to top his phone I believe. 

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I am being followed on Twitter by Tom Six. A film that I am looking forward to seeing.
   Brett Rossi